Episode 402, recorded 2020-04-25


good morning to you all today. Saturday morning I am here at the main Blue Otas Temple Woodstock Illinois outside of Chicago. This is a regular Saturday morning. Meditation being were too early to be connect with you all disease of a kind of a for our community for awhile. Songa is my noble friendship. Will you when we are not Qian physically at the temple right now but without de intentions? Romo Peo- heart. We are connected to each other name of our practice. Name of the Buddha the seating where I will be We are going to practice of meditation this morning. Maybe some people there evenings so please find a comfortable place for you to sit cheer cushion Yoga Mat. Maybe after this you have lots of things to do maybe not but think to yourself this dying this other very important to me who will be will being my family and they will being the world. I am beak part of this world think. Dsl My practice tremendously. He faked into the world. Sometimes you may think I cannot do much to this world right now nor need to underestimate you but this city this practice Jane Yoursel and changing the world the day would there were sitting under the board etry. He changed his life for whole almost three thousand years later still viola practicing because he's commitment what he did for his own life. They are for these practices contagious going to generation to generation. If you start right now in this morning they are will feel good yourself. I'm going to say I'm going to practice. I'm going to focus. It is a big effect to the woulld. Solis make genuine If would do undestand ourselves. Our practice purpose of life. Good intention to practice loving kindness. Do It yourself thinking I am real. I am happy. I am peaceful Minot harm come to me. We know difficulties. Come to me Mayo. Liz Fine Happiness balance. Good Health and joy in my life this loving kindness. Meditation there is no beginning. There is no end. He's enlists practice no matter how long are doing loving. China's is not a short period of time practice eighties lifelong journey. Apd EVERY MINUTE. Every moment he are practicing this loving kindness in the beginning we use words but when you practice getting better you go beyond the woods. You are leaving in it. Became you become loving kindness. Who become compassion. You become self respectful person. He'll become so great for you. Become more appreciative person. All these qualities Part Year said loving kindness practice who becomes so great having having more vision. Do It yourself now. Cindy allowing thoughts towards the family may all of my family members be real be happy? Be Peaceful or the intentions. You're making everyday with these loving kindness practice. He's a great Blaine. Do you have family yourself and the world is the most beautiful mental lexus. Is We all can do every single day. More you practice this loving kindness you become a divine person. The knee high wind attitude. You how D- wine qualities me. All of my family members might berens grandparents be real. Be Happy be peaceful menu. Think of them the our phases happier. D- in front of your fees. Then decide to them. Then you can repeat those words and Scindia lobbying healing blessing to them. It doesn't take that much time. Just picturing them. My children be will be happy. Be peaceful my grandchildren. Be Real be happy. Bp's my brothers and sisters B. L. Be HAPPY BE PEACEFUL. Now Cindy Lob into stores whole will me all living beings human beings animal beings be real be happy be peaceful having loving motivation towards yourself and others now slowly. Tony attention to your breath. Focus on your natural ordinary. Brett's don't try to Hod. Don't try to do it naturally. It is happening in your body. You're breathing you just focusing on the natural flow of your breath sometime. You may expedience long red. Who showed bread doesn't matter? Whatever you just aware coming out from your nostrils going you feel that cooling sensation hoving sensation. Fear breath each breath beings you wisdom and nozoe each breath. He expedients calmness. In your body. And your mind if you are distracted by Tote Ota feeling or sensation being attention back back to the breadth opus moment. mind wanders that is the nature of the mind. It means you can be great for my mind is working but I am my own manager. I'm Lyn I'm going to manage my own mind. I don't let my mind work. We he wants to work because I am the many of my own mind. Therefore don't become slaves to your thoughts feelings and emotions. You are not replacing them. We are not expressing them. You are analyzing them than you are realizing given again each time. If you are distracted bring you attention back. It Simple. Keep training your mind. Keep many Djing your mind managing those feelings emotions not trying. Maybe a little bit of trying. No we have a tension from the bed to the mine itself. We the focus of our attention to what's happening in our mind itself to the on interrupted stream of thoughts. He manages feelings and sensations. Oh cutting in our mind but without intruding on this stream of consciousness in any way without trying to prevent or control it or to influence it anyway then attitude that is non judgmental calm and kind we just watch the mine itself. We watched this uninterrupted stream of images and thoughts sensations and feelings but with an attitude of calm observer silent watcher observes Wadis. What comes in what goes but he does not get in world like a wise person sitting quietly and hidden at edge of the pond in the middle of a forest. He observes the different animals that come out of the forest to the pond to drink. He observes this mall animals. He observed large animals. The beautiful one serves the ugly ones. He does not really mind which animal comes. And what animal goes. He's not attached to the beautiful ones. He's not repelled. By the UGLY RUNS. He's not frightened by the lie to announce nor different the small ones. He seemed absurd. Does we detach interest what they were comes and goes silent. Watcher simply absurd does the uninterrupted stream of thoughts he manages feelings and sensations which arise and passing away moment by moment like water bubbles rising and dissolving Beck into still clearwater notice thoughts and feelings as they arise noughties images and physical sensations as there is absurd. They are characteristics if they are unpleasant. Observed the unpleasantness. Without trying to make it go away. If they are pleasant observed the pleasure without trying to prolong it or make it st if they are neutral observed them any without diminishing the importance or ignoring them. Watch them rising and passing away. Maintain an attitude that is non judgmental and respect will would whatever ices ward's thoughts is starved of thinking them worse than rising and passing away which feelings and sensations without identifying with them without taking it to be. I or mine. Was something happening to me. Just watch them rising and passing away. Whatever comes up sounds smells. He manages feelings. What expediency presents itself to you? Briefly in the present moment and then disappears observed these without becoming in walling them with are reacting to them without clinging to them or pushing them away in thought of feeling rises. As you watch it understand that it has no substance nor permanents. He has risen. And it will passively. Watch it without getting in world and see how it lasts. What eighties allow it to arise? Passively don't grasp don't push away just watch now observe your mind observability. The moment you started after thirty minutes later now. How do you feel of yourself always feeling emotions? Why do you understand about yourself You relaxed Oh are you beyond the relaxation or you com- if you expedience relaxation which is great. Uganda expedience calmness eighties bitter. That is the purpose when you have a calm state of mind. Who are the result of the calm state of mind? You can see things as they are. You have more bation more acceptance. Maybe already too late goal detach it emotional attachment to things and people were material wall condition world. Then you may understand all the condition things pleading changing passing away. Then you may expedient you have less worries you more prepared for life then you are enjoying it more. This is a good time for you all to think of your life. This life is not forever. He when we don't know this life is how long. Iago into live but we all know we are here right now. Are you aware about debt? Feeling you are here. You don't know where you are coming from. You don't know how you are going in future but you are right here right there where you You are fully present to you this moment. This life being there being in that awareness try to understand the beauty. The nature of this live of this existence to handle this life handled this existence because it is always changing. We need lots of strength. Lots of energy to handle this life because we don't like changes. We tried to change the change disease. This action is so exhaust exhausting to you. All you and myself they are four. Don't go against to changes this thing. You can do except the changes. Learn how to be them. Be Patient does the best thing in life. I can remember when I was a young monk I used to be in invasion. I remember I had lots of issues with that because of invasion then again. Remember one of my teachers said. If you don't get enough patient into your life you cannot continue your life as a monk to be monk to be a good monk. Biscotti di you can have in. Your Life is patient. I think it is seeing. All Human Existence doesn't matter you are monk or not. I'm a Mongo. Not You all need patient to handle this life. Otherwise we expedient lots of sadness lots of difficulties and challenges this stress. He now lives. Are You thinking? What are you thinking high? You thinking mindfully. Do you have a very honest right now. The highest kind of happiness is reports an eye happiness insight happiness. See Things as the Beyond not struggling with those realities. We are not going against to them. You cannot go against the realities person who practice more meditation. Mole introspection mindfulness. He's the person she's the person enjoying this deep containment more than happiness. What you're doing right now. Your practice is not your Hobie. This practice is not something temporary. You are doing to make yourself feel better. You can do lots of other things who feel better temporary basis the day by day moment by moment. Many are being attention to yourself. You become a strong person lobbying compassionate person with those attitudes. You are changing for good everyday when I am guiding meditation for other people in. I'm showing my compassion and my noble when shipped you. All I am thinking do I teach it to other people or do I do my own practice. I myself also considering thinking. I'm already about my own practice when I'm with you. All I am not teaching. I am not preaching I am mindfully thinking my own journey my own practice. My life experiences. I'm talking loudly to the this for you. All about my warn practice. My own journey. I'm really issuer. My journey my practice will get you all. That is the purpose of this meditation today this morning. Therefore don't do this practice to teach somebody. I'm going to be a teacher. I'm going to be among I'm going to be a non then. I'm going to teach other people how to practice mindfulness. Oh loving kindness. Lots of teachers have issues and difficulties their own practice. There will don't become a dead person of this. Practice is not to have knowledge. This is not the cause you are not gathering information. This is your discovery who and what we please consider the purpose of your own practice. If you continue your practice with this attitude with this intention you may experience. Highest kind of happiness in life which we will reports and happiness inside happiness. Please consider that happiness in this morning optimization and also live your life or day today with that highest kind of happiness inside happiness. The happiness may be beavis. You may you be. May you be happy. May you be peaceful now. I'm going to do some chanting for you. All these Miami kindness. This is my blessing studio. You have family members and also we can think all the people working hard pull the wool. Doctors nurses was responders healthcare workers people working so hard to keep. This will save us. You stay calm and focus. I'm going to change for you. All nomhle does bug a widow spider. Had those some Mas Somboon burden does Novel does Bug though they had some mma some burden does Now more does boggle ever go to some somboon does he? Epco SEL bugger. Vara on some some would do we. Yard shot in Assam. Bono's ghetto we do our new thorough breweries ADAMAS auditees at the table. Manos non. Budo Burger Audi's Gardo boggled with Dominoes on the worker. Legal Hippo Siegel over ninety go by Jot. Dong data moving new the Soup Party Panel Burger does workers ongo. Would you party? No Baga does Vika Song Yang Party Bonobo widow saw but goodson goes Me Jeep Party. One Oh bugaboo throw saw Gazon. Roy added done. The reporter is a Yuga. Ni are good is a bog overdose. Song will Only you blah. O.`Neil Dot Gay Naoko on J-league gotTA AND EGO on Bouin. Ya get down low gardens. Aw The it they do would they gerard bio googlers amine a Joe Ideal Olga? Bursa mean they the Non Zero Mambi Zero me wrong ma. Also Sada Non Google logo. Hito the bond girl thin darrow Corn Dino Giannetta go Manga Lobe Oris Able Sumer nozoe minore. The story widow route the art. They know so beato goodness Bondo or no does see. John knew them more pardew. More Pied Geo Nodded. Providers are at the pardew more thorough sodden. There's our me our girl so those are Berlow Garden. Gobi does not able does speak Rooney Coda Madasi domino though that the moral the Zora's on Waddell Musso Budo Pasi our New Burma CD's Abi Rbis ZUCCA COCK GOES ON. Those are the local now. Gherman or nine years ago. 'cause series Bongino go the more gap moon. Gobble the Jay Z. Laid Gandhi mate Bali the non-oda Condo Rogin. Okay Giardi you saw. Bdo Young does Go said to my day. Borrowed one your Sukey. You go but why does a man Manga Lang Ragun does our body Saba Budar new Barbie So the baron they bobber to's Alberto Manga Lung. Ragun does our body Subdued Amano Bobby is Does the Baron to Bobber does OB- Manga Long Rock Gun does the word the Sabra Zonda Bobby So does the Van. They do Gob but Journey Duca by up the journey by So GOB pod idea needs so go on those baby Barney. No Guys are dodger. Boom aren't The My head Dick. Who NEON DON MORE? They did on dog on those on Guys are dodger. Boom the Varna Ga miami-dade the poignon Don Nano more date. Do our data on gun. Today's Gauze Jaboomer Oumar Dave go ahead Dick Neon Dong I knew more did Giron. Dog Gone to the the Miyabe well. May you be happy. May you be peaceful. Thank you very much have a good day and also I blessed this healing Mollahs for people if you want to get healing miles for yourself and your family members for their protection As a blessing please contact the temple thank you.

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