2020 Week 9 (Part 1)


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I do over seven days even money podcast is already posted at the sports betting one college draft podcast where we are now picking the college games against spread, which is fun Ross Tucker football podcast, of course is daily and this year fantasy Feast podcast the show. That's so nice. We do it twice down. My co-host is the star Joe Dolan. The number one ranked fantasy analysts in the Galaxy according to fantasypros.com over the what Joe the last three years five years. I forget the sample size. It was it was it was four years entering entering the 2019 season 4 years and during the 2020 season, excuse me. Sorry Ross, like like most of the country my brain is dead. What we eat fried today, so I'm I'm getting absolutely nothing done. But let's let's talk football get a distraction out there. Yeah, let's try man. Let's try he is at f g underscore goal. And that's at fun guide. Underscore Dolan. I'm at Ross Tucker NFL and at Ross Tucker pod is where you can find this show and all of our great Social Media stuff our social club. We post youtube.com NFL you look a little tired Joe you look a little red tape this morning. I am I am exhaust. I always have a red face though. I have a dive rosy-cheeked wage, but I am exhausted. All right. Well, listen, there's a lot we need to get too. It's kind of crunch time fantasy football the games and November are the games you remember and they make a big difference for a fantasy and we got a lot when you talk about just in the opener in the third game Joe. I mean Niners Packers diners have a zillion injuries and now they have off. Kendrick Bourne has govind so hopefully the game still gets played tomorrow night. The Packers have covid-19 shoes at running back. I mean it might be the game. We have to spend the most time on Joe. Let's let's find out what we should do with the skill guys for both these teams and who are replacement should be her guy like George Kittle. Yeah. Well, there's obviously an issue here with with not even knowing if this games going to be played only it's still on a schedule but as you know, positive tests can pop up and that's and that is a bad thing, you know, it could come up to date of the game and then obviously the games going to have to be moved but let's talk about this means for the 49ers Kendrick Bourne was expected to play and he was expected likely to start alongside Brandon. I used with Nick Mullens at quarterback now given all the injuries that they have my friend Chet Gresham of dead Kings Point into this out with Kendrick Bourne testing positive for the virus. The the green the San Francisco 49ers do not have a dog. Single player available for this game who touched the ball on offense in the NFC championship game last year. That is unbelievable. Not one the the Ricky most often Kevin Coleman out George Kittle Al Deebo Samuel Al Kendrick born out Jimmy Garoppolo out. So the 49ers right now are in a world of hurt Ross a world of her life with Nick Mullens. What I expect they're going to do is try to run the football and you saw Green Bay get crushed on the ground by the 49ers in the NFC title game last year. You saw him get crushed on the ground by the by the Minnesota Vikings. I think this is a big game for Jermichael Hasty and Alvin and and Jerick McKinnon. It's I think it's a big game for those guys from Brandon. I might struggle if you draw Shadow covered from jaire Alexander and also keep an eye on a status of Jordan Reed who might be able to come back and play this week. Remember he got had some big games earlier in the season when George cuddle with her earlier in the season, but this is there is no doubt about it. The Forty Niners are in, New Jersey. Absolute World hurt. So four people that had kidal Joe are there any tight ends out there that they could pick up or they could stream? Yeah. Well, I mean Jordan Reed is one of them. Maybe you could get Robert tonyan from this game as well. Heck if you are desperate, maybe you can even get Jace sternberger from this game because because of the the Packers issues with the wide receiver position, they've been getting the tight ends a little involved. So I think that's something you might be able to do simply from this game. But if you're really out there looking Logan Thomas from Washington is coming off of this coming off a bye this week. So he might be somebody who's out there as well. What about for the Packers and they're running back situation? Yeah, it's a nightmare right now because obviously the AJ Dillon tested positive for the virus. So they had to walk them all Williams put him on the covid-19 because he was a close contact. He's going to be out again presuming this game is played tomorrow. So the question now becomes can Aaron Jones play through his calf injury if he can't play the backfield going to be Tyler Ervin and Dexter Williams and I was reading today match Tiedeman from the athletic talking about what those guys do. Well Urban is much more of a scatback type. He's not big they run like five streams. He's more of a returned man. Meanwhile Dexter Williams. He's more of your traditional running back but schneidman has said he has struggled to catch the football and practice and on top of that he blew a block that led to a block punked last week. So they don't trust him in pass-pro or as a receiver. So they've never really hurting there at the position again, if this game stays as is they might not be dead. The play Aaron Jones, but they also might not have a choice but to play Aaron Jones. So if I had to pick one of these guys presuming Jones doesn't play my preference would be for urban. Got it. Okay. Keep an eye on the status of that one was hard as well. By the way, Matt LaFleur said this week. He thinks was artist close to coming back from his core muscle injury. Oh, okay interesting. Very interesting. All right, let's get to some of this Sunday 1:00 games will start with the Giant and George Washington. You know, I am not sure his fantasy worthy Joe. I think Wayne gallman looks decent. Yeah computer has you know, he's one of those guys the Goldman when he came out of college, I as a prospect I was like, you know, he's not flashy but he does all he does all the things that he does well or pretty obvious he runs hard he pass protects and he catches the football. Those are the things he does. Well so he can get he can get it done a little bit there and and frankly, I mean, I don't know what maybe they go back to Devonte Freeman if Devonta Freeman's available, but I consider gallman kind of a dog. when Darby to if Devonta Freeman doesn't go anything else for the Giants or else Washington Sterling Shepard has kind of taken over in my mind. The number one fantasy receiver here off over Darius Slayton Daniel Jones has I think at times he's looked real. He's almost like Carson Wentz right now, you know you watch the plays where he doesn't make a completely boneheaded turn over. Okay, this guy looks pretty good. And then the other plays it looks like he's actively trying to turn the football over. So Daniel Jones is not not really a fantasy option right now. Washington's defense is pretty good though on the back end they are exploitable. I think throwing Shepherds a wide receiver three and given the state of the tight end position, even though he hasn't produced Big Numbers Evan engram I think is like second in in tight end targets. He's probably thought you just have to have in your lineup at this stage moving on Washington coming off of the body. I didn't do anything at the trade deadline, you know, it's weird cuz they've got McClure. Logan Thomas Antonio Gibson, I mean they've got some guys that are worth at least talking about. Yeah, they do Antonio Gibson is an rb2 all the way. He's got some physicality to them. I think that's something you expected from a guy who was a converted wide receiver, but he absolutely has some physicality to him. So Antonio Gibson's him a running back to Kyle Allen probably not on the streaming radar Terry McCormick catch a shadow from James Bradberry in this game. That's a problem for him. And again, like I said Logan Thomas coming off by he's there kind of their de facto. Number two receiver here Rob Gronkowski scored a touchdown against the Giants and not to compare Logan Thomas to Rob Gronkowski, but I think that Logan Thomas is somebody who you can plug and play use for DFS. I think he's going to be somebody who could get seven eight targets from from Los Alamos you Okay, anything else on Washington or can we move on let's move on Chicago, Tennessee Javon Wims suspended. I know he was going to be an oil change line up this week on whims suspended they cut Ted Ginn jr. What do you have for me for the barriers against a bad Titans defense like a a really good defense that is really struggled. What I have is Allen Robinson is in your lineup. I mean that that's for sure. I know it's like pulling teeth. Sometimes Nick Foles hasn't played particularly well, but you put down in your lineup Jimmy Graham is a lower-end tight end that you can consider but I mean look at what they did Javon Wims get suspended. They still cut Ted Ginn off. What does that tell you about their faith and Darnell Mooney the rookie wide receiver. I mean, Nick Foles loves the guy that go down the field. This guy is it's like a wide receiver three at this point. He's got that kind of upside down. And again with all the covin couple of teams on by you might be searching for a wide receiver three. So Darnell Muniz somebody who's out there on your waiver wire who you can consider picking up and plugging into your lineup. Let me just get the the target number for Darnell Mooney right now. I mean, he's somebody who's gotten at least five Targets in six consecutive games. This is a fifth-round rookie wide receiver. Nick Foles really likes throwing to him and and in the backfield David Montgomery quite frankly looks better to me last week. That means looked maybe in his entire career. So he's he's a white running back to even though he gets the Army one volume. He's running that to age. On the other side Titans disappointing performance Against The Bangles without even think of them. I think they're past game is is unfortunately, I mean, this is a tougher match up and I think their past game is going to step up a little bit more than it did last week. Fortunately. You got the touchdown from AJ Brown. I thought he was going to have a huge game. Maybe the weather was a bigger Factor than we thought it might be in that game. But obviously here's the here's the thing with the Titans we talk about these narrow fantasy teams. You want to play Ryan Tannehill for the most part you want to play Derrick Henry. Obviously AJ Brown is in a lineup. Now Corey Davis has established himself as a wide receiver three, you can play he's had a couple of huge games this year. The one guy I'm concerned about is it's now three straight weeks with jonnu Smith, even though he's had some injuries not producing that's a little bit of a concern for me. Although sometimes I think you just might have to eat it with John who Smith because there's really not a whole lot of options at the title. Position and back to Corey Davis. He has a hundred yards of touchdown or both in four of his five games this year and in the game where he didn't have a hundred yards for a touchdown or both off by passes for 69 yards. That's somebody you can put in your lineup as a wide receiver 3 with a pretty good degree of confidence each and every week. Wow. Yeah, I mean everybody I mean Brown was going to be guy Corey Davis gonna come out of nowhere. Yeah. I mean, he's your brother has had a big year to don't get me wrong. But Corey Davis, this is a contract here for him. He's doing a nice job. Detroit is at Minnesota lions at the Vikings and holy crap Dalvin cook want some games for people last week? Yeah, David Cook was a slate breaker. That's what we say in DFS when somebody when somebody just you're not going to win money without them. That's what Dalvin cook was. He's a special player. I mean that that's what it is. Mike Zimmer came out this week and said we want to be a run-first team and I everything that that he has done in his career suggest that true. I have no reason to not believe that and Detroit last week got absolutely shredded On The Ground by the Cults. The problem was it wasn't Jonathan Taylor. It was Jordan Wilkins that did it. So I would anticipate this to be a massive Dalvin cook game and when you're playing the Lions, you know, I also give a big numbers in the passing game as well. You saw Philip Rivers do that. Her cousins is on the streaming radar and you just have to suck it up and play feeling in Jefferson. What about the lines on the other side? Yeah, this is a this is interesting. They they aren't seen intent on shooting themselves in the foot. They run them on first-and-ten so much with Adrian Peterson and they never gained any yardage doing it. It puts them in a whole it puts Matthew Stafford in a bad spot. And now they have to play this game against Minnesota wage without Kenny. Golladay. He's not going to go. So Marvin Jones is is a wide receiver three, I would hope that they decide this. All right, we've got to get Beyond race with the ball to try to cross explosive plays without Marvin Jones. I don't see it man without Kenny golladay. And here's the thing. I think they're going to go into a shell and I think they're just going to try to run the ball down the throats of the Minnesota Vikings. The problem is that has not worked with Detroit this year. The guy who is really starting to step up though is TJ Hawkinson. Yeah, he's been he's been good Carolina is at Kansas City Carolina going into defense. I think can be had a little bit. What do you think of what the Panthers to put out there? Well, Christian McCaffrey is practicing this week. It looks like he is going to be back that is good news for the Carolina Panthers. I would anticipate he gets a full-blown workload wage Kansas City will see what Mike Davis's role is, but obviously you have to put Mike Davis on your bench and if you have Christian McCaffrey, you've been holding on to him for this long you put them in your lineup Teddy Bridgewater is a stream where the quarterback this week. I life more and Robby Anderson is wide receiver twos and a potential high scoring game and a guy to keep an eye out for is somebody they've started to get the ball in his hands. If you need a wide receiver this week running the football long pants or short passes. They've been getting the ball in the hands of Curtis Samuel. Yeah, man, Carolina's got a lot of fantasy dudes for a team. It's three and five and lost a couple of games. What about I think here the city is kind of the same story every week. Is there anything new to discuss off the problem is last week and and this is what we didn't anticipate Ross what we didn't anticipate and and we I should have known this is so dumb. The Jets were a pass filter defense. They've much easier to throw on than run on this year. And every time you see in the NFL such a lopsided spread, you know in the NFL ten points is a lopsided spread. That was a 20 point spread. You're like, oh that teams just going off the ball and no Kansas City is like look, they're easier to throw on the Jets are than to run on we're going to throw the ball Patrick Mahomes those five touchdown passes me. Call Harmons gotten off a little bit. We got to check the status of Sammy Watkins. Those are some of the secondary guys that you can get in your lineup Edwards aware though. I have a feeling they're going to run the ball a little bit more this week and Edwards alarm continues to be a better job. 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You know, this is a guy in Jake Luton who I know are Guy Greg Cosell likes quite a bit and I'm sure you'll talk about him with with with Greg but they they open up the offense. That's good news for DJ Chark. I'm probably going to be a little bit leery of going all out on the Jaguar passing game, but I'm going to put DJ Chark in my line up as a wide receiver three, even though he had been a pretty significant downgrade but the guy you keep rolling with his James Robinson who unbelievably has been the fantasy Rookie of the Year through half this season. That's far. So, it's DJ Chark, it's James Robinson. That's kind of where I'm at with with the Jacksonville Jaguars Joe. What about Houston on the other side? They still have will Fuller. Yeah, they do. They could not agree with the deal to the with the Packers on compensation and look. This is a great great matchup. If if you want the the Houston Texan passing game. I think you can double stack this passing game. A fast according to football Outsiders the Jacksonville Jaguars had the League's worst pass defense by dvoa. So this is a basically they're dvoa says their pass defense is nearly 40% off the average pass defense in the NFL will Fuller Brandin Cooks even Randall Cobb, and obviously DeShaun Watson are among the best plays with the entire week. Looking forward very much to Baltimore and Indianapolis Ravens and the Colts we talked about it last week about the Ravens offense being a little off Joe. They were able to run game going. It was just Lamar Jackson's turnovers that killed him, but they finally really got that run game turning the other words of all teams. Yeah, and I wonder if like they were just being a little bit cute Ross with the three man running back rotation. Like, you know, like I thought maybe just working in marketing grown men working in Dobbins and working in Edwards and none of them are getting into a rhythm wage seems like this year every time Dobbins has touched the football he's gained like Twenty Yards and I don't understand why they're not giving them the bomb or maybe that game is a little bit of a wake-up call, but the fact of the matter is the March X is not throwing football very well and not you know, he's not offsetting it enough with his legs to be an elite elite fantasy option that you drafted him to be. I'm not telling you you don't start Lamar Jackson, but he is he has no job In the elite option that you expect him to be mostly because he's not throwing the ball very well. And you saw Hollywood Brown's comments after the game on Twitter. Why do you have these soldiers? If you're not going to use them? That's what he said soldiers actually Soulja S. I kind of went to Hollywood. I mean, I don't know what's going on with this past game. But Greg Roman, maybe the offensive line and it sold them down Ronnie Stanley on IR just a just a bad bad offense for Baltimore right now. Nobody's saying they're done. They're 5 to but this is another tough match up for Baltimore office. I'm considering Dobbins and Gus Edwards presuming marketing room doesn't play kind of an rb2 and then an rb3 Dobbins and our be too and and Edwards and rb3 Hollywood Brown is a follow-up receiver. This point Market a Mark Andrews is not getting it done the way you want them to and you kind of just have to keep starting all these guys though because the the dearth of options that you have else part. What about on the other side with the Colts? Well, there's one thing you have to talk about with with Indianapolis. By the way, T Y Hilton is not practicing recording this on Wednesday. He's not practicing today. He's been useless for fantasy is is but the thing the focus for the Colts has to be backfield. What's going on with Jonathan Taylor. Jordan Wilkins comes out was the hot hand and Frank Reich was like we're going to ride the hot hand. That was Jordan Wilkins. That was Nineteen and that's problematic. That is hugely problematic. So Jordan Wilkins 19 Hines, I think these guys are Flex options at best. But Jonathan Taylor is a low-end rb2 right now Frank Reich said, he might have been playing to an ankle injury. I'm not really sure what the heck's going on. But this is an ugly three-man rotation in that backfield and Jonathan Taylor has not ceased that backfield the way we thought he was going What about Kaden's receivers and you mentioned to you I yeah t y is going to be out. I mean, I guess he can take a shot on Zach Pascal Michael Pittman played last week, but unfortunately, it's not really a situation where I'm comfortable using one of these or by the way Michael Pittman conscience one pass for 6 yards despite playing 58% of the snaps. So it wasn't a great game for him the receiver. I probably feel best about for the Colts and I mean this is very very narrow is Mo alie-cox the tight end but he's just a low-end tight and start you can take a shot on Trey Burton as well. They've been running some Wildcat with him but this is an ugly passing game at least in terms of use and Philip Rivers was played pretty well. Right, right. Okay Seattle at Buffalo, but the bills ran the ball better than they have all year. Seahawks defense actually was a little bit better. What do you think? Yeah, the Seahawks game. Carol says we're getting there we're getting there defensively and it had been awful but it has gotten a little bit better in Buffalo a struggling a little bit. So I'm I'm still a little curious what's going on with the bills in the passing game. However, like you said they ran the ball really well last week and I think Zack Moss. Hey props to Devin Singletary for also stepping up last week cuz he hasn't had a very good year but I think Zack Moss has shown that he deserves to be a big part of this backfield. I think a moss and and Singletary or both Flex options. And in the passing game you kind of just have to roll with Josh Allen who has been running the ball a little bit more. I didn't think he had a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination a couple of weeks ago. He did not have a good game against the Patriots even though he ran for a touchdown the weather might have been a factor there as well. But Stefon Diggs and frankly Cole Beasley are the two best options in this passing game right now. Seattle on the other side Seattle is as narrow a fantasy team is it gets DK Metcalf as the new Terrell Owens you play Tyler Lockett every week. You play Russell Wilson every week. The only question is and we don't offer us on Wednesday. What is the status of Chris? Carson Carlos Hyde in That backfield DJ Dallas came through for you for Fantasy. He scored two touchdowns, but it wasn't a huge fantasy outing uh off for him. Otherwise, he got me hands on a couple of times, but he didn't look he didn't look even look great, but he got the job done. I like that Joe. I thought the saying I like that comparison a lot D came up is the new Terrell Owens. I kind of I mean because that's what he looks like to me. It's amazing Denver is at Atlanta the Broncos rallied against the Chargers Lindsay was back. How about them from a fantasy? Standpoint Phillip Lindsay man. Let me tell you something. I don't know if I see any teams beat writers going to bat for a guy off. On a more consistent basis than Broncos beat writers go to bat for Phillip Lindsay. They love the guy. He's like the East the heart and soul of a team. They say he creates big place from that 55,000 run really starts parked there really sparked their comeback in that game against the Chargers. Look Phillip. Lindsay is a better player than Melvin Gordon right now, but you have to keep in mind exactly what I'm saying before the season Melvin Gordon was in on those final drives for the Broncos because they view him as the better pass-catcher. He caught six passes in that game against the Chargers. So both of these guys are kind of took me to use for me. They're going to keep running the football keep an eye on the status of Tim Patrick the wide receiver for Denver keep an eye on him because he kind of developed into Drew locks. Go-to-guy wage is obviously a good matchup against Atlanta Jerry jeudy, there's something missing I think lock didn't play well for three quarters and then played well on the 4th. Is that sustainable for lock and he build on that and Noah Fant is a game. I will tell you that in one at this point. On the other side Atlanta Falcons, they show me something in that window over Carolina. Usually a pretty narrow fantasy team where you got? Yeah, Todd Gurley kind of has to be in your lineup at this point, but boy, he is moving like molasses. I mean he is not looking good out there moving so slowly and Brian Hills had some burst to him. I wonder if he's going to play a little bit more. So Todd gurley's a low-end rb2. I'm not saying you can play Brian Hill but just keep that in mind that that he looks like he's got more burst to him than does Todd Gurley. Julio Jones is in your lineup, but obviously the big guy to watch is Calvin Ridley name is his foot going to heal up in time to play in this game. Remember they did play last Thursday. So he's got a better shot and and Hayden Hurst at tight end again, you know, you mentioned George Kittle is out potential the season and Hearst is somebody that you could consider using each and every week at this stage with the tight end position really narrowing. That'll do it for episode number one of the fantasy Feast eatin podcast. We still gotta get to raiders-chargers Cowboys Steelers Dolphins Cardinals. How about that suck matchup Saints and the Bucks and Monday night jets-patriots ill but we still got to talk about it because we go through every game here on the fantasy Feast Life as a reminder to take advantage of the Draft Kings off or send it to me Ross at Ross Tucker., I'll sign a picture card for you guaranteed and get more of Joe and the cast of thousands fantasy points.com. You gotta use the code Feast. Oh, that's the key. I'm stuck with the desert. Thanks for listening to the fantasy Feast podcast. Make sure to also took em to the Russ Tucker football podcast even money business of sports and the college draft all available at Apple podcasts Ross Tucker, wherever podcasts can be found. Hello, Chico Pitbull. Mr. Farebrother said mr. Worldwide and I'm here to tell you about my new podcast from negative to positive right to you. But my friends over at State Farm, I believe that the heck is you gotta play the game start the game doesn't play you, you know, the biggest risk you take is not taking one. It's very important that you make sure you make the most out of your money, especially when it comes to insurance State Farm office surprisingly great rates. They have great agents standing by helping you personalize your coverage all this is backed up by award-winning either use technology. 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