Broken Boy: The Jaidyn Leskie Story


True Crime Brewery contains disturbing content related to real life crimes. Medical Information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted as medical advice or treatment listener discretion is advised. Welcome to true crime brewery. Sorry I'm Jill under you know there's no one more innocent than a fourteen month old child. The Age Jaden Leschi was when he disappeared. Jane was born in and lived his life in poverty in surrounded by ignorance. Some would say that his mother loved him and she tried under best others would say she was a careless and neglectful drunk. Either way the outcome is the same. Most of US love our kids. We do our best to keep them. Well cared for and safe regardless of our socioeconomic status or the stress that life may send our way maybe this is why we feel Justified in judging parents like Jason's mother Belinda. Not because she was young on married poor or a heavy drinker even but because she failed to keep Jaden safe. Join US at the quiet in today for broken boy. The JADEN Leschi Story. It is a hard story to tell and a hard one to here. But we're coming to this story with empathy and we're making an effort to understand and a really dark side of our human condition and fortunately we have a beer to drink while we delve into this here too bad. It's not a higher higher alcohol by volume. 'cause I could use something like that. Well you know. There's really no reason why we couldn't do shots with our beer. So think about that. Might cause this like you said. This is a tough story to run to tell to. Flynn to hear about absolutely so. I chose a beer from coopers brewery called original Pale this is an English Pale Ale with ab four and a half percent not a bad beer. Tasty gold got a one inch whitehead little bit of lacing Nice Aroma Sweet Malt Grassy hops has a brady taste with a little bit of hops late. light-bodied easy drinking beer when that we call it a lawnmower beer absolutely sounds okay though. Yeah I mean it's it's innocuous enough. Yeah well let's open it up. Okay all right. Let's take it down onto the quiet end. Rose look confessed if down there today. Well it's holiday season. We've got some nice lights and other things so oh absolutely in our friend billy bonds. Santa still here. Yeah it is groupies. Yup Yeah I don't know what is it. You women have the Santa Claus well. It's deep seated childhood thing. Obviously daddy issues going into that. The man let's not address it today. Okay we'll just relax down here. We've got plenty of beer for bar buddies so let's have a good time with the Beer Cher so so why don't you start this horrible story okay. Jaden Leschi was born into poverty as the son of a young single mother in nineteen ninety six his mother her name is Belinda. Had a difficult childhood in a family that had its own share of dysfunction. So Belinda Boyne in nineteen seventy five which means she has twenty one years old when she gave birth to Jaden. Belinda was the second shout to her teenage mother and her father. Dad worked in a timber mill. Belinda Linda's sister Katie is three years older. Katie and Belinda childhoods were marked by alcoholism and violence their mother and father foot and many anytime she got thrown out of the House and she had a little brother named Glenn he was born just before their father moved out for good now after he moved out. It was mom Tom. The two girls and a little boy and family moved frequently throughout central and eastern Victoria barely scraping by financially. Yes yes oh Katie. Ran Away when she was just fourteen years old and the story goes that she only returned home so that her mother would buy her some cigarettes but but then again at age sixty Katie ran away again and this time she moved to a town called Mo moes industrial it had prospered when the coal mines and electrical power stations were state-owned but then after privatization unemployment soared and a recession hit the area. A lot of workers moved away to find good jobs and housing prices really plummeted. There were still some nicer areas of Mo- but the part of town where Katie fled to was quite quite four poems. There could sell for as little as fifteen thousand dollars but because it was cheap to live there. The government decided to relocate. Single mothers is to mow this way. Their welfare payments would go further but the consequence which they didn't really think about I guess was that a population of dislocated unemployed lead people grew in Mo- it became common for people to live there. Without steady jobs. Drug use became endemic and there was a real lack of hope for the future of these families and it was in Mo- that Katy met Brett. Leschi she was at a party where she got pretty drunk which was kind of normal for her and Brett chatted her up they ended up having sex that same night. Katie brought Brett back to her mother's place. The next day proudly showing off her cute new boyfriend at this time. BELINDA was a young teen and Katie introduced her to Brett. Belinda was jealous of Katie's independence and freedom while Katie would be out partying and picking up guys. Belinda felt like she was stuck at home but Katie was jealous of Belinda. Also who everyone said was was the pretty one. Belinda was pretty but she had a tall and rugged built. Her hair was bleached. Blonde with dark roots. And she dressed enclosed that. We're very Tight but in contrast to this childlike face gave her a real look of purity and innocence so she attracted a fair amount of young men in Boyce well and like you said she's just barely entertains. Yeah but in this region in this family people started young so she was. There's a catch now. Katy sister and Brett did not have a very ideal relationship. They did however stay together for several months eventually Britain Katie moved in with his parents. That's rain Elizabeth Leschi. They were dairy farmers narrow so devout Baptists so they allowed Katy to stay with them and help with milking the Karros but that arrangement lasted less than six months. While Yeah Brett's parents were very helpful and wanted to help out. But they weren't gonNA put up with drinking and partying or are drugs any of that so it really couldn't last long because Katie was really into that stuff and then weren't married no they weren't but after that Katie did return delivered her mother Pam and her sister Belinda. Pam had a stroke which left her left side completely paralyzed when she returned home from the hospital. Belinda was just sixteen sixteen but became her mother's primary caretaker. Katie was uncomfortable and not at all interested in helping out and she got pregnant by another man but she allowed Brett to think that this baby was his so thinking he was doing the right thing and encouraged by his baptist parents to do the right thing. Brett proposed post to Katie and she accepted now. Belinda believed that Katy had tricked Britain to marrying her. She was pretty sure. It wasn't Brett's baby that her sister was his pregnant with yet. At the same time she believes that Brett had proposed to Katie for the wrong reasons also his Brett was in trouble. He is facing jail time. He has stolen some checks from his boss and forged them for cash now by his thinking if he's got a pregnant fiancee. He could get lenient treatment because he had a young young family with support. That's pretty drastic step to take just to get less jail time. But I guess if you're young you don't understand that you're changing your whole life forever. No we're looking at the short-term not the long picture share so Katie and Brits wedding wasn't anything Fancy Baptist Minister Minister from his Parents Church officiated the service and is took place in the front yard of the Leschi's farmhouse the rings had been purchased from a plant shop. Katie worry US gown here has only a handful of family and friends in attendance. So when the wedding was first announced Katie's entire family said they would not attend and they didn't agree with this marriage since they felt it was based on a lie some family members gave in did show up but not Belinda. Well well Belinda claimed. She wouldn't attend the wedding because she didn't want to wear a dress. Belinda did not like to wear dresses. She was a real tomboy but Brett's mother. Elizabeth bless gay really believed that Belinda wanted Brett for herself she had seen the way Katie. And Belinda interacted and she saw that Belinda was very jealous of her sister sister and her sister's relationship with Brett. Neither of Brett's parents were excited about this marriage as you can imagine but they tried to be supportive for Brett Sake. So the couple was allowed to move back in with the LESCHI's on their farm but it only took a few weeks for them to be thrown out after that. The couple moved Dan with Brett sister Louise and eventually rented their own small house. Katie and Brett stayed together for less than a year after their wedding but it was long enough for Katy to become pregnant again. No one was sure. What the reason for this break-up was but no one was really surprised either? No I don't think they would be given given the history thus far absolutely now katy second pregnancy. This time was breads child was a girl they would name her Shannon during his pregnancy Brett suffered from depression and anxiety. He would lie around the House all day unable to work or help out with the housework. Then Belinda moved in with him and things got even worse. Katie began to suspect that her husband was sleeping with her little sister so Katie through Brett and by Linda out of the House and the two of them moved in with Brett Sister Louise afterwards. Now Belinda deny that she was involved with Brett beyond a friendship. Sure sounds different for me but Arcadia was convinced so the relationship between the two sisters fell apart and they didn't speak for a long time. We'll according to Belinda her romance with Brett I didn't begin until two months after Katie threw them out but most people really don't believe that because they didn't waste any time becoming pregnant or they just it didn't bother using any birth control. I'm not sure which one it was but the couple headed daughter. They named her Brianna and that name they'd gotten from clerk at the local supermarket supermarket. They liked it. They spelled it differently. They were very in dispelling. Names differently here with Brianna Brianna or something like that like a hyphenated name. I'm almost Yamba Linda's B. I. L. Y. N. D. A.. So it's a family thing but bret was still married to Katie when he had a daughter. With Belinda so Brett had children with two sisters so think about that I mean that makes him the father and the uncle to both sisters children. Yikes thanks very confusing. But this couldn't have concerned him. Or Belinda too much because they soon had a son together also and this was little Jaden Leschi Jaden was born in April of nineteen ninety six. Belinda picked his name from an attractive guest. She had noticed on an episode of the Ricki Lake Show. Jaden hidden was Chubby baby and very lovable. He loved his mom especially and he cried when she left him. The Linda would described him as a clingy baby who cried a lot but Elizabeth Leschi believed that he was just a lonely baby who wasn't getting the attention that he needed and deserved from his mother. Jaden to this big sister her and parents before blended Brett broke up just before Jaden first birthday linen and Katie strain relationship. Played a part. In the break-up 'cause Belinda I believe the Katya still in love with Brett and Belinda said that she wanted to marry bread but then she became involved with another man and she inbred broke up Brett had been working in a shed. Space shared with a man named Greg Damaso. It's that's pronounce correctly. He did better than I would during his time. Belinda in Greg became close. Now Belinda Lake Greg. Because he seemed interested in Jaden he played with Malaysia and spent time with them now. They're also many dynamics at work here. Remember this this. Belinda had some bitterness towards bread because she felt like he favored their daughter Brianna over Jaden and she may have seen Greg as the preferred father figure. I said on. She believed that Britain was always too busy to spend time. Jaden how greg seemed interested in Jaden even took more for hands from time to time for an A.. Babysit and teach trim about cars. Were what every infant needs to know. This is very twisted and difficult to understand. It was a strange dynamic which which turned out to be very disturbing. Greg offered to watch Jaden quite a bit but not his sister Brianna and Belinda seemed to think this was a good thing. The only issue she initially mentioned to friends was that Greg didn't like to change Jaden diaper. He would bring Jaden back to her diaper changes claiming that the smell was unbearable for him. But because Belinda saw her son is an incessant cryer she was happy to get a break when Greg Babysat for him for days. After after Jaden was returned from a visit with Greg. He wouldn't cry at all so instead of seeing this as worrying which I absolutely would. Belinda appreciated appreciated. The quiet after returning from Greg's house Jaden would sometimes sleep for an entire day and entire night and he didn't even seem hungry so ominously. Belinda told one friend that she didn't know what Greg did to Jaden but she didn't really want to know either well he would come back and be quiet and sweep and that just makes my stomach her good as right. It is really alarming so Belinda freely admitted that she was unable to handle Jaden cry. She had taken him to the Mo Medical Center many times because of his incessant cry now on April Second Nineteen Ninety seven. When Jaden was nearly a year old? He was examined by a physician. Who could find? No reason for James Cry. She wrote in her notes. The JADEN was a happy healthy baby. Boy Yeah but Belinda brought Jaden back on April twenty first in a different doctor saw him. This doctor took a urine sample to rule out a urinary tract infection but couldn't find anything wrong with Jaden. Belinda wondered if she was suffering from postpartum depression and that's why she was having so much trouble with this and it's really unclear if anyone's spoke to her about how to deal uh-huh with a crying child. Or the big stresses of motherhood. I mean she was very young woman that she was and it doesn't sound like she had good good pediatric care or at least consistent pediatric care. I shouldn't say good or bad. That not consistent go into the Er for things like this instead of just seeing their family physician. Yeah that's true but yeah and as you said. It's not clear if anyone talk to Belinda or greg or bread or anyone in the family how to deal with a crying child now and it's something that you teach new parents. It's part of the whole learning process sort of the deal. Yeah we call it purple crying. Purple is an acronym for the Ryan periods so its peak of crying crying peaks during the second month of life and then starts to decrease unexpected comes and goes for no apparent reason. It's resistant to soothing. The baby orphaned looks like he's in pain. It can be long lasting asking thirty forty minutes at a time and it can happen in the evening purple so the biggest thing to explain to parents is. It's a temporary thing and the baby's not in pain. You do what you can and you try to make them realize that it's not anything they're doing anything like that. Turn make the baby cry. Hopefully you can keep people from hurting their kids for the crime. So what kind of ways do they learn to deal with with it. I mean what kind of practices can people do. I know one thing. Is You put the baby in a safe environment. Like the crab and you just walk away for awhile and give yourself a break. The biggest thing is too 'cause you're not gonNA get the baby probably to calm down on his or her own until they're ready to so what you try to say. Say It's okay the put the infant down and walkaway Goo read a book for a few minutes or do something just separate yourself in a situation Shen right but it can be pretty stressful and if you're a relatively uneducated young person can be even worse right you can really lose your temper which it's hard to imagine but it certainly can happen here and it was happening with Belinda. Feel quite certain good. Yeah there's I don't think there's much question and if anyone was less able to deal with the crying than Belinda. It would have been this greg guy where we're gonNA find out more information information about him absolutely but yeah he would be even less likely to respond favorably to the crying. Yes and his girlfriend. Whatever she was yes so Brett's mother chains grandma? Elizabeth Leschi wasn't comfortable at all when she learned about Greg babysitting Jaden. She really thought it was odd for a single man to want to spend time with the baby alone and I totally agree with her but there were so many things that Elizabeth didn't approve of her son's life in the way that her grandchildren were being raised. This was just one of the things and she said she didn't feel like there was anything she could do about it and she had told Belinda how she felt about it. And and Belinda would just kind of say yeah sure sure but Belinda was going to do what she wanted to do. And for Belinda. This was almost too good to be true right. She stressed out with this crying trial and she wants to be out having fun. And then Greg says hey I'll take Jaden for the day and it's something she just didn't turn down and I I don't know I just can't forgive her for that. I think there's a lot I can forgive a lot. I can understand but I'm not on board with that from anyone where you're probably probably more charitable than me. Yeah she was at least as culpable in this whole situation. Is Greg all right. Well explain a little bit more while you're saying saying that we'll just the statement that I don't know what he does with them and I don't want to know I know right. That whole thing you telling me she didn't think anything wrong. When this poor kid would come back from being with Greg that he wouldn't eat? He slept employees. I'm really believed that. He was dragging the child eld. If not worse I mean. It's just really so irresponsible and this is the type of thing I find incredibly frustrating. After something thing tragic happens to a child everyone has an opinion and something to say about what was going on. But what did anyone here due to really protect Jaden the the grandmother Elizabeth never really offered to take care of her grandson instead of graphic not that I know of and she talked to Belinda bread about the situation in in detail. If you have concerns you really need to tell someone. And if they don't do something you do something and this is a fourteen month old. This child is completely helpless and dependent on the adults in his life for love and for protection and he was completely neglected and failed. He certainly was and it's easy to say after the facto. I knew something was wrong or sure. No dammit do something is going on. Yeah I've got no patience for that bullshit nope so let's add to the fact of this horrible story that Greg was a really strange and disturbed individual. He lived alone in a broken down house with this shed where he intermittently did some work on cars at the back of his house. The ground was just littered with rusty car. Parts and overgrown weeds needs and among this mess he kept a large white plastic bucket filled with fish guts and fish heads and he said that he was keeping this for his enemies. He's so and Greg felt slighted or mistreated by someone. He liked to take a big syringe full of the fish liquid from the bucket and injected into that person's air conditioning unit in their car their house and of course the smell would be awful and almost impossible to get rid of and this was just one one of the sick. Prague's that Greg like to do this is probably one of the more mild ones okay. Now he was also known to be pretty weird and often out of control. So it's just wasn't a person you trust to take care of a young kid now you wouldn't but Belinda did or maybe she didn't really trust trust him but she didn't care enough to stop it right. I'd go with that again. I think she knew it was going on but it was just so nice to have someone taking cure this kid who cried all the time and she didn't really care what was going on. Yeah just seems like. She made a conscious decision to overlook because the red flags because it was just more convenient for her. I mean I hate to say it. But how else can you see it. No that's exactly it. Greg didn't grow up to be this way way without having gone through some trauma when he was a kid when he was fourteen years old a neighbor called the tone that his father just died of a heart attack and the a neighbor. Said you gotta go tell your mom. That's great people man so within the next year Greg left school and started using drugs. He liked to work on on cars but he never completed any training. He got a grant and opened a repair shop shed but he never took his work seriously and he didn't have work on a steady basis uses in those who got to know Greg would describe him as a manipulator most of his pranks were ultimately harmless but seldom. Were they really funny. One thing he liked to do was to borrow a friend's car then call the friend say that he had crashed it then he would return the car on damaged in laugh as the friend was relieved believed. So that wasn't too bad not very funny but I guess harmless but a lot of his pranks were not so benign your one night nights someone broke into Belinda. His House and swept her kids into each other's beds. Matinee go in and check on Brianna and his Pearl Jaden and vice versa that would be disconcerting. So many people knew Greg was responsible for this little prank. But Greg blamed his ex girlfriend Yvonne penfold last year. You can call it a little prank but it someone did get into her house you know. Someone broke into her house however they got in. That's not okay. Okay now. But that wasn't the only time when Belinda children were the targets of disturbing pranks and outright abuse. One night hike. Greg broke into the House and he force fed peanut butter sandwiches to Jaden until he was vomiting. Belinda thought Greg was weird but she didn't protect her children from these so-called pranks now that's abuse unquestionably. This abuse isn't that awful. I mean that shows a really sick person yes it does and once. He didn't do anything no once he did that. You think she would have said. Oh no you're not going to take care of my son. But she didn't she would let him go with Gregg and Gregg was also weird because he was obsessed with space aliens and he told people he had once. Met these Little Green Rene Aliens. He had posters of them tacked on his walls and he would leave a carton of milk on the roof of his house saying that that way the aliens would drink the milk. They wouldn't take him up on their spaceship he didn't like going on. The spaceship led to experiments on him. Exactly how he did seem to have a soft side for animals the most children which would impress women who met him because he seemed to be so gentle and caring but the other side of Greg he was also known to have killed mm feral cats but putting them in a sack in lighting it on fire fuck and he was not kind children when he was put in charge of them At all no. So BELINDA started having sex with Gregg and then he began to see himself as kind of father figure to Jaden but it was only Jaden in he was interested in not Belinda daughter Brianna he even told Belinda that she should give custody of her daughter to Brett and just keep Jaden. There's another big red flag. She ignored hard break. said he wanted to raise Jaden and teach them about cars and guns. I mean what could be more important than those two things. Gregory Gregory loved guns and he kept a hole beneath his back steps of his house where he stored guns many of them illegal blended near that. Greg was into guns and that he smoked a lot. Marijuana others would say that Greg was even to harder drugs and that even sold drugs at times but Belinda said she had only ever seen him smoke pot and drink some alcohol and Belinda was a heavy drinker in pot smoker too so she had no issue with this. It was okay to do that around her children. Hundred so greg. I BABYSAT for Jaden in April of nineteen ninety. Seven as Belinda became more comfortable leaving Jaden and Greg's care should began leaving him for longer and longer periods of time with Greg. Sometimes even she'd come back to pick up Jaden and Greg Rotella comeback later. 'cause because he wanted to spend more time with Jaden and of course Belinda Square to do that 'cause she really liked the breaks it would give her. Yeah and that makes me just kind of hate her. I have to say I mean. The situation was clearly dangerous. Greg would not properly care for this child and he couldn't stand it when Jaden cried. Greg Son John Jaden is kind of a playmate and even used him as a form of entertainment controlling in teasing him and abusing him. Greg had a short temper and was quite cruel to Jaden and another disturbing thing. Is that many friend. Saw Him being cruel to Jaden. They saw him push Jaden onto his back. Jack even bumping his head Jaden would cry and Greg would just walk away. Sometimes he'd turn off the lights and leave jade crying in the dark. One friend of Greg. Greg would remember how greg once turned the stereo on full blast with Jaden right in front of the speaker to drowned out. Jaden scream so who are these friends ends. That let this happen. And didn't say anything and I wondered did any of them. Go to Belinda. And she just disregarded it because that wouldn't surprise me either you what do you think well. They're just as bad as the rest of the crew you know so. They're not say anything. Well I mean okay. Are you you waiting for them to say org. Hey Man. You shouldn't be doing that. To the little bugger. Sure or at least go to the mother. Yeah grabbed the child and leave and call. The police will anybody with an ounce of compassion would do that. But these are all no good drug-using drunks let you know. Do you ever try to think what's going going on. In the mind of such a young child win someone that is supposed to be taking care them. I mean this is GonNa make me cry. Because he's thinking these people are supposed to be taking care are of him he so vulnerable and then to be treated like that. I can't even imagine what what's the toughest part of doing this episode. It's heartbreaking it really is Jaden was also put outside with Greg's large dogs and great tried to get the dogs all riled up and purposely frightened Jaden with the dogs Jaden was put in dangerous situations with the dogs in his muddy cluttered yard and he was returned to Belinda with scratches a bloody lip even bumps on on his head also. Belinda overheard. Many Times Greg Calling Jaden awful names. I mean awful names. I'm not even going to repeat them and and she actually laughed sometimes when he did this as did other people well. She called on the same names he as she would these fucking people. Yeah Yeah like you said. None of Greg's friends ever went to Belinda with concerns over the abuse. Not that we know of but the signs are pretty hard to miss and the babysitting babysitting sessions continued and became longer in May of nineteen ninety. Seven Greg was allowed to take Jane for an overnight but he ended up returning earning an early to Belinda. Greek city had lusted with Jaden. She didn't ask what had happened but he had a big bruise on his face. Well they're just Kinda. Ah sums her up doesn't it that she didn't even ask what happened and that she will send her son back with this man again she does. I Guess Greg's explanation him was that he had put Jaden into the car and bumped his head on the door. Then Jaden was crying and he couldn't remember what had happened after that because as he said he lost it. which is just an ominous thing? That's nothing good. That should be your sign right there that he abused your child. I mean whatever you want to say hey about it. Greg had physically abused this one year. Old who certainly had an kit at a black guy. He was cut under his Chin and he had more bruising on the inside inside his leg his left leg. Belinda said Oh I just felt sick when I saw those injuries greg offered to tell the authorities that he is responsible both the injuries but then he warned Belinda that if he did that she might lose custody of her son. Well there's the manipulator right there got it so what's wounded Du-. She says nothing her Cape Jaden at home and hiding until his injuries healed well and what blows me away. She didn't stop leading. Jaden with this abuser. Her and I think that's the worst thing she did. Well at least that we know of for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if she did do worse. Things wrote because Greg really probably wasn't the only caretaker who had abused little Jaden. Belinda admitted that one night when Jaden wouldn't stop crying she kicked him. She said she immediately felt bad and she took him to the doctor but she hadn't admitted what she had done. And apparently the doctor didn't report it yet Dan. So how do you not report that I mean what's the story. She said that he fell. And he's got a bruise me one of the things. You look for bruises in funny places. That shouldn't be there right. Yeah so I don't know I would assume in Australia their mandatory reporters as well as the US. I didn't look into that right but I did assume that would. Yeah but anyway that happened and nothing changed just three weeks after the incident with Gregg Belinda and allowed him to take Jaden for the day while she went out shopping with her sister when she returned to pick him up great given him a weird haircut. Well and that's putting thing it mildly because this was a very disturbing thing he did to the child he had shaved Jaden head to make it look like Greg's balding head like shaved. The bald spots US leaving some hair on the sides and stubble in the front. So that's disturbing right. Yeah Still Belinda. Would leave Jane with Gregg One more. We're time and that would be the night when Jaden went missing. There was one more time to many. Wasn't it. 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They are invited headed to a birthday party for a friend of Katie's boyfriend so the sisters arrange for a babysitter Julie local girl who knew their children would care for Jaden and Briana. Along with Katie's two kids now greg had plans to so after. He played Nintendo as some friends. He he drove the Belinda House and surprised her. He said he wanted to Babysit Jaden for the afternoon. He was working on a car and he wanted Jaden with him to keep him company. Will right there. I'd say Fuck No. Why do you want a one year old to keep you company when you're working on a car that just sounds dangerous president? It doesn't sound beneficial to the child in any way doesn't sound like it's anything that you need to have a one year old around for absolutely not but of course Belinda. Olinda was okay with this idea. She told Greg about the party. She was invited to and that she would be out all afternoon until late. In the night Greg said he would come back for Jaden and a couple of hours. So Belinda bathed Jaden and packed a bag for him including some warm outfits diapers and snacks. She dressed him in tracksuit pants. That had baby games written on them a green shirt a blue green windbreaker jacket with a hood and a red jacket over that so in Greg Return Return. Jaden was ready to go. The Linda didn't have a car so she asked Greg to drive her and Brianna to her sister Katie's house where the baby sitter would be and the sisters would leave for the Party together from there so when they get to Katie's House Belinda S. Greg for fifty dollars. You gave her seventy so she could have an extra special night at the party now. They hadn't agreed on how long Jaden was stay with Greg. But there wasn't understanding that Greg would drop off Jaden Becca Beca Katie's later to be with the baby sitter and the other children so great called Katie's house said about four. PM to ask her about rumors she had been spreading writing about him so petty Bullshit Right Katie was able to calm him down and Belinda spoke with him to she checked. The JADEN had enough clothing for the cold and Greg told her that he was fine. He said he was going to finish working on the car. Take a shower and then bring Jaden back. I'm sorry but these aren't things you do with the kid. You don't take them to work on your car and you're taking a shower means you're not spending time with them so what the actual. We'll fuck with all this. I don't get it. There's not much I get about arcus now. Well then he added that Jaden had fallen out back with the dogs but he would clean them up before he brought him back. And you think that would set off alarms. But it didn't know later that afternoon a neighbor heard Briggs scream. He was seen outside hosing down. The driveway neighbor. said he couldn't figure out who greg was screaming at. No one heard from Greg until later that evening when he called Julia the Babysitter and asks where. Belinda `was she told Belinda Katie and Katie's boyfriend had left for the party but then Belinda Linden Katie had had a fight and Belinda had returned home with her daughter between five thirty. PM and seven forty five PM. Belinda called Greg's house at least he's twenty times to tell him not to drop Jaden off at Katie's house as originally planned but to bring him home but there was no answer and she said at this this point she did begin to worry enough to do anything about no of course not me. We're not sympathetic to this girl. Some things I've read on the case Jason Been Much kinder to her grid so Katie and her boyfriend showed up at Linda's and the sister is made up from that fight. They put on their makeup together. And Katie rushed. Belinda out of the House. Linda would say that she felt uneasy about Jaden but decided to forget about it and have a good time time. Well you got to set priorities here right. Yeah so she left her daughter. Katie's house with Julie the babysitter and went ahead to the party. Yes I'm Belinda. Wanted to stop at Greg's House to borrow his camera. We could take pictures at the party. The Katie's boyfriend's car wasn't registered so Katie. He didn't WanNa get on a main road driving in an unregistered vehicle and Belinda went along with us because she was so stoked about the party and wants wants at the party. Belinda did call Greg again and got no answer. She expected him to drop Jaden with Julie but she didn't call Julie at that point to see if Jaden had arrived arrived at a little after eight pm a neighbor called Greg and asked if he wanted to smoke a bong with her and her husband and he declined saying he was baby sitting at ten PM. Great called his next door neighbor Marianne McKinnon and asked if she had any diapers because he was running out. This is a little strange. Because Belinda had sent Jaden with four diapers and Greg didn't really like to change diapers so it's a little odd. Greg was known own to avoid changing diapers and returning him to Belinda with a dirty diaper. Now he would say that he changed. Jane's Diaper twice that evening so he should have still had a two and Jaden bag. I mean that's if Belinda was correct about what she had packed but Marianne the neighbor had no diapers told Greg that the mini mart down the street would have some Marianne would later say that she thought she heard a child and a dog playing in the background when she was on the phone with Greg and she did believe it was Jaden Jaden she had heard in. Belinda really enjoyed the party. She drank heavily which was her norm. After the party thinned out a group decided ready to go to a nightclub MRS around ten thirty. Belinda and a few others including Katie arrived at the club before eleven at about eleven ten. Belinda decided to call Greg to check on Jaden and he answered. This time Shit's happened. Greg told her Jaden had fallen against the heater and taken to the Er they had put some cream on Jaden bottom but great. Didn't think they've done a good job so he said he had taken the shot to another hospital. Call Maryville Belinda said. I'm GONNA come right home but greg convinced her to stay at the club he said. Jay Bruce Fine is nothing she needed to do. He told her to call back equator and he would pick her up so this point. Belinda said that she was very stressed and she told a couple of people at the club what Greg had told her her sister. Katie decided that she would call Greg and find out what was really going on because he was this weird prankster. So Katy called Greg Beck Greg told Katie. They had been to the hospital because Jaden had fallen against the radiator and Burton his bottom and the hospital put cream on it. He's fine now though. Oh Greg said don't worry about it. Katie did ask how bad the burn was and Greg said it wasn't bad there were no blisters. Katie asked if they should come home and he told her now now they should just enjoy the Party so katy went back to Belinda and told her that the burn story was just one of Greg's jokes and this is according to Belinda. Uh Greg had said that Jaden was fine and there was nothing to worry about. Haiti would say that she actually told her sister. That Jaden had been burnt. But that he'd been treated. Greg had said there was no need to rush home so a bit of a discrepancy there. Katie said later that she never would have believed that the burn story was a joke. Although Belinda and others often played practical jokes on Greg and he played them on them but they never played sick jokes on each other. Katie said although we we don't really find that to be true I would think changing the children's beds is a sick joke. Who's this absurd jokes going on absolutely but either way Belinda felt reassured with her sister spoke to her that Jaden was okay and she was happy to continue partying? The sisters continued to drink for several all more hours. Belinda lost count of how many drinks. She'd had that night but she had spent sixty dollars on herself sometime before. One A M Marianne. Marianne MacKinnon was on her computer. When she heard Greg's car start in the driveway? Marianne new cars well and she knew the sound of Greg's car she heard it start reverse and drive away. Melinda's neighbor Kim Wilson was up to use her bathroom at around twelve thirty. AM and she. I heard Greg's car in the street. She even looked out her window and saw his green xc Falcon Hula outside of Belinda House. So she felt sure it was his car. A guy named Brett McGrath was flirting with Belinda. At the club that night he asked her to sleep with him in his van but by the end of the night she she was so drunk in so loud that everyone decided she should go home. The club had stopped serving. Belinda and then they stopped serving Katie because Katie was buying drinks for Belinda. So at about one thirty A. M. Katie told Belinda. She needed to call Greg. Pick her up and take her home. So Belinda Cal Greg at two. AM He agreed to pick her up and left his house at two fifteen and the club was about twenty five minutes away. Kadian enter boyfriend. Were with Belinda. Who was really out of control and just yelling at anyone who walked by when Greg pulled up at the club? Katie put her head into the car and told him. Take Belinda home. She did notice. The JADEN wasn't in the car but it didn't really surprise her. Belinda had told her that a friend named Jackie had been at Greg's house earlier earlier. So Katie thought. Jackie was probably watching. Jaden Belinda got into the car with Greg and she asked him right away where Jaden was and he he said I told you he's in the hospital. He told Belinda that Jaden was in the new Marysville Hospital. Now the hospital wasn't even built yet. But BELINDA I didn't know that so. She demanded that he take her there to see her son. Greg skirts that though he told her that she was drunk and the hospital staff with think badly of her if she showed up to see her son in that condition. He was adamant that he wouldn't take their shoes drunk. You told her she needed to sleep and take her to see Jaden in the neck in the morning yet. Melinda argued but she finally agreed to go home and sleep off the alcohol so Greg I drove to his house and when he pulled into the driveway he saw that his his front windows were broken. There were holes in the windows and jagged pieces of glass in the yard. Greg and Belinda went inside and Greg ran through the house house looking in all the rooms and in the cabinets. He told Belinda that he knew his ex girlfriend. EVONNE was responsible Reagan. Yvonne had had a very volatile toll relationship with violence repeated breakup and even restraining orders recently. Yvonne Belinda had been feuding as well they they had done pranks on one another made abusive phone calls and even vandalized one another's property when they sai each other really wasn't uncommon for one of them. I'm to call out slut or whore at the other one. So Belinda believed that Yvonne was the one who had swept her children into each other's beds as a sick joke and Belinda. Linda had followed up by spray painting profanity on the front window of the store where von worked but really at the heart of the feud was. Belinda is relationship with Gregg of course so it made sense that Greg Thought Yvonne was responsible or at least tried to put it off on her. Here's a Greg was looking for something something in the House. Belinda didn't know what he was looking for so she laid down on the living room floor near the heater and she was playing Griggs Nintendo game and according to the video game display. It was three or four in the morning. Greg said nothing about Jaden Burns and he didn't say Jaden was missing either. He called all divine at three zero nine in the morning screened at her before hanging up angrily then after about ten more minutes he decided to take Belinda home. He began rushing out the door and she complained that she was tired and she wanted to stay. She was under the impression that Jaden was in the hospital. It didn't occur to her that the broken windows could be related needed to her or her son. As they left the house they saw severed pig's head on the gravel and Greg's front yard was shocking. I guess but they kept on going to Belinda. His House the got to her house at about three twenty in the morning Winston side. Belinda lay down on the floor in a living room and bread. said he was gonNA leave because he wanted to find out who had vandalized his house in. Belinda was still drunk but she'd gotten her second win so she called Brett McGrath's house the guy she'd you'd been flirting with to see if he got home okay but he wasn't home so then she called Julie the baby sitter to check on her daughter Briana and a check of maybe Jaden in was with her and not in the hospital after all. So can you explain that to me. No I don't have an explanation. Okay because as if she really believed he was in the hospital why she calling the babysitter and asking her that. I don't know argus. The only thing is she's heavily intoxicated and she's just not thinking clearly. Well Julie answered the phone told Belinda. That Jaden was with Greg so this did set off some alarms and Belinda mind. So Belinda called Greg's house from her house and he did answer any told her he was trying to figure out who had vandalized his house. Belinda asked him to come back to her house not asking about Jaden it all and as she waited for Greg to come back she fell asleep on her floor again. It was an hour and a half later when Greg woke her and he was in an apparent panic they had to go to the police he said because Jaden was missing. Belinda had pretty much passed out from her excessive alcohol consumption and she woke up to greg slapping her face and yelling at her to wake up. He was crying and yelling. I've lied to lied to you. Jane's not in the hospital he's missing. So Belinda was disoriented but she got off the floor and got into Greg's car with him and he drove them to the police station by now. It's close us to five. Am Greg went to the counter and frantically told the constable there that a fourteen month old boy had been abducted and then he told them about the broken windows and and the pig's head. Belinda was still drunk and she was confused. She said that Greg was wrong. That Jaden was actually in the hospital but Greg was crying and he insisted insisted that Jaden had disappeared. Two officers were sent to Greg's house while Greg and Belinda were separated for interviews and in her interview. Hey Belinda was very confused. The detective told her that her boyfriend had killed her son and she wasn't sure what to believe so she was interviewed all that day and didn't return home until about ten PM. Sunday night naive run and Greg had broken up just a couple of weeks before Jaden disappeared and even though Greg was in a relationship with Belinda. He certainly wasn't over. Yvonne Man's brother Kenny. Absolutely hated Greg and when Greg Greg was continuing to call her. Kenny threatened him. He told Greg Leave Yvonne alone. I'm GONNA beat the shit out of you. So Kenny was brooding over. How Greg was continuing? We know harass his sister. He had talked to another boyfriend. Vons about it named Darren. So Darren heard the Greg was still calling Yvonne he he uncanny were very angry and they started thinking of ways to get back at Greg so this is when they decided to breaking the windows in his house. Leaving a severed pig's head in his yard yard was a great idea. I don't how you get to that point where you think that's a good idea. It seems like a bit of a leap. It's a big leap isn't it. I mean these two guys is sound like the rest of the crew so I would think they'd just go over and beat the crap out of him something like that but no they're much more inventive. Well I guess Greg had kind history where he'd had a pet pig and when the pig had been slaughtered. He kept parts of the pig in his freezer to remember him by or something. So there's a bunch of weirdness here are. Yeah but I guess that they thought throwing a pig's head through Greg's window would be kind of like something you see in the mafia movies. Kenny had two pigs at his home that he had been raising for food and he killed one of them a few days earlier and then on the day before Jaden went missing dissing he decided to kill the other one so after killing the pig in his yard he actually hung the pigs body in his shower to drain the blood and kept the pig's head so slaughtering animals in their yards was something they did and this is not a farm no so the plan was that Novon would drop off. Kenny and Darren at Greg's house where they would throw the head through a front window after being dropped off. Kenny endearing watched Greg's house for several roll minutes. Greg's car was in his driveway pointed towards the yard with his trunk open. They saw great come out of the House. He walked to a large garbage ben and dropped a white plastic bag inside a few minutes. Later Greg got into his car drove away. So Kenny went through the pig's head at the window. But it just bounced off. It didn't break through the glass so he did it again until it. He thought it went through the window. But it didn't. It was lying on the ground. So I'm going to Take a wild guess and think that these guys were probably a little bit drunk to were probably under the influence of something. Yeah but then. Kenny endearing threw rocks said the house and they did break several windows. They heard dogs barking like crazy but they said they never heard a child Cry Kenney said he hid beneath a window for for several minutes so if there had been a baby inside he would have heard the baby crying Yvonne went back and pick them up a couple of blocks away and then they stopped at at the Mini Mart for cigarettes and soda before they returned to advance house then it was three. Oh nine when great called Evan's house and he didn't mention mentioned Jaden was missing or that child had been in the house like if he thought that they took the child. You think he would have said something right so it so happens. A great had been pulled over that night by the police yet kind of the early morning after most of this shit had happened. He was given a Breathalyzer Sir which was negative now. The policeman was very familiar with Greg. He Knew Greg was a cocky guy who always talked back to the police but that night greg was pretty subdued. The officer looked in the car's back seat but didn't open the trunk significant thing though is Greg didn't mention Jane at all nor did he. He mentioned the pigs header. The broken windows in this was after Greg had taken Belinda to her house when he found his home. Advantage is so you would think this would be something you'd mentioned into the police right. Sheriff Kweisi would now that Sunday homicide detective recalled in for the apparent objection of a child. Although gray claimed Jaden was is missing. Police believes that there is probably a homicide involve. Greg told detectives early that morning that he had left Jane alone at his house when he left to go pickup occur. Belinda the club he had. I mean at this point. Police aren't able to confirm if Jaden was dead or alive he may have been taken by a family member. You know his natural father maybe or a stranger. The pigs had incident could have been completely on related. The police were well aware of of the volatile relationship. Between von and Greg I mean. Let's be honest. The police were familiar with this group of people who spent their whole was getting into trouble of some sort. Yeah so and there have been numerous incidents of breaking restraining orders. And these complaints of vandalism. It's really nothing new to police police except now poor. Jade is involved so when he talked to the police Greg told them he believed Yvonne was responsible for the windows. And for the pig's head but they didn't believe the DEVAN had anything to do with Jaden disappearance and of course jeans. Whereabouts are the priority not the vandalized house and insignificantly Greg's windows only at small holes in them from the rocks that were thrown and no one had knocked out the jagged edges to get access to climb into the house? There was also no dirt or blood inside the house. Also the blinds and the curtains and the furniture were totally undisturbed. So if anyone had entered the house while Greg was away they would have had to have had a key because he swore that he locked the doors and Yvonne is brought into the station and she folded pretty quickly talked about her part in the vandalism. She told she had driven the car. And she identified. Kenyan Darren his being involved and these guys were also interviewed and they all three of them ended up giving the same story but on the other hand. Greg story just wasn't believable. Oh so police thanking the vandalism had been coincidence the actions of Yvonne Darren and Kenny had nothing to do with a child abduction. The investigation was about whether it was greg. Greg and Belinda or an unknown person who is responsible for Jane's disappearance. Yeah now the local hospitals that were open called and there was no record of Jaden being there and Greg admitted he had made the story up completely to blend on the phone but he never gave an explanation of why he did that. He just kind of talked in circles and he wasn't mentally well and he was very manipulative as well. And Belinda was acting both as a grieving mother and as a suspect she had mood swings from being distraught to just wanting to go home and sleep sleep. She said that she wanted to sleep. And wake up and find that the disappearance was just a bad dream so to me that shows that that she kind of wants to do purposeful denial which is kind of what she's been doing all along with Gregg watching Jaden and the things that were happening wing right. It's just easier to choose not to know about things and I believe that's what she was coming from in our Greg wasn't being held by the police place. They had decided to follow him and follow his movements to see if he would return to wear it hidden Jaden spotty if in fact Jaden was dead so elsa made a decision not to impound his car. They wanted to examine it but they wanted more to let Greg Remain Mobile in Casey could lead them to Jaden. They did know the chain was dead would have done immediate forensic testing on his vehicle right but if Jaden was alive and and she was just somewhere may be injured or badly hurt. The only way for the police to have any chance at saving him is to let greg go off and maybe foul L. him somewhere. You know on the very slim chance that they might find the child and he might be okay right so greg left the police station at two. AM on Monday morning morning and he drove straight to Linda's house Linda was home and she noticed for the first time. That Jaden Room was messed up when she got home. Drunk the night before yes. She hadn't bothered to check Jason's room but she remembered she had left the reme- with his bed made and now the bedding was all messed up. The mattress was on the floor and the curtains were knocked falling off of a rod so someone had been in that room so it would seem when Belinda I. I left the police station. She felt sure that Greg had killed her son. The police had convinced her and she told her mother that she wanted to torture Greg to get the truth out of him but then when great showed up at her house. BELINDA seemed to change her mind completely. He apologized and she believed he was innocent at at least for a while. But you know Belinda was clearly feeling some guilt and I'd have to say rightly so she'd give her son to a man who had abused him before and she knew it then she continued partying after she was told that Jaden had been injured. I mean no decent mother would do that so maybe it was just easier for her hard to believe Greg than to accept that she had turned her son over to his killer so she could go out drinking. So that's maybe why. She wanted to accept his apology. The only way I can put it together. Yeah I think so. POLENTA did become griggs. Biggest defender Brig was upset and he cried cried. More than Belinda did. Linda didn't believe that Jaden was dead. She continued to be hopeful. That ivine was hiding. Jaden all part of some elaborate Britt crank between bouts of crying. Greg Make Jokes Act as if nothing had happened. The search for Jaden Leschi involved involved over thirty police officers in twenty volunteers. Forensics processed Greg's house in the garbage bin outside. They found a plastic bag that had five thirty tissues inside of it. Some of the tissues were twisted up. Like you would if you were putting them up a nose to stop a bloody but he knows or maybe even a bleeding ear. They also found six hundred dollars in cash under Greg's mattress and the cash was wet. The bills were laid out flat as if to dry them and the wet money really provided a connection with griggs wallet which police had found soaking wet in his car. Dr It really didn't look like it had been dropped into a puddle or splash. It appeared that it had been immersed in water. Also police had found. Greg's jacket was wet in lying in the back seat of his car. There had been some rain on Saturday but not enough to soak the jacker wall at like they were. Linda told investigator she was too distraught to speak to the media even though the police had called her and they wanted her to make a plea for Jane's return which she said. No No. I'm onto upset. I can't okay but then they found out that Belinda had given an interview to a TV show called today tonight and she had been paid for this interview so that just makes her look horrible. Belinda was talked to by homicide detectives then and when she finally agreed to speak to the media and ask for Jaden to be returned unharmed but judgment of Belinda by the public became very harsh me. She looked sympathetic. Authentic but the facts of the case really looked bad once you learned anything about it. Yeah officials and volunteers were searching lake. Nero can and when Dara Damn that Tuesday the lake was about eight kilometers from Greg's house and the dam was Twenty some kilometers from town. Great Lesku is out of ten working but he returned after being notified of his son's disappearance took him some time to get the money to fly home. The local business owners donated money to help them yet. But then Greg Belinda left town on Wednesday June eighteenth now of course they were under under constant surveillance but it was just a stupid thing to do. And why would you leave town if your child's missing public sympathy for Belinda. Was Fading Away Way because she was spending a lot of time. With Jaden suspected killer. The couple returned to the police station and they did give blood samples but then they were both eager to leave. Leave the area to escape the media chaos and the public judgment but finally friends convinced them that if they kept leaving they were just GonNa look more guilty. They needed to stay. I put no once he was back in town. Brett Leschi was interviewed by the police Once he knew the details he just got more and more angry and he. He ended up speaking to anyone who asked him for an interview. He wanted a son back and he just couldn't believe how anyone would have left one year. Old Child home alone. Yes Greg finally gave a video recorded interview with the police on Thursday June nineteenth. He explained that he had met Brett in school. And they had worked together on cars and then he had met Belinda through Brett and he had been regularly babysitting Jaden for months when asked about his time with Jaden. On the previous Saturday Briggs said they had spent the day working on a car laying with the dogs and playing Nintendo. These are three things that a one year old doesn't do worth it could be tough. Claimed Nintendo Pendo as a one-year-old. Maybe the dogs. Yeah but this wasn't safe and this was all stuff he wanted to do. It wasn't anything for Jaden Sake and a really weird thing is. He said. They didn't need all day. Greg hadn't eaten breakfast and he wasn't hungry for lunch either and he said that Jaden wasn't hungry either. He said he assumed that Belinda had fed Jaden before he picked him up and he explained that he had once tried to feed Jaden cereal but Jaden had refused to eat it so this time he just didn't in bother. Yeah you know this is a guy of force fed. The kid peanut butter sandwiches till he vomited. So maybe Jaden just said. I'm not gonNA eat anything at this guys. Giving given me. He might think that we share so after he worked on his card. Greg City took Jaden inside the House and put them in front of the heater to warm up the great the scape was on TV. and Greg watched it with shade and because he wanted Jaden to learn man things he agreed. Said Jaden had stood in front of the heater for too long and had burnt his bottom. He said he seemed okay though and he wasn't crying so greg said he normally would not have left Jaden alone but it was different on Saturday night because Jaden was sound asleep. He said he left the house locked. Picked up Belinda and drove her home. But Great. Couldn't explain why you didn't tell Belinda. The jaden was the house then but told her that he was in the hospital. You're an important detail. Yeah I mean it doesn't make sense. He he said he got to his house and saw that it had been vandalized. The door was still locked. He said but when he went inside Jaden was missing. He said he searched the cupboards thinking. That maybe Jaden had woken up and he was afraid and he crawled into a cabinet to hide going over griggs movements that night. There is some sometime that was unaccounted for. Remember Belinda called him about twenty times between four forty five and thirty in the morning but he didn't answer the phone. Greg insisted he had not left the house at all except to pick up Belinda. He said his neighbor and Melinda's neighbor must've been confused mistaken but he had no answer about. Why hit not mentioned? That Jaden was missing when police pulled him over. Let's huge holiness story. Well there are a lot of holes great. Well that's a pretty big one but that's a big one. Ninety explained the bloody tissues in the garbage bin by saying it Jaden had fallen over and hurt his nose or lip. He couldn't even remember which then he said. Jaden had a scab on his nose which one of the Doug had licked off causing him to bleed so this is just going on in circles. The remembered cutting himself on Saturday and said some of the blood and the tissues may have been his. Yes so after Greg left that night. Detectives brought Belinda back in for another interview at this point. Belinda was completely on Greg side. She had spent the night with him and she was defending him. She was told if she insisted on collaborating with the prime suspect then she was going to be treated like a suspect as well. So Belinda really couldn't have looked much worse this to the public at this point and the police told her you know lady you've forsaken your son and you're on the side of the suspected killer that it does not look good so you're a suspect to but surprisingly greg head quite a few supporters. But they didn't know how inconsistent his story ory was because he's telling different people different things. He told one person that his wallet got wet from falling into a puddle and he told another person it got wet when he left it in the trunk of his car. And I guess Belinda was just continuing to be confused when the police told her Jaden had probably been killed by Greg then she started believing them again but then she went and spent more time with Greg and she was again convinced of his innocence. So she's it's just really. I hate to say stupid. But what's wrong with her stupidity. Okay is that your medical diagnosis snuff so on Monday. June twenty Third Lake Narcan was drained as well as nearby swamps and marshes. Great told his friends Francis they wouldn't find anything there he said. The police were just wasting their time. Since much of the evidence pointed to water the police believed that Jaden had been hidden in or near the water so as the search on the Linda lost custody of her daughter Brianna to Brett Leschi then on July first homicide unit announced onset. The investigation was now a murder investigation. They didn't believe there's any chance that Jaden was still alive. There is a mind shift that became the target of the search. Greg fished in the area and he knew the dam nearby very well all the searches were dead ends. So a decision was made to charge Greg with murder without a body yes greg was arrested and he was held in jail pending his trial once he was locked up. Belinda became convinced of his guilt again. She started to think more about Greg's behavior with Jaden and she wrote an accusing letter to Greg in in the letter. She said that she knew he was guilty. She wanted to visit him in jail and kill him but then in early August Belinda changed her mind again and said she believed Greg was innocent. She had gone to visit him in jail. And now she was blaming the police for framing Greg but she would change your mind again by October blaming Greg again. There were reports that autumn. That Ba Linden Greg were engaged now. BELINDA would deny this. The story was that she had visited him in jail and he had given her a ring that his mother had smuggled into the jail and proposed to her in a lot of people. Think that really did happen. It wouldn't be a surprise now. Really not much would surprise me about this New Year's Day nineteen ninety eight. There is a family picnicking at Blue Rock Dam. When the son of the family found Jaden 's body floating body was decomposed but had been preserved enough by the cold water that he could be recognized? Kidneys when Belinda heard that the body of a child had been found. She went out to the damn she cried. Wanted to give her son a final hug. But she's who's kept away so other things were found with Jaden. There was a plastic bag with a baby bottle in it there was also some blue rope. There was something the thing that looked like an industrial bag to that was weighed down with some kind of a steel bar and the industrial bag turned out to be asleep bag tied to a crowbar. You're the sleeping bag had burst open so that the Zipper was closed but the stitching was torn. The plastic bag had been stuffed into the sleeping bag and the sleeping bag had been tied to the Crowbar and dropped into the water. Some items taken out of the sleeping bag in the water were laid out on a white piece of canvas and there were items found that Belinda had packed for Jaden that Saturday when he was with Greg so these items included the baby bottle an apple a bib and his clothing in prison. Greg collapsed when he heard that Jane's body had been found in the newspaper for a friend of Greg's recognize the Crowbar. He had loaned to Greg. He said that he had asked Greg about getting some tools back from him prior to his arrest. But Greg Reagan said. He didn't know where the Crowbar was. Now I'll crowbars pretty much look alike but it is kind of a coincidence that the crowbar was missing tool and Jaden was found tied to a crowbar in did. We're GONNA talk a little bit about his injuries. So Jaden had a fractured skull. He also had two fractures of his arm which had been bandaged. Jaden was found in some of the clothing. His Mom Belinda had sent with him when he was with with Gregg and his body had been weighed down in the water with the Crowbar. The bandage was an elastic type of bandage on his left arm and it covered his skin from elbow to wrist. The autopsy would show that his arm had been broken no more than two days before the death due to there being no signs of healing but this fracture would have caused so much pain. That probably is arm had been broken near the time of his death. It's not like he would go around for days with this break and be okay so this broken arm brought up many questions in the trial. An orthopedic Surgeon testified the type of fracture Jaden had wasn't consistent with a fall or a blow. Oh such as would have happened. If the car had fallen on his arm it looked like someone had grabbed Jaden and snapped his arm between his two hands. So the cause of Jane's death was determined to have come from a skull fracture. But I'm GonNa have you tell us just a little bit about broken broken arms and child abuse are broken bones and child abuse skin bones. But I think the biggest thing we're taught is that if there's unexplained breaking of bones or bones it normally wouldn't be broken. You should suspect abuse so in kids fractured ribs or a huge indicator of abuse. Little Kids and the type of fracture I mean kids bones are soft. I guess you could put it. And when they break they tend to crack. It's called green stick fractures so say someone had put some twisting force on an arm or leg. You get a fracture. That's not the typical through through fracture or in this case where they suspect that somebody had grabbed Liam and snapped his arm between two hands. Yet could look a different way from if heavyweight had fallen on it so I'd be suspicious with the type of fracture that it was inflicted and not not accidental. So if you have a green stick fracture of the to who lower arm bones and appearance show up at the Er with a one year old. What happens child? Protective services gets called among other things. I mean the first thing if I'm looking at a kid. That has an unexplained fracture on the net pen scan his whole body and see his older fractures sewer older healing fractures crew. Very often there are right okay. There was also a drug prince exile. Yeah Ben Heck. Seoul was found in Jaden blood so this is a medication that used to be prescribed to treat Parkinson's disease but Jaden had been drugged with this within hours of his death. So I looked it up. Some of the side effects include dizziness sedation and even hallucinations. It's been used as a recreational national drug as well which might explain why it would be in Greg's house so it's likely that this medication would have been given to Jaden to to put him to sleep. The prosecution believed that Greg had abused Jaden and broken his arm. Then Greg didn't take Jane to the hospital because he didn't want to get into trouble able so instead he gave him this drug to stop him from screaming and crying and the onset of action of the drug is usually one to two hours when taken orally. Now I would imagine that's with adults and things are different with children. William I suppose you could think that the bins heck saw would be some kind China pain reliever but it really doesn't offer pain relief. It just kind of sedates if he does that and you can see the two to scenario though if he broke the little kids arm in whatever fit of rage and the kid wouldn't stop crying gives them the drug. He still won't start crying because it hurts like hell mashes him in the head right. Well that's why I wonder about the room. I'm being messed up. If maybe he tried to put jade in his bed there to try and cover the whole thing up but that didn't work out no in remember. The the Linda's neighbor was pretty sure she had seen his car. Yes Yup even though he says now wasn't me well Linden Katie. After looking at photos of live jade's body Bolt said that his hair looked longer than it had been when they last saw him so they suggested that maybe someone had abducted Jaden and kept him alive for some sometime but the skin around here and fingernails actually receives after death so this wasn't considered to be a significant thing. Now Greg had been in jail for fourteen months before his trial began. That's how old Jaden was when month for each month of life. The trial began in October of nineteen. Ninety eight in the trial was revealed some blood fan and Jaden BIB and pants matched that of an unknown woman. This did not match any of the women involved in the case or in Jaden life in any way but a coroner's inquest would eventually discovered that the Split Evans have been contaminated by evidence from an unrelated rape case that was handled by the same lab. So that hurts. It's the case of course. The prosecution focused Greg's history of abusive behavior. Also has conflicting stories about what happened happened on the night that Jaden disappeared they brought up. How on several occasions Greg was seen by friends locking Jaden outside with the dogs and ignoring during him when he cried? Also Jaden had been returned from Greg's house with Abrasions and bruises. Belinda had overlooked these incidents at the time but but there was also some indication that Belinda herself had abused Jaden an examination of x rays taken of Jane showed a possible rib fracture that had significantly differently healed meaning. It was probably occurred what months before he died. At least week's yeah. Yeah and that's one of the ones you mentioned. That's a strange injury injury for a child. That age would be suspicious again. You very often gonNA find refresher on kids infants. That are abused right because usually by the time they get any help. They've been abused for awhile. Yes yeah unfortunately. But a Belinda had admitted admitted to kicking Jaden to several people so people were aware of that but of course no one had done anything then either to protect Jaden. So despite circumstantial evidence that gray had killed Jaden along with the fact that Jaden was in his care and Greg was the last person to be with Jaden. Greg was acquitted. He wasn't even convicted of child abuse. Neglect and Belinda wasn't charged at all. So the the entire story is one of a failure to protect or get justice for Jaden. This one year old baby who was completely dependent on the adults in his life who didn't didn't take care of him and didn't keep them safe in due to double jeopardy laws Greg's not going to be retried for the same crime. Despite bite the evidence pointing towards him having played a part in Jaden disappearance and or death he was found to be not guilty was later determined. The gray hit allegedly confess to a fellow inmate while he was in custody and in this confession Greg allegedly told the mate that Jaden staff had been an accident. Gregory said that while he is out working in his car something had happened. The Class Jack Vehicle to fall on Jaden this would have explained. Aden's broken arm As well as the painkillers it later found in his blood. Well no it doesn't because the fracture of his arm wasn't consistent with a heavy object falling on it right but greg's mind it was an explanation right of why his arm was broken and why he had given him the drugs but yet it's not a valid explanation. No however the testimony the inmate was found to be inadmissible and it wasn't allowed in the trial. Well well yeah because the inmate was known as a liar so he wasn't going to be credible so there were new inquests in two thousand four and two thousand six very critical of both Greg and the Victorian polices forensic science unit. Whose mishandling of evidence made it really difficult to reexamine or use this years later? No one other than Greg has been charged with or suspected in Jade's murder there does remain a small possibility that great. It could be retried because Australia has made some exceptions to their double jeopardy laws. In some rare cases where suspects have been acquitted. They have been retried years later. If new evidence is found her those key thing right new evidence and it has to be significant. So we'll talk about that a little bit uh gray so according to a two thousand eighteen article in the Sydney Morning Herald most states and territories in Australia have have had changes in the laws to allow someone to be tried twice for an offense but only in exceptional circumstances. Most states require that for someone to be charged charged again for an offense that they have previously been acquitted of there must be new slash. Fresh evidence compelling evidence and it must be a serious offence such as murderer rape also. In all the circumstances. It's in the interests of justice for the order to be made so it has to be. You know we're going to get justice for this. If we are able to do this which I would think would be in most cases right run in New South Wales else. The offense must be a life sentence offence to be tried again meeting. The maximum term of imprisonment must be life before a person can be charged a second time time in Queensland the serious offence must be either murder or have a possible imprisonment of twenty five years or longer and in South Australia. Talia it must be a category a offense so in order for the evidence to be fresh and compelling it must not have been presented in the previous the preceding and not been available than either it also must be very reliable and it must be substantial. Of course the exception can't be used just where a person was acquitted of a more serious offense but convicted of a lesser offense so if someone is convicted of manslaughter but not of murder you can't take them back and recharge charged them with murder back in two thousand. Belinda became pregnant with another child and she gave birth to a son who she named Caleb Caleb Aidan Williams. She married the father of this baby Jeremy Williams in late two thousand one and they wanted to honor Jaden by putting part heart of his name in their new son's name so as middle name is aiden Jaden without the J.. Pretty certain that Belinda did not kill Jaden but you know she left him with a known abuser and went out to drink and party then even after hearing stories of her son being injured and taken to the hospital she continued to party so her behavior is not murder but she definitely showed poor judgment and she definitely neglected her son but over the years. Belinda has shown regret for her mistakes as a mother and she and Jeremy had a second son to who they named Coren. So I really don't know how to feel about that because I really don't think that she should have children. But then on the other hand should we be able to forgive her. You didn't read her letter that she sent to. Greg Greg I did read it yes I just didn't I decided not to include it because it was lengthy. Well if you read that that letter all you can think of these. All I could think of was this piece of Shit. Thinks that she can apologize for how she treated her son. And everything's do things okay. Yeah no no she should have been punished. I mean really. She should have been tried for what for abuse and Neglect Act. I mean that's your baby. You're responsible to take care of that. Baby they took her daughter out of her home. Yeah right so how was she able all to remarry and have two kids. I mean it reminds me of that sugar babe lady who had a whole bunch of kids taken away and then went and had another bunch of kits. It's I think once a kid is taken away. That's it you don't get another chance. You lose your permit for parent. Yeah being a parent is not a right. I mean it's a privilege so you shouldn't just be allowed to do that now. I really think from the letter. She did sound like she felt guilty and like she had probably grown some mm-hmm and she was probably a more responsible mother with these other children but at the same time does that really matter doesn't make it right where you could also read that letter litter as a self serving meaningless letter. It is a bit self serving Allegri. I mean she has a lot of guilt and she's trying to make herself feel better. Okay so the resources for this episode were a book called the Jaden Leschi murder by Michael Gleeson and some articles from the Sydney Morning Herald one about contamination in the Leschi case and one about explaining double jeopardy in Australia. Also some articles from the Herald Sun and one of them about the Jaden whiskey murder trial and another about how his death will haunt. Everyone until the killer is convicted. Now I don't see that a killer will ever be convicted and they'll never be justice for this child where they're not going to retry. Greg are they. I don't think so I I mean unless something really significant was to come about but now we're talking like twenty years. It's been here so it's just a totally sad case. What can we take away from this? That would be positive. Herm Franken okay. I don't have any positives. Well maybe we can learn a little bit from it sure so thank you to Tristen for theme music and a bit of housekeeping. We're going to be taking a week off again January seventh but other than that. We're going to have a new episode so every Tuesday morning plus we'll have our members only episodes. If you haven't joined team Tiger ever why the hell not you know it's fun. It's cheap and all all the kids are doing it. Don't you WANNA be one of the cool kids but seriously were really working. Hard on commercial free members only episodes which we put out at least once a month and recent episodes include the murder of Adrian Reynolds Schon lists family murders. ABC Shurmur the wife killing preacher. Christopher Porco who axed his parents for their life insurance money the list goes on and on of horrible people coming up. We're working handsome. Research on amber hilling who allegedly pushed her husband from a window in their high rise apartment. Also we're looking at the murder of San Antonio. Oh mother of three Susan McFarland. You can be a tiger member for as little as four dollars a month and wink you join. You have your choice of a welcome to the brewery gift which will send to you with a Nice handwritten. Thank you know. Just go to Tigra DOT COM. Click UNSUBSCRIBE and you'll learn more. Okay K Dick has some good feedback. Today he's very excited about sharing. What have you got dick? I've got a voicemail and some emails. How about that sounds good so so the voice mail is from Orissa and she has some beer recommendations for us so I I knew you always wanted to have new recommendations? I usually for cases but for beer. Okay a Dickin- Gel this is Marissa from Illinois. I just wanted to call and say thank you for the great podcasts. I'm new to the PODCAST game. I recently started home brewing and I was trying to find a good podcast about beer and some build upon yours And I love listening. Thank you guys so thank you so much for the great content. I do have some Beer recommendations for deck if you guys ever have a case either Illinois or Wisconsin I have two boys for you. The first one is a Wisconsin. Brewery is called glamorous. And you can't really go wrong at all. I'm with any of their beer. There's really good. I live pretty close to the border and See and I've taken a few trips. Destroy go get some of their beer. The other one is in Illinois Company is called revolution an awesome My boyfriend really likes anti hero. Which is an EPA and a really big fan of their holiday ale called fitness F.? I. S. T. M. A.. Asked ask both are really really good delicious beers. So if you ever have a case Out here I hope you will consider trying them but thank you so much for an awesome. podcast it's great listening. Thank you Marisa. Those are two good brewery soon. I was checking. I didn't think it had any beers from either one and I haven't US Oh definitely next. Illinois case or Wisconsin case will hook up with those breweries. One of the brewers and drink a good beer from all right sounds good okay now. We got some emails. This is for you Joe. This is from a lady in Benita which you might recognize right so this was an email we got from Benita Alexander in. She was the fiance of the doctor. Who made the faulty not tricks that were killing people and also had a whole other family while he was engaged to her Palo Makia Riney? So Benita wrote I stumbled across just your podcast about the downfall of Palo tonight as I was searching for something else generally. I don't torture myself by listening to people who offer their armchair analysis of my story and Palo's outrageous lies but I have to say you too impressed me. You not only done your homework thoroughly. You raise all the questions that need to be asked. You also amused me. Gills Blunt hilarious comments such as uncommon. Fucker had me chuckling out loud I appreciate Gills Gentle Defensive Mea moments when Dick was skeptically questioning. Why in the hell? I didn't hear alarm bell screaming much sooner than I did. Love unfortunately can indeed make us very blind anyway. I thought you might find this article interesting if you haven't seen it already. And she sent us a link to an article she wrote. It isn't really as dramatic because it sounds as he won't actually have to serve any time behind bars. This is Italy after all where he is deeply connected so it amounts to more of a stern warning or are a probation however you want to characterize it it's another blemish on his once seemingly impeccable resume but it still doesn't amount to much of a punishment punishment for his medical and scientific crimes. I'll be tuning in again. Great Show so thank you Benita. Thank you very much now. I know you clicked on the Lincoln. Read the the articles. So what can you tell us about it. Well as she said it sounds worse than it actually was. The article is from MED. Scape which is just a Doctor type of thing or they published different articles and has talked about him being sentenced to sixteen months in prison for illegally. Perform a procedure seizure. Not not his Faulty Trachea but he did a procedure and then he falsified the records or disposed to the records or something to escape Detection so it sounds like he's gone in prison for sixteen months but as Miss Alexander stated he didn't have to Surrey won't actually have to serve any jail realtime right that's just one more black mark against oc democracy me. Well you know. In my opinion once doctor does something shady shady like that that puts a person's life endanger even. Kill someone. They should be a doctor anymore. I mean fewer. US doctor he would have his license stripped ripped so the laws in Italy different. That's what it is his connected as she said Yeah. I just don't think that anyone should be able to operate on a person if they're not one hundred percent trustworthy. We're talking about people's lives here. We are the other interesting thing Ari talked about. How the Karolinska Orlinsky institute kind conveniently ignored the sirens? That regarding off about Dr Macarena. Because they wanted the prestige associated did with him. It was a fascinating story. Really just a Spinney to said love is blind. I guess love in the case of the Carolin institute was equally blind and yeah because didn't she speak to some doctors who said that he was basically murdering people were absolutely horrific. Okay so next. We have the question about a case from Allison Allison says I'm a relatively new listener. But it only took me a couple of episodes to decide to join team tigr ever. I've been listening being in the car while doing housework. And when I get into bed at night. Despite the sometimes grisly subject matter I find your voices extremely relaxing. I came across awesome perplexing case with a bizarre medical twists that I thought would be interesting to dissect pun intended probably in Philadelphia. Nineteen Sixty Four thirty-three-year-old three-year-old Kelvin. Jones was driving around with his girlfriend. twenty-three-year-old Sarah Tober when the two got into an argument and he proceeded to beat her with a rubber for host. He drove around for hours with her unconscious body until he realized that she had died and then he went to a police station to turn himself self in for murder. However when the medical examiner performed the autopsy he concluded that she would have died of a rare blood disease by the morning regardless of the beating she had sickle cell? Anemia and the autopsy report attributed her death to natural causes. Ultimately Jones was only charged with assault and battery and did plead guilty to those charges. I would love to hear Dixie medical opinion on this case. Is it possible for the Ma to know for sure that Saratoga would have died in near hours. Anyway are there medical advancements that would more accurately determine that today over or fifty years later. I love your podcast and I'll definitely keep sending my money each month for the disturbing material the clever married Banter and Dick's peer reviews news. made the poor's with you all right. Thanks Allyson groner house and I like that one. Yeah so that is fascinating though. What do you think well? You can't make that statement. I wouldn't think so either. That's what I thought. So that's the short answer sickle cell. Anemia is Disorder where a single amino acid is switched in the chain for hemoglobin producing sickle cell disease. Or if is only one of them sickle cell trait and what that means is it. Under certain conditions you can have a episodes of thrombosis or cladding in the blood vessel. So you can have these sickle cell crises that can lead to death not in that time period. Will you can be hospitalized in. There are some things they can can dude at least temporarily save you right. Oh sure yeah so. I don't see how he could say that. So yes you can find out or determine that she did. It has sickle cell anemia. But there's absolutely no way for him to say with any degree of certainty that she would have died within a short time from natural causes. Well this might be a stupid question. But I'm going to ask it anyway. If the beating was making her have internal bleeding could that put her into a sickle cell crisis. Well well there's lots of things because crisis infection stress and so on so sure may be the the trauma from the beating provoked the sickle cell crisis. That's what I'm thinking but even then I mean that's kind of posing affect well exactly I mean just because I don't know I'm trying to think of another example of such a thing where someone would be murdered. And maybe they wouldn't have died if they didn't have a certain condition. It doesn't mean it's not murder you're right makes sense. Yeah Yeah but I guess the answer Allison Question of no. There wasn't any way that he could give this diagnosis pseudo. She would have been dead very quickly. So let's research that then and see how he got away with that 'cause that's fascinating to me. We're got away with it because the EMI said we'll how the emmy got away with it I mean why would an emmy say that and who would say okay and agree with that real. Heard suppose it was because maybe Sixty years ago or whatever fifty. Some years ago there wasn't as much known about sickle cell disease. That's something else in herself. Did bring up and you get an thirty like this medical examiner says. Oh yeah she. She did have these injuries but she would have died anyway with her because of her sickle cell disease. He's right earn. People will sign off on it when I guess part of that to me would also be the extent of the beating. Was it a beating. That could have been deadly so so there's a lot I'd like to look in to with that one year. That's a great one. Thanks Alison interesting case. Hey we have one more youtube comment that you can read. This is from Ma'am to nine and the youtube comment from the episode called four little witnesses which involve the murder of Sheila relish. Yes Sheila was a mother of was quadruplets or grouplets. Okay we'll four yet quadruplets right and the little babies were with her when she was murdered right and it was a murder carried out by someone her ex husband had hired right all right. So ma'am twenty nine row. So she he says I humbly disagree in this case using a belt is not abuse. The busybody neighbor did not do the right thing. The daughter was a spoiled Brat. Who didn't like being told old? No okay so if I remember correctly this was a young teen or tween daughter who was acting out. Sheila had remarried and she ran to her neighbor because her mom had hit her with a belt to discipline her and the neighbor win ahead and and called the father so the father found out where they lived. The EX husband the murderer. She's the one that got them found out where they were. The neighbor neighbor did so. I don't think the neighbor should have done that so I do think using about his abuse and I do agree though that the neighbor did the wrong thing hanging telling the ex husband Alan blackthorn a true psychotic where the family was living. I mean she didn't know the situation she didn't know who this guy was but that she did know that they were living in hiding away from him and it was none of her business. So from what I remember of the case Alan Blackthorn. The EX husband spoke to this neighbor burn kind of charmed her and she gave him information he shouldn't have had and then Sheila ended up getting murdered. Not that long after route so oh I think if the neighbor was really concerned about abuse she should have simply called the police spoken to the mother. But you don't just tell some man on the phone that you don't I don't know anything about what's going on and where he can come get his daughter that he doesn't have custody of. That's my opinion. Yes and I'll just go back to the sense in this case using a belt is not abuse it most certainly is abuse it s and and if you come into my office and tell me that you had to punish your daughter by whipping her with a belt. I'm calling child protective services. So there's no place for corporal punishment of children even if they're Bradey twelve year olds or whatever they know. I mean I almost sympathized with Sheila in this case at least the way that the story was written out to me is that the daughter was a hell Ian. But you're right. It doesn't isn't justify using a belt nowhere justifies it. Now you're right so we'll leave it at that so we disagree about that. But thank you very much for your comment. So that's sit for feedback now. If you have comments suggestions or questions you can send us an email to true crime brewery at Tigr Dot Com Bourbon. Better leave us a voicemail on our website TIGRA DOT COM by clicking on the sidebar where it says send voicemail you click on that and then there's a little microphone Gra phone. You can just talk to your computer your phone and leave us a little voice mail about a case you'd like us to look at a comment one of the cases we've covered a question. A beer suggestion a beer suggestion. Anything like that. We love voicemails leave kind of slacked off lately. So let's pick it up. Tim Okay Okay. Well thanks to everyone for listing. And we'll see you next week at the quiet ad restored at some beer. Lift bye bye. Bye The in a yeah

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