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No Filler Sidetrack: Temple of the Dog


The Camaraderie and the the healthy competition park I found later was unusual and it was. It was Johnny Ramone. That actually point that out to me later talking about I think the French between programs of Soundgarden for example and saying I never seen that before. Newark wasn't like that we hate each other. We would screw each other up at every. Turn if you could. You would mess the other band up the best thing about. Is I think that you learn from each other. You know when you you You're inspired by each other for me is Temple of the dog. And welcome to no filler. The music podcast dedicated to sharing the often overlooked hidden gems that fill the space between the singles on our favorite records. My name is Quentin. Got My brother Travis with me as always and for our sidetracked. Today we are covering a supergroup called Temple of the dog so last week we covered pearl jam and their debut album from ninety one called ten and this is a band that kind of formed a surrounding the death of the lead singer from mother. Love Bone that's right. Yeah kind of like a tribute to him. That there is shared shared connection between Chris Cornell which is the lead singer of soundgarden and as we mentioned last week both Jeff comment and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam. Were in mother Love Bone. So you know. Obviously they knew him very well and their lead singer. Andrew Wood had od I think that year actually. I think it wasn't nineteen ninety when he passed away and it's also worth mentioning and it's pretty much the entire Pearl Jam lineup. So it's Mike McCready on lead guitar. I don't know about the Drummer Mac. Now that yeah. That's Matt Cameron Matt Cameron. Okay yeah so basically was Pearl Jam plus Chris Cornell I think I think Matt Cameron was a drummer back in the the beginning for soundgarden. So they go. I mean that's just a that's the Seattle music scene rate. If you think about it that way right it's the members from Green River right with Jeff and stone. You've got sound gardens Chris Cornell so yeah Chris Cornell was actually a roommate of Andrew would So he died in nineteen ninety of a heroin overdose the day the Cornell got back from a tour for Masongorere ran so He wrote these two songs for his friend. Andrew when he went on tour in Europe a few days later and the two songs for reach down and say hello to heaven both ended up on this record So basically what happened was he gets home. From a tour. Andrew dies the same day from a heroin overdose a few days later. He's he's back. On the road touring in Europe and he writes these two songs on the road basically so he had the idea that like you know. Let me get a couple of other guys from other. Love Bone to record this with me. Just as an idea of putting out just like a a single like a two track to side single EP And then they pull on the rest of the the rest of the group cool the way the Eddie vedder gets involved with this record. Is You know he had already flown up from San Diego to rehearse for as we mentioned they were then called. Mookie blaylock so he came up there to to rehearse and he just happened to sit in on one of the rehearsals with Temple of the dog and provided backing vocals. That's go that's kind of the kind of cool so it's really interesting. What do you think about it because when we listen to the record now and when the record became a success Pearl Jam had had received the popularity of that point tenant came out Just a little bit later so like it's one of those records that kind of became more and more popular in. That's probably helped. With the fact that this was a mash up of soundgarden which had already been successful with Chris Cornell on the vocals and then essentially all of Pearl Jam which became huge. Just a few months later. You know so anyway cool. Let's let's listen tunes. Men are attuned Muslim woman. Short and sweet brother. Let's listen to a tune So the song that we played in For the INTRO was of course hunger strike. Which is the biggest? Probably the most well known song from this record So you probably recognize that. We're going to jump down to close to the end of the record and it's called your savior track eight and It also features Eddie vetter with background vocals. So here we go okay. A great track man. Yeah it's solid and you know Chris Cornell just like Eddie vedder just an iconic vocalist. You know what I mean. Like his probably one of the greatest rock vocalist of all time. You know it was really cool guitar riff to throughout the song. Yeah the Guitar Solo to obviously do not looking at the album cover here. Jeff made this one to you. Know How like you're saying with with ten. They had a hand in the art direction and everything. It definitely looks handmade. Yeah very nineties. Yeah definitely so rolling. Stone gave it four out of five stars and the author. David Fricke who I think. We've all heard of David. Fricke like very well-known. He said that for hunger strike in reach down alone to the singles. Temple of the dog deserves immortality. Though songs are proof that the angst that defined Seattle Rock in the nineties was not cheap sentiment at least in the beginning. Nice which is interesting because I guess what? He's implying as like if he's at least in the beginning it was it was genuine. You know what I mean versus you. Talk about all the bands that were called grunge that perhaps didn't deserve to be. For whatever reason did it was more manufactured you know yes. Hunger Strike and reach town. They're more like the songs are a little bit more Sentimental like more. It's less about the testosterone and more about genuine emotion. And my not and hello. I mean we talked about this last week with program all the themes he talk about depression suicide right so anyway Bso with the song. Your Savior Yeah the the Guitar. Riff that the permeates throughout the song is just killer guitar. Solo is great really cool drumbeats great and I like I like the change towards the very end like a see why he wanted to play the whole song through. Yeah exactly there's lots of lots of different changes throughout the song which is really cool. So anyway Yeah so this was a wrecker. We probably could have done a whole episode on But it made for a perfect sidetracked for Pearl Jam some and we can. We can circle back and cover temple the dog at some point. You might find a way back to the nineties. Cruncher how we're GONNA find our way back dude? By the time we're done with this little stint here we will have covered maybe ten artists maybe less than eight bands depending on how many we end up doing. Because I think next week is no doubt which I'm super pumped about me to sidetrack for that and then it's going to and then who knows what happens over them so Yeah we'll make our way back in the nineties for sure did. Yeah that's it man. That's our That's our sidetrack here for Temple of the dog Like I said Great Record They one of those kind of iconic records you know. They put out one album and then clearly pearl. Jam Becomes Pearl Jam after that. So yeah and from what? I'm reading here like. They've only they only have like one legit full live performance him It was minus better but they performed in saddle at the offramp cafe. Which is what I mentioned last week when we cover program which is now called El Corazon But they've done some one off performances. If by chance soundgarden Pearl Jam or performing together. They'll do like little tiny temple of the dog says within those Sats which is Kinda cool but yeah that's just one of those one of those moments spread that just all happened to come together and there are in the right mindset and it's awesome that it exists it makes you wonder if it would be it would have became as as icon ick had had. Pearl Jam not seen success. You know 'cause it's like nobody. Would nobody would know her Give two shits about Eddie. Vetter dust acting. It would've just been a thing that cornell did with some guys from Green River. Mother bone ramp mother love bone exactly so well that's it did To jump back on my couch and watch some Flight of the conchords with my wife. Dude we've been watching so much TV. Lately I never get into flight of the conchords dude you know. I hate any sort of group like that. The does you know Corny ass. You should watch the show. Now get into it. I just can't get into it while the episode that has the iconic business time song. 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Did you should watch flight of the conchords man. It is fucking hilarious and I really hope. I'm reaching out to our to our fans give us a tweet and say Travis. Watch it bro. Now you don't think going to chime in and say hey you should watch the conchords until areas now mafia limit. I can't get into I can't get into. I mean what's the official? Do what I mean. I keep calling a joke songs. Like what is the official term for that? I don't know man legit musician. That's great. I mean that's fine. Then right right legit so let me see. Because we're we're talking about like weird Al Fatah Concord Right. I mean we'RE WE'RE WEIRD. Al's is very Mohammadi Rock. Comedy Comedy Rock I came here. That just can't do it man sorry to you. Do you like comedies. I love comedies. Do you like those. This exactly did thank you. I understand words rabbi just because I like to. Things doesn't mean I liked him together. You know what I'm saying hades loss did I just. I don't find myself chuckling. When I listened to the socks is like I feel like it's too much. Have you ever watched a comedy and then or even a movie any movie and then you're suddenly aware of the writer? You know what I mean. You're sure yeah yeah I see here you know what I mean. I'm too aware like I'm taken out of it. I feel like that's what happens to me when when I listen to comedy rock. I'm just like well. What if you listen to any song and you read the lyrics like I see what you're doing here? Do you ever do that now. Just just enjoy it then. But that's the point. Is that like? It's very much centered around the lyrics minutes comedy rock because it's all just jokes. You know his no deep. There's nothing deep vow about them has no meaning behind them. They're not all music has to be deep. I know especially when it's common. I'm just saying like everybody. There's a TV series surrounded surrounding it. Right it's just it's too. It's too heavy handed the me you know that's fine. Most of this going to get cut out. Just what you hurt. Let's move right along. Yes I got a doozy for you. I'm GonNa let you go first time though again so this is as fresh as it gets. I was listening to this today. Ooh You're talking about the strokes known in them. I'm not going to do but we can talk about that later if you want to say right now if you guys I if anyone listening right now if you haven't heard the new strokes album in your fan of them and you've been waiting just waiting for them to release something good again. 'cause in my opinion it's been years listened to their new album. The new abnormal just came out. Traveling are both big fans and we are long standing strokes fans. Yeah I mean we. We've been fan since the beginning Literally since the beginning so you and I were talking earlier about this record in how it it sounds exactly like if we were to consider look into the future ten years ago back when there's so many good records and say I wonder what they're going to sound like in twenty twenty. This is what I would expect and hope them to sound like you know what I mean. Yeah it's really great. It's really good effort. Good stuff anyways men. That's a little stroke. Sidetrack it. Lets you heard lately friend. Okay so This I love it when this happens so this is a artists that I used to listen to years ago on band camp and he had a spotify He had a spotify page. But none of these records around there and suddenly they just showed up on spotify And I it's been years since I've listened to this so anyway what I'm talking about who I'm talking about is he goes by the name. Third Person Lurk and have you heard of this guy Q? I don't think so like I said it's band. Camp is where I found him so like very very independent. He's on like the small. Uk Record label called dusted wax cool. Anyway this is trip hop down tempo. Like the perfect. Could like quintessential thibault sound is what this is right. But it's really well done. It's Kinda got dark tones to it. More like you know really super laid back almost kind of atmospheric and ambient co with a dark kind of spin to it anyway so. This record came out in twenty ten so a decade ago again. The guy's name is third person. Larkin the name of the record is the nameless city. It's got dope ass album Martin and The traffic listened to here is called the silver key Let's not to like about that. Yeah like I said just classic down tempo kind of sound in that whole record bit. You know it's it's you push playing and it's that that vibe the entire time at great it's just awesome. Yeah Great Music Too If he worked at a computer all day It's music to have on Pure coach like me. If you're a developer. Yeah and for us do that. This kind of music that down-tempo stuff has just had a special place in our hearts for like the majority of yeah are like years of actually becoming fans of music. Yeah I think we may have touched on this. Unlike our our TOSCA episode. Where like Downton? But we discovered down to mold together and it was like the perfect timing too. Because like you said this was when we were starting to branch out beyond the. Rock and roller we the Indie rock and stuff like that that we were really into back then and downton but was entirely different. World Yeah I was taking. It was taking jazz. Which is something. We are familiar with from our dad growing up flipping on it's head and and merging it with like hypothesis. That way. Yeah so like you know. We discovered it at the perfect time. And I'm I agree with you. It's been there the whole time and like I I've never not I I go in and out of like seeking this stuff out. You know what I mean like. There's there's times were like I'm I'm fully into it and I'm seeking out new artist and looking at it listening to bands and stuff that I you solicited back then and then there's other times like I don't WanNa hear this again for a long time you know but I you know like I said this. Guy I probably listen to him a decade ago when he was first putting the stuff out and now he's His entire discography is on spotify. So anyway Pulled up push play if you like that kind of stuff. All the music is great so all right queue much you've been heard in lately so I finally pushed play on David Bowie's space oddity album for the first time and I dedicated an evening to it. My God did such an awesome record so this is his second fooling album. It's technically it's just a self titled. Just called David Bowie and he also released an album in nineteen sixty seven couple years before this phone. Call David Bowie. But this album has over the years it's been released under several different titles Also known as space oddity. So it's got the the first track on the record space oddity. Everyone knows that song ground shirt will to me. Just tell you. Yeah so is one of those things where I'm like dude. I don't know enough about David. Bowie's music and he is one of the greatest artists of all time dudes considering that we are part of a music podcast. Now I know when you know. We probably shouldn't say that. Well I'm saying that loud and proud dude and I'm I'm just GONNA continue to dive deeper because this was such a great. Listen all the way through. There is just so many great moments in this album. GonNa name off a couple of tracks that I really enjoy. But we're just going to play one of them I really liked track to unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed beside never heard a harmonica rock. That hard ever Letter to harm her. Miami's the next track really really pretty song. The one that sticks out for me the that I thought about a few days after listening to it is the second to the last song on the record. We're GONNA play the whole song. It's called God knows I'm good. Who was walking through the count? Solve a national concern and a cash machine was spitting by show Dasell the multitude faces on a stretch and glean some arch and is exchanged. Oire is slimy slipped attend office chewing and Sir thank side and face was white with incase action. Swear observe so sure closed. Our eyes gave a conscience blind. Brian God knows and God knows God. God knows on God. God God knows and God now Sam God God God. God Man Love Then Shimo accents clutching time to pay a bag. Spur rations shut down for a heart and inside as the hand laid on her show she was led away but well did. Devon dare gas machines shrieking on account a Sarah. God does does a flip on a name and a crowd of rush. Tired Old Lei Feng. Said to the well and Gordon floor. God knows God God knows on God God knows. On God's won't God knows God God knows Sam God God no Zanjan. Shaw gone ahead so I've never. I've never heard that side of of Bali before which is Kinda funny because like you know I'm sure he's got plenty of songs like that. Yeah that's yeah. Let's let's put this on record for me. I only really know Bowie's singles and to think right. That's what we're all about on this podcast. So I'm I don't care if we do it on this podcast or if I do it on my own time. I'm diving into Bowie Dude. Hardcore is fucking time sure. Yeah no I mean we need. I mean at some point. We're going to do a David Bowie episode. Obviously Oh yeah probably get into space oddity men. So that's the thing that's why I want to dive into it and see see else. You got man man but yeah this was nineteen sixty nine his second full length out he would have been. He was twenty two at the time. I love lyrics in the song. It's about a a lady that steals a can of stew from a store because she can't afford it she gets caught and she just cries out or thanks. God knows that I'm a good person. Maybe he'll look the other way today in. Forgive me for what I've done man just fucking Gami. The first time I heard like beautiful song. Yeah that's that's that's great. Yeah Yeah So. That's what I listen to this weekend. And let's back and wrap it up dude be so sidetracked there's a sign trek so we mentioned this earlier Next week we're GONNA switch it up from the GRUNGE and I'm I'm palms man. I love so some of the songs on this record. Urges like quintessential nineties rock songs And it's you know it's Gwen Stafani. Did you know yeah I mean what more do you want? We're talking about? Tragic Kingdom Command Nineteen ninety-five by no doubt and no doubt. It's coming up soon. No doubt it's going to be fun to dive into this a Skop punk band. I mean yeah. They one of the few that found such success a dozen hangman. And that's one of the one of the things about the sky sound you know. It's it's linked with the nineties in such a quirky kind of like you know the scar. That freakin the horns. Man You know I never got into it man by no doubt. I'm always I've always been into no doubt and I say that but I again this is another one of those moments are another one of those bands that I never really dove into farther than the singles. So this is going to be. I I listen for me all the way through for this album. Yeah I am with you on that. Yeah but like as far as far as sky band stood never got into it at the only other band. I can think of off the top of my head mighty mighty Boston's right exactly but that's that's exactly what I'm talking about like there. There are those those sky songs that made it into the mainstream like The impression is what is the impression that I get by mighty mighty bowel sounds. Everybody knows that song man and it's it's a great song dude. Enter random. Scott Song comes to mind. That was on Tony Hawk. Pro Skater. Yeah I don't know it was mighty mighty baas tone but it probably was but yeah exactly so It's just one of those things where the generation that came after US probably look at the sky. Fad that happened for a little bit in the nineties. Like what the fuck you guys do do. That's the cool thing It'll be fun to find a maybe find something a little bit more obscure and the sky Vein from the nineties for Sidra. Search out. Yeah I'm totally down for that. Yeah lots of. That's our challenge. J. Let's dig deep for that one. Yeah Yeah I'm excited to listen this record I'm with you. This is going to be my first. My first listen through From start to finish For for tragic kingdom here. But I mean who who doesn't who doesn't know Some of the singles on this record man just a girl. Oh don't speak leave a message in Okla- ou been was that tragedy. I think that was spiderweb. See Track one now. Yeah Yeah. That's a great man. I'm pumped I can't win are so as always you can find us on the Pantheon podcast network. We are part of the family. There you can find a lot of other. Great Music Centered podcasts. I can check us out on Pantheon. Podcasts DOT COM or hop onto our website. No filler PODCAST DOT COM. You can find our show notes and track lists all that fun stuff so that you can stream are episodes directly from our website and you can find us on pretty much any other. Podcast APP ends until next time. We'll be shouting at your next week with some no doubt coverage until then wash your hands. Stay safe all that fun stuff. My Name's Clinton on you'll take care. players and

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