Pioneers: Queen Victoria


From wonder media network. I'm Jenny Kaplan. And this is encyclopedia will Manica grab yourself a Cup of tea and prepare to be wowed today. We're talking about a lady who ran an empire so massive the sun famously never set. That's right. Our pioneer of the day is the grandmother of Europe, Queen Victoria of Britain. Incest. Alexandrina Victoria was born in eighteen nineteen and send it to the crown when she was just eighteen years old prior to that point. She lived a secluded life, pairing for her role largely controlled by her mother and powerful advisors like sir. John, Conroy, Victoria, was the niece and only living heir of king. William the fourth when she came to power, Victoria was quite popular little was known about her because of her extremely strict and regimented upbringing and crowds of well-wishers attended her early public appearances butter popularity quickly waned due to a series of political scandals in court intrigue on the kouteh of these missteps Victoria, decided to marry her cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg, Gotha in eighteen forty at the age of twenty three originally marriage a political expediency, Albert Victoria's love story has become legendary. From the courage to follow her heart to feel like just pissing gaming radiance to then must of the rules of the game into new plant better than they recommend. I find a husband platform. With you. After their wedding, Victoria was keen on a certain her thority over her husband. She was Queen after all the unusual power dynamic between husband and wife, particularly at that point in time was appointed contention, but shifted is their marriage age Albert gained increasing power and authority in the government as time went on, especially when Victoria was pregnant, which was often the two had twelve children together. The once busy Aston about her role as ruler, Victoria, later stated that quote, we women are not made for governing by eighteen forty five Charles rebel the observer of Royal affairs wrote, quote, it's obvious that while she has the title. He is really discharging the functions of sovereign. The balance of power changed again, when Albert suddenly died in eighteen sixty one at the age of forty two leaving Victoria without a partner. She never remarried and famously were black every day until her own death forty years later Queen Victoria with Albert and then alone ruled during a period of widespread people, and now known as the Victorian era, the industrial revolution brought about intense, and inevitable economic political and societal change as people move to cities to work back threes and other burgeoning industries technologies such as steam engine. And telegraph forever altered, the way people live. The Queen and Albert's impact on Europe and the world was long lasting by the time. Victoria had been monarch for fifty years. She was known as the grandmother of Europe, by nineteen fourteen her grandchildren were seated on eight thrones across the continent. Victoria, dutifully heartbreakingly and a bit oddly mourn for Prince Albert for decades. She made sure that his clothes were laid out on the bed every night, and that the water base in his room was filled every morning, she slept with the photo over her head taken of his head and shoulders, as he lay dead. Victoria's public presence waxed and waned throughout her reign. She disappeared for quite some time from the public eye after outburts death, only to reemerge after her son at word survived typhoid scare. Regardless of Republic appearance, schedule Victoria, remained, a diligent and active participant in behind the scenes politics. She passed away after a short and painless illness in nineteen. Oh, one Queen Victoria led an empire into a new era. Her long rain and fertile marriage, secured her legacy for many years to come. Tune in tomorrow for the last episode of this first month deem pioneers, we're heading back to the US talk about a woman who can claim I on Wall Street and in politics, Victoria, Woodhall, you're not gonna wanna miss it special thanks to the one and only his Kaplan, I sister and the brain behind this incredible collection of women. Talk to you tomorrow.

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