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Top 5 Buy Low, High Upside Wide Receivers In Dynasty Fantasy Football


It added game. You are now locked in to the dodgers. Podcast report without without without dodgers. It's your host the league. No you are tuned in to the clock dodgers podcasts. You know sometimes we have guests on episodes. Sometimes we rock these solo. Sometimes we rockin with Adam and Josh. It really just depends on you. Know what what we got going on but what I want to do is I did. WanNa knock out one of these solo joins for you guys For those who follow on twitter at clock dodgers You know whether it's twitter instagram. Whatever but twitter is the most conversational Place res- I share videos and different discussions. And it's just a place where there's just more content happening right more. Discussions and connections with us So I recently showed a video a wide receivers on buying I liked the discussion. They came from it It was just got really really good interaction from everyone So I wanted to go ahead and and put it into a podcast form to kind of go dive a little more deeper into the yet still not get too crazy in because I say the in-depth stuff for you know when we have guests on we I mean we go further into these things but what is episode is about is basically five wide receivers. I'm buying right now in dynasty Whether that means to you whether you're gonNA draft him 'cause you're a draft coming up with the media to trade for them Whether means you have them and I'm telling you just to keep them. That's that's the kind of situation now that I'm talking about here And the way that these guys made the list I'm gonNA break down each player and just give a little bit on. Why I'm you know while bullish on these guys but I just want to get the point across that for me and dynasty. I'm always look into whether it's trade in draft in whatever I'm always looking to get players obtained players through whatever means that I feel I'm going to pay less for than I feel like their value can actually give me So so when I target these guys I go. Who was a player right? Now that I feel better about that I feel like the upside is is good on that. Most people are either sleeping on them. They're not as high on them They're tired of waiting. There's there could be so many reasons. Why the price is is Is Good and by by by that fact also by that token When I say the prices good it doesn't mean that the players necessarily you know cheap. It just means that they're cheap. Four what I believe you're GonNa get in return so let's let's Kinda start. Well okay. Let's look at it this way right when when you're looking at it this way when you buy these players their price is like you're shopping out of the five dollar. Dvd been at Walmart. You know what I'm talking about. I mean you might not even by these. Dvd's anymore but you've you've you've took a dive into that into that have been you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's like you buy one of those. Dvd's you get one you like. Ooh You take one of those dollar. Dvd's but the the production that you get is actually like high n fancy movie theater. Shit you talk about the ones that you sit down at dinner. Maybe ordered some alcohol. You know you know what kind of we'll be there if you say you're bringing your wife or your husband or your kids on some fancy some fancy stuff. This is where you go all right so you get that fight our been. It's it's in there but you get in the fancy stuff that's what these players Artemis so let let's start with one and just dive in each warning kind of see if you guys What I WANNA do is if you guys have players that you feel this way about That you feel similar to these guys. I'd like to hear from you guys so whether whether we already are connected on Twitter Bang. Hemi up on their when I post the episodes Or if you're not on twitter for whatever reason instagram's another place you can contact us or even leave them in the reviews on the podcast just being review what you think about the podcast while you love it but also let us know the player and when whenever we reviews I loved the reviews I love him so any review is a is a is a positive review to me but when when you get a review wear the the review mentioned something from the podcast. I love it more. It just something about it just is personal connection that. I really dig. So you know if you do a review And got some time on your hands feel. Feel free to throw one of these players in there. You know said I that we know you're listening what you're digging and whatnot so the first player have on my list here for a wide receiver must buy right now. I'm going crazy. I'm scooping up where I can trade a forum draft in whatever hunter throw complete yardage. Now yes meritas van. I'm a raiders fan. I know it's the first thing that comes to your mind as raider buys snow with this. I promise you assure you with this is Let's dig into why he is a Far East in the five dollar. Dvd Ben. But I think he's a high in movie the offense in my opinion be much improved Again you can say there's bias here but where's that coming from because they have improved right. They've added a bunch of talent at different positions there another year in the system. They're they're gonNA be on emotional rush right Because of the new the New Stadium. All this new stuff right. So there's there's good reason to believe that this team has improved offensively. He's a route improviser when he came out. It was one of those things that Gruden them talked about where They tried to get him to run routes a certain way eventually they gave up because he does things his way it works. He improvises where he needs to any work so so he's got his ability. He's played as many years if we think about. This sounds kind of crazy but Played His many years or at least Freddie relevant players with Derek Carr as any other than anywhere else on the team right so like all the receivers the Derek Carr is played for are gone So Gaza Him Tiro Williams. They're both coming into their second year. Were really that's just so much experience. Anybody else has on the team with them so that that has value because he's made plays and he's gained car and Gruden's fat matter both of their trust in his rookie season. We know gruden already. Kinda at least. That's the stigma. Want him is that. He's he's slow to trust rookie sometimes well. He didn't have any trust issues with around fro and needed to Derek Carr when healthy when in the game he was a part of it and he made plays right so bonus bonus bonus all these bonuses. We can only imagine that nicotine you get better in the offense. There's no reason to expect a decline. So that's a positive. He keeps the chains moving. They Call Hunter Renfro third and renfro catch my drift a chains mover but he's not limited to that so there's all these positives and now you know if you're a doubter if you're someone who wants to say but but but you one of the but people you're gonNa tell me what the raiders just drafted rugs and words. You know what supposed to happen here. I what did they have to do with them when they have to do with him. What it what does it matter? I know everyone wants to think that you guys are GonNa jump right in and and ball out. There's a possibility they can't but guess what there's plenty of room for that. Have you seen the water seaver stats from last season? For the raiders. It wasn't pretty. It was it was nothing to be happy about. It was clearly a focus. Improving this offense and esp- especially the wide receivers so there's plenty of room to tolerate hunt renfro growth plus infusing with new talent. It's only a good thing. Is We gotTA stop looking at added talent as a bad thing? It's not a bad thing. But what you can say is by added Edwards and by adding rugs. What you did what you took away the attention from. Renfro and I don't mean attention on the football field. I mean you do that to help them out. But people don't care all rent for right now. His price is cheap so cheap so cheap. It's ridiculous it doesn't even make sense. You go by renfro. Now let everybody else sweat over rugs. Whether he's GONNA BE GREATER. Not Sweet go crazy for for Edwards and his amazing talent which I agree with. I believe that he agree. Talent however does not discount hundred renfro. He's on the discount. He's on the he's on the discount rack. Walk into your local Walmart. They're gonNA find the I'll s as clearance has got a yellow tags stickers on everything that's ran for right now get hunter. Renfro on your team. The next man up and these are in no particular order. So don't you don't get crazy about the order. They're they're in dairy asleep. Stood STRAIGHT UP S. T. U. D. Stud. I stuck with a small work could spell it. I have to think too much January. We we we see Daniel Jones last year. He had explosive games right. The giants always need to score points. Slayton benefits from these moments is just so facts. He does to me. He's the giants receiver. Now you'RE GONNA say Golden Tate. I get it he's cool. He's good but he's not Slayton to me. Slayton is she. Slaves about to explode Ingram's healthy Barclays healthy. And then you say hey. We'll that takes away from SLAYTON. I don't follow that narrative. I don't follow that narrative. I believe that these guys are all gonNa Uplift each other. Barkley gets all the attention. Ingram's back he's getting attention tae serviceable. He's getting attention. Slayton is open for the big plays. He's a big play guy. You need it upside on your fantasy team upside upside upside super important. You need upside on your team. You have to have upside. Stop playing safe. Stop playing scared you can. You can be scared or play it safe on your first couple picks but when you get into the rounds where you can draft a dairy asleep and you just do it. You do it all right. I'm telling you now tons upside. Act Yourself this. Also why the giants in draft any wide receivers in a loaded wide receiver draft. Are you concerned are if you if if they were concerned about Darius Slayton would they not have drafted more receivers? Now I know Joe. Judge said the team isn't done making changes. Yeah okay whatever you one hundred percent didn't you? Hundred percent didn't draft a wire receiver though hundred percent. You made that decision you were done with that decision. Hundred percent didn't draft a talented rookie wide receiver in a draft. Everyone agrees had a stacked wire receiver draft. You Pass on that. Tell me you're not happy with sleeping. I don't believe you. I don't believe you the great thing about slate and then I've done this myself. I had him added into trades as like almost it almost felt like it was a throw in. You know what I mean like. He doesn't get he's not getting the attention and fantasy yet. Where when you ax for him to be put in a trade that it opens an eye right so throw him in there. They think they're throwing an average wide receiver in there they. They're not throwing someone special in there but they are unit upside your fancy team go get it go get it at five dollar DVD. Y'All need it folks. Go get it by next man the list this one is probably. I don't know He. He competes if you had to rank these guys. He's right down towards the bombs. Virtual are concerned. They don't really know a little more Unpolished in this term but rookie Terry McLaren has everyone's attention. He should. He's amazing. I Love Terry McLaren. He's amazing he's a really good wire receiver however if you love Yourself McLaren you should know who Stephen Simmons Sims still on the loose data. GonNa go the way to the end zone. If you've been paying attention to McLaren that you must have seen Stevenson's play football steven. Sims is a straight up playmaker Washington. Guess what they need playmakers right draft. Some guys they'd had some guys I think I like Gibson But they already have one in Sims. They seem the playmaker is. GonNa be his second year in the League. He has a chip on his shoulder. Their draft another guys right like maybe feels a little threatened by that. I don't think he does. He knows his place. He knows how good he is. He knows what he can do. He can take place to the house. We've seen it. It's happened as real as long as this is not a a made up things not figment of my imagination. It's not a prediction. He's done it. He plays a majority of slot right. So that's that's good. I like flower. Receivers feel safe with lower receivers That I feel comfortable in their position like I feel like their job is safe When you had a really good slot wide receiver He doesn't have any real threats to that position right. I mean there's no tight end. That's you know crazy good there. There's there's nothing to concern you in that sense so Stephen Sam's GonNa continue to grow. He's an continue better. Is He McLaren? No No. He's not maguire different receivers different abilities. But they're both put a fancy points. The League is on notice. How good McLaren is. They know it that favor sims that ever since he's going to get attention they like him there. The offense item quarterbacks liked him. He are really at the end of the year. Fantasy League owners in your league arm values. They don't they don't certain people who are up on game. Private Colleges podcast. They know about Sims. They know us up. And now you know uh up. Get on your team. It's cheap is an opportunity for upside a cheap for upside. Please understand the value of upside in nearly it is so aboard safe upside. It's safe because it doesn't cost you watch. It doesn't cost you you. You have to get as much of that upside on your team on your roster in your lineup is possible whether he pops or not whether it's hard to sometime predict his weeks we'll see how it plays out but for the price you gotTa You. GotTa get a Steven Sims on. Your team just is necessary Another name I'm loving right now. Hardware the homes. Look into throwing. He will delivers down fair. Catch me look. God Blur Touchstone Chances. City. We're talking about Patrick. Mahomes your quarterback Andy. Reid is your play caller. Your coach and you're an electric wire receiver. You should never be ignored or undervalue. Never now here we are with Hartman. Who clearly is not getting? The love deserves in my opinion. We can talk about the stats. We could talk about the Games. He's had. We could talk about the achievements It's all obvious right like he is a talented fast wide receiver and you know is tyreek. Hill there. Yes don't chiefs have Kelsey and other weapons? Yes but again I at. You'll see a running theme here other talented players on your team aren't a bad thing. It's not bad it's not bad. I want as many good teams can have as many as I can have. I have no interest in having a team. Full of losers. I have no interest in having a team full of other players who are not as good as me. The better we all are as individuals that better the team is so yes they have tyreek. Oh yes they have Kelsey. It doesn't make me like him. Less the opportunity is there. We seen it happen all last year. He had explosive plays he had production. Who knows how things open up here is a young guy? There's a lot of potential for him to get more and more stat more when she's me snaps there's more opportunity ahead. Let's not just look so close. Minded Arise Anti Lifts. All ships. Do not forget that. It's it's consistent across the board and a fantasy. He's learning from the best. He has the blessings of those guys taking coverage from him. Literally your defense lines that they see Tyreek Hill they see Travis. Kelsey they see Clyde words lair in the backfield. How much attention can they give Hartman? You know who's GonNa give the most attention? Patrick Mahomes the playcallers. Harmon is the best value. That you can buy on the League's best offense you can get the other guys. You can go buy them. You can draft them. You'RE GONNA put a lot of capital into it you don't give a lot of players up before Hartman not so much. Beloved the upside. I'm not telling you don't get those guys get those guys to but Hartman's upside is crazy for the price a quote from his special teams coach. Let's just go there really quick. He said I'm not sure about Hartman. I don't WANNA lose him. I think he's just scratched the surface as a returner. He has a research potential yet. He could even better. I think he knows that. Hopefully we can keep them. In those roles it's important. It's important to get the guy the ball. Excuse me the ball on the hands of the guy it makes plays. And he's one of them. Why do you think he saying that? Because he's he's worried that his special teams. Ace Won't be allowed to play specialties. Because they need to keep him healthy. They need to hume healthy. So he can get offensive snaps. That's why potential as a special teams player. He certainly hasn't re racist potential as a wide receiver as a playmaker as an offensive beast on your team Chemical Harmon. If special teams coach wants to keep them you should want to keep them or trade for him or get him. Whatever the case may be Michael Hartmann is definitely a good binary now and the last guy. I like this guy will probably get the most push back Because he's had the most years in the League And the lease results so far but I feel good about him. I feel good about my bottom. I've got him get cheap right now as Josh Reynolds. Throw it again. Bad for a touchdown Josh Ronald. The Rams traded cooks told girly. Get packing and get out of here. Reynolds is ready to fill a void. Right and I'm not big on saying like Hey Gren old gets more targets because cooks left. I don't I'm not that Guy Obviously cooks leaves targets. Who gets those who earns it who deserves it but I do believe that? The rams allowed cooks allow themselves move on from cooks because they believed in Josh Reynolds. They believed the players that are there can make up for that. Can consume targets can make production like cooks would not the injured cooks one who either play a lot because of Carson's but in general now they drafted Van Jefferson. That's even more of a reason that you could buy Reynolds for nothin' it's even more of a reason because now everyone's thinking van Jefferson. He's replacing Cook. That must be the logic. Because he's a shiny new toy he won't. I mean maybe one day he'll get some targets maybe he'll grow into that role but to say. Josh Reynolds is now bypassed by Van. Jefferson is ridiculous. It's ridiculous literally. Hit up the team owner. You're right now. Ask Him what what what you can offer for Josh. You could probably take them for free. Just open up a roster spot so they can make a waiver move. No one cares about Josh Reynolds right now out on them. They're done. They're done then they're wrong. Offer them nothing. They'll accept it. That's ridiculous is. He's in a good offense. He's big strong vertical target. They need that he was stuck under a trio of really good wide receivers. But don't get it. Twisted cooks was expendable. Because of guys like Reynolds fact just it is what it is if you. If they didn't feel comfortable with what they had they would not have moved on one again. No trades way talent. Injuries are not just to remove talent sometimes cut cap right to make space they need. Hey Lady's face more than anything right. We won't say the best negotiators contracts or Maybe don't maybe you don't enjoy the way they build a team but those points aside I like to reference coachspeak people hate it. People hate coachspeak. I reference it though I don't think it's I don't think we should negate it completely other people do. Here's Sean mcvay. Do think he has the ability to stretch a top shelf. Coverages and a lot of ways brandon. Did I think there's a narrative where sometimes you don't respect Joshua's speed because he's got such an effortless gate but when you look at them compared to others he's eaten up ground his stride a so long you would never say something about that about a guy? I'll as you didn't believe me Sean. Mcvay is bullshit right like he's he's not just talking There he means what he says. Now can the concern for everyone. Is Ken Josh do it? Can tosh Reynolds do what he's saying. Will you get the opportunity I believe you will? But what does it cost you to find out? I'm telling you there's an opportunity I'm telling you there's a talented player. I'm telling you there's a guy who's know who knows assistant whose quarterback knows him with the offense to play college no him and ways capable of. He's had his moments good yards two touchdowns here and there but he's finally out from under this trio right tight ends are good. They're use your tight ends for sure. They can't use everybody right. We can't use everybody at a high clip. But it doesn't cost you anything to find out. Van Der Josh Reynolds is the guy you WanNa buy right now Josh Reynolds. So let's go over this five really quick one more time for those taking notes at home hunter. Renfro Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Daria Slayton New York Giants Wide Receiver Steven Sims Redskins Wide Receiver Bacall Hartman chiefs wide receiver and Josh Reynolds. Rams receiver Again do your research you know. Look into whatever the things are that matter to you as far as how you how you rank these players Pursue the players. You're PRISCILA but understand. Upside is so important. Upside is so important and when you can get cheap upside when you can buy upside or draft upside at a low cost you have to take that opportunity you have to take that opportunity over by in slugs these guys who you know they just don't make an impact they just don't make the impact they don't have. The upside of these guys have deepened. Deep into that five dollar. Dvd Bennett Walmart. And pull yourself out a fancy ass movie with dinner and some Lick. Go Get yourself these guys man again to be part of the conversations that we have on twitter. It's great at clock dodgers if you don't already follow I highly. That's my favorite place to converse with you. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I'm not going to deny it. Yes I'm on instagram. Post some really cool stuff on instagram. He hasn't really good conversations but not like twitter. Twitter just does something different. There's we have to really has these things out We have more solo pods coming for. You guys have more Josh and Adam joining me we have more guests lined up. You guys really received the Matthew Berry episode. Well I really appreciate all the kind words all the comments all the DM's all the interest It means a lot. You guys know that you know super grateful for all that so thank you to everybody who reached out after that episode after they heard that episode. your love is super appreciated If you feel you know you have some time on your hands during cove it corona. You're sending your house. You're not sure what to do. You know. Goalie was review a review. I love when you leave a review because we get this great excellent feedback. That matters So fun to read them to. We like to read them on the podcast so if you guys they've review certainly. GonNa read it the Funnier. The better will take it. We'll take any of it. It's Super Fun to to take those out Yeah talk highly. Carlini me talk about the other guys now. Skin everyone we appreciate all the love of the appreciation of the support. It's all really appreciated at clock honors on Twitter Instagram Yeah that's it guys. That's all the all the clean-up work we had to do today. Go get these five wide receivers. It's super important. Get yourself some cheap upside. Get your safe picks early. Get your upside late. Go TRADE FOR IT NOW. Dynasty Fi y receivers. You must buy. Oh if you guys have a A podcast you would like to hear from us whether it's a solo me and Adam whoever would have guessed if you have topics Any kind of particular thing you want us to target and talk about his up again. Twitter's the place. I'm just let us know any questions any particular. It can be specific to your teams To your job coming drafts Trade. You're working on or just a general topic you like to hear is. This is where we are. Totally open to Listener feedback and listener requests. So hit us up for that for sure. Otherwise guys as always be kind be great keep dot.

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