Kid chrishell kid. Show chris again. Chris kid to get his job. What up everyone it's Would it stay. Oj's friday word. Welcome to the podcast. Of course all the social media link up on there. I see a lot of followings happening. That's cool instagram. Twitter and facebook at kid kris k. I. d. d. c. h. r. i s. Does it cost you anything just to follow me okay Then again today. A lot of extra stuff comes up on their for instance when Myself or the wolfpack when we call radio shows and stuff Video tape it. And i'll put it up there before it even airs on the radio. So you're kinda like in the club which is kind of cool right things going on Pre promoting stuff all that okay And if any kind of news comes around all that okay. So that's the important part eddie. Get the heads up on like live from club. Chris on thursday says at seven pm. Eastern things like that anyhow programming note. Monday is a holiday. We're not here. So no podcasts. On monday word to show your son to wake sobbed away. Throw to fill yourself turned away tumble way get a show the me you'll talk about the kid pool up your blouse us. Those things chris shows on to troll the dawn do show for the family. You open to go up. That's the great sam at your phone. Number is five one three eight one three seven nine seven nine. Yeah yeah had to house. He's excited he yes. Thank you excited to ticket. Taking the taking burns cuff. You send you home. It is friday. that means it's wide open for long. The wow when that phone rings here in the studio we pick live. There is no screaming. Nothing you are in complete control now. The thing is is Try to remember so cursing obviously because this is your family show this. Fcc guide regulated broadcast over the airwaves. So they'll be gross and then also just say who you are and where you're calling from. Okay it's that simple on a louis friday. Use this opportunity to. I mean this This corona were purple now here in hamilton county. We're number one. Yeah we're purple. We squeeze it too hard. So the coronavirus is just plummet. Just ravaging the area and Jobs are plummeting on stuff so if you're a small business whatever uses opportunity to call in and Help yourself okay. This is the only time he can really do that. In and plug your business. Keep you afloat and all that stuff because you've got families and you know look it'd be good to keep you float because then you don't have to go and lose your job and then unemployment and all that stuff so we want to help you out with what we can write so five one three eight one three seven nine seven nine on a very important day here on the a kid chris show. I love doing this on fridays. Because you never know what's going to happen. It keeps me It keeps me on my toes. You know flexible muscle dealing with the off. The cuff stuff grew. What's that good morning. How are y'all okay. Hi go ahead. i was just on the second morning. Good morning good. Thank you angel. You keep doing that. You have a great day. Art piece. Bread is Right so we just want to call up and say hi or whatever or that god joe again call. The show calls anywhere on three one three seven. Seven i agree. That is Buddy sam. Fm now you call in the phone. Ringer is on here in the studio. You call you get on the radio on fridays. it's just wide open for a right in. It's fun i don't know happening. You know we have to deal with it live. It's a little bit of behind the scenes to Because when people call up you don't know what the hell's going on and stuff and we have to deal with this at all times caller. You're on the air name and where you're from. Yeah this is kevin from shit. what's up. Hi hey what's the difference between a ritz. An eleven What a rich lesbian. Dang it all right. I dunno snack cracker. What's the other one cracks knacker later dick race. Caller you're on the air My name's hillbilly daily. I i'm a stand up comic here in cincinnati. Y'all spoke to me last year Watch our fifty. So what so. I've been doing a stand up around. Cincinnati around all the standard of of of fifty midlife crisis. You know most men ground by sports car while i thirty thirty-three-year-old mexican girlfriend a motorcycle. Lovely payments way higher their sports car about the rise ladder. You know what i'm saying. God said joe again your idea on this friday. What what do you mean. What's wrong. I would take any calls yet. Cova you're on the air. What's your name and where are you from. Oh they hung up shocker. Yeah doesn't sound like it's going very well for the other callers. I don't want any part of that. Hello caller are you there. Yeah go ahead. you're on the air who are you. Where are you from. Jason from independence kentucky. Good let's hear just One or if you guys could play that skit where the guy. They got the ad on craigslist. Or whatever. you're talking about the. He's got a ban. He's looking for a singer and scenarious. You guys called him with david lee roth. Wow are you a first time caller. Yes how long have you been listening to. This show is did you find it recently. That's an old school call. I'm right here for. Cincinnati guys Ever since y'all yeah all right. I'll try to dig it up and maybe we'll play it a little bit later in the hour. Okay fell like. I was the first time good while i'm here for your son. We are purple. Yep yep we've squeezed. Brian combs and now we're purple didn't happen throughout the entire pandemic purple would be the highest alert level under the state of ohio corona virus heat map and hamilton kelly right now the only county in ohio where there is most severe spread of covid nineteen cases. Jesus now the spread. Yeah i mean it's a number of cases is the number of people in the hospitals. Are people going to the doctor. They're seven factors that they look at when they determine what level you're at all right so there's an equation to this there is. I mean there's actually some science behind it. What is not behind it as any kind of enforcement or restrictions so i mean. It's more of a guide of the school districts. Use it to decide if they're going to be impersonal remote. Most of those districts have already been remote since thanksgiving right so it really doesn't impact them but it doesn't kick in any kind of new restrictions though if you read the wording of it basically says if you're in a purple county stay home only go out for absolutely essential thing so if you if you're in a purple county you could essentially say to your boss. I'm not coming into work and there's nothing you can do about it well. It's a recommendation. So i mean boss would say hey recommend i need somebody to work the cash register today so pretty much means nothing. I think you know with the holidays. People are just like screw it in some of the older people. Men have that whole attitude. I know i heard it my family of i don't know if this is my last holiday because of stuff going on so i'm gonna spend it with my family and take the risk. Yeah and i get it And also i think the whole We have to vaccines and another one coming out and people like good. I'm gonna go have my holiday. Yeah yeah so finding that vaccine next week when it's available for people eighty over in ohio. Oh is it like geocaching You know what would probably be like. What know what's the hottest concert. You guys had the last five years where people were like. You know getting on the web and call on the phone trying to get through to get tickets and italico straight. They couldn't do it. Yeah that's what the year olds are going through today and tomorrow. It's you know some of likened it to winning the lottery. Yeah if you get through and if you actually get an appointment at eight o'clock this morning state of ohio putting up on their website a list of all the locations or seven hundred fifty or so across the state where you can go to get a shot but they don't have a centralized reservation system so i mean indiana's got that and florida has that though i've heard it's tough to get through but you know there's just one click you go there. Here's where the closest one is. Here's where you go to get your make your appointment but you could be double triple booked and some people probably might be. I mean you keep you know if i get an appointment. For february thirtieth. Yeah that wouldn't be possible but february. Twenty eighth you know. You might keep going to other sites to see if you could get one for january right so yeah that's very possible but it sounds like it's going to be tougher to get through. It's like olive garden. Go to their website and you can sign up be put on the list but when you get there in a lobbyist we're still waiting. Yeah breadsticks there will not be a mass vaccination site in ohio at least not to start with because the governor said yes that they don't have the supply. I know it's going to be really tough for people to navigate I just finished a story for our website. That scott all the different links and you know where people can go to try and help their parents or grandparents or whatever get thrown up at seven hundred w that com okay. I'll push it out as well on my social media. I appreciate that I mean. I know it's frustrating for people and what's really frustrating is like some places like warren county. Yesterday announced that all their appointments are full for next week. Yeah and they hadn't even told us where or where to go. I love the heck. Did that happen. You know got a limited number of of vaccine available and there will be for hamilton county. Apparently one single access site that they've worked out okay but they're not going to give us the details on that till noon. That's it they're even doing. Radio teases listen at noon. We'll get details. I saw the list of people that are on the names that are on that list that you're talking about already book even on the having announce anything. Let's see jonathan cranley william county. The look willie wouldn't surprise me. He was in florida for a couple of weeks. Yeah and he talked about he and his wife every morning when they got up the first thing they did. I guess at nine o'clock every day you went to this website called to get the vaccine in florida and he said you know for the two weeks he was there they never once got through. Every morning they tried. They had a couple of different. You know laptops ahead. A tablet gone. They have both their cell phones calling the number. Nothing could never get through. I can't bill cunningham. yeah right bill cunningham. i'm david cincinnati are designated survivor. Yeah i know you're right. If something happened here willies. The one going in the bunker go will. You would think if anybody. He's the face of the franchise the front of the line will be willie cunningham with a nuclear fallout. He gets shipped by by the government to a fair. They always know where he is. Yeah they told him. Don't worry about calling us because we'll find. Yeah yeah and then they bring him to other -cation yeah and he broadcast to you to tell you what's up and all that stuff and you know i'm fine you're screw. Here's ed. We'll be back after this and i'll be taking calls from you diag americans and he'll get out phone numbers at no longer working. Because that's what he does. Now he always gives out the pound seven hundred new eighteen number or something like ten years. Get used to it. Sure you're dialing all these cova it'd be the same. None of these numbers work. Well thank you very much comes from seven hundred wwl newsroom and i will He was talking about that stuff as far as phone numbers. And all that. I'll tweet it out and an all. They get it to you so you can help out family members and stuff all right Today is a calls to the wall. Would that phone rings here in the studio pick up live basically free form friday as far as phone calls. You can call and talk about whatever you want right. The only rule is is. You have to say your name where you're from okay. Hello caller. You're on the yeah. My name's dilawar. Loveline land love. Oh that's where i live. That's my home. I just got a quick island by the way. It seems like a lot of people know. Exactly where i live since i I'm still getting christmas. Cards from the last one i got on friday was from atlanta. That's scary yeah go. Quick joke guys along Shortening tweet lo. Why was the blonde scouting sweet and low to thought it was diet coke not funny funny you you encourage people to call right caller. Go ahead surf. That is Yes i just wanted to reach out to my fellow veterans and let them know that during a time isolation that it's okay to reach out and if you have a family member that's a veteran you know. Check on them. Yeah are you a veteran Yes sir. I'm a marine corps veteran. Very good are you. Are you going through stuff. I've all minor stuff here and there It's been it's been harder with the gym's closed the places that you know you. You go to kind of clear your mind been here out. Well have you ever been to. The guy from loveland just called. The loveland bike path. Thinks pretty cool you just kind of walk on there and just go and go and go and go until you You know your mind clear. That'd be awesome not have to check it out. Yeah do it. it's fun it's a lot of cool stuff that he can stop off at tahoe's Right there downtown. Loveland put a few back. Okay yes and you may run into me. Unfortunately they'll talk. Don't talk to me but you look upon. Yeah take a look. I'm the the drunken mayor of of land. That's what i am. When i'm there just sitting in the corner drinking it's true. I brother all right. Stay good. He's right though. Those guys i it it is sad. These guys have go into some kind of like Military service or whatever and then they retire and you go. that's cool to retire. But they're pretty much like. Hey thanks enter. Put up the past where you see. Here's the thing you program these people at eighteen years old and they spend you know ten fifteen years in the service and then they come back out. You can't deprogrammed that. yeah right. And then they're left alone. There should be somebody a check up on everybody just to have like a staff of people that just come in and have a list of names and numbers and they call and check in. Hey how's it going. How we doing thousand family. You're on your caller go ahead. What's up kid chris. Bacon man from the well deck gun. Podcast down in kentucky at the bear cage. You know who. I am why you know that i put my pants so much that legally i should wear a diaper. How's it going man. It's going great. My actual name's clay. I'm up here. I'm up here stacking lumber all day be two on a friday. Tgi right what does this bit wasn't good twenty twenty. Sure as hell ain't good now God that is Yes can we get back to meet. Ord dow still requires people calling the i love. It just makes it so fun of acres That's it reminds me. Oh that's why depend on to keep this job. What do you. Listen to steve now. What's your favorite station. Badness satellite station do fire station. Wrong police station. No substation call alluvia. We invite you to call in talk to us. You just open up the phones here in the studio. We don't scream. You don't know what you're what you're calling about. Don't care and it puts us on the spot which is fun right because we don't know what the hell's going to happen five three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. That'll get you on the radio right back to the lines. Let's go back to the phone booth by this. My name is megan. I'm from lawrenceburg indiana. Wow today home of the tigers. That's right i was calling in regards to the covid. Nineteen that you guys were talking about with. Brian comb. I work in healthcare and i want him to let you guys know. There is a website for hamilton county. And i wanted to give you guys that information. Is it it's ww dot hamilton. County health dot org slash covid nineteen. And that's where people can go to sign up For the vaccine like win they'll get it who the hell knows but But they can go there and sign up for it burly. You wanted to put that out on your twitter. Whatever get that out of schools be helpful very good. Are you a first time caller Yes now i'm not working to help. Field good are you one of those girls on that. Tell you what that that commercial on. Tv that i check aaron russo surname. Do you know her. She asked about me out now. She's a hottie. Even when she's crying she's hot. It's like i wanna go. It's okay cold's not bad all right well. Thanks for calling narrow k. given to con about the ad for a singer oh okay. He played guitar. I play guitar. okay. I'm a singer. I play guitar too but you know yeah. Some guitar style on need barrow. Yes some living at based to. What can you believe guitar guitar. I hope i'll put the phone right up to it. okay speaker. All right obama saw the ad for a singer. It what's your name dave. All right Auditions on thursday belt. It out right on man dude. I shred man. You're looking for those pipes dude. I felt i anything these on need. I hear those place really got to try out man. What did not a one man show. It's a five minute show. You know what. I mean right on snatch me up. You don't even know what we wouldn't want songs we knew man. Well you never know road. Oh about The singer way. Sing anything since kennard. Pretty good we'll be hit some high notes. That sounds good. Yeah you ever remember the band with a girl you just doing. Just doing her are you. Serious 'cause i'm not in this game all pull it out. You can rub out a little bit. Skin flew tacoma back around. We'll call the police on you. You're listening to a man with a super bowl. Should his kiss chris. Thank you very the phone. Number is five one three eight one three seven nine seven. Nine poster yeah. Hey you're on the air. It's free form pretty much on friday. All right we call it calls it a wall or call it louis. Just pick up live on the radio so just say who you are where you're calling from tonight in georgia. I was calling. Your name is mark. Mars like the planet. Okay that's your neymars cool and you're call our. Yeah we're kind fan. Yes well you guys have your own stationary anymore. No we don't. We are very devastated. When you guys left. Yeah you know Our company wanted to put on what they call a top forty radio station there because they were like little have one in atlanta. That's really weird. And they said oh. Kill the rock station. You know we don't wanna hear guitars. And and they're they're having trouble that studios empty. They just can't get it together. They need to bring you guys back or something. That's not going to happen here. No but i can dream. Let her dream even if they put it on. It would not move back done moving. My family lives here. I know i know but your dad lives somewhere down here. She used to like noon or something near you just moved to florida. Well there's other for me there in atlanta it's been arabia's that purple haze that one of your insurance back in the day when you were here. Oh remember of course i do. That was not a an internet was Jenna haze the porn star. That's right yeah. Why do you love it so much connection. Maybe oh really yeah chick. Neymars get criticizing me. I have yup. Well wh- send him again. Yeah send him again. I forgot not hurt. I don't know cinema getting three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. The number you called tech stat. Okay well thank you matt. That's how it works. Folks pretty psyched. It gets pictures sent to us either good or bad though. No it's good. It's girly mars hassle. Good right watch. Yes stripper name. No that's not welcome to the stage. The planet mars very handsome. Gentlemen here in the studio then their sakes happy friday to you. Walk that walk. thanks a lot. Dad segment is here to talk about everything. Sports yeah thanks to our friends at raisin kings one love one love son download the mobile app baby by the way that song right. There is from people. Want to know what that is us one month. Yeah yo yo yo get that chicken to go especially this weekend. Yeah that's right exactly. Get one love love this weekend from raising cane's because all the big games coming chats right the nfl saturday and sunday man. You'll get get a party going. Yeah catering baby. Yeah from from raising cain. That's an automatic thing that happens every time we mentioned raising cane's song start love right no matter what even if you call someone else in your lifetime College basketball xavier's biggies game tomorrow at seton hall postponed due to covid nineteen related issues in the musketeer camp. No is better now. Thank you the cats game against tulane tomorrow postponed due to positive covid nineteen case in a bearcat program that gains been reset for february twenty six. We don't have any other school closings to announce okay. I mean it's like what's going on here. I know your sports is going to be. Nba's amass thank you. That's what it's going to be as good a sound like that's what the final four is gonna sound like an indianapolis pull that i have. No idea you know in hockey is in full. Swing and i asked. I haven't watched one game yet. Because i'm afraid i'll be psyched about it and it's going to shut down. Yeah i watched it. I watch watch the flyers and penguins the other night and the blackhawks and tampa bay when they did the when they did their Stanley cup celebration. Of course they're going to do it again when the fans come in. Yeah wash it. A little bit of the Blue jackets game last night. They lost three. Two one in nashville. Yeah so but It's in the nba. Well you know it's it's common. I mean it's gonna hit. Yeah and we'll just wait. And see i guess a wait and see what happens i mean. Nba's already been as already had games postponed. What the dallas stars have got ten or twelve guys out because of the covid bank. You know that that sounds going to be more than one. Love here pretty soon. Well actually sports is got to come in and it's going to go on loan to spiral into if a down to the abyss to kid. Chris dot com brian. Combs spoke about the The info about where to go and all that stuff to get the vaccine right okay. So it's up on kid. Chris dot com former ohio state coach. Urban meyer as the new head coach of the jacksonville. Jaguars that is exciting. Because we were hearing this for a while right. He was also going to go. He was also had talks with the chargers. Are i think they wanted to talk to him. Yeah but The the jacksonville said you know we're going to get him. They're gonna get trevor. See what happens from there. So yeah well i mean. Hopefully he turns Jacksonville around because it's a beautiful day. Diem down there one in fifteen and they got the number one pick so they're gonna take trevor lawrence so that a better not going to be a auditor. Yeah to get the second pick and get justin fields to. Yeah so they got you know thank you. Nfl divisional playoff set for this weekend tomorrow. Four thirty. I rams up against the packers in green bay and then the ravens and the bills and buffalo. That's going to be a big one. Yeah they may that may they may score a hundred points in that one if you're a defensive coordinator for the ravens and bills don't show up because you you'll get covert just by watching your defense. Oh i know the everything so perfect right now. Thank you football. That i hope. Nothing gets postponed. Kansas city and cleveland. Sunday tampa bay in new orleans. The old man bowl. That's good talk between the bucks and the and the saints not. It's going to be awesome this weekend. Reds update pitcher archer. Br archie bradley non tendered by the reds assigned a one year six million dollar deal with the phillies host gangs. Only making four million last year here with the reds two million dollar raise. Thank you so guy gets not going to have. Yeah he gets he gets joe. Biden's money already. Have you ever been to philly sake. Yes yeah you have to pay me an extra two million to go there to. I thank you so there you go right there. One love baby brought to you Raising cane's yes. They told me to do it. Jesus christ raising cages fifteen area locations and said go ahead. Tell them whether sauce is the boss. You're welcome you come in here. You cut your provos for kane. Yes he dropped the mic. And you walk out of the ring today. We gave them a nice little treat before we came on. What did you see on the computer screen. Sec ooh guys get all the good pictures we get. No we get no pictures like that on the am side. Yeah task. We just get goofy pictures of willie. Yeah well we don't get that girl. Mars markov earlier. She said oh. I said send a picture. I just want to see a picture and she sent stuff. Would think sec. Unbelievable anti mac said you guys have all the fun over here who's with. Jim's got used to get them all the time price still does he graham off. He bogarted all. I can just imagine those pictures that the legend gets jim. Jim scott's fans they said topless pictures he'd be able to see their floor. You got nice ones their own. Happy friday everybody have a good weekend. Thank you saeb. Rocket absolutely here. Our phone number is five. Would three eight one three seven nine seven nine. That's a phone number for On fridays we just let you take overman to deal with whatever is on the phone when it rings we just pick up live okay so five one three eight one three seven seven phone number a little color. Who's this now rather not say my name. Okay go ahead you wanna make out okay am just finding out for a very good Joint out in elsewhere. i'll play. It's called terry pizza. The hometown favorite is that. You're not it's not. My place was. Don't be ashamed. That gold mine. Okay yeah if you guys love peace with you guys like Subs or hoagies and Side items like potato wedges. I mean this is a good try for those who haven't been there. Did do some work there don't you. I still don't work anymore. The why do you care but I mean i'm just asking is being on a well. I mean why carries that. They're good family environment. Okay better than most jobs are work at now. True and Honestly i mean they take care of their customers and they kind. I mean they may not be exactly like one of the high end like montgomery in top. Not okay people named great food. So i asked got a visa and they got talking talking to you. Go to try very good like that pizza. Thank you so at taco pizza. Their breakfast pizza. Meanwhile back at the radio station kris taking your calls. Five one thousand eight hundred seventy nine seventy nine that guy. He really had a lot of info for someone news at work there. He knew the whole Wanted to get out the whole thing the whole menu. Yeah why not keep telling us harvard things made you said i know all alluvia say what you want so yes five one three eight one three seven nine seven nine that is the phone number The phones always open for you on fridays. We just pick up so whatever you wanna talk about We just pick up and you go for it so five one three eight one. Three seven nine. Seven nine hundred. Cfo number caller. Who's this you're on the air. Hey kid this is. Frank from clermont county veterans. How you doing. We're working with you guys right now. Yeah this is what. I'm kind of a loss in the whole thing. Explain this because i didn't know agent orange. I haven't heard of orange forever. Yeah yeah well you know it. It takes well here. We are what fifty something years after vietnam war and These guys are still suffering from diseases from agent orange. His crazy i know and the and and they just added three new diseases to the presumptive lists just as here already so because of agent orange which was like a poison in the vietnam war. I mean it's been proven the other diseases are popping up because of it pretty. Yes yeah actually yeah And they're older guys so there's gotta be rough to do with. Oh yeah they're all. They're all in their very late sixties. seventies you know maybe early eighty but Yeah they're they're dealing with it in. Diabetes is a big one Heart disease But they just added three new ones on here as well so So the total now is i think Seventeen or eighteen diseases that if you come down with the va will Compensate them for it. Good you know. I mentioned earlier. A guy called in that was like a marine or something like that and He was saying like hey man you know if you have any troubles if you're going through a rough patch right now call. It's amazing to me that guys go and fight for our country especially the vietnam war. If i'm correct. The people were drafted right. Oh yeah so. A lot of them didn't even ask for an thrown out there to fight for our country. They do their thing and then come back and they get the bird absolutely absolutely these guys they would come back in Into the states after serving in vietnam and they would be spit on and so forth. They did not get any reception like the guys do now. The guys do now. But i'm wondering about like if we go on and on the the new world seems like disrespect to veterans or military may have an issue. We may have an issue again. Yeah yeah. I think we're going down that road where people are going to be like. Well if you signed up for longer and all that stuff happening i do too. I do too. I mean it. It's very plausible to happen like that again. Yeah it's You know and and we fight for these guys every day. You know my office. Were all veterans here in the office. One hundred percent veteran run and And it's guys guys and gals. I know most of the vietnam era agent orange are those are dudes. Yeah the guys. And gals are are signed up in there and they're fighting for us and fighting for their lives. Yeah yeah i got. I got three ladies at work here. That our veterans yeah. Yeah they're awesome. You don't have any agent orange issues now now. I was born in sixty nine. Oh yeah so. he's fine. okay. I worked at a grocery store in this register guy. We were getting trained at the same time. All right and he had problems concentrating stuff and he said it was because of desert storm and he at the time this is right after. He's like men. Nobody believes us at something was out there that as messing us up. Oh yeah yeah. There were several things that we still don't know fully about From desert storm and desert. Uh well from the afghanistan and iraqi part portion of it. They they had burn pits. That were going on out there. We still don't know what they were burning completely People don't understand. We go in with these. These dopey rules of war. We go in go. Let's fight fairly but you're fighting these these these monsters they don't they're not gonna fight fairly they are killy's he'll they go. Oh they're going to be pussies about this and just shoot little guns on us. We're going to sit chemicals and burn pits right right. You gotta you gotta go in and play in the mud with them. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah you do yeah. Flame throwers gist. Oh those are innocent people. Who is our buildings in new york. Those weren't veterans and stuff. Those were innocent. People die man. You're fired up. Because i had to live through watching that awful. Yes and seeing that and then rules of engagement rover. Screw that thing. The united states is held to a higher standard for the world. So we can tell their heads so they can be the beacon of hope. Yeah right i get it. I get what you're saying that is working in calming anything down. Why you're always gonna see you can't fight crazy you're right so the bottom line can by turning certain parts of the crazy countries into parking lots then you like done and if anybody has a problem with it then you do it to them. Yeah a guy does it. Walk gotta wants to be a tough dude. Doesn't walk into a bar a tough town or wherever it goes. I'm gonna go beat up that girl. You know what. I mean you go to the tough guy to send a message. So somebody goes. Hey let's poke in the united states and blowing people we go. Hey could you guys back that off no you just decapitation go next. Remember chris. kyle. The american sniper. Yes yeah he felt that way and he was very vocal about it. Know calling them all savages and And that's the way he felt man he saw a lot of it. How many tours that do bomb he kept going back. Yeah yeah you kept going back and then got got killed by one of his own. Who was out of his mind. Yeah yeah yeah. That's sad movie Yeah it was. It was and that's real life right there. Yeah tha tha kyle. His wife man. I feel for her and the kids you know. She's very vocal out there now too. So we got. We got a lot of good people out there right. Now that our vets veteran advocates speaking up for us. And it sucks. It sucks takes a big tragedy for people to really to see an have hit the headlines. Oh it does it does. Yeah sometimes sometimes. You need a little of quite a big spark to do that. And then all of a sudden everybody's jumping on the bandwagon for it. I think that's what makes it hard to is. Because there's you know physical you can see that as far as guys losing limbs and things like that but when it's mental. Oh yeah you have a hard time seeing that. It doesn't really put a face to anything. Yeah yeah yeah. And these guys are so even though they're having some mental issues and mental health issues and stuff. You noticed they they well other than that one guy but he mo it's mostly ninety nine percent. They just do something to themselves. They don't take down other people right. Yeah let's all right smile enough of this law. Glad i'm glad guys like yourselves are out there. And what is the website and stuff to help these guys out. I know there's a lot of guys that are still around with the agent orange issues install. Yeah oh yeah. We still have vietnam veterans. That come in here. That don't even have been if they have their benefits filed for you which is unbelievable. Yeah we do everything to get the word out there but it's clermont county veterans dot com. And just look us up on that or give us a shout and all those three. There's three new conditions is Bladder cancer hypothyroidism and parkinson ism. So those are the brand new things that are shown up because of agent orange great. That's awesome so great and they're guys taken care of and let me tell you something i get stellar care down at the. Va hospital good. Well good. I'm glad you're there for these guys because i'm sure they feel lost and alone so all right well i appreciate you coming on. Frank you got it brother you take care man all right we'll see you guys By there you go. That's cool name. You're on the air names dustin. Hi destined guide brother. Thanks pretty bad situation. I found out my wife has had an emotional affair for two years. Is this a setup. Bit what was that okay. Tell us about it i mean just. She's been acting real suspiciously confronted her about it and she told me the worst part is is what the mutual friend so today's Pretty bad day so emotional so she hasn't done anything physical with this guy. No that's i mean that's what she says it's all just been snapchat and picture sent pictures of. Oh i'm sorry. Pictures of what Herself himself nude. You saw his stuff. Yeah unfortunately it's your friend. Yeah mutual use my friend before we got together so but not your friend anymore now absolutely not. How long were you married three years. Damn how are you twenty eight. Did i got two kids. Okay with her. Yeah okay that makes it a little tougher. What's the plan I haven't decided yet. i don't i don't know where to go. What she say. She's sorry she wants to work it out. She says so. I was a mistake and she wants to work past Just i don't know if it's worth it. Why calling us. I just found out and we know what to do really. Yeah that's a good. I like this. I thought it was a bit. I good okay. What about calling or should we call her. God what are you afraid to her. She's the one in the wrong. What are you lose. I mean. I don't know if this is something. I should really be out the public. Where do you live you in cincinnati. You what part of town downtown downtown. Nobody lives downtown. I do okay. I mean you got two kids and that's tough obviously so you can't just walk away from something like this chris dot kids. What would you do if your wife started snapchat in me. Personal pictures again. Yes well dude. I wa this to get the pictures of the guy. Do you have them know who get them. And put them out on social media. Yeah it's not like revenge corner kerley do that. It's not art. Just put back on. Say it's a statue you saw. Yeah is he doing well for himself. i mean as far as like in has positioned in line. Well yeah that and also in his pants. I mean i personally i feel like i look better okay. Good that's all the matter. What is did she say to you why she did it Really she has put the blame on you yet. Yeah dash common. Because she said. I didn't do anything. He was just an emotional support guy. Yeah that's just you know what they say a shoulder to cry on. She never said she never said why. No we like. I said i just. I found out probably thirty five forty minutes ago. Oh damn now. You're giving her time to come up with an excuse and blame you. I mean personally. If if that were me i'd probably just put her out the kids. I you could still see your kids. You can still be a great dad. That does not take away. I know you being able to be a great dad. How old are your kids. Five and three. They need their dad to work through it. I just. I don't know why you gotta be able to get over that mentally. Yeah yeah and. I know you're bummed out. Okay you're not going to Don't hurt yourself or anybody else. i'm. I'm not a good okay. All right well I don't know adults to say because we've come upon the quarter hour and around lock go but good keep us You know people listen to keep us in the loop on it. I thank you guys call like that but you have to call more after the quarter hours. Okay because we're we're strict with the clocks. We can't even if you're about the do something horribly seven. Whatever i have to play commercial a little bit upset. I thought she'd keep her mouth shut. Kit chris show friday morning. You know what we do. We opened up those phones. And let you talk about whatever you on at five one. Three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. it's wide open so whatever. We've had a plethora of interesting things today already. Okay we still got time. Obviously free to call it. Just let me pick up to say who you are your name and all that stuff right so five one. Three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. That's the phone number. You're on the air what's up. Oh it's creepy teddy teddy. We got a lot of feedback from your call last time. Creepy teddy is a guy that calls. And he's a fan of the show but he likes to He's a big fan of listening to To my voice and enjoys making himself feel he thinks my voice makes them feel good and he likes to help himself feel good. How are you doing teddy. Where are you home you working. How long oh oh yeah. I hear you on speakerphone now. I've got my headsets. On my on my ears i see i if you just hanging out you laying down or laying down hiding that. Yeah i just lay in dallas and then the shell have some fun Man do that's what you do She want to ask you something. I'm all ears broke. You know that we're friends. The friends i never go on their own and all the health. You does all all time more so the only kind of being on the radio. What's your favorite band favorite bands like rock and Abm follow slowing be follows. Tommy that becomes. It's timber labor day. Weekend but i think a lot of flesh radio and everything go evening talking so very happy you make you feel good make you happy turned telling me so bad making happy. A mega so birdman that happened. Let me tell me yeah. I'll say ten times that's all you need is. Excuse me i want to say students. Hif- the hobby guy. I'll make you happy. Make you feel better take pay. Okay yeah do it slow. You ready okay. Here we go. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me phone okay. Excuse me excuse me. excuse me. Excuse me back i am. I'm doing it now. You gotta be quiet and then we could take make you feel good. Make you happy. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me i am i am. It's more than ten of already done it more than ten times. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me phone what happens. What happens if we keep saying teddy. Hold on going for kharkov. How can we gotta go. Teddy you get little graphic times. I can't i. Can't i can't tell you going to go all right teddy screen. Everyone knows he's creepy. What he calls. Hey that's that's the erotic home baby kid chris. Show you're on the air man. what's up man. This is robert from georgetown ohio. Good I work in loveland. Oh okay what do you do. Where do you work in loveland We tractable screens okay. Good what's up. Just wanna know if. I can come in one time and have my wgn album time from you as possible. I would i would let you but There's the covert thing. We're not allowed to have guests in here and all that stuff. Yeah so when it's over yes we're still hearing sure that'd be awesome because It's actually wasn't mine. It was my aunt. Okay i wanted. I wanted to get a nine four. Yeah i see. Those people sell the kill. Wbz and albums and stuff on ebay and all that people buy. That's all do that. Yeah now you're going to sell it right. I know you as a awesome do. That's right all right. Wb rock very good dude. Why call him in hato bombecks. Stay safe kate chris.

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