98 - Tied Up Twice


Awaken Fauria C._B._D.. Arousal oil is a luxurious new way to enhance sensations of arousal and melt into deeper more accessible orgasms promoting natural lubrication and release of physical tension awaken awaken creates the relaxation and enjoyment necessary for central experience release and restorative rest for fifteen percent off awakened or any other products offered by Fauria go to fauria wellness dot com and enter Promo Code. Turn Me John. Hello everybody variety here. I'm whispering because I'm in house of sleeping people after two backed back night shoots on short short film and I'm just about ready for bed myself but wanted to say good morning to all of you or waking up and getting ready to listen to today's episode of turn me on Jeremy's Edmonton Minton I've unprincipled island and so we have a really special episode that we recorded together before we headed to opposite sides of the country and <hes> it's a revisit with our dear friend t tied up T- from one of the very first episodes of Termi on T. is in a rope play and teaching people about row play and suspension and all kinds of rule cool <hes> stuff like that and we're really excited to catch up with her and here how much has changed for her and her career and what's developed in what she's learned so on and so forth Jeremy Lobby back together but the end of the week and ready to come out with a four play episode for you for next Wednesday and in the meantime we're cooking up our special one hundred episode coming out may twenty nine and that'll be all ready for you. Oh for your Wednesday mornings at just like this one. We don't like to miss episodes. We miss it when we do and we just really WanNa Cook. You view listening enjoying so that's from me. I'M GONNA CURL UP and get some Z's hope you enjoy this episode and we'll see on the other side well here. We are again another. I think this is our third like check in episode but we're going way way back back yeah. I was trying to figure out how long it's been three years like it was right. Wing start was right when we started probably would be almost three years ago and yeah you were one of our very first guests tests that we ever have on the show you came in with Stu mets and suit stews only coming in just to take photos yeah and then stu ended up staying. He had a great interview and we recorded with him to it was so crazy. Classic classic classic episodes is perfect but teeth things. How are things you kind of? I mean so let's do this for people who maybe there's some people new to the show. They haven't gone all the way back and listen to the early days. Why don't you explain who you are and what you do and why we had you on the show in the first place? Okay well. I'm tied up T- and I'm local rope artist so right now I sell rope and I do wrote photography <hes> row blessings and some events still trying to get going in that will make sure that may sorry sorry. It's new yeah so that's a bit about what I'm doing right now. The tied up thing that kind of like I remember when we first had you on the show you were you were you're just getting into like doing public lessons yet and that seemed like really take off yeah. The group lessons sends and the private lessons have been great. They're probably my favorite things to do. <hes> definitely teaching rope safety and just fun new ways to be kinky or get creative has been really great for me. Yeah yeah I I remember. I had a lot of fun when we recorded with you because we ended up actually doing a little session where you tied me up tight Bridie up. Stu took some photos. Those photos went along way isn't for for different laptop but I was trying to find them. This morning's throw something up but no such lock them somewhere. Have them in yourself okay perfect yeah. I lost a lot photos. I lost my laptop. Yeah I feel like a bit has changed <hes> for business stuff. I feel like things were a little bit more figured out than they were before. When I was here I had wrote a few notes as there is something when I was listening I had talked about? Ah I was talking about giving a rope experience and <hes> so I just wanted to touch on that a little bit and how that went and I kinda don't really offer that now so I feel like most people approached me when I said I could do something as a rope experience without photos thinking I was more of a maybe a dominatrix or someone on yeah. Maybe <hes> yeah yeah and that's not really what I was going for. I guess I was trying to WHO <hes> make it a little less taboo and I want more people to experience it and not everybody is into being tied and not everybody can find someone to <hes> tie easily <hes> but I ended up getting a lot more questions <hes> but like can you come time me up in my bed and stay there and things like this and it's just I'm. I'm not really interested in being that person. That's not yeah so anybody. You know. It's time to figure out where I wanted to go with. This exactly wanted to offer. What did you do but that was that like did you just have to change the the branding? The explanation of like experience was I guess yeah like I hadn't really i. I hadn't really promoted the experience part that much <hes> but for the people that did and I always also using <hes> fat life toddler and things like that a little bit more than which I well. It's almost pointless to at this point but I don't really do that. <hes> so a lot of the requests for the experience came from the fat life <hes> folks <hes> makes sense yeah. We're I feel like yeah. It's a little more private. There and people ask a little bit more forward less boundaries that sort of thing but I just answered them like I don't really nothing's really taboo to me and I understand everybody's asking me for these things <hes> but it's just not what I'm looking to do so pretty much. Keep it to <hes> art photography <hes> I wanted. I WANNA teach couples. I do that all the time. Obviously I don't post anything about that. Let's private lessons but I love teaching people how to be Kinky and have fun in the bedroom as well but don't want to be in your bedroom. I guess is what I figured out so do people come to you then in your bedroom or in your living room where does on right now. I had to move into a very small apartment so <hes> I guess what I was God. I'm trying to think where I was. When I spoke to you guys last I? I did have a bigger apartment. I used to have a space <hes> so I've been a really small small space now so for the private lessons I've been going to people's homes mostly if they're reaching out I've done group lessons <hes> in people's homes where they've had like their friends come over instead of going to the ones I offered at Venus envy or something thing like that so then it's just <hes> you know people you know a little more casual and that so that's been really fun yeah. Do you have much competition in the city for what you do I don't. I don't know to be honest. I don't don't feel like I do but at the same time I always say to people. I don't feel like I I don't feel in competition with people in general I you know I feel like everybody takes rope and does something different even if everybody's doing wrote bondage you're not going to do what I'm I'm doing. <hes> and I'm not just doing traditional stuff that I've learned online is just my own creativity. <hes> and I think to now that I have a camera so I didn't have a camera I either when I was talking to you so everything depended on me getting a photographer or having one wants to work with me. <hes> I feel like now that I do pretty much all of it that it's <hes> way better way more comfortable <hes> yes. I feel like I'm I don't know there's a difference in that. I feel like a a lot of people are more private about it. The other people that seem to be doing it I only hear about. I don't really see them online as much. You know what I mean. I guess I was wondering about like like community. If you have a community the people aside from the people that you tie in the photographers or the models of the people that you work with on a regular basis is there much of a how do you find like community and professional development sort of opportunities and things like that a lot is online. <hes> law of my rope community is through instagram. Honestly I have a lot of greet people <hes> on there and I got a lot of creativity and bounce ideas and then we talk about consent and safety in new things like that <hes> <hes> I feel like I have a lot there honestly locally. It's a little difficult for me. I'm just balancing life in general and I've got more than one business on the go with the moment and then I have my daughter and relationship and I have a constant urged to be outside Guide and away from these things at the same time so I don't feel like I have like a big community. I have people locally that I talked to on Instagram <hes> that reach out and ask things about photography or about rope or that WANNA buy my role that sort of thing but I don't have a chance to really meet with people that often because I don't have a space so going forward. That's what I'm hoping to do now. Try to find his face that maybe I can use more regularly and I don't think ever seem like a a space specifically dedicated for row play no but what I would forefront or something you know what I mean like like I feel like that would lamp the sex shop that was in. It wasn't a sex shop. Sorry it was a leather outfitter like really incredible erotic sort of leather outfitting storefront in the building that I lived in Toronto the Big Warehouse Building Saint Nicholas Yeah Yeah right it was at that's kind of I would picture that but I'd also picture like an aerial studio. I know that's the part for me. I'm like I could find a place like that. It's really hard. I've I've approached I won't you mentioned a couple places but the taboo part really sticks out to people and they really think that it has to be about sex one way or another and it really doesn't because when I'm tying myself I'm just focusing you're saying and being creative or you know not everybody's learning to tie so that they can have sex with people you know it really is. There really isn't a like an art to it. I mean I can't begin to to describe grab how many instagram accounts that I have ended up following after our initial conversation yeah which are strictly just people who are posting images like of themselves in these amazingly immaculate like sets of knots that encompassed their entire body and it's just like I see these things and actually I know for fact like specifically one woman. Who's WHO's posting stuff? She's her career is based off of selling Prince Yeah selling prints of a high like lar- very large high resolution very expensive prints of her tied up. There's there isn't there's nothing sexual about it. It's sexy hand be factual. If that's what you WanNa read into but most of the time that's not what's being put by the artist. Lots of things can be like sexual if you know if you're looking at it with that Lens but yeah the the sensuality of the rope is what really what really hit home for me when I had it on like the feeling of it against my skin and the construction of the breath and you know I think it's it is it's so frustrating when when then let's say there's a studio that that has like aerials and and maybe I don't know they might even do like pole fitness goes rope. Play is to sexual I know in the <hes> yeah I I tried to take part in a certain convention and they shut me down immediately <hes> and then it was you know poll dancers and stuff and A._B._C. clothing. You know it's like I actually probably would much clothing. I'm not interested in being tied Megan necessarily in front of people I was just going to do some fun suspension stuff and show you different ways that you can use in the rope but any was very quickly dismissed and then what it is but it's because initially like even for group lessons people have wrote me too. I have to be naked and I was like please. Don't I use here. Ropes on other bodies. Actually all need to keep your underwear on yeah yeah. It's just I mean it's your own comfort zone like if you WANNA take but I don't. I don't have like these are not you know what I mean like. It's not a sexy session. This is just you learning again. It's a perfect example of how like even now like looking at at poll like it's not it's not necessarily sexual but it can be sexy but it's not doesn't it's not you know <hes>. The what's like the studio downtown studio in essence. It's like people who go there to dance poll. They're they're not doing it like if someone walked in and saw that class going on the last thing they're going to be thinking in their head is like oh strippers yeah exactly because it's now it's become mainstream where it's like. No this is actually just like fucking but initially initially like twelve thirteen fifteen years ago or anyone getting a poll in their apartment was like what are you totally now. It's like Oh my God compl- your poll pilates. We realized that this is actually an insane leasing art and exercise exercise odds and it's really helps a lot of people feeling confident in their bodies not just because it's getting them fit but because they can make it essential workout as well yes empowering sort of sense that comes with it definitely which I think all of those things we're going to go take a pole whole dancing class right after this all of those things I think can can just as easily be related to rope play yeah and so which I'm only making this realization right now like like I've never I've never even thought about that. That's such a let's make rope mainstream or not. Maybe we we do have. It's like it's already <hes> I don't know clearly I follow mostly rope things and that tends to be what I look for. Yeah I guess but I feel like a lot of people are doing it right now. <hes> one way or another and it's interesting to see because some people are you know it's a for like staying and some people are really getting into it and I love it. I I love seeing people get creative and in start learning and stuff like that <hes> but yeah it is interesting to see it everywhere now like when I started people were like Oh my goodness. What are you doing now? Everyone has like he told me you know yeah. Inspired aired Tattoo portraits all one word on instagram. I have not sure is a total plug for someone who well that. They don't need a plug. They've got like one hundred twenty nine thousand followers but this is one of those accounts that <hes> she'll oftentimes put up these photos of her with like she she. There's like a lot of rope <hes> ropes up but also her entire body is completely covered with just beautiful tattoo or a and I mean completely covered. There's not like an ounce of her body. That isn't acceptable. Remember like from neck up. She's she does not tattoos but check this out like she. It's like she sells prince of this like you're just Shubra super beautiful gorgeous yeah. I don't know if I'm following to be honest. You should check right yeah. I definitely will anybody's listening right now. Inspired Tattoo portrait's lives. I'm putting my very first changed our patron tears and one of them is like a monthly email from you with all the really cool things that I'm finding online sunscreen yeah now and now that'll be a place for me to collect my like book list and like all the references yeah but any who that is beautiful. I didn't even look at it. I just took a picture with my phone. Oh God everything's I'll look at it later. Save yes. We're doing in your life. I know that I believe when we spoke to you or not in a relationship oh no I like kind of out of one and newly out of New York teppan pretty much stayed lead single until now really I dated someone <hes> before her and I you know random things along way but I stayed yeah I save single for while I think I needed that. <hes> that mental breakthrough it just focus on my own stuff. I felt really you know it was a starting a new business and putting myself out there and then having you know all the relationship stuff I was like I just want to keep it to me for now. Did you find yourself I. I've never been in that that <hes> that's situation. I've I was thinking the other day like how you've always been relationship. Never not I'd never not been in a relationship I have. I have a friend who's just like that too. Just like one ham like Oh my God I need. I think he's also with age. Let's be real like when I was younger. I definitely didn't I'm gonNA take mental break. After break up. I was GonNa you know jumps in the next person for sure but I feel like now I try not to drag so much with my previous relationship into the next and and and that was something for you know my own mental health seven the last couple of years that was really important. <hes> especially anything that was kind of traumatic which that last relationship was just the bad breakup and it put negative connotations on my work and on different ways that I viewed things relationships so I feel like I really needed to just like wash that away and then I also <hes> just started looking at how I was forming relationships. I kinda like self counseled there for a little while and you know what I mean and Kinda looked at why maybe ending up in bad relationships yeah and just looking at different things and I feel like now <hes> I base things a little differently <hes> also dating a woman coming now is was a change for me not that there was never an attraction <hes> to the opposite sex bites <hes>. It wasn't in play but there was things that I didn't realize that I needed that. I feel like I'm finding more so in a relationship with a woman now I guess I like an emotional bond not sort of things a little bit more so and I feel like I had a lot of trauma that I connected to relationships with men so seeking men for more of a fulfilment on the different level not because they were what I needed to know so it's been a lot on a lot of that ties into the rope and stuff as well and just figuring it out as I go and then that change things because she very much likes to be tied up and I didn't think I was always obviously I've always been the rigor but I figured in relationships. I've kind of been the one that you know I wanted to be tied or whatever and I don't really want to be as much like I do. Would you say that there's any have you noticed that in any other places in your life like that kind of shift where I don't know I I've noticed this with like becoming more dominant. Let's say or the desire to be more dominant in my in my my sex life has really like I see it mirrored in also like when I'm kicking ass in my career and you know all of all of this sort of business yeah so you mean like the switch for yeah they have you been like a general switch. I do feel like there's been a major shift in just in Feminine Energy in my life in general <hes> and I I guess that Kinda does come in at the same time I do feel my whole life. I've always been very much like I have mostly guy friends. Now my joined my best friends are still guy friends and whatever but I've had a lot of men and now I feel like I have a loss of Feminine Energy and I feel good about that and I feel like really creative with more feminine energies but I feel like there's a lot that has come into play for that as well. You know <hes> just hey friends. Let me tell you about the newest addition to my intimate sexy time <music> hours. 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It's interesting interesting how surrounding yourself a different people as well. <hes> can also like really influence what what's like moving through you creatively like I was finally whoever I'm hanging out with generally informs like the out my output like what am I putting back out into the world whether it's good vibes or whatever or like I just found someone who's like really into doing the same thing that I'm doing with regards to this weird thing that nobody else has ever been interested in exploring with me so let's do <music>. This weird thing together yeah. I think what that a lot. I mean I think about that you know in terms of <hes> when when I started getting sick boy it was like I was spending a lot of time with Dave Dave Culligan who is a gentleman here in Halifax who it at the same time with starting like his own sort of video project that ended up becoming his career and <hes> and just noticing how the two of us like develop developed friendship around that exact same time we're both but to start a similar sort of venture into something unbeknownst to us and brand new and and just seeing what he's putting into it and and feeding off that him feeding off of what I'm putting it in my my side of things like sort of being there for each other the entire way <hes> they can have such a profound effect on the way that you you go about your day to day and and I definitely notice it like in in you know those like every year you're gonNA Meet New People. There's new people that are gonNA come into your life every single year and every year there might be some people that sort of like fall fall by the wayside <hes> but to like constantly have that in back reminded of like okay the the the new people that are coming into my life like how are they going to affect change in me as a as a creative or as a as a person in general just as a person in general yeah you're I look and everything I get so much of that working with different people like you don't realize and I don't often realize I go into shoot. Usually I meet with somebody beforehand and discuss things. I like to make sure I'm not he's shooting people in a way that you know I want them to feel good about it. If there's parts of them they'd rather not focus on and that sort of thing then I get all that information going into it. I've totally lost my train of thought told you I was going to have Ooh A._d._H._d.. Moment creatively collaborating with people Oh yes sorry so when I go in and thinking about maybe like something that's going to complement their body because everybody's very different and maybe be like what they're gonNA. Try to get out of it and I always think of it as the photos that are going to get out of it and like you know me being nice and courteous and that sort of thing but then there's just so much more comes from it I just tied <hes> brea encouraging honesty either on the weekend and she's just you know she's like really feeling yourself and she's just in the rope and she it just did so much for for her and watching her feel confident and like loving the pitchers and whatever I just I forget about that part tired of it like I it's a connection with another person. It's brought her to whole different. Those pitchers are going to be the same you know. If I tied somebody else. It would have promoted him away so it's just it's just magical to me to to work with new people and feel what they get out of it because sometimes like I've been doing it along time so like the magic still there when I come up with something new but it's not you know what I mean. It's a refresher every time I worked with someone new Yeah Yeah Art Art and the way hey that it it intertwines into our personal lives is is so <hes> meet someone who's like who has nowhere artistic endeavors or no like who doesn't like have any sort of hobby. That's like artistic. I'm always it's kind of like but how how do you go. How do you get through life? I don't realize something artistic to maybe yeah everybody has saying. That's an art that I I agree with you. Yeah I think we're just inherently creative and so you know maybe maybe the same people who would have said what you do is not art. You know it's sex and it's KINK. Thank but it's not art might be the same sort of people who don't see something that they do as actually quite creative artistic whether it's like I love to cook. It's like well. That's very great. It's creative. I love doing that like baking in coming up with your own recipes and everything like I think people just automatically assume you're pitchers or you're drawing or you're painting. If you're being artistic you know what I mean or your yeah yeah or or you know. Some people might have like a wicked imagination but they never right any like they never write it down. They're not writing about the stories are making up in their head or maybe some people are just making up stories in their head and they're just like self sabotaging with their creativity or maybe that's it. I like. I definitely feel like I can create all the time. I'm like I I say now. I'm like I'm never bored by myself. I love my alone time. I have so many things I'm like. I know enough now and I've taught myself enough and I'm like I just yeah I. I don't know how to not be creative. Ever not be producing something. It's like taken off. I feel like you know you've been talking the two of you. I was kind of sitting here thinking about the other people that I see 'cause I see you both in the same and myself and the same peer group of Love Entrepreneurial creatives like day of an leg you know <hes> some some I know a couple of makeup artists. I'm thinking of come to the top of my mind like models and like the blue and STU and like all kinds of people we've actually actually spoken to on the podcast but it just seems like it has been this real like maybe it's only because I've only known you a couple of years and all these people a couple of years but it seems like our peer group is only like progressing. I I agree. It's amazing to watch everybody. Just get better. You know everybody just seems like they're doing more and more <hes> with it. It's Great <hes> I did on that note to do this earlier but I did bring you a rope. I brought you a colorful king crow. Oh I brought it brought you the paint Taco because I feel like the Termi on podcast is all team creation in time so yeah I and a little bit of self promotion there so yeah I am Brin Yeah Colorful Cayenne K. colorful kink but yeah it's spelled k. n. k. yeah I just went with the instagram spelling. Honestly it's easier easier but yeah so I started making well. I guess I left <hes>. I went like full self employment last. May I guess it's almost a year now <hes> so I have a few different colors of that are just bright and fun <hes> cotton rope and so it's really great for beginners really forgiving and you can purchase it a Venus envy here in Halifax but also an odd weather selling it now at the view Semyonov well yeah amazing yeah and you can also order it from them. They have enough stock that you can <hes> get it mailed to you if you're if you're listening right now K. C. O. L. O. R. F. U.. L. K. N. K. on instagram. You can go check it out right there. <hes> or or go to tied up tease instagram. I'm sure and there's link so the staff at Venus envy has your local on it. Has Your label on it yeah just like that yeah fantastic lot listeners and Ottawa. Oh that's awesome yeah so they don't unfortunately don't have it on their web page just yet so I had a few people. Write me the rope. That's on there that is a bright color is not mine. Just just wanted to clarify but I'm hoping that we can get that. Put up there soon. It's just worlwide of things of course <hes> but yeah so you can purchase them. They're kind of rope is it. It's cotton. It's a twisted. Six millimeter cotton thirty foot Lens <hes> <hes> yeah. It's really sturdy Nice wrote for a beginner. A lot of people think of the cotton is really a week but it's a nice nice rope. I think it's great for beginners but it's also just Super Fun colors on the artistic side you know and okay so this one that you just brought brought in <hes>. It's all tied up <hes> if I was UN- wrap this how long has it thirty feet are all the thirty yeah yeah is that is that what you do say like if someone's like I'm I'm thinking about getting into playing with rope. I've been watching the videos online and I want to just kind of like play around with it. Would you say like start with thirty feet. I always say to start with a thirty feet. I mean if you're really only interested in doing some rope cuffs or like really simple things then thirty feet seem like it all a lot but I don't know what you're tying things off to how far your bed post or your hooks or your whatever you using <hes> and everybody's different size so you know like the the fifteen foot his great. If you're just GONNA do like coughs or ankles or something like that should fit pretty much everybody but thirty feet. You'RE GONNA WANNA do more than that. I haven't met anybody who's like Oh. I learned this one tie and I never wanted to do more holy. It's just you know it's better to have the the longer length I am considering doing the fifteen and putting them with like as sets but not really sure you know. I'm really got there just yet yeah it's beautiful. I love it. Thanks yeah <hes> so yeah. I'm going to have those for sales so I did. I was mentioning about not having space so I don't have a space that I you know if you approach me. I can't really set up a lesson for you right now. But I do have three lessons coming up up for June July and August. I'm going to be highlight highlife cafe down on Spring Garden Yeah so <hes> I'm GONNA put up more information on my instagram and I'm sure that they will have it up on. There's as well <hes> for the time and how to register and such but it is going to be June fourth July ninth and August six and so the first lessons just going to be a beginner so honestly if you've taken the beginner lesson with me. You are going to be repeating things if you're very new rope the first lessons definitely for you. <hes> the second one is going to be kind of intermediate and then the thirds going to kind of play on the second one so if you're coming to the third one it's great to come to the second one as well or be more advanced in your her in your rope play already. I was just wondering if you've ever considered doing a youtube. I have you to you do that. You probably you've really I don't I'm not sure we may started my I feel like it was probably around the time that I was on the podcast but it might have been after and I only did one video for probably a year because I am not really comfortable on cameras and I've really I keep I'm working on it now. It's like three years and being like okay. I can't even really get on and talked to my instagram so the videos take a little bit out of me to be on there and my anxiety kind of goes up by A._D._H._d.. Likes to kick in and I just kind of deer and headlights headlights a lot so it takes a little while but there's probably I think I've six videos on there now and I am going to be working on another one but it's just kind of been push slow. It's coming. We're making plans but it's just a lot to put it like to put you know what I mean to show you how I've created something and to pick something that someone can follow that you know it's safe with as well also shit little work medium of stuff like you got to really be able to commit the time to yeah. I have a great videographer luckily but so I don't have to do much of the editing stuff but I'm awkward as Hell and he has a lot to do. They always always been a dream of mind. You have like a Wayne's world type situation in my own house where it's like. This is the studio the film studio it's always set up. It's a Sassy. It's perfectly let and then have like like a cable talk. Show on hey baby no goals. Could we could do it. We could have that here I know he could. I just have to plant the seeds really slowly with Jeremy because otherwise when I come up with an idea let's make a T._v.. Shows like yeah sure they drop drop clues for like a year. He'll be like I think yeah the secret to marriage. I think I came up really all situations. I wanted to Josh on one thing that you mentioned <hes> and I don't know if now's the time to do it but you had mentioned in some communication recently that someone that you mentioned the show. Maybe a measure of yours thank you <hes> I have that in front of me and still didn't touch on it so in the first podcast <hes> I had mentioned like certain supporters in such a again. Everybody's been on Instagram A._M.. For the most part people I've learned from and I was supporting <hes> master. H Hatter was his name at the time <hes> and I had mentioned his name and I feel like I really wanted to touch on that because a lot of <hes> come out about him <hes> <hes> and being an abuser in the community who of course this is in the U._k.'s not someone local to be concerned about but it was somebody that I was openly supporting <hes> and now feel really <hes> bad about doing that but the people that he was involved with <hes> the victims in such didn't come out <hes> about it until the last couple of months and I guess that was you know took a lot for them to come forward but they're also people that I was following and supporting so it was a lot of heartaches to know that you know you're supporting again learning from somebody that was taking advantage of <hes> that position not authority you know authoritative position in in rope play so I did want to just touch on that again. His account has been taken down <hes> and such touch and there's been a few others. I don't WANNA put out <hes> any other names that one was kind of a big thing for me because I had already said the name <hes> but there has been a few situations <hes> like locally <hes> that have come about to just people that <hes> I have mistakenly supported in the community and unknowingly <hes> you know and being on the side of something didn't happen to me and I didn't realize and whatever and so I just think it's really important to listen to people Ubuntu really look at who you're working with and who you're supporting so that you're not I don't know I it was a lot to to deal with for me to know of supporting people that were doing really negative things especially something with my art something that I really really preach being safe and communication and consent and boundaries and all of these things <hes> so yeah I just I wanted to touch on that a little bit was that a part of like his practice actress did he talk about consent and boundaries and things like that or was that never really part of that wasn't part of any when I look back now that was never heard of talk with that person. He was very dawn but see like a lot of the people I've found found in the community. Now I definitely have a balance and way more women and way more like people who are just rigors and not put I it just seemed to be all men and dawn's that did this and so I just kind of put that to the side I'd be like I'll learn this stuff but I don't. I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't like to feel overly in power in that sense. I don't you know what I mean. That's not what it's about <hes> for me as a big thing like a abusers sort of masking being there abuse behind behind this this sort of like dumb kink yeah identity yeah more so than I realized again. I don't play into that much like the kink for Hermes. I'm I'm very like like ink is rope. You know what I mean and other little things in my own bedroom but I'm not into certain types of place. I've never been really a part of the relationship I had before was a little bit teetering on that and that it didn't work so well so there's been a lot of <hes> just brushing it. Also I always see the main thing that I say in every single lesson to everybody is there is such thing as being to submissive K. so like you need to speak if you're are a sub even if you were like high in the scene and you're really supposed to be doing everything you're dom says it's not worth risking your body. You know what I mean like. Roque damage can like permanent nerve damage like really terrible things can happen to you. Also you're bound you can easily abused taking advantage of like there's just you know so in the situations that came forward. That's how it was played off. It was the dom was guilting them like if they would say they couldn't do a thing. They were guilty and be like well. The other person I play with can do it and there was a there was a lot of build up between and it was always a built between the the women between them against each other like well. They're jealous. Only because of that's just the way they are so I think the master housing they had kept them very separated in that way as well so so there's that and then there's also just the level of photography like I said the rope is huge. People WanNA use rope and everything for the likes and stuff like that. I totally get it. It's it's a big thing right now but <hes> not everybody that has rope knows what they're doing. Do not go get tied by someone who you've never asked about who you don't know if they can tie. Don't go by yourself like there's just so many those are the the big things I had a really bad what experience with a local photographer who has now also removed all their social media. I don't know if they're still working or whatever but I pulled back from that situation. I'd put up information a couple of times on social media and put it out there so people were aware but it's it's too much you know sometimes <hes> but they had taken it was just. I wasn't bound in a way that I couldn't do something. It was authority it was it was the very first otographer I'd worked with so I was like well. They're going to do everything to make me look good. They're gonNa you told me everything I need to do and if they push boundaries a little bit then that's what they're there to do but that's no your boundaries were boundaries boundaries my most favorite thing I've ever learned as an adult is he. You know stick with them. You have them for a reason. <hes> so yeah and I was pushed past my comfort zone and some pitchers were taken that I wouldn't have normally in now. You couldn't possibly push me you know I'm so I'm just I'm so worried about stuff all the time and I'm so strong about it that I don't you you know but at the time I was easily persuaded into doing it <hes> and then this person didn't want to delete the pitchers <hes> anyway. This has it's gone over the last few years has been numerous other women that have had their photographs taken by him and he has sent their her nude pictures to people who've just messaged. I had men right me and say I commented that this person was really pretty and he sent me there. Nude pictures like he's like this stuff. So I mean be like ask about your photographer is even with me. I'm like I'm super trusting and trust worthy. I think too you know what I mean. I've been doing this while I feel like. I'm not someone to be worried about. Don't come to me by yourself anyway. You know what I mean. You should always have somebody. It doesn't matter if you're in a vulnerable position which you are you know like with rope. You're always like I I know I know few people in my social circle that like you know enjoy having like boudoir photos done and things like that like what are what are what are the best practices for making sure that if you are going to like link up with the photographer or someone within that realm that you're you are ending. Up With someone who is credible and not some fucking creep who's just GonNa like take your nude photos and then blast well. I mean there's a couple of things I tell people all the time locally obviously I don't know <hes> photographers everywhere we're but locally asked me. I have so many photographer friends and they know you know what I mean like. There's a connection there for a reason so use it I have no I will always answer messages that ask about the safety of somebody somebody <hes> look into their backgrounds and not just like do they take Nice pitchers. Who have they worked with reach out to one of them know many that's worked with none of the models that worked with anybody? Would you know what I mean are going to say they're going to be upset if you reach out and ask like where Nice to work with where they see they you know. How do they make you feel? I really don't think you should ever go alone to a photo shoot. I just I don't mind y'all go alone with likes to because you know we're good friends but like that that would just don't do that. Another thing I noticed that really bothered me and not gonNA name names again but it was just another photographer that I've heard a lot of around here has quite a reputation for taking advantage of women single mothers people in situations situations vulnerability and getting them to take pitchers that they don't necessarily want to but he also takes pitchers that are really great and stuff that people enjoy <hes>. I don't see why you're supporting. Someone that you know is doing eating this. You know what I mean so I feel like that's been something I've noticed too. Is People have been getting like you know what I mean like. So photographer is is a known Predator. Maybe you know what I mean but you're like Oh. I want that pitcher. I'm sorry but like I I've only been doing do things with a real camera for a year and a half and I'm certain of you. Bring me a pitcher either. I can figure out how to do it or I can find you. Somebody that's on that level. You know what I mean rather than support somebody and think your the exception so I think that's the big one is while well he did to them but not me and I was that person to you know so I think that that just because it like you're still supporting something wrong. Whether it was done to you or not you know it's all part of that debate of legs separating people's work from who they are and especially when people get access to their victims feels like a harsh word but maybe it's hot but people who get access to their victims through the artwork that they're making weather filmmakers or for like you know people who work in it's everywhere yep film and photography. I was just trying to take a quick look through a couple of albums that I remember seeing seeing some of these photos in there was a series that you did with Stu that had like this is a bit of a weird question had like big women bound and maybe men to. I don't remember but one image that really stuck with me. It was like a woman and suitcase. I feel like it nothing shoot. Yes you're kidnapping shoe. Yes you're kidnapping shoot. I was just when I saw that now i. I like the dark stuff. I like. You know I like true. Crime shows I'm but I I wondered there was there was a flag in me now for for myself that race but wondering what was the response to the <hes> it was interesting. Actually I felt like that one was like a little bit of a social experiment or something when it wasn't what I what I meant to do with it but to be honest when this came about it was really really casual me and Laura I think <hes> Rondor the one that I'm always tying it was in the suitcase but yeah I think we were just talking and I was like she's always saying she can fit in small spaces. Okay she's small girl so it's like trying I think of things and I had this empty suitcase and we were going to shoot and we hadn't totally sat on ideas and she was driving and I was like what are we gonNA suitcase and in my mind it was really cute so now when and then when we got out there we went to pick up STU STU install new with that he was bringing his camera. Whatever and I was like so I'm GonNa put you in the pitchers and he's like Oh okay and then a little bit of a like? I don't know if I could do this like we're GONNA go. They're like they're going to think I'm doing something really bad and I'll say I'm gonNA have a camera. I'm going to have a ski mask but it's okay like anyway so the whole thing was really hilarious. It's just outside Yorker doubt like just the entrance because it was winter why twenty minutes just running back and forth to keep her warm and put her the suitcase and take a few pictures and and it was great so let me put them up at the time I had a really big like flow of activity on my page and these were like very mediocre amount of likes but my inbox was full right it was is it okay that I like this. Is this supposed to be good. Is this a you know what I mean like is like and just so many questions and I was like it's okay. If this is something that arouses you the idea of someone taking you whatever like you can play on things that are scary and and have a fantasy about it. Not You know what I mean and it's okay right. It's photographs. I was like everybody was very safe. There is no you know what I mean like. Everybody was very safe and laughing. Most of the time I go to take her unborn child at her mouth and I think I crossed some some boundaries a little bit with Stu. Maybe on that day but I know he loves those pitchers now and has no regrets but I think we were all a little uncertain yeah. What were your thoughts? You say you love the dark Steph I personally. I love that shoot. I'd like that shoot I when you were trying to pull out what you were trying to remember there I was going police say the one where the kidnapping and it was so cool I I I love horror. The horror genre all really but like it was very horror esque sort of like shoot. It was very very fair like spooky slash like real life scary so fun because it wasn't gene planned this shots and the vehicle turned out kinda creepy because there's no room right and I was I tied her and then just got him to pretend like he was tying her and stuff and but they just it's just the angles and everything I I don't no I love it definitely. One of my favorite people asked me to do another kidnapping shoot. I'm like totally I oh yeah definitely right. I would love to do another one. What were your what were your thoughts? Well I first of all I really like I like I like a series of photos. That tells the story like I like the I like the theme alike the consistency through them in terms of like the vibe and the tone and the like I really it really appealed to one part of my brain in like a this is like this is a short film but you know and yeah still images and then the other part of my brain which is out here like trying to think critically and like normal warnings and things on internet net level triggers and yeah exactly and how you know women are portrayed and treated as objects and you know sometimes stress type exactly without a bit but at the same level all I have this desire so much to play into that 'cause I think the photographs are so amazing for like a Damsel in distress type thing and that's like Laura just played like she loved being person so I think that in it just felt so good it didn't really a lot of it didn't come up until I was already posting pictures and getting responses mail yeah. I guess you know it's just like I. It's weird when you're not like personally offended by something but you have love leg flags up for for more other Aibo Yeah. I have a few holdups on on things like that for sure like I <hes> I love dark. I love the dark photography and stuff like that and <hes> I always want to try to stay away from certain things just because mental health is such a part of my rope so like I don't like to use like put nooses on things you know. I don't like to put that out in that SORTA way so I get like that. One could be trigger for certain things just abuse of women and that sort of thing as well yeah but again like I just I I mean I think that's also what makes it really great. Well Yeah and that was the edgy and there's only a certain amount of edge that I actually would wanna put into my work. Honestly you know a lot of it's more empowerment and fund but then narrative was really a fun. One and I kinda WANNA do more. I would love you to more narratives. Have I would like some sort of Rapunzel version of this yeah yeah right. I have a rope ladder. There's a four chamber heart video. That's kind of Rapunzel. Ask It's. It's it's all hair really intense real. It's a lot but it's cool. The narratives really need so I just did <hes> I've posted a few pictures. I don't know how much you've been on my my page but <hes> <hes> I worked with Sean. The shooter and <hes> J. Dot caused play is <hes> the his I D Jays so we did a narrative and it's only slowly coming out <hes> we've used. He's use it on his Patriot on. I guess he's got them posted there so he's doing some on his instagram <hes> and it was also like a mental health thing so I'm excited for him to post a bit more and then I'm going to try to post a bit more. <hes> you know in sequence on my peach but it was <hes> ah again like it tells a story right so it's kind of a comes home gets triggered by something on a cell phone and then the rope gets sorry I'm trying to do actions and hold but the rope gets discovered as he's pulling up a sleeve and then realizing that he's he's fully bound and like tied to what just happened has triggered and anyway so it gets you and then eventually you know it's just fully bound but it goes through a whole sequence. It was amazing photo shoe. Lovely people to work with Sean is amazing so the pitchers were great like just great so far. I haven't seen them also. I'm like really excited but I'll send you. I'll send you the pace and stuff after <hes> and I'll be posting those hopefully soon when he releases a few more sweet sweet yeah well all exciting stuff. There's a lot of exciting things in the world of shooting and rope and and Halifax in general yeah I'm already like my brain is like I'm planning this like huge party and that has to do with the Jeremy's other podcasts boy and too Yep and I've got like I've my brain is like on fire right now with ideas of how to like bring you into it. Yeah totally wanted to event yeah flakes fine all right well. We are coming up to time here before we before we sign off. How can people find you? What what is your instagram? What's well? My instagram is at tied up t two point. Oh now most of you know that my last one got shut down so you can reach me there. My business page for the rope. Is the colorful tank like you had mentioned earlier. My webpage is tied up teed. Sea Skua heads up a little bit under construction right now so the best way to reach me is probably through instagram or my email which is tied by t at gmail.com amazing well. This is as a real treat to have union grave superfine yeah and <hes> and thank you also tune in. We hope you enjoyed it. <hes> we'll be back next week like we always are with another fantastic episode but in the meantime head on over to apple podcasts and and <hes> hit the subscribe button Lee rating and a review <hes> tell your mom tell your dad in your sister and brother to do it too and maybe not listen together though might make for a nice family evening and if you want to support US financially you can do that. It actually means the world do us you can go to Patriot dot com slash term yawn and Bradey. Ken talked about earlier but there's there's a bunch of little <hes> sweet perks that you that can come with that so <hes> go check out our our different tiers there. Let us oh what you think because it would mean the world even though are picks get taken down from time to time you can still send us one of your butt and we will try to get it up on our instagram. I'm I'm I feel like it's a matter time before. Our instagram gets fucking hall if you don't do you guys use hashtags no okay that was a big thing shadow band on stuff so the keeping the Hashtag San when he posted it is a good idea. Yeah we definitely like the last one we took down will mostly. They'll they'll take down fully nude butts yeah. There's no underwear on the on the but they'll for some reason now but there's a couple of like shower ones that they haven't touched but the last one they put they took down it was it was it was a pretty spicy photos to butts slash. Oh I do with roses like beautiful thought. Do you get dino if you're getting reported or just curious is because I can't do something saying that it's been deleted. Usually it'll or do you just is it just gone. They know they sent me thing. It was like this has been deleted so I don't know I was like maybe I'll put it up again but only fuck. I don't want to mess with our. I don't WanNa mess of it. It's hard I I try not to push buttons these days after losing my accounts really devastating so I'm like either way we were there and you can send your we'll put it up anyway probably taken down but <hes> send it to us. You also email us attorney on gas STA gmail.com or fill out a forum on our website Termi on podcast dot com. If you WANNA be guest on the show or if you have a question a brain bone air that you would like us to take stabat this week until next week. You'll fuck yourself uh-huh.

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