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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jeanine herbst New York State's death toll from the corona virus is approaching one thousand as. Npr's Joel Rose. Reports figures released today. Show that the state accounts for more than forty percent of all Cova nineteen deaths in the US. The number of deaths in New York state jumped by more than two hundred nine hundred sixty five. That's the biggest single-day increase so far. The number of total confirmed cases continues to climb as well but governor. Andrew Cuomo says the numbers aren't growing as fast as they were last week when the number of cases was doubling every two days now Cuomo says they're doubling every six days so you're still going up towards the apex but the rate of the doubling is slowing which is good news still cuomo extended the state's restrictions on non essential work and travel in New York through the middle of April and offered no timetable for when they might be lifted. Joel rose NPR news. Louisiana officials say the first federal inmate death from Cova nineteen happened in a rural prison. The Federal Bureau of Prisons Says Forty nine year old. Patrick Jones died Saturday after falling. Ill with the virus. Paul Bron from member station W. Arkaev reports Jones had an underlying health condition. Ten Days Ago Jones complain to prison staff that he had a persistent cough. He was evaluated by the facilities medical personnel and sent to a nearby where he later tested positive for Kovic Nineteen Bureau. Spokesperson said in a press. Release that Jones had long term pre existing conditions that contributed to his quick decline. He's about halfway through a twenty seven year sentence for drug charges when he died at least four other inmates at Oakdale Louisiana's Federal Correctional Complex have tested positive. The bureau prison says it is temporarily suspended social visitation nationwide and is quarantining new inmates for a period of fourteen days for NPR news. I'm Paul Braun and Baton Rouge Italian officials say the country's lockdown measures are starting to produce results the latest date on the death toll. A number of new virus cases suggest they're not increasing as rapidly. Npr SYLVIA POHJOLA reports the Civil Protection Agency said that the number of deaths has climbed by seven hundred fifty six to ten thousand seven hundred. Seventy nine and the total number of cases has reached more than ninety seven thousand. Dr Luca Raquel pointed out that the numbers of deaths and patients admitted to. Icu's have dropped the last two days by ten to fifteen percent. A sign he said. The lockdown is starting to work but after nineteen days of restrictive measures and fearing social unrest. The government approved a four point. Eight Billion Emergency Fund for vouchers for millions of Italians. Who can no longer buy. Food and pope. Francis has backed the United Nations call for a global ceasefire so the world could focus on fighting the corona virus outbreak. Silvia Poll Jolie. Npr News Rome this is NPR news. Elton John is hosting a living room concert tonight to raise money for victims and first responders. The fundraiser will be televised and streamed the musicians. Though we'll stay at home singers. Include Billy Irish Maria Care Mariah Carey Alicia keys and Tim McGraw. They're scheduled to appear and perform from their houses. The Kennedy Center is furloughed. All Ninety six musicians of the National Symphony Orchestra. The musicians received the news on the same day that the president signed the Emergency Relief Package which includes twenty five million dollars for the Kennedy Center. Npr's Elizabeth Blair has more. The Kennedy Center told the musicians. They would no longer receive a paycheck. After April third the musicians union immediately filed a grievance saying the action was in violation of the NFL's contract which provides six weeks notice before it can stop paying musicians for economic reasons. The Kennedy Center says the twenty five million dollars from the relief package will help pay essential personnel to ensure the center can reopen. When it's safe to do so in a statement Kennedy Center President. Deborah Rudder says without this funding the center would run out of cash for operations by mid May rudder also announced that she is foregoing. Almost all of her one point two million dollar salary. Elizabeth Blair. Npr News Washington at award winning conductor and one of the world's most popular contemporary classical music composers has died Kristof Hendra rescues. Music was featured on the soundtracks of the exorcist. And the shining he also influenced rock groups ranging from the band to radiohead. He died at his home. He was eighty six Janine herbst and listening to NPR news from Washington.

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