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I think smoking always affected my daily life because I was a closet smoker. It really sort of controlled my entire day. My boss is the one that recommended jewel. So I decided to give it a try. You don't get any of the odor of smoking. There's no ash all over your car. I would say give it a try get the flavor and satisfaction of smoking without the mess of cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Switch to Joel check OJ dot com slash sports. If you don't smoke Vate don't start warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. Who do you think? And he gets set four slot on for these teams are so similar to do head football coach last miles. Coach welcome the Kansas of Carolina found its new coach in its old coach who says you can't go back home again. Let for net's been suspended for Jacksonville's next game came for that fight. He said good job the game villa, Leslie, even those Emma Cincinnati. These kids kept talking about King James, I'm finally stopped one his his life. Who is this king Django says that's what Brian James people were wear. I in dead. He laughed again. That's what they've been following. What you see your perception of Patty sporting event. Get this shoot. Wasn't the outside the lions Kate Fagan college football, the chaos on and off the field is today's big story from studios z tonight, the thirteen member college football selection committee will reveal their assessment of what's been happening between the lines Michigan. Al breads Georgia and bringing us one step closer to our football. Final four in the news surrounding the gain the college coaching carousel big money for signing big-money for leaving body between oh out at Louisville taking fourteen point one million with him less miles in Lawrence, Kansas and former Texas coach Mack Brown. Welcome back today as North Carolina's coach here, he is at today's press conference in Chapel Hill, you start asking yourself why coach again, maybe done enough and you start looking at being out a few years, and you really miss the players are common purposes for them to have a great experience here for them to learn to be better people when they get out of here and. We want him to win. I've tried that both ways and winnings. A lot more fun than that other stuff. It's it's not even close. It's not even the same ballpark. Here to deconstruct everything college football is Paul finebaum. Host of the Paul finebaum show. Paul. Let's start here with the news out of North Carolina. What was your reaction? Do you NC's rehiring of Mack Brown? Kate. I thought this was a phenomenal higher for a number of reasons. It was outside the box and people say, well, what do you mean? Mack Brown sixty seven years old. He's already been there before. But in my mind, it it really showed some some creativity by getting someone who's very comfortable with the fan base. He he was there a number of years ago. He has great relationships with high school coaches, and he also has experienced Mack Brown is sixty seven, but so is Nick Sabin. And he's only the best coach maybe of all time. What I think MAC is going to do is bring in younger assistance, especially at the coordinator position and be somewhat of a CEO. That's what he was at Texas. And I think he'll do a really interesting job here. And I believe he he will he will improve this program which has suffered so much off the field with the NC double A shoes in Larry fedora, constantly putting his foot in his mouth. All right. Let's put a pin in the college coaching carousel and just talk about the other news that will be coming out tonight. What are you into the college football committee deciding about who's in the? Top four. Yeah. I think what we'll see is pretty predictable at the top Alabama. Clemson and then Notre Dame the number four spot will likely go to Georgia, but that will be temporary because Georgia plays Alabama. The real action tonight is at five and six the committee will likely put Oklahoma at five Ohio State at six we'll that hold up next week is really the issue there couple of things at stake here. Oh, Oklahoma has a narrow loss to Texas by three points. Ohio State lost by twenty nine to Purdue. And that's really what's hurting them. The plus for the buckeyes, however, Kate is that impressive win over Michigan on Saturday that very few people saw maybe a few people thought they could win the game at the horseshoe. Nobody thought they could blow out Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan wolverines it was simply one of the great performances of the twenty eighteen season. All right back to this coaching carousel and the money flying a lot of times out the door at these athletic departments. We saw Patrizia walkaway with an absurd amount of money fourteen million dollars. Why does it seem that coaching buyouts have been more and more expensive? What is this trend? I don't know the answer to that. Because I can't explain why athletic directors give coaches who really have no market value. These type of these type of back ends Ed ores, you're on who frankly nobody wanted. He didn't get a single head coaching offer a couple of years ago when he was elevated to replace less miles had a ten or twelve million dollar buyout on the back end. You'd mentioned portray Gus malzahn. Let's talk about him for a second a year ago after a good season. And he has not had that many even though he played for the championship in his first year. He ended up threatening to go to the university of Arkansas a fairly new president gave him a seven year forty nine million dollar deal with a thirty two million dollar buyout and a brain athletic director or president would have said, you know, what go I don't really care. But the problem nowadays, he's athletic directors have very little spine. They reacted Twitter. They react to show social media. They don't wanna. Oh, look bad. They don't want to get stuck in a situation like a year ago where Tennessee's athletic director conducted a nationwide. Search and ended up getting fired before he could make the higher. So that's the reason it's it's unexplainable. And it's also free money. It's not like, they're really accountable. It's not like a family business Kate where they have to account for it at the end of the day. It's like spending the government's money school money, and they don't really care right in a lot of times, it can be the government's money. How do these huge payouts? Like, some of the ones that you mentioned upwards of twenty million dollars that someone can be offered for a buyout. How does that actually affect the school going forward? Well, it does affect it. Because let's go back to the Auburn scenario had not been for the thirty two million dollar buyout. I believe Gus malzahn at Auburn would have been fired this year, but the school can't afford it it thinks that's so bad yesterday with boosters making phone calls and having secret meetings that Bob stoops had to issue a statement last night that I am not going to Auburn. I have not been contacted. Nobody even had heard his name before the day. Began. That's how crazy things have gotten a, but they they will keep a bad coach there. And they'll also the school will end up paying someone off less miles had a big bile to couple years ago. They finally negotiated a down, and he went to Kansas, but it puts a tremendous burden on the school and for the life life of me. I have no idea why these ethnic directors do it. All right. Paul finebaum. Thank you for your time today. Thank you. The look people in the left side. Touchdown jacksonville. Got to push it each other right now. Real. But to throw this one out later for. Later for Bill. Punch punch. It look like. Was on the field for the point of my brother. My brother. The NFL at the three quarter poll that of course, was the scene this past Sunday in buffalo resulting in a one game suspension for Jags star running back Leonard fournette, but there's plenty of other stories bouncing around the gridiron. We got the Texans winning their eighth straight in the latest just days after the death of owner and founder, Bob McNair, the Panthers. Eric Reed who has protested racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem city. Feels NFL has been targeting him for additional drug tests. Here's a tweet from the Charlotte. Observer's Panthers beat reporter Eric Reed was randomly selected by the NFL to take drug tests today, he told me it's a sixth drug tests and signing with the Panthers on September twenty seven fifth random this is supposed to be a random system. He said it doesn't feel very random and the spiciest for last Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield not a fan of former Browns head coach hue Jackson who was fired by Cleveland midseason who then took a job with the rival Bengals. Here was Mayfield after the Browns win over the Bengals. Didn't feel like talking lift Cleveland goes down and Cincinnati somebody that was in our locker mask and for us to play for him. And then goes do different team. We play twice a year. We are now joined by the undefeated senior NFL writer Jason read. Jason let's start with Leonard fournette, we just saw footage of that fight. What was your reaction to the fight into the NFL's response? Well, I wasn't surprised by what for net did the Jaguars mired in a horrible slump. Right now. They can't win a football game. They fired their offensive coordinator they've bench their quarterback. So you look at it. There's a lot of frustration there. And when you see that type of frustration. It's not shocking that this something like this would happen. They also lead the league with twenty two personal fouls. It's just a mess of a situation there right now. And this is something that came of it and also real quickly, our colleague, Adam Schefter reporting that he will appeal the suspension if appeal is not successful he'll serve at this weekend. Good news there with Adam Schefter because it seems unlikely that a one game suspension would be overturned when you see that footage right there. But. Are let's turn our eyes to Ohio with all of the drama coming outta this weekend. What have you heard about the relationship between Hugh Jackson, former Browns coach and his former players well talking to people in the browser organization. I know what one of the things we'll tell you about Hugh is he was very smart guy. But he gets involved in everything. And he has rubbed a lot of players the wrong way. There's there's been stuff coming out that the team really likes Greg Williams that he's he's the more disciplined on a Greg Williams. And that Hugh Jackson, quite frankly rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. And a lot of people think that he was all about Hugh. I'm not saying that I agree with that necessarily. But that's the feeling. So when you saw that interaction Kate would Baker Mayfield. It wasn't shocking. And then you hear what Baker Mayfield said after that. They do look at Hugh is a guy who okay, you weren't all about us when you were here. Whether that's fair or not now, we'll say this Baker Mayfield making this comment about he went to work for a team that plays us twice a year. Hugh Jackson was fired. Let's not forget that. There's been speculation that Jackson could be in line for the Bengals top job. How do you think that all of this world of conversation around his style as a coach might affect that going forward? We'll K clearly this is not the thing that helps you when you're up for another potential job. Also, what doesn't help us that coming into this year. Hugh had one victory in two season. Cleveland, I think for the Bengals fan base. It'll be a very hard sell after Marvin Jackson who I think is a very good football. Coach let's face it. He did not have success in the playoffs in a very long run there. Now, you're potentially going to follow up Marvin Jackson with a guy who into this year with a winless season and a one in fifteen season. I think it's a very difficult sell to a fan base. All right. Read air greeted said he saw this at the top of the show that he's been quote, unquote, randomly drug tested six times this year five times really because one was going to mandatory the beginning of the year is this happening with other players. Or is this read situation actually specific to him as he suggests? Okay. Under the under the testing policy. It is supposed to be random. I can't say that the union is looking into this. And you would think that they would look into it now because whether or not Eric Reid is actually right in that. He's intimating that he's being targeted the reality. The reality of the situation is it does seem at least somewhat questionable this many times for a random system. So the union is looking into it. They'll if they find something that they believe is a problem. Clearly, they'll bring it up to the league. But I do understand from Eric Reed's perspective. Wyatt doesn't feel quite very random right now. All right. Jason read. Thanks for joining us today. Coming up next very curious move by major league baseball. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent lightning storm here to describe the event a TV tray. I was watching football and holding a plate of Meatloaf wind Cup. Bam a bolt of lightning slams into the apartment blowing out the TV and surround sound anything. You could have done to help, ma'am. I'm a foldable table. Not an electrician you were TV. Trae can't help you in a lightning storm. But the co insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Go to Geico dot com to see how affordable renter's insurance can be. In Mississippi today votes are being cast in the special Senate runoff election between the incumbent Republican Cindy, Hyde Smith and her challenger democrat, Mike Espy. So what does this have to do with sports? It was earlier this month when Hyde Smith's campaign fell under a cloud of controversy after the candidate made a comment about attending a public hanging. If invited a comment caught on video video which soon after went viral. So again, what does this have to do with sports well over this past holiday weekend? It was reported that major league baseball was one of the many donors that contributed to the Hyde. Smith campaign gifting the maximum five thousand dollars after public outcry regarding the controversial campaign, just as many other corporations had done MLB has requested a full return of those contributions now here to give us more perspective on the stories ESPN MLB insider BUSTER only BUSTER, honestly, when I first read this. Port. I was surprised just because I didn't even know that major league baseball or any sports organization was making political donations really of any kind. So how common is it for a major sports league? In this case, major league baseball to be making these kinds of donations gate is very commonplace. In fact, in the most recent election cycle, major league baseball donated to over one hundred candidates mostly incumbents both sides of the aisle like a lot of businesses. They are trying to sway legislative agenda. Okay. So four major league baseball. If it's not specific to certain candidates, and it seems like it's it's sweeping donations. What exactly are they hoping to get out of pouring money into congress? Baseball has an antitrust exemption that it would love to maintain. You've seen a lot of the ballpark's used in major league baseball are built with public funds. They're very interested in the labor laws. You've seen the controversy in recent years about how minor league players make. Less than minimum wage, and they're looking possibly to form a union earn more money major league baseball would like the status quo. So they have a lot of different issues where they've constantly pushed back, for example about fifteen years ago, you remember congress got involved in baseball with the PD issue. All always believed. The Mitchell report was generated by baseball in order to satisfy congress. Why do you think this is something and it's in this specific case about baseball. But I think the same could probably be said for NBA fans or NFL fans. Not understanding what the league is doing. Why do you think fans are so unaware of this particular side of the game? It must be because folks like me have not done a good job reporting on this. But this is something that has been going on for a long time. It was just two years ago. The major league baseball announced that they opened an office in Washington to help with their lobbying of congress. What was the reaction inside the baseball community to this story? Or maybe the question is more like the media responding. This story in this way. Well, within baseball, I can tell you this. There was a lot of anger and frustration because there's a feeling that this particular donation, given the context was not vetted in the last forty eight hours. Major league baseball has been looking into that coming up with a different system as opposed to just giving autonomy to lobbyists that worked for them. The most interesting player reaction that I saw was actually from Adam Jones, the former center field of the Orioles who's African American. He referenced his donor event that major league baseball contributed in. And he said, I wonder why I wasn't invited. What types of things, and you mentioned a few of them when it comes to stadiums. And when it comes to the anti-trust laws, but for the layman baseball fan, what types of things do you think that this lobbying effort has actually influenced when it comes to their game? Look, I think the the case the minor league players is a classic example that HBO real sports did a a great piece on it on how major league baseball has worked hard to. To hold down wages four minor league players because from a business perspective baseball wants to keep that the payments of those players is lowest possible to make profits for the minor league affiliates. And that wouldn't happen if minor league players, of course, are traveling all during the course of summer were actually making minimum wage, and maybe some of the donations that they've made have influenced this major league baseball part of the choices that they make in terms of who they donate to is the congress persons who are people who they believe really like baseball. And and we'll favor baseball BUSTER only. Thank you so much for joining us today. Coming up the world away from the court for one king. Lebron James that's next. Tonight. We have the twentieth annual ACC big ten challenge. Ninety three Michigan state taken on the cardinals at seven thirty eastern than it. Cihan Williamson RJ Barrett and the number three Duke squaring off against Indiana at Cameron indoor here on ESPN and the app. Sportscenter at six pm with sage in heaven, the three scenarios that would cause pay us for the college football playoff many, plus the lessons. Duke learned up losing tickets to last me in a preview of the nuggets taking on the Braun and the Lakers. Sportscenter six eastern after PTI. The sports world knows so much about LeBron James we followed his every point every game every decision, and perhaps more than any other athlete. The world has been curious about his moves away from the court his effort to build a business around his game. A new eight part series on ESPN, plus more than an athlete documents the journey of LeBron James in his friends, turn business partners. Randy Mems, Rich, Paul and maverick Carter. Here's an excerpt from episode three which became available this morning on ESPN. Plus it became clear to me how big Brown was freshman year. He maverick won the state championship together. And these kids Kim like running around a hotel talking about King, James. I'm finally just thought one of these kids like who is this King James you guys. And you're like, you don't know King James LeBron James, I checked in I go this room. The craziest thing is going on downstairs people running around your calling you King James, and he laughed like. Yeah. That's what they've been calling. And I'm like at that point. I realized like this is a real thing. Basically brought us all together one day. It was like really feel like we can do something special as a team in running my business, and you guys kind of managing me. We were kind of blowing back for a minute. But were like, yeah, we can and keep in mind like, none of us had experienced. So we like we can without really knowing if we could. With the first pick in the two thousand and three NBA draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select LeBron James. On the Bronwyn pro my life changed that day because became a row. Joe? I mean, it went from a pipe dream to with the first round pick Cleveland takes the Brian James to rainy Mems you now have a real job, and you have responsibilities to this kid. So yeah, it changed instantly. What do you do about all the people surrounding him? He's got quite an entourage for an eighteen year old. How do you make that goal from an entourage to one guy? Now being a member of your team. What assault according of what he does on the floor. Lebron is you take the court for your first game. How are your nerves tonight? Gallow my stomach right now. But you don't want to jump balls start up. I'll be ready to play. Career. We had an agent at the time who had people in place that were doing things that we were just kind of assisting them anything Braun obviously began to make money, but none of us had anything. We got a little routine going. I was there everyday at the practices. You know with him every day mave is learning at Nike and riches learning at CA. We're all in school. We were grooming ourselves to be the LeBron's of what we do. Yo you got the wrong number, sir. Does he know? In the process of signing with Nike going into one of his first meetings. Take me to the side and said, what questions should I ask in this meeting to stay focused on it? Brown was one of the first athletes, and I've worked with was committed to impel he begin to talk about how could he incorporate his guys into corporate America? So I took them on as enters those guys really picked it up fairly quick do gills huge, very functions. Vigils time you want mine faulty times all times. We have played different coach. I don't want to know what time right now, we call people at home like oh, sleep. Randy's job was really kinda unique. Randy was the glue that kept the system together early on. You can watch episodes one two in three of more than an athlete only on ESPN plus in the ESPN app. Now, you can subscribe that'll do for outside the lines today on Fagin NFL live with Wendi. Nix is next.

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