Ep. 518 - John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum


Flash. Hello, everyone and welcome to the slash film gas, the official podcast slash home dot com. I'm David Chen, and with me are the bender hardware, and Jeff cannata and welcome to the show. Usually we talk about some what we've been watching in get on into an in depth review this week. We're just going to be doing an in depth review of John wick chapter three, you can find more episodes of this podcast slash dot com. You can also Email us slash JIMBO dot com. I want to read some emails before we get into our review of John chapter three and these emails in particular, are in response to our review last week in episode five hundred seventeen of detective Pika chew now we will not be spoiling detected Pika chew in these emails, but these emails will contain references to the premise of detective, Beka chew and in last week's episode. We talked about the Q and Jeff can out of you and I particularly mused about what is going on with these Pokemon specific. Kley. Are they like slaves to the humans? And if so, is fighting them with each other, like letting them fight against each other akin to, like, dogfighting in which case, everyone in the Pokemon universes is like monsters. They're just like terrible people. Right. Yeah. The, the premise of the movie is that there's a place where they that doesn't happen. But the implication is that everywhere else. That's what's happening. So if there's a place that doesn't happen where they're treated as equals shouldn't that be a red flag for everybody else. Yeah. So Matty from Boston writes, in to Sasha Millicom, he writes, quote, this is a great episode. I've recently been going for your backlog, and also listening to Dave's game of thrones podcasts. And I've noticed that a lot of people writing to you after an episode to comment on a mistake you made in an episode, and I'm always like who are these people that care so much to write an Email in response to something that's already gone out? Well, apparently this week, I am these people I was absolutely mortified in this week's episode when Davinder rolled over and let Dave and Jeff, compared poke him on battling to hunting for sport. And then to dogfighting obviously, I'm being hyperbolic, and this is all in good faith. I absolutely. Love your podcast. And don't objected this agreements and opinions. But I figured I yelling to the wind anyways because, apparently, this is the hill. I'm willing to die on lots of great metaphor too, your Matty Pokemon, and humans are partners. It's not a slave master thing and trainers cannot make poke him on battle, if they do not want to there are many examples in the show that show put him on who refused to battle. There's also a mechanic in the game where if you aren't. Good enough, trainer stronger procam on will simply disobey in battle, the whole idea is that it's a two way relationship between the puck him and the trainer. I compared closer to the relationship of a coach and an athlete than to dogfighting, if anything it's like MMA fighting, which may not be that much better. But it's not tricking an animal into fighting for life. And of course, the Pokemon greatly benefits from being with a trainer to get food shelter. Family, free healthcare, etc. Obviously, there are people who abusive to by you just have to give it. Obviously, there are people who will be funny. Everybody wants to find thunder down. They come into the thunderdome you know what is not in the thunder dome. A desolate wasteland where you have to kill for fuel. The dome is a great place. Certainly the arrangement where somebody performed slave labor for in exchange for food and shelter is not something that has any antecedent in human history. Certainly that's not an extremely upsetting arrangement that's ever occurred before. But anyway, I don't know if you guys know this, by the way, but in the original movie, piquancy, also died like thinks get dark. That was a cartoon for kids. Yeah. So it is almost exactly like MMA. Yeah, because I know all the Pokemon or are very well, paid and have independence outside their a wait. So anyway, many, many who's in the chat room right now, by the way, as broadcast right now. Mattie writes, in, in general battling is a mutual understanding between two species that are capable of events thought, I think, more interesting rabbit hole to go down. It's thinking about how tin Goodman, one of the main characters works in insurance insurance has to be a travesty in the Pokemon world exploding ducks dragons up breath fire. Poke him on the can cost psychic explosions, this Pokemon that literally has sized for hands. There's another procam on that puts children to sleep in each their dreams. How do you ensure anyone living in the Pokemon, Pokemon world is a never ending nightmare of potential final destination deaths. Anyway. Love the episode. Love the podcast and I love detective peak chew. Thanks, guys and quote. So that comes in from this Mattie, top ten all time emails, as far as I'm concerned, because it didn't even occur to me to go down this avenue. And it is it is right. It is ripe for, for, for juicy details. Yeah. Or insurance people in the Pokemon universe data. Has got to be a rough job or at least the premiums are to be just astronomical. If anything, I think that the movie detective, because you really under cells, how cruel and brutal this universe's, right? Like, because theoretically with these creatures that have superpowers got to think this collateral damage deaths, potentially even murders happening on a pretty regular basis. I mean, there's a there who literally walks around with a ticking time bomb all the time. You know what I mean? Like if you, if you had startle it gets too stressed out, it will explode. And that's just what she hangs out with all the time, not literally ticking time bomb, then. I was like that I miss ticking time bomb character. I mean it is a ticket bomb. But yeah, it's a metaphorically a ticking time bomb man, bend, settling, this will you murder lyrics? This doesn't surprise me though. So it kind of reminds me of powerless that short-lived NBC show about a superhero insurance. It was hitting the TC universe, with, like, Bruce, Wayne's cousin or something is the Larry's. So. Yeah. Insurance would be pretty unworkable. I'm actually pretty bummed. We don't get to see any of Tim Goodman's job. Right. Like what is his daily life, like, that's that's a move. You're right there. That would show that the, the put him on universe is indeed extremely interesting in one way, you would imagine it to be a nightmare job. And in another way shirt sells itself, you know what I'm saying? Like you gotta have it. The universe is fraught with peril. It's like you got your everyone's walking around with with massive weaponry in the form of volatile emotional creatures. So, yeah, I once was at a casino playing poker and struck up a conversation with the guy next to me, and ask them like what do you do for a living? And he said that he worked for a company that ensured insurance companies. Right. Like, like, sometimes like. Who watches the watchmen or? Like a mass casualty event or something like that, like could or like a huge earthquake or something could theoretically. Deplete completely the cash reserves of like many insurance companies, and so like if like, like millions of people filed a claim at once right like that would be disastrous for many companies. And so this guy. Ensured the insurance companies and I imagine in the Pokemon universe that the guy would also be doing pretty well so yeah, anyway. So that comes in for Matty, you can always run into session because she will come Jenny from Texas also wrote into custody Millicom, Jenny writes, in a longtime listener and wanted to read enough real quick after listening to your detective, because you review the most popular theory on why Pokemon fight is because they like to fight and wish to evolve for the most part. The only way to evolve the put him on gain experience and get stronger, Pokemon also shoes to be captured by the trainer, so they would not follow trainer. They didn't trust hope that cleared up one mystery and quote that comes in from Jenny from Texas. The dogs. So happy they hit the freedom to do this on their own as free thinking, individuals. I think you made the point during the pre show like a game plan that, that this is discourse course that's been going on in the Pokemon universe for quite some time that people have debated the autonomy of Pokemon for for generations at this point. And the fact that it's a kids game, I think is kind of a little disturbing to you. So there are certainly like the on company has all sorts of rules. Right. You'd never see, I think I mentioned this other review, you'd never really see people eating meat or animals. I think the ideas like everybody's vegetarian or something like it's there are a lot of rules in this world to make it not horrific basically. So people aren't eating their book. Mom's not more horrific. There's like an underground world of like Pokemon eaters in this universe. Oh, yeah. Put him on four. Okay. Anyway. Let's so you can always right? Into us at slash from catch evil dot com. We don't always get to read emails, but we always do read them, and so appreciate it every day. We don't you just said, we don't always read them. But we read them, we don't really don't always read them on the air as what it means. Right. But we always read them. Email box so size film cast edgy dot com is the address to send them to before we move onto our view. John wick chapter three. We've got to think all the people who donated to the podcast this week. We gotta think Lolo Vargas, films Douglas layered who gives a release super generous donation, David O'Connor, Michael Crowder, Anna Crowder, Amy Crowder, and Jessica Crowder, as well for their donations, and also. Dan, in London. United Kingdom wrote in this with his donations. He said, this is my first time donating or reaching out to you. But I've been listening to this, I guess, for years, and it was a TRS fan back in the day. The size from casts at the top of my feet. So I can listen as soon as your episodes, drop the thing that made me want to write in is to be an opposing voice to people that complain, I guess you could say my thoughts are best, subbed up in Limerick, politics is sometimes discussed we want to our movies to be just a vocal more minority complains, but the fact, simply remains individual Jeff and Dave, we trust. Done. Dan, Limerick seal of approval. So. Thanks for that Email, Dan and for the donation, if you want to support, we do here on the podcast and help us to defray the cost of seeing movies and putting on the show for you. You can always go to pay Pell dot ME slash film, CASAs, pay pal dot ME slash toward film, cash. You can also go to slash home dot com, click on the Sasha cast tab, and use the paper on the side of the page, never donate, if it in any way causes you hardship. But if you want to donate, and are able to do so without any impact, we'd really appreciate it. And if you don't have any money to donate, but want to support us, just leave her review for us on wherever your podcasts are downloaded that would be really appreciate it as well. Leave a little rating for us. It takes no time. That's how you can support us. Thanks for all the donations this week. Thanks for all the reviews this week. Let's get to our view of John wig chapter three. You have no idea. What's coming? Mr. Witt broke the rules. I trust you understand the repercussions if he survives. John excommunicate is now in. Shouldn't be here. Nice. Good to see you too. I need your help after this. We are less than he. There's no escape for you. The head table one seal. Would you help set the move from you? Guessed let us begin that was from the trailer of John wick chapter three and before we get into our non spoiler section of our view. We will say that, like in the non spoiler section of the John wick three review. We are going to be spoiling John wick one into. So if you don't want to know what happens in any of the John wick movies, you gotta teach doing here. Got a piece of are we I guess we are. But well, I kinda have to the placate way, the plot summary, here says, so here here it is. Here's comes to this John too after gunning down a member of the high table. The shadowy international assassin's guild, legendary hitman, John wick, finds himself stripped of the organizations protective services. Now stuck with a fourteen million dollar bounty on his head whic must fight his way through the streets of New York as he becomes a target of the world's most ruthless killers. Oh, you know, I think that number is a spoiler. I don't think we need that before, this movie is ruined for me. Good. By. All right. Well anyway, so John wick chapter three is out. And by the way, before we've been talking about the movie we should mention that this movie's box offer performance is incredible. I think the, the routing all of our summer, waiters. Yeah. So this movie, I think performed eighty seven percent higher than John. Wick chapter two, which is like the only time anything like that has happened is captain America. The winter soldier versus captain America civil war, and in that instance, you had to bring in, like iron man to make that happen. Right. Like the, the only time like a part three has grossed that much more than a part too, is, when like extraordinary circumstances occur and I don't know that this qualifies, this is just a movie that a lot of people wanted to see I think it's more like the phantom has had time to percolate people people have had time to, like, watch the first movie streaming, and John wick to in, like now it's its peak. Peak quick time baby. What's also extraordinary is like this. I don't think this movie has ever been on that flicks as far as I can recall. Right. Which is we're like I, I can't recall it being on a major streaming service. So people have found it on their own and, yeah, I drove it to fifty seven million dollar. Winning unseating avengers endgame. I knew I knew it was going to be big. When I tried to buy a ticket, and several screenings were sold out. And I was like, whoa. What detective pitcher wasn't like that? It was easy as whatever I wanted I could just walk in and either Whitman. Yeah. I couldn't believe it. You've never seen a movie like an entry a number three do this. Well, unless it's like an adventure film, basically. So that's extraordinary. And I'm actually feeling really good about my list. Because here's the thing, I chose rocket man as my number ten which I deeply regret and. The just the clear that the movies rated R. So there's essentially, no way that I'm going to get rocking the top ten. But if John wick comes along writing in on a horse through New York streets, and is able to get into the top ten which is very possible right now. That is like he is like an agent of terror in our lists that will really mess things up, and that is an agent of chaos, and that is what I need right now in order to win the movie wager. So I am rooting for John wick. Here's the thing, though. Unfortunately, I believe Jeff you chose it as one of your doors. I did. I did somebody else did too. Yeah. So. So that's really only gonna help me a little bit is what I'm saying if darker says, only one measly point still. Yeah. But still, yeah, it's, it's doing really well, and it has a chance of making the top in the summer. So we'll see. I don't I don't think any of us ever you know, obviously chosen but no one, put it on the top ten no one. What was the? So I think we was like, what eighty five million total? Yeah. I think. Right. That's that something around that and was tracking those numbers like this movie is not gonna reach like past one fifty or something. And now this weekend alone is ninety two was John. What do you guys think that this points to the fact that this is going to be an insane summer for? Yeah. Because for, for box office receipts in total, because we were already commenting, how it is just jam packed with movies that all should make in the like two hundred million range and now and this wasn't even one of the ones in our calculus. It's, it's wild. I don't know if I share your sanguine opinion, Jeff, I actually think this portends, that like it might be. It could be a bloodbath. And what I mean by that. Is that like people wanted a movie like John wick chapter three because they wanted something that was more real than like a lot of what is being offered to them? Right. Then avengers and Lion King Aladdin. And I think lying king is still going. To crush, like I think it's going to do really well, but, like I think the reason that mission impossible movies are really successful. The reason John wick is really successful is because people want to see the actor the actual person doing the thing. They want to see like that person doing the thing and believing it, and you don't think that's going to be the case for Aladdin. I don't think so. I don't think we'll Smith is actually genie. Unfortunately, so, so I don't know. I could see going both ways. I think you're you're very possibly, right? That, like maybe every movie is going to do well and a rising tide. Lifts all boats. But like it's also possible that John wick three is an aberration an anomaly, and that, like, the, this movie is going to do better than some of the other movies. We think are sure things so. Right. We'll see I could see going both ways and actually lean more towards the ladder. But yeah, we'll see. So don't wait up to three different your heart oil. Start with you. Your thoughts on John wick three para. Bellum absolutely loved it. This movie feels like a fever dream to me, mainly mainly because of Mark freakin decastro skies. I don't know if you had the same nineties experience, that I did. But I grew up watching all this guy's movies to give some context for this is that since I'm. I met Davinder over I wanna say fifteen years ago. Davinder has been preaching the gospel of Mark the casco's, right? Like ever since we were in college. You're like Dave. Have you seen any Mark to casco's movie? Have you seen? Have you seen brother wolf? Have you seen what is it? Only the strong. Have you seen like? And you would just Dave. Yeah. You just name like every Mark, so, so like, Davinder is like stands hard for Marcus who's for over a decade. Right. I believed in him, I was happy when he became the chairman an iron chef America, as also sad, because that portended like how badly his movie career reviewing, but he's been things he's done. Hawaii five o. He was on agents of shield, but his film career has kind of stumbled he is back in awesome in this movie. So I give this movie a ton of credit just for that, mainly though. I love this movie because it starts with exactly what John wick to didn't really have, which is stakes at the John wick to he lost everything, and I was eager for the past two years to see how he's going to get out of this mess. So I was really like I was on board completely with the narrative this time, it's too. It was like, you know, it continued from John with one, which I loved, but to basically, like, the, the continuing motivation to. Two is we blew up your house and also you owe was for this contract. So go do that thing far less exciting. I'd say this movie, he loses everything and everything's also so much more difficult to has beautiful is the action was in two. I did not really enjoy the fact that he got literally a bulletproof suit, you know, like everything felt a little too easy. Felt a little too matrix reloaded to me this movie. We still get that suit, but things get hard things get rough in. We see a lot things we've never seen before course action, the craziest knife fight I've ever seen in a movie. Let's see some of that stuff. But yeah, agreed that the axes are extremely ambitious and glad you liked this movie better than the last one Jeff Kananga, your thoughts on John wick, chapter three pair bellum. Well, Dave, I guess you could say my thoughts about John wigs repair Bom would best be summed up in the form of Limerick. What a shock. I've had a hard time finding glee in wick film shooting sprees, but that's kind of been solved because it's finally evolved to the cartoon it always wanted to be. All right. Interesting. Explain that Jeff cannata. I very vividly. Remember I was reviewing on the show when wick one came out. I don't remember what show I was being on. But I, I had very mixed feelings, watching wick one, because I think it came out the same week, it's kind of hard not to be the same week in this country but it was the same week as a big mass shooting, and I had that on my mind when I saw the first John week and I couldn't help but bring that into the theater with me, and it may it put a sour taste in my mouth for the for the joy that was supposed to feel in watching point blank gunshots to the face. And the sort of fetishes ation of guns that is the John wick series. And so the, you know, it was always over the top and, and. Heightened. But it did feel those the first movie in particular felt fairly grounded, you know, it was a it was a gritty sort of grounded thing with some over the top action we have gotten to the point now with the third one where we are in full looney tunes land, and I love it. I'm happy. I'm happy to be there. It is. It's Jackie Chan it's, you know, it is action that is creative and wild and unrealistic and cartoonish in the best possible way. It's an anime done live action. And I'm I'm down for that. I, I still think there there is this sort of love letter to guns that just hits me now in the age, I'm in, in the year that we are in as not something that is as fun as it used to be when I was a kid when I could watch. Rambo and just be like, yeah, I don't I don't feel that as much anymore just because the way the world works now. But this movie has so much fun in showing action sequences without guns defender, a reference state scene that I like to call the, the, the fight scene of infinite knives. That is. One of the most fun sequences I've ever seen in an action movie. And this movie is really clever. Really inventive. It demonstrates the fact that you can. You can come up with stuff. We've never seen before still, you know, even this, this point in, in cinema. When action sequences seem to be. Straining to find something novel at this movie finds four or five things. I'm just like wow. Wow, I've never seen that before and not because they're able to do stuff with CG although they are. But because, you know, the, the idea of the concept of it is novel, and that's really cool. The, the story and the world building is just has lost a last. It's mind it, I mean, we'll get to it in spoilers, but there's a whole detour into the desert that is like, what, what I don't get it. But this movie, the John wig series has become it's own sort of JAMES BOND, Ian, Luke, Luke penis. You know, in the in the sort of Roger Roger Moore ears, you know, and it's just like cartoon characters and that's kind of the fun. And I'm finally able to. Really enjoy most of it, because it it's it's indulging itself. It's not taking itself seriously at all. And it's having a blast and not trying to make me feel the weight of the violence, because it's now cartoony. Well, I am a little bit torn about John wick chapter three gents. I think there, I have to, I'm of two minds about it on the one hand fifteen minutes into this movie and is already delivered two of the most ambitious action sequences have ever seen in my entire life. Yeah. At least at least. And then, and that's just the beginning then goes onto like attempt to, to top, those action sequences, right? Not to mention there are some action pairings in this film, that I'm not going to give away right now. We'll talk about in spoilers, but that, like I it's like a dream come true. It's like if you're, you know, a kid and like thinking, like, what if so-and-so fought, so and so, like, that's what you would come up with right? At least I would some of the actual paintings that occurred in this movie. So it's like, wow like incredible action matchups that. I'm just so thrilled to be watching. On the other hand, it feels like a little bit of a missed opportunity. It feels like like you said, Jeff they decided to go full on cartoon and to me, it felt like that there was still another way they could have gone with this movie, which is like they could have gone to more grounded way. I remember listening to a QNA podcasts like Jeff Goldsmith podcast with one of the screenwriters talking about what the potential for the third film might be. And what he described. There was felt like it has much more emotional stakes than what was in this film and rewatching the first two in preparation for this discussion today. I was struck by just how many more characters there were in the first film that I cared about specifically, John Leguizamo is being kind of jumping, buddy. We're, we're as he anymore and. William Defoe had had this whole kind of, like friendship with John John wick, that I really appreciate it. And you know who just doesn't care about that stuff anymore? And I think that's just like mildly said, in the sense that, like, what I it'd be one thing, if the movie was just pure action like no plot. And just like, you know, the movie exists to deliver really beautifully choreographed well, lit nicely, like interesting we shot action, and that was it. But instead, it's replaced it with all this, in my opinion like master Pretoria plot about the high table. I it's just complete nonsense in my opinion. And like I mean, I just don't think any of it stands up to even the mildest of scrutiny as I am wondering, though, Dave, like, how does this compare to John to which I think you could play all this criticism sue, and it doesn't have like the more interesting elements of this movie like it doesn't even have the motivation down low? I think you're right about that. I, I think you're right. Like I actually liked this movie better than John wick to and looking back like compare comparing this, John wick to I think this is the much better movie, I guess, I kind of gave to a pass because, you know, the action was still pretty good, and it felt like they were trying to test the limits of the world. That's what like sure that he's like, okay, how if we dig down another layer into this world like how far can we go? And you know, different people find it to be different levels of satisfaction, or satisfying. And I it's clear looking back on it. That it's not that satisfying in terms of, like, what, like how interesting. That world is, I think this these series of films, are very enamored with this world. They're like, yeah, it feels very pleased with its own ass in terms of, like, oh, the continental and all this. And, and it's like is this kind of world where like if you start thinking about it even just a little bit like it doesn't really make any sense. And this would have believed that there is no one who isn't an assassin. Right. Yeah. Yeah. You know. And so, and so this movie in my opinion, Joel, Mick three had two choices. One of teachers. It can either go deeper into the world into this, like, you know, self wanker, which is what it did, or it could choose to be more grounded and, and have a story that had, like more emotional stakes. And it didn't do that. And I think that is a bit of a missed opportunity that being said, I did really enjoy the film. I seen it twice already. I welcome more John wick movies in the future. Like I look forward to seeing what kind of innovative action they can come up with. But at this point, like I'm kind of like emotionally and intellectually like checked out of the movie. Action films, though, as just pure action sequences that you could you could even excise out of the film and just watch on their own. This movie is better than both of the previous films hundred percent hundred percent agreed in terms of skill like be the inventiveness of the set-pieces, the choreography like it's all leveled up. I will say the like Dave, like I totally agree, the first movie is, is always, we'll have the more emotional sticks from because that movie spends half an hour where there is no no actual killing. It's just it's grief. It's less. It's John wick dealing with the loss of his wife and these asshole gangsters, who make his life. Hell. We're, I don't know if we'll get that again. Unfortunately, because of the way the, the momentum of movies has now we can't really do that again. Yeah. I mean, I think we could've. But you're right. Like it's very much like comparing die. Hard one wanted. I heard three right. I heard one like no action for like forty five minutes, and it's a setup like what is at stake who these characters are why we should care about what happens to them. And there are three I think is a great movies still, it's like nonstop like going from place to place defusing bombs literally, and that's kind of what this feels like it's like we kind of already built that we're like the, the, the level of emotional stakes that we've established we're never going to go higher than that. In fact, we're not even gonna meet that level again. Right. It's not about that, and it's not about that anymore. Not about that anymore. So it's kind of like comparing fast and furious. One to fest, the fear is eight. Another good comparison. Just got there really quickly. I will say, I, I think the stakes of John wick losing everything, like I for the first two movies. He's had this protection of this whole assassin society and everything he could get from the continental and all that stuff. He had a lot of concierge help. And I like the idea that he is starting this movie. He got what ten minutes he got, like a little time to run out and be free. And like his first thing is I, I got a got to, like, get free. Gotta get fixed. Get my money again to here. And I like that. I like that process of it. Like it's a very pragmatic way to approach the situation because I was wondering, since the end of twos like oh shit. What does this mean for John wick? And I, I think they've handled that esscalation of those steaks pretty well. At least, you know what's pretty hilarious about the series is that the events of the entire first three films. Take place in I think two weeks basically waiting. Less than a month, essentially. So that's pretty crazy. It's very like saw s or born ask in terms of, like how the the movies play with time. And like 'cause this movie begins min, as you said, two minutes after the last one ends so pretty number two like it's just it kept go. Yeah. Hey, I want to tell you about my new luggage. It's our sponsor away. I'm somebody that travels quite often. 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I L M C A S T away, travel dot com slash slash film, cast and the promo code slash film capturing checkout. You get twenty dollars off. It's pretty cool. All right. Let's get to. Spoiler is for John wick chapter three para bellum starting right now, now looking for the sheep. But you might fun too, because, of course, they're not going to see this come your nobility, looking I have been possible over how it works. You don't give to work it out. Dying daily point. Walked to be. Oh man. That action, the horse. Horse kicking dude several times, amazing those real horses. Apparently like they were tweeting about this. That wasn't just CG horse deal. You could tell the one horse like started leaving the scene. They're fighting and there, some trainer offscreen going back back. Nellie back. It was. Oh, dude. That was insane. Life is amazing. The night yet fight was my favorite, but the dogs, the dogs dog all I've never seen. I've never seen choreographed. Camera moves with multiple dogs coming from off multiple screen sides doing cool things that have to do it at the exact right moment. Or are you going to screw up this extraordinarily long take with actors doing all kinds of crazy things and explosions going off? And then you've got to trust these dogs to do this. Exact it's it was crazy. They say never worked with kids in animals. Right. And I cannot imagine setting up these scenes with with dogs. You know it. It is remarkable the dog stuff because. Well, first of all, I think they got the guy who did the who who worked with a dire wolves in game of thrones. They got him to do the dog training stuff. Think of the dire wolves in game of thrones is being, you know, wildly Corey again. The, the wolves trained enough to not kill anyone onset. And so but that's important. I think it's what's interesting about the way, this, this movie is shot is obviously, the, the director, Chad style. Ski he got his start in, in stunt coordination and being a stunt person. And what I love about the series of films, is that the, the choreography the stop work is what they want to show you, right? Like in other movies. It's like, oh, we want to show this person getting shot this person dying whatever, and the stunt work is kind of like an a, a kind of ancillary thing, like a bonus thing on top of that in this movie that is that is the meal that they're serving you is look at what these people have put them social, there's like a shot word. Jackie chan. Yeah, exactly. There's a show where at Grand Central station where Kano emerges from like the back the rear entrance of Grand Central. And he like he tackles a guy off of a bike, and then in the same shot titles. Another guy off the bike and then shoots him both in that like in one shot. And it's like, oh, my like in any other film, this would be ten shots in five seconds, man. But like they do it all one long continuous shot like pan from a threat. I'm just like why they did it to show you that these are real hits that they tried to be as practical as possible. And that ethos, infuses the entire film and is really to watch. Somebody tweeted something about his editing philosophy, too, like they never edit mid move. Like it's always at the completed moves you see everything that's actually happening as you would in the martial arts film, as you should. I saw I was watching the scorpion king was on TV recently. And man against remember that movie we have come so far, so far, when it comes to, like, action in big set pieces. And that was what maybe fifteen years ago, I forget. But yeah, yeah. This movie looks beautiful. I mean just. Yeah. You know, I it's, it's interesting the way that John wick fights people. I think they called it like gun FU or whatever it actually reminds me of like the gun KADO from equilibrium data baby fish and Bill action, film and. The way he takes down villains or henchmen is, is beautiful to watch, right? It's like it's like this dance it's not like they're talking about the difference between watching like I've watched a lot of like bonus content for this movie, and I was listening to the director talk about, like, in a real fight like the difference between like a real fighting choreography is like you try to, like, injure, the per- like you try to disable the person as much as possible in a real and in the John Wayne movies. There's a rhythm to be action scenes, right? It's like you know, hit hit hit like this. It's almost like a metronome like this kind of like a back and forth, like dance between the two people that are fighting. It's ballet that they got the belly imagery in there to, like, really, really showing us up front like what sort of choreography revealing with this one scene in that ballet sequence where a character takes off their toenail of one of the Bowery removes toenail and. Rewatch the first time I thought I saw it. I was like, oh, this is just kind of like a little disgusting touch. But the second time I watched it, it did occur to me that this is the movies way of telling you that, like people have suffered to bring you this art that you're watching, right? You know, like that all artists suffering, and that, like people have worked really hard to make this movie and you got to respect that to some degree, right? You gotta respect and to that end not enough can be said about Keanu. I mean the dude is a gifted physical actor. I especially at his age doing the number of things that he does in this movie we go on, and on about, Tom Cruise, and rightfully so. But Kano brings it in these movies, and in particular this one, I feel like he has more of that to do in this movie than he has had in any of the previous, and maybe even more than he ever did in any of the matrix movies. It's, it's a lot of physicality and a lot of him doing it. So it's, it's, it's, you know kudos to that guy is fifty four years old. Unbelievable and say I'm blessed. And but like when he's running, you can kind of see his age a little bit. Right. Like he kind of runs. Like he's really worn down through the rain. The those he's not running. It does seem like, yeah, he is. He's worn down there. I think maybe that's some of that is intentional. Yeah. No, no. I agree. I agree. It's intentional. I mean, I'm sure he could run faster if he wanted to. But, but also that that is what a fifty four year old person would look like running in that situation about Tom Cruise doesn't know how to run injured. That's right. He just runs beautiful. That's right. Beautiful. That's right. So here's one of the biggest problems in the movie from me, right? Like. The biggest issue emotionally in this movie for me is the Halle Berry, subplot Highbury is incredible in this film. She shows that she is just as skilled as, as John wick, right? He's awesome in this movie. And that's one of the awesome things about this movie. Is that like all the main stars right? Heli berry. Mark the casco's. Ken Reeves are all over fifty years old, and they're all showing you can still kick ass and look incredible doing it. It's the sparring life goals hashtag. Right. Also, great that the series is, like Etta point, where like I think Holly berry was just like I want to be a part of this. And I want to do the training like people want the trading, which is unique to like this whole series of films, and also, like atomic blonde. Right. The because Donald one they believe is that. Yeah, right. Yeah. I was listening to the director talk about it. And on the big picture podcast. They didn't interview with the director of John wick, three and talking about how like most people are like, oh, you're, you're shooting a film. Well, let's do like six weeks of training and he's like six weeks. I'm talking about six months of training and he got and it's like the first week of training is really fun. But then, like by month five when you're like driving to three gyms a day, spending two hours in LA, traffic, and then training for like eight to ten hours a day and you're exhausted. You're bruised or injured everyday. It's hard to spend time with your family. It's less fun for people, it's a huge sacrifice for people to do these movies, and for Kano to continue to do these movies, and it's all there up on the screen, but going back to the hip. I think I'm gonna miss, I think first of all she is completely forgotten after I thought we were going to come back to Halle Berry. At some point, we never do. I will I ran to the bathroom like right after that. So what happened like as he was getting to the desert, did they just say goodbye goodbye desert? And she just literally. Yeah. Really doing the thing that she was worried about that would put her daughter in dangerous. That's right. That's right. Yeah. The big the big moment is that she drinks some water and then spits it back into the bottle and gives it to him. Yes. That's the big moment that they have, which was dumb, and the whole idea that he goes, and the, the way to meet the person who's above the table, which is super not clear. Even what that means his walk in the desert until you can't walk anymore, and then keep walking. And then they'll either find you or they won't. And he takes that literally and goes and does it and it works. Some never crossed my mind that it wasn't literal, though. Jeff. Yeah. Like I always thought that that was actually what he is going back to weird legendary stuff. Right. This is like we're king. Arthur. Like dumb and I, I didn't buy first of all I didn't buy. Well, I didn't buy the adjudicator as being a real threat. Like sh she is seemed ridiculous. You like maybe somebody slightly stronger as an actress, there are accurately. I think the performer is Asia, Kate Dillon is fine it just like the formats, it was, I would say her market casco's kind of felt like they were in a different film. They were like in a much camp, even more campy version of this movie, then John wick three already is. And that the is performance did not work for me at all. But yeah, so then they show up and they meet the or John mic shows up and meets the elder who is, who is like eight years younger than John wick. So what was what possibly there's the movie doesn't care to establish. Why he is important. Other than people say he is important. There's that's the entire that's the entire mythology this movie, though, right? John Wickens important because everyone's afraid of him. And then he shows us why. But yeah but he shows us why. Right. This guy, there's no showing of why there's no reason he's out in the middle of nowhere. And yet, somehow is above all the goings on in New York like what I want. And then, and then the thing that he tells John wick to do is literally something that he could. It's not like you need to kill a thousand dudes it yet. Right. And you need to kill this one guy that we literally have, like a swat team five minutes away that we could just send to kill this guy, right? Right. And also. And in fact, the active sending you to kill him may in fact jeopardize that entire mission. Probably not a great plan to think of it not. I also not really. I don't wanna skip ahead too far. But I'm going to I don't buy the last double cross of. What's his name in Winston? Yeah. Winston that shooting him and knocking him off the building. I why he you have established that John wick is willing to go to war with you, and for you, you've established that you have you guys are actually friends and you had multiple opportunities to save face with the high table and keep stay alive and just murder John John wig. And you have multiple times said, no, I'm not gonna do that. And now for no reason whatsoever. Even though you have the upper hand you decide to kill him. I got the feeling that he kind of knew he would survive in the movies defense. I think it's possible that Winston, you John liquid survive. So he knew that shooting him and knocking him off a multi multi-storey building. Yup. Yeah. Don wick is. He killed three men with a pencil, okay? Babo Riley of Riley. Although here's what is weird to me is at the end of John wick chapter two or during John mcdevitt, you, there's a pretty awesome sequence where he's like meeting the gun, Somalia and meeting, the Taylor, and he's like, what kind of what kind of state do you want tactical? And it's like this suit has, like bulletproof lining sewn into it. And then later on he meets the elder gets a new suit, but apparently, that's suit also has the bulletproof lining. So I just like a standard thing now, I've only upgrades, the elder come out. I agree with you, that, like the idea of John wick, having a bulletproof suit is kind of lame. But this movie, I think they showed that the, the knives, first of all it may be bulletproof not quite knife roof. But the idea when they got those super super armed soldiers that was in that was like, okay. Oh, things were difficult again. You have to like it. Yes. The headshot like five headshots. And it's like it's a struggle shoot. I like like that struck neck or use a shotgun. So that was interesting. I like I like the movie did. Interesting idea had interesting ideas from the action perspective. Also a scene inspired by the villainous. I think with the motorcycles, right. Which is. Yeah. Which was vigorous movie of twists when he won the summer movie wager. In a huge anomaly, welcome guys. You're welcome. You're prepared for John wick three. I think that the villainous did it better, but it was very cool sequence. John wick for sure. Well, when he the guy he cuts off his arm, and the arm gets stuck in the motorbike wheel. And that's incredible. I think they're both peoples. Did it pretty well, but villainous does a lot more? CG. Trickery. A lot more camera tricks to make that look like people were actually writing a bike since we're fighting worries this movie it looks like they were definitely writing down the highway quite a bit. So, yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I mean, the camera was doing some pretty impossible stuff. So I, I don't know how they actually did it. But and big shout out to all this asan's who want to kill John wick, but not at the expense of killing a horsey. You know. Yeah. You gotta have standards. You know what I'm saying? It's the rate guys I love how respectful they were. During. The main villain from the raid one end to. Fight. John Wiggins movie, and that is awesome and yeah, I love how respectfully they were of him. And also it felt good to me that, then he didn't kill them after he defense. You know. Yeah. That felt good to me. So, okay. But back to the Halle Berry stuff. Here's the thing that really bothers me of Highbury stuff is we've just had this whole speech that Halle Berry gives about how, like I can't have these people finding my daughter, and I'm thinking to myself as the last eight is some trouble in my life. Okay. And I'm watching this, and I'm thinking like okay like wow. The actual emotional stakes. Maybe we're gonna meet the daughter like it's going to be you've you've got my you have my curiosity now. You have my John wick daughters, right? Yeah. Some of that. And then then she just goes, and then proceeds through jeopardize all that because of her dog, which on the one hand consistent unwanted inconsistent with John McGuinness. But, but, like the reason John wick destroyed Michael Nyquist entire organization in John one is because he had literally nothing to lose. He lost his wife. He his dog had been murdered. So I believe that that character. Would be like, you know, f it, I'm just going to take down the organization, but you've already set up Halle Berry as somebody who gives a crap about something other than herself. And so, then the idea that she would just then like shoot Braun from game of thrones doesn't scan for me. At least not, not if you want me to take emotional seriously in this universe anymore, which I don't think it does it feels like they kind of did it just for the joke to like, just for John. What to say? I get it. It's a pretty good gag. You know, a lot of people laughed. But I mean, if you if you named this, this series ah dog's journey, that'd be fine. You know. Yeah. Yeah. So that was that was a big this woman, and kind of, like the, the biggest weakness of the film, for me is like the one stab it has of like making this, something that I actually care about character. I care about what the history care about it completely drop Sibal that said, the, the Sav on that wound is in follows that scene up with one of the most patacula action sequences I've ever seen, which is the, the dogs are. Yeah. Ashtec worth. Hashtag worth. What do you mean? It was worth worth vision. Worth worth the, the, the complete fucking of the logic. Complete, you know ruining the logic of any of character motivation, just to get to that action sequence. It's like who cares? We just got to see that. Also it occurred to me that maybe we could do a good. Boom goes the dynamite with movie came out this weekend, where a dog affects the life and death of many people, but enough about John wick. I wanna talk about dogs, way home at Waco. I'm composing on the fly. Yeah. Also sure you're talking about a dog's journey. Please get that don't know the difference between the dog movies, which is apparently about the multiple lives of. The same soul moving across different dogs and very dog reincarnation. That's right. Yeah, that's weird. I don't know. Anyone we don't need to talk about that. Go ahead of it. There is not enough Mark the casco's talk here and say, I love him so much like he is kind of channeling no, Hank from bury a little like his fan blowing is. Yeah. Same comes in an odd time really late in the movie. Have you seen him for a long time before that quality comes up? But it's welcome when it does. And here's the sushi. Chef by the way, I do kinda love that his character. Basically introduces ninjas into the John universe, which is good. Nice to have some Asian representation in the series too. But also ninjas like they're, they're so like beyond the all the gangsters in like all the henchmen like they are just tearing people apart coming in from the shadows. I like that. We can still escalate the insanity in this world with people like them to Seton when he makes the scary sushi for the lady, and she eats it if that was supposed to make me think she was bad as it failed completely agree. Two hundred percents like pretty pretty rough. Yeah. And also, what's weird about that scene is don't even explain that the in the pufferfish there is a portion that isn't poisonous right? So they didn't even set it up correctly. It's poised. This is like, all right. I'm gonna eat it. You know, it's like no, you it's poisons if prepared incorrectly. Please get the sushi law. Correct, john. What is the economy of this assessment world if these literally three of the most bad ass people on the planet need to be working at the sushi stand, you know, like the can't? You know, like the can't nice skills that man big. Yeah. You know, they got they got gotta be working sushi all the time pretending to be this, like speaking, broken English anyway. Those gold coins. I, I was going to say those gold coins. Can't be taken everywhere, but evidently, they can because every cabdriver knows them, evidently, other me. I don't think we needed that, but okay. I like what Twitter user at four wonder said about Mark Dacosta says character he said on Twitter today. Quote is marked a casco's John wick three character a perfect metaphor for modern fan, boys. And then he has a bullet list here fought over the IP demand. They recognize you as creative equal, troll them and set out to destroy the thing you claim to love Phil miserably yet insist they validate your existence. And I thought that was his name zero so zero not an accident. I don't think so best line in the movie was when he's like I was pretty good fight. When he when that character says that pretty good fight. That is basically what any online internet like any like hashtag releases. Snyder cut person is thinking when over escaping argument about why Warner Brothers do right by the fans. So anyway, any other thoughts on John chapter three. I think it was a great time. I can't wait to get watch it again on home video. It's a good sit. I say he give sakes by the way. I kinda love that all of John mix. Friends ended up paying for his indiscretions to this movie really stacks up. Oh, there are consequences to this, you know, insane violence, basically. And that's part of the stakes building to me. No, nobody should have helped him everybody who helps him suffers, and he does nothing for them. Also jail Houston. Didn't mention her. But so good so good. Yeah, she's all and. And there's a scene when the ninja rating Anjelica Houston's Lehrer as it were. And there's like a scene with these, like, three dudes the it's like Mark the casco's guys from the rate like walk onto the stage clad entirely in black, and it sounds dumb. It's, it's beautiful though. What are they, what are they what are they doing? Brace. That that's seen that shot Jeff, I think encapsulates everything about the film. And if you listen to Dorothy is talking about the movie it really feels like, hey, that looks cool. Let's put it in the film right like and, and that's fine. Like I, I enjoy that. But like, but then, that is that is the level of seriousness that this series aspires to. And that's how serious I'm gonna take it from now on, you know, like I'm not gonna as shit. Yeah, this is what it's it's explicitly asking now. Also also every future, John, wick movie, there's going to be some poor CG Artis to us to erase one of counties fingers from every shot. That's rough I was thinking about the logistics of that for a while. I think it was kind of interesting when he like takes off his ring, and his ring finger, and it's like he's like, prove your worth, and he like takes off the ring for years, and the elders like, oh, I just I just wanted you to like yourself or something. It's like how did he know that, that is that is that a unwritten rule that they need to go and remove a finger? I guess it's all unwritten everything is couched in years of tradition in this losing fingers is a common thing in this Asan lower. So I guess I guess it works out. I don't know does that hurt his gun handling or anything, though, the left hand, and it's useless finger thanksgiving, not as gun hand. So he'll be just fine. He'll be just fine. You'll looking forward to John wick chapter four, which seems a sure thing now with Laurence Fishburne the homeless person king. Now going like this. That's actually another frustrating thing about this movie is like, in my opinion, this movie, basically. The, the, the state of play at the end of John MC. Three is what I thought it would be at the beginning of John wig three. I thought like oh, he's taking on the high table. Like that's what I thought it was gonna happen in this film. But now he's really doing it this time you're looking forward to it you psyched. I mean, it'd be fun. Yeah. I mean, I think this series now is is has defined its terms. And I'm in it for the action sequences I want clever. You know, novel action sequences, I'm looking forward to it. I don't want to get too big. That's the thing I don't want this to become like a huge one hundred and fifty billion dollar you know, series or something for budget. They need to stay nimble need to stay kind of. I, I think that helps a series like this for sure. I don't know. Man, I kind of feel like the fact that we went to Morocco I feel like it's going to be one of those things now like in JAMES BOND, and fast and furious where you get that, that big wide shot. And then the text on screen that says, you know, Shanghai or wherever the know wherever we are next it's, it's TV shows can do it on a cheaper. But I don't know. We'll see. We'll see. Yeah. What's, yeah. I, I agree that I don't want this series. Big either what's fascinating to me is like how effortless to the to the film? I've been complaining about the movie, but to its credit how effortless it made coming up with these inventive actions scenes feel like 'cause they deserved it. We, we have collectively between the three of us. We have watched thousands of action scenes, right? And thinking, like, okay, we basically know what an action scene can contain right. And this movie said, no, this things that you didn't even think about that. We have in this movie, and I'm curious how long they can keep keeping up that trick. And I'm gonna keep paying money to see. So that's gonna leave it there. All right. Well, stay tuned. You will be discussing next week five more episodes as podcast aside from guests dot com. Emails asides from Casteel dot com, our theme song comes from Adam Warlock dot com or a. Spoiler. Number comes from filmmaker Kyle Hiller. This episode was produced by babies Zang until next week to finger orchid people. 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