LifeSheild growing home security line up


Your destination for gadgets gear. I'm Fred friskin life shield is growing it's home security device lineup with the addition of an HD video doorbell. Of course, consumers have more and more choices when it comes to video doorbells from companies like ring Google's nest and quite a few others, but for customers of life shield home security. This is a welcome addition. Our testing is found the life shield system to be easy to install and most of all reliable alternative, the use of dedicated tablet, as a touch pad makes the system very simple to use. And the company's key ring arming and disarming dangles are well-thought-out to starter kit from Home Depot includes a wifi camera and everything you need to get started were under two hundred dollars professional monitoring prices started about thirty dollars a month. Find more at life, shield dot com. You can find us at texter nation dot com. I'm Fred fishkill. Now this. How many companies out there have continued to innovate when it comes to building? A better radio. I'm Fred friskin, host of text a nation. And I'm here to tell you about the new C sky wave SP radio from the wonderful people at see crane baba is crew really love radio, and it shows in this new compact model that is packed with features beyond great AM FM reception. Unsound you can tune into shortwave signals from around the world. Listen to ham radio operators aviation and more. It's the radio you'll turn to every day. And in emergencies, it will run for nearly three days on just to double A, batteries hair. The sleep timer with a new soft speaker three and you've got the perfect radio for your nightstand. Of course, it can wake you up to click on C crane texting dot com and put in the code text nation for free flashlight with your order. They love radio and you'll love secretly.

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