Rock Candy Ep. 113: Hall And Oates - 18 Part Harmony


It was private is that is now privatized. One one clap and then two claps. Oh it's private. Is there watching you? Gather watching you watching you watching you watching you. Yeah you gotta get the claps going the right way. It's all about the collapse. Yeah all right. It's all about the clap. Jimmy Dugan Jimmy Dugan said avoid the club we who's Jimmy Dugan from the League of their own great thanks. I was like that's a baseball. He's like. Avoid the clap timmy. To you're GONNA get the class narok candy. Her weekly podcast radius sweet treats from the world of music and lovely songs and beyond and beyond the grave and from a League of their own apparently. Yeah I mean some of them are probably dead so that is beyond the grave. Sure Yeah works. We're going to go with a real morbid Roku that good job. Yeah Hodge podge kids. Yeah it's weird it's fine. Oh a good episode. It's a long time coming. This has been a longtime common. Yeah for sure I mean I feel like before we even started making these episodes really well. We have to haul. No it's episode. That's GonNa have to happen in two years later three years later like Yep okay. We'll finally get Hala notes. Oh yeah well to definitely over two years Yeah like two and a half years. That's all right. We wanted to do them justice and we needed to get the perfect beers and we did. Yeah because tonight for the episode. We are drinking from checks abby private. I love a good pun right. I don't know if they meant to do you think I'm assuming they did not know. They're probably meeting. Tend to parlay private. I like a private. I haven't got -tective yes I kinda forgot that. That's what that is yet. It's not hall Note Song. But they are watching you. Actually private is is probably someone stalking you right. Basically that's what a private is sent to stock you and find shit out about you. Yeah Yeah I guess but that'd be different than like a regular soccer. I mean private eyes are being paid to stock. You get that money gets paid to follow people around. It's not just doing it. 'cause you're crazy now. There's a big difference here yet. Actually this is a pretty damn good beer. Yeah I really. Hello beer beer beer. It's a perfect spring beer. Yeah it's like it's like high end Budweiser Ivy League. That's not that's what I'm saying. It's like way better than Budweiser. It's the Shit you wish Budweiser was in. It's not yeah it's unfiltered. Keller beer brewed with Raimondo. Out It's like the warmth for like you know those colder spring nine's really. I'm going to have a fire but it's still really kinda cold so I need to say here with a blanket. Yeah SIP that's ice cold beer like the beer is a mixture of that to keep you warm but also like the breeze of spring evening that Chris Blanket not not as not a Jisr Blanket Oh God. That's a Chris. That's a very crisp. I get it. It's like the crisp blanket. That's been drying in the in the springtime air. That's the kind of CAU- no yeah. Now you're disliking talking that Gibb's towel that's just next to every young bachelors near bed. Yeah the quintessential Jisr Tell Making Every Bachelor pad complete. What a bachelor pad be without Crisp Towel without the Jin's towel? Tm market that. It's already gross. You don't feel bad about making it gross. Yeah it's not a high quality towel that's why it's cheap yeah. It's the Jews Towel. This is that good good content. You kids are cooperating. Don't steal it from WHO is still. I know that there's a lot of time on your hands but don't take it. Yeah I understand we. There's a lot of pros out there that have some Jews towels going on right now. There's nothing else to do. Steeler fucking idea. Don't know come to your house and I will. We won't not work masks and still keep six feet away from you but we will come to. Your House showed abuse come to your house. Social Distance Myself. Get in there with a has mat-su take your kids towel. Mine best believe it God anyway. So today we're talking about hall. No great sacred agree. I'm really good at segues. You know. Yeah we all are. It's wonderful. It's what you guys come here for. Here are great segues yes. This is definitely been an episode in the making for a very long time but we are big hall notes Fans Maybe Hopefully. GonNa see him in August. GotTa if if fucking the Rony cancels the hall and Oates Tour. I am going to lose it because we were finally going to see them finally and finally had the money to get decent fucking Zine and haw in in what sucks is that the venue that we got. The tickets for is an outdoor venue. That is only open during the summer. Yeah so Yeah if it does happen now doesn't happen now. We're going to have to wait until next year if we're lucky if if we're lucky if we survive. I mean we'll probably be fine. We'll be fine but Yeah Yeah we're much typhoid. Marys won't be fine. If Holly Notes Survive 'cause they're in their seventies now fuck really yes yes they are they look good though they look fucking fantastic but honestly they're learning. They have the money to take care of themselves but they also like take care of themselves just because you have the money either doesn't mean you take care of yourself true but Keith. Richards did the smart thing and drinking of alcohol when he was young to preserve his insides for eternity. I don't know if that's how that works I. This is the only explanation for why he still around. I only viable one. That I can come up with fair. Yeah Fair why is he still real? David Bowie isn't here but fucking Keith. Richards is I. Ask myself that at least twice a month world is cruel place. The world is very cruel place if you think about the people who are gone compared to the people who are still around. Yeah you think about the people who are probably going to die from the current virus supposed to people who are going to outlast that yeah well let's talk about two people who have so far survived the corona virus. Let's do let's have a good fun story today who do not have the Ronnie and have magnificent hair to both of that honestly once better known for their facial hair that head of hair. Yeah but still and we'll get into that too. Oh my God. We got to talk about his mustache. Yeah okay let's do this do this. So the oldest of the duo. Daryl Hall was born on October Eleventh Nineteen forty-six his real name is Darryl Franklin Hall. Spelled H. O. H. L. O. Probably changing it. When he got older to prevent confusion. That's fair I mean. I'm sure in school. Their teachers just like how how how how whole all it's just hall talking saying he and his sister Kathy grew up in Pottstown Pennsylvania. A small town about forty miles west of Philadelphia not to be confused with Putts Villa Pennsylvania which. I definitely have been doing this entire time. They're very close to each other but very different town. Oh Pottsville is very close to Centralia Pennsylvania. Which is the town that Inspired Silent Hill so you can imagine what? Pottsville is like. Oh that is legit. Yeah Potts town is quite a lovely little town. So that makes sense. I feel like Daryl Hall would be from a lovely little town. Yeah he likes lovely little towns he does pottstown however in my notes I wrote is quite a lovely town by all means. Daryl headed pretty decent upbringing. Both parents Franken Betty Hall. Were involved with music. Frank being a professional singer and betty being vocal coach and involved with different bands. Nice obviously darrow was inspired at a very young age to get involved in music however he said that he never viewed playing music as a pleasurable experience Because his parents were professionals in. Darryl was singing professionally since he was two years. Old Music was more like a job. Damn kid grew up via like no. This is my lucrative business. Yeah I mean he took it seriously any loved it any put emotion into it but that was part of the job was putting emotion into putting your emotions into music making music. I could see that. He seems like somebody who knows how to retake it song. He understands he understands. What's going to sound pleasant to ear? Exactly yes by the time he was in high school. He was already recording with other artists as a session musician. He continued his session career while at College Temple University in Philadelphia where he began attending in one thousand nine hundred sixty four cheese. So He's already a session musician. Yeah he was throw highschool to yes. Okay just say. His parents had connections like he could do that. I guess. But that's crazy even to think like highschoolers just like all right. I'll just come play drums on or I'll just come guitar on your CD Phil Collen. Yeah whereas other kids were like getting jobs. At convenience stores is orange parlors or whatever. He was a session musician Did you hear that Sweet Guitar Lick on the CPR album? Yeah I helped with that. Because he was in college in seventy as you said Yeah so I'm trying to think of like how you would have been like a session. Musician for like Beatles yardbirds up and do op which check smokey Robinson temptation. Now things like that. He worked with big names in the Philly soul scene. Like Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff who are part of the group? Kenny Gamble in the Romeos and are credited with starting the Philadelphia Soul Genre Nice. I thought you're GONNA say Kenny Gamble in the US. It should've been that this stuff for two guys and everybody else is just like really pissed off about being the background guys wouldn't give off. Would it be lead one man? They're on their huffy bikes. All often around the scene was dominated by all black singing groups like the ambassadors and the DEL phonics in the fall of nineteen sixty five. Daryl decided to form his own group consisting of all white guys. They call themselves the temp tones. Because apparently there's only like four words you can start a soul group with and you just have to split them all up and move them around and townhomes L. Tones they'll find egging pretty sure the Dell tones were in that thing you do but don't come for me on that anyway. By all means they were very popular in Philly. They often beat out other popular. Acts in singing. Competitions received high praise from fans and contemporaries alike at this point you're probably calling a cultural appropriation cultural appropriation. 'cause they're all white dudes in a majorities lack musical genre. But I would actually say you're wrong. Much like how talking heads used African beats in their music because they appreciated them and wanted the world to appreciate it to Daryl loves soul in our NBC because of his appreciation of it. He didn't want to exploit it. He wanted to immerse himself in it and learn from his peers. Right and also I imagine help boosted out into the winds like by listening to him. He can help promote their sound as well right so. I hope everyone listened to that entire statement before getting on our dicks about US accusing Daryl Hall. Colts were appropriate. And we're seeing on saying not do it. He did not do it. Yeah Hey fuck up. Yeah soon enough. The temp tones were recording songs for Arctic records making connections to musical greats like smokey Robinson and the temptation hell in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven when darryl was a senior. He met a temple. University freshman named John oates in a most unusual way. But we'll get to that shortly. Oh I don't know now to bed dammit. Fucking hold your horses all right. They're held hands on. Oh no they're off always on the whole time they're always with consent yes cash. Can I take my pants off and I say yes. That's fine. Yeah no pants John. William OATES was born on April seventh nineteen forty eight in New York City. Happy Birthday 'cause the day after we record this and the day before it comes out is Johnsboro tomorrow tomorrow. I'll have your birthday. His mother who was an areas I suppose is an aries. Ooh fiery man so darryl would be libra yeah Lebron every. Espn best friends weekend. Music in Heaven Fun till the end. Thank you you're glad to be here for John's mother Ann was an immigrant originally from Salerno in south Italy. His father L. was of English and Moroccan descent in the Early Nineteen Fifty S. When John was only a few years old his family moved to north Wales a suburb of Philadelphia. Not the country was one hundred sound like. Oh no he did not okay. John's musical talents flourished after they moved to Pennsylvania and only a few years old. He was playing guitar and singing every chance he could. He loved the folk and R&B scenes coming out of Philly in the nineteen sixties. While also getting inspiration from the same groups that Darryl did like temptations Otis Redding and Curtis Mayfield and smokey Robinson and smokey Robinson and the temp phonic tone. -tations attempt phonic tone tation. If they're my favorite. They're so good. They have that one song who girl do up your in my car with eighteen part harmony. It's really great so good. 'cause there's eighteen people fucking we all play bass drums species hopefully a different as long. How else are you got to make that work? I'm sorry how else this is a really get bad guys. I'm really excited. Just picturing this survey headed to three to fucking all playing at the Apollo. Yes Sullivan. He's so confused. Like why did I allow on my stage? And it's just like one Twenty Min- Lake Rendition of my girls stupid K. One of John's biggest influences was his guitar teacher. Jerry ricks who started teaching John at each five. Oh this guy had a prolific career. As a blues guitarist having traveled the world with great musicians. Like Buddy Guy Son House and Lightning Hopkins Letty. Guy But a guy guy. He had a signature style. Playing Guitar called Flat. Picking that he passed down to John. Soon after Learning Guitar John took seen lessons and then started his first band in six grade. What's adorable while attending North Penn? High School he recorded a song for Crimson records. Called your love. This was with his group the masters which he can write what grade this was when he was in high school. Yeah so like what? He's like fifteen like he's like. I need your love also. I've been called the Masters Fifteen. I think he might have been older than that. Okay I'm sixteen eighteen. Because he continued to be in the masters when he began attending Temple University in Nineteen Sixty six to study journalism. Oh interesting yeah a year later in. Nineteen Sixty seven was when Daryl Hall and John oates found themselves meeting the first time. May they were at the? Adelphi ballroom in Philly participating in a battle of the bands type competition darrow was with the temp tones in John was fronting the Master's Oh my God they could be master tones. Ten Masters Him casters temp taskmasters temp task. Can't go down this road again but like three bass players at least at some point during the show to rival gangs began shooting at each other inside the venue. I feel like I've heard this story. John and Darryl had the same idea pork chop sandwich the fuck outta there. Yeah they both ran into the same service elevator to escape the shooting and upon chitchatting bit. They realize they both attended temple university and had the same musical influences. They continue to run into each other on campus so they started hanging out outside plus two. Oh Hey you're that guy in the shooting right. Oh yeah you were there too right. Yeah we elevator like your hair your hair to and just picture like you're sitting elder crazy night. Everybody's just Kung Fu fighting. When that was booker the song even came out eventually becoming. Bff's Daryl and John then became roommates. Oh they bounce from apartment to apartment in philly working on their respective musical projects casually collaborating on their own songs. John Change Colleges when he was nineteen eventually graduating in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy. He then packed up his things and spent four months traveling around Europe. Oh that's how you do it. Yeah like do that cap here. But he took his gap year after. No you should totally take a gap year like you finished college. Like what the fuck are you going to fucking travel? Nobody gives a fuck what you did the summer after you graduated. But the gap. You're supposed to come between high school and college. Oh Yeah Yeah Oh Prion you're upright that that's why it's a gap year. Yeah you're supposed to go shop at the gap yes. They're not doing good guy. So what fall into it. Fall into yourself. Gal into the gap. Darrell may have lost his casual music buddy but he continued with his own projects he had already top tones. Temp phonics Tim. Phonic tones I forgot what I said. Already phonics -tations. That's a good band Deli onic. -tations let me get through this. He had already dropped out of college in. Nineteen Sixty Eight. One thousand nine hundred seventy. He pursued a career with a soft rock. Band called Gulliver. Gulliver was moderately successful scoring a record deal with Elektra records releasing an album but it fell apart for the band shortly after that happened. Oh they were called Culver anyways. This is no Delphi. Phonic tation yeah. I know what the son of Soul in this color. Only one bassist. I can't go for that guy's go no-can-do it wasn't all bad for Darryl by Nineteen. Sixty-nine he was married to his first wife. Brenna Lublin. He even converted to Judaism in order to marry her. Oh thank you for him. Meanwhile John was back from his European travels moved in with Darrell and Brenna in their tiny house in Philly. What yeah he just moved in with them. Hey Darryl back oh man come move in with me and my wife Great. That sounds great. She's like great. What did I sign up for this? They decided now is the perfect time to collaborate on a musical project together. No time like the present when living with your friend and his wife. When you're living with your friend's wife that's my wife. Here is where I would say. This is when Holland notes was born in. Yeah the dual as we know it was born however they never actually call themselves hall and OATES. They were always billed as Daryl Hall and John Oates full names. Oh it was fans and the press that started calling them by the short name but honestly that's the better it is but they wanted their full names separately like as Daryl Hall and John Oates because they were separate people with separate interests separate lives. They just came together to make music. I'm sorry how separate is your life when you're living with your friend and he just seriously. Yeah how'd you do that because I'd be pretty pissed off anyway? I can't talk. Oh I definitely a friend living with me and my ex when we were married. Yeah but you're living in New York City maybe phillies no Philly. Stafa ourself never supposed to seventy second one was philly. Yeah no stop myself either way. They started writing music. They found it very easy to write together. Despite their dissimilar interests on the outside they were quite the opposites physically and interest wise They also came from two different musical schools John from the Bluesy Folksy Perspective and Daryl from the RN Bien Soul perspective. Okay yeah it may have been easy to write together but the dual is still struggled to find their own sound. They played their songs around Philly. Eventually catching the ear of Tommy Mottola then just to go for at a publishing firm. That just started his own management company. If Tommy MOTTOLA sounds familiar he ended up becoming one of the biggest managers of like ever of the nineties and early two thousand He was also married to Mariah Carey for a hot second. Ooh Yeah they also have pre glitter very pre glittered. This was like emotions Mariah Carey. Who Tommy saw something really special in these two guys and convince them to let him manage them. Khawla notes would become Tommy's verse. I very successful clients now dope and I cannot express enough. How big of a part. Tommy mottola played in the careers of Daryl and John. He wasn't just their manager. He was a very good friend to them for decades and made a lot of very good decisions on their parts without Tommy Hall notes wouldn't exist as we know it all right. I could see that I mean a fucking real solid managers really important. It is extremely important. He's the reason they got a record deal. And everything. Tommy landed hall notes deal with Atlantic Records and they got to work on their first album. Their identity crisis was apparent on their first record called whole oats. I'll give you released the cover of it is just literally a canister of whole odes. So they're already making dead jokes or already dead joke good for them. So that was released on November Twelfth Nineteen seventy-two if failed to land on the charts or produce any hit singles. Ooh It didn't in them. A spot opening for David Bowie though. Oh Wow David going the seventies to yeah like ziggy stardust. I think yeah or like even like thin white Duke. Like that was later Seventies. This was early. Seventies was later right now. This is like super experimental. I'm going to look like a creature from Outer Space David Bowie. Oh Yeah I would've liked to have seen one of those concerts. That would have been great opening for David Bowie at early hall notes and David Bowie on the same bill. Weird very weird but man it must have been really cool to be able to say you've gone to that if you've gone to that could for you when you're later on. November third nineteen seventy-three. Their second studio album was released called abandoned lunch Annette. They again brought in legendary producer heiress Martin to oversee production. Sorry that's Martin Martin. Marin they poured themselves into this album carefully crafting each song to perfection in splitting songwriting duties. Pretty evenly but once again. The album failed to impress but doesn't have she's gone Getting there okay. The I was doing just under the album did however contain one hall in its classic. 'cause you're called she's gone she's gone. She's gone was originally. Oughta bannon lunch net but didn't become a hit for the duo until years later as the story goes. The song was inspired by John. State gone wrong. He had met this free spirit type of girl in New York in a New York restaurant at three. Am and after hooking up. He invited her to his in. Daryl's apartment on New Year's Eve when she didn't show up John wrote the course so the song she is gone home. Oh Oh better. Learn how to face it. Jeez okay we do a great cover guy do also if that story says mayor. You'd probably is it from a long time. Well over two years ago like our fourth or fifth episode. Yeah our breakup song episode. Who's one of my picks? It was funny. You picks He couldn't think of anything more to add. So he brought the song to Darrell. Darrell in Brennan had just gone through a divorce. And he was feeling the same feels and immediately drew up the opening piano riff and spouted off the only lyrics to the first verse. This is a little old. This will peanut butter and chocolate. Perfect marriage right here. It's the reese's peanut butter cups of musical duo so I like it. Oh God now I just WanNa Research Paper Cup. I'm good even like maybe the shapes are better than the cops. Let's be honest. Yeah Reece's pieces. I'll take the pieces. You can take the Cup all right. I'll take the pieces. You Ticked Cup. Even made a music video for she's gone and it's truly something special. I don't think I've ever seen them use. Oh I will show it to you. Take a second. Take a hot second. Go to Youtube and find the video for. She's Gone Okay. Did you do that? Was THAT FUN. That homeboy who long before. Mtv came around they made the video for some teenage dance show based at the Jersey Shore. The show wanted them to lip sync the song on the show but they refused and opted to make a video in lieu of a performance bouquet. They didn't want all the real weird. Yeah they didn't want to lip sync and they also didn't think that she's gone was inappropriate song to play on a teen dance show which. I Get. That makes sense law. I mean I don't know. Teenagers can be sad. About a break-up yeah but like it's a dance show. They WANNA dance with somebody with somebody who loves them and they can't do that to she's mair all right. Yeah the show producers got one look at the video and flat out refuse to air it. It's weird it's Daryl. John Sitting in recliners in like an empty studio lip. Synching the song but like only half lip synching it. And they're devoid of emotion. Daryl hall shaved off his eyebrows for some reason for why and he's Bathrobe. He's wearing a bathrobe. John is wearing a Tuxedo. But it's like a literal penguin. Suit like with flippers. He puts on. Jackie has like flippers. While he's pretending to play guitar every once in a while a woman will stride across screen and then when they say I'll pay the devil to replace her a guy dressed as a devil walks across the screen and they fling money at him and they like don't lip sync half the words. It's so we need to see that you have to. It makes no sense okay at all. I'm here for what it's also fantastic. Also Darryl is very clearly wearing women's platform sandals with some good for knock. Okay lost me at suck. Yeah yeah no no socks. It wasn't the only weird thing hall in society to do around this time. Their third album war babies was just as questionable as their first video. Oh God really son. October nineteenth nineteen seventy four. It was a massive departure from their previous albums opting for a more progressive rock sound than sulful are in be. Okay Todd. Rundgren produce it other members of his prog rock band. Utopia played on it. Okay Daryl in Todd. Rundgren were had been friends for a very long time. They door basically grew up together in Philadelphia. Okay yeah is adorable but make sense now but also maybe. Don't have todd rundgren producer. Hal them maybe not maybe not the best choice. Yano Atlantic was totally perplexed and when and when war babies again failed to produce any charting hits. Hala notes decided to beat it. They finally started to see some success after joining. Rca records releasing their fourth record. Simply titled Daryl Hall and John Oates Some people know this album as the silver album because of the silver color of the cover. Oh that's right or you may know it as the album. Were Darrell Inchon. Luke Lake Women on the cover. That's also that's also that it was designed by famed artist. Pierre Leroux Shea who is also known for doing the ziggy stardust album. Cover for David Bowie. Oh now it makes sense all makes so why why not but why not also why little the album cover cover was questionable to some people but what was undeniable. Was how good. This album was Daryl John Really came into their own realizing their sweet spot was so full. R&b With a solid hook and killer harmonies. Yeah finally they were seeing success with a major boost. Coming from the album's second single Sara. Smile Oh Sarah Snow. It was inspired by Darryl's girlfriend Sara Allen. This wasn't the first song he wrote about Sarah on abandoned lunch net. The song. Las Vegas turnaround was also about her. Ooh referencing her by name and that album came out the same year. Darrell divorced his first wife. So do the math maunder why they got divorced. You know what you can also do the math on. What else can we do math on because you know? I'm bad at math. All of the delightful free gifts you can get on Adam and Eve Dot Com using our code candy pod. Ooh Tell me more. Tell me more. 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Oh they might have because they could've a spice up that veteran because you know what once they get all this shit. Yeah then they could get. What is it six six six six three movies films like calling themselves films extreme movies? Yeah free films see get free films. Yeah he gets some fifty percents off. Yeah he get stuff for him stuff for her stuff for them. Yeah stuff whomever and you get free shipping. That's pretty great. An all you have to do is when you check out at Adam and Eve dot com use. Our Code Candy Pied C. A. N. D. Y. P. D. Not the bands. No but you feel feel so alive believe that Yup I do so do I. So yeah go to Adam and Eve dot com. Get Your Free Shit. Use Our Code Candy Pod and you'll be happy. Yeah don't you want to be happy and your partner is going to be happy. That's more important. Honestly Yeah keep that partner. Happy then you don't get divorced. Take it from us on and take it from us. Why go back to haul notes now? Yeah we'll go back to Holland notes. Sarah would become a huge part of Hala notes. A success not only was she darryl's girlfriend for nearly thirty years. She Co wrote a lot of their biggest hit. We really yeah. She wasn't the only Allen with talent though she brought in her younger sister. Janna also a musician. Gifted songwriter into the mix as a collaborator Ho. Should I did not know that. Oh yeah behind. Every two great men are too like even better ladies. Yeah that's yeah that checks that's math of course. Atlantic records saw way to capitalize on Hollywood's hall and Oates is success and rerelease. She's gone as a single. The strategy worked in the song went to number seven. Right after Sara. Smile peaked at number four. But it was their next album that held their first number. One hit The album bigger than both of us was released in August. Nineteen seventy six. And how right they were deed the first single off. The album barely made a peep but the second single rich girl exploded my God. The lyrics were pretty straightforward a spoiled rich girl who uses her father's money to get whatever she wants at the time. A lot of people saw it was about exactly that however Darryl confirmed later that it was actually about spoiled rich guy. Oh he was a real life air of a fast food chain that Sarah wants stated no way. Yup that's so funny I wondered. Did she change the gender just to make it less known that she was talking about that? Dude Well Darryl said that they that he and John Actually changed the gender because it made it more relatable. Yeah I mean like it was still the Eighties Seventies. Still Seventy okay. Yeah so I mean it'd probably be weirder for the I mean culturally weirder for them to singer like you're a rich guy. It doesn't flow as well. Yeah you rich girl. You're rich guy and you go into far 'cause you know unknown man remember. Yeah no it sounds better as rich girl. Yeah Yeah I will say I used to hate that song though for a little bit because when I worked at the to you senator five point five they tell you how much be ninety. Five point. Five plays Guide Delilah loves that Song. Fuck Delilah Fuck Delilah. So now we're hitting the late seventies. Disco ruled and rock was at a low point. Just go shocks it. Yeah Disco Disco. It's really go. We're not of house music so I love to go there. You go after their success with rich girl. Daryl and John had very hard time keeping the momentum going no matter how much they toured. How many fans they gained. They just couldn't get radio airplay. Their next three albums were unfortunately more rock oriented and therefore didn't fare so well they had a couple of top twenty songs but that was it. Yeah Wow Darryl thought. This was a good time to make a solo record. Ooh shimmered question. He started to feel limited within hall and oats and probably had a ton of pressure to make another hit record. Yeah Solo album would be a good outlet. He released sacred songs in nineteen seventy seven. He worked with Robert Fritz from legendary. Prog rock outlet King Crimson. Who produced in play guitar on the album? Yes your expression. Yeah I feel it King Crimson. Like why Y'all think. What does this do you guys? I I feel like Daryl Hall really wanted to be in. Yes but he just couldn't do it just couldn't hack it like he played baseball at long. Daryl those are logs songs. That's why you had eighteen bases in Japan he was trying real hard to make soul in. Prague and it just wasn't working salt progressive soul. Yeah Rock Soul. Prog soldiers never happened. Never really gained that that traction he wanted to gain but like cute that you try and it was actually supposed to be part of a trilogy of albums. Robert Fritz produced sacred songs. Peter Gabriel second album and Fritz own album called exposure. They are supposed to be kind of like a loose trilogy. Yeah it's so weird full. It's so weird but it's Kinda cute like I'm kind of in love with this. Yeah it's like when your kid comes home with a macaroni painting and you're like palm too. So how does it look? I'm proud of him being a part of this right. Yeah like I kind of want to go in and listen to these albums back to back in just like I get it. 'cause I really WANNA get it. I don't know if you get it. I don't think I will. But I want to be like first of all we're throwing seventies Gabriel on the. Oh Yeah Gabriel. Yeah he was crazy. Gabe soups CRAZ- crazy leave. Yeah probably just left Genesis at that point right seventy-seven right. I think it was like seventies early eighties that he actually. I think this would I think he would have. He would have made the album after this so either way you probably peak. Gabriel where he was just roll nutty p crazy gave what is RCA. Refuse to release the album not surprisingly. Oh that's bullshit insisting there were no hits to be found on it. They weren't wrong. It's Prague where do you want like it wasn't really prog? It was? It was weird. Yeah they weren't wrong though. Although the album sold well when it was finally released in one thousand nine hundred eighty failed to chart any hits okay. So now we're into a new decade and everything is shifting. Disco is out. Guess what's becoming popular. Rock rock oriented pop yen. Notes is fucking wheelhouse. I can go for that. Yeah it was an era of big changes in Darrell. John followed suit for starters. They got rid of all outside producers songwriters and session musicians from then on they wrote produced in played all of their own music because who can connect to their music better than the people who wrote it. Yeah I mean honestly the seems to be a very good step in the right direction. Yes they also ditched L. A. And went back to New York recording in a studio just a few minutes from their apartments with Sarah Janna signed on as CO writers. They recorded the album with renewed energy. The resulting album was voices released in July Nineteen Eighty Ninety S. The second single a cover of. You've lost that loving feeling by the righteous brothers. Almost cracked the top ten. But it put Daryl Hall and John Oates back in front of People's faces. I will say though. Probably my least favorite Hannukah Song. It's not my favorite. I offer late. I just don't like that song not a nine member. I mean it's like it's Yeah. It's a snoozefest yes The third single kiss on my list brought them to the number one spot. Once again the song was written by Janna Allen and Daryl with the original intention of it being solely for Janna who is trying to launch her own music career. But when Tommy MOTTOLA got a hold of the Demo he insisted Daryl and John Record it instead and trusting she was okay with it. Okay I always think of foreign I had lake really went on this. We work night shift together. So that's your first indicator and you really want out this like. What is the song? Your kiss is on my list. But also it's supposed to be sarcastic. It's a sarcastic song. We really yes. I never pick that up because the whole point of the song is people bugging her about why she likes this guy and she's like oh his kisses. I fucking like his kisses. Okay because in the first verse. She say she's lying. Saying your kisses on my list. I never picked up. I just always like to because your kiss. Your kiss is Because Your Kiss Your Kiss K. RAISES. Because all my list alive. Why don't we have a holiday cover band? I don't know I think it's rude. I think the dish the podcast. We're really meant to do a whole notes. Cover Band we can call ourselves the temp del Phonic nation fuck. It was like at least ten other people to play bass at our bad including you. Oh yeah no I got base. Your lead-based Jangle Frisbee played completely. Offer of them. Yeah how else do you play it? Now let's are you going to cover oats with eleven bases offbeat Jangle Frisbee? Yeah there you go perfect because that is on my list of the best things. It is kiss on my list state at number one for three weeks and the follow up single you make my dreams. Co Written by Sarah Allen was another top five. Hit for the duo. Tell me you don't hear that song though in always think of wedding singer. I don't really. Yeah I've seen. I've seen wedding singer several times but like only certain scenes Sticking my head and that is not one of they always hear it and like when I was playing for my wedding. I just wanted a montage to that. Selling so bad it is a very good montage song to create Manteo Song voices also had the song everytime you go away on it but it wasn't made famous until nineteen eighty five when one hit wonder Paul Young covered it. Yup Yeah I did not realize Hong Song for a long time I did not either but I also could not remember who covered head but I knew it was a new. It was a cover but boy this guy. Yeah young with that hair own. Oh No it's like he has no. He has no hall. Air Hair Hall hair. No Hall hair no hall hair. It's like he tried to have like the eighties permed mullet but he has naturally sticks. Straight hairs slakes a spiky mess homey and he's just he's like he's soft Englishman So he just was not a handsome man all he tried trying counts. He tried real hard so good for him. He did a good job. It wasn't bad. I very much so remember that song so yeah I remember him. Doing it voices was still hanging out on the charts when they released. Private is in September. Nineteen eighty-one it was a good move because people didn't have a chance to forget about them. No they continue putting out hit singles including two consecutive number private eyes and I can't go for that parentheses no can do no can-do which were separated for ten weeks by only one song which was physical by Olivia Newton. John I mean. But let's get physical physical physical. Both of these holy notes. Hits were co written by Sarah in or Janna. My got so their biggest hits were all co written by Sarah and Jenna. Yes gopher you lay much every single one yup leading and they didn't really get you know big hits or a lot of attention until Sarah. Janet came in and started Co Writing Net. Through all this daryl in are still together. Yes okay yes. They are after releasing two more successful singles. Did it in a minute? Which was written by Sarah and Jan today that she did it. She did it in a minute. Yeah that was written by Sarah Anjana and and your imagination. It was safe to say that Holland notes were full popstars. The success of private is led to sold out tours in unprecedented fame. But they knew the importance of staying current so they went back into the studio to record their follow up to private is called. H. Two O. Just feel so sweaty when I look at her sweatier so the back of the vinyl. It's just what just kidding house. And I'm like sweats. I got by vitamix. I need to take a shower. I feel like I've worked out real hard but I just like sat on my couch so sweaty so wet so wet each to. Oh do you think they actually sweated for that or they just got covered in water. I think they probably got sprayed down with a spray bottle. You pry right you make terrible hall and John Oates Wet. Did you WANNA ruin? The gorgeous hair has hair. They got you can't they? Can't be sweating for real and have that hair. That doesn't happen does not. Have you ever sweated for real like you're done? My hair is done. Do you do any dawn? Can't do anything the Dante. That's for like toward their last farewell tour. They're the done taste age. Shula will become the duo's most successful album to date spending fifteen weeks at the number three spot on the billboard charts and also spawned their biggest hit. Ever Man. Eater here comes. Oh here comes indeed which was number one for four weeks in December nineteen eighty two. The song originated with John Jamming with Edgar winter question. Mark Shove what's so many question marks and Darryl started tooling around with after hearing John. Playing it he put a motown group to it and out popped to haul it out. Song in an actually wasn't about a woman at all. It was about New York City in the eighties and how dangerous and cutthroat it was to live there. I mean truth eighties. New York City was scary like guys. It's Kinda crazy to think like within thirty years. New York City went from like the Shithole. Don't fucking go there because you will get shanked yet to like artisanal like bathtubs in three thousand dollars a month apartment and as much of a controversial man as he was Ed Koch at Koch was the mayor during The New York City Revitalization Times. Use a guy that would go around going. How doing and says asking how you're doing Hamad you and how doing how Madeline Hustle but also a fucking asshole and he was corrupt as all balls but like man. He did a lot their next two singles one on one and family man both reached the top ten and family. Man is actually a cover originally done by Mike Oldfield and the music video really encapsulates. Hollywood's videos at the time I actually. I've seen bits and pieces. I've never seen the whole boy. It makes no sense. Is that the one it's like. I feel like I feel like I remember seeing like Daryl and John. Wake and they're kind of like these like dodgy looking in scenes and lake that dodgy but just like the smoke and like black and white. No I'm thinking of a different video. That might be later or my main man eater. I know it wasn't manny okay. It's pilot video then then everyone's man eater. I don't know But family man. They were playing with their band in a living room. All Yeah No. I didn't and they have like weird computer-generated man and woman a like icons like walking across the screen. It's it's fucking weird like there's things but terrible or yeah it's like a precursor to the Sam's blake whoever's controlling is just fucking weird and like there's one scene where when they do the Guitar Solo. The guys Playing Guitar. I believe his name is g e Smith. He is standing in a dark room surrounded by children. Who are just staring at him while he's doing a guitar solo and then it cuts back to the living room and all of a sudden. There's all these children in the living room. And they're terrorizing them in just being like crazy obnoxious little children but then it cuts to like a nineteen fifties family. Who's watching this video? And they're all like BOP in their heads to it and it's cool and then all of a sudden they're transported to a different era. But it's the same kids. It's just so fucking weird and it makes no sense and they do the same like dead. I bullshit that they do in all their they have no idea how to lip sync and Emo- at the same time it's it's awful one thing hall nuts never learned to do lip synching him. Oh yeah they did not know how to do that at all fair now that holly notes were one of the biggest acts in the. Us there are levels of exposure increased dramatically screaming crowds packed their shows in women flung themselves at them. Why Bet who? Yeah who yeah. They want their hair fingers through them. Hair's still ought to rub my fingers through them here. I would do it. Yeah can't stop me know with consent. By now. John was married to model Nancy. Hunter having literally plucked her out of a crowd at a concert in Minneapolis endeavors like you. You're hot get on the stick. Yeah basically and then he married her. All right Darrell was still in a relationship with Sarah Allen and they set up a home together in Millbrook New York. Oh of this curbed wandering eyes wandering. Is there watcher? Ladies at their concerts. Yan wait a minute. Millbrook is near you right. Yes milberg is two towns over from Millerton yes Which is where I grew up in. Which is where Daryl Hall lived for? Very Long Time. Yeah but when he first moved to upstate quote unquote upstate. Don't fucking come for me. Because that's what we call the upstate He I lived in Mubarak long time on a street called Butts. Hollow Beauty T. S. yet but follow. I got you know. He lived up tall because it was called Batali. Yeah hold up. You could one hundred percent get me to move to a house on hollow. I mean it was a really Nice House. On Butts Hollow Blake you Betcha fifty-three Hollow Lane. Yeah so good I wanNA live. Yeah some people that I went to school lived on Butt Solo too. So yeah. That's amazing I want to live. There still exists. You can win by. John has confessed in recent years. They he behaved like he was single. During this period it didn't matter that he was married. Groupies were constant. Eventually he was single after he and Nancy divorced in the early eighty. Oh I bet they walk into though they fucking get married. Yeah when you are hitting your fucking incline of a p get high dude when you are accelerating straits into women's vaginas. Yeah like your trajectory strategists drain but China just snatch ten. That's your trajectory. My do its peak famous snatch town. Yeah we haven't hit there yet but we're really working on that style guys forgetting like we've got Adam and eve and that's got me pretty excited. I mean we've kind of stopped off at Pottsville on the way but like you know you're getting there we're trying again they're in. Darryl was no angel either. Why bet that you can't resist resist hair? Yeah in fact he would find himself in court in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight squaring off against a former aspiring model named Andrea Zabuski for child support Andrea contended. That she en- Daryl had a one night stand after a show in Saint Paul Minnesota in April. Nineteen eighty-three which they probably did. During the height of their rock and soul part one fame which is a album of greatest hits that they released right after their last album which was eastshore. Oh Jesus Brain Fart. She was eighteen. He was thirty six. Oh my God nine months later on January Eighth Nineteen Eighty-four Darren Hall was born own Although Andrea Inform Darryl of the child and attempted many times to get Darryl to see him. Daryl wanted absolutely nothing to do with the kid. Hold up you gonNa Hook up with girls and not wrap it up. Yeah and I read an article that specifically address that and they both are while she said in the heat of Passion. Neither one of them Talked about birth control. Well that's stupid. That's very stupid. On both of their parts I get it. It was the heat of the moment. Yeah telling me what your heart meant however like either you need to plan B. The next morning which they have back man. I'm pretty sure they did not have plan. B We're going to look into that we civil in Minnesota. Oh never mind. I'm sorry you said the M-word Minnesota but then urged or pull out or I don't think what the coming just finishing something just suck them off and I was just GonNa say just sort of gave them like in have him like finish you hold up. You know what to make sure it happens like he should do. I send you do him. 'cause then like we know that this happens because like a big family tired. Elena got off or men. Just get off enroll over. Yeah like well. I'm done Ono bitchy. Well you ain't done or you ain't done. I'm not done. You Ain't done much. Abney DOT COM guys. Candy pod yourself you know. Do not put your pod. Put their toys in your pod. They make pot toys. That's what they're there for but anyway so okay. So He's getting sued for child support. Yes did they go on? Maury? I don't think Maury existed back than unfortunately there would have been fun right so in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight Andrea took him to court for child support. Darryl did not deny that Darren was his but did argue that he shouldn't have to pay the amount of child support Andrea wanted. She was asking for ten thousand dollars a month. Which kind of a bit? Yeah much. Yeah again he's Daryl Hall but also like that's a lot. Yeah if you're coming in and saying I want help with this child give me like what a reasonable amount like. A reasonable amount is fine. Ten thousand is kind of unreasonable soups. Unreasonable you're asking for one hundred twenty thousand dollars a year for a child in Nineteen eighty-eight. No no no honey. The court deemed a thousand dollars a month to be enough all right. That's fair although Darren tried many times as an adult to have a relationship with his father ultimately never stuck. The two did not have the to do not have a relationship to this day. That's really Kinda Sad. It is sad. And that makes me kind of angry at Daryl Hall because he never tried daring tried a lot from everything I read. Darren tried a lot Darryl never tried. Oh and that sucks like the least you can do is sit the kid down and be like look. I understand that I am your father. But there's no way that I could be your dad. You know nine. Yeah at least I try to be a human about them. Yeah try to at least reason with them. Yeah that's just that's Shitty. That's really shitty. I really bad now. I do get the impression that Daryl and Andrea Thinking Daryl owes them something which I can understand but also you're an adult. He doesn't really. Oh you anything he owes you a little bit of like closure maybe yeah but also there's a part of me that feels like dude. You couldn't fuck him. Wrap it up. You have to deal with exactly you have to deal with it. It's a woman has fuck and deal with the consequences for the rest of her fucking life. 'cause cures thing woman gives birth and like this kid is a part of her Men Never fucking understand that that's like that is the woman's life right there. Yeah I also like men feel like they get to shirk that shit more. Yeah and they do and it's bullshit from I read a bunch of articles about this and what I also gathered was that this was kind of something that Andrea did like she. After she gave birth to Darren she also had two more children from a former boyfriend and she lived off of the child support though from both of them so I get why she asked for ten thousand dollars because this she she wanted to be a homemaker is going to be a cash cow for this was going to be how she lived But also I think a thousand dollars. A month was a little bit too low. She in the eighties. Yes she could have gotten a little bit more. I think in a month is reasonable. I think you also have to look at it from the standpoint of his eighties and the person who I feel it gives a real victim in. This is a kid you up one hundred percent thank you but I think like a thousand can take care of a kid for a month. Yeah as long as she worked at least part time. Yeah that's fine and getting child support from the other. Here's the other guy. I know some single moms out there and they are Boston. There has to make sure their kids have good lies and they might sleep. Get Child Support And like they're lucky to get like five hundred Malaya Child support so like if dad even bothers to pay exactly so it's like Daryl Hall in the eighties thousand a month. I think that's great. Yeah and he actually did pay it the entire time. He had to pay it so the snow month girl like yeah. That's too much. You're clearly going on here. I think they could have given her. Maybe another thousand a month or whatever but they didn't have to if eighteen hundred a month. Well also daryl needed to nut up and be in person a real person and at least be like look. I'm going level with you. I'm not a dad. I don't want children. This is not something that I would ever find myself and so does he not have other kids. He does not have children. All I never knew that Yeah he was married recently and his she. They divorced a few years ago but she had two kids and they all live together. That was the closest he came to having other children. And like. Here's an I get that. Yeah I totally get that and you know what the that's why I use birth control in various forms. Whatever fucking from you need like I have an Iud So I don't condoms or the man is to her condoms. I mean 'cause I know condoms. Condoms are not a factor Asian. Yeah you got somebody with the sniffs man so it's like whatever fucking formerly darryl if you don't want fucking kids get the fucking snip. Snip Bitch. Yeah spent a weekend with some sore balls in. Get the literally an outpatient procedure. You're awake during the whole thing but you don't feel anything right so I get it. I fully fucking understand why women don't WanNa be on birth control but you know what it's also up to the guy to be like. Hey what are we doing about birth control whether it's now whether it was one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. It doesn't fucking matter. Yeah it is also your fucking responsibility. Everybody's responsibility we get on it. Cover it up. Wrap it up grab Jimmy and go to town yeah. I'm sorry it doesn't feel as good. You know it doesn't feel good pushing a baby out of your Regina Right in caring for the rest of your Goddamn life. Yeah cool that you get to not have to give a shit. I'm not sad I'm nine or let's continue rant. Okay between Nineteen eighty-three in nineteen eighty eight hull notes released a greatest hits album and that was the rock and soul part one kneels and their twelfth studio album. Big Bam boom. I specifically said that way so he didn't fuck it up. It was really good though. This album continued the slow growth of electronic oriented rock that they were creating relying heavily on synthesizers. They continue getting number ones though with out of touch getting the top spot and their second single method of modern love. Also Co written by the Allens of course Because there's a real good song hit the in that hit the top five but all things must come to an end. Oh they were still riding high on their success but Darryl John took some time to do things outside of the studio and to work on solo projects. I mean that's fair though. How long at this point? The county fucking albums they put out. This was twelve. Yeah Yeah they're twelve th senior L. Them they earned a break. They participated in the. We are the world project and performed at live aid in Darrell released another solo album. While John wrote the song electric blue for the band ice house which is a song. I do not recall no later. I watched the video. Oh boy who we cut hair. It's all I have to say. Is the hair their contract with. Rca was running out as they fulfilled all of their obligations already. But Tommy Mottola knew that that was a bad thing. He scrambled to get them. Signed to Aerostar. Records in Nineteen eighty-seven assuring they'd still be able to make music for a major label again. Probably saving their asses also like he always does Tommy. They released two albums under era. Sta Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety. Ooh Yeah has an exclamation today stopped. They just start giving up. I feel like in one thousand nine hundred change of seasons. Okay then they start trying again. They're single so close off of change of seasons which was co written and produced by a Jon. Bon Jovi would be their last top forty hit boy. Oh boy it sounds like a Bon Jovi Song. I S I understand what they were trying to do with these records. They're trying to be a little edge year while still appealing to the older crowd. The early nineties was a weird time. This was Lee Eighty late eighties in nineteen ninety. Like from like eight to ninety two. I feel like because weird for nobody knew what the fuck they were doing. George George H.W. Bush was in office and no one knew what the fuck was going on until grunge happened. Everyone was like what are we to do? Yeah that was a weird bridge of music and life and existence yet they are trying to be edgier but appealing but instead they came off as something. Kinda like Bon Jovi Meets Sophie. B Hawkins is very weird but also sounds like really fitting for the Times. It is right. Yeah it doesn't hold up by but when it came up I can get into this but go watch some videos from around that tire and Darryl definitely looks like Bon Jovi meet Sophie. B Hawkins okay. I've believe it it's crazy. I believe it one hundred percent. He was trying to go for like the wavy hair. Look but he was also wearing modo jackets. So very sophie. B Hawkins Very Damn. I wish I was your lover. I do wish I was kind of like. I would've rubbed my hands all over. You'RE GONNA say I was GONNA. I would rub my genitals all over that here but I just put my hands on his hair totally see us rubbing your but on his head like Oh Yay Mr Hall Legally Home Mr Hall and I guess that's not how we do this mantell they weren't. How do we do this? This is how we do rubbing my bud onto rubber on his head. Oh my God although the albums went platinum and gold respectively. They were still disappointments and the duo wouldn't release another album together until nineteen ninety seven. Oh Shit in the meantime both Daryl. John saw their lives going downhill. Oh they got the surprise of their lives when they were called into their management's office and told that they were flat broke despite having sold forty million albums they had no money left so they get fucked over on a contract Despite what it sounds like they weren't cheated out of money. Oh they didn't signed some bogus contract that allowed everyone else to profit off their success at their loss. This might be a rock candy. I this is. Oh it is. Tommy Mottola wasn't scamming them either. It was as simple as this. They spent too much money and no one showed them how to manage those dumb fucks. Yeah they just spent too much fucking money. And like Tommy Mottola. Wasn't there being like You probably shouldn't do that. In their accountants that worked for Tommy Mottola weren't like you probably shouldn't spend all that money. No nobody said anything to them. They just let them spend however much they while yes. The stress of hearing he was broke gave China panic attacks so strong. He thought he was dying in the back of a taxi. Cab Oh no. He's sold off most of his possessions including houses airplanes an Antique Car Collection. And so on and so on and honey. Also like do you see now. Hi You're also. You really do need all of that Shit. You didn't need four fucking houses. Oh you really don't they? You said all my honey. That's why you bro. You don't you don't thrift. Yeah the distress over. The financial loss forced him to rethink everything in his life. Oh including his mustache. Around the turn of the decade. The mustache was gone. There is actually an amazing youtube video that someone did a cartoon of it was a whole series. Oh there was more than one. Yeah there was like I forgot what it was called. Oats and stash oats in stashed mustache. Yes and him in fighting crime basically. It's amazing youtube. But he loved. He loved his wife about it. Yes he seems like someone who could take something like that in Stride Daryl Hall. Not so much maybe but yeah. I totally was. Don't get me wrong word about it. I do Love Me Daryl Hall. But he also seems like he takes himself a little a little bit businessman. Yeah he's a family man. Funny Man Yeah Hall is the Straight Guy. He's very straight. Yeah eventually they recoup some of their losses by claiming old royalties hadn't been paid in years. Nobody's come to find out. There is a larger investigation going on into the music industry that uncovered millions that record companies were not paying their artists hilariously. This investigation was headed up by Eliot Spitzer's office remember Eliot Spitzer one time New York governor that got kicked out of office because he was caught with escorts yellow. I remember that I'm Leah. I remember one time. It was like ten years ago. It was about ten years ago. Yeah Times a weird social contract. Yeah Wow to do you remember. Like Eliot Spitzer was the most controversial politician we had at the time. Yeah I actually met him like a couple days before that scandal broke because I was working for W. EMC. Yes you were you local public radio station. And he came in as a guest on one of our shows like three days before the whole scandal broke. He'll say I just met this guy. I'll use her gross. I Miss Eliot Spitzer I kinda Miss Eliot Spitzer those halcyon days when Elliot with the biggest scandal was Eliot Spitzer sleeping with prostitutes who are totally willing to fucking sleep with him he. He actually paid them. He paid them a lot. There was a lot of consenting there. Yeah he paid them a lot to sleep with a high missiles days. Wow I just got really sad tell me more about. It's Mac who man alone but the bad news didn't stop coming. Oh Fuck Janna. Allen was diagnosed with leukemia and was so sick that she moved in with Daryl in Sarah so they could take care of her on August. Twenty Fifth Nineteen Ninety three. She passed away in their Milberg home. It was a devastating time and shortly after I wrote shortly after it was actually ten years after right now. It feels shortly feels shortly after Darryl in Sarah. Amicably ended their thirty year relationship Let's amicable yet. Why you know what not everything can last forever exactly except for hall notes. Because they're still going okay cool fine with that impart to get their minds off of all the bullshit and in part to generate some income daryl in. John went back into the studio in one thousand nine hundred seven and recorded miracle sky. They released some things here and there throughout the nineties and early two thousands and had a couple of adult contemporary hits and continued working on their solo projects. It was around this time the late. Two thousands in twenty tens. When a stall Joe became a thing for millennials high? We came out worried dolts. We became spend money. Became ADULTS REALIZE. Bring us back. I it's us. Just take us guys. Yeah baby come back the music we love when we were kids. We wanted it back. Yeah we knew guys. Do you remember the black eyed peas? We don't want them back. We wanted like hall notes back. Yeah we rush. I got really back then. Like basically just seventies prog rock got really fucking into it. And that's Daryl Hall comes full Fucking Circle New fucking knew. We knew around two thousand fourteen twenty fifteen. That shit was hitting the fan. Yeah and the music we loved. His children was going to be the security blanket to get us through it. Yeah somehow we all latched onto hall and oats and made them popular again. Y'All they made appearances on the daily show flight of the conchords dancing with the stars and had cameos in several movies. Yeah also Yeah Robbie Yacht. Rock became a thing so our hall. Not Iraq yeah okay. One hundred percent Iraq. Still think we were going to our view last week and it got cancelled because of the rony so thanks to prowl. Actually No. It's not canceled its rescheduled. I'm still deprived. Still depressed about it because now I have to wait even longer anyway. Holly notes is Cadillac. From nineteen seventy seven to nineteen eighty seven was a perfect brand of adult oriented rock that yet rock enthusiasts love Yup all of a sudden halt saw a surge of love. Come flowing back to them now in a condescending way genuine and unabashed love for their music. It's just fucking great. Their music is timeless. It up their music is on my list of the best things in life. Yeah I can't go for that Helping to throw the duo back into the spotlight. Was Daryl show called live from Daryl's house? It's he started it as a web series in two thousand seven and gave it a simple concept invite musicians and songwriters of all kinds to his house in Millerton aware run where they jam on Holly Notes Songs and the musician songs in Aaron on the Internet this series became so popular that it was picked up by. Vh1 MTV since selling his property in Millerton. Darryl has moved the show to his venue in pulling New York appropriately titled Daryl's House. Here he films the show but it's also a fully functioning concert hall booking various acts every week much to the Chagrin of local residents will focus. Yeah I mean polling small town the venue smack in the middle of it. I think at it like you. Don't WanNa be up until midnight on Tuesday because Daryl's houses bumping I do but the Grody little fucking city. It's that live there. Don't want to city it's city. It's like that okay a city it is somebody from New York City probably Manhattan. Who has a shit ton of money who gets a quote unquote cottage in the quote unquote country? Which is quote unquote upstate. Upstate I mean like Westchester Putnam. Ulster Dutchess Columbia. Greene county's right right Which Terry else in. The state is not upstate. No not at all to me it was upstate because it was upstate from New York City now I get it. I lived in the city for a bit. A lot of fights win. Yeah I'm sure everybody from the city was like I'm going upstate. But they're going to like Westchester. Yeah Yeah Oh yeah. I'm sorry this state. Yeah so they would get go another two hours and tell me about your upstate. Yeah so they would get their quote unquote cottage which was like a two million dollar three or four bedroom house. That was like three times the size of the house. I grew up in And eventually they just took over. Yeah so many of them moved up there that they just took over. I don't know anybody really in my hometown anymore. It's all city transplants. Who K. City? Yes Yeah but also Daryl Hall's now no well no he lived in Millerton for a long time and he now lives in Sheffield Massachusetts which is right about twenty minutes down the road. Okay counts counts. It's still becomes to Millerton to do as grocery shopping and I will say though. He did have an episode of L. King in Daryl's house said he was such a good episode. You did have an episode with Fitz and the tantrums to which was amusing so before they saw before they started sucking. Yeah Oh man. These days. John is living the quiet life splitting time between Nashville and Colorado. Wow He married his second wife Amy in one thousand nine hundred five and together they have a son. Darryl waited until two thousand nine to get married again but they divorced in two thousand fifteen we know what to can't be tied down can can't you just Marlboro dying of Man? Look at that Man Hall and oates still tour regularly and with their resurgence in popularity over the last few years. They're going to be going going strong for a long long time to come. There really is absolutely nothing. That's going to get the most successful duo in music history down except for. Maybe the corona virus don't say that no you're right it's fine. They're rich they'll be fine. Yeah even if they do get the rony like they have probably the best kind of medical care that they probably could. Yeah everytime everything's fine. Everything's fine fine man Paul notes. Yeah no now. I'm kind of like there's some fee part if hall John Hall believes Great Blake. My deep seated love of him. Salako can overlook it a little right. He also shut. Your Dad wants so we did he shouted down and fucking facebook. This is like this. Is your time right here is. You're tired of proud about where you're from life to give anybody background on this story that I haven't told it to already told like everyone so ashes point of pride after Darryl Open Daryl's house in polling. My Dad became the code. enforcer for the town of Pauling and Daryl's house had a fire once they're neon sign burst into flames. Burned down like the front of the venue or something scary. So they had to rebuild. And when you rebuild something. The code enforced ask out. Make sure it's up to Code so with my dad did that. And then when they reopened. Daryl put out a facebook post thanking. Everybody including my dad may ask his dad. I Lake One degree from Daryl. Now your touch should of brought you with them like all my daughter's learning the trade. My Dad does not understand my love. Of course I never saw you in the in the video clips from Daryl's house of you just peering into the windows like Daryl. You really have to look for me. I'm like Richard Scary Homeland. God to really look for me. It's like Oh worm from the Richardson books. How many people actually do you think? Know what the Richard Scary Books fucking better. Because that was one of my fucking favorites when I was hit. I think they still have the Richard Scary book from when I was curious on VHS. Really Oh yeah. I didn't know that it was like there. Were a couple of this man. It was holy Shit. I don't WanNa see it. Also that fucking worm and low. That were fool hat. He's so cute anyways. Thank you guys for listening. Now that we've had a full hour and a half or so of full fucking nostalgia God but like what's going to bring you back like hall notes. It's so good like you. I kind of apologize for breaking. Into song disassociated also like the. But that's the thing that haunts oats is that they are such a fucking ear. Were and that's the thing. They might be two very different people but when they get together they both know how to make a hook and harmony. That will get stuck in your head forever. Well with the help of the leading with help from very important lady seriously so yeah celebrate them but also celebrate the lease that got them going. Sarah Sarah Brey celebrate. Sarah Allan Janna Allen because they had a huge hand in making hall and Oates who they are and Tommy in tally. Matola with those three kids. I don't really feel like he's a very good person. However I mean thank you for your contributions to hall and oates right can still appreciate that. Yeah I don't know why I feel like he's not a good person but we'll find out sometime in the future. I'm sure we compete when we're done. Yeah well we appreciate you guys. Thank you for listening and are really picking up what we're putting down. Maybe go to actions and give us a sweet five view and tell us how awesome we are serious. It's been awhile since we got a good review. We need small. It's a TA. It's hard out here in the F. P. Yeah and we need some love also also go watch the F. You're not doing anything else. You're not doing shit go watch the FBI. It's fucking terrible but it's also it's hilarious and if you're you know feeling curious about anything else we got. We got tons of other episodes over one hundred and their author website. Www DOT rock kane podcast dot com can come in on those episodes you can send us an email or just go ahead and follow our many social media because we got instagram. Facebook and twitter 's cars actually gave me ten percenter. I'm kind of tipsy. I blame you. We have a nine percent on deck. You need to split this with me before I leave. No that's I mean Wolf. Yeah so go ahead also support an hour. Were part of the Pantheon podcast network. It's a fantastic place. Were you could get pretty much any story on any musician you ever want. Because God what do we have like almost thirty podcasts on the network news? It's one stop. Shopping really is. We've got everything you want. And right now what else do you do in? We're talking to you. They're going to talk to. You can talk to us. You know talking to people I mean to me. It's at some point. You have to put down the net flicks. You have to stop binging. Yeah put it down hot second down and just turn off the TV and turn on your radio or no not your radio your phone or you can put compooter cooter. Put turn on your computer and listen to podcasts. Clean Your House your house right now. It's really good Background noise and stuff. That is exactly what I clean my to you kidding me. It's very good. And then in the meantime you can always give us money. Because Times is hard out. Here is still. It is still tough in the F. P. and what's town without docs. Yeah but I mean if you want to give us some ducks. I guess you can go to Patriotdepot DOT COM SLASH ROCK. Candy pod cast. No we can tell us the duck analogy right because duck tales. Scrooge mcduck was rich woo. Jesus goes patriotic. Give us some fucking money leasing. Thank you we need a new Mike. Yeah we've Jerry Rig the shit out of this one. It's not great great guys. We're not doing great. I know we're you know we're totally totally fine. If you want to give to us please do and hey thank you so much turbot. Who DOES GIVE to us? Because I got more printer-ink yeah books. Your Patriot money's going to good use. We got some printer ink so we can pronounce Newt's. Yeah that's good. Maybe I should get something. Like smarter. Like tablet or something. Oh okay the nostalgia I want the nostalgia in favor in my see it in my face. Feel it in my hand right. She's got a point. touch it. They WanNa hear over the pages around my fucking closet while we lost them on the ground and fury. 'cause Daryl Hall cheated on his girlfriend we did go on a bit of a rant about that. I did birth control guys birth control next week. We have another episode. That's beer-based yeah. I've been doing research learning some things that really. He's I'M GONNA learn a lot that I didn't now now you are okay. Cool here for it and so are you kids so until then party on Ashley Party on Maggie Party on Yakult Rainsy kids out there because your kiss your kiss Islam Malaise Case I can't resist.

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