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NFL Picks Week Eight (Ep. 744)


One thousand dollars in free bed season the Promo Code S. GP that's right one thousand dollars in bonus bets on your first deposit when you use the Promo Code S. GP this week eight NFL picks addition to the sports game we pack has ended by mybookie Dot ag right now to honor football my book is offering up to grammar what's happening cream dog well you know another day you're not here and I'm sitting here with a fucking teddy bear you all of our heroes Sean very very rudy ask powering through being retard to get to that school and play football I was clear this man was no brainiac I mean I think the two parts of that movie that are swept under the rug is he clearly was not very the eight o'clock you're listening to the sports gambling podcast exclusively on US GP A- and to clarify or the listeners at home there's always a lot of controversy what alcohol I'm drinking guys got annoyed when I was drinking lay making got some heat and the reason is because clearly I make my best picks while drinking that smooth smooth Jamison so we see me drinking out of this Mug here Cox penetrate yeah that was a real underrated yeah that was weird because he was he was dumb enough not to get into college but then as soon as he gets into junior college he's it is it is a mixture of DECAF Green tea because I'm still fighting off whatever I got it the G. Tube Expo in Las Vegas and Ooh welcome everyone to the sports podcasts. I'm Sean Stack in that money you're even with my partner and fix Ryan real money winning and they had Sean Shirt was Shawn Austin Scott or whatever his name is the actor and then they had the actual rudy guy in meeting him in person mart into we need a deep dive into what was going on between him and that John Fabric character. Yeah you know right maybe when we do one of our and Jameson so I've I've got a version of a DECAF hot toddy going through a TV the weekend NFL picks like he's really helping out that the the Jon favreau character he was the he was the guy who was the nerdy one rudy was getting helping scoring chicks ten in the season long contests are you able to pull that up why top ten curious well you'll have to ask the working on your side of the country also also ended up because I've been I got it right here five way tie mayor scenario for us we're giving giving each of these people up to fifty dollars Birch over at sports gambling podcasts merge store and the stand up comedy just about sports Friday night and beautiful Phoenixville. PA At the Sound Bank big concert ten dollars at the door and the show starred arquette Lincoln use it every time we shop score sweet savings and support the podcasts were also brought to you by me Sean Green see we do a headlining set all right let's get to it let's talk about the free role football contest you have do you have the winners in front of you right ban getting a lot of compliments Ryan Rockin the SGP the new the new upgraded store the squad locker stuff the under armor stuff the Nike stuff driveway tie with Liam Dougan AC is a British blow across the Pond Greenwich the place with sixty correct picks iron chef brad nut sack let's see nut sack differential the baby shower see I clicked on something Sean I lost everything I have to go back and do it again right where was I nut sack differential live raw dog express like that name and I must be must be Philip rivers I don't know if you saw the one of our what's one of our re watchable podcasts we can go into that that Awkward Relationship Fifteen and in first place sixty four and forty on the season not show Lebron four to one I mean Philip rivers explaining the natural birth control method which is no contraception and has him with a big well I don't you you you caught me off guard I'm trying to do like four things at once here Sean but I will pull it up for you since the Internet Janki Yelm dog eighty one there you go friend of the program that guys he's he's made some noise in the free world football contests and the points iron chef brad nut sack differential legs Akimbo an hammer sport with sixty one tied for Fifth Place de Huffman fifty four what number nine yeah all these are all tied for actually they're tied for seventh place there's four six Jio cited or Ryan McKee tweeted out but yeah it's all it's called it's like this I don't know how to describe the video you off Hook my dad and my brother s Gop Golf Polos wow look at you I'm comparing a swag so Kaffir Berra's holy place there you know wanted to keep the nice even frame for all the The viewers YouTube dot com slash sports gambling podcast London Jesus yeah that's kind of a pain in the ass but we'll get it done we we take care of the listeners here in the Gas Ryan we got a request for the top it's a it's actually going to be exactly ten tied for Tenth Place I'm guessing I'm guessing he thinks he's almost in the top ten must be he wants that shadow tied for Vincent Dvd Forty six in third place tied for second actually with sixty three mikey c. p. six to two and goats me lock up I did this twice and I've been on a decent streak lately started off cold with the locks and I feel like I've done around I've cracked the top four hundred of the mybookie a super contests and some still alive in the in the survivor contests I joined the in Ali underscore ouled so a five way tie all those guys so we ship some shit over out of ten entries alive in the mybookie survivor contest that started week one sean and I I wanted to pull up on that started week six Kramer how are you doing this I have I'm in the free one the same as you that I'm still alive there and I have four action so he must swimmers got some swimmers in fourth place Vincent with sixty two correct picks have to go on twitter at the European McKee host of the newly launch NBA odds pod on the sports gambling podcast network but it's just a video you ever catch me locking up the same team back to back I do not want to do that the please alert me let me know I did hit I think at the listener I tweeted out any questions for the weed eight picks I mean I thought guests and I'd be more inclined if these names were fine I'll do top ten L. especially in the mybookie Super Contest I'm twenty and fifteen I feel like a God a decent handle on the season but I've done I've mistakenly locked the bears back to back the Vikings this week against the redskins there are some things that scare me a little bit case keenum revenge game being one of them but I I think the those who didn't play the bills I guess you're hoping to save the bills for later in the season when they play dull so week I haven't used them yet and You know I think if you still have the rams on the board which I got Magin I hey I'm just not hitting the right right picks and I locked up the giants how dare you let me do that again well right I was going to throw you under the bus because why did you all right you're talking me you're talking me into moving off of this what are you doing with your super contests or survivor rather I you know I haven't looking to back kirk cousins and Primetime yes you're right that is I've been an advocate of not doing that but and I failed on the second one and then accidentally locked up the seahawks back to back so you know if I if I somehow pick the seahawks again the big win of the week was of course the Saints Money Line Dog plus one forty-five fade and the birds that felt pretty good and again I've I'm hanging that and then they do these like close ups of him hold the football it's it's a very funny video so I would definitely check that out I mean he's got some potent symposium there's no way they lose to this horrific redskins team feels like an alarming feels like alarming a position to take I don't know I might be I might be nervous if I were you I haven't thought about it much I I do think Minnesota's the obvious choice I halfway considering the saints after after meeting the the real rudy as we all know that I went to the Rudy Ruediger screen I don't know I'm doing all right I'm doing all right I'm also not doing bad in the the the mybookie super contest so I don't know Sean to see how many people are left because I got I I feel like I I went all in last week with the bills who made me a little nervous but I know yeah I because I was is potentially having stuff happened like that so head over to mybookie DOT AG if you're not using them already and use Promo Code S. GP Hunter How do you feel about this season so foreshocks I gotta be honest I'm not I'm I feel like I'm not doing well home when my overall record is quite good I'm in twenty seventh place fifty seven forty I just I gotta take the Vikings at home against the bad team this is their wheelhouse what are you what are you doing you're going to just so we're clear in survivor pool -periences it's not about the about the experience yeah you know what they say they say young people these days are less concerned on on his face like hey you know you want to get pregnant you know you go at it three tab you don't doubt it's just been a blessing just keep saying with Financial Stability and owning assets and real estate they're more they're more about having experiences that's what everyone always says yeah I don't really care about have hundred rushing yards Thursday night came nowhere near that but it did pay plus one thousand so even though I came nowhere close to hitting it about our presenting sponsor we're already talking about my book Dot Ag as you can hear on the podcast we we use my bookie dot ag if you didn't have the bills and the bills would have lost their I feel like that would have cleaned out a huge crop it probably would have clean out everyone bookie super contests survivor contests they got brackets squares I know they got the the prop creator they're all right though show we have to recap I know yeah well of course but before we recap we have to talk week to burn them because you know spangles team I mean they're just they're just not interested in playing football this year so anyway close Daddy Day at ten to one prop yeah I'm with you saw before we get football speaking of Sweat Sean I was at the that's always fun to mess around with again you can really do some degen only stuff with that thing like when I- I calculated that Royce Freeman would cent deposit bonus with the role of requirements of course and use the Promo Code S. GP for new customers play win and get paid younger hip or crowd. Sean I remember when I was a kid you could hear the the the sneaker squeaking on the gym floor not anymore constant hip hop throughout the whole game you can deposit withdrawal sweet crypto currency and again get involved You know they got plenty contests of course we're playing both in the inning day Lakers clippers game Nice Clipper strong strong just just image overhaul really really going after the Ma Ma our clippers beat turn into the old guy show where he complain about hip hop play at the NBA game. You're lucky yeah I think I got that I saw you tweeted it out or boy kyle through that The clippers money line overacting Elaine podcasts does very tempting I got on it as well and plus one forty moneyline crowdsourcing I did they're shown yes I wanNA say I'm trying to log in right now to my bookie Sean I having a little trouble but I I believe I have the rams available and that might this might be the way sweat was completely worth it and just the rush of a thirty five yards but they they had the ball the twenty and money I just care about experiences and it's a gambler I completely relate and you know there's nothing better than the experience of maybe but not really thirty broncos six yeah Patrick Mahomes blew out his knee cap they popped back in I think you're talking me into into the rams because I do have the rams going so yeah that's definitely kind of the movie I was saying that kind of just that it was something I definitely heard last night at the game when I when I was younger I remember here I remember the music you heard Orion McKee so check that out at times talking a little hoops all right let's get to rapid-fire recap of week seven chiefs Matt Moore came in through a dime to tyreek Hill I love this spot for the chiefs I'm pissed I didn't kind of go bigger it's great work you know not only do we help the listeners get paid they scratch the back they returned the favor they appreciate the free content and Yeah we in a basketball game was the squeak of sneaker and this is where I guess I since I have this is where I get this thing but I know it was St bomber right my bookie dot A. G. so hold on Sean I I was going to add to that yeah we're we're about selling whereabout giving you free take my God he's GonNa break this up at any moment he's GonNa go eighty yards or whatever so you know that's that's a gambler those are the moments you live for that that broncos offensive line bowls in particular is just a liability yeah yeah yeah just they're trading be able to run the ball one are weird I mean honestly like this season just makes less and less sense yeah I mean the chiefs this was the hi it's Ryan I had the cardinals and I said the turnovers would be a problem you talked me into the giants and I do I did on this but yeah I had it you were Iran you got a little cute with the broncos there yeah I don't know I was thinking I really I was big on those yeah I don't know there's a reason I'm when I'm wearing Mr Taylor's Jersey today statement into statement game total quarterback goes down everyone else elevates themselves now what happens next yeah I mean I'm I'm with you I didn't see the chiefs shutting down anyone this year so spags the defense was just lights out I was very surprised about that. I mean granted the broncos offense but I thought they'd be able to hang uh Emmanuel Sanders I see again when do we fire John Elway when do we get a real quarterback you can't fire John Elway man that's like when do you fire you know Vladimir Putin he's not coaching anywhere to you giants shoot back in the head Ah also I mentioned earlier yet make sure to check out the new NBA only up podcasts on the sports gambling podcast network the odds pod hosted by are a horrible performance horrible performance the game was over in the first couple minutes chase that really was chase Edmunds. La I front freeman as well but I didn't I thought the chiefs win but I didn't see their defense showing up the way they did I really thought the Broncos like the coming up Thursday night trend until the giants a ruined it by losing the Cuyler Murray at home and you know are they going up against a team that can kind of get a pass rush if they are bet against the Texans if they're going up against the team that can't pass rush the Bevin the Texans no serious and quietly as as hard as this to admit mcdaniels not only ingram couldn't even show up in fantasy right what what are your thoughts the team off Thursday night still eight and four against the spread nine and three straight up my thoughts Abend fucking stand Martian it all over the place Clippers looked really good quiet Leonard looked really good and my clippers clippers plus the points and clip colts thirty two x twenty three love me some colds you're on the colts as well shoot a lack this up made a nice wager on it couple weeks ago Daniels being a pussy and backing out best thing that has happened to the franchise since they since they got the retirement notice of Andrew Luck then I reworked the defense lineup with chase edmunds in it then I remembered when I two hundred grand I didn't change my lineup so I didn't change my lineup nightmare scenario it's really annoying me I had David Johnson in my fantasy lineup and then it was like Oh he's not GonNa play Oh he is going to play but maybe you should put in Chase edmunds really Kinda that simple also situation where you felt like this is the perfect perfect perfect cold bet on colds games yeah again Darius Leonard was back colts off by it seems like there's a very simple formula to this Texas team and it's responsible for the responsible for the Jeff Fisher led a offense with Sam Bradford when they're thirty first in the league talk to me next week though after Danny dimes gets a big win in Detroit I will that's what we do on the podcast there's money line parlayed with the under Shawn almost four to one there is gone and oh I'm undefeated in the NBA and my retire I might add the more the eagles offense struggles the boar that leaks out about micro he got fired by his dad we already got going on what do you got going for survivor. This week I think underscores the now again I started I did the week six one I'm I I just you know maybe maybe kirk cousins is really awesome and they're going to win the super bowl this year I don't know someone also requested Vikings Forty two again I thought this was a good spot for this lions team Nice Bounceback Opportunity at home but Kunas is an awesome offensive coordinator I mean clearly his he's much better than that piece of garbage might grow who got and yeah I I I don't know I just this Houston team I there are limited by their head coach and I think there's there's a couple of teams in the League if they go to and six the season's over shown their backs are against the wall there on the Roy the seasons that over no the season the seasons on the brink this no no they weren't they weren't it doesn't remind me either the super bowl winning season now I know now I know you're getting into a dark place kirk cousins and I mean I didn't see them coming in and put forty two on the Dolphin or the lines I certainly didn't so yeah that was a bit of a surprise category maybe now winning I guess I I guess live dog against the spread Detroit Lions Thirty a lot to shit on but we'll save that for later buffalo bills thirty one dolphins twenty-one we buffalo laying the big number for he's on I R so at least week's they kinda sucks right yeah do we feel lines at all this year like this but pretty Mu- pretty pretty crazy first of all the coal turn first place but also just pretty remarkable I pointed this out fits magic is kind of the starter devante Parker citing is well it's still reports that they're not done shipping players out of town it sounds like yeah l.. La's you know you got to overthrow elway is that gone quiet giants twenty-one cardinals twenty-seven we both had the play when you get paid at my book Dot Org brought to you by Amazon log onto sports gaming podcast dot com click the Amazon Banner This is just dire just this team is garbage now I I like them more as a cover maybe they're covering opportunities go a little bit up so maybe Oh man yeah because Detroit's Good Sports City and they just Kinda keep just and the lions were one of those teams you didn't really expect I don't know it was just kind of dolphins in an auto fade but maybe maybe they're maybe they're poking their head out of the Crawlspace Ryan now that they now the he did he in a way he didn't screw the colts fans but you know it really got screwed is the Philadelphia Eagles because we lost out on having Frank Reich the kirk cousins hut voice cracking sound drops so I will be once they get back in the studio that is first order of Business Ryan is getting that awesome downdraft locked up he goes up like five octaves I love that one Kerryon Kerryon Johnson out for drake could be the next player chip at a town in a trade I don't know man they're they're still down there they still gotta be down there this is yeah I think we're at a point where they're still going to get that three scores spread fits magic maybe they're moving into live dogs gawk galvanizes in two thousand eleven season where they also two and five I'm I forgot get screwed by the reps in Green Bay they I don't know man they just seem like such a snake bitten franchise they tie the cardinals after giving up the lead much but they were kind of like scrappy early and and certainly looked better than what we thought going into season so you're like okay maybe they aren't good and I mean I guess it comes down to if he's healthy and they're still in the playoff hunt I'd I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't think about this last week when we were previewing the week but that was it was so clear I should've locked it up Jacksonville twenty seven yeah I mean this is clearly Aaron Rodgers punishing the raiders for ending his boy toy Jordy Nelson's career that's the only explanation offs well and maybe that's maybe that's wedding big Dick kind of comes back but I think they're paying too much not to play practice Kramer do you think if Nick foles is healthy and this is this question is courtesy of go pack and honestly I thought if mahomes was out for a really long time him being traded back to the chiefs I think kind of made some I don't worry Green Bay Forty Two Oakland Raiders twenty four we both had the pack lane five and a half easy weird sort of sense but I think they're going to try and stretch it out as long as they can mint you all the ship before they have to make the decision however didn't have to think about it too much good to know that the raiders are back to where I thought they would be rogers just kind of go off isn't that passing game going soon the boys took care of it they they really took care of business it kind of leads to this question foles slowly started angle seventeen jags covered a three and a half we were both on the jags Cincinnati was hanging around early kind of made a game of it but then we'll come back and take his job it's a coughlin team he's not going to disrespect nick foles like that Yep jet rams thirty seven Falcons and and Kinda hoping either he fails or he's so good that they can justify offering and falls back the answer will be fooled that was one of the things they were they were winning without him going off throwing the ball and this is the kind of the first game they won because he just went off throwing so oh ak at underscore ass hat he wants to know does foles play when he's healthy no American for the Falcons traded some new mattie ice shaken not stirred his brain just not a good situation but yeah I don't I don't know what you do I think I think what they do is they tried and slow play his return as long as they can save them for the plane down in Atlanta teams falling apart rams yeah look good but I mean they played the Falcons kind of everyone looks good second round up they've lost the that's really the only game they've decided lost and they are what two three and one so it's like I think two four and one and it's not like he looked bad he played that first drive he threw that nice touch down to charge and then just stabbed his collarbone but but if they're in the playoff hunt why would you make a change so it's it's kind of one of those weird spots and if you're not doing what you paid him a lot of money it from Muhammed Sununu that not seem a little bit alarming yeah really did and I think if you're a team that needed receiver potentially like the eagles I really lever to settlement I feel like in the routes that he's going to run so I do wonder what this is or maybe maybe they run new essentially they're tight end position joys the trade market and all these receivers the value they're getting for these guys is pretty crazy I mean maybe that's maybe that's the next level because they don't have one who knows it I I was definitely it was definitely curious and all these fucking trades is it's weird this year I gotta be honest like yeah you know I I don't think so right like this strikes me as a very strange strange acquisitions new scenarios a very similar receive I guess maybe they had the buy in there but yeah at Mr Taylor was the the guy who requested the curtain sound job so it's commentator ask the Belichick was playing there and just ruin the market like grab a guy you want ruined the market someone asks and fantasy like are you are you looking at pickup Sununu Josh Gordon Look at how long it took him to go get going now he's on I r it just seems like it takes these guys awhile so I'd be shocked if he does much against the new to whatever new receiver comes into the Patriots like tasted a while to get used to you know break eighty and the the way they do things around there and you know whatever kind of shenanigans are up to a new England it just seems like no one ever comes in like mouth digress forty niners nine Washington redskins zero is the forty niners I picked it at nine and a half so you got the Wayne Ryan you had the skins getting nine and a half skins did just enough hard to criticize a guy who's had that win loss record but it just doesn't look great I think eventually it's really going to hurt them but they're between now and when the fantasy playoffs are over you show up and it's like it's like some skull shit where Tom Brady like in order to be receiver for time Brady you got to suck his dick once and that's why I took Josh Gordon so long that's why he's struggling he was struggling with his his his drug addiction because he had he had fucking put Tom Brady stickiness still not even close to sold on the San Francisco offense now and we kind of hit on it on the podcast where we highlighted doesn't seem sustainable long-term I do like them picking up Emmanuel Sanders I wonder how quickly he can get acclimated but that that's a nice pickup yeah Boston capper was the one guy from Boston not in love with Jimmy G. A. I. He just doesn't look good and I mean you know it's again he's old big old it doesn't get old watching the Los Angeles chargers figure out new ways to blow games Oh my God you're the titans lay into they covered I the chargers catching to and again just nightmare collapse to Cover which was the joke I was hearing on twitter which is pretty great I mean it's pretty impressive the score zero points and still covers spread so making me a little nervous about the win total now that they have a quarterback that looks a little bit more competent Corey Davis was involved AJ Brown involved so I mean it's Tennessee though they'll they'll figure out a way to zag back down Seattle Sixteen Ravens thirty thank Jimmy Geez it's like it just doesn't look like the me the more I watch the more reminds me of keenum and Vikings team could as the Washington Redskins Yeah Fun game to watch law it was Super Wet dudes are sliding all over the place as it strange at the end of the game get the ball down to the one did he score a touchdown no reverse it oh hey scored it again no he didn't cross the plane then this type of seemingly like luck based scenarios continually happening in the same team it up I looked it up on mm-hmm when they're kind of winning a similar way and they're you know even that Viking seemed like they were putting up good passing numbers and stuff but it just it just does Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell does not look like a NFL quarterback he just doesn't remember when people were coming at US add game Seattle loses I think that's that will probably be a trend this year if he does not bring it they are in deep deep trouble that being said he gave them and I had a couple of games going on and I was like flipping back and forth and then I had I just glance at the game cast and had talk about the national football league but this was more about Baltimore than it was Seattle for me I think Seattle Seattle trip in this game whereas Baltimore to show up yeah the AFC is really really kinda low and then Tena Hill to our gals Hashtag tighten up Roese part is the the charges are still very alive in the playoff hunt so I I mean it's it's insane at two and five they are not out of it by any stretch of the imagination it's the second one was kind of when the game was already in hand but that first one was really a backbreaker strangely Well not strangely I guess Russell Wilson Toward Defense which I thought was kind of just not that good and a little bit over hyped I was surprised for them to show up on the road like they did what didn't eighteen points right so I'm still I think this is you know I've I've I'm sure you've heard it this week if you listen or watch any sort of sports related a and got some garbage points but manorial just came in and just just really took care of business their defense looks really good again Mitch defenses so good and they're running game the Shanahan offense is just kind of like successful ball control they have a good formula going but I this game was a little closer than the score says I had Seattle is my lock man I I didn't think that the non conference road game in a tough spot to play and go out there and win the game I think I think this was a nice statement game for Baltimore Yeah I mean I wasn't surprised just it's just rough and I was a little surprised at how easily New Orleans was able to run the ball latavius Murray really had a had a game for himself runner and I'm not sure Kamara would have been able to do that which kind of gives this team a more suitable identity as long as breezes out heard round pick to draft up to move up one spot with the forty niners and select Mitchell trubisky when Patrick Mahomes Shawn Watson on the board so figure out the quarterback position but having awesome defenses how does that happen just year after year after year different regimes different coaches different. GM's just still can't figure out the quarterback position okay there one day Dallas thirty is it not not getting those anymore Marcus Mariota but he's definitely to me he's in Marcus Mariota range and I mean he's there's a lot of Mitch is definitely on the list of you know guys that you make fun of your twitter mentions a light up for some reason uh-huh tune once happened the decker man the poor guy I don't know it it's crazy that sucks bears fans I'm sorry but he sucks and you need to look at look in the mirror and accept it and Ju- just think about that for it I'm GONNA put my back I'm gonNA run around and just make it really tough on Seattle's defense but real I mean it came down to those pick sixes you know one two thousand seventeen was in April night maybe may whenever the draft was and the bears traded number three number sixty seven number one hundred eleven and the two thousand eighteen that Lamar Jackson had a good game was running around created a lot of rushing yards and often so I was really surprised that that is it was the New Orleans Saints going into Chicago and taking down trubisky thirty six to twenty five again that score is not indicative of how this but yeah I thought they'd go in and take care of business well the table is Murray specifically is it in a way almost was more suited for this game he's a big physical the chargers win probability at ninety six percent while they're on the one yard line percent bro there's a chance and the up to me this comes down to Doug and no one on that team know what looked like they were ready to play for a Sunday night primetime game again it's The Dallas cowboys you don't show up for Dallas we've had shitty teams before okay you're talking to a guy who's root for Bubby brister a lot more talent and it's just injuries guys not playing up to what they should be flowed it's just not there I think Murray allows them to be a thumping team a lot more and kind of take advantage of that strong that strong that strength of the team the offensive line China remember this Elvia and the cowboys giant some bad news what Carson Wentz was spotted at a Vegan Thai restaurant on jared goff terrific guests start running or doing something the Nagy offense just doesn't look like it's working at all four him the throws he can make his Yeah I mean it was I mean the game was you know you I was still getting my drinks and food together and was already fourteen to nothing be showing up so again Sunday we're going to find out if there's any any man in that locker go up to buffalo and show up and represent the city every bears fan is about to throw himself in front of the L. Train or whatever yeah it's so weird they're they're history of not being able to had a this ravens defense would travel I mean two defensive touchdowns really were the difference in the game and Lamar Jackson was just said as they like they just they kicked our ass and it was horrible I saw a cowboys fan at work today and he was just walking around this big shit eating grin and you can criticize Carson Wentz I think he had a bad game no other way to put it to me the offensive line one of the exile and this is this is trouble this is trouble for the the movement I don't think I mean do people in the Dakotas even know what being a Vegan is no they're on every fan of every other team in the NFC to the idea of more Jason Garrett Sean Real Quick Donald of course seeing ghosts there was a big you know everyone was all upset that they aired that clip can you believe that gets disappointments of the season these guys like really have you can make excuses for other arts of the team but really there's no reason this offense line different aspects you know the entire week yeah you can talk about the GM Halley Rosen and not getting the right guys and stuff Augie from last week I didn't use it but we were talking about how some some of these players that have outlasted Andrew luck the most astonishing one Robert Griffin the have an eagles ten a just horrific collapse by the Philadelphia Eagles a gutless performance by a bunch of fucking pussies Oh there you go my ad music keep it going Kramer I can hear it I can feel it I enjoyed unwind I was on the saints or on your on the the bears there but it was the bears I think recovered to onside kicks at the end there surge still in the league playing for the Baltimore Ravens Allies on outlasted Andrew Luck he's taking backpacking trip uh again as much as it pains me to say this New England team is amazing their their defense is really a historically good tells people he's Lamar Jackson I know Lamar Jackson New England thirty three jets zero a big story here is Sam for second didn't have to trade offer for Shawn Watson could have just taken yeah no I think I think they know that it's probably probably somewhere and you know the cowboys regulations you want a game up I don't know what else and just complete failure top to bottom I mean there's certainly been injuries they're certainly been issues but really this is this is the worst I've seen at Doug Peterson led team look in a long time and there's certainly a lot of blame to go around and I've been blaming people ed and yeah they have really played anyone that the bills actually are the only team that they played with a above five hundred record but they're they're taking the expect Michelle to have a big game and then and then he doesn't have a big game but you're right he does score those such as three of them what the Fuck Brady doesn't get two touchdowns because in Minnesota where the Vikings are sixteen and a half point favorites minus fourteen hundred on the money line Washington plus eight fifty forty two is the total I just I'll be honest last thing I'm GonNa say I don't know if I can get over this being a primetime spot for kirk cousins what about craving sock week Apex Nice Work Sean Thursday night case keenum and kirk cousins both in revenge spots as the Washington redskins head it's like dude calm down you know all this happened right here is Jason Garrett has secured another year of Employment Jason Garrett and every shitty teams that just beating the crap out of them and that's what you gotta do when you're really good team and their defense is just amazing Brady doesn't really have to do much that to just destroyed me killer all right before we move on to the week eight picks gotta give a shout out to Amazon that's right uh-huh Friday night being expelled. Pa Me you stand up comedy come hang out listen to the podcast I do think you predicted on the DFS podcast Ryan that Sony Michelle would dad have a good game of fun bunker I was right he just got three touchdowns forty Oy detmer there's been dark times there's been three and thirteen team you know how you save the season it was by beat the Dallas Cowboys team had any ally is he out is he going to be out I don't know I mean I know that late late Oh shit we should pick this guy I think and then you're good to go so sign up over at Amazon sports odd cast and again one last I know it was just it was just hilarious they we taped DFS podcast before the Monday night game you went out on the limb state I don't Gerrad after the show grab a beer Hashtag degen's only that the sound bank over twenty fifth epsn and then the Amazon prime besides the free two day shipping anywhere you go they also also number of good shows on the Amazon prime a third revenge Game Ryan for my man Adrian Peterson no has little left little unfinished business left in the spaceship listen to music and you can listen to music over at Amazon when you get that Amazon prime so it's better than applebee's tons of songs tons of music everything you want I just don't think they're going to be able to stop digs I think digs is actually going to have a huge game and just to be able to run down their throat although it is sixteen and a half points but this isn't really like your normal primetime game where they're playing another good team and it matters they're just going to smoke GIMME GIMME MINNESOTA I think this game was like twenty one nothing or like twenty four seven watch out keenum's GonNa have a nice game let's head over to Sunday where the New York giants Dan I'm GonNa take the points though they got shut out at home and now they're going on the road in Minnesota very tough place to put up points this is all true it's still points up Wendell smallwood I don't know I think I think is out John double revenge spot kirk cousins and prime-time Vikings defense is dominant in the space ship lots of lots of converging factors as they say keenum in the spaceship though soon and a half a lot but you know what it is is this Washington defensive secondary a big fan of man in the high castle season three that's coming out soon make sure you Sports Gaming PODCASTS DOT COM click the Amazon Hi and Lo Ankle Sprain is an accurate Josh Norman also out you know what I I as much as I'd like to take Jeff ship to this questionable yeah I'll take Minnesota but I I I'm not messing with this game how were you lanes Stafford and Golladay they'll have a big game passing I think Detroit again they're not as bad as that two three and one the giants the He's finding himself he found himself in part of our he's hanging out he's GonNa have some crabcakes going to be a good round Oh yeah people think he's Lamar Jackson the ECKSTEEN and a half I mean I hear you and there's a lot of reasons for me to WANNA take the vikings here do it at home against the cardinals granted the giants are a horrible home team but I I just don't see how they go into Detroit early in the big number I guess ms sound silly when you say it out loud but why is this more than two touchdowns perhaps wh- it's the defense and the defense locks I'm GonNa what's your take on this one sean the big number I think this is a small number ride the New York giants are insanely bad we're heading to to Detroit to take on the Lions and the Lions are seven point favorites minus three Talamante line giants plus two fifty five forty nine total dealing being out just tear I just I'm a little nervous this is going to be one of those games where cousins shows colors I just don't WanNa lay the and one of their defensive backs to Seattle well it's really weird when you're pro bowl cornerback dairy sleigh reacts to the tweet with a you know what I'll even go this for I'm not taking the Vikings and the survivor this week I'm that it scares me you did scare me off that so I did switch into the rams but are probably worse than the two and five they should be one in six if it wasn't for that thirty yard field goal the bucks kicker missed I mean if the giants could they beat the chargers they beat the eagles they almost beat the chiefs they get hosed by the refs against the packers and then the vikings come to town and beat them thirty first in the League and turnovers minus one point four turnover margin per game thirty to Miami so they're slightly better than that the big number big number this team is banged up this team is a guy gotta be a little bit of disappointment setting in auto very well could be fourteen to nothing and they cover again scoring zero points was it was yeah waiting and are I just don't see them being involved in this game well Sean I'm GonNa take you a little bit next level right now the lines trade this week they traded they digs that was weird what the fuck face palm and then that's some bullshit lots of reports about the locker room being very surprised by this trade I get it they're all professionals but this is the kind of thing that can derail a team that's already again we we talked about it they've been they've had all the love Tennessee any means I mean no one does except the hardcore titans fans so yeah I'm GonNa take big for me to take Tampa Bay right now I mean they're just they're just not right one forty on the money line Tampa plus one twenty forty five and a half is the total well let's see what just happened I back the titans the giants not tackling at all so yeah Detroit minus seven all day baby next up we got Tampa Bay this is interesting and there is some historical significance of a Jameis Winston coming off of gains where he's thrown foreigners elkins as far as like slumped busters they're good team to play to get your confidence backpost fanbase convinces they're off convinces themselves their offense is doing exceptions are more he's one and one one of those games he won he only through nineteen passes I think what's really GonNa take the Titans Lane the small number here why is this not three though I mean what what have you seen a from this bucks team that that I can't quit the buckshot on can't quit him giving the bucks plus two and a half the box coming off the bye plenty of time for Jameis Winston and Bruce Arians to get things sorted out they take on the Tennessee titans who are laying two and a half minute I think the titans have a little juice with tannahill the turnover concerns are just much to be makes them get that extra half point I don't get it I mean certainly they have some talented receivers but and and I guess I do like good I was I was on twitter people are you know playing clips of cliff kings varies offense pointing out all the good things are doing and it's just Bruce Bruce Arians was in love with that dude but imagine playing through a broken arm and then watching your quarterback throw five interceptions a sort favorite and they took care of business kind of got really lucky probably shouldn't have won that game now they're another favourite against a team coming off a bye damn yeah he's a man I mean it's coaches chewing on fucking lead paint I would hope he'd play through a little broken arm yeah as he did you hear this that the the Bucks Offensive Lineman Alex Kappa broke is broke his arm and still played through the rest of that it would you ever Stop Gene James Winston even with your broken club arm I think he's probably Brian Timid edited by one they eat that w you know what I mean very live dodd man alive dog that needs to be put out of its misery the giants are in the they're right there with the stuff that Tampa Bay's defensive line is done at times but this a really got pushed around by the panthers so I I don't know I I think that he's been important to this team and I don't think tied Johnson is going to step right in so you get a lock this up ride I'm not locking up the giants are the giants are very very spend the money on the chargers wow that's surprising I I'm with you I'll take the chargers give me the points a. and the boys get it to Detroit will really miscarry on Johnson here and I think Stafford while Kerryon Johnson has been crushing it in his stats I I do loss they don't they certainly don't feel like a team that's going to be five hundred but I I guess I would say you know in the AFC so they don't they're just like man I can't do this anymore drive me crazy now granted the chargers I do it without any help from the running game and that's I believe why the spread is only two and a half so yeah good luck I mean what what are we seeing from this have lost guard forest land for the season but they got some good news right Russell o Kuhn is back now plus one seventy five forty one the total I'm doing it Ryan you're not GonNa stop me I'm GonNa Take The Los Angeles chargers Bill Rivers twenty-five twelve eighty s is a road underdog of three and a half or more trubisky he's I have I really don't have an opinion my opinion on this game is what the fuck and I even went as far you maybe it's a coincidence that bitcoin drops a nine percent and then all of a sudden Russell Karen decides time show up and play but he's back baby aside and you see that sometimes we're like teams have a really good defense and their quarterback sucks and then they just like you can see the defense is just bumming out moving on the chargers they had to Chicago to take on the trubisky lead bears bears or minus for mine is to ten on the money line chargers Atlanta is a is a closure is special plus six and a half points at home in the West Gate super contest there's no his team on the season three and four they will they will regress go to three and five I'm sorry I can't advise my clients to back our gals this week in steam what did they do well come out open the season win a game nice good for you then we're they do lose than lose then win then lose than lose then when this team is not going to win two straight Game Sean you're you're off there that's good science it's great science what's Seattle they had to Atlanta to take on Sean you wouldn't believe it three closure is specials this week not that it's been doing well but horrible these horrible the team is so pissed it on the defenses pissed. I think they're often so bad. It's like deflating on the defensive say Derrick Henry could get gone so yeah GimMe Gimme Tennessee at number one in defensive line yards and I think that's the story I think we're going to see a game where Tanna hell's for say maybe they're a five hundred team the pattern of their season is win one lose to win one lose to one step forward two steps back so they're scheduled for a couple of steps back doc this trubisky team that it really did look like the defense just said fuck this it's it's it's embarrassing it's embarrassing you and I think that's GonNa make a huge difference for them I think this game is just GonNa be comically ugly and I'll take the four points big I mean even if even if matty is plays he's still going to be on that Baum Ankle so I feel like a healthy match up an ankle jacked up well there's a there's a number of injury issues first off did you see that that's pretty long for QB but he hasn't hasn't started realizing the same year as Eli and Philip rivers and Big Ben so he he's been around the block but he's a young Robert by ten or more Vulcan third serious timeout so yeah Gimme Gimme Atlanta all day here sorry Seattle I mean we're a suit Matt Ryan Actual Lineup for this game Sean Yeah I mean I is is that Mattie is match up different steps guard Blackie Awesome Malay- he basically he thinks he should get sold a show Honestly Sean my instincts tell me that this numbers too big here and that were overreacting to the jets getting they're getting just absolutely cooked by Belgium we're in a dumpster fire category and it wouldn't matter how many points they were getting Seattle's coming off a loss and I still to this day have memories of that post game press six game or whatever happened way back when Atlanta is a closure is special but I made a caveat for the dolphins saying that the match shot I think he come in the League he's been around a while Oh my God yeah it'd be like all right well let me let what's the key what's The contrarian angle here when I when I saw that the public was all sixty percent of the tickets six seventy the league and then also he's still alive yeah maybe he's just seems way older but let's see his first season well two thousand four There was early early big action that came in on the jets to push it down from seven I I don't know I I'm going to go or the PEDIC's resort of this recommendation for him to get surgery on instagram so kind of just a nightmare scenario yeah see some ghosts and run into some trouble I do have concerns but my instincts tell me that this number is two we're going to bounce back in a big way jets another sean both New York teams live this week I'm going to be contrary and I think on this one and take the jets I don't really have a good reason to do it other than I think we saw the worst possible case performance for them and I think young is young thirty nine because he was he's been back in a lot of teams up but he's yeah remember he he has we don't know if he's been repaired since the four hundred three big and it feels trap he feels like something's off jets getting forty percent of the tickets seventy percent of the money Oh man I would love me at Jacksonville Detroit moneyline parlay that's probably like even money grow cities of America parlayed congratulations how horrible side there for the jets TJ Moseley who finally came back from injury he aggravated the Groin didn't seem like he's one hundred percent and then the jets conference when Russell Short down there in the Georgia Dome I'm all over the delay the points fucking this Atlanta teams cooked like you gotta be kidding me get out of here trading Muhammed's new away this this team's ready to buckle and Russell Wilson Seventeen ats after a loss as long as he's not fair hi this is at least he's one of those guys where you know like the old celebrities are like they're still alive whenever here Matt Damon I'm like wait he's still surgery but the jets thank you shouldn't and so he's GonNa big fight with them so he's just going to get the surgery anyway then he even posted the it can critique them okay I know when I call them gutless losers it's with love it's with I'm giving them the tough love that Doug Peterson uh boy seemingly the same comeback he he got his toenail ripped off didn't practice because of it and he's been limping right he's not going to try to play yeah season's over bro Yeah the the allstate jockey there we give me give me Seattle jets and other closure is maybe a tie is an order then take the points right to clarify I can call the eagles soft you can't come up and hang out you guys hey buffalo fans we respect you we wanna hang shut the fuck up you're going there for war Sean I don't know what kind of sport you think not I I liked the jags there yeah I mean there's just Darnold Darnold babies you know stumble down to swamp show plus one ten the money line buffalo minus one thirty forty three and a half is the total will Will the new love love birds I cannot give them I have no reason to believe in this Philadelphia Eagles team it's not ideal matchup on any level deshaun accent won't be playing their their quarterback situations amass although it does look like they're gonNA get Ronald Darby back think maybe buffalo still little overrated maybe Josh Allen still a guy who has is now together and it worked last week so I'm GonNa do it missile just be I don't see how this is GonNa be a good game as far as like game watch maybe maybe buffalo just Handles them special coming off the Monday night game they had to Jacksonville Jacksonville's minus six minus two sixty on the money line of the jets are plus two twenty forty ones the total not that there's anything wrong with Philadelphia heads the buffalo where Sean I saw some people from Philadelphia wanting to g jump through some tables so congratulations that one of you guys is going on there in Philadelphia this is why this team soft Philadelphia heads the buffalo where they are a two point dog sean you believe it they are also a closure is ah I I still think there's a couple of guys on there we're gonNA play hard so we'll see I mean it comes down if they have any sort of heart and I think if they if they don't show up this do you need a couple more dogs this week around things out so they're lucky in that sense Oh gimmie the eagles plus two yeah I I mean this is just going to be natty heads to Los Angeles well no actually whereas is this game in London Sean I write this down wrong it's fucking seeing some Koumba and circle around a fucking rose bed to you're supposed to each other about the play and these guys are making peace one week we know right we know that they're just a bunch of heartless chumps I I'm Gonna I'm GonNa play the angle that is big number though neutral site number yeah I mean they have that Have you seen the the cordy Glenn but you know fuck it I don't know I really close to taking Buffalo I'm really close to doing it just to teach them a lesson am slot as much better Cincinnati heads heads to play a virtual road game an actual road game rams playing a virtual home game in London Los Angeles now like some you may have messed up there I don't see anything saying otherwise yeah I mean and the bengals are another just like weird this weird team where the jags on the other hand Kinda Jalen as a team mench you getting a little bit of that magic back jets off the short we gang give me the Philadelphia Eagles the two point dog trying to Jason I'm not trying to jinx them I just I'm not betting on this all the eagles soft when you figure out how to put together winning season in New York then you can start calling other people software right no you have to play they're basically the the BAGELS doctors are basically cleared him and he hasn't the NFL thing well and this is such a millennial thing to do like I know the the medical expert says so but I don't feel good just because I ignored the closure special for our seattle play doesn't mean I'm not GonNa play it for the other two so give me the closure special here since Josh Allen in this buffalo bills team come on they're going to be nine and seven they need to slow down they've one way too many games so far they're not catching the and I want you know I have a lot of dogs this week Sean but I'm going to take the favourite here again this this is probably a good spot to to throw a near survivor pool is kick New Orleans minus ten and a half minus five hundred on the money line cardinals plus four hundred forty nine is the total cardinals coming off a win let's assume it's in London where we're where we assume this guess is in London bengals rams likely to see strong crowd in as London's interest in American football grow you know thank you for not putting this game at six thirty I I don't know why we had to do one at six thirty this doesn't WanNa play football anymore a trip all the way to London I I I don't know but just lay the points right don't the bengals lay a massive egg rams still martine minus thirteen and a half minus seven hundred on the money line bengals plus five hundred you know what is just the cure for a team that does feelings of the most important thing here so I'm not GonNa play that's what's going on here the world's going to shit the NFL has to do something or the XFL is going to take over cleared himself so they're going back and forth fighting about it and so now they're like suspending them this is sean this is their offensive line is really bad no one ever super banged up and green doesn't WanNa play for the team cordy Glenn Well but Cincinnati is just it's over it's over yeah I think what they're I I know that Tyler Perry has the back door ability but ooh yeah he does I against the dog shit team now they gotta play real defense I I think I am asked enough dogs start taking some favorites here because I I don't thing what is their their offensive tackle they basically suspended because e closes tells a concussion and they're like Oh man we gotta we gotTa do some Internet Search Real quick because I don't think they're going to be playing at ten am game and But I do think the rams are more talented and I mean this act Taylor is the bengals really rallying around Zac Taylor Sean McVeigh or the Sean McVeigh no like the two things that Zack Taylor can do right and are just going to shut down so yeah give me the rams it's a huge number but I gotta take it I also think we're going to get a strangely focused rams team Jalen Ramsey second game I think they I think they have the have to have a chip on their shoulder I'm still hoping they missed the playoffs but this is a game they're going to get right they're going to win big give give us the Rams Arizona heads to New Orleans with another early buying into the hype low of it Teddy Bridgewater looks good their defensive line really looks good I think that'll be tough for Arizona but unlike said that whole concussion thing they're just they're not even getting like could garbage points you know what I mean I guess they kind of hung around with the Jaguars Zona get some garbage touchdowns and I feel like Arizona Day yeah they're not afraid to pick up garbage saints are nine and thirteen also sean you know we like to talk about the regression they converted so many third downs last week and we all know that the measurement of an offense he asses a double digit favorites under Sean Payton though yeah I think they're going to struggle a little bit especially in the first half but I think you know Orleans has a as a by coming up maybe they're maybe they check out a little bit late in the fourth quarter a mayor can half in a dome it's kind of ideal for Tyler and crew I think they might be able to do little stuff certainly chance at New Orleans just roll the clock if you look at the way that they scored a couple of big plays on the ground last week with chase edmunds you take some of those plays away there wasn't much going on for this offense I'm GonNa live appoints oh man I really like Arizona here I think this is a this kind of like the perfect time to sneak on Arizona I mean they're finally who's looked a good I mean granted again it's it was against the giants but yeah I I just think they'll be able to hag point favorite minus two fifty five on the money line broncos plus two fifteen forty three the total you fucking around this Broncos team are they competent what three games in a row go on the road is GonNa do much offensively so and it's under six I thought this was going to be like you know seven and a half to make the playoffs this season I I think that's the message to this Broncos team and the colts offensive line I think they'll be able to enroll for production but isn't that kind of send a message cheer team like you know clearly we're not trying to make the playoffs he wouldn't trade Emmanuel Sanders if you're trying yeah I liked the coming off Thursday night normally but I'm GONNA have to go against it for Denver it's just it's just such a bad match for them I mean not only on rooting just for a back door Sean what is this this has to be a record the fourth close your eyes Special Denver the Broncos they head to indy where the coulter six we're GonNa see that defense shut them down in a real way and I think we're gonNA see the Tavis Murray and this team build a pound the rock and just just completely trade Emmanuel Sanders if you're trying to make the playoffs you probably don't start Joe flacco either I'm going to observe the closure is special for a third time closer one three games in a row two of which were on the road you know Kyla they they have some sort of offense that they can run They got chase Edmunds the colts have Darius Leonard Back but Maliki Hooker full go get safety back I think's going to be huge for the Broncos they just trade or yeah I mean they they they beat the Bengals by three the falcons by one giants by six I think this is by far the best defense they've seen all year and I think that getting a little confidence I mean granted the teams they've beaten our complete dog shit but they've won three games in a row I I think if you're a young team with the new head coach the start this order defense is how they perform

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