The Yardwork: Ep 113: Grease Athletics Joins The Show!


What's up guys walking back to the yard work? I'm your host Andrew for Nanas. And with me as always is the overcame J J gonna bud Angeles going on exciting. For today's episode. We got on line with us, Brock and Greece. Athletics. Brock sad fans out there. Hey, what's going on? Brought thank you guys for having us on here tonight. Looking forward to it yet, Bryan. We are so excited to have you on with Greece athletics. If you guys do not know athletics, we act on Instagram and they make custom bats. What are you get more into that? Brockton tells you the whole story stuff like that. But I thank you guys for tuning chance down tonight tunes. Make sure you subscribe out on the net. Make sure you follow us and you smash those like buns, right euro cage. Yeah. Smashing and quick shots who are sponsors baseball lifestyle. One hit factory baseball. Now that being said, let's get on with the show. So my first question for you Brock is. I wanted to know your age that we were talking before like the whole story of how it came to be Greece athletics. We want you to tell everyone. Well, that's leash out yourself out. All I I can't take all the credit for this. Because it really honestly started with my brother with earns. So my brother was thirteen when he had. I wouldn't baseball tournament. And my dad was a welder before went to college. So like, we have all the tools these on projects our whole life. And he's like why are we make a bad instead going on buying one? I mean, be great make one we did not to do it. But. I'm we learned as we went. And I watched my brother do it. He made a couple of bats. And then you brought to the game friends were like, oh, that's really cool reaching that that act like I made it and no one believed for the longest. I mean, but we ended up they finally saw okay? Make the showed a picture than he. He's the more. I started getting into it that our friends would ask us. And then, you know, he's a collagen used in there as well for little bit for BP and kind of grew from there. So after he was playing at Saint Bonaventure. You want to start this off, and you know, almost all for down college. And I just thought the great idea and from there we wanted to turn the full time business because we love we do. And even though we can't play baseball. Now, we wanna share the passion with everyone else and still stay in the game. You do one hundred percent. I mean, I think that's something that agent. I try to do is we try to instill our passion with other people, and we really love that. And we do this just for our selves in Brenner passion. No, see you guys doing similar things. And you guys are right around the same age because they were both sophomores in college is pretty awesome to see. Oh, absolutely. I think I mean, this is the best time you could do it. You know, you have Tom your hands. You have the money summer jaw stuff like that. It's great. And if you can follow your passion, that's the best he can do in life. And you know, I always say that agent or I think I don't know. But or at least the semi brain is sometimes just gotta do it. You just gotta do guard chaser dream because you're not going to be young forever. You know, I woulda hated if just knowing me in my personality. I would just hate it. If I was thirty years old whenever and I was like man, I really wish I started podcast star like a YouTube channel or did something to put myself out there. So this is also this gives me the satisfaction of me after doing about my dreams and my goals at a young age and not waiting around for it. Oh, absolutely. And the best part is I mean, you has in the same boat as we are in the fact that we love this too. So it's not even work for us. It's our passions. What we love to do. It's what we do after jobs are after school. And I mean, if it's something like that. I think one of the Dow path the greatness of that that's the case yet. And like you said, it doesn't even seem like a job because I talked to my cousin. You know? Like, I said, we we set an other episodes, but we're both wet college. It was a way for us to keep in touching. I talk every day and just start, you know, kept spiraling. And we're just doing what we loved and never wants to feel like we're forced or it was a job. I mean, did I get that one right age? Yeah. And I think that's kind of cool that Brockie got on Greece has Lennox like, obviously, you went to brother work, and it's like it's kind of like almost like a little family business that you started up together. And it's cool to be able to go work with your brother on things both enjoy every single day and kind of proven your craft. It's a pretty cool thing. Oh, yeah. Now. Absolutely. Like what you set off by the family business ising arcades really family business because everyone in my family contributes, like it's like us as the business owners. But I mean, my mom is as my dad helps us we have an issue is something he's always. Fix it. On my mom has food ready. We go back to the house to paint something, and it just stuff like that this great, even everyone extended family has been super supportive with you know, posting scrim sharing it bringing up other people buying other people bans as gifts, and it's. Been incredible people around us. So I mean, I third listening to this now. But if they are I mean, we really appreciate that support such a long way when you the support of your family and friends that goes such on means so much. Oh, definitely. Absolutely. I think it's it's one of those things where you put yourself out there to the world. And I'm sure you guys get some heat. You know, just from anonymous people online through I think the support of everyone around. You definitely always any. Elsie the haters, but people aren't gonna no matter. What no matter what you do in life. You're going to get you're going to get people who are going to criticize people who just aren't going to let you do. You gotta block it out. Because then today, you gotta do will make you happy. You know? Yeah. Couldn't agree Mormon, and you know, as why loved having no, or when we get we guys like you guys on the show, we get some minor leaguers on, and you know, they talk about their struggles and stuff like that. And it makes us almost seemed like even I went to work in the same boat as freshmen ballplayers, but sees that were struggling we're doing what we can. And we're trying to do what makes us happy, and we're trying to influence impact on the people for the good. You know, sometimes you get those people, but that try to bring you down. But you know, you just gotta look past always feels good when you can impact influence other people in positive way. Oh, yeah. I couldn't agree more. I mean, I think all the what what you guys do your show is incredibly inspiring stream, positively in posit-, positively kindness. I mean, that's always gonna win out. That I think in the end like being honest in like that. That's all you have to do love that. I love that to an oscillating. That's what we do. I think eighty we're just ourselves. But I think we always try to I guess consideration that I try not like trash on other teams too much. I mean, I know sometimes get the Orioles for some reason trashing on them. But we try to make it, you know. So everyone of you know, every fan of any team any demographic any person you can come. You can listen to the show because at the end of the day. We're just two regular guys who just love to talk about sports, and we won't get everyone involved. Like, that's why are incident on Twitter we follow which I fall back everyone. We fall ton of people and people say, why are you from people north Instagram ratio doesn't look as good, and that's not really what we're here for. I mean, always say that we're trying to build like a baseball community that like everyone can be a part of everyone can feel safe. You talk about. Their opinions. No, I agree. I think it's more. You guys do not because just you a here. Not in it for anything else. Other than your passion. And not caring about follows. You have such extra even for people running a business or already just just trying to personal page. They're so worried about how many followers they have how many likes they get on picture to the point where us at the put in perspective. I if you're letting you're doing everything else will fall into place. You can't worry about out like what other people think about you? And how many like what your stats are in social media? Then you lose the whole point. Right. That's when it becomes a job. It's not fun anymore and understand like you said, we re really do do it. Because we love it. Because eight is a college athlete. I'm hoping to be went in. We could technically make money on this. But we don't because when we don't want trouble in two. That's not why we started. So I always try keep that humble mentality that humble attitude because I said do we came we came from just talking into the foam? I had my laptop. Of you know, year, year and a half ago. We started losing my laptop and the phone recording a right close to laptop close to my face getting AJ, and is you know voices in. Oh, yeah. Just had some really big time Showtime guys on there with you know, minor league athletes on gosh. Barstool I saw that. I'll come up. You know, calendar stature for what you guys are. You still never feel that way. Like you. You're different. Like, that's what's so cool. It's like, yeah. You can get guys who plied as cool to get someone makes the stuff that other people using ply like, it's cool. It's got the whole process around baseball. You know? Oh, yeah. No, absolutely. And you know, we we really do highly of you because I'm going to be like a little bit blunt here. Like, we don't just get anyone on the show, and we do have sometimes people who asked us to be on. We kinda got make excuses around it. But we reached out to you guys. You know? So I I mean, I think that's our way of us. Thank you. You know, coming on the shown us complimenting you because we really do like what you guys have to offer. I mean, you know, that makes us honestly that that really means the world. I mean, that's what we're all about. We had some message just the other day saying we like to keep her contact followers. In just his words, saying how much meant be reached out the end him and asked like what position played you know, highlight house team was going health his season coming season. He's looking forward to that. Just. Taking on connection because I feel like in today's society get stuck on the screen, and you have to realize there's another person on the other side of that. I think you guys are really good representation of that. 'cause you're just caused as the luggage. You do have a passion. And you're you're making the most. Knocking. That's that's great to see. That's pretty much what we're trying to make the most of it not young forever. Let's go out door thing. Let's just do it. Absolutely. A giant question. Yeah. I wanna for you. I want to know and then also too. I think the fans on no like what's the process of making a baseball bat. I know we we dance around like the company aspect now aren't like know how you guys do. Okay. So it's this process has all all day. Ever since we started the I did it probably took me three hours dabbling. But now, we kinda got our craft hound ending. We can make it in roughly our on which is nice. Yeah. I mean, obviously painting have led dry, but actual work time is probably found in our little. Starts off. We actually by the village of the northeastern part of the US right now these maple Birch in I'm sure you guys have heard about ash on the emerald ash bore which encase listeners adult Dow, it's basically a beetle. That attacking all the ash trees happened sort two thousand two I think let's grunt rapidly. And because of that ash prices are going up, and it's just really not feasible for law companies to make astronauts, any more and also the quality just from professional athletes. They're not like Nash bats as much because their low to soft. So we can our billets thirty seven inches long three inches wide. And from there. We are limiting at about the bills that we have split rather than board out with because when you have a machine cut, the would it doesn't follow the natural green. So we split what natural grain you get better bad or bats in basically performance. So after we get our billet we put on a lades which. Like, I said, you'll know his label spin it really fast, very high RPM. And then we gadget so you can get gouged out there. But we really mainly to which is just a basic, cutting gal and appointed kind gouge that's really all you need for the ban. It can process. So we need the larger wanted to clean it up. You have to get all shape in like good, Selander sheep from there. We'll start out of the barrel worker way down. I mean, the barrel size can vary depending on. What size you want? What size weight. We have the nave. To order the barrel. It's like like the person has input on the side. That's the thing about the whole point of our business was to make it constant because one thing we did notice you can pick models online, and they'll say again, it's N waited, but you can pick the colors, and they it's like. It wasn't. We're looking for like when we look for bats. We wanna make. Shujaat virginity for people to pick every aspect so you can customize your barrel size to the like tenth of niche. So you can do that you can do your handle size. You can do the taper of the transition between your barrel, and your hand was essentially you guys are working on trying to make the perfect that for that said customer. Oh, absolutely. I you want we can do. I mean, you can pick the death of the handle size the handle thickness, any whatever you want. We could do, and that's the whole point of my we wanna make for the person because everyone's different everyone has a different feeling among you guys play baseball. You know, when you pick up a bad, and you like it, you know, you know, if you know, you know, things Bobby make so so detailed. Yeah. I mean, I love it. I love how you making the custom bass to be perfect for everyone and just real quick on back off your Instagram talking about some perfect bet. You guys made that American flag bet that you put on. I think it was it was today's post, right? Yes. You guys make that back because that was unreal. Yes. We we made that that read did awesome on John. Take any credit for that paint job because he did a stellar. You've you're got out Greece athletics on Instagram and check out this bet because that things insane. And had you had we the people are carved in along the toward the handle it. Yeah. It was Patrick Henry's quote audible. Liberty or give me death. Nicole amount. Yeah. That was an insane bat. I saw that. That was you know, we're we're big big America. Guys. I got a huge American flag in my AJ to we won't guys. Use American flags in our room hanging up right now. So we freaking love that. You can't be honest. I love that. I love to hear that too. We're patriots over. We don't like the patriots. But we're Steelers fan. So. Decide. Yeah. We don't beat Boston right now. Brock. No the question is kind of going off back what you said about like the custom stuff. So I mean, actually, this doesn't make sense because you said that the Bill it is three inches like the width is three inches. So by question was though if you could make me about with a five inch diameter barrel. I just wanna club Andrew like just nice big. Thousands of question. You couldn't tell me. Thousand one because you want a club me with it. You got hurt here. This premeditated. Hey, we can do that you order guys. So you never know. You gotta be a nice big Bill. Timothy Brock the answer is no sorry. We can't make a five five hundred dollar bat. So you can I get clubbed with that. You say no, you're saying you say AJ say h is banned from buying. So you do that yet? But you never know. Band anyone yet? But we'll see. Customer available at one time while like a a Babe Ruth style bat and try to get like a seventy three ounce bat like I'll be I'll be cool to just get massive Baptist. Swing around us guys. Get a tree trunk and you're like, we don't make the street getting back. There's only one way to find out. To find out. We're gonna go take an accident. Do we're gonna we're gonna pull up to where you guys live. Not not that we know where you guys live. But just like a tree on the back of her car. Be like that was like the wonderboy bad. It's cooperstown. Yeah. Yeah. I've heard that. It's like, yeah. You guys issues from the movie the match, I know from. But like, I know that you've seen in person at a at a was also village, right? That's where that's where I was where I went to also village. Sweet. So anyway, I'll Brock. So I think I know the answer this question. But I don't know why why why the name Greece athletics 'cause we we were digging that name. I think I know the answer though. I mean, obviously your answer I'm guessing probably do with our last name when Horsely right? Yep. I'll originally as the b the G back company because my brother, and I both share the same initials are but want something a little more trade because they're so many just either very catchy name in our opinion. So we did run psychotics because forget the exact think Brad thought of it. But it was crease off we've been called grease off or Greece for sure. By coaches nickname. Saw of course. So we just kinda stuck in. Greece ex, you know, beats just Greece back company because I didn't really rhyme or have good ring to. So it is kinda evolve over a process of talking through it a lightning bolt. Instead ask because I mean, why not you know, I think the name I understand dig it. And I think of the name is huge you need a name. That's gonna stand down pop. Oh, absolutely. You need people to remember you need them. You know, remember the name because when they hear this. You know, maybe let's say, you know, you tell someone at our no. The I think much of it right now. Right. But then a couple months ago, go by the Syrians. Oh, I remember Greece. I remember that name. There you go. Oh, yeah. Your your brand is huge. Right. Of course. So I I like the grease name a lot. So he's come up. All though, you good. Another question. I saw videos through earlier on that union brother like, I mean, I don't know anymore. But you guys had some great hair and some photos and videos like what product you put in your grease grease in your hair to Elizabeth? The grease let Greece. I can't take credit for them. That's all genetics while high grandfather's eighty seven years old still full had a hair somehow so a little bit Greece does help. But I can't we get credit for that new. Tell me no hair product, no hair products. I guess. I probably used one of the brand I think he is better gene than I do. But I I call it a little bit more bear grease than he does. That's what it was called bear grease bear out. Yeah. So the grease. Let us burglaries you still need a find that you can't make this stuff. I mean, like not like ninety. I need that bear grease. I shut do. I I don't really have fly over mohawk Rockin. But I mean, Yemeni. Let me see that bear grease do pass on the agrees around. Say grow it out. You know, I hawk senior high school for my picture, but respect that thanks to a nothing going off with you guys. And and you know, your hair could we see you guys on Instagram as you guys have with the the mash Mondays where you guys mash of pizza pizza. One of your bats. You wasted pizza. Of my dog bite of it. So that's all right. I don't have too big of a ways. Those things are funny though. They're really quite like, the funny smashing the gallon milk. Whatever it's cool like shows. How strong will your bats are? Yeah. It's something exciting to is. I mean, we wanna make bats like we love what we do. But we're also is still the same time kids at heart. I mean who would want to go smash onto like in a great way. They're the one day. I think we did like a flower. And I was not expecting flower to me that fun, and it was so much fun in. It was Saturday morning went out smashed a bunch of things Greek hot like if you guys I mean, like if he doesn't do something like that for fun like why not everyone smashed them watermelon. I ask the mill for on Instagram who people get some air came in other than I know we did for sure. Yeah. Definitely as well. I got I got one last question. We actually wrap it up just a bit early. Your gender saying that came up unexpectedly and padras that, but we're hoping this is not the last time you or your brother come on the show. Let us know. We we really appreciate you guys reaching out to us over over address talk baseball or anything. Of course, we all one last question for the weather's mile last question. Greece flex Versi ARD were to onto. Let's say wiffle ball make your own with a ball bat. Who you say what's going on there? How's it going down? Take your wiffle ball may stick wall. Then because he is the the would percent word art a game somehow game baseball. We have some guys you get some of your guys we make we make our own bat. You guys make your we make our bats 'having. That's gonna end out for us. What what are you? What do you think you can take us? I don't know. I think. Keeping my never see each other play baseball other podcasts. Talking about hitting home runs. The Yankee Stadium and stuff like that. So I I think not gonna we pull out on the bats. I think that definitely be our our upside. Like, a tree branch would be like my. I guess there's only one way to find out. We'll have to meet up sometime. And get a game. All right. Yeah. Asia Asia Asia, which we or somebody like Ravi row and like, Alex Katz and got. Yeah. And then they're gonna pull up all their bad through. They like Jews able to Giusto bats Jimmy Neutron the bat. Just connect everything just went miles. We're like, wow. The court if you back to that game. Yeah. Court battle out. Back reassure court battle out. Sunday, brock. Thank you so much for coming on everyone listening makes you guys check out grease. Let x you guys will be gang shout for sure on Instagram of this beginning postal right away. Like, you said sorry had been cut a little short. We hope to get you guys on at least another time when you know, however, many times whatever for the off season, we love your batsmen. We love to continue talking with you guys. Keep working with you guys in the future. That means a world we really appreciate is great talking to gas, and let us know what? What size? You guys are written new apparently left out to you. Why do that actually be amazing? Thanks for coming on. It was great. Having you sports guys. You're the man now. See boys have grown. And your case that you've come on the show man anytime there's gonna be on kgo yard and thank you got tuning in. I'm Sandra Fernandez, and this was the yard work.

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