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welcome to health hats learning on the journey towards best health. I'm Danny Van Lewin two legged SIS gender old white white man's privileged living in a food oasis who can afford many hats and knows a little bit about a lot of health care and a lot about very little. Most people wear hats one at a time but I wear them all at once. I'm the Rosetta stone of healthcare. We will listen and learn about what it takes to adjust to life's realities in the awesome circus of healthcare. Let's make some sense of all of this in two thousand nine Dr Rip Kinkel no kidding his real name dog knows me with Multiple Sclerosis you've had ms for at least twenty five years. You're a master adapter but your systems broke through your adaptions fans. It's time to treat six months before he died my son. Mike told me that we shared a superpower accepting. What is and moving on? I'm grateful for my superpowers. Accepting what is and adapt ability rather than DIS ability. Nice ice in two thousand fifteen. I ended my career as an employee. Your boss some call it retirement. I expected that I'd misleading leading following and being inspired by team doing meaningful work together and miss the connection the fund the energy as I shifted from full time employment due to increasing stress in deteriorating health. Finally I listened to my own advice. Managing Ching Manageable stress. Okay really that's a good story the truth I listened to my wife's advice with a push out for my employer employer still I own the stress to health connection. It was time to move on except what is adapt ability plus unemployment benefits granite cushion my transition into retirement with blogging Wellesley partners consulting teaching pro pro Bono work and music while decompressing and healing. I already had a four year weekly habit of publishing my blog. Health Hands Wellesley partners was a small consulting and executive coaching shop. That welcomed me back into their fold for the second time I used a cube at Wellesley partners weekly while I set up the business health hats in a Home Office. Tim Sullivan and Peter Tetralogy coach me through the year long transition granite per and now a word from Mr sponsor a bridge. I'm grateful for a bridge. Push the big pink button and record the conversation and with your healthcare professional. Read the transcripts or listen to clips when you get home. A Bridge was created by patients factors and caregivers check out the APP and a bridge dot com A. B. R. I. D. G. DOT COM or download unloaded on the apple APP. Store or Google. Play store record your healthcare conversations. Let me know how it went. Meaning a year ago. In one of his daily posts. Seth Godin plugged the second podcast fellowship. I signed up. I took this unexpected fork in the road and became podcasters. Just like that happenstance without foreshadowing foreshadowing or forethought there was no magic to learning podcasting. Rather was hard work persistence with plenty of support. I watched and listen to thirty five daily lessons and created in connected with the community of three hundred international eager nervous collaborative collaborative fellow learners spoiler alert hide casting lead to outsized health benefits for me gratitude dear readers and listeners. You know that I'm full myself. I can't help it. I'm a content machine blogging weekly for six years offered me the opportunity to exercise discipline. Message an editing muscles but blogging is one way me out. About how long could I sustain. podcasting as obliged enhancement entails much more listening listening to interviewing exploring with fascinating people in my life networks eager to tell their stories creating introducing a podcast offers me learning and leading communication motivation new and deepening personal and virtual relationships skills building at artistic expression. Oh my God gratitude for me podcasting casting leads to outside health benefits. How can I say? Can't you know my mantra best. Health is living with peak capacity built on on genetics conditions. Circumstances and physical environment best health and draws on physical mental and spiritual essentials spiritual spiritual trump's mental and physical. Any Day as you now I have multiple sclerosis at its core amasses amiss functioning central nervous system system gravitating inexorably to fatigue exhaust. Our basic challenges use it. So you don't lose it it being saying movement and brain pathways for me. That's walking at least thirty. Five hundred steps a day playing music five to six hours a week. Hypothesized that activity and movement trigger endorphins and Dorfman's generate energy the endorphin generated rated energy counteracts the fatigue of MS mentally learning new skills honing craft telling a story ORI producing the podcast with music sound and article great transcripts exercise the gray cells podcasting provides a second and level trigger of endorphins again endorphins create energy gratitude podcasting fellowship. I mentioned earlier. Introduced me to the AKIMBO. Forward Link Community. Akimbo is the Seth Godin community workshops about bending the culture speaking speaking up and being heard forward link is a hub for the more than ten thousand Akimbo alumni from seventy four countries. This community offers me a sandbox for personal mission driven growth. A twenty four hour help desk and sounding board for business and technical problem solving an endless opportunities for collaboration. The community welcomes an hunters. My leadership and participation few of the alumni appear to work in traditional healthcare which adds to its perfection for me living in the traditional healthcare bubble constrict my brain that Abbas ms and limit my concept of the postle in fact is a lifelong student of communities organizations leadership and change the Akimbo forward link community offers unusual model of operating at peak perform. Its sound familiar within the forward link community. I host a BI weekly call podcasters critiquing each other's work. We are from Wales Germany Australia Canada Peru in the US our podcast or about environmental education diversity inclusion and equity fine hurt them Ns microfinance best. I health learning and more I meet with a group of New England forward link participants in person monthly in Boston. I virtually test techniques ideas stories and presentations within the community response to others inspiring work work almost every day through an initiative called sixty seconds a day where we all post sixty second clips of whatever's on our mind. And whatever we need help with you can see how this connection has bolstered my spiritual and mental health cranny Tude. I'm I'm not a religious person but I am spiritual. I'm at one in my relationship with a higher power. God if you will when I recognize feel gratitude who'd gratitude for living at peak capacity for my loving family and friends for an engaged health team for the forward link community eighty for music and for clean air and water on this first anniversary of my podcasting journey with fifty two episodes and three thousand thousand downloads under my belt. Thanks for your continuing support. I'm grateful for you and all you do happy Thanksgiving best health. You and yours. See The show notes previous podcasts and other resources on my website. WWW dot health dash hats dot com slash pod. Please subscribe or contribute if you like it. Share it thanks. Thanks see around the block And now a word from our sponsor abridge. I'm I'm grateful for a bridge. Push the big pink button and record the conversation with your healthcare professional. Read the transcripts or listen listen to clips when you get home. A Bridge was created by patients doctors and caregivers check out the APP at a bridge. Dot Com A. B. R. I. D. G. E. DOT COM or download it on the apple APP store or Google. Play store record your healthcare conversations. Let me know how it went.

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