Larry Magid: Bedbugs And Airbnb


We're talking technology with our k._c._b._s. tech expert larry magazine a lot of travelers turned airbnb these days as they look for something a little more affordable and a bit different from the average hotel experience orients but what happens when it's midnight and you find bedbugs well. That's a problem that actually happened to a few people that seen it caught up with it so larry. You're in a hotel they they can move into another room. What happens if it's an airbnb and that's the problem you know i've i've stated the number of airbnb and with the exception of one and done born a really sketchy neighborhood in a run down the building. I've had pretty good luck but that can happen. Of course it can happen in a hotel too but you're right. If you're at a hilton or a holiday or any good hotel it shouldn't happen. They have made it come around or cleaning services. I should say the come around every day. Airbnb typically have cleaners also but they may not be professional. I'm not saying you're out of luck but you're kind of out of luck. If you're at somebody's apartments midnight and you're starting to which you can't just move to another room so that is one of the risks of airbnb now that if mitigated by a a lot of advantages but it's something for people to be aware of and also hosts are affected because often. It's not their fault that the guests from the night before left in there and suddenly there next tenant had the problem.

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