Covid-19 Updates, New Waiting By The Phone, Throwback Throwdown, Fred's Alderman


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Jason Owner Boehner's here. Wanting everybody a thousand bucks paying bills at snacks to waiting by the phone brand new second day. Prescott them the entertainment report was Shell Condo. So wish celebrities do people trust the most when it comes to politics? We. Right. It's over. Address it again right down. Trying to be positive. Good morning everybody get a thousand Bucks after twenty four k gold on what all three five. Station what oh? Three five, Kiss. Your money. Why were you left waiting by the phone? How you doing Scott I'm doing pretty good. Welcome to the show waiting by the phone. Of course, this is where we try and find out what happened why being ghosted. Tell us about your day with Sheila how you madden the date win and and everything. You, know we we met on tender. and we we kind of hit it off on on the APP and. Exchanged phone numbers and You decide to go out and actually go meet each other in person and we went out had dinner has drinks nothing happened after that. But I thought I thought it was super we had like a really good time and like we have like a lot of chemistry we laughed and we talked about life and at the end of the day you know she gave me a hug. And you know we we actually actually made plans to to go out again in in the nothing you know that. Cheese to me. Wondering. I mean. To how. First conversation. Will really be like we talked about you know like are are want. Invite we we want. We talked about like how our our tout hood defected us and like we really how I states. Say Yeah, maybe you guys were really you really connecting. That big it. Okay. Yeah. That's true. So good I ate you even had plans for something else and then now nothing and you WanNa know why so we'll call this girl. We'll see if we can get her on the phone to figure out what's going on that guys up on another date that we pay for. Okay. All right. Can you hang on for a second? There was more dangerous. Plugging someone in the midst of a pandemic we're talking about childhood trauma the I. and. Losing Your Daddy. Issues. You guys sit down and daddy's and order a beverage in your like let me tell you about my upbringing. Okay. The corner eat my pizza. Business talking to Jimmy from Daddy's. Partout you waiting by the phone after Eva Matt One Zero Three Five Mass. Kiss FM Chicago's number one hit music station. Fred show is on the entertainment important just second showbiz shelly with the showdown in about fifteen minutes I keep looking at the board every day like it's different, one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents every. Every day I keep looking like something is going to happen three hundred seventy see wins shelly twenty, six losses I guess the winds change? That's true or the lesson. If all these extra hours that you're working your fatigue taxing on you and you're not able to study your craft I can I know you wake up like a like a? Wake up wake up by four in the morning you know to watch the sunrise. Wild looking at Perez Hilton Dot Com this whole thing and then TMZ. You start there because those are your roots and then you move on to TMZ and then maybe you know whatever Me I always look at TMZ I oh well, it's been awhile since we woken up with the Sunday together. partout. Scott beer welcome back. Let's Sheila you guys met on Tinder. Had A great first day really connected with the conversation even plans for another date except now she's ghosting and you WanNa know what's up yeah. Let's call her now. Good luck. Aloe. Sheila. As Sheila Good Morning Fred and Showbiz Shelly Fred show. When three five KISS FM in Chicago and I have to tell you that we are on the radio right now I need your consent to continue with the calls that. Okay. Thank you so much We're calling on behalf of a guy named Scott who says he met you tinder and you went on a date talked about maybe a second date you remember this guy? So what happened with him because he describes a really good day says everything went great good conversation. You guys connected planned second date and now your Aa. So what happened? Wow. Date like. Pretty well, I was. Planning to see again and then At the end when we said goodbye I told him to tax me when he got home and you know if you let me know that he got home safe and he said, okay, do the same great though instead. So when he got home instead of like pending tags. Sent me a video and he was. Taking care of themselves in an. Really you're expecting like home banks and instead you. Walk. By and I got what I? Love video of him with himself. I've regiments I'm sorry that I forgot to mention Scotus here on your left that part out Scott ads or you know I'm not I'm not wondering. I was asked a letter. From faith in how do you let them know you're safer than when you're you know Scott CENTRAL-EASTERN EMOJI of anything else. To want to know what my my arm look like. Okay don't get a good look at the apartment. This that's disgusting like, what do you mean you? Understand why people especially men send these videos unsolicited? Hoping Scott to get in return I wonder turn on. A video from her. She could you know think about the next time that we've got together. So it seems like maybe all that talk about life made Scott really comfortable. and. Did she give you any last Curse Hewlett? Did you give him any indication that you wanted to? You know that kind of conversation. We met on tender all well tinder you'll the hookup APP. So there you go. Sheila should've known that video is coming because you met on tinder own exactly. Being facetious not exactly unhinged than you would have done something else for purer guess. Look. Can you get over this Sheila? Can we can? We see this a huge misstep and maybe reflect on? The positive part of the date and get another shot maybe. Wrong Style Yeah Okay, let's Send Videos, men, women, videos great like do you but I feel like you should give somebody a heads up before. In like maybe a long term relationship I don't know for after the first dates helix like a surprise I'm safe at home with myself wow. Yeah Yeah what else can you say? All right Scott Sky knows. Is Not a good idea in. Her, law really You'll be just fine on your own. Scott, she let thanks for your time. Good luck to you as well. You're doing this wrong. The whole time you know when I go on a date with someone. I think it's a nice thing to do you know if you go you separate ways in Newburgh to say like, send me a text when you get home or even drop somebody off and they're going into their home like make sure everything is okay like seventy but I guess my expectations have been wrong guy should be expecting. A full on now I mean I don't see why not. Or maybe I should be like is constellation. Thank you so much playing. This is what you're missing out on you. Know. Babb. Five. Elitist entertainment news is on the Fred shown. Celebrity really trust when it comes to politics sexually. Yeah. Trust. We'll tell you party beef. Okay. 'cause she's very vocal and she uses platform wisely. So five percent of people agree with you. Based on says I mean maybe influential research influential What is it? I didn't hear what you said. She's influential. Influential influential. She is and he has researched true terrestrial life. Case also. Next. Track? Down my ball. Ball so Northwestern that's how they say. The dormitories at the Keg. percent. Thirty six percent of people say Lebron James has done the most to raise awareness and motivate people regarding voting Taylor swift came in second with thirteen percent dwayne. Johnson. At nine percent I thought he'd be like number one. Yeah. I agree and Oprah Winfrey has six percent that's really interesting. You know who else does too I feel like he's. Influential influential. George Lopez. Oh. paneled two days ago and I actually watched it. You mentioned that yeah. Yeah and I feel like he's also very informative. He's got a lot to save and he comes from immigrant background and his family so I don't know I really like what he had to say, yes, he didn't make this list by. People did he found Pauline is less and Okay. So some cardiac news I I just thought this was hilarious. So Kim Kardashian West being slammed as cruel and insensitive for posting about her private island birthday party. Seem cruel and I'm sensitive. Nether region. Is Did, you see the picture yesterday when you? Look Amazing. But I'm trying to figure out that like the anatomy of the swimsuit. Feel like physics. Actually zooming in trying to figure out how it works. Like how does the bottom bottom parts stay on because there's a back part that connects. One. Diagram anyway. So what about this trip? Yeah. So she post on instagram after two weeks of multiple screens and asking everyone's a quarantine. I surprise my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things are normal for just a brief moment in time that was the caption on her photos and people off they were. They were mad that she took a trip to a private island when basically cases arising suffering in flew a private jet. She stay with the same people and you know there's probably no one else on the island because there she's rich and she can. I was laughing because people had some very hilarious means because every was taking. And posting their own photos. Private Island really is. and. I thought it was goal posts us also fresh air radio DOT com just some other quick card Ashi News Khloe crashing revealed that she had the coronavirus. From keeping up with the Kardashians that was released yesterday already had it. Now, they can't get it because of the antibodies whatever maybe. Traveling together on that private island We'll see more next week's episode and Okay So we have the mass singer, the show we know that do we need the mask dancer? Why say? No also that's coming and it's going to a new Fox reality competition hosted. Ask and We're GONNA, guess, who they. Know. Are they. To. Yeah. It's the same concept is the mass is hosted by Craig, Robinson it's just so. That necessary. Afford to that. Found boy. You don't me uncomfortable today I think it was on facebook or Instagram Paula Abdul is doing like arthritis rub commercials. And she dances to like a like a meeting bootleg version forever your girl or something. She does this choreographed dance and just it just looks awkward affected us for an arthritis medicine. Boy. That was my first CD now you're doing arthritis come. Terrible. Horrible. what else do we have anything on the website anything? Robbing it all. We can just keep we can hey look, we have four hours. What time is it? Seventy five hours John Going Back Show Caring all isolate you seem. Rusty. Okay. We wrap this up with what's on the website I thought we did with the. Names those will be there. I did things to be deliberate. GotTa say Fresher Radio Dot Com. That's what I know I can start blabbing again. Something often your brain. Okay. So Fred Show radio DOT COM. For a limited. Limited commentary until then and and then when you say that it triggers I can go back to my. Yes exactly. All right. We gotta talk about with my good friend and my. We gotta talk about the dumpsters that are out back in my building and I want to get them moved. To. Put a stop sign I. Also WanNa get a street signed. With on my street, my name on it. Oh and there's a whole thing with the bars closing tomorrow. I WanNa get the ultimate opinion Brendan Riley up next. For the Alderman. Do. To. All the bartenders out of business. And I know that the problem with the older ladies and gentlemen, all the forty second award is that what it is Alderman. Riley good. Morning. Forty four downtown. So that's why we're talking to you because you're my friend into because you are responsible aldermen for like everywhere that people are trying to go in the loop a good morning. Welcome to let's classic. First Time on this show we've been friends for how long many many decades. Per. Thank you remember Fred if you know, this is a weird space for me FM radio WOW. News Talk Am. Plugging let's say the name. And you know. You're not competing with that that demographic. I don't think our audience even knows what that is with the am, but nonetheless This whole situation starting tomorrow with the governor He's ordering bars and restaurants in Chicago halt indoor service and limit gatherings in the city at twenty five people Of course, the mayor apparently is against this. You represent the ward with with so many restaurants that everybody knows about Chicago be think of I mean every they describe sort of for the people in the burbs or whatever your ward is the loop essentially right? Basically. The Snow Globe at the airport. So all the big skyscrapers but part Navy pier the loops Gold Coast River North near wet loop the heart of downtown. Central Business District and I represent over a thousand bars and restaurants here they employ over fifty thousand people. And our hospitality industry is a big reason why Chicago is on the Global Tour Map i? Mean that's a big part of the reason why people come here and unfortunately the pandemic and are rising numbers. They've been kinda closing in on Chicago the suburbs over the last two weeks and that prompted the governor to make this move You know I, part of my job is standing up for the business community and I can tell you This is a critical situation and without relief for these restaurants and bars a lot of market come back. So what is what's GonNa Happen I? Do you do you believe that? All of these restaurants and bars are going to follow the order I mean because it's a matter of survival. If they you I mean, how do you police all of that? What if they don't what do they just stay open? What what sort of relieved? What can they sue? I mean what what is everyone going to do because ultimately it's bad as it is with twenty five percent capacity inside and outside I know you've done your job to the best of your ability to open up streets and closed streets and sort of move the restaurants out into into the outside but that it's too cold for that really now. Yeah, it is and you know. So to answer your question, there's a couple of different answers I think some people are planning on litigating to see whether or not the state has. To close down this way But then there are others who talked about defying the order I would say that's not a great idea but one thing about this industry that makes it. So special I worked in it for years before I did this job is that they're creative innovators and you know this is a horrendous situation in the hope is that we can get this the numbers back in in order we can reopen a meantime you're gonNA see a lot of those close streets filled up with tents blowing fresh heated air into those times. Actually. Turning our streets in the dining rooms. That's not optimal because he wants to be outside January But that's kind of where we're at and bottomline we do need help. This is money from the feds sport these businesses, the idea of losing our marquee restaurant groups that put us on the map Once they're gone, they're gone So we need to get them some help from Washington DC. In the meantime I'm GonNa do everything I can to get them some more flexibility in breathing room. To keep them alive it's really we are at an inflection point. Now, where the future of that industry is literally on the line. So the governor has made his his statement, he this is what he's doing. Do you have any idea? What is he looking for for this to sort of for him to reverse his decision or or or for things to to begin to go back to the phase where as where we are now? Cure it's it's purely ribbon by the testing data. They're looking at three key metrics looking at the competivity rate, which is important to keep an eye on. It's been rising rather dramatically in the last seven days concern for the public health experts. They're also looking at hospitalizations and they're also looking at ICU capacity. So intensive care unit capacity is very important once you get over a certain point, then you're not able to serve all the other customers that need help. In the intensive care unit. So those three factors and to see those numbers come down over the next fourteen days. If they do come down and folks do a better job of victim thing and making an easy regulations have give these folks a little bit flexibility to operate indoors at a capacity but it is purely being driven by by the data at this point Alderman Riley Forty second award on the French and I know that you are working with what you have to work with. Right I. Mean you're you're taking what with? The governor and the mayor are giving you and you're doing your best. But what do you say to the people? So I'm not this isn't a question is targeted at you. But what do you say the people who say we're GONNA close restaurants down on Friday but then it's Halloween on. Saturday and people are going to have these blowout parties or if people can't go to restaurants then they're just going to do it at home and that the contact tracing doesn't really support necessarily that the restaurants of the 'cause it's more the gatherings. That's right. Look. I think the restaurant is being unfairly picked upon you know. They are not the cause of the problem you know aside from hospitals, the restaurant industry is the most highly regulated public, health industry So these folks they know how to sanitize and keep people safe and fact that all these house parties and large gatherings our driving. Statistics up while the vast majority of the industry folks are playing by the rules doing what they're told, the mass distancing the cleaning, all of that you seen it with Fred they take it very serious and show for other folks you're dragging number of and these guys having to hold the hat for it. I. Think is terrible and you're right the unintended consequence of closing these folks. Down heading into Halloween, weekend is you're going to reinforce big house parties where you don't have a bouncer or a manager or a server to say, Hey, down your mask mascot have some victims will be completely unregulated and that's where I think you're gonNA, see a lot more spread. So I'm just as frustrated as the restaurant industry is it's it's been horrendous to watch as you said. These are calls made by folks with a higher pay grade governor there I'm here to do the best I can with what we're dealt So I'm not done. I spent a good chunk of every day advocating for the industry turn to find new ways to help them give them more capacity the more revenue 'cause the next. Really Brutal especially, restaurants and bars. Yeah. Because a lot of people who listen to maybe they live in the burbs and they don't necessarily frequent the places that we're talking about in your award. But nonetheless, people who listen to us either are affected directly by the fact that can't work more You know that they know these places or they at one point were in the service industry and they realize how critical it is. It's so many jobs I mean how many jobs are represented in in in your word alone? When my word is close to fifty thousand, you know citywide over a hundred thousand. You know these are these are well paying jobs people depend on to pay their rent mortgage. Their kids. It's everyone gets hurt by this. So yeah, people need to be concerned and find ways to support these folks because want their Donavan well. If they close a third will be gone for good. So Support Your Industry Ulta morale and I get together usually on Fridays sometimes Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday. We talked about sitting issues and because I want to be on the of city politics and so I guess we'll have to just huddled together. Keep ourselves warm while we outside while we. With masks on and and of course property you know I don't know how we're gonNA social distance and do that. But we'll just get tests ahead of time and then, and then we talk about these issues as we keep ourselves warm outside boss bar. You're by you're the first round bread. King. All mariah. Thank you for all that you're doing and I know that you represent you know one word of so many in everyone's fighting this thing but this affects so many people not just because you hear it and you go up people don't have to go out and eat. Okay. Maybe we'll have to go out and eat but people have to work and there's so many there's represent so many jobs for so many people's less way. So important. Amen Amen Brother. Thank you. Man Oldham Rally have a great day. Good fight. There you go. Guy Calls up here, plug another radio. You hear this a lot of good messages. Have maybe never come back on FM radio. Again. I may have to do that now we love. We love him. We is it true. I won't expose which of your friends she'll be silly but don't use obsessed with Ullman Riley. He's her Alderman. Very thorough emails about things. He keeps everybody in the little. I she was maybe like obsessed with him like She found him sort of now. Well, she is boyfriend is serious. What does it mean that you can't also after an old? added. Unbelievable. One hundred and three dollars. Fifty cents. Can you beat the gorilla and five questions? She's been working overtime little tired maybe on the ropes WHO's eight? Five, five, five, nine, one, one, zero, three, five next after topic on three five, the Fred show good morning. If the Fred? Five Kiss. You have what it takes to battle Showbiz. In the showbiz showdown shelly. Meet your a challenge. Today we go live the neighbor thrill. It's Victoria Hi Victoria. Hello. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I have great. Thank you for being here us about you know like a game show that the host gets a little card. Jackson introduction. And he'll throw like a random fat. Tell you click stabs or whatever you know the husband. Yeah. Yeah and I don't have any of that. So I, need you guys to tell me about you. Okay I am a third grade teacher in Bolingbrook Gosh. My right now to do some virtual teaching and I got my daughter in the back about. GRAMMAS Your hobbies what? What is your daughter's name? Her name of. Okay. Hi. What is it like to have to do virtual teasing with third graders? Young one. So you're used to that but I mean it's probably hard enough to get their attention in the room. When you're president eight until cuter. How do you keep them focused? It's tough. I've been trying a little bit of everything and I feel like now is the time where he hit like a roadblock. So It just been any idea for Mingora to. Impose. In Your Coffee Cup that'll. Just, sort of even things out. That's what I would do. Little. Tequila helps Not Not for the kids with. Your the most add guy on the planet to help you with focused tips. To. Going to happen. All right. So it's five questions one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents per Victoria to third grade teacher. Are you ready? Okay. All Right Shelly. With. All due respect if you please get out. Green. Sweater Today on position is all I can see some jeans and Oxycontin? And So she's Going to the sound booth Poof she's entering within and she's entered within. Here we go question number one, for Victoria, Gwen Stefani and now she's engaged to this country star name him. AMERICAN IDOL A. Times. Out. Refocus more questions this model shared emotional essay detailing her experience of the loss of her third child. This Disney Channel Star and singer admitted that she voted for the first time in the age of twenty eight. Charissa set Morris and Kelly POW skier back in the first trailer for the reboot of this, Sitcom. got. To. An, Anna late to work today because I was watching the trailer for the new peacock showing embedded it looks terrible. Trace Tracy. Ellis Ross is forty eight today. Who is her famous mother Oh, my God I have. No. Did, really good. I. Guess Today this all the time yesterday went really. Today so good. All right. You got one. Go ahead up to review it, update the board somebody. Rubio in your Paulino, we'll do. Shelly she got five minus four. Oh So. Gwen, Stafani she's engaged to this country star named him like South San Blake. Shelton Victorian. American idol. Take The boys. But you know whatever this model shared emotional essays detailing her experience of the loss of her third child Chrissy Teigen. Correct. This Disney Channel, Star, and singer admitted she voted for first time at the age of twenty eight. Thank you missed. Hillary Selena Gomez. Morrissey killing capacity your bag in the first trailer for the reboot of this show by the bow. And Tracy Ellis Ross is forty eight today who is famous mother. DANNER OUT SAYS RIGHT and. Selling. Victorian. If it makes you feel better, I would've gotten. Let me see one two. Three and maybe the Ross would have given me four but I doubt it. Way More important work. She's doing. That's true. Nothing else. Victoria I'm sorry but you're going to have to see a my name is Tori I got showed up on the showdown. My Name Victoria. I got on the showdown and I can't hang with a guerilla. Uh. Did I have to tell you? Who's your favorite but you cannot. Walk. Off. Hey Hey. Hey, we're hyping you up. Down the. Noises coming. Victoria, hang on for one second. Have a great day. Okay. Thank you. Thank you for. Listening Shelly. Do we update that? Does that update 373 Shelly Win 373 only twenty six losses and we'll play again tomorrow one, hundred and three dollars and fifty cents good. News stories are next after bt on the Fred Show one, zero, three, five. The Fred show is on what over five Kiss FM. Gif feels good news stories every day on the show Showbiz Shelly got. Garfield Park residents remained Jordan has been feeding the entire neighborhood out of his restaurant for free for more than a month. Wow. Pretty cool. Right. So Yeah Germain Jordan who owns a nearby car wash and car dealerships said he was inspired to give back to the community after growing up for in the Henry Hornere homes, public housing projects. So he says I know how that feels not knowing where you're going to get your next meal from. He said that he was further inspired upon giving money to homeless man. So he could paper pay for Food and shelter. So the restaurants located at forty one, hundred, west Madison Street, and it's called free healthy hot meals. Yeah and he says he'll use the proceeds from has been businesses and donations to pay for the meals and restaurant operations. One. did anyone wants to watch the board movie did? Yes. Did. What you really think of it. The second one, I thought the first one was funnier. The second one was more like Whoa. Shocking stuff. I guess, I. The. The first one. At every turn I was like this is crazy and then I guess, I, just expected that for the second one. So it and a lot of the jokes seemed kind of the same like you know the play on words or the I don't you know I don't know it Ju- anyway. Moments. Yeah. Yeah. But it was like I wasn't. It wasn't crazy for me to see Borat like shots. Anyway. You can watch there were a couple of good laughs there, but there's a woman in the movie. Who I everyone liked falls in love with. Movie Fundraising Campaign for the Babysitter tasked with looking after Borad's daughter in Sasha. Baron Cohen's comedy sequel has raised more than fifty four thousand dollars after the woman revealed that she thought the film was documentary. Her name is Denise Jones Sixty two year old woman on Oklahoma City. Grandmother was recruited by the team behind to film several scenes with fifteen year old Tatar played by two thousand, four year old actress Maria Makarova who was supposed to be his daughter. So this woman if you watch the movie sh- she winds up being a hero to this girl. Doesn't know that it's a it's a spoof and she wanted to be very positive and inspirational kind of looks after her some nice thing. This movie not realizing the whole thing is a big spoof Chiba lead that been hired look after the girl is of a documentary about child brides and women's rights only learned. The movie was satirical when a friend told her about the trailer in October fans have now flocked to thank her for being the movies moral compass There's a gofundme page for her. She was also thirty six hundred dollars for the role that was it and lost her job of thirty two years because of the coronavirus pandemic nonetheless they've raised. Now what over fifty? Thousand Dollars? Fifty, four, thousand dollars. I love during the movie I'm like I'm like this lady is is a good person. She lies watch at seal than recently for her we'll come back throwback throwdown. Go Down a players today. Look. I was aware that we were data few players, today and Sandra. All. Handsome. Yes. No. I made it. I made a little easier today playlist. White people play. Was it. It was funny as you get some of the white people saw. Your half white. Ish and yes, I am. The songs you know I don't know them who Hanson is. I. Do not. Know. Success. Do Not Know One Hanson Song. Only, why? Oh abandoned. But that's their name. Glinka. The black. You're not. Being funny I know her Banta threes also one called finally it's Christmas. That's lost hit the nobody ever knew about. I know. Even like that. OFF Essentially. I think this is a better song off. says. About this. Is a better song in my. Anything. Christmas. Is Love. It's Nice Nice. Not. Exercising. I. Don't know. Just meeting Showbiz Shelly. Winter their home in. Tulsa. Oklahoma and stole a rock. Just. Not a big like a mini gardening shovel. Went around back. shed. Open Yard. And they weren't home so you still. I did. Where's the laws. Is for go to Jay Cutler's house, but you're still. I I would have done this. Was All you could find to take with you. Know what else to take. To actually. Their. Little baggie somewhere. Questions first of all, what were you doing in Tulsa Oklahoma? Softball Tournament and I was like, I'll tell the long and so my mom was kind enough to come with me and find their house and how old were you at this time probably no. I would say probably like thirteen thirteen and so your mom was like fine we'll go look for for the Hanson home I almost want me to bring. Door you stole from their shed. Photographs in front of the home. You, you're the only one by the way I mean many people. This. Is Like the pinnacle of their career so I don't think I was the only one. House was because other people knew shelley your mom she fostered this sheet. Supported it came to ask you A. Radio station like years and years and years ago that they had a contest make your mom cry for Hanson tickets. My mom was standing in the kitchen with onions. Is trying to make herself. Cry To win. Hanson. Trying what? What Paulina you came across some kind of ethnic. What happened? Brothers E. Learning their mother's. To like you know. They were brothers. It looks like they came out of like boy meets world shower something. They don't look like singers. They look like actress humor recent photo though. Different. So Pauline. It was two years old when she realized that who was. Bob. Bop Bop. Wow Fred show. Lie Putting the wintrust studios in America's greatest city. FM. CHICAGO. WHEN IN THREE FIVE KISS An iheartradio station. Hey Buddy Thursday October twenty nine th shows on Showbiz shelly high high high. About butter high. Planning Throwback throwdown nets we're like the Lakers around here she's the bench is deep. Couple starters are out we just pulling the. Veteran Riedel role players here. Come on. Starters. With. Wow. Jason Your started pulling sixth man you're the one we call in for your the. The weapon. For that three point that we need, we call you in for that big block the closer trust me there's a lot of glory being the six men. There is never heard that in my life man found glorious. Man. Also you know who you are today years when you learn about Hanson A. Lot Glory and being a six-man Paulina share about because somebody please confirm it is no one should be on the twitter is reach out Paulina row at Paulina row at Fred on air at radio. This is a lot of glory and being the six you're a specialist who is the sixth man that I would know Lebron James. Lebron James is not a six-man. Example of a six man look at. that. You're gonNA know of him. Comes in and just like really comes through his. It's like, yeah. Yeah we can count on you as somebody. Goes down. Boom starting lineup. Paid more. nope. Out Wounds. Again. No I man eight, five, five, five, nine, one, zero, three, five, the throwback throwdown we're playing. We're playing a matter. Hilarious. Your. Players Today Showbiz, Shelly Paulina, Jason Brian, owner Boehner, those choices I've adjusted the songs. We don't go too deep cut on this. They, go away deep cut but sometimes, you guys surprise me with your knowledge. Yeah that's true. So. surprised. He's how bad I am right now I know the songs I think just aren't. You don't buzz fast enough. That is true. Sometimes I don't bus fast enough. I can't think of the names not very competitive this this game. Especially, when Rubio and Kayla here those they have this weird beef and then they look at each other and then I'm all nervous screaming I'm jumping. Just GonNa let the songs play for a little while. Just have some. Polite. Do you know it? Would you like to Buzzing Paulina? Wrestling matches coin flip screaming today. You may think, oh well, that's what makes it fun eight, five, five, five, nine, one, zero, three, five, you WanNa play pick your in-studio player. We'll do it after do a leader the same report and trying to stories on the fridge show. Always been. As assigned to play. Throwback pro. Choice, good morning. I'm your host Dick Cheese crafts. Fresh show one. Oh, three five or twelve. Kamara at home players Maurice Maurice. Papon Maurice Welcome Jason Brown owner Boehner is your in-studio flair. Got This resource go. Vanessa Vanessa. Well that's a good morning. Thank you. You've chosen Showbiz Shelly the NASA high. High Sally. Oh You. I believe. Everybody. Barbara Barbara. Allah. Paulina is your player. Bergener. Thank you. Coach was a six man for a while. Lamar onum was a six man. credentialing him Logan pointed that out into. NIETA for the winning there too. So there you go. So it's a compliment a very good thing. You. Know you're you're the weapon you're the assassin you're the one we call in you know when we need. We need it. Is. Here, then you wind up with the buddy ran. Out. On that stuff that's not illegal but. Used to be. By. The convenience store? Whatever that's called stay with khloe this synthetic weeda supposedly. All right. Here we go. A mutiny at home players, each of you have a phone, a friend, only three players today your name is your buzzer all decisions by Dick Cheese our final. Eight. Songs Tiebreaker necessaries, everyone ready. Song. Number One. Of Paulina that's. Fifty, cent four shake that ASS. Salah. Lucerne. Help each other. Day, cordial. Nobody. The song goes. Yes fifty cent. That girl. Never. Heard the. Girl I never first of all. Please fifty cents. Shake girl. No. A song. called. That girls violent. I see what you did. Anyone you know no eight dollars. Fifty cent. Disco albums. Really pleased with it. I have a request. Fifty cents shake that girl violently. Inappropriate. Because Be Painful. Body. Lisa unfortunately. Thank you. Very. Easy. Okay. Made them easy. Just go infernos not easy to say the name of the saw. G- or maybe he does. Not Macoris No. Here we go. You're ready. Throwback throwdown. Paulina. Running Chris Brown. Iraq. Telling the soldiers so easy. Dropped Pink. From you. This one. The next one is it okay I'll buy candy the next one the whole the title of the song is all set in the saw. Some three throwback throwdown Paulina has one point. Lena. Oh Sierra. That's right off. Same. Thing. Russell Westbrook or not worthwhile wants to the wrong guy. When Russell Wilson bought all of her songs. Yeah. Love. That is love. Record. All your music you own it. No, I bought it for you. That was weird. The Russell Westbrook is. appropriate. Russell. Wilson thought. Adolescent. Happy about it. Okay. That song hard. It gets even easier. You guys ready. To Paulina running away with the. Four in the throwback throwdown. I think that was a tie. I'm with tied to make it exciting flip a coin. Coin Flip a coin toss a coin. Yeah. I think so. So. Nice I'm. Scared. You call. A calling in the air. tells. Tales. And what was it? L. Tales Right. What is it Mariah Carey we together. Of. ME Three. This. Song reminded of. Only Sucked. And I think it's the biggest pop song. That should've told us. Thanks we're not playing? Terminated for say that you should not be allowed to program a radio station ever. That that right there shows of tremendous lack of judge uh-huh. Yeah. Don't do politics. A friendly game here. Frontier. Okay. Do this nobody nobody who works here? Anymore. Okay. Here we go. One Jason we to Pauline Showbiz. Shelly. Still. Was unhooked the whole time. Next Song throwback throwdown. Again. Jason Phone Fran. Okay. Play. Maurice Maurice you being called upon for the phone a friend Y'all give you some more your. Mom. Yes. I think artists is can i? Yeah you could you know? I think artists Nelly but I'm not what do you think I should? Yeah we're GONNA Nellie grills. gave. Light the. said. Wanted. To. Come. Okay. All right. So we got to JC to whether this is a heated battle you better than I expected Paulina Jason there are three songs. Shelly Kim pull through. Shelley. Okay Punctuation Ski okay. Here we go next song. If you. The person who was critical of the white songs. Yes. What's left of me? You're not allowed to talk about why people Day As most countries. This in your retail Paulina. This song because Y'all knew the song. Fishing most. Powerful. By. The way that would never work if you would to a woman and you were like the last girl broke me but you can have what's last. Into Vanessa all the pieces. Put them together lucky you. Okay so there's three for Paulina. Fast enough for Jason Broward. Zero, for Showbiz Shelly, Tucson's remaining in the throwback throwdown a couple of friends left as well. You could still Vanessa there. She's still on the line. Vanessa give it up yet. Vanessa. Here we go. Paulina that's I've. For. Myself Barbara. Let's play. A LITTLE Bit. Of this. He. Can say you WANNA say. Guests. Parts. I know it's A. Stick with pussycat. Dolls. Own. King. Oh. You believe. One. Win Number Four. Number from, we're going to count this Kobe. Discover, championship. It wasn't like. The dodgers. Real win you still. Trying. To Push. Out For an hour and Room whatever Here's a final song. Bob Right here and it reminds me how to spell. Is a few words. Does He. How does it go? How do you smell the? E N D T. On House. Own. Independence you're missing a couple of letters but. The song though. League. Eddie. Player did hang up finally talking. Forget about it would to do. One more time. How to say go. Oh we go. E. P. E. N. D. E. N. T. to. Me I don't think. Around Many letters. Don't know how to spell it but I am that. Okay. Yeah we don't know. Everybody's everyone. Something, we'll figure something out I'm Barbara Hang on hang on have a great day guys. Thank you. Thanks for the memories is like really. Why Ten minutes I'm never getting back. What Hey, look it was more competitive than you guys expected. Very proud of y'all so draining. And T. Know. Same reported. To regard. Five Kiss L. The latest entertainment news is on the Fred shown. Lots of relationships news. First, Adele shot down rumors that she's dating skept us. So the hello singer took to Instagram to write about her appearance on SNL over the weekend. She said I had the best time. Thank you to the most wonderful cast and crew she said I'm going back to my cave now to be the single cat lady that I am peace out till next year and so. I think that's a matter. I like to Dell before the Dell now. I like all Adele's fun version of adults. Greedy and rumors of a down the rapper surface back in June when the to exchange few thirty messages on instagram now meanwhile remember Brad Pitt was. That model remember that not really surnames Nicole. Was this the one that is married? Yes cocaine. So the models? And anyway she and Brad Pitt over. was never really to begin with is I question. Mike he was like an open relationship like she was married guy open marriage. Sugar baby is that what? I. Mean. But I believe she had she has a kid with that husband. Of this, if I'm dating a woman that Brad Pitt wants to get with. then. It's like, wow. Okay, go. But then I'm like when you're gone, you're with Brad Pitt come back to this, right. Never mind a lot of. meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's bitter divorce has hit yet. Another bump in the road after the actors is parted ways with her very high priced attorney. September twenty six. Years. Is it that why are you not willing to let go of your relationship if you're divorced last five years. After five years, you can come to some kind of resolution. They're both rich, not about money the kids are getting older. So they're going to start making their own choices I feel like this is not you don't WanNa let go the other person because as long as you're in this. Complicated divorce. Then you're still can the other person's life lawyers are quitting there must be they must be thinking the same thing like what the heck's going. To work for either. So meanwhile, Koi Kadarshian revealed that she had corona virus. So there's a clip that has been revealed from keeping up with the Kardashians that was released yesterday and Want to hear it. This is In a Promo for new episode of keeping up with the Kardashians revealed the Khloe Corona virus, and then there's I guess one of her sounding bad year less than. You awaiting the results for close she. told me. She does dramatic. I, of course, jumped on the phone with. Doctor would take my call trying to find somebody that. Could help her I guess sweet twilight zone music and then Saudi very sick. Well Kuroda. For? A. Couple tastes. Hot and then cold. The coughing chest with listen to this because. One because it's ski. Deathbed second of all if you start listening to symptoms I, start feeling them. Oh. Yeah totally. Sure. Also, interesting about that show because I feel like they're not allowed to say anything that happened during the season until the season airs you know. So, long ago, Sean Forever Ago Me Mafia Zoe. One on one fan. I know that's you to stop. TAME. So. She released the music video for foul. Brand new version of the hit NICKELODEON series popular theme Song Fred I. Know You're GonNa have it on repeat That is up on French. So radio DOT, com for there. So I, know exactly. Hear that all the time. Let's your some trending stories will do blogs. If we have time two thousand bucks waiting phone all coming up in the next twenty on the French show on three five. On one three, five, Kiss FM. Is What's trending. Voting at the polls ballot sell fees are trending today. Did you know? That it is illegal. To take a ballot selfie. Well. Yeah. A growing phenomenon voters posing with their marked ballots imposing a selfish on social media California Colorado New Hampshire are among more than twenty states where it is legal to take a ballot. Selfie. But in Illinois, it's punishable by up to three years in prison. Yeah. Somebody who did it on accident and they sat Not Supposed to have your phone out like other people are around you voting or take a picture of your ballot at all. How did they get yelled at by the butt of Bowling people just made no put your phone away. You can't do that. Oh starting to information by the AP and balance. These are illegal in. Georgia. Massachusetts Missouri Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio South Carolina in Illinois I'm going today so I won't be taken a self you don't be don't you. Don't WanNa have to bill you on for that like if you go to jail for three years, it better be for some other than taking a sal selfie. Credit? Glory. Whatsoever. I also read it was a fifty one percent of. This right fifty one percent of eligible voters people who are going to vote have already voted. Yeah and this election. So that's good today. American now, stockpiling goods again as a coronavirus outbreak continues to get worse not the toilet paper toilet paper for while everything anything when I started that first week and was it Marcher Fit March? Was It March? You go to the grocery store and literally anything can was gone no produce. NOPE Roenick fresh pro was wild. So apparently, people already starting to restock and thinking about it getting worse because it is getting worse researchers found that roughly fifty seven percent of shoppers are considering restocking due to growing fears of the potential wave of covid nineteen hygiene products top the shopper stockpile lists again, toilet paper hand sanitizer canned goods, disinfecting wipes, and paper towels. But unlike the first pile forty, five percent of shoppers plan to invest in new items like frozen dinners, pasta, snacks and cleaning products. Alice stressful on the throwback. Acted I'd do the same thing I. Did we learn a lesson? We don't need mass quantities of Portland paper. please. Nine. Yourself. What you got going on. My nose with it so Yeah no I don't. I don't know number two. It's it's incredible thing as a gift I was given. Jealous Number two. Number two anywhere else. The fact that I it has to be a bad situation for me to go anywhere but my house. Here a never, I can't see in ten years I've never, but it's like things are not going well. It's. It's just not good but otherwise I sang with Ping I will try and hold it to use my restaurant. Really don't like public bathroom. I really don't like an airport bathroom really. I. Don't like it. I don't like using public anywhere and. Really and for girls it so much worse because you actually have to touch stuff like we don't really have to touch it. I learned a squat just everywhere point quat to you hover. Hold on. No, I am not. Scale the bathroom malls and the from like. Walk. into. The. Actually. From the ceilings, some ropes that come down. From the ceiling so Yeah that's what she told me but I learned later was a sex swing so I'm like, what's that? I can you know hang myself from the ceiling. So I don't have to touch this. What is for believed? Her I thought the Mirror was for aesthetic to the ceiling. Her makeup laying down. Turns out. Is for something else. Sally. I've been saying this for a Long Time Shelly Even kill anyone on this team I believe shelly that if you had been a part of our tangent podcast where we had evaluated what we believe each other is like in the boot in the boudoir. I I, give you the highest. For. The client wants. Yeah. But. You know what I'm saying it's always. Back really what what you're court nevermind we don't have to go. I don't Wanna I don't know you're sort of nude of it actual like you visit our show but you're new to the level of comfort that we have with one another. I, don't WANNA I don't WanNa push you to reveal too much. About the world is they WANNA know? Yeah, we do. If you're a freak. You WanNa know but. I keep some things close the chest late now. Again made a career by just basically putting my life on the line might might my social life on the line and private life? There are no secrets really. anyway, which no one wants to hang out with me because they realize if you any anything that happens is fair game it's like it's just a it's a non verbal agreement accept it. You know yeah. Yeah I. Mean You hang around me I'm glad I talk about it because we feel how many hours a day like come on. Come on if I left the house it better be worth it. You know if I left the house there better be story. Content Right the NFL's moving forward with plans for a reduced capacity super bowl on February seventh they're planning to hold capacity at twenty percent at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium, which normally holds sixty five thousand fans fans will be in pods six feet apart and masks will be required. Which is fine because I've been to the Super Bowl and it is not a game that is made for the viewer. Intended for the people in the stadium, there's an is a made for TV. timeouts are long the halftime show is only for TV they don't care what you can see everything is no one there. The true fans are only like two sections. The rest of it is sponsors or people who want people whose bucket list it is to go to the Super Bowl. And then the only make like true I was lucky to be like the true fan section the tickets were still outrageous, but there's only like two sections of real fans. It's disappointing. So it's like not loud and I don't know it's sort of weird. It's a weird environment is national OATMEAL Day National Hermit Tei National Cat Day World Stroke Day today as well which I guess we. Think about that and acknowledged that today. So we'll go back said when national cat day to day. Blogs at a thousand bucks a phone next friendship. Talk better than they type these the radio blogs on the fred show status, updates. And like the weather Paulina is very efficient. But you know Jason when he was doing he yesterday including things like the humidity. I. Asked him to common to the weather and he's like it's not in my contract and I was like Oh, my gosh. Believable already. Came on sports also. But he can do it all I'm getting never. Learned. The do points I believe included the do point you know the barometric pressure I mean he's all the things that people WanNa know these things you know is it a high pressure day? A low pressure I mean this is. You Tom Skilling Dallas. He does have the do point would tell us that. I'm a pilot I barely know what to do with the Duke with do point that would change my day they. Tell me if it's GonNa rain maybe regulars look out of the window. Okay. Audio journalists six, fifty, eight, fifty showbiz shelly with a blog. Okay. Oh, did you want to? Decide. I don't know. I don't know who Nicer they really. It was a toss up but okay. You go I'll ride their blog. I am putting this out there because I don't know what kind of advice to give to my friend on this one because I'm really torn. I thought it was a really good question and just something that I was Fred from my advice shelley you go by to maybe you guys can help her out because I feel bad people ask me for advice you rate advice. But you're right I I, know how to live I just don't do it feel like you always say the right things to and that's hard noticing I never say the right things I don't know. Okay. So what's the question? Let's hit the question I can solve this problem. So my friend told me and really it is a friend I thought was really interesting. So she told me that her in this guy that she was saying for like four months they were five months I can't remember maybe it was four but they never were official but. They liked each other whatever at the end he was like kind of being distant almost even just sort of saying without saying of like I don't like really want anything out of this but without saying, you know actually like manning up whatever. So we have been telling her like, oh I, don't know this is like the right person then for you because it seems like maybe you want to be serious with him, I don't know anyway they didn't talk for like maybe a month she said, and then he calls her and gives her like. The I'm sorry like I called the apology tour on they call they come back. Okay. Here's the thing though hear me out usually when they call you at least happens to me I've been guilty of this I will admit it when I call you it's for a purpose either am trying to close us out meaning like and I'll say you know I really hope you find of the makes you happy I hope we could both move on and just like you know not have any hatred towards each other I've done that or had this unto. Me where it's like I, want you back. There's always a purpose behind no one's ever called just to be like I'm sorry that I messed up and and and knowledge everything they must right and like acknowledge what they did to me. I was very honest and my friends agree I tell her I'm like girl it sounds like he's being selfish and he has a sinus conscious and he can't get it off. So he's got an apologize to you, but it's not for you. It's for him to feel better about himself nothing came out of Vidal. Just call to apologize that say it's no I want you back I want to fix and there's no closure of like I just want to go on like you left it so. And now she's all confused and I'm like I mean take it from what it is an apology but I kind of feel like it selfish and call me wrong hit me up on twitter. Let me know if you're I'm wrong but I feel like it. Selfish. Well, I mean for someone to say they're sorry it maybe it is selfish but then You choose to accept that or not accept that but I think it's you do moving forward right? Like if she wants something serious and he comes and goes and it's casual then he's not the guy type. She's willing to accept his casual terms and you know she can do that. Too but I don't think it's up to her I think like the ball's in his court because he said, sorry but he never did anything else with that. I WANNA to make this work or we probably. Buddy, doesn't because he did it in the there's your answer. It should focus on the apology being selfish because some people never get an apology or some people never get that closure they just go away. My reaction was all like technologist apologize. I think that's actually kind of a brave thing because he could have just let it go I feel like it's Ghost. Posting I. Don't do it on purpose I do it because I don't want conflict. We've all done that he called her specifically be like Ham sorry I just wasn't feeling. I don't know exactly what he said, but just if you if. It was and I also think that's actually another conversation like if he was like I just wasn't feeling he never even acknowledged that it was just more like you or how did you say you were there for me and like I wasn't there for you typing. So he felt guilty he has some time to reflect any feel guilty about it. So fine. So maybe that's selfish but alpha. But aren't a lot I mean I don't know I. Guess I don't I wouldn't reflect on that. Maybe I'd reached reflect on the sentiment. Yeah apology. Cool. Move on Scott the allergy a lot of people don't get it. That's very good. I think yeah. A lot of people don't get it I think it's really interesting because I've never heard anyone just call just to calm telling you always something behind it. Maybe that's selfish for him to call and be like let's try this again maybe that. would be more selfish if he's like if the apology came with by the way like let's go out again so I can hit it or whatever like no hidden. Behind it it's just he was just offering the apology. Yeah. He wants to get it off his conscience, but apology I guess and then but then for her she has to decide based on his behavior what the terms are going to be moving forward that's up to her. It's really interesting to be honest I. Just think I've never seen this in my twenty eight years of life. Yeah. I'm telling you always a motive and I'm not saying hit it or quitting but if he's over here like you're you know this great person and that's what he's telling her your this great person, Blah Blah Blah I didn't appreciate you for what you know what this was I. Appreciate You. Then I guess you know you live you'll learn and. I was like. So then what happened after that like nursing I'M No plan but he never closed it either in my opinion closing as to say something like, Hey, you know I hope we both just can move on and be don't know friends or hey like i. hope you find someone that treats you grey I've said that to somebody because I wanted to close it. I think if you're dating someone casually and it's not that you can't catch feelings. Of course, you can catch feelings, but you also have to be responsible for your own emotions in that. Right like if you if you're if it's casual dating and the person's not promising you something and you're Ju, it's just what it is. Then those are the terms that you've accepted. If you want something else and you gotta say something to find or we need to have a conversation, you got to own that I've learned that this year 'cause I've done the casual thing to the person disappears and it's like all that was messed up but I've I've also done the. Disappearing it's like. Well, you know what? I didn't step up and say that I wanted something more I didn't do anything. I just took I just took it for what it was. So that's on Mir that's UNU-. You also gotTa take ownership of how you approach it and I've also done the thing in which is selfish where you've ghost and then you go off to see what else is out there and when you realize that the other thing was better than you apologize to get back in That's dad selfish for him just to call with a no strings attached apology I'll have a problem with that either never heard of my life never experienced. Here instead. Leaning in that way when that's not the intention. Word, we stand the unconditional apologists because he texted to anyone who calls. Yes. That's right. Problem solved. Often, we'll move onto the next life issue. A thousand bucks paying bills waiting to phones new the entertainment report next Fred Show. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the Dominion Energy. Reliability investment our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. Make the reliable investment in reliable energy the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com that's reliability investment dot com.

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