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It's women's history month and kohl's is proud of the talented women who make a difference every day at kohl's like the women who make up their kohl's diversity design council a group that includes female designers who've developed a special product line promoting the empowerment of women but calls isn't just elevating this generation of women there elevating the next generation to kohl's invested one hundred thousand dollars in the smart girls program part of the boys and girls clubs of america to help club members navigate at elections. Learn more at kohls dot com. Why do you get deja vu. Why are you attracted to symmetrical faces. Why do you listen to songs. A bomb you out. I'm desa the host of new podcast deeply human. When you cry. It can sometimes like help. You irrigate your emotions. You're attempting to induce deja vu through virtual reality and finding out what we all want to know. Why do you do what you do. Deeply human a bbc world service and american public media. Co-production with iheartmedia. Listen on the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast time. Now for the l. o. Chief love officers steve harvey in the building. This one is from winston in augusta georgia. Winston says i'm a huge fan of ladies basketball and my ex girlfriend is a coach of a great college team. I've been with my new girlfriend for close to two years and when we met. She tried to keep me from going to the games. I don't make all of them when i do go. My girlfriend has an attitude for a few days. I invite her to go with me to every game. But she refuses to go. Because of who the coaches am. I wrong for going to the game of his ex-girlfriend stupid. Thank you go to games because your ex girlfriend. It's like she don't think that's why you enjoying the game then then hamby. Wnba is a great product. I love watching them. Sisters ball they begin after man them girls the hoop and man. I will put them girls a lot of boy teams. I see them girl charleston. The understand they don't have a hops that guy's got but to put the skill set is great. You you not going down there and see no damn game. Outfielder chose to get a pack of wisdom cigarettes going and just spoken with local news. Which all right verandah in cherry hill new jersey said. I'm in my early thirties. And i'm about to get married. But i can't stand my fiance's twins brother he pranks to me one day and i ended up saying some pretty bad things about his wife. Because i thought i was talking to my fiance. My fiance brothers said it's all good and they. They never tell us what i said but i don't trust it. Should i tell his wife what happened. So i won't end up in some mess with my future sister-in-law dorando don't be stupid. They said they'd tell. Why would they tell you. Why would you go and tell you. And i don't like talking to nobody. That has the same name of one of the clock system because they asked. What's being just mess right here. So great name name to render like you wanted to be got in this mess right here. I don't do fake singles. This show all right tonya. Tenure in missouri says I'm a foster mother to a four year old boy and my husband is on cloud nine because he's always wanted the sun. We had our daughter when we both forty so that was it on us. Having children my husband wants to adopt the boy. But we're fifty two years old now. And i don't want to start over with raising another child. The boy is his cousin's baby and she's been given a lengthy jail sentence. Someone in the family has to raise this little boy. I just wanted to be us. Am i being unreasonable. Well no fifty. Two and i understand that it's hard taking kids fifty two. Why didn't you get after foster care programme. See you can't be in a false takeda foster care now. You got boy now. Your husband is excited about it. Now you don't want to know fourth. Where'd you taking me in full Family not necessarily the systems it's fam- oh rela tour. She got a problem with today on family members. Because yes don't like day so you don't do not like yes. Awesome awesome anybody. I don't like have babies. They come round beat. Baby get into college right over you stupid children. He you stu stupid parents race stupid children all the tenant anymore. You'd like to add to that. Ceelo roy of name is tanya. I knew right away. She was nobody tom yet. You're gonna love this name. Steve flory and tuscaloosa flurry says. I need some advice slave to meet some advice on this guy. I'm dating. He's seventy three and i'm close to his age but a little younger. He's been a little distant lately and he said he can't take me seriously until we take our relationship to the next level. I told myself. I'd never go all the way with another man after my husband passed. I'm attracted to the new guy. But i'm just not ready mentally to live with another man. I reverted to my teenage years. When i was unsure about having sex for the first time what should i do in this case. He sent me to be built as you having flashbacks to when he was a teenager. You're not the case. See this ninety days. Wounded i created does not apply to seventy people get an when all videos. I wish you do. I hope we live alone. Healthy life but after your husband died you said you'd never sleep with another man. Well what are you dating. And he and he wanted to take to the next hit a heretic. He's seventy three thanks. What are you saying. What what what does she want to do. I can't make custody with this man. She don't wanna sleep demands she don't have to. What is you saving it. Wait till on eighty eighty six best. Bet i take that. Get in vegas but i just have no desire to be a wait. Wait till we he seventy three. He already know he. An plus you need to check as medical records. He might know some he and he could be inherited for medical. Well she said what should she do asked what she should do. You tell them how to go for it. What you life. Sure you're saving is. Yeah all right well. Thank you c. l. o. Great advice as always always when we come back coming up next the nephew run. That brings back right after this. You're listening to morning show. It's finally spraying and i'm saying goodbye. Snow hello adventure and during the honda dream garage spring event. You can get epic deals on your favorite honda model ready to get rugged and take the off road in an all wheel drive honda. Suv like the crv hr v. pilot passport or redesigned rich. I want to take a spring rotor. Checkout fuel-efficient turbocharged. Civic or court said goodbye a winter and hello to a new honda. Don't miss huge savings during the honda. Dream garage springbok now at your local honda dealer. I've got one word for you. Tom cruise on this new weekly podcast meeting tom cruise. We're gonna talk about tom cruise. Everyone who's met him is an amazing story to tell. Hey everybody i'm jeff nietzsche. 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