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Hello words welcome to another episode of the dictionary I just had a very weird thing. I thought that I was a page behind hind where I really am. So I started reading his words and I was like I've I think I've already read these So that was a weird first question which I asked in my previous Davis recording which no one will ever hear Quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick. Quick question for you. Do you want me to make this an explicit podcast. I have said on many occasions. It Many occasions this is non explicit. Because I would like kids to be able to listen to it and sometimes maybe they're listening to what their parents although there's probably no kids listening Maybe the parents don't want me to say bad words. It would make me. It would free me up to be a little bit more myself than just not Not Censor Myself But if you think that I should or should not or if I should make it explicit or should keep it the way it is let me know. Send me an email message me on facebook twitter instagram. Although social media's it's all in the episode description so we are going to start with the word assize A. S. S. is E.. I thought it was assembly but that was like four episodes ago. All right so a size. Bottom of page seventy four. This is a noun from the fourteenth century one. A A judicial official inquest. One be an action to be decided. By such an inquest the writ for instituting it or the verdict or finding rendered by the jury so lots of options there in the one B definition and. I'M GONNA turn up my headphones a little bit it here. No that's the wrong direction. Let's try that All right number two a the former periodical session of the superior courts in English County Yeah counties for trial of civil and criminal cases is usually used in plural to be the time or place of holding holding such a court the court itself or a session of it and let's turn up the volume just a tad and it is usually used in plural that to be one and let's look at the etymology. This is ferrall middle English. Isis Say A. S. S. I. S. E. IT is from anglo-french French Which means session or legal action? It is from US ear Or a swap which means to seat and that is from the the Latin verb acid array which is from the another Latin verb. aasa dairy spelled a little differently which means to sit beside or assist assist in the office of a judge that's pretty specific and that is from ad plus said array which means to sit and there is more at the word sit now now we have a S S N. This is an abbreviation for the Word Association. Next is a S. O. C.. I guess you could pronounce it a sock doc or a sock or something else. This is also an abbreviation for associate associated or association. Next we have associate actually this in this case it is a so she ate associate or associate and Yeah I guess sometimes people put in a shift sound in there. This is the first form of are- so I'm guessing the pronunciation is going to change a little bit as well. This is a verb herb from the fourteenth century transitive definitions our first one to join as a partner friend or companion to is obsolete elite to keep company with synonym is attend like associate at a party or something number three to join join or connect together. Synonym is combine four to bring together or into relationship in any of various intangible tangible ways as in memory or imagination now we have the in transitive definitions number one to come or be together as partners his friends or companions to to combine or join with other parts synonym is unite like Voltron Iran. Synonym for all the word join and the etymology says this is from Middle English associate with no E. The at the end which means associated and that is from the Latin us. Oh Chiapas which is from the verb a Sochi IRA which means to I unite and that is from ad plus Sochi Ra Which means to join and that is from focus which means companion and there is more at the word social we are going to move onto the next form of this word and it looks like it is pronounced associate associate or associate or associate or uh so shit US associate? I think that's another perfectly valid pronunciation. This is an adjective from the fourteenth century. One closely connected as in function function or office with another number two closely related especially in the mind three having secondary or subordinate Gordon. It status as in associate membership in a society. Now we have the third form of associate or associate associate or associate or associate of many forms same pronunciations as the second form. This is a noun from the From fifteen thirty three one one one associated with another as one a the synonyms partner and colleague. One B we have these synonyms companion. Nion and comrade. I wanted to say calm raid to a an entry level member. As of a Learned Society Society Professional Organization or profession. To be we have these synonyms employee and worker number. Three is often capitalized but allies. A degree conferred especially by a junior college as in associate in arts associate ship is a noun next we have associate professor and I think recently we had assistant professor. If I am remembering correctly yep there it is You can't see it but I'm looking right at it. So associate professor is a noun from eighteen nineteen a member of a college or University Faculty Realty University Faculty who ranks above an assistant professor and below a professor. And I'm pretty sure that's what I predicted when I read assistant professor which says just to remind everybody a member of a college or University Faculty who ranks above an instructor and below and associate professor sir. Do you remember that. If not that means you probably are not listening to these an order and shame on you associate professorship is as a noun so can we just add ship to the end of words to make them nouns like I'm not going to be able to come up with an example fast. I'm not so smart next. We Have Association or Association. Why do people put the shift sound in there? This is a noun from fifteen thirty thirty five one a the act of associating one. Be this state of being associated. Synonyms are combination and relationship relationship. Ship Number to an organization of persons having a common interest. Synonym is society number three. Sorry I was distracted because I was moving my fingers on the microphone and I heard it and you can probably hear it to see. Did you hear that okay number. Three something linked in memory or imagination with a thing or person for the process of forming mental connections or bonds between sensations ideas or memories. Five the aggregation of of chemical species to form as with hydrogen bonds. Loosely bound complexes so I'm going to read that again without the part in parentheses. It's the aggregation of chemical species to form. Loosely bound complexes or would it be complex's number six a a major unit in ecological community organization characterized by essential uniformity and usually by two or more dominant species. Associational is an adjective. Next we have association area. This is a noun from Circa Nineteen nineteen oh nine an area of the cerebral cortex that functions in linking and coordinating the sensory and motor areas. The cerebral court cerebral CORTEX by the way is in your brain if you didn't know that and Yeah that's a it's a thing in your brain. That does some the stuff next. We Have Association football. This is a noun from eighteen. Seventy three and just learn something it's a synonym or a synonym synonym for it. Is the word soccer. So obviously in America we call football football and in other countries there. Football is our soccer But here you could also say association football. I don't really know where I'm going with this. It's it's the same. It's soccer right. Are we going to read one more for this episode. I think we are yes. Sure why not associationism is a long word. It is a fun word to say. It is spelled A. S. O. C.. I A. T.. I O N I S. I should probably save this for the next episode. But I'm not it is a noun from eighteen seventy five a reductionist actionist school of Psychology. That holds that the content of consciousness can be explained by the Association and re Association creation of irreducible sensory and perceptual elements. That sounds interesting. Doesn't it association. EST is a noun and association. Mystic is an adjective and now is the time of the episode where I have to pick a word I am going to go ahead and pick association ISM because that sounds kind of interesting so thank you very much for listening to me. Read some words to you to let people know about this. Go ahead follow my instagram. I'm posting funky pictures. I mean they're not all funky but I try and write something seen relatively interesting and Yeah say hi. What's up until next time? This is Spencer reading the dictionary goodbye.

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