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You're listening to the media podcast network. It is Thursday, April eighteenth two thousand nineteen and this is the may beat welcome everyone. My name is Luke Thomas on the host of this program. I'm from enemy fighting dot com. As well as Sirius XM joined by three reprobates variety of different locations to my left, whereas you from all the way from with galaxy the Galata tower of STAN bowl Turkey. You know him the Turkish sensation himself. Denny's gore up then there's Brian Campbell from CBS sports. Joining us again at the end of the Ice, Man. The man the hat Chuck minute all from the rigor as well as fighting dot com. Boy is so we doing so you've hired up fired up pumped up for the big boxing event this weekend. Brian not that Crawford. Con MSG the mecca very quickly. How many of us is going to sell not that ESPN would tell you. But I would say probably it's all it is favorite view. It's the first top rank on ESPN, pay per view, three hundred fifty would be nice for them. But that's that's. That's a little ambitious ought to be honest with you. All right. We'll see how good it's at MSG at Emma's juice. We've got other things to talk about beyond just nubs boxing. We've actually got good ever made it talk about and bad inmates. Let's get to it. You'll see thirty six in the books. You went on my God. I'm still go. Yeah. I did not give you were their case. I know we've talked a lot here. It is it's Thursday. So what I don't want to do is. I don't want to go over the same things that every show is kind of talked about this point. And they've kind talked about some of these needs to, but we're going to look ahead. But before we look ahead right away. Let me skip the Brian just because he was there if I made any I I have noticed in the aftermath of UFC two thirty six I've seen a lot of talk about Israel seen a lot of talk about max Kelvin a little bit dust one. And I'm not seeing as much for him. Why am I not seeing very much talk about Dustin party because that's really the crowning achievement of his career that is a remarkable feat. He pulled off generally, I am not seeing nearly enough accolades for him. Why I think for a marketing standpoint, if we're honest he wasn't supposed to win. I think if you're looking at what you're mapping out the territory, they may be expected in hope max to win even though it was more of a fifty fifty five on paper. But ultimately, I think Dan's your question the reason is because that's dustings rise. It's been all about putting his head down. Workmanlike one step at a time. There was never a point in the past year to have why would have said eight would be sick could be. Yes. But would be the last man standing potentially one step away from the top of the mountain against some be when they make that fight in this deep celebrity dangerous, violent division. So it's sort of in concert with. That not a big marketing brand dust Emporia, but a very solid fighter who just has matured step by step, and he falls around the way. And it hasn't been an easy ride. It hasn't really been under the radar right either. It's been one violent knockout win it after another in a row and he won that weekend. Well, you can call me the vet one that we, you know, one that we can whatever they injected in my veins standing cage side because you don't want to go back and rehash everything I want to rehash won a damn feeling. I went up dancing on the ceiling. I'm there's times, you know, in this business where hashtag blessed, and I'm not talking about Holloway to be that close to sit in the front row that night in Atlanta, those last two fights it was very similar that feeling at the garden for seventeen with those three title fights in a row. I just stood up just dripping sweat dripping just dripping, and that's great. That's I mean, can we bottle that Danny? We still runs on weirdness. Is there any other reason why does support is not maybe getting as much as you deserve? I think so for one is soon as Israel. One. He got right on on the meeting. He was in every show just talking about everything I believe in the only interview. And like the first interview that he did it was with you throws that yesterday on Tuesdays Tuesday. I was in Tuesday while Israel sign on Monday. He was already on all the shows doing all the interviews on top of that. When you got somebody named John Jones talking about you that does stir up your name a little bit more. So you know, he's got that on his tweet about the fight though. Right. But it was it was like it was very friendly. And we know that in today's age doesn't really sauce much. I mean, he gave his his thoughts on the fight. He's like I thought it was a dry, and I look forward to seeing you in September that whereas John Jones had a different standpoint. Right. And that definitely stirs something up, and then at assign you also had time to respond as well. So that obviously was in the headlines. And also, you know, I think the fact that dust importers been around for so long. He's already in a stablishment aim whereas wrote a sign ya. He's just coming into his right? We talk about his fourteen month, you know, trajectory leading up to this moment. Like, he's somebody that we didn't know. All that will in the last year and all of a sudden, he's a huge face. So people want to know about them, whereas dust employer. We know story, you know, historian has already been told, but nonetheless, it's still a pretty significant achievement. So I think all those things contribute to. I mean, just to be perfectly candid my inventing. This. We've seen this type of thing before guy comes off of another really big performance for whatever re and especially in a situation like this. You win the symbolic belt that he knows placeholder belt to go fight. The main guy we see those events in the history of the moment. I think they seem really big. But sometimes the die down period, and how fast that happens is why it becomes very strange. That's why we talk about it. And I'm not sure with poor ya. It's all there was a max max Holloway for a long time was just kind of a guy that was around who's a tough guy. We didn't really pay attention those fights. There was some point when we understood his personality, then it became sort of a cult figure in our sport. And once that happened. I felt like then there was a rooting interest attached to him then it mattered to people to see how he performed Mussa. So when he beats a guys like, we're taking it became a big a bigger deal. I'm not sure we've ever gotten to that point like a transcendent point with his personnel answers of dust Emporia where there's a rooting interest behind him. In fact, I felt like in the after in the history of the moment, it's a bit in the aftermath. There's probably a little bit of a sag. Disappointment. Like, oh, man. But max could've you could have been max verses? And I think that because we were contemplated that fight before with no Mogomedov, maybe something like that. But he just hasn't. He hasn't reached that. I don't know if it's like, a charisma thing. I don't know what it is. But like he just hasn't reached that level yet where he compels you beyond the fight itself. I would also like to add that one the poor you hallway fight was fantastic. But the Asana loving gasoline just by the nature of both fights. I mean that was just. Yeah, seen so that itself has people talking and then on top of that like out. I don't know if there's, you know, a little bit of fatigue from the fans, but like we know the end go at one eighty five I mean, the Sonya Whitaker. The title unification about is the only fight to make it that wake last whereas lightweight duty. You don't know there's kind of McGregor. There's Tony Ferguson. So maybe fans don't want to maybe invest as much because they don't know what's going to the danger. I guess a little bit just on the last point. But of having to title-fights like that this is a best case scenario in the sense of like, you get both fights or really epoch. So they're they're great. But one of them will get drowned out nonsense sense. Because imagine if that had just been your main event, I was going to say it's a fight of the year continues. We would. We would be talking about a whole different light. So I it is unfortunate that he just happens to be overshadowed by itself. Above. It's everything we said here that comes together. But it's also you could argue max performance in defeat the heart. He showed his face falling off or fear for that. In some ways. Even overshadowed the performance of interesting. All right. So let's talk about next steps. Let me ask you in this way. Dan away goes out there and says, oh for sure the next fight for support is going to be number. Good made of it. In fact, that builds around. Yeah. Put a ring on his finger as so to speak. But but we all know how this game works now. Again, I think the likelihood of past as prologue is that doesn't going to get let me ask you in this way. Danny what is the likelihood abs- boarding injuries? Let's say injuries not a factor. What is the likelihood that someone's skips? The line ahead. Forty eight next will would it take for that to happen? I mean, I think there's always the possibility there, but as I mentioned in the remote. I mean, if I had to put on I would still say, it's you know, maybe minus. I mean, plus two hundred somebody that knew more that let's not that. I mean, you never know what can happen. I mean, there's also keep in mind with injury. I say without injury. You know, the odds are injury. God knows. Yeah. But man, there's there's Conor McGregor out there. You know, he wants that rematch. We've seen all his tweets the last few weeks. He wants that rematch. And we know that. More often than not he gets what he wants. So Dana are going to be in your hometown of Miami Fort Lauderdale is that what it takes. Maybe maybe we'll see I mean con- McGregor. We know that how convincing he can be. And we know his brand the only thing that kind of puts me a little bit of ease that the US you will do the right thing give dust employer. His title shot. Is that you know, they now have that. Yes. Bien deal. So that incentive of, you know, getting those million pay per view buys. It's not really they're all that much because now they're getting up from payment by. Yes. Bien, which should you know, allow them to play a little bit more on the sporting side of the biggest cynic against you have seen a lot of ways in the decisions they make they can embark an injury or or Dustin completely pricing himself out some kind of stupid demand. If they don't give him the title shot. It's how would you ever even remotely justify that decision when they put out dinner entitled that did not need to be there by any means? And we went up and down the road and argued why it shouldn't be there and Dana argued white should. Well, you put it out there. It did raise the stakes so too small degree Dan wins that argument, even though he's still. On that idea. Yeah. You sold that idea. On your you're selling the last paper, you're selling the idea that this guys get an interim shop, meaning he's going to go against you're basically selling to fights. You know what I mean? Like, you put an interim Buttle valuing the real title. But then. Title. Where are we you can't do that? So what is the likelihood small Bobby one hundred percent? He's thinking one hundred percent. Wow. That is not a claim. I'm comfortable. Percent one it again. It seems unlikely I think we'd all be there. Yeah. What would it take for it to happen? Barring injury. I mean, if it comes down to karma Bergerson. Hey, I want this fight. I really believe that they're going to consider that. That's the bottom line. I I don't want it as a person who watches the fight. I don't see it as a competitive rematch. I don't see any compelling reason for him to get that rematch other than a basically kind of attracting of the wider audience and saying like, hey, they're going to do it. Again. We recognize these names, I don't really understand why they would wider whiter whiter. How could you just check in? All right. Although I suppose, by the way, there's another wrinkle to this. We haven't considered which is Connor could come back and say, well, wait a second. I'd like a rematch against plora true. And so then party was like in a specific where he could defend the belt get a huge paycheck alive altering one. And and then by the way, let's they Connor wins. That I don't know how likely is bliss. You say it is. And now you're back to a different position on the day and age now, it's like you have to get. You have to fight you have to consider all this. But then all these managers are going on really just a gay cheese guys saying like, well, you know, the Trump that together that fight with the Cowboys Sironi is you never know. Really what's going on? You don't know if you'll see is actually trying to put together these fights. Or if it's angling for these fights. It's like the game has changed so much in the last year or so in terms of how people position themselves after a fight takes place. No, so unlikely but link. Yeah hundred percent loses like that that is a perilous on limbs. Are as let's talk about the next. Let's talk about the next step for max people have said we talked about on them on Monday on the hour about whether or not you should go back to one forty five very limited to get your views on this. I don't think any of us think his days at one fifty five or done, but when do they resume Brian instantly Dana after the find the post press conference that you can take that for what it's worth. But it's funny for as much as he was pushing max out the door forty five and fifty five this fight. Now, he was like an I was wrong Max's, much more a featherweight. You saw the difference in punching power, which by the way in round one was a major I opening moment there. He goes back to featherweight. And I think I got down. I think it makes a lot of sense you put them in there against radiator a guy who's been right around getting that. Supposed to happen. He's coming off a win which helps you in the reason why is this. You're not gonna do that. Although trilogy right now, you're not gonna do the Ortega rematch right now, you book on although in Ortega against each other and the winner gets a title shot, and then you book Volkov's IMO Ikano against each other. Thirty-seven against we'll Noski. Yes. I thought that was on the ropes that is it is it is on the ropes, but it hasn't been canceled yet. All right. Well, barring that I think that's the right move. Although wants to fight for a title in his last bow. There's a lot of reason to believe you have see wouldn't give him that. But if he beats Ortega and it's coming off a three fight win streak. I'm not saying I want a trilogy fight with max. But that would make a lot of sense. But to answer your question. Freaky injury next. And it's it's not edgar's thirty seven stay busy get well. But it's as close as it could be style wise, we read like that for maximum. I mean, his thirteen fight winning streak is intact at one forty five. So basically, you if he goes back down there they still have the exact same commodity they had before. But that's where it didn't hurt him to go up and try his hand at one fifty five. So although he took a beat. He did you did. And obviously there was some health concerns about how much of the damage. He's accrued over time over the last year or two so it's not it's not as comfortable, but I think going back to one forty five I think the weight cut is what bothers like your conscious when you think about your like, I don't know if I wanna. See him do that. But he's he's he's never as far as I know. He's never missed weight. Right. Who Holloway Holloway? Yeah. No. I don't think he's ever missed way. So he's he's been very well about the six days to fight. All yes. That's true. He didn't even get to wait. Oval when I he can go back there, and at least in the short term, and they have everything still intact. So it's got to be the natural move enough. Let's transition very quickly to the next step for the co main event one talking about gasoline in a second. But that again that main event I went back and watched it a number of times now for that as a special fight that fifth round gut. Check moment, it really reminded me a bit of the I know they hate each other. But the John Jones Gustafsen one John Jones came out in the fifth round. And let them know what time it was. Wow. Do that's what champions are made of? And he didn't get that title by accident. I think you will get a lot of people. Here's what I kind of wanted to focus on very quickly. If we can this is a fight that is tailor made for the region. And I think there's something special. We need to say about it. You know, for example, I like to cheer for Real Madrid. And logical donor stand. Why the basic idea is that look I had to pick a team in Europe. And I fell in love with the city. And if you fall in love with the city there is of course, the other team, and they're a very good team. But the reality is the kings of that city are the one in all white, and I just kind of like was enamored by it to be quite candid with you. But the reality is it's a Madrid team. It's a Spanish team, but it's a global entity man and everyone gets to enjoy on different levels. What I love about outta Sonya versus Whitaker is. That's an oceanic fight that his Australia versus New Zealand, or however you want to pitch it as their native sons against one another and get it's the world's as well. And there's something kind of interesting about that. We don't get a lot of polish versus polish or French versus French that also dominates our attention. Generally. I don't know exactly what that says about the sport. Chuck. But I think it is. I agree with you one hundred percent. There's very few fights. You can put together of people who are not worth American Brazilian, or you know, like there there's some kind of American in the mix you can insert hemisphere. Exactly. So to had those two guys and for it to mean, every is as vitally what it means to Australia New Zealand to be as vital to us. Here is a big deal. And it's you know, you we've watched Australia kind of struggled to get recognition. Essentially there's been multiple guys who've come and win. And now you've got a couple of guys who are right there. You know who have that kind of transcendent power. And I feel like that's that's cool. I mean, it's been fun to watch them George Stephanopoulos, guys like that they've been they've been hammering away over citizen. I know exactly these guys have been in. There's so many schools and everything it's just it's cool to see. A market that was dedicated to mixed martial arts, actually, succeed run and get to this point insurance a matter. Yes to mature and becomes of this point where we all care about it too. So I agree with you a hundred percent. I hope they do it down there. And what a fight man after watching out of Sonya performance. And I didn't that was the revelation to me was just how dig he's willing. How how big he can deep a deep into himself to come up with that kind of performance after taking the mini as it looks. It is remember the John Jones revelation was we never seen him get hit. Really, right. We didn't know if he could take a point. So the Gus this fight was the revelation in that sense. They his chin was better. And then and then we saw that fifth round. And we thought only there's way more to them than we realize. I felt like that's what happened without a Sonya. And then you put that against Bobby knuckles men in. It's it becomes a whole. That's critical. One of the better fight, you can the entire sport. And you and you follow the good thing internationally oceanic Super Bowl and all that. But let's not forget that. I'm son you're such a unique international star and a potential to be a global sensation. Because he also has the African connection coming from Nigeria. Joining up with Kamara whose mom being the first African champions abusive to set in the aftermath, and they wanted they both want to bring the championships back there and celebrate so you have a guy that market stall different areas. He's reminds fans of sort of John Jones Anderson Silva hybrid mix. He's got the flashy skills that you want. He's got the flashy mouth that you would want and then on top of that he's gone Lord on top of that. And look I love the flashy guy. Like, Luke Rocco on the rise. Look Rocco gets not doubt that Calvin Gaston Saturday night because Gasol and gave world class eight plus plus performance, and I make that comparison because we've seen guys like this before they look great. But this is a heartbreaking sport. It's a brutal sport. And you can look great and go really deep into the deep bend and still get suffocated in the fact that was the last man standing in that fight just like he's everything they need. And that's those. I mean, he's not gonna come out and lose to Robert Whitaker, by the way who spent testing all this. He showed you everything on the web got some lose hell bent on not losing that fight. That was an eye opener. I came out of that five being like, I have misunderstood Kelvin guys. One hundred percent. Yeah. And for oddest on you, actually, withstand it and win, and it was very it communicated itself. Very well. You can see the gas was in that. He was he was going to go on. He was going to go out like that. And you can see that out of you had to actually raise above that in two to beat them. Just crazy. That didn't think that wasn't the top five or six or seven fight of all time. Remember, the fifth round those two submission attempts guest. Miraculously Merced out of those were moments that take a great fight in just elevated to like other. Something that's up being mentioned in of the champion rubber Whitaker has been gut. Check as well. Let's not forget about that. Yo Romero fight fighting. You'll remember. Percents. That fight is not only a great fight on paper, skills wise, but heartwise man, we could be we could see one of the greatest title-fights ever. Because rubber Whitaker is also that guy part of the reason he also embraces the darkness or does the reason why Whitaker's out on the reasons a little bit different now. But there have been moments where he has been to sit out of the sport because the wars with Ramiro were so hard on him. He came out of there so battered that he needed time to to be off. No, it's interesting as Whitaker and honest near not too far apart in age, you're talking about crosses a different sort of geographic boundaries. He crossed his of racial ones as well. But more than that generational ones is up there talking about back Anga, magnum, whatever it is. Bingo. I think I wouldn't say this deja is faced by thanks for door. But the point being the point being is it speaks to a certain generation as well. Now Whitaker is the same age. But I think he guard says personality more Israel and just it's not really a contrast in geography and everybody else. It's a contrast in personality. It's the closed door versus the open door. It's it's a special five-man major excessive Bill. Right now, he is he you know, whoever wants talked to him. He's he's willing to is calm Gregor was very similar back in the early days. Like, it's just seemed like any publicity is good. Boy, he's to talk to whoever is going to you know, if there was a camera on him. He was going to say something, you know, what I mean, he was he was did you hear Dana to the fight thing out of sonya's on McGregor liked Trajan. His throw that around that often for as much as he goes out. Brian are Brian was saying Danny about this part. We'll be heaping all this praise and all these guys, and I can't wait for that fight. Whenever that's going to be what about Kevin gasoline. What does he go from here? I mean, definitely take a break. I mean, those fights hard fights that can take years out of you. Right. Plus two training camps. Right. Like, right. Back to back in in going into it. He he made it clear like, I'm kind of tired. You know, this is this has been a little rough. It's been a rough road. Duffy take some time off. And look, we know the sport changes a lot see how the division looks around November. You know, maybe it's completely different. But I think he's up there in the top five. I mean, you give them a fighter too depending on who he beats in how he looks. He's right back up there and giving the exciting fight that he put on against assign yet Braun excited to see him against me. Shelby right here. Give them Chris wideman the guy he just lost to the only loss during that run sort of an agent name guy, maybe can be coming off the loss. That's that's great match. I think if if the timeline aligns if Jared Cananea gets passed Anderson Silva that could be good fight as well. There's something interesting. One more second than just celebrate. What would have caught assigning can be? I just had her and told you oughta Sonya proved that he's the next big little start. And he's the real he went into the deep end. And he was the guy that came out, and I wouldn't favor them gun to my head against Whitaker. That shows you how great that fight. Yeah. It's even with all whatever's time off to like, so I think the betting odds are out if you've got to sign up for the first time ever is an underdog. Slide slide, but I would say you guys know how much I love on a sign his game. I think it's next level on the other hand. I think it's appropriate that would occur as the is the betting favourite. So really what what a weekend you have see to thirty six other people like just Emporia getting drowned out four Khalil Roundtree. Of his career. 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And we'll even dive into the classical pass to hear how the Jonas brothers MIR Mozart's youthful party days, I'm songwriter. Charlie. Harding, and I'm using colleges. Nate sloan. Join us on a journey through the world popular music by subscribing to switched on. Hop on apple podcasts Spotify or your favorite podcast app to get new episodes every Tuesday. Hey listeners. This is Luke Thomas show hosts that enemy fighting if you like mixed martial arts and combat sports. You should check out our weekly show the MMA our each Monday, we speak with the top athletes of MA from world champions two rising stars. Plus, we answer your questions regarding the latest news headlines of the world of professional finding find us on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Are that takes us to? Oh, wait, one more thing. One more thing before we give up on this the ESPN plus stuff. Okay. How did you? So you were there. So you don't count. How did you watch the my computer? Okay. How does the same thing? Yeah. So I didn't at home. So was my here's how I got. It did the follow the instructions exactly got him a computer on the browser. I ordered it. I had to sign inside out a bunch of times, which was very annoying, nevertheless ESPN once it populated on my screen. It was perfect. Now, we said this before the SPN, plus interface is garbage. I cannot overstate that you pause it. And you wait thirty minutes. It just jumps thirty minutes. It doesn't fill the action at all. You can't review. It. You can't go forward backward. Fifteen seconds. You can't put it like it's one thing to not be as good as like YouTube TV, which is backed by the technology of Google. You're not even as good as fight pass. Like your fire. My bus pretty okay? I'm not saying five. This is bad. I'm saying it's not a huge scale operation relatives. What ESPN has Marie sore standpoint their their interface is so terrible. However, once it populated it was crisp minded in buffer. Do we have any problems along the way? Mine was fine. I had multiple times where it did buffer. All of a sudden something's going on. You're waiting like five seconds, you want WI fi? I was more. It was probably more to do with that. But it is something. Now, you have to consider what did you hear from fans and other observers about their pay per view experience. I think the biggest concern that fans had is that there's a lot of people in in. The midwest are certain rural areas that don't have the greatest internet connection. Now. That's the only way to get you know, right favor. Be it's either. They have to go to a bar or something and not everybody wants to do that. And be up to what to two AM or want their dogs. Oh my gosh. So I mean, that's a tough experience. I mean, we live in you know, I mean, I live in New York City. So it's very easy to get, you know, very good internet. But that's not. That's not the case for everyone. I thought about that. You know, my thought on that is I think ESPN probably decided number one eventually Broadbent will be more accessible and number two. Okay. We can't I don't I don't. I don't want to speak for them. But here's my hunch. My hunch is that they were like all right? We can't certain a certain remote areas. A well. They'll get it when they get it. How much? How much does that really cut into their bottom line is he loves New York City that would be devastating. I if you lost Huntsville, Alabama is going to be cut Phil I was gonna say in the nineties ninety percent of your business. Respects, a Huntsville, Alabama. I don't think it's cutting into your business. Right. I think they're just like. I think were just like, okay. All right, fine. What are the ratings came out for the prelims not money about nine hundred thousand really? Yeah. The previous ones right one point four part of it is I think a lot of people still don't know of Sonya and gas lemon point they know, they know max is, but they didn't know poor areas. Prelims to be honest. There wasn't even read much into that about what it means for pay per view or the UFC generally. I think so because I mean the. The prelims weren't stocked. And if you look at the main card, besides the two main fights, the other fights weren't as big as for example, like, you know, the last paper view, we had Robbie Lawler and Benasque Renaldo non-title just in the main car to children, you know, that's a huge fight. So we don't we won't probably won't know the numbers. Maybe I don't know if they'll come out. But my guess is you know, they probably reflect what the prelims that the breast some degree, Leslie when this we've all seen the Jones not assigned stuff. You talked about it on my show, Monday others as well. Now Anderson Silva has thrown his hat into the mix about this is this just petty rivalry like why is everyone kind of picking out aside? I realized that he was asked by TMZ. And he said, well, it'd be one go hunting another one. Okay. But the strong reaction to it. That's the part. That's like finer say things about each other all the time to focus on that. And then for now gimme crews talking to Anderson Silva or what yesterday. Or as an interesting being like, well, he was disrespectful is that just Silva and John being friends and then getting on the show because I haven't looked TMC enery until yesterday, and I looked at the interview. And and yes, he said like on for known. But the way he said it and the thing he said practice if you look at the you'll still very friendly. The TMZ guy was like, oh, you know, John Jones said, you know, he probably sees a fight with you down the line. And he's like, okay. Great minds, think alike. Yeah. I see that too. You know, he was very complimentary in a way called him a goat. Yeah. I mean, I mean, we also have John Jones who super competitive chocolate del who's not even in his fear. Remember something about him. And he was going. I'm not I'm not trying to call Jones's heart. But I'm offering this as a possibility Jones tug contrasts with Ladele is forty something years old. It's a winnable fight Jones. Talking trash with the smaller mentally out of signing. Winnable bullfight, I want John Jones Guna heavyweight more than anything for business and challenged legacy purposes. Does John Jones potentially not want to go to heavy weight right now? So this is. Oh. Read on this. His another reason occur to me. I will say that did not occur to build the road toward another big star in a very winnable fight big pay per view. Does he not want DC heavy? What does he not want pay? Does. He not want that challenge and that smoke. I'm just asking John is always wanted to. Why did you think that's I mean, just because it was out of left field that we've talked about him wanting, you know, we've talked about him and heavyweight scenarios before and in DC, obviously, we're where would they fight if they fight again that sort of thing so for him to say like a the middleweight guy you want to do this. It'd be it. It's a little bit of. At one eighty three. Yeah. Exactly easily makes it. Yeah. I mean, I think that that's the big problem for me is John Jones is huge. Still man. Yeah. So you're like you wanna fly? I mean, it would be it would be compelling because they're both very good fights fighters. But I just I'm not sure it seemed to left field. That's all I also think like it's it might be something down the line. John Jones is smart guy. He's planning seizure knows where Israel to sign as years down the line smart. The line smart. He's probably learned some stuff from his time away because he's plugging himself in almost every scenario. Now, you notice that knows that they did a Connor bit. Exactly now John Jones is doing that. And you got everybody Chirpin about John Jones smart man, and it's also raising on a sinus profile ten to have these big names going after you. We'll say the Anderson Silva's comments. Now, I didn't see the actually read just read the piece where they always seem so out of touch to me. I'm like where does like, I know they're saying way, it's kind of a traditionalist. He likes to respect. All this. And I'm like, dude, you fought like jail, son. And that's where it was born was when he was coming at you. And you know, what I mean like the disrespect is what basically became a thing through that that rivalry. And I might you don't understand how this works. He seems so out of touch with especially like forty three John Jones, especially it's like, oh, how you spend all the good things. He's done this. But I'm sitting there reading that. Like, dude, have you paid any attention to John Jones been doing for the last few years that seems maybe he's out there. What's that? Maybe he doesn't know. He it's possible. Maybe not on Twitter. He has a lot of kids companyman Conor McGregor is tweets. We can just weird. I know like I don't follow him. Lord. I know data said at the press conference on Saturday that he did come out until those guys meeting Habib and Connor stop the madness. Stop starting religious and race wars on two hundred bucks to see Connor be like I have respect for everybody greet performance. Dust innomax is just like can you find the old you prefer like who's the thing? He's a love tweet, whatever he wants. I mean, what I'm saying is forget about the anti Islamic stuff or whatever. But like just tweeting about the fights was wrong with that. When you tweet wet foot last six months in sorta was like I'd love to fight that guy. Great before. It's it's fine. But this was very thick almost reactionary. You won't be be a company player. I'll do. All these guys who are like big stars. And there's no bigger star than McGregor. They often see themselves above the fray like I see the peasants the peasants below me in their with their breaded circuit clap on there. But like, you know, whatever he's he's allowed to do whatever he wants. I just don't pay a lot of mind to it thing about someone was asking me like the internet. Like, why did you start about one of these tweets on one of your shows? And I'm like, I got fifteen hours to kill. I could easily just fill it up with McGregor tweets, but you make a coal segment at segment I can make a show. That's how much I can stretch. But the point is deal really want to hear that as an audience. I don't think people do just on Tuesdays. No. I'm kidding. That maybe on Tuesdays. Yeah. Right. When I'm really dying for especially on a weekend where there's UFC Saint Petersburg. I do not have much to say about this car, but it is happening. So we do have to acknowledge it. Let's start with the main event, Danny there's not much beyond that. But there are a couple of gyms on this card. Have you looked at the card recently Lavinia I read through it yesterday. It's a bunch of. Chevy. And you know, what I'm saying go and ahve jock massive. And it's a bunch of names. You haven't heard of seeing the guys you stay away from an fight game. If they have that on their name. You don't want anything? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Dead Wikipedia links. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of dead. A lot of dead with some tough ass names. That's what it is. So I'm not saying it's going to be good or bad, although I- conspicuously, you don't see the you never know how good a fights go to bid till it happens, which is true. But you also have to get me to watch it by having a list of names that I cared senior. Neither here nor there. Okay. Let's talk about the main event. There are some names that I want to see Alexia clinic is back. Yes. Basically after the best one of his career taking on Alastair over him who we spoke to recently on on our and he's been a million on the places to he's a big name. He's still is he still has championship ambitions. I guess what? I'm wondering is. What does this fight do for him in that regard? I don't think much as far as getting him super close with title because you know, Lennick, although he is coming off a nice win or marquan. He's not someone that that we're revered as championship material ins been you know, and championship status or contention for a long time. I need. I mean, he's just starting to knock on that door. So you know, he's he got a win before that. Right. And then before that he had the credits late blades law. So you know, he puts knockout. If I win streak, which is which is definitely nice. And it's it's definitely a a base in something to build upon. But I wouldn't say he'd be knocking on the title on it. But. Situation. And look it's was supposed to be vocal, right? It was a. It was a. So I feel like that would've actually probably placed them a little that would have been much better. It's kind of unfortunate for him that he's halves this fight. Which is kind of a showcase out. There was Volkov was in Saint Petersburg, this one thing. Now, it's become something else. But this using his name. This is a stay busy out. Don't this steeping tap that time according to what is in Cleveland Campbell. What is your sensible with this fight is this is just an old name on the main event of a bad car? That's really not for us in the states. It's four. Yeah. Showed fans, obviously, we get access to it. One PM in the afternoon. I think is the main card star on the damn plus. But does nothing it's just it's just if you win looking ahead we dozen your nothing does something wins a win almost by fight windstream more than a loss. It does nothing more than not fighting at all. And you know, it also he's he's headlining as you have see court favors. You said it's a nasal the truth though, Jimmy Hicks Brian Campbell over there believes guys in a UFC main event, his responses, you might as well just be mowing his yard as nothing more than that. Money. He's giving them their name his name. Exactly. I mean, ultimately what basically you're saying. It's a favorite for the company. Right. And if you're in good, you're in good business with the US, they might might give one year old, and you're not entitled contention you either fight other cards claim about say isn't title contention. What I'm saying is how it heavyweight. Can you say he's ever far from it? There's always the disclaiming. That's there. And you're right, but heavyweights got a bottleneck on the right now, he doesn't seem to have a title contending gin at the moment. He had of his career. Yes. Lobski just went on to run. It happens. You get I am not. I am not afraid to bring truth to this chair. Just while we have here. Have your these European shows are the at least they're still a platform for something in fact happen because you do get that that day is basically. It would just be more Asian Russian. So it's a weird. Well job. Yes. If that is weird. Okay. I'm like the real liner here. Helsinki. But the real winner could be. All of a sudden, he's in the sense. Like, it reminds me over doom versus over and back in the day when they were fighting the strikeforce grand prix because if it goes to the ground, we've got a whole different situation. Stay if it's remain standing, I love those kind of stylistic thing who's going to be able to do what? And obviously Olympic has some pretty fun submissions. It's a it's a fun match up. I dunno like. Will say this though, people have made the most of these types of things, you know, Mazda it all and until for instance, that was a good fight. I was of course, a big fight. But the fact that it was the only fight is the main event of a UFC, and it's under this in the right now in our day and age when it was kind of paying attention to proof early. At least it's just you have a chance. It's always the earliest always going to be meaningful insensitive to be more visible than maybe it usefully. Well, here's the thing. What does it do for Lennick if he wins? What does it do for all-star? If you loses. Because we're all this whole conversation. Yeah. And predicated on over him just sort of steam, it would be very detrimental overeating contention days. Because Campbell was saying it does nothing much bad form if you lose. He goes a step down in wherever he is in the holding area of veteran title contender. If we need them in somebody else gets hurt somebody else falls out, but you still in that same pool, you know, but that pulls washy, and that's where he isn't. It's fine. It's great. You can make old guys celebrity money. Refrained limit the second half of his career off just staying active. We got Vondra late for you in China. I'm there. That's what that's what you do. Right now. He's not necessarily in contention or falls out with a loss. No, no. Right. Definitely hurt. Because right now ring still has a big name. If you strings another win after this one, let's say he gets Pasolini all of a sudden, you could be possibly putting out serve arena in that conversation. Now, if he loses man, especially with the talent that's a heavyweight now you can almost forget about the title in a way. I mean, you never know crazier things have happened. But at thirty eight man, that's what so fast. Brian's analysis broke his Brian has a real different perspective than all of us because he is jaded from years of boxing coverage. You've got a real cynical. I was gonna say gas too, but the fatalist boxing silence. Support because the enemy everyone's a little bit shipper about the upside of things all the time leading journalists and media madness up to Ryan walks in and goes washed washed dead. And you don't really see that a lot of media. I I don't agree a lot. But I really respect them for those stupid. Thank you. Like over in history. Proven that they're not out of it. Yeah. Heavyweight division. It says we've seen guys like Mark hunt guy marquan had like a six seven record. If he went on his run. So you just any old. He was as old as as ovary minutes also in that card. Islam Akayev is gonna be on it into Nina AL's get her name real shift chink. Shivshankar walks rocks. That's actually, synchronized workout also on the ground motive fairy is light years ahead of shift Janko, but motiva- had a piece on the elbow this week talking about how actual real physicality has been her downfall shift chango, do you guys? Remember her run engineer on the contender series in the clinch? She was mobbing women's she is very strong, very powerful. So is it interesting fight. Actually, I really am very curious to see how that one is down. And then there's a bunch of dogs. You never heard of let me quickly go through this. No, I'm not. I'm not even I'm not even lying. It's like I do for a living. And I haven't heard of half these people. Yeah. Here we go. You have see Saint Petersburg on this on the air. I'm sure our boss Brian is loving this. This is just the the criminal DMZ. Here's your co means taken on armband started Yuqin. Sergei Pavlovich actually has a decent headway prospect who lost I believed over him taking on Marcello gome. I've insure Kotov ticket on Devin Clark, very ship Jayco Kristof Jaakko is back against Alan. I'm in Dobbs ski, and there's a bunch of other ones as well. So there you go that'll be savage if you wanna see that, I guess, okay. So when one of you mentioned, which let's get to him. He gets inducted into the UFC hall of fame. I believe in the pioneer wing, which we the most deserving one jug, you like narratives I'll start with user cats was around. I was I'm old enough to remember when people said rich Franklin was gonna mall Anderson sellers. I remember this. I remember this very distinctly. And I remember the. Rushed tones in the bar as back when I was watching here. I remember everyone. I'll I'll never forget where I was at. I was at a hooters in Richmond Virginia soccer, and I'll never forget, everyone was like rich rich rich. He goes in there. I'm sorry. Got body body was in Fargo, North Dakota. Okay. And I remember everyone. It was like a funeral up in there. No one saw coming. It was now and you're like how could have not seen the coming. Trust me. Mill one saw that coming at the time. Well, it became Anderson. Silva's kind of coming out party rights to beat him in the way. He did. Because I think we all he was a pioneer in that sense. Yeah. Was that right? At the cusp of that boom period. When it was there was like five names, and you would know rich Franklin was one of those on the colts, and you know shorts and all that stuff. I mean, he was the guy who you just your new school. Jim Carey, you know, it's like looking them fight, man. Look miss knows. It's a little Kroger. Crazy that sort of thing. A low love him. He was very articulate. He was one of the first guys. I was. Yeah. Very friendly. Very, but he explained fight game in ways that people didn't really know before George saint-pierre, even yes, Liz, articulating kind of the we're not a bunch of madman. He was doing it. And I felt like that's one of his big contribution. He was the first guy who took a truly scientific approach one hundred percent. And then you then and then you had a couple of crazy knockout, they still use that on that Bob Reilly, the thing is they still have that Nick Lory one front and center, and you know, which is a good performances by Tanner, wind chill course, finding. Thailand, the pioneer wing is. Absolutely, right. He was one of those guys who original guys who was really bringing it through. Right. When everybody started to get the curiosity got to a pitch. And I felt like he was right there to kind of explain it and help those people to let me follow up. If I mean we worked on the table. What is the story of his career? I'm not asking why he's in the hall of fame. Although that if you answer he'll we'll get to that. What what what what what what does? He means. An original champion, man. He was one of the original guys who is going around with that belt. And I think when you saw them like, that's the way I see him is just one of those guy. Like mad Hughes had a little bit of that vibe. There's other guys like that. But for Franklin to me, I think it's because of the weight class, it got a little bit more of an I agree that he was just a people love them the people who are into it. They really loved him. So he was kind of like the original champion, and that meaning like a champion for the sport is well because I felt like he did a great job of that, you know, just kinda turning people onto it. So that's where he's at my mind. And then later, obviously, he was that guy. He was kind of a company man more than he would just step up fight. Anyway. Do whatever they asked him again that was sort of admirable because so many times he would just hey, we need somebody rich. Are you available? A new jump in fight a guy. He also happens to be great all-time fighter. But I think the bigger legacy is right champion right time at a point when the sport and the promotion was trying to go back to the paper of you level and compete with boxing, and they had an accessible guide to the fans who you could pitch as easy to talk. He's a teacher by day before this. We could do documentaries on him and show him to great husband is this nice guy during a time when they were basically saying, hey, look at boxing. They're all bunch of rejects who would be, you know, Harman on the street, if they weren't in the sport, we have college graduates, we have regular Joes. And I think that made the that was a big part and making this more accessible. I agree with these two. Like, it was they needed rich Franklin that time because you were a teenager with. Yeah. I remember I started around the time. I started tuning in. Because I remember Anderson Silva's rise. I remember his debut against Chris been right? So I remember those rich Franklin fights. And I I was telling my brother on rich Franklin's gonna beat them even in the rematch. I'm like, no, he's still got. Flukes the people who we didn't. We weren't introduced the thing is that for at least for me those around the first time, I started seeing the clinch and the more challenge any other than that like any other fights. We didn't really see the more with engine. And you're not not not to that degree. Not said agree. My whole thing was like, wait your head out. And then you're good, right? But it works. Yeah. So on my space. I did have my speech midnight in front of. So does the time. We're like the C needed to kind of get away from like these these guys are because I remember when he was fighting. I don't think I don't think they use even had Brandon gloves. No. So it was a time where they were stepping away from the, you know, one night tournaments this barbaric thing. And look we have this guy that has a master's. We have this guy that that's super intelligent articulate if you don't remember as well. But he was also like Mr. reliable like you can plug them in any main event any event, and he was also interesting because when he lost the title thous around the time where the UCLA heavyweight division was at its best to golden era the rampage right Forrest Griffin. All those guys were up there. And all of a sudden he started going up and having interesting fights the Forrest Griffin Venderley Silva. And then he kind of added Henderson, Dan Anderson. He added a new layer where you're like, oh what happens if we plug him in here. And it was pretty exciting as well. He also coached the ultimate fighter one which gave a huge boom to to lead indoors shamrock gets Ken shamrock and y'all no he didn't. No, one was a tour and ladonna. Yes. Or? Because I have the t shirt at were actually on the earlier this week also replaced Ortiz when he was. Going from his American fighter line prepared. Nor was I at the creation museum when he did the ribbon cutting ceremony, which is an actual thing. He hasn't. He's like super into that creation science, which is not actual science, but we can have beards. When was the last time you were clean shaven two thousand nine June two thousand nine. That's how I it's a long story. How we know that whole show. Show. Here's Mark all the things you guys said about which Franklin are important. I would add one more detail, which is for me. We often ask these guys what they're fighting for. And they try to come up with answers for us. And I sometimes I don't even like, you know, because you're out of title contention. Why are you still fighting? You got, you know, here's the thing which Franklin competed at a time where literally the big now in the best guy in his way class was competing. But maybe the best guy ever was competing, and he just got iced out, and I'm telling you there was this narrative about Franklin before the silver fight, and it completely changed after the first one that especially the second one we were like, well, he's just it even called it. Rich Franklin territory, you're in this rich for your riot favor. When there's Josie although around your in rich Franklin territory, but the thing about rich that I don't think it's talked about enough is that it never seemed to dawn on him that that should affect how he took fights or fought in them. I remember he just kept fighting like look at his resume is it the best resume Everett. Emma may no damn good yet. But that dude for the best fighters of his generation, Dan Henderson everytime. Everytime. Do every time. It was like one big name that he never had a quitters mentality. Remember Travis Ludivine from he got taken down past Luder sapphire the arm bar, and he immediately hit the hitchhiker escape got on top. And then pounded him out. It's like this dude never lost his zest for the game. People ask why people compete dude because he wanted to compete. It's a tall tall. But it's the reality. You've just loved to be out there. And do that kind of thing. I'm sure he would have preferred the bigger checks in the belt around his waist, but that wasn't going to stop them. It's a lesson in being an adult. It's a lesson in perseverance. It's a lesson in pursuing that what you love, even if it doesn't love you back the way it's supposed to I don't know. I found something quite like, I don't know what Seneca in a little bit. Like, there's a little bit of just stoicism and resilience thing. And it really was kind of impressive about which friend who watches reality show by by any chance the one he does on YouTube with one, bro. I read books. Come on. No, no, watching one reality show. One buddy seems to be a mixture of the ultimate fighter in like the amazing race. And there's competition. Look, I'm not making a comment about whether it's good or it's not I have no idea. But no, I do not watch it. But you know, then there's the other part then rich career. As a fighter, and he actually folks may not know this actually went and sought permission from the UFC that permission Jackley, but like their blessing to go work at one and it has worked at one. I'm sure in some kind of really helpful capacity because he's still around and he all like everybody in MMA. If you hang around long enough, you piss somebody off who's matter rich Franklin. Now money, maybe he was doing juice like he was making juicy. Lynn juicers forgot about that. I remember when he was big into that did well. He's not afraid to try new things. She's trying to. That's what I'm not saying. He was some kind of like adventurous jump off a cliff cliff. Travis Pastrana risk taker. But he never let downsides of things determinants. Right. Didn't alternate fighter. God get the f out will you please. Oh, my God date. Dave cooley. I hear it. Now. All right. God. What do we go from here? Jesus christ. All right. Couple of things very quickly. Let's go through some news and notes here before under the radar. We have time for it. Leslie Smith, Danny signed with belts. We're going to be a featherweight. Here's my question about this for very happy about it. I think it's a great signing. I thought when she got cut member she got cut at UNC Atlantic City Barboza versus Lee, right? You're that's a little wild held. She's only now signed what's so long. I have no idea. But I think it's a great signing. I mean, also she she had you know, the way she was cut. It wasn't because she lost the fight. Right. She didn't even fight June five I believe she was, you know, filing a lawsuit against before that or she was looking into doing away last year. Labor claimed. So that might have taken over time. Also, you know, she's working with project spearhead, or I don't know she still has whatever capacity, but she was big inside as well. So, you know, she had her she she had her hands full. But now that she signed with Bill to I think, it's a great signing. It's not like, you know, the names that we're used to seeing these huge names legends. But nonetheless, I think it brings you know, a little bit of legitimacy to belts her in the sense of like, look she stood up for all the fighters, and she was so transparent with the media with the fighters. It almost felt like she was always like, you know, advocating for the right things, you know, looking to Ryder right like, but it's like she was more symbolic of this. Yes. So I mean, if you have her in your company, and she's happy with you. I think that says a lot about your company and your promotion, I think that's that's something. What's the story? I can't have comment on everything. But I will say is this another fighter wouldn't union. Yes. To get. You have seed do not know who is Smith this. I know she is. I mean dot Danny covered. It do. I mean, I don't have a deep. Take good for more cases. Let me pitch it to. You there stage one stage two would be is billets were courting somebody who's gonna put an emphasis on their labor practices because while I can see Bella tour being able to pitch this as hey where the fighters organization, you're not which is true. Like, you see a lot of people go there and be like, oh my God. I got treated very differently than people complain about the treatment of Biltmore. But okay, you get the idea. However, they don't have a union there either. It's all the same issues. So are they a little bit? I don't know of Cording disasters or at word. But are they going to bring attention on themselves at the other wise wouldn't necessarily not because they're so fighter friendly. And they've proved that they allow you to get your own fighter sponsorships things like that make make the decision making a lot better for you. In terms of you, talk to anybody that's signed Rory and all those guys is just so much better. It just seems like a natural fit. I don't necessarily think she's gonna it's gonna lead to normal rate type stuff. What do you think? Chuck. I mean, it's not like a Colin Kaepernick situation where it's one of those were nobody. She starts kneeling. The weird thing is though there is a little bit of like when you see her name, regardless of what it's attached to at this point you can't help. But think it's a little bit polarizing in the sense of you know, the US wha what she's done with the U of C. And you you can admire it or you can think she's rob rouser hobby. You wanna look at it. That's who she is at this point. I think that I think it's wait and see I wouldn't be surprised either way. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets along with Bella tour, and it's it's all good. You know, and there's there we don't even ever hear anything about any, you know, and stuff, but I will equally would be surprised if for some reason bell towards in her crosshairs in right? She lost the best you she has a sense of mission to her. She said even with the UFC. You don't have to hate the UFC two better. Yeah. It's the same same short. Right. I mean, it's just so I don't expect her convictions to go because she's with bell tour. I do think I don't know how much we should be careful about this. I don't know how much stock has risen as a popular figure, but as a visible one. I mean, she was out there for presidential candidate, Andrew. Our yang. He did a rally in San Francisco. She gave the opening message for it. She was on the show with Samantha b and did like a talk at like what Rutgers or something like that. Name out a little bit here. I wonder if some degree of like. And I wouldn't blame them if they were Biltmore cashing in on that a little something to that. Because she's looking to be there's the other part about it. What if she signs the Bill tour Biltmore treats her well, and then she still goes after the UFC villa tours? Like, hey, we're happy to have, you know, give her a platform. You wonder about that too now necessarily they certainly have a little bit of a he'll vibe like that. I so I wouldn't put a pass them just idea that they just did it to buttress their women's featherweight division. Is there like when you get a little I like me a little conspiratorial look into it. Are very quickly. Reisen fifteen is this weekend is going to be in Yokohama. There's a bunch of fights in her you couldn't care about. But Mola the wall in the main event for the inaugural rise in light championship against the guy whose name I am certainly to mispronounce Jerry, Brazil sokaia he'd be. He's a devout you before have that. He not right. Dating or two Japanese Emma Mary apologised for his rushing. However, tensioness Calla is back in action in a catchweight about from kickboxing fighting up pactel's boy, that's right. Al-din blog ton- cugiharu Gucci against Ben wind that that's going to be there. Five very good fight. That is a catch right there. But then we and then another one that's great is the there. They've got them label. Here's Roberto Susan is for to Toshi. He was the guy that is a dragon ball z thing ever done. He's going to be against the Tokyo kit kit oca-, so that's a really rich thing fight as well. Rena Kubota is going to be back on the card Damian Brown. You have vets on the card. Do we have any strong feelings about it? Anybody? I love me some kickball be cheering for him. But that's about it. Yeah. No. That's it. You know, whether we just Scoggins was supposed to be on. He's not, you know, what's funny to me sort of occurred to me, it was like all of the people who are like I had to dig this one in all of the people are like, yeah. PD is assault. I feel bad for Reisen because I made it would it would stand that those people would take a principled stance and not watch something that would be that would make them moral hypocrites and totally bankrupt. And based on the responses I've gotten that's a huge portion of the community. So I feel really bad that rise in is going to suffer from people being real moral stewards of the arguments that they make to me this show. These more honest talk about PD's. Yeah. They haven't made communities not ready to hear it. But everybody who's out there claiming PD's assault. You better not say one word about this card. Not one one put that out here now. All right. So here we got the over the radar now. Let's try the. All right. Bye. Taking by job for me. Let's go to a now time now for our last segment here under the radar a story that was a building of them. This time story that was decent worth being mentioned at me. We just didn't get to started this way forward. Chuck what is under the radar. Well, I we sit we've seen multiple comebacks from this guy. Nick Newell is one time. He's way attorneys fighting in a. In Connecticut, where he's from with C S coming up. I think at the end of may, and it's good to see him. I wasn't sure if he'd come back again after he had his his big moment because I know he'd been trying to get new is kind of the dream his to fight in. You'll see he had the loss in his last one win the Dana White's contenders series. So it's good to see him back. I think it was what last July or something like that. So he he's coming back in as I always love his story. So I'm glad to see he's going to continue on all right under the radar there. Anyone who falls? My work knows. I've got a big beef against you have just not making a decision about the men's flyweight division like just make a decision. Well, it seems we're closed or we have because post fight UFC two thirty six in Atlanta. Henry Suto was there. And he claims when asked the flights are stay in just ask Dana will we did just as Dana. And he said the flyweights are staying without a big announcement at didn't slide under the radar. So that's great by the way because they're making a decision. So shouts all this flyweights. So why in the damn heck is Henry pseudo fight for the bantamweight titles? Still it just doesn't even out. I think. Half the Rus. Yeah. There's a guy named Joseph in Vitas champion, a flood would just make that them fight. It's like I want them to pick a side and they did. But we're still going to carry on. They'll wait has names. What are we doing here? What are the damn? Like that fight at all. It really bothers me. And I love me some khudobin stick is getting corny. All right. Here's the worst part about that. It's making Marlins say things that he ordinary wouldn't say either. I don't think he's tried to do the trash talk thing here or there and hold up. It's a leg match the intensity of an opponent. But he's not really great at either. I don't really need to hear from him his style is so violent. Yeah. He was just watch. What he does the, you know, just mopping the floor with these guys. I don't know it just doesn't do it for me. So what happens if he wins the championship? They're what do we do? We're gonna have a vacant. Interim flyweight championship bout with the two guys who were left in division. Just like, you know. All right. Sorry. All right. Then it was under the radar gun. Ya is in a coma. Apparently she had an injury in training camp. She signed with combat the America's, and I believe it was something like a dislocated this and she used a nerdy on this. And she used a nerve blocker. I believe the deal with the pain, and which apparently caused the costarring rare neurological disorder so she's been posting or her team in the Bella Puerto Rico has been posting a lot of updates on her Twitter account. But apparently, yes, she's in a coma. So. We should. Well, you're eating up Hannah and Hannah, no, I have not super good. Yeah. Early each other great follow. All right. Sorry. It just rang a bell my memory. I apologize. This show. Got me. They're a little bit sorry about that in any event. So last, but not least Burt Watson famous babysitter to the stars. He has announced he is starting his own promotion cold. We rolling. Sean Maryland's new promotion. Let's just keep rolling them out there. Yeah. It's funny that people are doing this a little bit. Just a second any of it. I think the first of it is going to south Florida thing Broward County, Broward County. There you go. And it's going to be at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino UFC used to go there. I won't say regularly. But they would have smaller fight nights. They're not too infrequently. So we're going to go back you'll fought there against Machida. That's right. That's right. He doing well series had a bunch of events there. Yeah. So. It's a popular destination for a lot of reasons to your point though. You're right. I had show amendment my show too. I think he's gonna like the lights out emanate pro league or something after his bare knuckle escapade never happened. I asked him where are you going to fight? All I'm gonna find on my show. So I'm like any kind of belts or you have c-. Embiid has done. He was like. Yeah. I'm just going to find on my show like, okay? I mean, I can't really almost to say about that. So all right. We'll you go those are the under the radar stories. Alright. So that is it for us today. We are definitely not going to be on next week. Because if my child is not born before then she my wife will be induced on that day. So a no way I'm going to be here next week. And now we got that either to be quite candid with you. So they're going to figure out something. But there might be a bit of a break in the show. Just server windows ahead of time because I got a I've reproduced everybody. Hey, bring I've gotta bring a life into this world, which I'm sure is scarier for you than it is for me. All right. So that's it for us. But keep sending us those tweets using the hashtag the, Emma. Maybe we appreciate it. There was a bunch this time can only get you what I can get to. But we think everyone for sending us. Thanks so much for watching the show as always that is Chuck Bryant, Danny? I Luca till next time ends up shinned down. Let them fly. This is the may be. Everybody. I'm Neil Patel editor in chief of the verge in. This is the verge cast. I guess is the flagship podcast is the verge every week. We cover the latest in tech news reviews. We took a critical look at what is going on now. 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