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Activists a writer and currently she is the director of Communications, for MS, Foundation for women which was founded in nineteen seventy three and it was founded by a group of women but most notable is Gloria Steinem. Hugh. I when I heard that you have got the position I was like God this. Perfect. For our Ko because. You just you know they have this long history and. Before we get into that kind WanNa side of something like some people might be. Maybe. superficial. By this important to ask US obviously about black woman this political I wanna talk about hairs recently. You have been donning La Welcome. I know you're. Let's go down the bed in that tiny. While logo. Welcome. Thank you were coming in and being a part of. You have been rocking. This folly and I'm really fucking feel especially when I saw you. At the protests talking about Black Trans Power and you know here's always political black woman and For me it just seemed you talk and being a grew it was which off raw it does my own business. I guess though when I watched it, it was amazing. Didn't tell me a little bit of bow your relationship which are hair through the lens of your translates. Yeah. So it's so funny that you know we're talking about hair and obviously you know I got malone yelled. Oh. Yes I, am mutual friend. Eat out sandwiches US causing a Gilda. But yeah I mean, my hair journey has been so tied to. Gender, Arnie. Coerce. So. I had my natural hair throughout quarantine him. So I actually I had to do a photo shoot like a week ago and so they. It was a moment. So they you know rate in my stuff now and Okay well, I guess I'll rock away for a little while it's like now because I can't break my hair that's just not. A skill that I think a lot of the girls that I know. That we were we had a chance to like Lena to growing up right 'cause I will so reserved I think in a lot of ways for little sister gender girls right. and so I didn't get that scale unfortunately maybe one day So yeah. So I mean I love my natural hair like I don't think I will our. Hermit process it ever again, I also. Am Not even interested in like coloring like I don't. Know when I wear my natural hair out like I don't want it really be affected in any way. And I had a natural hair style in. Highschool. Made too late to the first decade of the seat bow vines and haven't natural hair back man was not. Like owns the land I got bullied for having this big Afro at that point. So I remember before everyone was like my natural hair. The black power. Numb. We didn't have like really products like that like ten or so years ago had no damn Florio's that you can look you. Know Child Blake I would make sense you know up in their cooking up some with a style so much petroleum all these leg. Ingredients that we didn't really talk about being not great for your hair being drying, using that like pink chain. gridlocked. The Lotion Sue and Always left us like Asti cast on my hair but it just was what we had. Remember. Actually. Tell my dad when I was about well versed though that I did it and want to get my haircut anymore and part of it was lake. I really want my hair to belong. In some way I hate having to cut it and adding that lake stereotypical alike black boy cut. The bill right to me but I also wanted to bypass the barbershop because that was a face. It just felt Hella uncomfortable to me. Remember when I was younger, he's about to the Barclays job. They used to have the most and appropriate misogynous to converse agent and I didn't have that kind of Analysis but eight did feel uncomfortable like talking about my mother Y'all talking about my aunties talking about women and family guy talking about black girls in a way that feels really even at the time when you know I was a young little boy. I you this early? So this is probably like swell and I'll be like these conversations are weird. Go home on my mom and our my momma g will go up there. I don't need to be having these conversations in front of these young little boy. Way. And NC I felt like I if I if I even said anything about being uncomfortable implicates. Says, my I mean a new my dad. So it was. I would be on with my dad and. Lady also just watching my dad, you know perform masculinity in a way. was off though I opening to me what is the? What does do you realize like you're? Playing a role right now at you got a script to that you're following is not me like all of Y'all really yeah. I like I vividly remember seeing the difference in how Boys and girls retreat. And I remember feeling like. So. With like I could just like never catch out so being. What I was supposed to be by everyone else's standards didn't have language for obviously like who? But I knew something was off I just I was like. I don't know how to put this in words. And I'm afraid to. Right especially in in in that time. So. How did you? So for me I remember the Youtube. Cranes harder to happen with the natural hair thing and look I think I cut all my hair I need a big top in two thousand ten. and. That was like in the League get that really when it was beginning to them on Youtube and people were I remember for Howe's was I, couldn't seal I if I even felt like a ripple of a nap or Kerr I was immediately. Putting the cream crack on there. It was just from the top. especially coming from the background I came from a family that. colorized of deepening embedded in Colorado. In in what good hair come from family from the south so they was very, it was very good here bad here, and you knew exactly what they were talking about when they go there and you knew exactly what they were talking about saying bad here and and. So getting a relaxer was literally embedded in all from all, this is women getting going to be a girl. Relaxes how? That's what it was and so once, I started growing my hair out when I was younger. Thinking of getting getting a relaxer was almost thinking about similar to thinking. Like not. Like, the air will be so out of character that I would like you got to have a relaxed. So break in that mode for myself. And accepting my own hair was literally a journey for me. How did you come about accepting your hair as is his natural state? Yeah I mean. It's interesting. So when I got to my aunt. Senior High School. I got my braces off I. was like I'm just I'm just do it all I'm just change it all up and I cut my hair off. and. I really felt like cutting my hair off was like Part of time period where I was trying to figure out how was the bland enough to survive in you know and I I remember you know like getting a lot of compliments for cutting my hair off like there was so much that I didn't. Anti blackness then by just like a lot of anti blackness around the natural texture were and even even when I was wearing my hair natural in high school like. I had to wear a particular way like my dad was like in my grandma was like this we need is got to be the right shave. You'll have to pick it out and padded down until the rice shave every day like there wasn't the flag letter natural curl. Pattern. Out Right. So I was really rocking of if I was living in the seventies, which was you know it was cute what it was. When I? Would I got to college I started growing it out more finally was an adult I was like playing around more with bike Mohawks and high-top Fayez and. She Rock and right now it looks here. And different colors sounds like doing like. I think I did like a Magenta like a bright red almost like Riano read. And I did like a little fade up and so that caller I did like a purple blue at a moment when I was like really start to figure out my gender and then I started growing my hair all natural, my senior year off alleged back in late twenty. Twelve twenty thirteen and I was going out with the purpose department. So because I was like, well, I gotTA figure out how I'm going to survive in. You know the possibility conversation was real. I mean I still Israel for a lot of the rule. And sounds like why got a relaxed my hair over? It's me a while to get back to the natural numb and really been the last. I would say the last like three or four years that I've really been back on my phone natural stuff I wear you know where protective hairstyles now like I really wish I have my like braves. But obviously, with Calvin nineteen like. Whatever I can do to not be under somebody's breath. I'm trying to do that. But Yeah I mean I love my natural hair even now I the last few days I've been Larry Okay girl like I'm ready to to bring her back now but I always miss it. You know I'm always like even when I had my natural hair out, I'm missing the leg the Gilda moments. Athletic you. You just have to make a choice and then living at for a little bit and then come back around. Yeah. He's always like for me which you know when I'm with my naturalists. Okay I'm feeling I'm feeling you know however round fill I feel in this moment and then I'm like, Oh, I want to hear and I want to feel that wind blowing out Da da and I kind of go back and forth too. So I told you You listen to Houston's own impenetrable trams one. Know that what Basic Trans One one for me. The beginning. You'll. And ME. Could. Be. Again. I laugh. Moment that you've been told should not enough. Word. And bring the in housing and health. Mentioned not word means UPA leader. Vive organizations that means both are. Avid. People. Harsh On this tennis though they never talked about how? Her what. Magazine. I can't tell you how many of these mostly. Organizations. Air. Graham. Key. Shrine and be respectable. Trying, to? Be. Talent. and. In. DOWN THE RIGHT WAY ON What I am right now. I'm. A. If you have an organization that have no black friends. If you have an organization, no specific black friends. Or? You. Salinas. Not. Real. Voice if you not serving the. And are sex workers and. got. God I want to thank all of our new patrons this week. Thank you. Thank you. So. Not only are you helping to sustain this particular podcast? You know I also donate to other podcasts out donate to organize nations I have my Finger on the pulse of the community and I know a lot of grassroots organizations that are doing great workout here. So you're not only helping to sustain us, you're helping to sustain other people in a community. Because I put my money where my mouth is. You know just kinda amp community is. So thank you I really really appreciate you if you have not become a patron, why have you not? You can donate as low as a dollar a month. It doesn't matter anything else. Please do have to play Sir McLaughlin and show you puppies. What do I have to do to resort to what people do to get you to give them money? All, right. Anyway. Thank you and the Patriots and papal about him back to the show. Talk about myths style being the director of communications they have a history of. Just really supporting grassroots, women's organizations so. Running a trans woman in this position to me in this era is a power move from success to me for them to do it how important he talked about the significance of we in this position at this organization that has a legacy like almost fifty year old. Woman or? Yeah is a big deal. I think I'm still. Lit realizing that more and more every day when I think about the mess foundation I think about it as a fate really grew and evolved alongside the feminist movement. Absolutely. articularly, you know the second way of M. be I, and so you know there's no running away from the history honey was founded by. Mostly why women? and. It has been. Evolving alongside the rest of society. In terms of figuring out how to meet the moment of feminism of women's power, and really I believe you know there's there's a more expansive gender justice conversations the have beyond obviously these by aries. And so that that's some of the work I helped the continue to sides in that space. But I you know I think that it's so important for us to really have more say and more presents and more power and spaces are. The capitalism moving and flowing. And eat obviously I know how precarious capitalism is I know how devastating it is it's history particularly for black folks around the world by particularly how it perpetuates so many other systems of oppression. And I realized that you know that is the system, the economic system we have right currently, and so we while we're figuring out new alternatives beyond it. or to transcend it, we also have to figure out how we're going to survive within it. and. So it's it's been important for me to really. Start having more an analysis on building economic power particularly for Trans. Folks. because I really think that that is one our biggest shots in shifting a lot of conditions. You know we're seeing every day you know our our people alike Bob these. These folks who are the powerbrokers in the lgbtq community bumped Levi blacks this folks who don't really have about us where we're going to find our own way then. So we're seeing success with like crowdfunding obviously groups like Glitz, INC, and House of to love our new car or things y'all on our full thing down there in. Dallas. With by Trans Advocacy, and so it's just it's important. I. Think also as we look at this phone, philanthropic space. That our voices are in the room and not just in the room, but that we are leading. The narrative building work. I what is the story that goes along with? A fem an intersectional feminist strategy. And that that analysis? Is Not going to exist without us. Out when people talk about black wear ineffectual and feminist lands. That doesn't necessarily tell me that you have particularly a black trans feminism lands coupling with that. and. So that's really important for me and some also just doing a lot of DOT leadership were with other Black Trans women like Tony. Michelle Williams is very interested in US continuing to build out Black Trans feminist frameworks. With Aria Sigh of Co ours our dear friend. And so many other files right like I. The lake, the work you do as a part of the emerging black trans feminists cannon right. It's a part of. You know our. Way Forward. And so whatever I can do, whatever space I'm and to. Build containers. US. To. Discuss the elevate incubates solutions. That's what I WANNA do and I appreciate Mez because. It has been. particularly in the leader. So of our currency yellen presidents. Younger made an intentional strategic pivot. Shoe censoring women and girls, of color. Line. So that is bill and to our strategy where and I'm already seeing you know. A province. Around. Trans Feminist. Ideologies and wave the game like recently we funded A couple of different black trans groups, including solutions, not punishments collaborative including. Black, trans. Media in addition to other women and girls led organizations and so I think was powerful I'll miss not to go on too long but with powerful about measures that I see it really is like a hub the glue between so many different movements and so what are the things that black SCHRANZ leaders can learn from the work of indigenous folks on the ground woods we also find or expanding the reproductive justice conversation which we also find or expanding the conversation on defunding and abolition which we also find. So there's there's so many connections immigration were you know? We I think have a foundation can be at the center of bringing together. Another amazing thing that is a part of your particular legacy I talk about legacy you joining olf but you're making moves and you're doing things that are changing the culture and so one of those things that you were one of the first trans buffers to me that I know of Trans Executive, editor of a magazine. So it out. Madison so for me. that. moved to meet was also a great pivot for that organization and I couldn't the. Of, course that was the big thing was when you for me was when you put all those trans leaders of the movement on the page with we talk about settling crowder's Barbara. Smith that. Mid Majors and terminally already your name terminally. When I saw that I was like this is exactly what I expected from. Like the what what when when you got when you like it because you've always been so generous in. You just really intentional about what you the work that you put out and so seeing him do that I was telling you I was sitting in a umbrella Danza was like. That was a fucking moment because like why else would they hired you in this position it you if they weren't GonNa let you do this. You know what I'm saying I was like Oh, my God it was amazing. So can you tell me? It was a powerful moment for me and so can you tell me how? That came about you doing that there. Yeah I think I like from me I think on the outside maybe to other folks the different types of work I've done throughout my. Career. Again, I'm not really still so young but. Types of that, I've done around my career may look disconnected by it isn't to me I feel like I've always been invested and cultural or is ing and Cultural Building Um whether that the nonprofit communications or in traditional. Journalism. Lan. and so that's always been important to me. So when I got out It was important for me to bring all of those lessons that I learned on the ground all of those folks that I had met on the ground. All of those values that I had deep end on the ground with so much. Thanks. A lot of the Black Schranz folks were particularly Black Trans Women and the different circles. I've Venit with me. You know because the win of really for me at the end of the day you know like it's great to be. A I I got I'm grateful. I think for those opportunities, but it's not lost on me that. With those opportunities, it's also a statement of the amount of boxes that I've had the checkoff say even may get to that point and for me, it's always about leaving the door open for the next person or raw that comes through to not have to check off those boxes like I. Don't want the next person's have to look like me. Think like me necessarily speak like. Have had the same access that I've had. Because that's that's not actually the work the work of actually breaking down those boundaries barriers so out like. I was ready to be clear clear clearness Trans Ness as black. It's disabled it's it's it's full of Wa- men womanish. The. Nation's is full of femininity is full of gender nonconformity. It's it's not binary. It's. So many different things that we just were not being in that. Magazine that was it was before it was very suit y. I ever. Much blackness being showcased. Yeah I mean I know it with powerful. I was also important to continue to deepen that like. You know by the time we got to the end of the year for me. I knew that I was I wanted to figure out how to have some kind of like large showcased of. Or an activists and organized on the ground and the thing that sets of course, you know I every conversation I was having olive like trying to like make that happen, and then of course, you know you get hit with the the need and desire of balance from like advertise urban all types of folks. But I knew what the out one hundred, which is each year this like huge showcase of the most powerful influential trans. As the sided typically by. A very. Small Group of folks with typically very small land the. That I wanted to really do a showcase. On. A different way of looking at influence. You know the folks who influenced me the mouse. Are Black. SCHRANZ. The folks who influenced the culture who influence this movement who built this movement? Are Black, transient in an informant fellows and. Each year. There is not enough. Acknowledgments of the influence. Of The folks moving more on the ground, but also the folks that we lose. and. So with the aries project, it was kind of upending now idea. Of what impact means and I am so deeply impacted everytime we lose another black transom black transplant and I mean we lost. Three. In the last few days that we know of you know, and so I really wanted to figure out how to get something to some of the songs that we lost since nineteen in the form of the obituaries that they always are. and then also use that to go into detail about. The Story of Lean Longo Extravaganza and how she in her death has rallied A. Community. Rallied her family to fight for blacks, Randall and literally. Impact of of that fight his shift at legislation here in new. York. You know literally the movements who have solitaire Have was emboldened by what happened to lay Liam. A on a personal level for me. As Executive Director of organized in. We have been trying to get funded a bailout initiative to get transplant out of jail here and he started because here in. Texas because. We have incidents likely and G farmer. Who are in those same kinds of situations here, and recently because of her case, we got funded to be able to get trans women out of jail we just general lots. Lots the initiative and so yes, Adele has impacted from from New York all the way down here. Right. and. That's that's the thing like. You know there's so much devastation in our communities and. I think the we don't have to just live and then tragedy by we can continue to figure out ways to. Make the lessons we unfortunately learn. Mean something greater. And I, and that's really what I wanted to do with that were and with other Work Ryan I. Think There's so many folks do that you do that they annandale now. So yeah. So I mean and that's really how I look at all of my work right? Like it's it's really all the same. Work at the court from me as always censoring. Black Trans folks. And then if things can reverberate outside of other groups great, you know we they usually do. Yeah. Speaking of your other work. So let's go. Back in out, let's talk about editor Lawson. So when you were the national orbit organizers of bear, you started a group use you lost a project called black transsexuals is that right? And it's about building leadership in Trans Women in the South and the Midwest and to create kind of community solutions in prevention feeling resilience and you know specific. Responses to violence, and so that would you just said as a perfect segue into that because I'm all about. 'cause what I'm what I'm kind of annoyed and seeing I honestly annoyed that. I'm annoyed and seen that people are more moved when we are being beat rate and kill to actually. So season to US give our finances given funding when we really when we are trying to do preventive programming and we call for people to find us, it's kind of like it's not nobody is moving but soon as somebody oh can I donate and so for me, this was a powerful legacy of yours after transgender. Law Center to have something like relax and circles she build that kind of leadership is so we can prevent us from dying and we can yield us and we can talk about and Bill the infrastructure to make us. So. Can you talk about that program? Yeah. So. When I got to Tlc, I actually came in and a communication associate role. So I wasn't initially in a national organizing role which I don't know if people outside of that space now and then it just became. A parent I think the need for. More. Substantial. War Happening Around Trans Trans folks of color and particularly blacks around fouts. Now, I also noticed while I was there. And this was like before. His project we were we were both in completely different departments. We came into the program saying and I have always given out to allow five A. I starting emp the blackout. DVD class migrant project. And really leading the charge in a way. For specific programming around being black hands and. ADDS must've everyone talks about how we need to be supporting unprotected black trans files right now. It was a completely different story just a few years ago just eight years ago a year ago to be. month ago. So it was really. A struggle to make the case. For. What we need it as Black Trans people and so when I started developing Black Trans circles I knew I wanted to. FIGURE OUT HOW TO ALLEVIATE The wreckage that is laughing communities when a black trans killed. And there, there's a lot of different types of wreckage. There's the wreckage of. The The horrible like conscience of SIS folks who are not invested in making action around ending the epidemic of violence right. There's the wreckage of the folks who have the power in the resources to actually move but they sit on their asses and don't actually do anything to keep us alive. And then there's the records that most of these other groups don't even consider of. Our. Resolve in our wheel to continue as Black Trans people and it was that space that I really wanted to see. Okay. Well, what, what are the things that can support? These areas we need more black SCHRANZ leaders to be empowered. We need. An analysis of healing justice to understand the trauma that we already with by Trans folks that is deep end when the violence happens but then we also need to be building networks amongst each other. So that, we can continue to incubate solutions. and. So we started and New Orleans Twenty seventeen thousand essentially ground zero for violent in let's like unfortunately again. It is the year that trying to get some ours, right Gab Sanjay. Aquarius Holland. and. See Era Mick Galvin. In Louisiana and it was like within what weeks of each other. And now, right it's like now Texas Dallas and. It's weird baton. Rouge neck and neck this year. You know we just learned about Keesa. In. Baton Rouge. Who is the third woman in? Louisiana in the Latte literally in like About a mind. And then, of course, all of the murders that have been happening particularly in Dallas. and so. So it was important to go to those specific areas to see how to bolster the effort. Now I knew I didn't want to go in. Working for this National Organization saying that I had the answers I don't have the answer. y'All have even how the Black Trans Woman I don't have the answer I'm not from New Orleans. I'm not from Louisiana I'm from Georgia, a southern woman, but it's a completely different context and nobody knows better than the per people legal who are actually like resident there. But it was about US having these resources that we could at least build a space for folks that come together to delve and political education. What are these systems of oppression plaguing at 'cause I believe that I believe political education. Okay. But also what are the ways that people are figuring out how to survive and how can we share those ways with each other and then what are the products y'all work in currently the GIACOBBE supporting each other better I am and so out of that space, of course, like house of to love now. A, you know a couple of things went. So making half to love the success that it is right now. But part of it was some of those initial connections happening with like Mariah more and McCall. Milan Nicole, sairy right and also supporting Wendy Cooper another local advocate a new orleans. Legend in your alleged. Yes. Who Was Leading the cans can't stand campaign and so that space in a way. Broad I think more of the the girls and to her orbit. So it was. And also, just ahead, just the chance for for folks break bread with each other to love on each other if the hard conversation that you know when the girl need to have with somebody else you know. In that save space and then go out and do the work ones that weekend summit with over. And so I was so grateful to be able to found and build the initial framework for it with authorities equality. Fellowship. And then be able to really. Gifted and a sense to some of the other powerful black organizers who made the the later iterations, possible Maki Bradford, and Atlanta we away back and of course, Mariah more and Kayla Gore now. So so it lives on at. Teahouse. I think it. Would Their Trans Agenda that I was introduced to? In Creating chains I hear the voice that coming up and they were talking about how you know the work that she was doing world has really led to the you know the shift in culture. In regards to what they will focus on and so I think that's beautiful. I think that we all are doing that culture ticking. And you know I just wanted to highlight that. You started off before that you started off as a rioted and you are writer, but you know that was your. Your Your. Needs. Correct me if I'm wrong into movement work riding, right Well kind of it's a complicated story. So so yeah I, before I winced TLC I was working in the media industry but I was working on things that are completely unrelated in general science graduated from College I. I actually freelance for bed. It was kind of difficult to find because I was black on. Yeah. I had a college degree but I had no connection right now and so I freelance for bed. Move that is really important people people. All over people's air so much. Agree just having all these things we have to have connections with people. When we go out here and we try to make stuff happen if we don't have the connections, we don't have them and they're not going to happen that's part of. Like, you make the make connection. Thought you are looking into this and you have connections and you see Black Trans Women out. You're trying to do the work because I know as an executive director Joe is some things I'm like I happy selection to make this happen. You're asking me why I've been this. Why didn't do that and it's like, I didn't have a connection I I couldn't get the invite. I couldn't get the invites the this this dacians that'll will by only or to do the work that I know is important over year we didn't have the match and so it's really really important. That both the Mexicans are important and if you have them. Help US maker, yeah it's true. You know and I, and so I didn't have professional connections but I also was leaving an environment where. I was the only openly Black Trans Women on campus. I did not know another actions woman. Who with open about her identity? Rarely before. Before I moved to Atlanta. At twenty. Three twenty four. You know. So I also have community connection side and even. Even I didn't even look at the nonprofit world is option until I. Made It. So Atlanta and so. I worked at this small newspaper where I actually would like Staus for like a about a year and a half almost. was out as clear with night outage Tran. And was working on a very small how a conservative town I mean that's like. The our life pre trump. Palin. Hunting they in the back yard. Toss enough hammers to knock a nail into a wooden. Like, that the kind of like college and first job experience I had. and. So when I? Left that space 'cause. I just it felt like this. It also felt like something was getting closer and closer to me way I was going to be ousted like something was going to happen and I also just got really weird message does sometimes one-timer Guy Guy Fan I know your secret don't worry I won't tell anyone but it's like. Okay but why are you telling me how this Mesa you know like it's like that kind of weirdness style that was happening while the Movement for Black Lives was really starring popoff. And I, wrote. I roll the things that I wouldn't right but I had to write them as they didn't implicate me. Especially, the LGBTQ issues saw I mean I can't even say I was a feminist in that space without getting hate mail. So. Yes. That long story short. So that was my first job experience and then. I started working at how stuff works, which was a media company, but it was an Atlanta based than it wasn't. It wasn't really conservative, but the work that they were doing wasn't connected to any of the movement stuff that I was starting to to be more and more interested in and see myself and. and I just remembered there was. The death of Leila alcorn there with the death of another. Another Black Schramm I've black man black seth man at the hands of police don't even remember who because there was so many during that time period and I went to work the each of those days and it was just business as usual and I was like I cannot be in spaces where. This y'all get to operate of doesn't matter. And Yeah and then I started doing more work with. Community Tony Michelle. Williams was leading this entire program at snap cow and so I went in as an entire like while I had my day job out get off and then they'll be an internist APCOA and that kind of. Brought me more fully in some movement was that when our you where you doing when I'm actually An. Anti Right. The we mean. We met at Trans are fit car. Oh no actually maybe yeah. Actually. That was like twenty fifteen years. Yeah. Yeah. Actually. Yeah I it was you and Mickey be out had. We we had. We were. Present time, which was a bodybuilding competition for. Trans men that neo founded in I was part of the organised or organizing that particular year and we had We were doing a show and want the the models didn't show up and you making. Matt and Basically. That's how I met both the out. And I house staying yeah y'all okay. I'm remembering this now. Yeah. I was but I also was the organizer to. Endow. We were some babies that we our house. died in clashes. Like we. Do not. have. Battle. K. and I was like, oh It was like Oh. Yes. Thank you. So regarding writing, but you always have been to me apart from when I when I, read the writing. Articles that you were featured in like. Oh. You both lead and you know for. Like when I when I read around you always speaking to me to power you always are shining I want erase voices and perspectives all the time. How has your passion for lighting matured? My Passion for rioting however shore and. I would say. I think it's always an evolution. Because you just I think as you write more, you read more read more write more hopefully and. I just feel like I have a larger library of references now. This is like a portion of my bugs, but it's like they're so much support from. and. I think Black Trans folks like that's part of the beauty of arts variance writers like I feel like I'm in the lineage of. The item be wells right particularly with victories project I. Feel like I'm in the lineage of. Angela Davis and her her critiques. Around. So many of these systems including capitalism I felt like I'm in the lineage of the Barbara Smith and the Barbara Ranch views and. But also I think What's also beautiful is looking at a lineage that isn't necessarily scholarly or literary absolutely by being in the League Linnea of Marsha p Johnson Sylvia Rivera all the way back to like Mary Jones and Francis Thompson and so many folks. Crystal Beija. Also. Means that I approach. These tax and different way with the different land. Line. So you just mentioned that you will from ago some lighter you just mentioned that you from Roy, that you are a southern bail. Out. And now sometimes sometimes. And clearly, you are beautiful woman. Tell me this. Is your newfound ability opened up more dating opportunity. Ability in terms of. Newfound League new. Now. Rarely. Honestly no you know and I think it's like interesting because. It's like having the. All the issue that I think like. Black says women were considered successful have right where it's like specially of you're interested in having A. A black. Man or masculine partner it's like. There's an intimidation factor. Being. Seen as successful, visible or whatever. That we don't. We don't even get a chance to talk about I think by Trans. Men. I'm bringing it up because. I. Think. A lot of people would look at you and say, Oh, she got her going on which you do. But I'm thinking like how? I know somebody could look it'd be like. Are there universal translating walls that be still dealing with? Did it eliminate some shit and basically you saying now? You know it's hard to say because there's so many things that are moving right. So it's like it's that piece of a variety of like the work that I do in my presences intimidating and I guess my life platform visibility but it's also like if you dame, it's also different tune because like if you date me particularly the black man like. The you know this is like extra but it's like the world knows right are like hell of phones now, thousands of people will know right and so there's a certain commitment. That you have to become an at me with that is invested end blacks, rams liberation. I can't just have any old person right without me. All right I think the other thing too is. Even I think even in like community. Because I do I consider my thought Cleveland I mostly data man and masculine folks and data transmission, but it's like. Also. I think. Trans Community. Is like. There's a different type of intimidation factor. because. Being public senior. Queer and Trans Community, if I oh, you're V Rock Hill Willis. That's not accede a man like. I want you to know my power and my brilliant of my word but like. Don It's like a different type dehumanizing. You know it's almost like superwoman strobe or whatever where it's like. You're dehumanized in the sense of like. Them Failing Don, never. Be Worthy for you. Yeah I. I don't know I don't know I don't and it's hard to articulate those things I think. Are you know who articulated beautifully tyra banks. There was an interview that she had where she was like she will go on dates with dues and she was like I know the type of negative is because he was said, he would always say you're tyra banks it wouldn't be tyra just a regular He would always address our as first and last name because that meant something to him and. She and she was like I, it triggered the her brain like our radar go off that this dude is not dating IRA, he's trying to date be IRA. He's not seeing me as a fully a fully actual human needs stand whoever that that being in his mind? Is that Iran's So. Yeah. I. Totally get that I. Think I don't experience it on your level ought. But I've experienced some level because you know, I do have a name for myself to and Dale's Ahmed. They'll come at me on some weird. Like Weird. Shit I'm like, oh I need to bow down how? Hot some me like shed. I'd like. to be approached. Lack the human that I am. Acquaintance a human right. You know, why don't you ain't gotta do all the extra stuff and I? That bothers me a lot. And also, you know the other thing too with like, yeah I mean look you know if I wanted a jump off like most any other. Trans woman or Trans. Feminine. Arson like shore by I've done that. I've had that experience you know and I. It doesn't actually leave me feeling filled where I don't even the Energy Asthma Synergy and so that type of experience anymore are you boycotting video me? And my boycotting deal bed. Already doing that in a sense but. I did see some of the critiques of the boycott, the Al Man you like the car of the campaign like who started it And Get A. I know for me in dating also get. Get I'm to Walt for people like I'm too especially in regards to. You know h e Arche and Shit like that like I'm. You know I'm I. It's hard to find men who are invested in equal in a relationship is hard to find men who you know who are not really invested in the. Bat. Bat On ownership and possession, and you know that kind of thing who? Can't find men. When I back in the day when I was in my twenties and I was looking for that suzy homemaker. Related Stare. It worked but. Yeah, how's life it it? It would work but now that my I'm well read and I've you know evolve. Took, it took me out of brackets of people feel that. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah I mean I I am not interested in being with anyone who makes me feel guilty for thinking At all. Period so. A Lug so that just tells me you ain't thinking enough. AMBAE had like I. Just I don't know how energy for that BS anymore and I. I just I. Agree so much. You know almost like especially being a black shrouds woman. With a certain I think amount of or at least failing like you have a certain amount of awareness. It does it often feels like you're. Decades. Remove. If. Not Centuries removed from world that could even like. Produce the type of partner those worthy of you were wall. Unfortunately I against the world where creating. Away will world we're creating is GONNA be the girls coming up but we not going to be able to enjoy the food labor. MAKE SOME SACRIFICES OFF I don't say that because it's a discount like anybody's experience I think. I have nothing. But love and Kudos for the the girls who have figured it out found the wines that worked for them. and I have a little hope but I'm not like wasting sleep over right now. You know I'm loving solitude. I'm loving King somebody out. I'm loving my own spe. Mound. Yeah and I think that's where I'm at. Now I'm where I'm I'm enjoying I mean like you said I'm enjoying my own space and I'm enjoying the power of. When I want the comforts of man, I can have it. And I don't have to deal with the extra staff and if you're not stepping up in the way that I want you to step up I, can I don't back in the day I thought that it was it was. I thought the having a man was. Apart of one of the it was that you needed if you wanted to be validated to women because that's what the women in my family why they had husbands, they had me and they were with for years of Laso. I thought that that was part somebody sues in you was of your validation of. And so I've gotten to the point where it is no longer a part of the validation and I enjoy the freedom from that. Yeah. And with all that said honey, if you finding, you want to highlight honey on my aunt. Well I think that I think that that we talked about so much and I so appreciate you being on the show Can you tell them where they can find you? Yeah. So you can definitely find my work at rock hill, Willis Dot COM R. A. Q. U. E. L. W. i. l. l. i. s. I'm on all platforms twitter facebook I G as Racquel Willis And and if you WANNA find out more about the foundation, you can check out four women dot work. F. O. R. W. O. M. E. N. DOT ORG And I will put all the links down in the bottom. So you can check out and check out what work that she has. She has always been been generous platforms he is always innovating and creating something new so. Definitely a thought leader in our community that I am so proud to know. I. Am Proud to see your glow up because I met you as a baby as. Your glow up and grow into the woman that you have become. It is so beautiful. So proud of you thank you will be an Oncho. Thank you and I'm so proud of you holding down all the time I'm glad I got to get online marshalls play Nikon. I gotTa talk to the to the floor crew. We definitely excited with they they so busy working and doing only fans. Okay. Well. I'm mad at you know it is beautiful. So they do they say. Are Right, now thank you for listening and. Yeah. Well. That's it. Thank you for comment and getting a taste of Martius play. You can listen to us on itunes and soundcloud makes you leave a review 'cause we really need those five saw. 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