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With Martin senior putting on, but it will be brand test Laskey Twining victory, quite hang in. There of. They just they've never spec for leaders front for the win. Right. I feel like Hendrik displays games away with NASCAR. And I feel like they always start the year off kinda bad like show NASCAR that they're being nice incorporating. Volley lose and stuff. And then it gets a couple months in and they start cheating right time. They were on probably other. Deftly to better job using different words or something that acting across a lot better. And with that clearly a lot to get into today on NASCAR America motormouth, Marty Schneider petty here stuff going on say, isn't there? A topics for us to talk about. But we want to hear from you the full number to dial in eight four four NASCAR NBC. So here are some of the storylines that we've been talking about does the real season. Kyle start this weekend. In Las Vegas was Martin tricks junior checkout of line for being mad Houston out soon. Your and Kyle Larson apologizing for using the word cheating when talking about Hendrick motorsports. Ok p which one of those topics. Fires you up apologizing for using the word cheating. What has this sport come to? Where are we? Now. Did you dad apologized anyway? No that anybody. I don't know. I don't know. But listen, he he just he used a word a conversation about a question that was asked him. And now you have to apologize for using the c word that cheating word. Ooh. What's the world coming come on, man? That's his opinion and said, I say it we won't these drivers to have personality. We wanted to break out of that mall. We want them to be who they are Kalle Larsson is who he is. Whatever comes up comes out. That's the way it is. That's why I like that kid. We'd Tony Stewart was the same way. Whatever comes up comes out cow bushes that way. So I think you need to have that. But just because he that's his opinion. Now, we're saying we're going to censor your opinion. That's this is this is NASCAR PC or something. I don't know what our friend Nate Ryan's joining us later show. I love hashtag has gotten started yet arson Castaing Larson, I think we need. How do you think this happened Kyle? This all goes down. He's on. He's on splash. Bill. Nascar ski yesterday says the cheating word what goes down after that. He gets a phone call once it's out somebody he gets a phone call and says, hey, you know, we're we're both Chevy teams. We get our engines there, you know, you wanna run good. How's it? How's it going over there for you Larson? House those kids house things happen. You might wanna apologize. So it's Wednesday. This is what we've got last week. We had last week. We had. Michael mcdowell. Yes. Okay. After the comments he made on Wednesday. We had him on the show, and he who BPP an hour here. In collars, from his comments be. So we're going to call it. It's not humping anymore. It's wednesday. Walk back day every week. We're going to have a section a segment called Wednesday walk back who's walking back what they stood for on Monday are on Sunday. Who's walking back today today? Our Lord winter cow Larson walking it back. All right. This show is all about you guys want to hear from you certainly want to hear what you think about this. Kyle Larson situation. Eight four four NASCAR NBC will start with Trevor out of surprise, Arizona. Trevor what's happened to man. Well, no much because Afrin going well that we're doing good. Mardi. I you need plaid. But I'm not following the Rutledge flat. I need. Yeah. Good point. Trevor. Well, my opinion about the Larsen thing is I'm gonna little early two thousands. Tony Stewart deja-vu same thing happened to him whenever he talked about the tires or anything. Good your came out for him. But he didn't stop. So why disc county center himself? Yeah. And that's that's that's great point. And I don't think cow needs to censor himself. Because I think that's part of who call Larson is just like, you know, Kabua's gets out and rubs his eyes and says if you don't like that kind of race and you don't like racing. That's who Kabushiki who. Tony Stewart was Tony store with we won't these guys be different and prescient. Why Carson's done I think the sport has gotten to a point where it's a business. You do have to monitor that. But my goodness gracious. Let's let's let's guys say some things because fans won't Roberts have personally. I yeah, they do and that is censoring that personality. Yes. But it's still a political gain Kyle. It's always a political game people. This is a business and. A lot of ways. And it's it's a sport. It's a business. It's political. It's a little bit of everything we have to give our call of the cholera ward Carl. Number two this week. Call you've been number one the first couple of weeks. So you know, you got to work on a little bit Carl. How y'all doing today doing here from you? What do you think about this? Kyle Larson situation. Told you before come kind of old school. This is what it is. The drivers are going to talk that. That's just how goes I have no problems with it. But the thing is that thing is the about Kyle. What do you think that he's these penalty stuff? I thought the race was his Sunday. He was up. There seem to me to be dominating forget his comments. How what do they gotta do as far as getting the people? What is he had to do this drive in his mind to get focused to get on that how because he's capable of definitely more wins. I mean, he's next sports. So what do you think meant to your is within the team that he needs to do to get these more winds and to get where he wants to be obviously house with. This is what he bring up with Kyle Larson. I'll curl saying I think how has has. He almost needs a coach you think you almost need a little bit of a coach somebody to be in his ear coming down pit road. Pay attention. What's going on fifty laps to go? Let's pay attention to watch. How many times have we seen cow Larson dominate segment? One segment to only to be an also ran in segment three because of a pit road penalty because of something that happens own pit road because he's put himself in position or something's happened. Did he's back in the pack because he's got into the wall because you've got to put together a five hundred mile race or four hundred mile race or five hundred Lapresse whatever it is. And he's getting their little by little his potential is as great as any driver. I've ever seen come into this talent his role talent. But he has to tap into that just needs somebody in his ear little bit. I Jim wants to talk about the Martin tricks. You Ricky Stenhouse, which has you upset as well. Yeah. It's on your mind. Guys, say from the great white north. And then a little tired of hearing my love Martin trucks. Adopt. But man if your cars that fast to win the race. Why couldn't you get around the seventeen? It was a lap down. So this situation upset you just like Jim said, but which side are you on you onto Exide or Stenhouse Stenhouse, the sat on this. I agree. I am. Yeah. I'm I'm definitely Stenhouse aside. I mean, I think I don't understand, and I will say this, and I will pair it what? Jeff Burton said on NASCAR Americo money. I'm not driven these cars with this biggest bowler. I don't know. How far back the dirty areas? I don't know where you begin to fill it where Martin to expedite in the fail. Fill the affect of. We're stint houses running, but Stenhouse said later when a gag it's within five Carleen to me. I let him go true ex was a straightaway behind and whining about the seventeen being in his line. I didn't understand that at all. So lap guys out there race into man. I was a lap car a lot. I know what it's like via last car. So you're racing for position to he was trying to get himself and position and maintain that to be the lucky dog if that come out. So I think it's a little bit of sour grapes here. I'm not I'm not I'm. I'm not withdrew on. And I'm straight up Ricky Stenhouse, we'll good calls in segment. One. Plenty more of your calls to come on the show today. But coming up on NASCAR, America motormouth. Ryan blaney. Yes. He was Dell junior and the Dell junior download the tape that earlier this week that'll be tomorrow here on NBC in Sunday's race at Atlanta, Mark the first time in thirty years that we did not hear David whose voice in the tower. We'll talk to the former NASCAR race director next. And we want to hear from you the fans if you've got something to say give us a call at eight four four NASCAR NBC. To year. Pretty. The voice that ran the Cup series from the tower for so many years that is David to watched his first race on television in thirty one years this past Sunday from his home in Winston Salem, North Carolina. David hoots joins us on the phone right now, David how you doing? Yanni? It was it was a different experience from watching television and truly appreciate what what television does for the races. But I will tell you that it was a little bit different and strange from sitting here in the in the the comfort of the recliner. Yeah. But congratulate you for being able to do that brand thirty one great years when NASCAR. So is there a way describe the craziness that goes on the tower because those guys had a caution coming out in the middle of green flag stops and that race, son Atlanta. I don't think from a from a race director fan point anything more chaotic and happen, correct? The the only thing that would probably added to it had been a serious accident that you were having to deal with during that that would have created the college. But you're having to check with those Tamminen scoring the pit out official with the camera. Checking the start finish line camera to make sure all this is right along was going telling you who is the free pass, and noting that there's two cores that were very close to being eligible, but they would down after the college did very chaotic period that can happen at any time that you're running around the green flag pitstops. Listen, here's my question. I know what it was like when I quit and to be at home. So I have two questions for you number one. As you watch the race. Did you continue to call it? Meaning did you talk to the TV number one? Number two every time. You said put it out that somebody in your family get up and put a dog outside. Is that what they? What did you talk to the TV while you watched it? Oh, I was I was helping to TV, but I was texting the several friends that I think the families this my family just sit there, and they all had excuses to leave. Being the TV. We were we I was having a good time and enjoying the race. But it's it's different than just being there. It has to be different David because you only have one monitor to look at you're able to look at the TV looking at thirty monitors at one time to watch the race track thirty monitors and a lot of other data. That's coming in that. You're getting the information from timing scorn. And it's it's disseminated differently than than just how the home bureau would see it some of it makes it very simple to what you're you're doing. And the other thing is that also keys in different particular important aspects of any of those colleges David we're gonna miss the racetrack. But I cannot let you go in the segment without giving me a good Kyle petty story come on you got one. Not pay this tedious. I think we were we were rundown at Charlotte one night and cow had a pet a wonderful car, owner Phillips about who still with the sport. And. He is a character. Is right. There is a passionate person about what he does anything. He gets involved in. He's like that. And I think that kinda was involved in some little incident. That we ended up to caning on pit road. Long time for a long. Continue to grow for some reason fell clearly spitting Tina the radio. And when he when he would get excited it would change from English to Spanish with its Keven accent. And we determined after a little bit of time that he was not in buying this older brunch. I don't know. I don't know how Robin Pemberton was free laying there for bation how. But every now, and you would you would hear somebody's name mentioned in. And I don't think fairly hope it's though by and get this this this order or whatever. Have the was sitting there in and he was benefiting because he just sit there and sit there and sit there, but cow kinda was always very gracious after the fact dislike a lot of the driver for. After he got the lowdown of where we were getting information, kind of understood, I think a little bit more is that right? That's exactly right, man. I appreciate you being. I'll think you when I see you Pocono this year, man. Poconos to mention that we have to all the and see some great racing into triangle, president this year of that convention. They're gonna be great. So hey, David looking forward to see that some point at the racetrack. We know we'll get this summer. Thanks. Y'all have a great evening. Hope all you all your fans have been time tonight. Thank you. Enjoy days return. Download. Now, there's a big conspiracy on whether you guys actually invite them everywhere. He just likes to say we don't want. He says no to I didn't go to why I was not invited to Hawaii. I with everybody. And then they all went to DisneyWorld yesterday. And guess he wasn't invited to DisneyWorld. The when he says that stuff on live TV like he doesn't understand the hate that comes down on us because people don't know that we're actually mad at him and not inviting places when we did. You can get more of young Ryan Blaney and visit with Dell junior tomorrow Dell junior download four PM eastern right here on NBC SEM follow about NASCAR America motorsports. Our at five within driver Joel Barba as a special guest Hebron coming up. So it's a double header of NASCAR Manica tomorrow. Every huge huge. Yeah. Hey, we're going to do as many calls as we can in this segment, and if we don't care in this segment, we'll catch in the after show, right? We'll start with Joel for Nebraska. He wants to talk about Kyle Larson apologizing. What's up, Joel? That's needed for me. I mean, I grew up in the seventies. And I watched a lot of guys Reverend in. Peterson. I don't recall them does. Ever apologize for anything those strap on next week? And let's be that again. I don't understand why we have me so poetic when he co. Breaking up, man. But I agree with you. That's exactly why there's not a hallmark section of for driver cards to apologize each other because you shouldn't apologize. Good. Call now here from California wants talk Ricky Stenhouse, junior hobby air what's up, man? Going. Good good. Hey, it's like why? Okay. Why is everyone going after them house? Kyle. No what I have no idea, man. I guess all the true fans since he's won a championship and run up front and one more racist than Ricky. It's easier to go after Ricky. But I honestly Ricky has taken heat for things in the past. But I this case in this instance, I just don't believe that Ricky is a guilty party. I think Ricky was race in his guts out to have the best finish for his team. So was true experts both guys, but I mean, it's just one of those deals insane. House took a little heat for what happened in Daytona and league as well. So, you know, his point well-taken so Gavin wants to know what we think about this weekend's race. Is that correct Gavin? Yep. I was really wondering what you guys expect from this new package. I mean from the testing and Las Vegas. It looks great. And I'm just really wondering what it's gonna look like with forty cars. I'd have you said the real season Sarge week. Yeah. I think I think now this is the package, and I don't know what to expect watching Atlanta. I think what Atlanta did instead of a guy just driving away. He drove halfway away the rest of the pack. A lot of the pack was pretty tight restart for insane. But restarts been insane. We start going to continue to be insane. Because that's where you can make up the most ground. I'm really looking forward to Vegas because this is a package, and this is where we start to develop. And we'll you see the teams who really latch on and understand this package early. But honestly, again, I don't have a clue what to expect except closer racing. Hope it seems like it's going to be good leader can kind of get away. But from there back it's going to be chaos kin. So so mantha from San Antonio Texas has been on hold for. A while cement how you doing? I'm doing good good. What's your question? Well, you know in the rice Sunday, Ryan, pre I know he took the blind fart, and he said he was looking down. But nobody's saying the fifty two was at fault at all. And during the broadcast. They even said that he was stopped and he was his was eight eight rose up. So I mean, nobody's I mean. I know Ryan Preece made a mistake. He was looking down at his pack or whatever. But the fifty two has a little blind there too because he was practically stopped. Yeah. You know what? That's Ron's fall. And sorry. I mean when you when you leave your your spotters talking to you and your ear Ryan look down. Same thing is texting and driving. Okay. Maybe keep your eyes on the road, you need paid attention. What's going on being on pit road? More incidents happen on pit road that take you out of a race that are just crazy incidents, and it happens in everybody's career things. Like, this are going to happen to you. But when you run into somebody from behind, and you're on the highway guess what they write you the ticket. So in this case, Ron priests gets the ticket, even though the other guy the fifty two car, what's I'm blank BJ BJ, even though BJ was stopped in the wrong place that make any difference. I maybe I agree. He needs a little blame. But it's only a little bit. Let's go to Mike from Burlington North Carolina this plus two level cross indicate Mike idea about. Hey. Which I'm old school guy on listen to race it on radio nineteen seventy-two school, man. That's almost go. Where are you got? Tell you what I think how Bush won't never win today tone of five hundred and I'm a cowboy fan. Kill you guys. Kill me colony. And that's that's my man, but he's never gonna win. I'm telling you. He's never gonna win. But you gotta have the impudence bug on his hey jealous because he has. That's a good point. That's a good point. Yeah. You know what? But I'm gonna tell you some Kabua's. I don't you know, that was heart. Seniors achilles heel was the Daytona five. Darrell Waltrip, great driver. Just never could get over that hump. Then you have guys like Dell. Jared Jared hall of Famer one three my dad and those guys so. His career is not over. He's he'll get one. I believe you'll get tough to sail never to talented to race team. And I think he probably one eventually if we didn't get to you in the show and calls get in the after show. No doubt about it. Come up next. Nate Ryan joins us. Governor about Wednesday night hockey, Steven stamkos in top team in the league. Don't lightning are in New York City where tonight they'll meet up with debt, and the rebuilding raters and July gets things going next. Can't wait for that. In the meantime, we welcome Nate Ryan to the show. It's been a busy quick show hasn't Agasi into one more call before we wrap up here. We will have our after show those Patrick in Asheville North Carolina lesson thoughts on Kyle Larson. What's up? Trich? Hey, good evening, guys. I love your show. It's great. How you doing? Good. My my comment about Kyle is this. I agree that there is cheating in the sport. And is always been a part of the sport. And I think that we have to accept from a tradition standpoint that we're okay with that I like pushing boundaries and that really what it is. It's not open cheating. It's it's pushing boundaries. I'm our sports have to be that way. And I agree with you better. I think we should stigmatize cheating. Yeah. That's what I think. I think it should be our new tagline NASCAR tradition of TD. Yes. He's right. But he's he's right. It's it's no. But he's exactly right. We've always pushed the boundaries. I just don't like the drivers getting pushed back on when they verbalize. That's the part. I don't like. Here on NBC SEM. But plenty to talk about as you know, we've got more on the NASCAR America debrief over YouTube dot com slash motorsports. NHL live. That's next here on the. S.

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