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Pay It Forward Friday: Courtney Ramsey


Hey everyone and welcome to another paid for Friday episode where we have people that we feel are doing a great job of publishing leadership content the resonates with us we will include links to their work and tagged him on our post to make sure they know we appreciate them. This is our way to say thanks to other leaders and individuals that are having a positive impact on helping others become better leaders who sharing their thoughts opinions and ideas online for all the scene here. Chris and I have always wanted to use our platform to advocate for other people passionate about leadership and give our listeners as much content as possible to help sharpen their own skills through different perspectives and approaches. You'd like us to check out any one specific. Please tag them in the comments or send us a message with links to their content on this episode. I WANNA recognize Courtney. Ramsey corny creates delivers custom training content. She is instructional design expert. A learning creator and keynote speaker. A connection of my commented on one of Courtney's post the other day. Check out her page. I came across a very relevant and timely article that she had written of course. The link to the article will be in the episode notes. The article was titled. How do you lead during a pandemic? I read the article is. I've been reading a lot of articles recently about the specific topic in a really appreciate according to perspective and advice. I won't spoil the details. But Courtney offers eight tips to help and I wanted to list them to entice you to check out the entire article. Number one is Ba- flexible and ask for help to keep it real and avoid spin three setup structure to regain a sense of normalcy for ask for feedback in act on it five offer recognition gratitude and personal development freely six look for the good express gratitude daily seven personalized the way you provide recognition and number eight. Allow Your Team. The time and budget to expand their skill set again. I highly recommend you. Check out courtney's page and specifically this article. Great Job Courtney and thanks for helping others to Hashtag be a better leader. Thanks for listening and let us know who else deserves kudos.

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