Outed! Heres the Real Russia Scandal. # 982


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. I Dan Bongino, shall we got a road show for you today? I don't skip days when I travel or take vacations, and this is the most important show I've done for you in a very, very long time. It is the capstone project to a work project me Paula Joe two seven nine a lot of other great internet. Researchers out there have done the work. The media is left out in the spy, gay case is finally come together. I have a, a nuclear explosion for you today on this case from working on it all week started about Tuesday in conjunction with my source again. Hat tip to my buddy two seven nine out there. And finally on Friday. We're ready put it out here it is. And I'm gonna lay it out for you and the whole show, I tried to explain this to Paula less than we were out to dinner here in LA. That's, that's this is the hotel room in the background. Russian collusion folks is very real. 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Zebra up in Maryland where Los Angeles, but he is here. So he's listening and checking the whole thing out. Okay. I want to start with this piece of sound and video. Now I know I played this yesterday, but it is important to set up when I told you keep in mind, the lead of our story today. Dan bar, Gino show today again, I'm taking credit for this. It's just called the Dan Bongino show, but in conjunction with a lot of people collusion is real. Unfortunately, the Democrats accused Donald Trump of collusion when we now. No, we can confirm for you today that the Obama administration and their CIA and FBI entities. And their sources weren't fact, working with or using high level Russians to influence our campaign. Now, you think that's what trae gatty was talking about, when trae Gaddi said, this is it a general lack of curiosity? Or is it something else? I think it's incredibly classified. I mean, I think it is classified at the highest levels. I mean, stopping Michael Horowitz couldn't access it. He's the inspector general who wrote the definitive accounting of the Clinton Email investigation. But even he couldn't access this information is held in the possession of a really small discrete number of people, but Chris rate is on that list. I personally think that information is going to inform. My fellow citizens that the Russian threat was far more than just a threat against the Democrats. It was a threat to our Republic. So for that reason for a unifying. Season. I think the information to extend it can be should be released without jeopardising relationships with allies. So let's be clear tray out. He's saying this information out there, so sensitive, it only a few people have seen it, and it involves Russians and potentially friendly foreign intelligence partners. What could that possibly mean? It's so sensitive that it's going to shake people, it's going to shock people, and that it indicates that there may have been Russians and working with a friendly partners. Let's lay it out for you, folks. Here it is his we found earlier in the week. And I'm actually surprised that more. People didn't see this, and I have to say, I'm a little bit embarrassed for some of the media folks who have missing the biggest story of our time. I and to give a hat tip here, Chuck Ross, I think put a piece out on this last night, too and a daily call. I'm not taking anything away from Chuck. I'm not trying to scoop his work. But just, you know, I never do that. That we need to be I try to be right here hat tip. The Chuck, but we also we will working on this earlier in the week on Tuesday. I was hinting to it on Twitter and Matt Palumbo has a piece up about this today. Here's what I'm talking about. When about to show you are the notes. If you've been following this show this whole week. These are the notes from a State Department officials interview with Christopher Steele, ten days before steals information is used by the FBI to get a FIS. A follow me. Very simple. Christopher Steele is a foreign intelligence agent hired by the Clinton campaign to develop negative information on Trump. The FBI is using steel as a page source it is steals information that is then used in a warrant to spy on the Trump team. It's as simple as that the problem here be still tells the FBI repeatedly. He is only talking to them, keep in mind, he's a paid FBI source to he's being paid by Hillary. A Hillary's team. And he's being paid by the FBI no problem. There folks. Nothing to see there. But he's telling them that he's only talking to the people paying him, fusion GPS, who are being paid by Hillary and the FBI he's not telling them that he's talking to anyone else, but ten days before the FBI swears that is information is true. He gives an interview to Kathleen Cavaliers at the State Department, forgive me for that setup. And I know it's redundant for some of you following this week. But it's important, these are the notes and in the notes hat tip to my buddy. We found this little piece of information that may be of interest to you. Here's the notes notice where we circled it here. Notice the name that's on these notes that circled next to the word sources. Now my buddy who's been helping me through this. We had a tough time deciphering that because Kathleen cavalier writes, like a doctor, I wish she would have thought like one the State Department official air. Now we know the one below because I dressed in earlier in the week in the show, and I'll get to that we're gonna actually wrap the show today with this guy. The one below you'll see sources. They're the one below. Surkov Surkov, who's a Russian deeply connected to bladder may Putin. All we got a Jim on that, at the end of the show. But the name above, we had a bit of a tough time with finally, we figured out what it was. The name is trip. Nick off Vladimir of lack of trip Nick off depending on what I name he uses trim, Nick off was one of Christopher Steele sources. So Christopher Steele, sources or the sources. He's spying spying on himself or gathering information on it really doesn't matter in this case, because he's getting information from them, whether he spying on them, or they're feeding him information. Our two Russians intimately tied. To flat. Amir Putin, ladies and gentlemen. Do you understand the entire time? With the Democrats have been accusing president of Trump President Trump. They are absolutely guilty of themselves. We have been asking for now. Two years in this investigative work, we've been doing on this case me in the in the circle of people that are surrounding me. And I work with we have been asking ourselves for two years. Who were Christopher Steele sources remember in the dossier in the information? He cites a Russian intelligence sources Kremlin connected sources. But he never gives up the names, the two names, he gave up to Catholic, which we just discovered. Now, now, we know why they were hiding these notes, by the way, these notes never became public, Devin, newness, and all of them investigating this case they've been looking for these notes, and they've been hiding them. They only came about recently because of a foia requests from citizens United now. We know why because his Kremlin connected. Sources aren't good guys who turned on the Russian Republic. These aren't good guys at all. These are Putin. Connected people who were feeding disinformation, too Christopher Steele, knowing that it'll be used impact our election. Ladies and gentlemen, now. What's the big picture, what's going on here? Let me explain why Trubnikov and Surkov as deal sources are is so so devastating. Ladies and gentlemen. It's now pretty clear. See, I don't have Joe here to give me the Papa you. Tell me if this makes sense you're Cepal sitting over there off my left shoulder, she's producing from the road here. What we are clearly witnessing. Here is a parallel construction scheme so headline number one, the Russians now, trim, Nick often Cirque off are clearly colluding with people paid by Hillary Clinton. Christopher Steele in the fusion GPS team to get Russian disinformation into our court system to spy on political opponents. In other words, collusion, interferes election. It absolutely happened with the Democrats. There's no doubt about this any longer. No one's disputing these memos are genuine and these notes by Catholic. So that's headline number one collusion, real, except this, the Democrats. Headline number two, what was really going on here? Show you ever heard of parallel construction? Parallel construction. I, I was trying to explain it to my wife last night at dinner as I said, before is it's, it's the wrong thing to do this is not. But let's say in law enforcement, you have a source you're using to investigate a drug case. But your source is not viable. He lies a lot. He's not going to be credible in court. He's made stuff up. He's got a drug problem self so you don't know if he's reading a guy out to get out of a drug debt. But his, his information, he's given you. You're not sure if it's reliable he's doing it because he's a mercenary himself. So what do you do in a parallel construction scheme? By the way, says totally unethical and illegal you then get that information to be somehow transmitted to another source. You knows reliable whatever priests the guy you trust or something like that in the neighborhood, and you tell the court, you got the information from from whatever the priest or the CEO of a company who's, who's a big social guy. Does does a lot of stuff? He's got a great reputation. You tell the court, you got it from the from the CEO, not from the dirt bag drug guy. Meanwhile, all you did was have the drug. I tell the CEO the information does that make sense. Paula she not your head and approve. Okay. That's a parallel construction scheme where you get information from shady source, you intend to use you give it to someone else. And you tell them to parallel at the same time to, to use that information, and we'll pretend they came from you in an effort to bypass the verification process. Ladies and gentlemen, I no longer have any doubts as what I've been setting up for you the whole week, especially since Monday show with the Coen, prog thing. They were doing a parallel construction scheme. Here's what I mean by this. We now have a connection between the spy gate scandal and the dossier scandal in the steel scandal. There we've been we've been trying to connect the fon, how for the spider, this dossier scandal for, for weeks now for months of practically since Chuck Ross broke the story, at the daily caller, what last year Stefan, help it was the spy spying on Trump t- members. We've been looking for a connection between all the players so just that I don't want to confuse anybody. We're still talking about parallel construction, but in order for them, this will make sense in a second to parallel constructive story, and reconstructed with viable source, they had to get it away from the original source, I you may say well in your analogy who's the drug dealer, bad source that they were trying to hide. The russians. Trubnikov and Surkov. You can't make allegations at Trump's colluding with the Russians while you're colluding with Russians to get information about Trump colluded with the Russian. You think? This makes sense. Now, do you see where we're going with this? They were getting the information from Russians the whole time. Now, you may say how's that? Then you just mentioned, how per and spying on the Trump team we have no evidence yet. Oh, we do that. That was connected to steal using his information. So let me set up where I'm going with this, and Email me feedback. On today's show, I wanna see how I did because this is the capstone project who are work. And by the way to focus on my second book, I can't say it enough. We've really were exonerated. That's the title of books available on Amazon. Please pick it up. This is what we've been working on. On one hand, John Brennan and the intelligence agencies essential tells agency and the foreign people and the foreign intelligence agencies at work in with friendly's. On one hand. They're getting this information from haufer. How are knows Travnik off, but they have to clean it. They have to clean the information remember a year and a half ago. I told you about the information laundering scandal, they have to clean the information because they can't walk into a US court and say, a Russian intelligence connected official at the highest levels Trubnikov is giving us information about Donald Trump. So they have to launder it. So what are they do? They go and find another store source. They've worked with before Christopher Steele, who's worked with the FBI on the soccer corruption case and does have verified work history. They have the same information launder. Do Christopher Steele, Steele hides, who the information came from up until he unbelievably in a stupid move tells cavalier about it. They launder it through steel. Who's a useful idiot steel gives them the information and the FBI can walk into court and say, hey, we're using a reliable source for this. This is how we've heard this before in the past. So I understand what I'm saying the Central Intelligence agencies on one path Brennan, and I don't wanna say the CIA because this really was Brennan operation. I shouldn't say that the folks on the ground are no, I believe relatively little, if any involvement in this, I think this is really Brennan marshalling, this operation Brennan wants to set him up. Brennan wants to set him up. So he gets the information and they get the information from Halpern others. They then have to clean it through steel here. Let me go let me get to these screen shots. So I can show you what we're talking about here. Here's a piece in two thousand eighteen by Sarah Carter. This is important. Follow me here. Sour corridor wrote this back in two thousand eighteen. He's talking about a whistle blower. Actor Pentagon, who was quote battling to save his career the Pentagon suspended this guy love, and your Adam Levinger, who when he exposed to an internal review. That's the fon helper, who is an emeritus Cambridge. Professor had received roughly one million taxpayer money to write foreign policy reports for the defense department. So just to be clear, we're setting up here. It's the fon helper is connected to trip. Nikolov to trim, Nick off who steal source. He says, he's the source in the note while Stefan helper is spying for the for Brennan's people and foreign Intel on Trump t- members popadopoulos and Carter page, it goes on. Sarah Carter continue centerpiece, how her along with Richard. Dear love this is the name is gonna come up against this greatest story ever told left the Cambridge intelligence seminar in two thousand sixteen saying they were concerned about Russian influence. How per had told reporters at the time that it was due to unacceptable Russian influence. Let me translate that paragraph. Right. Sarah quarter, saying here that Stefan helper, the spy who is spying on popadopoulos. Remember, they're getting information from Trubnikov. I believe however, and steal. But they got along the rip through steel because they can't say it came from Treblinka. So they have to use a verify source and the can't walk helper into court how out of he's a CIA source. No one wants to think the CIA spying on Trump. Am I confused look at MIT Paula mica fees, naming the FBI can't walks, the fon Halpern CIA source into court and say, hey, we're spying on the Trump team? So they have to pretend they got the information from this innocent. Bystander Christopher Steele, who was verified source in the past you getting that Trump, Nick off is clearly an ally to help her. Go back to that Sarah Carter pieces. Second. Ironically, a documents obtained by Sarah quarter dot com suggests that Howard also invited senior Russian intelligence officials to co teach his course on several occasions. And according to news reports also accepted money to finance the course from. A top Russian oligarch with ties to Putin all while isn't that keep that up isn't this absolutely special. So this intelligence community connected spies, the fon help who spying on the Trump team Carter page and Papua we have no doubt he reaches out to them. He's trying to get information for them. He is spying. He is a spy spying on the tree trees, deep connections to the American intelligence community is also teaching a course where they're taking money to finance the cards from Russian Allah guards connected to Putin o-. Oh, it gets better. Who's teaching the course with? It goes on several course syllabi from twenty twelve to twenty fifteen of tain by this outlet reveal how per hadn't had invited and co taught his course, on intelligence with the former director of Russian intelligence General Vladimir trib Nick off. Isn't that special? So the spy how her who is spying on the Trump team is an associate of professional associate of Ladimir trip Nick off a high ranking Russian Intel person who we now know was also a source for Christopher Steele, who was a source for the FBI. Folks, I know the visuals were l'estrange being in a hotel room here with me. Hold on the Mike. But I want you to think about that for a second. And I want you to think about it in terms of how fundamentally uncured. Are pathetic. Grotesque American media is. Now. Sarah, inner peace in two thousand eighteen couldn't report on the trip Nick offs. Theo connection she reported on the steel, excuse me, the Trubnikov helper, connection because nobody knew because remember the interview Steele gives with cavalier, ten days before the F, B I swears out the war in October of two thousand sixteen to spy on Trump. We didn't have the notes until three weeks ago. It's not Sarah records fault you to know that connect. Nobody knew. Now, you may say, Dan wise. Nobody in the media reporting on this. Well, because they were kind of a joke, I gotta tell you. I'm really disappointed, and people who are I can't believe people aren't picking up the story. We reported on Monday that Christopher Steele, the so-called reliable stores for the FBI. I couldn't even remember his own Coen, prog story. Nobody picked it up. And you may say you sound. But I'm not I'm not bitter show goes crazy. We, we actually sadly, Paula Reid of mine line about this. We make money off other media people. Not reporting on it because why people then come to our show. We did like four five hundred thousand views on Monday. So it's in my personal financial interest for no one in the media to pick up our stories but it's not in my interest in liberty and freedom and interest in the constitutional public and it's not just a talking point. And I'm not trying to be flowery or hyperbolic, we can't do this alone. It's like us Chuck Ross Jeff Carlson, two seven nine. Lee smith. Sarah Carter, John Salomon nobody. I mean, we we, we don't have a following big enough to get this out, where are you people? How are you missing this, how is this not a breaking Chiron every media outlet all over the country right now that one of the heads of Russian intelligence was a source for the FBI your see the notes? Are you missing this? My gosh is this disappointing now. This is what we've been working on with, with our sources all week to it gets better. Folks, we already knew about a lot of this. We just didn't know that steals source was Nick often, how deep this one the fact that Russian Intel was feet of I mean like this people connected to Putin, where feeding intelligence where FBI to spy on Trump is the story of the millennium. Being ignored. To take a quick break and get back to this today show also brought to you by buddies at brickhouse nutrition. They make the finest nutrition supplements on the market. 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You gotta eat your fruits and vegetables, get your fruits and vegetables, sheri- today, brickhouse nutrition dot com slash Dan. Pick up field of greens. It's called field greens, brickhouse. Nutrition dot com slash Dan. You won't regret it. Okay moving on now. I said to you before the break there that we've known about a lot of this for awhile, Sarah, Carter's under understood a long time ago. There was a trip Nick off connection. We just didn't understand how deep again I like the hat tip every. Nobody make sure everybody gets her appropriate you Byron York as well. Who have credited a lot who does amazing work at the Washington Examiner. Also reported a while back on the testimony of Christopher Simpson. These are all twenty eighteen stories. Now, this is important a the keep saying, Christopher forgive me a guy knew from the secret service. Glenn Simpson Glenn Simpson from fusion, GPS, forgive me, you don't have to send me an Email. I know it's Glenn. I get the mole time. This is a Byron York piece may thirtieth of two thousand eighteen headline what Glenn Simpson said about that, quote, human source and tried the Trump campaign. Let me set this up because now all these articles, Sarah card is in Byron York are going to make a world of sense. And now that we know Treblinka off who's the all source. Okay. York was reporting back on twenty eighteen about Glenn Simpson Glenn Simpson. The fusion GPS directors being paid by Hillary to gen up the negative information on Trump steel works for Simpson. We're pretty clear on that, but just to make the connections here. Christopher Steele is working for Simpson. Simpson went up to Capitol Hill gave under oath. Testimony up on Capitol Hill, and he said some things that clearly disturbed some people, and then he caught himself and try to backtrack. Now, I usually don't put this many screen shots from one piece. But this is important because York's piece from two thousand eighteen I'm going to go through five specific screen shots from it now, the whole thing is gonna make sense. Let's go to screen shot number one here, Byron York. She says, although his questioners at the time didn't know what he was talking about fusion GPS chief Glenn Simpson. Raised eyebrows on August twenty seconds, seventeen. When he listened to this, when he told the Senate Judiciary committee, investigators that the FBI had a human source inside the Trump campaign. It's still not clear. What Simpson meant was he referring to the fon, however, by the way, I think that's pretty clear now, now, recognizes, an FBI informant tried to insinuate himself in the Trump campaign or was it someone else congressional investigators still don't know. But in light of the attention paid to helper. It's still worth going over precisely what Simpson said last year. This is important. Now Simpson was talking to investigators about Christopher Steele. That's all these questions, originated, the former British spy retained to produce what became known as the dossier steelhead contacts within the FBI from Prec previous work again, important because of the stabbed his steel, if you're going to launder information through steel, this is important. You want a guy who's worked with you before and Simpson told the interviews that at the height of the campaigns the oh, met with FBI officials in Rome. Okay. So they're talking about steel, and its some point Glenn Simpson slips and says there was a human source spy inside the Trump campaign. Nobody knew at the time they thought it may have been helper. It goes on screen channel. Number two. Then Simpson said the F B I officials had something else by which to evaluate steals material intelligence, the bureau had gotten from a source inside the Trump campaign, this keep that up, please. This is. Critical. Because now what the F B. Said to Simpson was the information you're giving us through steel who's working with Simpson, the, you know, the P tape, the Russian collusion all this stuff the information you're getting. Quote, we've also gotten from a source inside the Trump campaign. Wow. It's corroborated. Look, ladies and gentlemen, parallel construction. They're getting the story from Brennan Central Intelligence Agency assets. But they're getting the same story from Christopher Steele. It's from the same people. The bureau does a. No. This. They're telling Glenn Simpson. Oh, we're getting the same stuff from a source inside the Trump campaign goes on, essentially, what's this is Simpson talking? Essentially, what Steele told me was that they had other intelligence about this matter from an internal Trump campaign source. And my understanding was that they believe Chris talking about steel at this point that they believe Chris's information might be credible because they had other intelligence that indicated this same thing. And one of those pieces of intelligence was a human source from inside the Trump organization, she was that's human source. The fun. How who happens to be working with the exact same Russian Intel guy, who's feeding information to Christopher Steele, ladies and gentlemen. We got played for idiots by the Russians and the stupid, Democrats and hapless leadership at the FBI, and the just grotesque John Brennan fell right into the trap, because they hated Trump so much. You understand that last quote, right? You understand how important that was right? The FBI is telling steel as he's giving them the information he's getting from. Trubnikov. He's they're telling steel. Oh, we have the same information from a human source. It's the guy working with trip Nick off, how per he worked with them at the Cambridge intelligence seminar. They worked together. They didn't figure this out. They didn't want to figure it out. They go on at the end just put up that second one again fume. The next question was obvious, and now they're asking Simpson. And did you have any understanding then or now as to who that human intelligence source may have been from inside the Trump campaign at this point? Simpson's lawyer next one steps in clearly freaked out Simpson's lawyers, Josh Levy steps in and says he's going to decline to answer that question. On what basis they say Simpson speaks up security? He says this is classic go to the next one. So Simpson now realizes they're going to ask him. Hugh this, who this human intelligence source inside the campaign is. Simpson, clearly knows probably however. Simpson. Then response, I don't want to answer the question for security reasons. And here's this other answer. He goes into detail here. We had been really careful. I was really careful to this process, not to ask a lot of specific sourcing questions. Simpson explain this just epic. There are some things I know that I just don't feel comfortable sharing, because obviously, it's been in the news. A lot lately that people who get in the way of the Russians tend to get hurt. The Simpson know that haufer is working with Nick off. Was Glenn Simpson, so eager, Glenn Simpson, author of the two thousand seven Wall Street Journal piece that reads suspiciously, like the dossier was Glenn Simpson. The movie script author will, we've been calling the movie script for those new listeners, Glenn Simpson wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal in two thousand and seven two thousand seven two thousand seventeen that reads almost exactly like the dossier, the same players appear Manafort, there, a pasta their pastas ended the dossier, but the same players the same allegations of influence in the United States with Simpson's so eager to believe his own movie, script was he so. Inspector gadget that he'd figured this whole thing. Ao. That he disregarded, any journalistic moral ethical standards whatsoever. And ignored the fact that the source and tried the Trump campaign, most likely helper was working with Russians who were feeding him a noticeable disinflation lies. And now the reason he's worried about outing the source is because he's worried that the Russians are going to come after him for safety reasons. Folks, this Byron York piece, by the way, all all of these pieces, including Matt Palumbo piece, which we've been putting together the he's my researcher at Bongino dot com. We work together. All of these pieces are at the show notes today and I've said it a lot. But if you're not reading the show notes today, you're not going to get this stuff anywhere else I put together five or six articles made a little like compendium here of Carter pieces. Your piece they're older pieces and a match piece and a couple of new ones from today. If you read these five or six pieces in conjunction with the show, this entire case makes sense. Remember, let's go back to the beginning. So it all makes sense. We don't lose each other, what we are talking about now is a confirm Russian collusion, conspiracy by people within the Obama administration intelligence sources Brennan's people. The FBI paid sources all colluding to get information from one common theme. Russian Intel connected, people who were feeding a bunch of garbage collusion's real. And they obviously were laundering, this information from Russian Intel people through a source they'd used in the past to make it seem like it had been corroborated. When, in fact, it was the same information I have no doubt anymore that it was how passing this information from Trubnikov and informing on them, and then they get the same trip Nick off information from steel in the FBI thinks this is legitimate. Byron York goes on one last part of this. I Simpson said the FBI informant volunteered for the job, a person who decided to pick up the phone and joined the investigation. So keep in mind if he's talking about how her and I've heard this from other sources on the inside that how Pearl let's say is the best way to frame. This may have been freelancing remember, Devin Nunes, who's been investigating this from the start has been clear that no official television intelligence was used to start this case. That's critical keep this up from the this is the last piece from York. This is from York's piece the less Nipah from York's piece. They slide all make sense if you put what put two and two together what I'm talking about here. Newness has repeatedly stated that no official intelligence was used to start this investigation. In other words was this some kind of black ops, folks? I don't mean that some deep light Terminator two kind of way. Let sound also fisted. I just don't know any other way to describe it. If Stefan helper is gathering information from Trubnikov, and Russians, and Surkov and steals gathering information from trib, Nick often Surkov Russians Intel connected Russians connected like this to Putin. But none of it is formalized. There's no CI numbers there's no case open in the CIA. There's no formal cooperation. It's all being done through back black channels than what other way to describe it again. I'm not trying to sound dramatic call it what you want a black op and unregistered op. You know, I don't care a back of the envelope. It doesn't matter to me. I'm not trying to sound dramatic. I'm just trying to tell you when you read that this snippet again, from York. Now, this makes sense in conjunction with the Intel, I've received from my sources, which are very good on this. That haufer was freelancing. Stefan, however, was doing for some had a bug against Trump. Now it makes sense. Simpson says the FBI informant volunteered for the job. He picked up the phone and joined the investigation non official channels. Keep it all quiet. Don't put anything on paper, second, since it did not say, whether he knew who the FBI informant was Simpson's said, the FBI told the that such informed exist in suggested that he Simpson at some point learn the identity, there are some things I know I just don't feel comfortable sharing Simpson said, but Simpson did not say definitively in the Senate questions did not press finally Simpson claim that the informant supplied information that corroborated the Steele dossier. And several months later, then FBI director James Komi called the dossier unverified. Now. It gets better parallel construction. Remember same story. Same Russians hide the Russians get the Russian information to help her. But then pretend it came from Steele, swear to it and make it all look at not only that will pretend they came from steel, and then we'll say it's corroborated by the information, we got to help her even though they got it from the same Russians. Now here's what makes us even more suspicious here. Turn it into my notes today. Show at Amman a little hotel pet this we've been all night, working on this. I literally folks, are we say, literally literally, the most overused, where the English language I literally lost two hours sleep over this because I've been so anxious about getting this out to you since Wednesday. But I wanted to make sure we nailed this story to the wall. So again, we gotta get scooped a little bit by Chuck Ross last night. But that's cool. I, I mean at Chuck's fantastic. Fantastic reporter who broke the helper story deserves all the kudos in the world item, not trying to be like, we got it first, but we have been working on it since earlier in the week, thanks to a tip from trusted source, you know who you are who was just wonderful. But moving on from this now, so keep in mind, we're talking about, again, we're talking about two separate pass forking paths for the exact same information at all goes back to Russians Trubnikov and Surkov these are Russian disinformation experts who are feed. Information through multiple channels knowing political slobs in the United States are going to suck. This fake information up the spy on Trump, which the right you may say, well, why would the Russians do that because they like to mess with us and stupid people fall for it? You don't believe me. Wait. Till wait till I in the shower and this show. Don't go anywhere. Wait these in the show, I will tie it all up for you. But it case you think well, Dan, you know what real evidence do we have that? How was getting information from Trubnikov how spy on the Trump team is potentially feeding it to his Intel sources? Folks, how per was was teaching a course which Rybnik off. They were teaching together at the Cambridge intelligence seminar. How is the key to this whole thing? Now, there's a piece from the telegraph 'cause you may okay, you still have so that they know each other. We don't even though it says Trump Nick off was a source for how do we know? He was a source for helper. From the telegraph, this is fascinating. Again. Another older piece. It's all in the show notes today. So you can read it Cambridge spy seminars hit by whispers of Russian links as three intelligence experts resign. Okay. Hold out time out. How for teachers he's a spy teaches at the Cambridge intelligence seminar. The Cambridge intelligence shaman are conveniently in December of two thousand sixteen which is after the election, I believe, November December. Yes. That is in fact, correct, December twenty six days after the election. So they now find Trump went after Trump wins suspiciously. Three people resigned from this Cambridge intelligence seminar saying, hey, the Russians have infiltrated we gotta go, who's one of those three people. Let's go to the peace, quote from the piece this time, it's not aspiring at the center of injury, but rather suggestions. That Kremlin operatives may be targeting a seminar program. This is the telegraph, by the way, folks, a left leaning alad, the concerns emerged after a number of experts unexpectedly resigned from their positions at the Cambridge intelligence seminar and academic form on the western spy world, the men former m I six chief Richard, dear love, Stefan, helper. A former policy advisor at the White House and historian Pete. For Marlin are sent to have left amid concerns that the Kremlin is behind the newly established intelligence journal which provides funding to the group. Mr. helper told earlier reports that his decision to step down was due to quote unacceptable Russian influence on the group. Oh. So just to be clear for the liberals listening and the media people because you both display an equal degree of idiocy and anti-american garbage lately, trying to cover up the biggest scandal in American history. So we spy spying on the Trump team ever have valid. They thought of spy listened shut your mouth. You guys are just morons. So to the moron class, I'm talking to people with a brain now. So the spies, the fun house, but was a spy, which is Bill Barr says an acceptable English word to describe what, what, what help or did helper is a Central Intelligence Agency connected spy with decades of doing this is not new. He teaches a class with a Russian who's become a source for disinflation used by the FBI to spy on the Trump team. He teaches a class with him after Trump gets elected. And how at that point is clearly a wrapping up as spying operation on the Trump team. Because now he finds out he's president, by the way tries to get a job with the Trump team later probably to cover his own tracks, how. Her then quits the intelligence seminar. He's teaching with the Russian who's become a source for this information citing unacceptable Russian influence. Don't worry media people don't look into this at all. There is no connection there whatsoever. Don't you worry? You all go to bed with your s'mores than your mala Mars have your milk and cookies at night, and continue with covering, how orange man bad all the time, because you're really a disgrace the humankind, you had one job to report. The facts you're blowing the biggest story of our time. And I'm telling you how I don't understand how other media outlets are reporting on this either you have a note by Catholic indicating that a Russian Intel guy, Putin's right, hand guy is been reporting on the Trump team and was a primary source used for the dossier and was a source for help or two based on helpers own statements on acceptable Russian influence. I gotta get out of here from who trim Nick off. That's the guy you were working with. And you're not interested in the story. Are you this stupid? Even worse, because you may say, well, Dan, how do we know this was all being coordinated and these guys all knew each other? Because you may logically be saying 'cause I try to give you point counterpoint and think through this logically and do the homework that the media people won't you may be saying yourself. Okay. So based on the facts, you laid out how for teachers with Trubnikov helpers and intelligence guy, how per, no, obviously, no trip, Nick offenses, accepted money from the Russian government for his scores after Trump's elected, he quits, and himself, he cites unacceptable Russian influence from the same guy who's the source. I think it's reasonable to infer the evidence is pretty overwhelming at this point that helper was getting inflammation, we're getting played by trip Nick off. And feeding information to his intelligence connections. But you may say you still haven't made the connection between how parents steel in other words, if they're, laundering, the information, policy me here because Joe's not here to be the ombudsman. If this doesn't make sense. You may say to yourself. Okay. So they're getting the information from trim, Nick off. And how passing it to US Intel who are using it to hammer the Trump team. And then the FBI is getting it from Steele. But where's the connection here between how her and steal, ladies and gentlemen, when I think makes this? Which I think makes this even worse 'cause still doesn't have to know what's helper that helper as the information to. But if he does it makes the case where she may be saying why in a funk confusing. You like is a little confusing. Glenn Simpson in that Byron York piece is insisting to congress that the information steel has been corroborated by another source. If steel doesn't know, Trubnikov is feeding the same information from helper. He may not be lying. The Omay think is information is true, even though he's getting it from trip Nick off, because he doesn't know trim, Nick off, gave it to help her, and they're hearing there's a spy, and he's got this information. That's your exact same information is that you get that, that makes sense. Still may legitimately believed. That is information is correct. Because the FBI is telling him it's correct now. Ladies and gentlemen, OPEL leave that for one minute. There's a connection between steel and how per which says to me that steel as he's giving this information to the FBI that getting from Dink off or about Trump, Nick off. It doesn't matter. They're clearly know that they're being watched. And they're giving information steal you. Get what I'm saying? It doesn't matter of nickel. If Steele was even spying on Trubnikov. It doesn't matter from Nick off knows steel is listening to what he's saying and he's feeding them information. It's like he's listening over my shoulder pretend these not there and let's talk, let's talk about some stuff, so hotel the other guy. There's a connection here. What's the connection? The connection is Richard. Dear love. Now, again, had tipped the Chuck Ross who had the story last night, too, but he had an older piece, which, again is in the show notes today as you read this, this, all makes sense. So let me be clear, what we're trying to establish that's where wind a little bit. I Russians definitely colluded with the Democrats. We now know that we now know that second that there was a Russian source used for Christopher Steele. They tried to hide steel slips talks about it in this in this interview with Kathleen Catholic, but steel seems to insist that the information's corroborated because there's other information out there that sounds, the same, but he doesn't tell people that he probably knows the information came from how, how does he know how for he knows them from your love? Here's an older Chuck Ross peace, and they'll start to put this together. It'll make a little bit more sense. Now. So Chuck Ross piece from the daily caller. Here's a this is a good one being the show notes today. Let me go to the first screen shot from it. Of like shooting, title, a piece, former British spy, masters flown under the radar and Russia probe. Despite links to key figures, Chuck Ross from last year. I, I part of the peace, dear love Richard, dear love who let's be clear. Absolutely. No is how they teach us class together. Do you love? Also has vouched for Christopher Steele couple snippets from the peace. Do you love who served as chief of I six from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand four had contact with the twenty sixteen campaign with dossier author, Christopher Steele? Oh he did. So Richard, dear love who teaches the class with how her with the Russian Trubnikov. Could dear love teaches the class, they both resigned because they feel like they've been unduly influenced by the Russians do you love? No steel to. He's also a close colleague of Stefan, or the alleged FBI informant who established contact with several Trump campaign advisors. Do you love and a helper? Attended a camp, Cambridge political event in July two thousand sixteen where how per had is first contact with campaign advisor Carter page who just magically happens to appear in the dossier. So the former British spy master who heads a key, British intelligence agency. Now, by the way, it is. Donald Trump's statement. Hey, we're going to delay on redacting the report because, you know, the United Kingdom and others, some friendlies are going to be upset about it. Ladies and gentlemen, the United Kingdom intelligence people working with the Russians to. I have no doubt. I will be banned from the United Kingdom forever after the show. But that's okay. Nothing against the people over there. I love them. But gosh, people in your government with access to power really screwed up. So do you love also at an event with Carter page? Carter page, who is the focus of steals dossier. Do you love? No steel. He knows how do you love unquestionably in my mind? Now, no, some of this information is coming from Trubnikov the guy teach the class with a Cambridge. And he knows the pret-. He knows steel. From the piece. The retired British spy master also hosted along with Halpern event at Cambridge in two thousand fourteen attended by Michael Flynn, who served at the time is the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. What did I tell you folks in a show over a year ago? This is not about Trump. You may be saying now you're really confusing me. No, I'm not. I have insisted to regular listener since episode six twenty eight on which started this whole thing where the source I contacted us. So we got started. I've insisted to you that what the what they are covering up here, the media and their democrat Powell's. What they are covering up is a massive spying scandal. That was not only about Donald Trump. What does that have to do with this snippet? We just put up, ladies and gentlemen. They targeted Mike Flynn and twenty fourteen. Donald Trump wasn't even running for president. The Obama administration was using black op type spy scandal, spy people in spy connections, to gather information, and sabotage the careers of their political opponents. Donald Trump was just an addition to their resume of people they tried to take out. The piece goes on. Dear love. And how her again they teach the course with the Russian Trubnikov do you love and are reported to have expressed concerns about Flynn's contacts at the event, which fit Lana Lakoba a Russian born student at Cambridge. Those warnings were somehow shared with American intelligence, so dear Levin, helper, ratting on Mike Flynn for talking to a Russian woman, and event. Meanwhile, there's no indications whatsoever that any of this stuff was on toward anything who were they sharing this with, why would they be sharing it on Flynn because Flynn was an enemy of the Obama administration. Flynn hated the Iran deal. He called out the Iran deal from the start, it was the Obama administration's capstone project for their foreign policy, agenda and Flint, hated it. And he was the head of the DIA. So instead of firing him, they decided they were going to paint him where they, what Russian collusion scandal. Oh, sound familiar like the same scandal that we're going to chart, Trump with in two thousand sixteen like the same scandal. They tried to tar John McCain with when he ran against Hillary, and Obama. Oh, you don't believe me, we've already put that article up thousand times from circa. Where the where we're Democrats tried to pin on John McCain, the exact same Russian collusion scandal, ladies and gentlemen. This was the oldest trick in the book for police, they'd hack Democrats and their media sycophantic boot-licking, but kissing hack buddies. Find your political enemies. Mike Flynn, John McCain, whoever they may be tar them with these guys are cloning with the Russians and get your hack intelligence friends overseas in the UK and elsewhere to confirm it. Oh, it gets better. The next portion of the Chuck Ross piece. Again, this'll be in the show notes. Please check it out in full as with the Iraq dossier, another dossier, by the way, that may have misled some people do you loves reputation has also been used to bolster steals report. So still who's working with helper? They're getting information. How per again from trip Nick off? Do you love knows them both the former head of the British by NC? Dear love also on the parallel construction path is telling people, hey, if you get this information from steel chew, he's super reliable. Check out this guy. Do you loves reputation has also been used to bolster steals report, which alleges a quote well-developed conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government story, it's been told a thousand times before? Any December thirteen twenty seventeen interview dear love declined to confirm that he knew steel, but said that the dossier, quote, had some credibility. Wow. Is it that badge? Ical goes on in a glowing profile of steel in the New Yorker on March twelfth of twenty eighteen do you love describes steals reputation as quote superb? He told the Washington Post that Steele was the go to person on Russia. In the commercial sector. They never thought we'd figure this out. Dear love is the connection. The former British spy master. He's buddies with helper. The spy spying on the Trump team. Who's also feeding information from Travnik off and others. They leave citing undue Russian influence, but then to clean the information to make sure no court in the United States knows that Russians Russians if it worked for Vladimir Putin are providing disinformation to our court system to spy to mislead, our judges, the FBI, then gets the information through steel who deal of says don't chew worry. This sky is super reliable. He's just peachy this guy's the go-to guy on Russia pay. No attention to helper. We can't have the courts knowing that a CIA spies by on a political campaign. We can't have any of that. One last snippet from the. Right there. All right. So making sure the text of the technical sports, okay? Technical sue. You're the technical support. So we have a team here whereas this be Apolo last piece from helper. She's me from Chuck Ross. Dear love also attended the same event at Cambridge University where how or made first contact with Carter page. Wow. Isn't that magical? That's insane. Do you love also at the event where Carter page Carter page the central figure of the Steele dossier? The guy who's allegedly marshalling this whole Trump collusion effort with the Russians. Wait. I thought that information came from Steele, but dear love is also at an event where how per made contact with Carter page, ladies and gentlemen, where exactly this Carter page info, come from did the Carter page info happen to come from a spice von helper, working with our intelligence agencies to set up Trump. And everybody's telling us it came from Steele, the whole time. The daily caller news foundation page told the daily caller news foundation did not recall speaking with your love, who gave a speech at the symposium, but page did strike up a relationship with helper. And remained in contact with him through September of two thousand seventeen the same month. The FBI surveillance warrant expired against the trumpet. Folks, they all knew each other the Brit, new the Russian who knew the spy master who knew the CIA spy, and they all conspired to clean to launder information, coming from Russian intelligence that got the United States government to spy on Donald Trump. Now I've got one more connection for you. That's going to blow your mind. I gotta take one more break. And then I'm going to wrap up the show by showing you exactly how badly these anti-trump lunatics got willingly, played by the Russians who PW any day own them. And you know what? I mean, if you're on tight didn't spell that wrong go on accident own them. I finally today's show brought to you by buddies at helixsleep pay helixsleep. I have I have two of these mattresses now which is really sweet. I have one that they sent for my daughter, which is great. And then we got another one for me. And my wife, which is just fantastic. You'll never get a better night's sleep for the money anyway. We'd love helixsleep. 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I use and can personally attest to the quality helixsleep dot com slash Dan. Check them out, really appreciate that. Okay. So where we left off there was, ladies and gentlemen. They all know each other. So there's very little plausible deniability here. These people are all claiming to be elite spies. Christopher Steele, was a former British spy who dear loves says, is the go-to guy who's quote superb who such an excellent source of information, dear loves friends, but, how are they teach a course together, how burn, dear love, clearly declared your love has a relationship with steel steals? Get any information from this rush in his obviously got tight personal relationship with. However, who then how are leaves after the election and says, hey, something's going on here at Russian influence. They all knew each other. The reason I bring this up is not not the paint some kind of ven diagram, little Paul and I are going to do one for next week. At some point where we just diagram on it just roadshows are a little more difficult with the technical capabilities. I tell you this, because it's hard to believe on one hand that the FBI is walking into court saying Christopher Steele, is this elite spy in this reliable source who's done tremendous work and cannot possibly be fooled. By the Russians there for we believe this is true and yet on the other hand steel knows dear love and knows how Renault's these people and is entirely unaware, that they're getting the same information from the same Russian. You see where I'm going with that? Simpson's telling who steel works within. Oh, yeah. Yeah, we knew this information was corroborated because we heard it from the B I another source. And you didn't know the other source was the guy, dear love and helper. That, you know that you've been palling around with. You can't have it both ways either your Spy Who Couldn't figure that out who really sucks or you're a great spy who knew. And you knew you were knowingly propagating this information, I believe the ladder. Now, let's make one final connection is an interesting American thinker piece from all while ago these again, a bunch of gems that we've spent all night working on yesterday. I woke up this morning, just so eagerly. I wish we would have done this show earlier. But the technical problems kind of kept us from doing it. August twelve twenty eighteen by Clarice Feldman exposed the deep state authorship and publication of the dossier. There's an interesting part of this article is that American thinker about three quarters of the way down. Here's a snippet from this because we still haven't made a connection, exactly. Between how poor infusion? We know how Bruno's dear love, we know dear love. No steel. But again, we're, you're telling us these spies of corroborate information, assuming from different sources, I'm telling you, they all know each other, and they probably know it's from the same source, and they're just lying. From the peace steel work with the FBI as early as twenty ten on the fief investigation in two thousand sixteen he met the FBI several times including to me meetings with agent. Mike gator a leading F B I Russian corruption expert in Rome, and in London to discuss this dossier. So again, we know steel knows the FBI, we know steals, a verified source with the FBI he's worked with them before again. That's why they launder the information through him the piece goes on FBI agent gain a coordinated and got clearance for these meetings from Victorian Newlyn that the State Department keep that up. Why is this important? Ladies and gentlemen. The FBI gets permission to meet with steel. From Victorian Ousland, who works for Victoria Nulan at the State Department. Oh Kathleen Kavulich the lady who wrote the note, we started this whole thing with. She works for Victoria Neuland who's also said on the record before. Oh, yeah. We've received multiple dossiers from steel. Wow. You have kind of sounds like a black ops intelligence channel to meet doesn't it? Piece goes on. Keta was the FBI case officer in Europe and controlled Orbis, Stefan, helper and the hackley dossier assets. So Gators working with all of these people who are associated, reformer UK intelligence. Baumgartner Nellie, our Bruce or David Kramer. All Harvard alumni. All right. Nobody jail. They went to college yet doesn't mean too much. But this part is an absolute gem. Nelly. Or who's working for Glenn Simpson and fusion GPS right and her husband is in the department of Justice. All I'm trying to get at now ladies gentlemen. They all know each other Nellie, or new Stefan, how percents at least two thousand Nellie, or also worked in the mitre corporation with how her son Merrin helper for six years from two thousand to two thousand eight. So now Nellie your who's working for fusion, GPS, which is being paid to put together the dossier and his paying steel. Now, you're telling me that Nellie or husband works in the department of Justice, and you're feeding him information about Donald Trump, that you're saying that, that information came from Steele, but in fact, that information may have been coming from Stephan hopper the entire time who's add events with Carter page, and as dealing is unquestionably has a relationship with the Russian that Steele saying is his source. Now, we find out Nellie or nose, however, and worked with his son. Ladies and gentlemen. Do you think it's, it's reasonable to ask if these people all knew each other? You think it's just reasonable to say that if they knew each other, and they had professional relationships that they may have been aware, the whole time, it was all the same information all source back to these Russians. And that they just didn't want you to know that because they wanted it to seem like it was coming in from multiple sources parallel construction. Same information give it to ten different people. It's all from the same source sprouting, sprouting, sprouting, like a tree. It's all the same route just different branches. Therefore, you see this big tree new awhile that big tree. It kind of looks like a mosaic of information. It even looks like a corpus of intelligence, it may look like a series of articulate facts. Joe was here. He would get the joke. When Jim Komi, John Brennan and Andy McCabe respectively. Were asked about, hey, was it just the Steele dossier that you use? They said, no, no, no. It wasn't just the steel dossier. It was actually a mosaic is Jim Qomi said of information, a corpus of intelligence and eighty McCabe said it was a series of articulate facts, ladies and gentlemen. It was the same set of BS from the same Russians. Blow this up right now for you. So if we go back to the note in the beginning, we started this off with you'll see that Christopher Steele, whose information's us to spy on the Trump team. It's clearly coming from two sources Trubnikov connected, deeply, by the way to Ladimir Putin and a guy named Surkov. Surkov wrote this fascinating piece. It was picked up by Newsweek. Wait till you read this. This is the root of this entire case. Ladies, gentlemen, Surkov. Trim Nikolov a bunch of Ladimir Putin connected, Russians. Let me take a little snippet from this piece Surkov wrote that Newsweek picked up. Here's the headline of the piece written on February twelfth of twenty nine thousand nine by Christina Maza Vladimir Putin's advisor tells Americans Russia interferes in your brains. We change your conscience. Here's a quote from circus piece. Listen very very closely. The illusion of choice is the most important allusion, the main trick of western democracy, especially the rejection of this allusion in favor of the reality, that everything is predestined Bill allow society to reflect I on our vision of democratic development. Surkov Surkov wrote foreign politicians talk about Russia's interference in elections and referendums around the world. In fact, the matter is even more serious Russia interferes in your brains. We change your conscience, and there's nothing you can do about it. I'll see all on Monday, just heard the Dan Bongino show, you can also get Dan's podcasts on, I tunes or soundcloud and follow Dan on Twitter, twenty four seven at dbongino.

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