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Thanks for listening to the atom and Dr drew show on podcast one. Commercial real estate challenges for a hundred and sixty years companies around the world have trusted samples for expert guidance and perfect workspace solutions. See what samples can do for you at samples dot US. Recorded live at Corolla one studios with Adam Corolla and board certified physician and addiction medicine specialist. Dr drew Pinski. You're listening to the atom and Dr drew show. Ramming. I get on man. We do. Hey, no. I'm this doing getting it on drive and draft. You don't watch you drown. We'll need a slide. Whistle trapped. No, dropping trial was pre slide. I mean posts slide. Whistle is it. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. But I still make trial happen traff. This is why it's good not to get caught up with these kinds of sayings. 'cause then they go away, and they're like hairstyles, and you feel embarrassed when you see an old picture of you with that hairstyle where you hear an old recording of you saying drab and draft. Although I used to say it a lot right? You like to support our sponsors? You can search blue EMU and on Amazon three drew lifelock dot com, promo code, Adam. And truecar everyone loves truecar dot com. All right. Let's see drew. You gotta. I was just I was saying off the air how how your handicapped by being right? You know, what I mean that people shouldn't? We were talking about our wives, handling financial affairs and things and you you brought something up to an end. She said trick trick question in behind that is though that you're wrong or something you're bringing up is sort of inaccurate. Which is what we're normal people are used to. But we're not used to taking somebody whatever they say at their word necessarily without questioning it you're saying people, I kinda marvel at this a lot which is people are way to pre wired or easily triggered to say things to me or anyone else that are kind of fly in the face of. What is and what I'm saying? I don't think they know what they're saying. I give everyone forgiveness because I don't think I think they're doing things from a reactionary standpoint or a. Connect can I let me just say let me just finish vocabulary lesson. Yes, reactive reactive reactionary means like conservative like you're trying to roll things back to a previous era rampant always use that term wrong. Sorry reactive. Maybe Gary look it up just to make sure the executive. Oh, you we've talked about this foreign I think I remember you being right? Sorry. Thank you. Grant, give reactionary political science go to the the definition. There. We go. Posing political social reform. It's sort of reactionary means go to drill it back down back to a previous era right reactive. Yeah. I was trying to think of us trying to think of was reflective which is like I was standing out front of the studio few days ago. And I was talking the Kaelin about pulling a Bill Maher clip, and they're both clips I paid played for you a couple of days ago. There's one a Bill Maher sort of in a rush before the show. I should there's one of Bill Maher Bill Maher saying, hey, I don't need to need. I don't need them. All report. I know there's collusion. I have a TV shed, I'm paraphrasing. And then after that one of his guests the girl says, I know it's all doom and gloom. But. There are some good things. And so we go grab those clips there in the same. I don't know thirty second time period twenty minutes into the show. Go find them get them ready. Okay. Later on. He. Has the Bill Maher statement? And I said, then what about the one with guest the girl when she gives her? It's not all doom and gloom. And he said, oh, I just got the something something. And I said what about I need to get? I totally get the girl who does it doom and gloom one. And he said, you never told me that. Oh boy. And I thought I don't know why you're saying that to me because I did say to you would it be. Let's remember it. Right. Gas would it be acceptable to you. If somebody said, I didn't remember you said that I that's perfectly acceptable. And then I yell at whoever says that to me don't say that to me don't think that way I stood there. And I told you those two things you don't remember one of them. You didn't have a note pad. You weren't writing it down. That's not really your fault. Because I told you come here. So you basically like a waiter, and I'm going here's my order, and you didn't have your Pat on you. And that's fine. You some people many people can only process so much information. But don't tell the guy who. Ordered. You didn't say Cole saw. Yeah. By the way, how many times you guys been to arrest? Ron where you said to someone. They order like comes back and go ask for no man as on this. You said extranets like, yeah. Of course, I didn't say that. Right. Why would I if I didn't want manny's, can you guys think of the last time you didn't want something? But you just said gimme extra that thing. I don't like. It's a weird. It's a weird thing to sort of say to the person you never said that like. I said it I will accept I forgot or I didn't hear that part didn't process it or I was confused, but they go you didn't say that. I fired I fired my pool, man. Well, Lynette fire. My pool. Well, took a while. I've heard the pool guy because. Had a bunch of rain a bunch of floods much leaves and what your stuff and literally created this ring of broken leaves and soot around the pool stir round the pool, and I went out there like when he was there on Wednesday. And I said. Do I need to say anything. But I just went out and went, hey, man, the pool that the leaves gotta kinda ring around it. So make sure and get that off. And then he goes. Yeah. Okay. And then I went back in the house, and then the following week after he showed up or whatever after he left. I came back home that night, whatever. And the ring was just around the pool. Got to be kidding me. I mean, I literally went out like pointed at it and reform. No now, nothing and no need to be raining and flooding and then the next week he came back, and I went out to him. And I said, hey, man last week, you're here, I told you get this ring off around the pool, and he said, you didn't say that. Oh, Jesus house like. Bye. See ya. All right. Well, now, you're getting fired fat ass. Like, okay. I I did. Secondly, I'll be the worst person in the world if I didn't say anything, and then just came out and said, hey, remember, I told you this. I was gone. But you also have to think that makes me insane and bad person. Like, all right. You're right. I never left the house. I'm insane. I'm cruel, by the way. Like, I hate pool man, but you know, to too I did tell you. But I shouldn't have had this tell you anything your you're to clean the pool. So I did tell you. But even if I didn't still can do your job, right? Like cleaned the scub- around the pool. So. I did. But what a man would do. I March back in the house and told my wife to fire his ass will done chew she enjoyed that. Then I hadn't seen now. Then add one of the most insane conversation ever had in my life. I got to hear this how it's one of the best. Wait, what am I got here? So let me do it. I got in my many. Endeavors. I've had to help people with aches and pains, and as well as physical and mental issues blue EMU has been trusted by Merrick over fifteen years to support healthy muscles and joints. They have not produced an Amazon coupon code made specifically for our audience. Go to Amazon today, use the code three drew for a three dollar off coupon. Simple amazon. Search for blue add to cart apply the code. And that code is three drew blue B L U E dash EMU has a large portfolio products all American made into the highest quality. I recommend the deep penetrating formula. Blue EMU original for soothing tired muscles and paints. Maxim arthritis for any arthritic pain and the light Kane as a numbing pain Lewis. I see of the numbing pain reliever right here. Yeah. Not only do these formulas were great, but there's no chill. No, burn, no odor. Use this opportunity support your muscles joint. The code is three. That's number three, drew dairy w so I think Lynette disputes this or maybe did dispute. I'm pretty good at capturing conversations. The next week. I'd return from like walking the dog and spotted the pool man in the backyard with his back to me at the other end. I said when it was home, and I said is that our old pool gun? She said this guys weren't a different hand. Well, you know, you can I've been known to change a hand seven days time it could happen. I mean, a master disguise course, not regular like master disguise. Switch hats. And she said, I don't know a little heavier set. I go. I dunno guy was pretty heavy set. I don't know. I don't think it's him. I think it's him. And then at some point, I just turned her, and I go did you fire the old guys, you know? Well now. I'm almost sure. Almost. There's I'm leaving a little window of opportunity of negligence here, but it'd be shorts that guy. Yeah. Now, I think she has a different version. Recall, go and fire might then it seems like you know, now we were hiding behind the sofa. You have to hide from your you have to hide from the people who work at your house. Don't you know, that didn't know that you don't move or you walk into your house, and there's a big sliding door. And you see the gardener out there. You gotta hide base. She'll it's weird. You don't have that. Oh, I have that relationship with everyone in my yard. You don't hide from people in your yard. I don't I really don't. But then they they see you. Then they see. Yeah. It's weird. They may want to have I contact conversation. They wanna they may want something through. Oh, hey, man, you're gonna finish that sandwich. Also, they may judge like jeez. I'm on my third house in your new sweatpants going on you got to have. You know, what I'm saying you want avoid that. Drew you go right HIV? You hide you hide like idea sweatpants mean HIV you're walking around in plain sight like a coward. That's true. You hide with the nobleman. Okay. See I have the big windows like you do. Those big window. So that's trouble. I don't like that not at all. Now. Sometimes you think they're looking at their own reflection. I'm saying, but you don't know. And you can't chance it Leon. Yes. Hi, gentlemen. How are you? Both doing tonight. Good forty nine San Diego. What's going on? Not much. I just want to say I've been listening to you guys for almost twenty years now. Thank you, welcome. And I actually had a question about that your love line days. This is the both of you undoubtedly you guys, you know, received a lot of calls from people who are in in terrible situations abuse, addiction, you know, as you name it. I was wondering how much empathy you guys each of you ended up feeling for those strangers during those calls, and if it was a good amount how you guys would dealt with such feeling on a nightly basis like that. Or if it was some point where you had to learn to vote but off emotionally, and if that if that was the case how that affected your feelings empathy for people in general. He's all right. I have a couple of modes. Go ahead. Now, they'll answer I draw huge. Distinction between people that have their situation imposed upon them the victim of molestation or now we've had to. Yeah. Versus people kind of do things to themselves. My feeling between doing you know. It's like somebody dies in skydiving accident, you feel bad. But you're like, well, you went skydiving and now you dead, and there's a feeling of like, okay versus oh. She was just going to the store to get her kids some formula and a drunk driver. You know, jump the curb, and I think I have sort of those kind of thoughts and the other kind of part is. I sort of felt like a paramedic. Who was like doing his job really start crying by the guy in the motorcycle? Right. So we both repeat we've said that many times over the years. We felt like we were paramedics we had some there's something we came upon. We gotta take care of it. So there was a kind of a professional distance. But we also had to have really significant empathy to figure out what was going on. Because all we had was their voice to I don't mean this because I think empathy. Sounds too much sympathy. Yeah. And then people think it's kind of a I don't know pseudonym set Asudin him. Yeah. So I'm not talking like for like sympathy. Yeah. I'm not talking sympathy or compassion. I'm talking empathy. We had to kind of feel what was going on and react to it. Hey, Gary long as you're looking up stuff that the definition of empathy? I empathize to me feels like I a it's putting yourself. Another person's spy essential. It feels like a more mature version of sympathy sympathy with the ability to do something. Yeah. This is understand. The key thing is the ability to understand the feelings of others reporter with sympathy with understanding of sensitive of awareness of fellowship, fellow feeling. Yeah. It's it has many definitions feels like sympathy with the mission. I seem to remember being told that sympathy is you feel bad. For somebody empathy as you feel bad for them because you've been through a two. No, empathy empathy. Is you use your mic, healthy empathy? Hell tree is you have a full appreciation of what the other person is experiencing as though you were able to put yourself in their shoes. But you maintain a boundary where you don't and compassion can be deep sadness and all kinds of horrible feelings about what's happening for somebody at one. Feels more empathy feels more mature it is it is more and more. Like, we can do something that's sympathies for you. So his back to his the question. I have to do that all day everyday with patients. So it's nothing unusual in my world in my life to be doing that on the radio doing the clinic. Whatever it is what I do all day. And if you maintain good boundaries, you don't you're not deplete about in fact, you're sort of kind of energized by because you make a difference, and you and you attune with somebody you kind of commune with them aware. So this not depleting, it's not necessarily depleting was it ever depleting. I mean, really the the call part of the hours. No, I my I I don't have that empathy. I just sort of have the you have mister, spock's empathy. Yeah. Well, no my yes. Yes. Well, my thing is let's try to fix your problem. Right. And me feeling bad for you is kind of neither here nor there. I almost look at it is you're telling me your car broke down. And I don't wanna feel bad for the car. Just went try to fix it. Right. You're you're more pattern recognition. Mr. Spock calling a mechanic, your ask them how to fix something? And I'd like to fix it. I'm trying to feel it. Right. That's how I could say. Hey, your age to age six whatever I just feel it. All right. Let's see drop in a family similar to mind. Why is there? Another family to yours jock forty five San Francisco, gentlemen. Can you hear me going on? Yeah. I'm probably the only white guy with more white privilege than our friend. Adam. Yeah. If you're okay with me kind of speaking freely. I use craft language to describe myself and family, it's like a coping mechanism is that? All right. Yeah. Yeah. So net net is I've got really bad PTSD any dry and have tried everything under the sun and can't make any progress and on a daily basis, it's like having constant adrenaline, rush and fear combined with you know, I'd jump whenever I hear anything that kind of thing and several doctors, and they're pissed of suggested I have general anxiety disorder and PTSD, but let me kind of paint a picture for you. And my question is Dr drew what can I do after trying all the normal stuff? Right. The picture, right? So biologically, my parents, if you remember Harry from night court parents met in that state hospital, and that's where I was conceived. I don't know what their disorders were. But they were fucking crazy. My dad died before I ever had a chance to meet him. And my mom was crazy. Ticking away put in fineman, exactly fast night court that take place in Chicago, but hairy parents crazy. If you go back, and look it up that was his story by Harry was always dive, man. To night court. Like nude bowl. Anyway, let me continue. Oh, you don't you. Don't get night court wherever those. It does say here on the Wiki just back. Our caller up that his parents were former mental patients. Okay. What what? But they're crazy. Awful once bowls backstory. I wanna know let's see it says. Wow, his full name was no strongest bull, Shannon, seemingly dimwitted hulk of a figure who is actually patient gentle and childlike he was fiercely protective of Harry bowl was known for his catchphrase. Okay. And clube to his forehead when you realize you've made a mistake mole have been filming. That's just about the actor. How lazy do you have to be a writer where coming up with a catchphrase? Like, hey, how about here come the judge already used it? How like Fonzie can't really do that. It's a catchphrase how about okay? Are you saying, okay? No, okay. For catcher. Okay. Let's eat lunch. Think about this. No, the his catchphrase. Like, remember what you talk about with this one is. Okay. We'll pitch to me. And we'll see if it's his good is. Okay. No. I'm not saying, it's okay. I'm saying, okay. That's his catchphrases is okay. Not since the rapper common. If I heard such a lazy phrase, Jack, thanks for the detour. So anyway, you know after child protective services found out about my parents. They put me in foster care. Okay. Then I was a Dopp did the parents physically abused me and serially raped. My sister's not everything everything that under the phone. Right. So I ended up getting taken away from there. Their homes. One of my foster. Parents ran the child porn business and ended up on America's most wanted. He's doing life in prison. They were abusive on drugs of us. My sister again by the time eighteen perking, you know, pretty far gone and then ended up homeless and have. When people hear you talk. So they get louder kind of a weird thing. But don't they have a screening process for you with Auster? Parents you think I was a Catholic big brother is a pretty rigorous auto screen. How dare you check. All right, forgetting animated them all this. That's all right. I'm not asking for sympathy. I'm doing great. I race cars. I mean sales for Microsoft, I make more than all my parents, combine them out happy, father and husband, right? But my an aid is non responsive. I've tried. I've tried cognitive behavioral therapy of tried. Well, you know, Wellbutrin or whatever those are called and nothing where I have just constant anxiety. Dry beer long-term intensive psychotherapy. I spent thousands of dollars out of pocket because I'm with Kaiser and ties friend it. And I've, you know done everything within Heiser. I'm not crazy. It's just unresponsive. So you've not you've not done long-term intensive emotion focused therapy, which is. might were. I don't know what that is helped me understand. I've done like partner behavioral therapy and things like that. What is the Gary? We've got the sue Johnson episodes like eight or something the doctor podcast. It's behind a paywall, unfortunately, but hold ops owed fifteen. And then we also do weekly infusion episode forty. So HR. Bad as you find out. What that is there? We talk about it in detail how that works, and it would be a long time. And it would be a couple times a week. And that's an option giving you tried everything else. And also you can try stronger medicine. You're right. Okay. I wouldn't go wouldn't be super happy with the whole class is a medicine. You have you tried you? But go ahead stifle yourself. Yeah. Your bright guy. You've got a lot of tools is kind of not turn the tools on yourself. You know, me, especially I I don't know if you don't feel like you have the money or the time or or the whatever it is. I'm the more. I think about the died in the cold dunks in the pool and all that kind of stuff it certainly couldn't hurt. But it certainly gets you to some place emotionally that makes you here's an interesting thing, drew. I've always kind of said like, oh when you're being chased by bear. You're you're not wringing your hands. You know, you're not you're not cutting on yourself. You're not doing anything. You're just running from a bear. And. Let me let me paint you picture. Drove something. I I was thinking about I find it almost profound. Okay. Okay. Lifelock tease it and I'll tell you about lifelock the IRS is warning taxpayers businesses and tax professionals to watch out for predators fishing for personal information during taxis, and if scammers get their hands on your data or previous tax return. 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But lifelock with Norton is powerful protection for your identity and devices for taxis and then beyond go to lifelock dot com or call one eight hundred lifelock use promo code Adam for ten percent off your first year that is promo code Adam at lifelock dot com or one hundred lifelock for ten percent off. All right now. My profound thought I'm ready realized is long as you kind of have things in front of you that are goals, or sometimes fears or just things that are in front of you to focus on or even distract you that what you're living with the media. Is not as is. It's not as powerful when you're looking. So it's like you've never found yourself. Feelings are feeling anything when you're serve looking across something at something going here wonder about that over there. You're not really in your moment to speak. I know Oprah wants you to live in your moment. All the time. You're not feeling whatever you're troubled with ample involves myself, imagine that imagine example, evolving, you may. I ready ready. I have a totally I take the dunk in the pool. I was so funny. So I go out I took my daughter school. This morning's like early got went outside the car was parked outside and the drive. It was cold and always marvel that I'm wearing sweat, pants and sweat jacket. And we jump in the cars. Ooh, it's cold up here in the foothills the cars sitting outside overnight like it's really cold in the car, and I turn it on turn the heat all the way to put the heat the seat heater on and everything and talion ounces cold, and I go. Yeah. It's going to warm up in the second. But of course, the cold air is blowing through and I'm like, I'm uncomfortable. Now earlier later that morning I'll go out to the pool because I gotta throw myself in the pool. Yeah. I found myself standing outside of the pool while it's dark and blustery rainy or misty were the steam coming out of my mouth. It's forty four degrees outside. I'm just standing there during while it's raining. Steam coming in my underwear outside at six hundred morning, and I've no thoughts about standing outside my underpants because I'm staring at the pool, and I'm going that's going to be. It's gonna stink. Yeah. Now, I'm outside the pool. So I'm in good shape here. I'm not I'm not in a dangerous. So it's relative sensory experience. Man, is it relative. You're standing in the foothills in Jatta at six fifteen in the morning in the coldest winter we've had it's raining outside the steam coming here. Mouth in your in your underpants in your outside and your pool going. I got I got a summon this up to get into there. But I don't feel any discomfort. Where I am now. Right. It's weird. It'd be cold in the car. That's forty degrees. Warmer. I am such a push with the car. I bet the COPA was both a tough and you for everything else. No. I in a weird way. I made it makes me laugh at how vulnerable. I am. Because I go when I get in the car, and again, it was like it was forty one degrees. Last night. The car's all metal outside at seven forty. It's cold in the car, and I laugh at me, wearing sweat pants and sweat jacket being cold in the car. The only thing about Chuck that I would say separate from your recommendations is you have no anxiety, and no pulse. You need to stimulate yourself. Yes. Too high a pulse too, much anxiety. He's bring himself down. And so doing things sometimes will spin it further. When you're already in that, hyper dynamics date. So we gotta get him down somehow. And you know, I that's why I'm thinking maybe some more significant medication not addictive medicine. But not Benz as opinions, but Ron stuff out there that kind of could might take the edge off to begin. Then just really slow down to work on the therapy. And then pool in the morning, fine or do something. This is back to our busy busy, man. All right. Troch ahead. Everyone has stories with their cars, but can't put a price on the stories but camp at a price on your car when it's time to find out what your car is worth with true car when it's time to sell or trade in with the true cash offer. That's right. You just go to truecar and your license plate number car. Details. Pop up answer some questions and once you're finished. You get a true cash offer sent in just minutes with you. Then take a true car local certified dealer to either cash out or. Or trade in for a new car or a used car? 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What do you got? It's all Dr dot com. Drifter dark family upon the opium series. Check it out the history of opiates how we got into this best. Both a articles and podcast. And how about offbeat, Ricky Anderson and MIR Harris Carey's producing so it's gotta be good everybody, and you can check that out at podcast one nine teams as well. So Nixon and roll for doctors say Maha. Woah. This is Corolla digital. A factor that seems Casuals claiming tens of thousands of LGBT lives every year tobacco. Yes. Smoking cigarettes can damage nearly every part of our bodies. So we choose to keep this life free from tobacco this free like freedom to be tobacco free. P radio news. I'm Jacky when the Trump administration resumes, trade negotiate.

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