213: Sens Play by Play Man Dean Brown Joins Us, Celebrities Who Sat During Super Bowl Anthem


The man that is so awesome that you play just there when you hit the dashboard. You hit your phone. You hit your computer Welcome to the project. It's one of the rare daily sports podcasts in the world sports. And and whatever and you know. We're actually kind of transitioning I think. A little bit now descends and whatever insist that goes to that end today on the show since play by play man. Dean Brown Brown will join us a discussion on the state of the Ottawa. Senators will pick the brain of an NFL fan from Ottawa. One of the biggest Ottawa. NFL Fans. I know who's at the fifty yard line for Super Bowl. L. AND JIM is annoyed that Jay Z and beyond say didn't stand for the anthem at Super Bowl. We also like to give a shout out to our members about this point in the show. Our latest member is Steve. Davis just signed up today for the next three seconds. The show will be called the Steve Davis Project. If you'd like to be a member to support our show that that'd be huge if not. It's also huge to tell other people that this is really cool. podcast you like no not Joe Rogan the WP. And when you do that you tell other people about us that'll help our show grow as well. So that is what shaken. Thanks for being with us. We hope you enjoy the shell bring on Jimmy and just a second here but I wanna talk a little sense with play by play man Dean Brown. How Ya doing dean? I'm doing well big boy. How `bout you I'm fine fine? Thanks for giving us a couple of minutes of your time her soon. The kids good good. Were plunking away. you know we We bought a rental property. That we're renovating so sues. Basically she does a ninety nine point nine percent of that stuff. Because I'm always away so. She's basically a contractor painter Of drywall she's done a million things. connors his last year at Carlton Myers going to Trent University in Peterborough sewer. Just all were Were halfway to be an empty nesters. Nice and Lindsey my daughter's at Trent University's -versities while they probably cross post doing social work so I'm not sure. What part of Trent that's in? But if you're looking for that's where she is nice so we're all caught up the let's get caught up on the sends now Right now the Club is in twenty eighth place the fifty two game mark and I wonder as someone who watches this team more than anybody except for maybe the coaching staff. How would you rate this team? Twenty eighth overall And does does their standing tell the whole story Yeah I I think I think they do tell the whole story I you know I haven't seen anything to be honest with you That I didn't expect you know it kind of going. Into this season expected his team would be in the bottom third of the league and probably the bottom part of that part. And that's about where they are and I think maybe if there if there was one surprise I think I'm probably a little bit surprised that even with the amount of losing this team has done. And how young and inexperienced as they are How often times they can be pretty fun to watch? 'cause it's not. It's not often that you see you know teams that lose. A lot are also entertaining this team. This team team has been more entertaining more often than I thought they would be but where they are in their development is i. I don't think it's a super big shock to anybody. I think they're right. Probably where I thought they would be. When you talk about the youth and the excitement generated by the youth I think immediately about Brady could chuck I think for people listening right? Now that's the first name that always comes to mind. MM is he kind of the Straw. That stirs the drink. Forgive the Cliche for this team right now. Even though he's as young as he is and is this going going to all play into potential captain's talk here in the next year or so last part Thursday. Yeah He. There's no question down the road that is going to be captaincy talk about him. I'm not sure he's as the straw that stirs the drink yet mostly because brady just goes out and does the Brady thing and the coach talks about the fact that he drags people into the battle with them. I think. Sometimes that's a little bit of coachspeak. I think. Sometimes it's a little bit true but other times guys you sit back and go while Brady. I think when this team is more set and when I say that I mean when more of their young players are on this team and what this team is going to be in two or three years is kind of sat then I think Brady will have a bigger impact on the rest of the population on the team and and you're also GonNa know which veteran players which older players are are going to be the ones that are going to be here to complement those. That young core right now you have. Let's face it. A lot of you know Older players veteran players who are not going to be here when this team and one brady ca chat kinda gets closer to being you know real good experienced. NHL Players but that's definitely on the horizon. He's a he's a throwback kind of player he's He's something that I haven't seen in quite some time. And just his attitude in the way he plays and how hardy plays and not just Steve how willing he is to get into the ugly parts He wanted he thrives on it. He wants you to punch him in the back of the head and he believes he's getting to you from Ati understand he would say some of the older players. Hi My name's Brady what's yours which that kind of stuff drives older players insane you know. And so he just has all those little ways of doing it and he is. He is going to be the center of this team and it will be a debate down on the road with the captain. Should be whether it's GonNa be Great. You're very very different guys. Even though they're best friends and roommates they are very different guys. And so it's going to be interesting to see what the selection process this is between those two guys and it'll come out a DJ Smith's decision. I'm certain and I wanted to ask you about Dj Smith now that you've seen half a season and then some now under his belt I wonder how has D. J. Smith and his coaching group. How is it different Dean from the Ghee Boucher regime? I think probably the biggest single thing once once you get by XS and Os XS and OS. You know. That's that's just a you know your choice on your style of play and you know every every every coach has no place where he puts the XS and where he doesn't want to be living probably the the biggest difference is Dj is the new era of coaches. You know five years ago is still coaching junior hockey. And he's very young for a head coach and he understands the way young players work he understands. It's about communication he understands. It's not about telling them it's about explaining to them and having a conversation conversation no today's players you know go back a long way to go back to the Scotty Bowman. He would tell you what to do and then skate away. There's no conversation you just did it or you. I didn't play players now days if you want to get them to buy in. Sorry Michael's up in Michael is up. Hang on a SEC. Let me just to Michael Up for a second here will remember. If you WANNA go to Harvey's the Game Plan is you've got to be quiet for the next ten minutes. Okay all right sorry about that. That's not an oprah. I WANNA go to Harvey's now not right actress Meghan Action. We're joined by Dean Brown play by play man for the Ottawa. Senators and the deadline is three weeks away. Now Dean and I mean every year you see it. Teams have guys who get edgy. This time of the year. But it's it's usually a few key guys and there's lots of buzz around on them but this year though the sense of so many guys who were free agents. Do you get a sense that there's more guys on edge than usual right now I think a couple of guys on edge and there's a couple of other guys who expect it just like the coach knew what the deal was coming into the season in a rebuild. A lot of these veterans who signed this. You come here you know they. They knew that there was a strong possibility that they would come here and that they wouldn't finish the year they've been moved someplace before for the deadline. And they're hoping that that's to a place where the team is going to win. So I don't know if you know pick I don't. I don't know which guys the marketplace is truly truly going to want But I don't know if Tyler Anna Serve Latin America for Chris Tierney or if You know I Dunno Ron Hansie. I don't know if they feel you know uneasy because I think some of them kind of expect it and maybe even some of them hope for it but I think the uneasiness comes was probably with with two guys mostly and that would be Jag patio and and with Mike Boorda yet ski because both of them want sign both of them on ob here and neither one of them are any. The free free agents have been talked to yet. So that's that feeling of crunch time coming. You're living in a in a bubble because you don't have any information you wanna stay but you WANNA get paid. You WanNa get your fair do and so. Oh I think. Probably those two guys because of their family situations and the fact that they're from here in the case of Viet Ski Terry. His wife is going to deliver their first baby in the next couple of weeks. You know some kind of certainty and something something that they're looking for so I think probably that that feeling is really only with two guys the other guys. It's kind of like. Yeah that's that would be. You know a car for the course of stage in my career. I mean you gotTa keep some veterans around and you want some guys who lead by example and they would certainly seem to be those types of players real quality character guys bore Viet ski money. Money shouldn't be an issue but with Pozo. Is there like a number that you have in your head Ed where you say well that that will be a total non starter for the sends likes at five million will like what's that number. Yeah I think so you know and again. This is one of those things where it's very difficult to get into the general managers head and the owners had and figure out what they think is reasonable and when I get asked this because I get asked this all the time you you know. My my point that I make is that this is one of those cases where you really do have to see the two very different sides of the emotion as opposed to the business you know the Ottawa Senators Love J. G. Pezzo and think he's a very good player and he's extremely valuable to this team but at the same time you can't just go out and over. Hey guys just because you're in love with them you know I. I've been saying this for a while a couple of weeks ago. I did the math on this. The average in if the rebuild goes well this way if. Jj Patio is still the number one center on the Ottawa Senators. In two years the rebuild has failed. That's the reality. So for me if I was at GM and we all like to play GM. My limit would be four million dollars. I can I can live with the fact that I'm well over the league average as far as what I'm paying for what's going to be a third line center in two years but he brings other things to to the table that I really think are important to my team both for the development of my young players and for stability and all those other reasons but if he's determined to get four and a half or five million dollars dollars I can see him not taking their offer. Whatever it's going to be and being traded at the deadline and then signing somewhere else in the summertime and it's not because the senators senators don't love him? I don't think he's a good player but the math has to come somewhere. Mark Gordievsky being a left shot D and this team about to get a guy like Christian will land. There's a left shot d back. One might argue that playing time might be affected even this year when will returns but Borghese had a terrific season eighteen eighteen points. Who saw that coming for the full season let alone just past the midway point? He's having a career year. He's doing a lot of good things right now. But I wonder with this team and the number of left Shaw that they do have an Brannstrom is going to be knocking on the door. This fall What what is the game? Play like what would you do if you're PR dory on with. Marc bory Eski. I'd give him a small raisin at San for two years You know it's not just the fact that he's left shot shot defensemen Right now he leads all defenseman in goals. And I know the you know you can't work back in the equation because the possibilities of that happening twice or not strong but mark Gordievsky. The ski is extremely important to us. Important players and that comfort level for them is worth something you know if you watch if you're watching the Games on TV and you you watch. That camera shot shot. They have down the runway right before the team comes out for the start of the game sure and some players fist pump in that. Take a take a look at that every single game. There's only two players that hug each other before they go out on the ice. That's Thomas Shibata Mark. WHO's the guy the Brady could chuck goes to all the time? When he's on the the ice gets in a situation it's Mark Vysotsky? WHO's the guy? He asked actor practice to help and learn how to defend himself or fight. Better it's Mark Gorby Eski. Who's the guy that he asks counsel for in the Locker Room about certain situations it's Mark Barbie Eski? So there is a value and an importance at this stage of this team's development that you insulate and support your important players of the future. There are no more important players for the future on this team right now than Chabad and could shock and mark. Barbie is extremely important to both of those players. So I'm not sure I would go a lot of years. Unmarked border yet. Ski But I would definitely sign him for two when I would definitely give them a raise. Not a huge one but you know get them up to close to. I don't know if you make one point five. Get them up close to one point two million dollars. Something like that. which in today's game is not outlandish rush and you know but knowing full well you know the young always replace the old in every facet of life and in hockey and he's not there forever but the role that he has right right now Is Extremely important to this team. Both on the ice and off the ice if you want to insulate and protect and nurture your young stars. He is extremely really important in that area and I did a twitter poll on it. Not that that's not that that's the be all end dollar anything like that but I put it out last night after four. Viet ski got yet another goal in the game against the leaves and wondered. How would go? And I've done this before and usually it's burying bore Viet Sqi like okay. Yeah it's time to move on time to get some other guys in there and there were fourteen hundred people who voted in this eighty seven percent. So they wanted Marc bory Eski back next season so certainly he has won over the fans the way he's played here in the last few months. Let's finish up with a couple of players that I'm still trying to identify. Maybe you can help me with it identifying exactly exactly what they are calling white would be the Guy forty-one points in his rookie season was fifth among all. NHL Rookies should sends fans be concerned. Turned it all about his level of production this year. He's got like fourteen points Well you know I would never tell a fan how to feel. I suppose it's all up to them for me when somebody he asked me right. Now we're calling white is I just say he's lost. You know I think that right now calling. I don't to be honest with you Steve. I don't even look at his stats. I just watch him play to know that. Here's a kid right now Who I feel bad for he he he is just he is having a crisis of confidence right now? So the point where he can't make pass can't take pass You know oftentimes you can see him out on the ice when he's trying to make a play he's thinking too. Long people lift sticking steal the puck from while. He's thinking about what he's going to do you know. The reactionary natural instinctive part of his game has just completely left him. I just can't believe that that's going to be you know what he is. We've I've seen too much of him in the past and know that there's should be was We all believe I still believe that there that upside as all there for him to be a really good second or third align center in this league with them instinctive ability to make plays and to be a good setup guide. But right now I I don't see any of that and so for me just kind of put wooded down to you know a a good players having a bad time and maybe this is just a write off season for him. He's gone so long playing so poorly I don't know if he can get back back to you. Know a a decent level of competency this season. It's GonNa make people have the same kind of feeling for him as they did last year. But I do think that it's way a way way too early to give up on a guy like Colin Light. There's just too much there but he may be a guy that needs to you. Know go through this season through this thing and deal with this because this is the first first time in his life that he's been bad you know that that's one of the other things I think that a lot of people don't realize about NHL players. They all they all don't feel invincible. They all don't always you no have everything all in one pile. They all don't always feel ultimate confidence that you would think that the players at the top of the game would have so I think right now that he's You know he is so all messed up. And I don't know in the last thirty whatever games of the season if he will get his head out of it. Maybe it's GonNa take off season and you know and and a bit of clearing any of the cobwebs over the summertime if this way Steve. We're still having this conversation. Twenty five games in next year. Then yeah I I'm really I'm really concerned. Yeah that's about where I'm I'm at two Dean because I think may maybe our expectations as observers of this team with his guy. I might be a little out of whack just given that. He's played as looking at it this morning. He's played at least one game for the Ottawa senators in each of the last four seasons including this one so it feels like he's been around forever he's also in the first any of this massive contract that maybe he's gotten at least a year earlier Then he may be should have like in terms of games played though Dini's only really played just over a season in half worth of NHL Hockey. So maybe this is. Maybe this is US thinking Colin White should be further along than he is just in terms of games played. Yeah and and you know what the other thing too one of the things that e Boucher always used to say that I you know when he said it I thought to myself. That is exactly true. And I've seen it a million times but never really knew how to do you know really express it and that was you know he made the point. That plays progressions. Never straight line is it's like the stock market. You know stocks start at twenty five cents. It goes straight to a hundred dollars with no dips along the way so development goes up. It goes down. There's no straight line. As far as development goes I think the big thing with Colin White. I never expected. I never expected that he wouldn't have dips. I never expected this dip would be this deep and this long right but that doesn't mean that necessarily you know that's that's something that you can't recover for from like I said you know I think you and iron agreement on this. He's he's not very good right now. But if we're still having this conversation twenty five games next season then. It's a different conversation another other guys dipping right. Now we'll close with this one dean But I don't worry about him in the same way you know you talk about calling white and just the eyeball test. You're going ooh. He's not that engaged edged right now. Anthony declare on the other hand. He went on that run in December where he had like eleven goals in nine games but since that run he's gone in a fourteen game. Goalless drought trout. But I still see a guy who's pretty engaged and creating opportunity. Is that the boat urine as well or do you see differently. No no I see I see it the same. I'm way you looked at the the buffalo game and whether you have in that game nine shots like he's taking it to the net. He's getting his. He's getting his chances. Now and the coaches they keep put him out there so they they show confidence in them which helps that player but they keep telling him you've got a great shot shoot you are a shooter shoot. And sooner or later he's going to crack it and he's and he's GonNa Start scoring again and but you can tell right now that you know he is. He's trying to make things happen. And you're getting into that group in the stick to type area. Now you know once once you get a goal score they all they all they all go up and down you know. Most most goal scorers are streaky players. But when you're a goal scorer and you get the double digits in Games outscoring then. That's a different thing. And now he's in that category of double digit scoring. You can tell that the the grip the stick thing is really a part of what he's doing right now. I think you know. He's when it cracks. He's he's probably going to score five and seven games and you know it's he's that kind of a player he's been that kind of player of the course course of his career And I think it's just a matter of time but I. I think that there's no question that You know him not scoring and this long time is absolutely liane mind. All the Time Dean Brown Ladies and Gentlemen joining us here on the podcast and I appreciate you keeping your focus. Train of thought through that whole thing with Michael Soundtrack in the the crowd there. He's a beauty. But thanks for all your commentary today Dean and hopefully we can do this again down the road no problem anytime and have have fun at Harvey's thanks teen. I was great awesome and appreciate it and I was getting your Super Bowl pick. But I won't be airing this till tomorrow or Tuesday. So it'll be it'll be a moot point by that. Well you know what we could have done to them. And that way you can just edit the one that makes me sound smart right. Thanks team okay. But anytime by life by all right so thanks again to sends play by play Man Dean Brown and if I could just a word say I have have my own form I can do it. I want here I got a lot of time for Dean because our family obviously got hit with some tough news about autism awesome back in the day and Dean has always been one of those guys but it's been super inquisitive about autism about Michael always been a champion of Michael always wide open doors. Got This beautiful swimming pool. That Michael Used to love going to and dean was always excited to have him over and And and make Michael Happy and he was is always down with that So he and sewer terrific with that stuff so you know what a sanest Eric. Macaroni Salad the other day. That when positive thoughts lots pop into my head about other people are going to make a point to reach out and actually articulate them To the person or or maybe an in a form like this So that's that's part where that comes from. Life's too short. Don't forget all the guests of the Steve Worn project receive a blue team. Elimination Watch T. shirt straight taste. Had Jimmy will join us after these words ever been in a fender bender. Accidents happen but they don't need to be more annoying than they already are. I'm Jay Baer partner. All Insurance Durance Ontario. We'll help you find the best insurance plans with the best companies at the best rates. Texts me eight zero one two six five nine or visit all liens dot. Ca Breath all insurance Ontario. Your modern boutique broker all right. You're WPA heads. Up is a little something something we do for those of you listening the same day we publish so so for Tuesday February fourth. The senators are hosting the Anaheim ducks tonight. Both teams licking their chops over their draft lottery. Odds because really. There's nothing else to play for right now. The doctor one point up on the senators and the standings of course the players will be battling their faces off but you just know that the GM that loses tonight. Whether whether it's peer Dory on or Bob Murray he secretly going to do a fist pump when he turns out the light when he goes to bed tonight on the whole shark tank front. Because everybody's keep keep an eye on San Jose's status standing because Ottawa owns their first round. Pick in Anaheim win this game combined with a shark. Loss to Calgary in San Jose would fall to twenty seventh by nights end I- i- admittedly. I'm not a fan of watching hockey this way but it is what. It is one of the note that I should pass along the way I want to get to the lineup. For tonight you'll have partial playing with CA chuck and Connor Brown Anisimov between innocent. Atherton Atherton. You've got an investor cough tyranny and declared a line and then Shlapak white and Sabri. Your D will be Chevanton. Hazy Than Bore Viet Ski Danilo followed by Riley. The End Zaitsev this one of the hockey note that I was going to mention here leave star Freddie Anderson left. Monday's game against the panthers with an upper body injury. They're not sure he'll travel album with team for their game Wednesday against the Rangers. The leaves are right now saying or thinking or hoping or praying. It's not serious. But if he's for any extended the time. The leafs are going to miss the playoffs. I don't know why I put an echo effect on that on on the leafs are going to miss the playoffs. I'll get someone look at your forecast. Tuesday February fourth cloudy. A high of plus two is the mild temperatures continue that is the WPA heads up for all Insurance Ontario. Now let us bring in Jim Jeremiah to Jimmy Stevie yeah fine man all in there I like that it means nothing go. I'm not ready to launch. You know yeah just is reading a bunch of stuff about the Super Bowl. Mahomes rate is the is the deal that they're talking about from SORTA like from zero to one thousand was in miles an hour. You know in the fourth quarter. Yeah Hell of a fourth quarter not exactly an MVP performance for the first three quarters. Yeah but so dominant in the a fourth that a made a man. Vp you know. Twenty one twenty one on answer points They're they're certainly not putting any of that to lock you. No because the guy had you know through the two interceptions passes were bad blah blah blah bunch shit so anyway there's there's as many pundits weighing in which they all try and do it always it always reminds and everyone's really got the same same take. Okay it's it's really like bones is really good and I'm Bob. From sports illustrated says mahomes homes is really good right and the opposing team said Mahomes has really good. Okay garnered out of all the all the tweets and everything today from people weighing in about the super bowl game was mahomes is really good. That's what happened in that football game. How about the narrative of Kyle Shanahan the forty niners head coach? That was one that I didn't have my fingertips in the last episode. But Kyle Shanahan twice. In the last four years has entered the fourth quarter of a super bowl with a double digit lead. He was the guy calling the plays for the Atlanta Falcons when they blew twenty five point lead the Patriots and Those just horrible playcalling and we're running the ball. They weren't really working the clock. And so that should have been a falcons super bowl win if done properly and of course. He's the play caller as well for for the forty niners. Now is their head coach as they caved in losing to Kansas City so he is not really a closer being outscore forty forty six to nothing in the fourth quarter and overtime of his two Super Bowl appearances. Yeah but but a wicked opener right. Double digit leads right a Interesting things was the great defensive halfback for Seattle now and was Sherman. Okay Sherman Yup up and you know they. They came up against him a couple times on those long bombs and and They brought it up on the out of the box. You know with Troy Aikman. They're doing the commentary. Said this is a brilliant move move because Sherman cannot keep up with the receivers anymore right and he said it was blatantly obvious here I forget which one it was but it was certainly a fourth quarter deal where they threw the ball against Sherman. And so it's kind of you know some interesting ship that's come out of that about you. Know there's a little more strategy than mahomes being really good is there's there's some great great coaching there For guys to pick that up and there's three or four other things that I read In the game about coaching moves that were great and then the bad no timeout remote. Call by San Fran with sort of bucket half left a minute and a half left maybe a little more you mean in the first half in the first half when you call time tons of time left you know as someone who had San Fran And a gambling way. I was yelling at the TV. What are you doing and then not so? So forty seconds comes off the clock and then they come up with a big play in all of a sudden they're going. Oh maybe we can score like three times just sitting there. What are you doing right right? You know it's not the first time you hear that happening. Good in in big games. Right up there with Moss. Who's coaching Evanston? And IT'S A couple playoff games and it's happened before where teams gotta learn from this man where there's these mental mistakes from from on the bench and and because of nerves right there'd be because of the pressure that they lose their mind a little little bit right and somehow some way future team's gotTa look at this and go look at this. This is unbearable pressure man. Uh It's beyond overwhelming here. What to what to do all the time and at some point? Someone's got to look at this thing and go okay. We gotta stay together on this as eighteen million coaches gonNA million guys in the booth. You know on your team with with recordings. They all got microphones and headsets. It's always amazing to me that this happens that someone doesn't go. Hey wait a minute here call timeout. They always seem to be that way. Though I it's more more common to see that then someone would be really aggressive at that stage when it's a tie game we're near the the end of the half and all of a sudden guys stop wanting to move the ball on offense only a minute and a half year let's Let's let the clock run out and we'll go into the half and nothing nothing crazy. We'll have happened. It's like let's see a little more aggression than that. You only get X.. Amount of possessions every game but it seems like. That's what coaches want to do. These kind of shut got it down. Stay Conservative live to fight another day and I just don't understand that my mentality and all the sudden they got a big play out of it and they simply didn't have any daytime if they'd called a time or two they would have had lots of time to get into field goal position but instead it was like that. We're out of time bye-bye. Yeah it's a mistake doc right I it's a mistake under pressure and and you'll see than hockey from time to time Where the dying minutes of a game and a and a team will get scored on big goal? You know be tied up or to win the game you know in the last minute or two and often and you'll see after everyone weighing in going. Why why did why did you not have McKinnon on the ice in the last minute when needed goal or why didn't you have your checking line out there against and you know it's it's hindsight's twenty twenty? They look back but almost always. It's a mistake by the coach and it's almost always at this high pressure time you know when it happened so it's a it's a big part of sports. What's that that you know people? They sort of ignore it at the time but when they look back they're going to crumble cromwell and it's you know just in my little kind of coaching world of minor hockey We'd get into some pretty exciting situations and it really is hard not to get swept up into the emotion of the moment and again that's me playing in a cold drink and offshore or coaching a cold and I can only imagine what it must feel like when you're a relatively new head coach in cal- Shanahan you're at the Super Bowl. The whole world is watching. I mean that's probably I'll be the one event in sports we can't say the whole world is watching. And so here's like it's hard not to get swept up in just being a cheerleader us. You know because your heart your fan of the game and you WanNa see how your team's going to perform but you always have to have the brain in gear and always thinking about what's happening now now evaluating. What's happening now predicting what might happen next? So it's really easy to get swept away and the brain can sometimes go rotate on you. Yeah it was it was it. Was it Mark Crawford in the Ganal when they didn't put Gretzky in. That's in the shootout Yup. Does that you you better than I do. But maybe I do remember better than I think and worse yet. He actually went down the bench and kicked Gretzky. It was crazy. Ah He ran on the throat punch them sick get off. Yeah but but clearly those are those are mistakes under under pressure you know and the Super Bowl had some of that when when you look back so pressure changes everything. There's no question about that. And we talk about the Ottawa Senators. What guys are doing this year? there's some guys who are doing some nice things there's some guys. I'm concerned about But the guys who are doing nice things right now now. It's like okay. Good good how are you going to do when the team is competing for a playoffs spot. How are you GonNa do in the playoffs and the proof will be only through the experience of doing that on and evaluating it but for the time being great? You're doing well but these games don't mean anything for the most part they're gonNA play a bunch of meaningless games right now trying to evaluate who who should be on the team next year and the fact is you won't really know until they get into live fire whether you've got yourself an awesome player or not. Well time will tell tell you. Stevie the other thing Stevie let's come on the Super Bowl and I- tread tread lightly you sort of on this Jay Z and beyonce at the game and so twitter blew up last night and I see it all today. They sat during the anthem. And I I'm against it. I'm against what they're trying to do. I'm not against the the awareness of it. People are fully aware gets documented now with cell phone coverage and videos all that stuff. But you know they're they're talking about this oppress state for black people in America and it just sort of strikes me as odd that that your move would be okay. I'm going to try and beat disappear. You know I'm Gonna I'M GONNA try and stand out during during football game which is which is a national galvanizing housing thing. You know if there's anything about playoffs and and and sports is that it really does bring a country together and the Super Bowl nor exception and and I'm just I just think they're doing this the wrong way. You know capper Nick doing what he did during an NFL game saying saying this is terrible. And I need to use this as a platform and yet he's the same guy begging to play in the NFL. Let's a little odd. It's a little odd. Well here's how I feel about it is that You know with the capture. Nick situation fully support what he's trying to accomplish. I also understand the NFL's perspective perspective as well because a good chunk of their customers Would like to see The people within this league that they financially support they'd like to see them support the flag support. Patriotism support the country and they feel like that's kind of a slap in the face to it so I understand the NFL's perspective Steve. I understand Colin Kaepernick's perspective. It is a bee's nest but from Copper Nick's perspective and in Jay Z's perspective here if you're GonNa do these sorts of things on the company dime while then you have to be ready for the the potential consequences. It's not that I think anybody at least I don't discourages them from speaking out against something really important and trying to shed public light on it but at the same time if you're working for the NFL in some capacity and you staged this protest albeit a very small peaceful one and then you might have to deal with the consequences that follow from that. But that's not the way to do it. You know that's not the way to do it that that that you you know to to take this thing that it like I say is all inclusive took a great example of the American way. They love the country. They you know and to to kneel during the anthem. It's completely backwards to me. That was the start of it. And they'll have these other people speaking out against an using the. NFL is wrong. Yeah I think they're not impressed when it comes to that. They're not saying themselves are oppressed and I don't think they're necessarily tackling anything about the NFL with the exception. Maybe the head coaching thing which is gathering steam. I feel like I'm saying the same thing over and over again but I don't think they have any problems for the most part with the NFL. L. There Jamesy and And beyond say or supporting Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick is supporting the downtrodden who are downtrodden and largely because of skin color and And that's why I think we are. I don't think it's something that the NFL should take personally that you should take personally well. I don't take it personally. I'm I I look at the history and I get it. I understand all that and it's great that people speak out against it but but of all you should say look it I can I can you know partner with the NFL here and do some more positive things than say okay. Here's what we're GonNa do you want him. Oh I'M GONNA I'M GONNA use the anthem when that happens during those games. I just think it's the wrong way to go about it so I know they're not speaking out against the NFL. I I understand that but they're using the NFL to make these protests. And I don't like fair enough when Quebec in the show. We've got the web poll and final thoughts after these words ever been fender bender. Accidents happen but they don't need to be more annoying doing the already are I'm Jerry partner. All Insurance Ontario. We'll help you find the best insurance plans with the best companies at the best rates. Text me eight zero one two six five nine or visit Ellen's dot ca all insurance Ontario your modern broker it's time for the RB Computing Web poll too simple question. What did you think of this year's Super Bowl the game the presentation and the halftime show got lots of response on it Silva go data rights? If you take it for what it's worth. It was entertaining. Did the job. Well I was entertained. If you're expecting some sort of blow it out of the water singing presentation you're always going to be. Sorely disappointed. Pointed every year except it for what it is a show not really a concert. Big Rick writes. The game was good not great but good. I love the four World War Two vets. That were all one hundred years old being honored on such a huge stage. The American sure do a great job of acknowledging their vets. What can I say about? The halftime show other then Shakira is aging unbelievably well. Michael Hammond writes as the father of two young girls as a little horrified by the halftime. Shell like I said earlier. It was a little provocative and probably more provocative than the Janet Jackson thing. xbox Candida writes the game was great until for the last ten minutes. I hate the fair catch and would love to see it go away also watching four down bowl just feels like it's such a slog halftime show. While not my music I thought was as well done the ladies performed. Well look good on. The stage was awesome. George Valenzuela. I'm up to the only person in Canada. Didn't watch it not one minute of it. I cannot stand and the number of ads I can relate the never ending hype. How every play no matter how small and up players jumping around and celebrating gene so George Not a super bowl guy Ian Bribes Lind's says the halftime show was strip horrific Mark Thompson. Secure shook era stole the show. Caroline rights loved the halftime show. J. Lo rules bread art in the whole of the whole thing was great Barry Evans man and Derrick Mercer. Oh hope I pronounce that right. I enjoyed it game and halftime show. The overall presentation was done. Well but why do they not have a better. Our Camera Angle of the goal line. That could have better shown whether the Casey touchdowns should have counted the. NFL had better camera angles during the regular season. That is an excellent excellent point. We never did get something that was conclusive. They could say one way or another. It was just inconclusive. And what in twenty twenty with all the money the NFL puts toward the Super Bowl. Probably shouldn't be should never have any situation where it's ruled. Inconclusive Stephen Where's the mute? Button to install button. Yeah there's a lot of people Steve I see in my twitter who say a lot of what we being muted unfair. It's hurtful to his web. Poll is presented by RB computing. Puting in business off over twenty years now whether you need a new computer system server maintenance repairs integration of something else reach out Darby computing today today and right now check out the amd reisen thread ripper realize your creative vision with the world's most powerful volt desktop processes see all that and a lot mar today at rb computing one. Oh six MINTON play suite two three five in bells corners that's rb computing Ottawa's trusted. It solution provider not speaking of good supporters of our podcast all insurance Ontario and the president. Josh Girard hard was on the show. A couple of weeks ago told us he was going down to Miami for Super Bowl so we thought we check in with him in Miami to find out how it went Josh how you doing it must have been a real world wind. Absolutely crazy started. Shacks funhouse on Friday night like half adult carnival half like NASA concert so the headliners like P diddy and hit role and Justo the DJ's smoking not really my scene but made the best of really cool. Time has the head Ed right now and it was all the better. So you all your buddy big right now is what you're saying. Yeah Oh yeah big time the the There were seven of us that are coming and going to the game and everything nice. It was the big group I'd say so what was the weekend now is there. was there any tailgating anything like dad. We were in this party. Oats at the stadiums actually much of tennis courts. A whole tennis tournaments center so we were hanging out by the by the tennis. Tennis Stadium and Again all open bar all all. You can eat everything there. ice-cream everything imagine a- all set up for us so he retook it advantage of that before the game and the duct out of their five o'clock and went inside for the festivities. Nice so before we get to the game itself and all the Game Day presentation halftime. Show the game so of everything leading up from the second you get off the plane until kickoff. What would you describe as the highlight of your trip? It's hard not to say the game because of how mind on that was and how great that game with but Friday night would Put a close very close second to that because that was a that was a really good time there are probably about four Kobe. Tribute wrote the night. Chuck had a real emotional speech and be ready to. But I'll be missing you and all that so. Yeah that was really really you know that was really cool but the game. That's the bucket list. That's what we're here for. I was on twitter. Chirping about about how I'd taken a bunch of money off Jimi because we worked it out so that I ended up with San Fran plus five and a half and so there's about eight minutes left. Sanford's just picked off the ball. They got a ten point lead. I've got the five and a half on top of that. I'm like I can't lose here. And Somehow someway. I ended up losing. So let's get your overall impressions on the game itself. What stood out for you? You Got Patrick Mahomes. I don't know how transit on TV but it was a great game to be at big comeback late in the game. Homefront such a show huge place to an all those exotic that says San Fran. Ron Really cool to watch development everything we are fantastic. We're nine rose up on the third deck right at the fifty yard line. You sound like an because I was starting to go okay. San Frans- got mahomes number here and then in the fourth quarter. He was same old same old. Because we listen to Troy Aikman and watching the game myself going. This is not typical pat mahomes behavior and he was able to put together that amazing fourth quarter. You must have been blown away by that. Yeah it did not come at all. We thought the Games. AM is over six minutes left up and Chan kind of took their foot off the peddle a little bit. A couple of three and outs in the fourth quarter and it seemed like they. They change their game plan once they were in that position. And you know what actually I. I guess that's twice Kyle. Shanahan has had big collapses in the Super Bowl. Yeah so that's that's just come back from that was If you total it up his fourth quarter collapses when he was with Atlanta against the Patriots and then yesterday forty-six Nothing. He's been outscored in that fourth quarter. That ain't so hot when you get down. How's the halftime show? Oh it's great. It's great I it was. You know we're we're kind of for that to get anything any great views news or anything. It was put on a great show for sure. Anything else that strikes you from the weekend that you you wanted to mention and I mean it sounds like because greg it was fantastic. We all the media down on a beach all the Fox set. ESPN said all that was really cool and took in the NFL experience on Saturday it all that kind of stuff is absolutely one hundred percent recommended. Yeah that's for sure. Well you'll have to go every year. Now I guess right. Yeah no problem Gustaf Josh. Well appreciate checking in and good to hear sort of man on the scene Kind of a thing about super bowl. Fifty four we'll We'll talk to you soon. Right next. Josh from All Insurance Ontario Ottawa Guy. Down at the Super Bowl will in Miami. And thanks Josh for joining us. James we need to get to our final thoughts of the day though. You've been Economists Economists sitting there gloating since you read the RB computing ad. I might get some voice. Work out of this DC the great mentor mate. What do you? That's a second mentioned Mel. Torme I'm laughing because I just gave people shit about referring to things from a long time ago at the Janet Jones thing and I remember Mel Torme. What's the Janet Jones thing or Janet Jackson Jackson? Yeah yeah got it. Yeah understood all right then. I'll leave that as your final thought. Is that I don't think I do final joke. I got you're saving it all up for this spendable. Does that the plan. I could tell a joke joke. Yeah I know you got me off guard here. That's okay no we'll call it today. It's fine it's good. How about the last thirty seconds? Would it'll be the worst final thought in the history of broadcast. Oh no doubt it's coming out. I got nothing good night everybody. We'll we'll see it. Jane Beltran heard you talking about the old old Atlanta flames Jimbo tron had an old flame in Atlanta. She actually worked for the flames. She jumbotron snuck into the Coliseum at three in the morning the night before their first Game Hen got busy at center. Ice Jane Beltran's Bareback was welded to center ice. It was crazy he then she suddenly got up and left. Apparently she had heard about jumbotrons affair with a secretary from the Oakland seals. Anyway to make a long story short those weren't flames in the old. Atlanta logo was blood from jumbotrons back where he pulled his naked carcass off the ice

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