The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 901 Starting Pitcher ADP Risers ft. Mike Kurland


welcome to episode nine hundred and one of the super bus. I'm just in mason joined by jason jason. Hey i'm doing while man. I took a three day weekend. Friday off so it's been super nice to catch up on some things. Get ready for a labor tonight to into a bunch of first pitch forum stuff and get out the joy free awesome weather. We have right not not not going to lie. It just pretty awesome outside how you doing. I'm doing all right whether it's pretty nice here. I don't actually even have to wear a sweatshirt in my office which is unusual. I nine o'clock in the morning. So that's nice and Yeah i'm just doing draft up stuff. So then updating my rank which the up on the site this week Did another one of those eighty market reports. And yeah so. It's just been a lot of work getting ready for my i think. Final seven or eight drafts of the season and then we'll be ready for opening day. Can't wait joining us. Today is a good buddy of mine. That's mike kurland of the podcast. Mike welcome the show. I appreciate option to be here. I have a huge small face because this is a show that has telling you before that it's always listen to be a part of it is kind of so real so again you guys are having. Of course i was hanging out on What the the list. Every night of weeks ago During or you know the the weekend a pitch conned in your all like oh yeah. It's kind of on my bucket list to get on the bus. And i was like oh i was going to have you on but i'm just gonna older over head for awhile. That's okay because you know peace appears like you know what i went up you. Just and he got me up fantasy prose. I so you know what yeah. He's he's so mike for those who don't know who you are letterman where he results social media and then talk about what you do appreciate it. You can follow me on twitter at mike underscore kurland as you mentioned the host bases-loaded podcast. I write i currently right for wrote a baller and prospects live and my big thing right. Now is a spring training line of stuff man. I have the sign of tracker created on google gets into my profile and i recently started my weekly. What's going to be a weekly our ongoing series pretty much all things lineups. Any manager quotes like find any playing time trends. I can identify as run out from spring. Training but season to apply applies. Well we're looking. We're watching every little thing. We can terms of tiny toons etc etc. So it all. It's pretty much health spring training lineups right out for me and your spring training up Google sheet is absolutely amazing. People should be going over to your twitter and finding that because it. It's super cool. I i know you mentioned to me the other night when we were doing a livestream For tgif fbi and as okay. i'll check it out. And then i went and checked it out. I think Yesterday the day. Before i was like god. Oh how am. I not been using this This week so people definitely gonna go check it out. You can show what each team's lineup was who they were going up against In terms of star starting Righty or lefty and then Kind of give you a little bit of fancy tank. And it's i think it's goal dude. It's pretty awesome. I appreciate that the idea kind of i found this. I fell into this last year. Because twenty twenty so fast paced rapid almost Lineups matter more now sees long than they ever have. So i decided to kind of take that idea that kind of came up with midseason transition into a spring training where we don't have much of a spring training tool like this so i'm kind of just taking this niche and running with it in so far so good. I'm really enjoying it. It is a lot of work but it's honestly a labor of love. I mean you gotta love it to put up with this long right So we're gonna talk about some Adp risers in starting pitching market But we've got a ton of news and notes cover and then we'll get to a mailbag question or two at the end. Oliver mailbox coming from the The discourse for for the patriots. So if you would like to have your questions read an answer on here. You've got to sign up for The patriot on and get one of the tears. That has the discord i think. The the the cheapest dischord tier is a four dollars and twenty cents. Because paul are children definitely do that. it's a small group right now. So you get a direct access to both paul and i. We gotta get jason in there at some point. So let's discord. Do you do discord somebody yesterday about clubhouse hell in here's being the buber else clubhouse Discordance because i have to suspend my kids access to it from time to time what it is it makes you feel better. I'm not a boom only thirty. And i don't know clubhouses so i'd ask somebody as well so guys. It's brand new. Someone on twitter asks paul knife we were in clubhouse announced like yeah. I don't know yeah. I feel a bit old to be clubhouse so i i don't know that i'm gonna join it but we'll see if feels like just this year's version of what was google plus or whatever it was I can't remember what their their facebook was in I've enough talked keeping up the slack like she and slack community loved But i can barely keep up with that and i. Can't you know. I'm not going to start going to pile on discord and i'll be in the picture list. Discord god now i make it peer pressure into one of them but i have. I have enough struggle. Yeah i have enough trouble keeping up with the fan graphs staff Slack by troubles. I'm united. don't keep with. I'm just hoping My boss is don't listen to this but anyways let's not let's talk some notable notes in transactions things like that Jagoda rizzi Right after paul. Night kind of finished recording on thursday. Signed a two year deal. I think on friday with a with the astros. They lost from revolt out does The also lost Forests wit lead. Tj which will talk about here In a moment but odor izzy is now locked into their rotation singer jason. I know you've been a big guy in the past or you can go back to the well known originally this you're gonna legs before before preferences there was Tweeted out an article. This morning from freaky town On twitter from espy nation. Who wrote a fantastic article A featured stuff about already so strongly suggest people go find that off my twitter feed but it talks about how there's a probably another level to If the astros can employ their Their their spin magic on people. I'm going to find the article so you can put it in in the show notes Justin but they're so go. Read that article of look at some tree About what could what could happen. Resume always been a fan just because he's typically tends to come dirt cheap And you don't have to worry about it now. The fit in minute maid park is not exactly an ideal fit for things by if he can't the astros can do what they've done with other pitchers legally Than perhaps there's gonna be Perhaps there's a little more upside to receive as you said when they lost dez. What appears to be for. Most if not the entire season with the finger injury And then for sweatless is seeking a second opinion but has already been told. The you're gonna have tj Type of thing. They had to do this. And so it's it's going to boost up his adp. I can tell you that he was going late. I mean he wanted. He wanted drafted at the point. We had when the news came out and he went s- Right around the fbi. He went in the in the middle of the twentieth round. So mike. are you buying on odor izzy here. I think you have to just the simple fact of the potential for buying opportunity right now. I'm you're talking about a guy. We jason mentioned how ladies going and the stuff is just interesting especially if the astros can work. Their magic with a razzie has the fastball. That seems to get decent rise. Nothing like oh my god special but it can play and then he has. You know the slider that wasn't utilize heavily last year. But i think he's gonna get a chance to maybe up central. This would be the team to do it a spinks. The third love to us. I just like to see what they're gonna play. They're gonna try to utilize that curb rumour and he gets crushed but maybe they can help them with a better grip. I'm more spin efficiency. Because he has the has the arsenal. It's a matter of putting it together. We know last year. I think Gobble lucky the answer to say considering he underperformed across the board compared to all his career totals again are smaller sample. i think there's a good bounceback attached and you're getting again dirt cheap and now even if you rise is what he still espy five type at the highest. Probably pay for him. So i'm okay with taking a shot. Odor is especially considering again even with inflation is still before it will. Yeah i mean he's gonna definitely rise up Interesting how far rises up. This kind of late and drop season definitely won't get to where he would have been had he been a. He's signed with the address earlier in the spring. And it's kind of nice situation. My biggest concern is something Jason is mentioned voter as a bunch of which he is awful third time through the order and the twins. They're really really good job of kind of using him on the first time since the order depending and so he gets to goes deep is He can get through those first two times and then he automatically comes out. I don't know that dusty baker on the astros will do that. So i do worry that it might get crushed a little bit as they tried to get him to go deeper in games especially with the fact that they are kind of lacking in the rest of Kind of that rotational little bit in the bullpen. So he went. I think in the twenty first round of my tgi draft like you know within an hour to of In signing so you know. I don't know how indicative that is considering ian con saw. That it got signed was like well. I guess i'm taking them here I don't know that. I'm going to end up with other a fair amount. I mean if he drops draft in has been going extremely late that maybe i'll take the gamble but not someone necessarily targeting Speaking of astros did mention that force. Whitley get tj off so obvious or he's gonna get tj So badly He has done for the season. Likely going to miss part of the beginning of next year as well mike. So let's talk about dynasty leagues. Is this time you kind of cut bait on an on four whitley. oh man. that's like a loaded question because in a sense it's like there's leagues deep enough. I'm still holding onto honeywell link. That's just where i'm at. So yeah there's i else there's usually i'll spots and you can hold onto it. Depends on like shower formats. Let's say ten twelve fourteen teen dynasty. I think you could drop him safely. Especially dynasty leagues. Where you keep everybody now if you have limited keepers. He's obviously a drop. So whitley's the talents. Their health isn't this is almost like a honeywell to point out. Feels like at this point. And i just i very least i should have learned from i was thinking i i won't make that mistake twice. Whitley's a guy. I'm probably this cutting and trying to find something better player. Wire jason what are you doing stealing hard past eileen army. It's been a bumpy road. It's been a bumpy road up to this point and now you're gonna have this at. He's talking about going to seek a second opinion. And i said bless you. When you were talking about brent honeyball saint fame. I love that dude three surgeries ago. Just hoping i'm just hoping he gets the pitch in the major leagues. That's where i am with him. I i absolutely loved him a few years ago. In my my ale keeper league. I ended up trading. I haven't read dollar. I traded him before the surgeries. Because i've been burnt by this type of thing in the past And if he does have the surgery than twenty twenty one. Gone twenty twenty. Two's pretty much watch now. We're talking about twenty twenty three and if he comes back was he reliever if i could find a bunch of that stuff so bass. Yup i kind of feel the same way. I've mentioned this view. Times now On the pod. Is that ken goldstein. Who worked for the astros announced back over fan graphs Had mentioned in his chat that he's got the widest range of outcomes probably any pitcher in the minor leagues and that means he could be as good of as a number two starter or never see the majors and now we know he's not gonna see the majors for at least a probably the next eighteen months and i if someone's willing to buy low on force whitley i'm definitely willing to sell Speaking prospects and being out jared colonic He's gonna be out three to six weeks after injuring his knee running to first base He is a great to strain of the duck. A duck derm muscle in his knee. That i can't apparently pronounce and so it all works out right. Everybody was wondering what the mariners were going to do. In terms of holding down a service time they now have an out. This pisses me off. Not just because i've taken him In the top like one seventy five in tgi in few other leagues recently but just because they get off the like. That's i i hate that. They're getting off the curcas I felt like they should really be of drag over the coals if they if they some now now they have every right to because he's injured Very much like when flat guerrero was a rookie in in got injured right in spring training. So i think he's going to be fine And probably at the end of april when we kind of expected them to hold his service. Time down But jason what are your thoughts on jerk Clinic with this injury you how convenient It does suck that if you there's not a rule in play that says hey you've been caught breaking it you have to promote guy. He's got to be up day one. It will be nice if if baseball punish people for index like that But they don't so you know. I hope the playing it gives them honestly. I'm not expecting for him to get like kris bryant treatment where it's just a weekend he's out Going to push back things to a normal schedule but we all used to sit around but okay here comes a memorial day weekend coming out of that s when the prospects are gonna come up. That's what it feels like. He's more of a jewish guy now then and even a late april guy or early. May what this kind of timetable. And the time he'll need it really feels like he's we're not concealing the active roster third of the seats can be gone a quarter to a third and so that's you're taking him early kinda sucks. Obviously but that's that's where i'm viewing It's like going into tonight with a labor. I'm sure he would have been a hotter name But his not you hit especially going into what the uncertainty of us mike. What are you doing with clinic. I'm kind of laughing at the fact that he killed you. Gutted you with the common of won't be up till like Let's silence. Here's the thing i don. I think he's i think he's i think he's up at the end of april as long as he's healthy so he finished the game or at least finished out like the next inning so he clearly About as melvin. Pitch to seven batters. Yeah he but clinic doesn't need like surgery or anything. he just needs steiner. I think he's going to be fine. I think they're going to use this as an excuse to keep him down. Pass that threshold in then. He'll be obsolete. I'm not super worried i would still eat. He drops outside of the top two hundred draft. He's likely going to be on my team. Which means i'm probably have a lot of planet shares rest of the way. I don't know how much he's gonna drop though. Because i do think. I think most people are going to have that mindset. Even i wrote up to In my article. I dropped today that i think he'll be up in may even if it's not the earliest part. I think i'd say ten days. Maybe two weeks at most intimate. I think we see him. It all depends on how he progresses through this who his injury and all that so clerics guy that i'm still in on an ad discount even i'm acting on but the count. He sent his back whereas adp was prior to the news of clinic. Coming up right away so there is a little give and take there. But i'm willing to take a shot given the agnes price drop back down aright Next we're going to talk about is rotor. Soon he's gonna hold a showcase for teams On march twelfth Do we care. Mike no like i i mean i wish i remember the exact quote Jason said but. I'm only a hard pass. Hard pass That's where i'm at. Are you hard as well. jason. I am still. There's still too much risk there. Obviously when the when the astros let him go there was a ten billion dollar player option. That's why he displayed or you know he's gonna be paid they just let them slide right through waivers. I just can't imagine that arm is is even ninety percent In good shape and it's still risk because he never had surgery to fully repair. If i if i'm not the steak ends like he had a slight tear to the ucla job of it didn't go the surgery route and now has to prove that he in fact is fully recovered. Yes i think so. I mean i think the last round of a fifth year outdrawing old or something like that Somewhat interested in this is a guy with a proven closer track record and if he is healthy and he looks good. In that showcase he will land somewhere. I don't know where um and doubt it's going to be a place that just hands on the job right away or anything but yeah i mean last last. Pick your drafted hold of you know. Reserve picking only. Yeah i'm okay without and as that happens. I don't know if you guys sirens but apparently setting police after me. So i think that's more of a Ambulance coming to get out of as lee. The phillies is going to be out for weeks of the grogan strain in an appears that that lease odebrecht herrera's league candidates win the center field. John this is obviously going to work itself out. Someone's going to get that centerfield job but a rumors are harare is kind of the guy who is in the the front runner of that Mike are you interested in audubon rare at all man. I remember the days. I wasn't long ago and he was actually fantasy viable and somebody that we targeted. What in the two hundred even like. I'm try remember when he was and her is a guy that despite my personal feelings against fantasy production could be there. I mean we see them in spring training now again this spring training. Let's that's like this matter for a guy like herrera. Because he's fighting for starting gig we've seen bats. He's had four hits a home run and stolen base. So he's there. He's a multi category project producer. And he's better than kingery. I'm sorry. I mean we all wanna believe in kangaroo. Believe it's there's a chance but he has. He's been given multiple opportunities. Can't seem to come through. Although i am curious because i remember reading a trying to find it but harper was asked about his feelings on harare essentially and her being a star on the team pretty much dancing very favorable of the idea of even like he just didn't seem very happy about the whole situation sounded like someone. If that will actually play any part will will. The players have any say in that like him being the star being the big money guy. Does he have any sway in harare making a team. I mean i'm going really deep in over thinking that one but just something. I'm kind of watching forcing that. But overall looking at production upside guys. I mean he was pretty much undrafted bitching early. Dc's now he's a guy you're going to be able to get really late and obviously has only upside as well so early guy that i'm at the earliest ping on one. I'll watch this. Because if he's playing every day it could just give you some power and speed and that's really valuable. Jason are you interested in harare depending on the context. Sure he's just such a weird dude. Will you look when you look at the body of work again. Onfield for safia outfield scrimp. Onfield he went from a guy that was a positive defender to a guy that was a below average defender like that. He went from a defensive war from almost ten to negative nine in one season And then yet that's cesium sitting for more power. But then we see we see some of his other indicators just backsliding two thousand nineteen was obviously a disaster play last year. So it's like how much I'll take this. You mentioned goldstein's podcast. Reality at cody decorated. Episode cody decker was talking about having a month off and then going to triple a. And villa and no idea what he was doing at the plate for a while. You talk about a guy here who's had one hundred thirty nine plate appearances over two seasons and he's going to step back in and see what he can do against major league pitching. I mean if i was in. I didn't need to see if you went to now labor last i forgot to look But if you know if he did at that point. I would be surprised if he you know. He didn't go into labor last night but if he's not going into labor then why would he go. Why would you look at them in your own. locally and Labor this labor is tonight Herrera did not go last night. See that surprises me attack. You went for two dollars in two zero. A sean so there so that makes sense. Yeah that that's the format i think. He deserves to be part of. Because i think there's a bad staring at bats are valuable in any only format. It'll be interesting i. There's this tool that. I use that this guy. My furlan does the tracking lineups and Yeah i'm gonna. I'm gonna kind of track that over the course of the next week or so and see you know. He played on saturday. According to mike. Curling's google she'd Bad second played played in center field. So i'm an reports are that he is kind of elite guy. they're hitting second in that lineup. That's a pretty darn good spot. Be so i'm gonna be interested if if that is the case Moving right along kazaa. Wanna get to kind of our main topics of day. A danny santana's signs minor league deal in boston. Kind of adds to their outfield in. Maybe a little bit of their kind of flexibility and infield. Do we care mike No hard pass if theme today man hard pass they. You're the nasa word thing so get kika hairiness who can do the same ben. They got marwin gonzalez. Who can do the same thing. And now they're going to add danny santana. Who could you move up a five year holiday once was. Rv knife is always cool to having your house or your pocket but three That's that's a little weird so i don't know if we're he where he cracks the team You look at how they're putting their bench together appointees gotta make it a second catcher. Christian non-royal is out of options but criminal royal compla- three spots on the infield himself. So if you're looking for his addition kind of tells me that christian arroyo was on the outs by the deal. He's probably not in anybody's draughtsman's To that but that's where you kind of look at what they're at. They're bringing him in. Somebody's got to go out. And arroyo seems to be like the logical dude as somebody who's out of options wonder if this has anything to do with Frenchie cordeiro have covid and potentially maybe word that he's not going to be ready to start the season so I mean i think more will be revealed would see how much playing time getting in spring. On if there's a real shahrani. Alva durand noise micro savings but he has options but certain jan durant looks really goodness spring. Yeah i don't think chip's making this team all right Then let's see the next the next thing. We've got his friend. Laura's jose ramirez their way from the team for violating the The covid protocols I don't know that this has much of an impact in terms of their fantasy value but Just shame shame shame. This is the second time now. In two years at friend mill has had to be sent home because he violated covid restrictions. Ramirez is a star in just should know better. I mean either. You guys have anything does not even starting to capture the team. It's it's i mean it's just disappointing. Like whether or not you think there should be covid restrictions like there are for your profession and for this sport so like come on like don i mean. Hopefully they learned their lesson though clearly has not from last year and this doesn't happen in season but it just seems like cleveland has a bunch of knuckleheads can say much. I mean it's just it's i rank is again. I feel like they're taking a serious year. Like as a whole. I feel like there's not much reporting on it and i understand. It's kind of you know everything's getting better. Which is good but still like. This isn't gonna help. And covert is still thing we mentioned. We just got done mentioning. How french cordeiro reported camp yet. So it's still very much an issue and these guys should know better. Especially i can't. I'm going to harp on it. A little bit usually harbaugh things. But ray is just really like. Come on dude really. I can't i just can't deal with especially has the It was out the they got busted for go getting getting a haircut and then eating inside the restaurant it's come on your arizona. How beautiful is the weather right now. May i know it's allergy season that so maybe that's an issue but it is absolutely beautiful on phoenix. Like three hundred and sixty days a year And so yeah eat outside. Plenty of room of other people all right moving right along the giant sign. Jose alvarez. I didn't think this was really worth mentioning. But jason does so. Jason talked about why you think it's worth mentioning. I do think it's worth mentioning. And i think it's worth mentioning because you look at the structure of their bullpen on how the bullpen is structured with him coming even before he joined the The bullpen and you look at how lefty leaning it is with Darling garcia sam. Selman and now jose alvarez joining jake mcgee most teams don't carry four lefty relievers less. They have plans on doing something with one of those lefty relievers Instead we don't have louise baseball anymore to me that kind of hints at cape kappler to lead on jake mcgee to be his primary closer. This year You know we can all jokes about the capital us. Anybody in anybody. And i'm all for that but we look back just tonight. We're looking back before we started recording this morning and get captured dave hector nearest a lot of leash in two thousand nineteen And even before that it was certainly dominguez darris. Weddings stands in the following year. Narrow twenty the same so that club and so he has shown a proclivity for using primary guy when he has a primary guy. And you look at that. Bullpen is as structure and last year it was messy but they went out and got mcgee. They went out and signed alvarez who was more reliable relievers when he was filled at when. I went out in kappler alvarez. We're in philly together and so they went and supplemented This bullpen out Still would like to see them. Put aaron sanchez in the bullpen. Instead of the rotation But to me. I'm i'll take him in fact i took him in the twenty first round of tgif. Be i as my third reliever wrote about an article for a wire earlier this winter. Because i really want him to come back to tampa bay for their bullpen. But he got a two year deal from the giants and i think it was more than just. Hey come in here and work the seventh inning as you did with the rockies at were what he did with the dodgers because that bullpen was so deep mcgee wasn't needed to do anything else there but he's got a he's got a clear path to ending decisions With the giants. And i think this edition of another lefty to the bullpen speaks to where they're leaning. Alright mike Because i don't trust get counselor uncomfortable. I just don't like i'm just. I'm just not going to invest in the giants bullpen. Except for maybe like a. I mean he is going super he just went in the twenty first round. Then of twenty six rout of my teaching fbi draft so. I guess it's worth the gamble. There is you're like rpg three or four depending on if you're playing at twelve or fifteen wing I don't care that much. Mike do you care. I'm just. i'm so beat up with these. Relief pitchers the draft season. I mean it's it's so hard to tell. I'm probably going to end up with more. Jake mcgee i want to because i do like to try to leave the draft with three to four depend depend on format like guys a format relatively with three league relief pitchers for sure. And he's the guy. Jason grabbing with the perfect point like third relief pitcher as a guy who can get us the Here and there or possibly be everyday guy you never know. Kappler is off his rocker. Maybe he decided you know what. I'm going to be traditional this year because it's kappler we don't know yet and i'm going to bed. You know what. I'm gonna take my sean mcghee because of the price and i'm all about chasing saves late because i if i don't get them early will i. I like to do is get one early and in grad wrestling one is closer but this so that's kind of millions of autumn. My rosters 'cause you're my third guy. I'm like just see what happens. Yeah i'm just. I i don't know. I mean the mystic knight mystic at all i just did my my relieve rains last night Posted first thing tomorrow morning For those of you on twitter. Asking where the rat. In that i did. Actually they'll be posted tuesday morning because tomorrow morning i'm going to do the eighty market report for relievers and this is what i've noticed because there's been a lot of talking cluding by people like myself about just how disaster you know how much of a disaster. The kind of closer pool is After doing that market report article and updating my ranks for publishing I don't think it's as big of a disaster as maybe other people do. And i think it largely has been a narrative from earlier drafts season when a bunch of these guys weren't signed but it doesn't feel that much different than it does every year. There's some lockton guys. there's some not locked in. Is there some committees All of those guys are gonna lose their job at some point so like i wouldn't be changing up my approach to closers From previous years. If you've been in the don't for contingent there are guys. You can get Later on or spec plays But if you're like me you tend to like to leave a draft with at least one established closures. I think there's plenty of those guys actually I think the the free agent market is now finally settled and we kind of know the guys are that are locked in who aren't and then there's the usual question mark so i'm not quite as worried i think is maybe other people are and i do think it potentially comes from this kind of Early draft season narrative that is no longer true at this point so that's That's gonna wrap up all the news and notes. We're going to move on. And i wanted to kind of move our mail. That question up in front of our arising. Adp guys. because i don't have any of those guys will actually get to this point So to answer the question we got for the mail bag and kind of than a secondary question In zastava discord again all the mail back are coming from the discord now. citgo sign up over patriots With looking like no d. h. In the national league. Do you worry about matt carpenter taking playing time from any cardinals. Infielders namely tom edman. So i'll throw this one to you. I might yeah. I hate to say this but i am concerned because they really seem to. Wanna get him in the lineup. He's hit top to every game except for today actually is hitting fifth. I think but the the point is is. He's playing so much now. Maybe they wanna do they have in them. Maybe they wanna see what carpenter still offer. But they're planet not only the age they're giving them roofs at second upset third. They are really interested in seeing they have left and carpenter and they want and they seem to want about them at top of the order so no d. age. I'm not sure if it hurts edmund. Or if it's just more or less they're going to plug and play. Obviously i mean edmund is guide kanter right. I know i'll carpenter playing in the outfield. I i it's it's going to be edmund against days off especially struggles early on jason. What are your thoughts on. This is carpenter gonna screw overtime. He hadn't been owners. I think he especially in the spot of the lineup. Because that's one thing. Carpenters has. The ability to do is strong on strong. Ob p history. In recent years it's been down somewhat but previous previous to that. He knows how to draw walks and whatnot. So if you're gonna play and you gotta play high in the lineup. It's like more of the things. I'm always staring at us. Were especially lineup lies at bay boob ed than if he doesn't hit first and he hits eighth. Then what do you do with the. How do you work in betas. Anybody anybody else play centerfield for them. I don't see other option on the roster to play center field goal publican. I was gonna say. I agree with mike. That carpenters should not be playing the outfield. But it's like you look at the profiles o.'neil invader i mean they're toolboxes but the range of outcomes on those guys could be anywhere if they can ever put it all together as wow but at the same point. It's like the the the range of outcomes could be on the bench to If o.'neil start making better contact same thing with bater but that's kind of were that that situation falls. It's a weird mix but the other thing is i. Don't we just keep trying to stay your camp on this. I know have not had much movement on the conversation. But you might correct me if i'm wrong. We have still yet to have a pitcher take on at bat and spring training. Not that i've seen. I really hope to it retraining. Do i've read an article yesterday. Just infuriated me. It was talking about the interview. Joe girardi and like he goes. I haven't really told the guys go up there and take three strikes and sit down. I'm like oh my god you're gonna. How's that even in the realm of possibility does it. That's that's how it's going to be. Just don't let the guy go up there but i know we're talking about two plate appearances in a game for the most part but still it's like you're really going to go up there and just telling guy okay. Just take it. If it's not a sack situation just go up there and take three strikes. Sit out But that's it's literally the knights place hitter go up. There crouch really coastal plate The fact that these pictures aren't even don't even do anything not even go into a game right now. It's all been cage. Work tells me that they're holding out. Hope and i really wanna hold out hope but right now i'm just using it. I'm i'm drafting up or not in tgif. Be i. when i've gotten down the okay. I want to take a picture. I'm looking for sale as swung some of my choices. Historically last year it was great because it was easier But this year. It's i'm leaning towards the nfl guy. When i. i have to pitchers close. Because i have to play with rules that i haven't hand right now right now telling me that al guys are gonna get the base the pitcher twice And so that's gonna be to easier to easier At bats for them in a line of versus derail contemporary on all talk about the. Da is jewish in here in a second. But i'll get back to edmund row. Quick I don't think this is gonna hurt. Edmund is much as it's going to hurt either o'neill or harrison baiter and so those of you who are on the yearly tyler o.'neil hype train right now thinking. He's got a fulltime job in left field. Edmonds going to be playing up her when carpenters because Like mike mentioned iran in goldschmidt are not sitting for matt governor. That just knock it happen unless it's just a regularly scheduled day off type thing but When carpenters in the line of its second edmund will shift out to left field in either batur or o.'neil will set up I think it'll work itself out one way or another and been. I don't know that if the cardinals actually do you wanna try to somewhat compete this year that they wanna be running carpenter out there especially at the top of the lineup Mean his walk is still great but the reason is. Ob is down. Like jason mentioned is because his average is absolutely atrocious when eighty six in twenty twenty two twenty six in twenty nineteen and those were fairly well deserved so I don't think it hurts edmund. Quite as much I do think edmund could run into some issues if they bring up their Their top prospect nolan. nolan gorman. at some point a apparently he is ready. Been working at second base. So i think then edmund turns into kind of a super utility guy plays mostly in left field that just prices from Labor last night edmund went nineteen a baiter went fifteen odia what nine carpenter with two yup signed not showing gorman as gummer was take him in the reserves he should have been saved the reserves It's a I don't know this is somebody who fab later. I get it especially a lotta guys. Taking their chances on pitching the research is there's a lot of yellow and the labor gore. See gorman's guy. I've been trying to grab the forty eight forty nine or fiftieth round in drafting holds. But i totally understand in your regular regularly not not wanting to take a shot on him. Because i don't know what he's up he's in the. I don't know that he's necessarily guy who's up at the end of april. He's probably more like him in summer. Camp guy so all right Any other situations were really worried about with the playoffs with the lack of d. h. I do believe that it is still an option. Like i mentioned last episode with paul I'm definitely more in the Twenty percent chance that it happens opposed to feeling like is greater than fifty percent chance. That happens i'm I'm not closing the door on it for sure. But i think at this point. We now have to start kind of planning for it if you hadn't been already And i mean like for instance. I'm kind of coming up on the clock. And i make gotta make a decision between matthew boyd. The al pitcher horse and hilliard. One of the guys who may be part of this kind of roster crunchy issues without t h in the national league. So mike what are what are the situations that you're worried about in the nationally. I love it. You said he'll you're the first all my list that i made here has. The perk following. Lineups is trying to get an idea. These trans in hilliard's seems like the odd man out. Not hamson hilliard was initially thought to be. Maybe starting center fielder but if you look at every line of so far it's been hamson essentially playing center field. I think one game where he played second so and he'll you got. His websites aren't field. But the more. The more concerned about hilliard in particular is that when blackman was in the lineup. He's one who shifted to the bench not have remained in southfield today. Blackman's and lineup again in hilliard shifted the left field you see. The constant is hamson. Playing centerfield not hilliard hilliard. Likely the odd man out without the d. h. Right now that's like one of the first big ones. There's a whole. I have a whole bunch Run through but i'll start with that one. Other people talk jason. What are the situations you're worried about. Yeah that's the big one because you look at the possibilities of what hillier could do getting back to the toolbox comment that i made earlier. He's got plenty of them but he's also got he's got a got his flaws and that's where it becomes that were that's where it can come into play. It's like to learn only good if you can actually get on the field to use them We saw some talk more. Talk about In in your backyard and san francisco about longoria having a foot problem and entering a platoon situation is going to have his issues alad. Bring that up. If you're know we we have to talk to our l. folks amount name sharp udom roster longoria mixed league format any more than just a regular factor. The early play. We don't have that. Like what do you do in those games. We have where you're the braves. You really gonna put zona back in left field. How how is that roster crunch going to look like. They wanted valued their defense. But i wanna see how these teams are going to handle. There's there's not that many fulltime d. h. is in the national league last year. Most of most teachers used as a rotating day off but for somebody in particularly like osuna in a mentioned him because he's a i took him into third round of took them in the third round of td fbi. So i've i've taken him highs so he's a high profile dude And if yeah took him into third round so if he's going to have to sit was at nine games He's gonna be pinch hitter for nine games. That's that's a bit of hint to a tiebreaker. To say okay. I've got a burst crews Or if you're in all backing on jd martinez was to al guys Versus the nfl guy at ended least cruises never gonna play the field either. Martinez could in theory Played field a little bit. But we've seen what a zoo can be. Yikes so that's really that's really subscriber is. Is these guys these big bats. If they're going to have to sit for the most part for nine games. Than maybe. I'll take a chance on the guy that plays in the forgot to guys similar simone aligned. I'm gonna look for the guy that's not a total disaster in the field aren't mike. Why don't you just give me your whole list if you miss any all from other well. Here's this a few. That i came up with looking at the nfl. Just playing time concerns. i'm going to go to depth. The mets has a whole. That's like the obvious low hanging fruit one dom hasn't yet has yet to do anything but d. h. That team that there's just so many questions when it comes to the mets in terms of late late inning replacement all that stuff i it bats. They're reds as a whole have like four players for two spots. I know they've come out and primer said since l. Should be the starring stanfield. But they still have aquino akiyama winker and since two spots without the the age there that can cause issues in terms of platoons and just in general like just a headache. Marlins have derrick cooper who. I love what right now. It's like him or aguilar. I don't see a place for both of them. I don't see cooper playing outfield. Maybe off chance he can get some reps out there. But i just think it's one or the other more than likely almost as brewers. That's that's another one. That's obvious you have J. j. in lorenzo cain with even cain hasn't played yet there might be some lingering issues there we don't know about. Jj should play so there's again another crunches to in general a huge loser out in la and the the padres again other team just literally talent. You have kim jae colonel worth and profile. All kind of like fighting for spots pro far has been relegated to the fourth outfield type. If you look early on he's only he's only been starting in the outfield giving other guys rests which will probably end up with three games week. Just spelling myers famine whatnot out there. Kim and worth should play. I'd say probably three or four games each every week. Maybe can gain the preference. Those guys been bouncing around. The infield playing think play persons second kim's playing third and shortstop second as well. So they're really trying to see what they have out of kevin krahn worth and they're just gonna plug and play but you know they have six and then two spots for the last. Three centuries seems the padres do so. That's kind of big to watch just a lot of. It's it's a good problem to have. I guess with kobe to don't remind me about the garcia that was tough. Thomas follow got everything might lost. A bunch of weight got into shape At at the two thousand sixteen through two thousand nineteen batted ball data against the backdrop of what was last year and like. Oh yeah we see what he's capable of. The play centerfield last year out of shape was taking its toll on him at the plate as he went out and busted his butt to get in shape this year. And then there is and it doesn't look like you have some depth. Obviously if if something happens with cain Or something as as the older guy on the roster injury why so they have some depth. It's the last thing you wanna hear me. I had not taken garcia yet but believe me. He was my game plan. The he's still out there now because everybody has and you should because they're still full-time starters out there. That are sitting there but man. He really took a big hit. Just just there are right then and there on that and for me. That was the one where i thought there was. There is more upside with him. Given the switch given the situation and everything but without the. Da is really tough to take him in a fifteen team mixed league in the active phase of your draft. Yeah gosh are say. And the thing is though there showing confidence in him in terms of in terms of bad. Because he's pretty much married to the top of the lineup A top four hitter in any lineup. He started in and he's gotten regular playing time. So it's really really aggravating that he's probably beginning squeezed when in actuality. They seem really confident in his bat. So it's like. I'm hoping that they find a way to get them in there more often than not but i don't see the path without the hr injury. Yeah i think a lot of these situations will work itself out one way or another. Because of injuries. Injuries happen covid. It's going to happen And so i'm not like i'm not like totally dropping guys off my board but indefinitely evaluating Garcia just went in my league while we've been recording so in the twenty first round so That's that's an interesting kind of spot for him. I'm not like knock closing my. You know the door on the da in terms of believing it can get on his. We saw out quickly. The expand playoffs got pushed weekend right and it was done the night before those muscle Yeah it's i'm not. I'm not closing door on that one. So all right. Let's let's kind of move through some of these Starting pitchers rising eighty p I don't think we'll get through all of them In solid kind of pick and choose as go. But i do wanna start zach. Police act. Because i've seen him go as early as the third around in a fifteen team league in this league is the ninth around fifteen team-leading Over the course last two weeks. So he's extremely polarizing. I'll start with you mike. What are your thoughts on zach. Police ugh do i. All things are there. We saw them changes pitch mix. It was more effective. He played really bad opponents. Though at the shortened season teams didn't really have that they normally would shape etc etc. He's priced out for me. I don't i think he is going to be talented talented. I think he's going to have a good year. But i'm not sure he's going to have a good enough to justify this adp. I'm not as high as others. Are autumn. I liked what i saw. But what we saw was a hot run in any other season. And that's what we call the toy twenty season so please exit guy that i'm cautiously optimistic. But i am very apprehensive when it comes to buying it. Jason thoughts on police. I agree with all that. And he was the he was. S p twenty four td fbi. He went just after jim. You just in front of jose boura various. That's that's where he's sitting. And i look at it with the review and only because toronto going to be playing on those very friendly offensive parks this year. I could make the case there. But i'd rather have various over both of them Then hendrix would just epa that i'd rather have hendrix max freed went after hendrix. That's where so. I'm looking at the guys that went behind him saying yeah. I want all three of those guys before. I'm gonna a touch police soccer view. I really want to see how these the central division pitchers are gonna handle themselves when they have to face the other divisions this year because they had been a pretty cozy situation last year. Yeah i mean he said kind of in the introduction of police act i mean. He's super polarizing right now so we go from. The third of the knights route is crazy. Yeah he's he went in the seventh round of mike. Tgi fbi trapped as a twenty seventh starting pitcher off the board And that's kind of where. I would feel comfortable taking him if he'd made it back to me In the seventh round. I would have been inches because i think one of the things that i heard this mentioned on the pull it or podcasts. I want to give every. I wanna give a shout out to rob. Who's just doing a really fantastic job. He didn't episode with matt modibo. Diga and Oh god yeah mark. Sure if if you plan out of bc at all you need to listen to that episode because it just to the best players in the game right now Kind of drop in knowledge and mark mentioned on that podcast. One of the things that people are thinking about is like in the innings limits for starting pitchers in terms of actually making your innings requirements. There are going to be teams that in the last month of the season or forced to stream because they haven't gone the volume unique and one of the police at can do that. We know we can do that. He will be able to do this year whether or not. He's good or not is volume dude. Went deep into almost every game me last year And so for that reason he becomes somewhat more interesting to me. Because i feel like a pair him like with a with a kind of an ace and he's my number two guy. I feel like of already gotten a lot of volume of opinion with coal or bieber or gras Or you know other shire's nola guys who i can feel pretty comfortable about his his volume. The question becomes. How much do you want that volume. You know if he really does. Struggle with the home runs again Like jason mentioned. He's you know not going to be just going up against the alemanno central this year So the the competition level will go up. There are some concerns they are. But i'm willing to take the gamble when he starts falling kind of seventh eighth ninth round in a in a fifteen team legs so if that is where he ends up in in drafts in the shop. But i'm not going to be one of these people are taking them in the third route Or four probably not even the fifth so on look smartest sheet Rain men's fifty three in his max's ninety seven so like even there he's got he's got a span of where things go in volume volumes blessing and a curse volume you and strikeouts for sure But if it's bad volume that's that's it's gonna hit your ratios at a bigger volume two and that point tonight ahah labor. We have a nine hundred fifty inning limit. I think nfc's thousand But they they knocked down the nine fifty for labor battalion. We don't have one so you can exploit you can decide to zacks I'm very curious once we do tout a couple of weeks how the how the al and the nl only leagues differ and that regard. Because you know here we can't just say i'm gonna take two starters or you could but then you look at the bench one of the things. I noticed that looking ad I've mentioned earlier but sixty four percent of the reserve picks and And i'll labor last night pitchers so some teams are deciding okay. I'm that a goal with like. Two three starters relievers and that. I'm just gonna stream in july on streaming to to get my hands like i'm looking at not that derek cardi construct as raft in this way. But he was the one team that used all six of us reserve picks on pitching. So he's looking at it like he. Grab logan weber. Pick velazquez wade miley. Pierce johnson chase anderson and brett anderson. He just gonna stream match around that because like his his a active roster got alex miles. Nicholas you know. He's got a leisure hernandez he's got a lottery ticket to nelson momentum that he's got to worry about so and somebody else who's five and somebody else has got four. Somebody else's got four A few teams have four. So i can see teams looking at that to get to the limit may dictate what people have to do. And nfc format to where you typically like to say okay. I'm gonna platoon situation. I'm going to grab something like that. Or i've got this closer and i want to get as backup but you may have to use like four to five fifteen spots the pitching. If you're not one of those guys very confident in your ability to work waiver wire and identify the matchups all right. Let's let's move onto the next guy that strom us grow continues to move up on in the eighty p. I grabbed him in my tgi draft. I believe her out pink or a round seven on. I'm just double checking as i talk. Oh sorry round a. I grabbed him So pick one thirteen. I i wanna believe like i do. I want to believe and he definitely looked good in his first spring. Start but i mean i do. I've said this a few times already over draft season. I do feel like. It's a little bit of charlie brown trying to kick the football when moss grove at this point so jason. What are your thoughts on muss drove. Is this finally put together. This is finally year. He puts it together. This is it. It finally happens. And i'll see her. We joked about it. We've talked about it a couple of times in the offseason joel Kurt russell starting escape from new york. Joe must grow escape from pittsburgh and so it should work at. It should workout while forum. He's has the opportunity of nice. Run support You there may be some issues the ratios but the wind should be there for him in that capacity to strike. Outs should be there for him. He's gonna have some tough match-up when he plays the dodgers pitcher course field. You just have to manage them appropriately. He's not a set it. Forget it pitcher for me. That's one thing in pittsburgh that you could do with him is just set it and forget it. Hope for the best so you have to manage him properly all right. Mike is this. Your musco put together again. Is that like an appropriate answer right. Yeah when it comes the microbe. It's like you mentioned breaking football. It's great i also picture the geico commercial. Where he's the fishermen with the dollar bill in the end almost got it like. That's that's why it's like we're chasing that dollar bill and we're just trying to get it but i mean we have the drafting is almost like s p three range for your team. So you're saying you'll see him as the senate forget it pitcher by you're paying for that as your three roughly so it was my sp to see and there you go now you have to play. I'm sorry but you know another another vibe. I'm getting is. Unfortunately i'm feeling very twenty matt boyd ish right now. Don't say that. But t tell me. It's not the same idea that has a stuff just put together. He was going to do it last year and didn't and and now he's actually. I'll be looking better than they did last year. And he's not getting at least had the excuse that he had the hamstring in a foot. Injury must grow thirteen out labor last night in mitee. Fbi the fourth team four used him as ford starter took him in the fourth. Pick of the seventh round after casteel slavery and paddock So obviously a padres. Fan big believer there But yeah that's where. I think it's a great comp with with boy because we were all in love with matt boyd. Last year most of us were But like even his his rages kind of tight though. A minimum ninety. Four max of one forty one across the fbi address so it's not terrible a compare me that's a that's a on paper it seems like a more narrow range then We're just talking about earlier. He's got a narrow range that ian anderson and even zach. He's more narrow but In anderson the guy that people really love this year has got a wide range of outcomes in minimum maximum picks. Tgif the adenjer must growth so far. Yeah and you mentioned injury. Risk with you mentioned injury with With what's face boyd. It's not like must've known to stay healthy. I mean he has his fair share of alston's as well. So i wanna buy and plus you know. He's looking sharp in all the one and a half innings. We saw him pitch but he was talking. Really really talking up austin knowle's a catcher. Maybe that can help. Make them better this year as well having a better catcher under usually an underutilized. Like a part of your you know Looking at pictures and stuff so there was reason for upside and the stuff is there. But will he put together they. The padres have also mentioned the possibility of a six station. Which could limit is effectiveness especially have to set pitching for the week one star guy and possibly so. There's a lot of question marks. i'm not all that settlement out autumn. Let's play. I'm like i'm i'm. I'm a glutton for punishment. Just give me some more. But i don't like them as must be to. I'm sorry yeah that's an. That's a six man rotation as long as donelson limit can hold up so Yeah that's not a six. So i'm i'm not extremely worried about this edition part however as a person who's been clean and sober for almost sixteen years That was the first time. I've thought about drinking in a long time. Feeling not so good about that now. But i wanna move on to finish our last guy A then we're going to have to wrap it. Up is a fortunately and unfortunately i'm going to be doing the first pitch florida Conference here in about an hour selling to kind of make sure. My kids destroyed the house and then run back to the office sub Last guy we're gonna talk about your chidi He's rising up with the framer injury Even with the odor busy signing he's locked into rotation role. The question is mike. Are you kind buying this new eighty. Beat i guess. I'm not really a huge key guy. I think there's a lot of no tax on this one. No one tweet one tweet. From e-e-e-e-no keyed is getting boosted. Updraft boards thank you know but Yeah i'm not. I just i don't know i don't really know how i should feel about him. Jaising i'm truly torn. I'm not as high as maybe i should be. I think it's between the biggest between know the tweet tax at recency bias. Because there can you look good in the postseason to And so our recent memory is like oh hey that that gets interesting. But that's where. I'm not as high on the others to because even last year won't be so i just wants to strike out enough dudes ads. We have the range of outcomes is minimum. Pick one fifty five max to thirty eight so people have been really all over the place on him at these drafts. It started last week and he. He's got that kind of range to them. I think there's a safer options Especially guys going around. Zach eflin mike. Saroka david price Rogers there's mackenzie hood on feel safe with at all saroka. While talking about like super-safe smokers already has his injuries. He's gonna miss some time early out of the gate But that's all i'm looking at there. I'm just trying to go through names. That are going around him You know and that's kind of it. And then you get down to andrew keeney as kind of the next guy. So there are depends. Are you disparaging injury especially when you do. You really. don't want to listen to the latest pitiless podcast. then yet it depends roster. Construction ended up. Point what you're what you're comfortable putting on your roster because there are some some volume guys and he should be a volume guy if the anaheim gets out of the six man. Rotation mindset chris. Bassett's back there. So i mean there are. There are some ways to get some volume guys that have a safer floor. The water keedy has. But i need guys miss more bats but the reasons he buys to be pretty strong in some places when it comes their keady. I just. I'm looking at the adp. Now since her very i in all championship league so a lot of leagues. I'm just really in on soleil really on stroman. And they're kind of sandwich like he's accused between them so that's probably what it is. I just don't end up with any or key. 'cause i'm getting a ton of somali stroman. Yeah i'm i'm probably not gonna take him where he's going guys. That are going around the same spot him. Injuring any gyms jon. Marcus stroman nathanael ryan yarbrough on. I'm really starting to try to get more cheers of a guy. The yeah exactly you know i. I can't i. I mean i might end up with your key. Share here there when he drops a draft. I mean he's raised seventeen picks over the last month or so In be champions leagues. And that's kind of where why he made this list but at the same time like he's literally coming in with your illiterate has seen. Adp at the beginning draft season so his draft stock dipped just went right back to where it is so. I don't think it's necessarily is big of a change. Maybe as i originally thought all right. That's gonna wrap this up for this episode. Mike thanks for joining us. I appreciate it man again. I really am thankful for the opportunity and Can't i just can't thank you enough. It's really just awesome reminder of social media and then plug everything you do oh man the best part right you can find me on twitter at mike underscore curling again spring training. All things from trainline of that's really my main focus right now other than that. I'll write something else in there but other than that. He's just from train right now. Focused all right. Jason work grecian on. What are you working on so working on of. I'll have the happy late draft tonight so that recap will be up on. My road wired columnist week once Probably wednesday to give that up there and then next week at no drafts. thank god. I think i'm going to do taxes next week. But that's like like my last raffray weekend. I have my nfl. Home league draft in the twenty. First i have our. Al tout on the twentieth so heavy draft season next weekend somehow felt like nothing's happening and thank goodness i do have. There are some a couple of spots left in the in the beat jason rona wire online championship. Nfl four spots left. So if somebody wants to jump in there and take a swing at me figure Maybe literally if you win. Other if that motivates people are closed line than a closet upland yeah There are some spots. Open air if you want to do that. Nestle this tuesday nights at eight o'clock if you can do that. Zola than yeah rich meltzer just mason. Fws be doing a writing daily own fan on vandross right now so Adp market reports and ranks are pretty much the things that i'm doing here for the next two weeks and then we'll start up the right up right before the start of the season and then yeah Tgi podcast going strong with my wife. Danielle have thoroughly just trounced her in the middle rounds of this draft. So i no longer worried about it. That's actually true but Yeah and then Yeah be just amazingly. I'll put the link to both jason's and minds on my championship. Beat leaks Mine is. I believe a march twenty eighth at four. pm eastern saw. If you want to come. Hang out me on sunday. I'll be live streaming that old drafts you can actually hear me live clubhouse not in cloud nine thousand but i'll be i'll be livestreamed pretty much all my draft stress away so Mixed tout's coming up. Both my main event drafts coming up in the frenzy benefits Qualifier league is tomorrow night. I'll be live streaming all of those so if you follow me on. Twitter youtube Facebook and twitter. Any of those places you can catch all those livestreams so i can hear my process And sometimes other people's processes while we're going through strums that will wrap up for jason mike myself. Thanks for listening a fantastic as well.

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