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Pushing Away John Salley and bj Armstrong and Scott Burrell Rob Gronkowski somehow. And I don't know of anything says pandemic more than this apart of two essential businesses in Florida thing. Where is the champion Foot Pole wearing a champion Rob Gronkowski has given us something to talk about? We now know STU gods it. Can I believe we could say this without dispute? Rob Gronkowski was not tired of playing football. Rob Gronkowski was tired of playing football for the Patriots. Yes that is correct. Specifically Bill Belichick tired of playing football for that football coach. Bingo I mean that one is interesting. Tom Brady being a mercenary. Who now has Percy Harbin at thirty one announcing that he's coming back to the league and that he wants to play with Tom Brady as well. I want to just blow through because I thought we had retired our library of gronk stuff but we can now resurrected here. Post Easter true champion in football and Wrestling Rob Gronkowski returns to football. You know you know the story by now. The New England Patriots broke the sport because they trained a polar bear how to catch. Footballs in the game against the chiefs. They needed to win. Tom Brady would just throw it in the general vicinity of where Brock had been. Every one of the chiefs knew it was coming. It was still the play of the game and ends up winning them another super bowl. He has been a fountain of youth for Tom Brady. Tom Brady has not aged like other quarterbacks at least in part because he can throw to this guy but he is an emaciated polar bear who has lost a lot of weight however has plenty of free time right now to gain it back and and no ability whatsoever to be distracted by parties or anything else Rob Gronkowski can can gain a lot of weight very fast through training Very specifically over the next three months. There's never been a better time for us. To get in shape. Listen they think all of this is cute knob telling you bill. Belichick is sitting back and he is laughing area and you WANNA this. You've got it because you go wait this year with that crew. That's an unmitigated disaster. That goes eight. Names like winning a super bowl are- God's biased by all his jets hate. What a weird take from Davis Show. No no how. How is that a good take? That is your first thought on Rob Gronkowski is how is Bella? Check going to laugh at this. Because he's just traded rob Gronkowski Tampa Bay and they have clearly a lot more weapons on offense than the Patriots have. That's that's certainly one way to spin arguably the greatest tight end in. Nfl history had a year off. Who's still only thirty now. Fresh wanting to play for Tampa Bay. And not you you. Who made them that? Greatest tight end ever. Let's think about this for a second. Okay this whole thing that Brady grog and the you know. They can try than they thought up. We're going to go to Tampa and we're going to stick into Bala Jack Collazo off for just a second. Why are you eating on this? Nobody's saying on this. Like what what what are you doing? You're you want to be the one guy out there. Coming out against this is content. Manna from heaven. Like No. You're against them doing this now. This is great content. I'm just trying to take the content to a different place supply. It hasn't been taken to before. Okay that's true striving to expand this conversation at all I'm saying is on the surface. Okay all this looks on. All of this looks good. You know comes with it expectations and not just getting to the Super Bowl. Expectations gone winning the Super Bowl expectation. Who I'm sure GRONK and Brady will fall under the pressure of that because they haven't been there before with those kinds of expectations. What are you doing. Let me finish my point. The last time we saw Tom Brady. He was throwing pick-6 in a playoff. Game but Gillette Stadium. The last time we saw brock he was an average tight end who was getting beaten by Kenyans Raisin and listen to me still gods take inventory. I mean look come on Stu gods for years you've been warning us about never count out Brady and Gronk. And now after he gets grunk is when you're gonNA decide to count him out dean average. What a horrible. I know. Last time we saw Rob Gronkowski outside of being a twenty four seven champion for the. Wwe was him winning the Super Bowl for the Patriots and in the AFC Championship. Game catching a ball. Everyone on the planet including that defendant. Noodling Eric Wear is going. Barnes Gorey's careers to what are you talking about? Average tight end. The season he had in his final season was average. The playoff run was very very good at all. I'm saying is okay there. Eight nate is a disaster. Bella checks eight eight. He Win Day win a super bowl. I'd have a parade of the Patriots. Kgo eight nate. Let me analyze this for a second. And now we're GONNA have to empty out or resurrect gronk library in the next segment. Because I can't believe the number of different things that Stugatz doing in this game whack a mole that don't line up with anything he's ever thought or believed to publicly before now. Don't just keep your sausage fingers to yourself and let me get through this before you start throwing your more walk a mole at me and I can't keep up with the lies and the inconsistency so fact to to recap Stugatz because we're making fun that Fan House That Fan House Twitter Account Makes Fun of Colin Cowherd and points out that a month ago Colin cowherd said the packers a would be smart to draft a quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers. And then the video month later is him saying the packers would be stupid to draft a quarterback to be behind Aaron Rodgers. You have consistently four years told us to not count out this quarterback. You've been telling me for years every time. I say anything about this quarterback be careful. Be careful and so the day after twelve hours after the sports world gets shocked during a pandemic to report that still in his Prime Ron. Hausky the greatest tight end ever is coming back after. You said Brady's GonNa make the Super Bowl before gronk got there. You said Brady going to be in the Super Bowl this year. That's the day you choose to say. Today I'm going to count out Tom Brady. He's outside my division. I don't have to worry about the ramifications anymore. The play of two times a year. I mean he's the NFC problem that. I could get him out all I want if he beats these teams in the NFC south. What do I care? Don't care about any of them. I did all that for the jets. This is this is the worst segment you've ever done in a Lotta gray historically terrible now. I would be irate if I wasn't so grateful for a good old fashioned sports debate. In which one of people were incredibly wrong started? Eleven games at six hundred eighty two yards and we talk about the chiefs catch. He had the biggest catch the super bowl that he was talking about average weighted to question all of this with Brady until we got there. The reinforcements actually got. They're stunned us. And that's when you decided to quest Greis Aches Touting coaching Howard who stinks OJ. Howard is who you wouldn't stop yelling about outside the AFC that other you guys listening clearly to me okay. His FINAL SEASON. He was an average the larger point. I've tried to make six hundred. Eighty two yards gained started. They are still listen. They have super bowl expectations. Now with a guy was appoint football it over here. Let me hold quarterback. That's the expectation expectation of the Super Bowl. Was You when they signed Brady? Was You than anybody you think you said you. You threw a stick of sports. Is Dynamite laps and I love it. I'm sorry I called it Fan House again. It's actually fun. 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One zero five regular season win over Dallas on December twenty ninth nineteen ninety-seven sign up now at ESPN PLUS DOT com today on espn daily from the lsu tigers to the Cincinnati Bengals Joe Borough and his NFL fate or they the talk of this draft. Yes they are here more on what it will take for borough to deliver that's ESPN daily. Subscribe wherever you get your podcast. So gronk has been traded to Tampa and Tom Brady and Gronk or now going to live out. The retirement years the late years in Florida like a lot of people end up doing and it is a seismic sports story at least in parts to God's because the Patriots have become in football the only truly national team. We have where any sports radio show anywhere can be talking about them. And they are America's team more than Dallas in terms of talking points in terms of relevance in terms of excellence. They're giving US content here with merely their former players but stugatz during the break was wandering around looking as he often does searching every dark crevice of the dark web for agreement and he came to me. And he said James The board OP agrees with me. And Chris. Cody agrees with me. And I just want to get out in front of this before you start throwing all your smoke bombs and everything else. It is a perfectly valid opinion to have that. The bucks are much ado about nothing that it's over for them that this is just names. Joining them and expectations might swallow them. Because the rest of those guys haven't been there. Everyone in the world is allowed that opinion. Except for you. Stu You are not who are simply not allowed to have that opinion because it runs contrary everything you think about every single day so anyone in the world can question that move what I am saying is you are forbidden. From having that opinion in an honest sports take world in a world where sports opinions have to have at least one percent shred of truth in them. Yeah you are. Forbidden from doing your magical. Mystical wizard dance of lies. When did you become a charge of opinions? I mean who could say what and who can have what I mean since. When did you become at Georgia that this is four? Four bidding part of this. Are you not understanding not allowed? It is for bidding man. This is often democracy. It is to democracy listen forbidden you cannot have that opinion. I telling you he is serious. This is the closest. I've been to Dan in six or seven weeks. He's sticking his face right into that Gabbara and I I mean I'm telling you I felt it all the way up here in Parkland three and a half counties away. It blew me back to the wall in my office whenever I start us because why because it's always in character earned because he knows that I'm just nonsense bluster. He normally doesn't get any kind of scared but he did back away. From the micro microphone in a way that suggested fear. Let me play some of this gronk sound so that we can reminisce about our good friend Bob Einstein. The late Bob Weinstein. He made us laugh very hard. One time simply describing Gronk. Listen to this with Gronkowski. He's had several human being like any likes slower wings. Sure anything is made of circuit. He's always fire coming out when he comes across the middle. Forget it forty nine or Redskins. Reds slobbering breathing sneezing and stuff. He knows his own name. Croc we're going to you. What are they just a little bit you? I want to now re open the Church of GRONK during a Stugatz. I understand that we cannot gather crowds but we thought it had shuttered. We have actual stained glass in our studios of Brian. Bosworth patron saint in the Church of Gronk. I'd want together to recite the Bronx prayer. Listened to this. Let's all recited together to ourselves. We all have it. Memorized are GRONK. Scores and seven's hallowed be thy brain kingdom dumb. I will mix rum on turf as it is in heaven. He does this day. Our daily meat spread and don't forgive us our trespasses as we don't forgive those who double cover against us lead us directly and repeatedly into temptation but deliver dat sexy body from evil or spikes in the end zone with great power. Bring you glory forever. Way Men way. Men Stu Gods Gronk is back in the NFL at the very least Tampa is interesting and you don't get many chances to say that. Espn radio is presented by Progressive Insurance. The last ads continues this Sunday at nine PM. Eastern on ESPN immediately after the show airs. Listen to the wrap up podcasts hosted by Jalen and Jacoby the after show presented by State Farm and at and T. guys will be joined by Director. Jason Air to talk about this week. Show and behind the scene stories of the making of the episodes. Subscribe to Jalen and Jacoby the after show on Apple PODCAST STORE. You LISTEN TO PODCAST. You Dot us has long. I'm going to join us from the heat and just a second here. Here's your sportscenter. Update the Patriots Traded Rob Gronkowski and a seventh round pick to the buccaneers for a fourth round. Pick Roger Goodell join. Get up this morning and discuss the possibility of the season being delayed we are working with our medical teams. We are working with medical teams. Cdc AND NIH and from State to state and we we as we are doing. What the draft. We didn't ask for any exemptions from the draft we are doing this with within regulations from state to state everybody's home everyone's operating under the same guidelines that the states have dictated or the federal government. And we're GONNA continue to be able to do that but our job is to be ready to play and we will be ready to play and finally jolly scholar a brewery. And Cleveland says that it's inviting people of all ages to participate in a record. It's F- for the world's largest virtual toast. Participants are encouraged the film themselves during the toes. So the evidence can be submitted to website record-setter dot com which will then issue certificates to the participants sports center brought to you by advance. Auto parts figurehead advance anytime before. Batteries is about to fail. Get a free battery test. A free installation with Eddie Automotive Battery. Purchase only at advance auto parts for all the latest headlines and information to the sportscenter on. Espn radio all throughout the day. Stu Gods is saying keeps asking. Hey when the Miami Heat GonNa put that Ray Ray Allen statue up you know. The history that Array Allen has with Boston coming down here to Miami. Do you think the Boston fans will be as mad at Gronk as they were at Ray Allen for leaving because I doubt it? I doubt very mantra donnas. With three time champion. We've been covering this dude since high school here so I've got a number of different questions. I want to ask him about the heat but the first question I wanna ask him and thank you for being on with us is how does your Donnas has lem feel about Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and Ray Jan Rondo. Still after all these years holding that grudge against Ray Allen they gotta let first of all what's going on man hope all is well I feel like they gotta let that go down. Man. I'm on. They gotta let it go man. I mean I don't understand what the big deal is. I mean we actually beat him Whitley. You know what I mean. And so the year before when they have very you beat him and then he came and we beat them. So I don't really understand what it's about You Know Radio Income. You know because we did. I think it was thinking that we're going on over there. That ray wasn't comfortable. It was the reason why they left. So it had nothing to do with There's not like oh he can't. We can't beat them. Join them type thing. I was in the attitude that we have raised autumn it competitor. I think it was going on. You know that ray wasn't comfortable with You know moving forward in decision to come to Miami so they gotta let that go man. I had nothing to do with losing nothing at all. Like IF THEY WANNA burn rate and I don't understand like taking like a man you know what I'm saying we've all had lost. We had to take him. You Know San Antonio beat us in the finals we gotta take Manley blaming broad clamps lane. Doing all that it's over with. They want and we move on so they need to let go and move on. It was just too big a part of that rented they had. Is anybody else that they need to give respect. He deserves move on. That's why the city of Miami loves you you. That's why everyone loves you. You D I've been maintaining for years that there should be a statue. That's the greatest shot the history of the NBA playoffs NBA finals. I maintain there should be a statue of Ray Allen that shot outside of the American Airlines arena degrade thousand. That's probably the greatest shot. I've always seen man I. I watched it I watched the play. It seemed like it was happening. Slow motion from the anger. That I had I saw a shot up being rebounded. You know I'm used to anticipate in the flight of the ball but once you let it go. I knew it was going here. I'm curious you DONNAS has them with us on. Espn radio if we look at the breadth of your career. Let me ask you just over your career. Few questions about people and places and things the guy most likely to pick up a check during your career was blank. That's a great question is likely to pick up a check. Mark Career Man Well I'll tell you what a lot of guys make. The most likely to pick up a check in my career would be. I would have to say a great question warns Luggage Gordon Drug now. Of course I've got to go the other way here as well. The least the least likely among the star players you've played within your career the guy it's a tie between Lebron and the way no no what might even close you gotta understand man these guys they pay for instance they were twelve or something support Laden. Come on man come on man like the more money they get the more free stuff they get like is complete opposite your means so the more they pay for a long time man. We get the boys to win to pay. You GotTa play the Credit Card Game. Are you saying right now on National Radio Don? This has been putting his veteran voice on. Lebron and Dwayne are cheap. Hey Man let's put it this way. They not they not struggling doing Kobe. Nineteen they straight trust wealthy. But I don't think you other cheap they don't have any cheap now. They do. Well they might guys ain't spending money tight tight all right. Can you tell us what you're thinking to yourself? Chain Fatty has told us. The story of you guys have won championships. Plural your training the next season and Hassan. Whiteside is in camp with you. And he's laying down on the floor during sprinting drills and chain batty says he came over. It was like look man. These people want championships. And they're still running. Do you remember that? Because I can't imagine you abiding something like that. Yeah I remember it like it was yesterday. Yeah I remember yeah I mean you know the thing about my shit you know saying it was different. You jumping into a coach of like mind and he And you had so many habits that you have to break over You know in a quick period of time. You know what I'm saying so you know what I'm saying it's on game was everything you have but it was just a tough match With the way we wanted to play hard work and with everything that was a part of our culture but you know he's a great asset to us while he was here but Yeah I remember that I remember that I remember grabbing him and I think the last one he had to run I ended up grabbing running with him just to make sure he got through and made his time Doing look out for each other like I know. I know that you are not a snitch. But can you tell us? Now you're Tian waiters story. Can we get a waiter story? That doesn't classify snitching but amused you as you saw it happening in his time with the Heat Dan. I listen here man just like you say you calling me for a long time. Now you know I just. I woke up. We landed and paramedics coming on a plane. That's all you're going to get even layer to the end don. I I've been dating forever. We've had some laughs about this that the heat retired jerseys wall. Nice they're like circus tents man. Those things feel too big. You're Jersey's going to be retired at some point and I feel like the jerseys that Riley is thrown up into the rafters. They're just too big. Have you noticed hanging out there? Like like flash for the country. But he's definitely he's I mean you know what this have been hanging out there man from where I came from like Dan say man. Huskies sports show. Y'All been covering me forever man It's a blessing to my way. Even if it's a baby jury it could be a onesie. You know what I'm saying. The hanging up in Iraq has on. Then I'm thinking God put it on the poll game on Lebatardshow. Should you as limbs name go up into the rafters on a Baby Jersey on a one show? You don't want to announce anything here about retiring or anything before you go right are you okay. Is Everything Okay at home? Nine first person material is going to be popular man not you so can't very communicating all right there at the same time. I will be checking in with my father. It's the hardest I've ever seen you laugh over twenty five years to him watching my father do rap videos with collaborating with the wrappers of famous songs and. Yeah I've never seen you. Don has laughed that way. I walked into a room. He my father was holding him. Up was physically holding you down. His has won because of how he was laughing. Ud thank you for being with US. Sir Thank you guys now please so biosphere hello. Thank you sir. If you missed any of our interviews on demand David Archer podcast brought to you by capital one. Why SETTLE FOR AVERAGE WITH CAPITAL? One you can open a savings account with a rate five times. The national average welcomed the banking reimagined capital one. What's in your Wallet Capital One a member? Fdic because we are so happy that we are allowed. Now to reopen the Church of Gronk we have actually sent Bristol. A handful of things to make us feel the religious spirit of our favourite meathead returning to football. We can now reconstruct the church around him. Let's do so with the first song from the him. No place on gather around America. Here we have for you as we reopen the church Gronk HYMNAL NUMBER. Two please run. It's beautiful I've got a tear in my feel. It's almost like Like hearing Pacelli sing outside of vacant. You Know Milan sing amazing grace. It's almost the same thing Gronk hymnal number three please to lower deeply moving and finally The religious experience is not complete without this hymnal. Ha- aw yeah so. It's Tom Brady has gone to Instagram Stugatz. And because he is now in his forties a wacky person who shares a pieces of his life with us. He has put up a video. And I don't know if it's a video that was recent or if it's a video that he's put up before but it's apropos. For the moment it. Is Tom Brady in a field blowing on some sort of Horn in the distance you see a bunch of birds fly out of the trees as he blows on the Horn and then the actual gronk romps in like a polar bear into where it is that Brady is and he is now summoned. Gronk so he just put that up on his instagram account. Yeah I'm guessing. This was taped earlier. Just because it looks like A More Autumn Massachusetts and Rob Gronkowski is eighty pounds heavier than we last saw. Although I wouldn't put it past wrong gained eighty pounds in one week. Because he's just that kind of freak. This seems older repurpose. But he's he's a pretty good social media following his older age. He's finding his voice and I think he's reveling in the fact that he can actually use a voice. Now Tom Brady. That's part of it. He's allowed to have a voice now. He's allowed to have allowed to post videos with Greg. I think that's part of what's behind what Tom Brady is doing. This feels even though at an advanced age. This feels very very fun to him. It's a feeling he hasn't had throughout his twenty years of playing football. I mean this seems obvious. It seems obvious that Brady and Gronkowski no longer wanted to play under the Patriot rules. They'll play football but Aaron's is a very different coach. He's not GonNa do it the same way. So they're going to actually be allowed to have Some personality Tom Brady has never shown us very much of that over the years. We've gotten precious. Little of what he is doing on instagram. Now put it on the poll Guillermo Lebatardshow. Did Tom Brady. No GRONK was coming back when he tried to trademark Tampa Bay Because I'm guessing he's had this in the works for a while right. Jay Glazer was the first to report it yesterday. But this doesn't just come to be in a couple of minutes. This is something that Brady is said to have gone to the bucks with saying look. I think I could talk him out of retirement. I think Brady's but thinking about this for a while. You remember the Howard Stern interview. He said he knew before the start of last season he knew it was final season in New England. Now I don't know if he knew he was going to Tampa Bay. There's rumors about San Francisco. I think Miami was maybe in the mix but I think this is something him gras but and thinking about for a couple of years now Stugotz Mike was complaining. Tiger king feels like it was one million years ago does Senate because I know that these days are all sort of blending together. I looked up and it was you know it was April twenty second. Whoa we've been at this for so long but in many in many ways the timeline is crawling because we don't have these strategies but also tiger king for me was five shows ago. It's like captured the nation. It was the biggest thing in shows. He was the most famous person in America and we have so moved on right now I know other people are so catching it. But we're all trying to entertain ourselves and find the next binge worthy show. It feels so far long ago and it really shouldn't give them a put it on the poll please. At lebatardshow does tiger king feel like a million years ago Stugotz they rushed that episode eight into net flex good Lord. It's bad one a money. Grab you people should be ashamed of yourselves steak man.

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