Nigerias Oil Revenue to Drop by N140bn Due OPEC Cut


You're listening to the news are on Africa. Business Radio. The revenue. To the federal government from the sale of crude oil is estimated to drop by accumulated some of about one hundred and forty, billion larrain, May and June this year, following oil production costs by the Nation of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, OPEC and his allies. A group called OPEC Plaza cited in April oil out boots by a record nine point seven million barrels per day to shore up our prices after the crash massively following the widespread lockdown measures targeted at halts in Kobe nineteenth spread. The Minister of state from showing system. Praise Silva. Who confirmed the reduction that was done in May? Further stay to the country would continue to comply with the agreement of OPEC plus. Other. One hundred seventy nine meets in of the OPEC conference on Saturday. The secretary-general OPEC Muhammad backing the explained that voluntary production adjustment of nine point seven million barrels per day would be in May and June, twenty twenty, and that was the news this time when Africa Business Radio you can't continue to this in life online at www dot Africa business, radio, DOT, com, or find a mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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