WTH #830: Proof of Vaccination


Hey everybody welcome in to another episode of the w. t. h. Podcast wow we read it on a different streaming app and we couldn't hear jason though so we'll we'll get that squared away. Her back on stream yard. Maybe it's more expensive because it's worth it. They say you get what you pay. It's true it's true so we'll find a way to cut out the about ten minutes where we fucked around on that. So sorry you're going to get you're going to get a full show just maybe not As much as you would have Thanks everybody for joining us across the world from australia to india by the way in india watch out for the cove is apparently starting to. Oh yeah man. There's a sit here. Allegedly allegedly allegedly Sorry sorry about that about that All eyes on this podcast there. They're the allegedly guys. I don't mean to steal your your garbage garbage coming up on the show today a little bit of baseball well as everybody hates head so much show that going to rant during an audiobook recording plus walk of shame and spring has sprung and small town news. All of those things coming up jason. How are you my friend and kids been not wanting to go sleep lately so the two year old get some hand. No all right Let's jump right into this. Dm acts in a vegetative state in a coma in hospital. There's a there's a vigil that's probably this done started at five. Pm eastern so the countdown on x. It's a man. There's a lot of people going kiss before your time but it going early. Listen yeah i mean with the is it. Before his time. I mean he's young relatively speaking but he he's done a lot of shit. That is younger than me you look. I've outlived alvis by nine years at this point so Isn't that the craziest shit. When you learn something like that you know they what today as we record. This was the day that kurt cobain died. Kurt cobain died at twenty seven twenty seven years ago today. He's now been alive as long as as dead as long as he was alive. Have been a lot of people to check out for twenty eight a lot of twenty seven year olds hendrix Janice joplin mama cass. But if so gone too soon Sorry to hear about. I mean condolences. Go out to his family because that that's just brutal to deal with all right Let's let's roll right into this Jason what would you like to talk about. Let's jump in right now. Let me maybe come back to me. And i'm having a hard time thinking about anything else. Other than the kicked praying allowed. Sure your internet's not the greatest either is a career. All right jason I want to meet you all. Come back to you. Would you like to talk about well I thought i was gonna have a funny lighthearted story for us to talk about this week. Ever the case because One of my Girlfriend's nieces was to go to miami to be a nanny for a couple that we don't know yet so that was gonna be the light hearted funny making fun of taking conversation that we're going to have right But the teenager that lives with us decided to use the word colored. That's that's an unfortunate word. He is saturday night. in I sit together messages. It with to issue didn't reply. I they would base. I'm not going to touch that with a ten foot. Yeah yeah it Sometimes sometimes it's best not to reply. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go back and look at it really quick Let's see that was sunday. Oh yup okay yeah. I didn't know what you're talking about. So it was that that was my that was my thing was like. I just wasn't sure what you were talking about. So yeah so See hit spent the week with her mom and her mom's boyfriend in san francisco and santa cruz So came back early on saturday and We went and got the other niece and brought her over. Does spend the night because we haven't really seen her. But lately the fifteen euro wing got her by her over And so we're. I don't even know what we were doing kind of watching tv. My girlfriend was cooking dinner and a subsidy came up about vampires. And i was like. Oh you know you'd most transparent person in here so your vampire and she's like oh you should be happy. They were colored people in twilight. Wow she is an old sol isn't she. Can that's the only real real way to explain that she's an old soul. Am the the needles skipped across record. I would imagine out. Imagine in c- seemed to be the only person in the house who was unaware of what she said. Because a fifteen year old was like like put her drop per phone almost was like just say colored. My girlfriend comes out of the kitchen to out of the out of the kitchen where she has food on the stove with like the teach us. I colored right. This is this is a this is a stop in cock your head like a dog moment. And that's what i did see was sitting on the couch with me which took at. I think the shock of it was what kept me from kicking her physically on the couch and see just kind of went on like it didn't happen nothing say like like it just didn't happen so But the more. I sat there the more the more i would sure i can. I can imagine cause me is the polite polite say we have seen the inward shor in so I to excuse myself from them for the rest of the night to keep from a treating her an adult sure but the the the weird part about it was like one if you if you said it and you didn't mean to say it The fact that we all pause hard pause when you said it should made you say oh shit what did i say yeah. I'm sorry because that's what i'm used to when people say the bear That they think might have offended you. Yeah is right away. i'm sorry. I'm so sorry i didn't mean to say that or at the very least what did i do. What is it exactly if you're unaware that you've done something wrong. What did i do. Is there a problem with that by the way we have. We have a recording of you. excusing yourself. Excuse me while. I whip this. And then he retired to his man cave so saturday sunday sunday morning. Rolls around Me and my girlfriend talked about it overnight but sunday morning rolls around and she was trying to decide where see what the fit into the conversation because her instinct is to protect but see that want to protect her per se. Well i mean protect from physical harm shore that's protecting from from consequences of your words in a so she They for the girls finally get up. And so i asked her the question you know like what does the word colored mean to you and she went silent and i'm on the couch so she said it when i asked her the question it was like b like her you in the kitchen see walked by behind that television so i couldn't see her immensely finally came to the kitchen table where her phone and she was best for her fall and i was like do not sit you. Sit there not addressing. This is not helping you as like so. You know you're not saying anything right. Now is the worst thing that could be Did he get back. No that was that was not him in a white woman tears. Jason is Jason will not be joining us tonight. The kid is screaming the internet connection. So damn man he's he's he's gonna try resetting everything but he's not sure why is his one gig. Fiber internet is having issues but it clearly was the audio was garbling which we've not had happened with him before Go on so like you know. What does this word mean to you. That like she sat there like he was catatonic for about twenty minutes crying. It was like we need there. Needs to be an answers. Yeah the i mean the there are way too many Options where women and girls will go to crying as when confronted with something because they're uncomfortable and if they cry then you'll be uncomfortable and then maybe it'll all go away and this is not one of those circumstances the those tears do not work with like if somebody died. I will show you some compassion. If you're moved by something in the movie i will. I might teach you about it. But i will understand it. But when we're in the consequent mode and you cried best it does not say yeah well if it would have been with. I'm so sorry. I can't believe i said that's another thing but to just completely shut down thirty to forty five minutes before that. Wow yeah and. I still got an explanation. Those who why she thought that was okay. I thought that was okay. Because i'm like you said it and you can't move in so that tells me that you thought it was okay to say you you're going to just slip it in and it was gonna be it was okay for you to say it so we still. I still haven't got an answer as to why where that came from right and so So that was what i said. I said you guys a message like is it. Okay put this bitch out for again. It was it came out of nowhere. And i'm like. I don't know what he's talking about so i don't wanna guess but That was That was my saturday. eat them my easter If you get a chance you got kids so there's probably be a while before you do this but we did go to the jack london state park which is up past the noma. I saw that. I thought you're on the old town road. My friend my friend. Milton said i was going to get killed. Like in the hills. Have eyes char But if you get a chance to go up there to the ruins of his ranch It is a beautiful phenomenal. It was like a fifteen thousand square foot ranch house. Wow made out of stones Ended up burning down And they didn't get a chance to redo it but what they did. The stone portions of what they did is still intact. It is just gorgeous. It's only it's only about a mile hike to from the museum portion. Which is the house that his wife actually lived and died in after him Is only about a mile hike. This like moderate height. Yeah well the two year old we can make walk that far. the The one the one month old probably gonna have to wait a few months before he's even able to. He's going to have to be able to hold his head up. Yeah in order for us to pack them in and do that sort of thing but yeah. I'm trying get out earlier today. I actually had both kids here at the office which was a child. I was challenging myself to see what it would be and the one month old blasted a huge meli shit just before my clients walked in and it blew out the leg of his diaper a so onto his jammies that he was wearing so it was a full of thank. God i have like a thousand target bags from picking from doing the Order pickups so the crab diaper went into one and then out into the dumpster and his jammies went into the other And he did well after that because he was he was pretty exhausted as one would be And the girl was pretty good. She was she was actually out harassing the The ladies who worked for my landlord was not here. They were they were. They were thrilled with it but It all went pretty well until he decided that he was hungry again. And i was feeding emini. Wasn't eating really great. So like all right. We'll pick this up later and he just went into his I'm going to be quiet. And i'm going to start. And then forty five seconds later full on yale the put jackson's children to shame county l. And then we went home but you know the client chef chef seas from the coming in hot. Podcast was able to record his full hour. We didn't have any issues in that. The issues with the young were before and after and the other one she was just really excited so like she started yelling. She running around outside of the office so it was all good. So that was that was the that was the big challenge Of doing that with kids. And i must say you. You're looking at felt over here. Well i have not eaten real food and seven weeks. It's the medically supervised weight loss program that i'm on. That is the wrong app to look it up. So yeah i've i am I'm down forty three point one pounds in seven weeks and a day. so it's It's been quite a journey. I've been cranky. The there will ever gonna warned us. You'll be cranky The first week. I started getting cranky the sixth week. Because this is chalky the shakes or chalky. The bars are chalky. And i just want some real god damn bought. I've lost forty three pounds in seven weeks. So it's like look. You're getting what you want it. So put your fucking head down and deal with it. Put your head down and deal with it because you're getting what you want it now when they when they went over the program again in our mandatory weekly meeting last week and we're like well the transition back to real food it can be anywhere from six to twelve weeks and i'm just thinking it is not going to be six to twelve six to twelve hours. Now it's probably. I'm probably going to take two weeks to transition back. Just because they're like replace a meal with food will the meal. These these meals are one hundred and sixty calories. And i have seven of them day. So am i gonna start fucking around one hundred and sixty calories of something. I am not so i want to be replacing probably to time and doing it that way. So i'm i'm thinking probably a couple of weeks like that and then going to be going back onto a a. You know clean. Lean protein fruits veggies a situation which worked for in two thousand thirteen. I did really well with that. So that's going to be the continuation to go down through. And i'm probably just gonna eat like whole thirty moving off of that. So yeah it's it's been a journey to do it while the kids will make you run now yet and my goal was said. I'm going to run the five k. Angel stadium next year. And then i found out. It's actually an august 'cause they moved so we'll see if i'm actually in good enough shape an august two run. If i know. I could walk it but i don't want to walk. I don't want to go to anaheim to walk a five k That's just me. i've done it. I've done that race. A couple of times. And it's flat. So i wanna be able to run it so speaking speaking of Speaking of that. I really want to get in to a little bit of baseball. Because these guys they're allowing fans at games but it's a smaller percentage and these guys stayed till the end of the angels game on april second. Look around you still here. Here's remember that oh and they won. So yeah that's what i want. I wanna talk about baseball because it's baseball season. And it's fucking awesome and the angels just wrapped up. I think they're playing now. They're playing the astros the next couple of days but they opened with the white sox and the white sox were one of those teams that did a lot of stuff in the offseason and they are one of the favorites in the american league so to have them come in for a four game series to start. And the angels are notoriously slow starters. They're my team there. Notoriously slow starters. They took three out of four. Oh wow a lot of exciting come from behind games a lot of stuff happening including on sunday night baseball on espn shohei ohtani Was the starting pitcher. He was also Hitting there was no they did not d. h. in the american league though he's a d. h. when he's not pitching so he started the game and hit second for the angels and here's he ended up going out in the fifth when someone slid into him at home plate. But here's what he did before that. Watch tonight as you mentioned alex. The expectations are just enormous eaten. Sit in all three games to start the season two to one. Oh one we are so desensitized to velocity right now but even one it's gotta get everybody's attention One is still going to grab your eyeballs. Institutue split. He followed a one on one with a ninety mile. An hour split finger into the shadow. Unhittable miss that ball by half foot and the reigning american league. Mvp another at one hundred olds off on a hundred one. Gone to start for dylan sears. Bring here he is hitting against shohei to for thirteen with a homer so far on this side of the scorecard i picked swinging four hundred and fifty one foot home. Run into the right field bleachers. Hear that one. Yeah i mean. He absolutely crushed that ball. That all happened in the first inning. Wow that was the first sitting. So it's an exciting time to be a baseball fan at least for my team. Not so much for a red sox fan because they got swept by the orioles And like i said fans are coming back but they are going to require some things before you can. Go to the ballpark for instance. If you wanna go see the san francisco giants at oracle park fan safe their commitment to the fans employees and the reopening of oracle park in two thousand twenty one. They require a negative cova. Test or vaccination proof in order for you to go into the park the non fucking around. They shouldn't be and it's an outdoor venue to. Yeah so all of this talk about. Oh hey you know whatever it's not real it's not going to affect me. I don't need to get vaccinated. Will you do if you want to do stuff. And there's going to be more and more things and people can go well. How can you require vaccination. How can you do that requirement. You put something in my body. Well if you'd like to go to an event they have every right to say are vaccinated and if you're not them you need to pass a cova test right now. I've seen people like os now. We're going with the vaccination Segregation like no. It's that's a self fulfilling prophecy. Yeah i get it right now. Not everybody's had a chance to get vaccinated. Yeah i totally get that as we move forward. Vaccinations or reveal like we mentioned april fifteenth. Everybody over sixteen in california will be able to schedule a vaccination. You cannot send your kids school. If they're not vaccinated. All the anti vaccine is going to hate that. That's i mean that's just the reality of well and they're they're testing right now kids to the if it save what the dose should be all thing. I'm just talking about in general. Oh yeah you know. You can't send your kids school man if you get you can though because there was a bunch of lobbying few years ago by these people who are like well this is this this and that's why we had measles outbreaks and whooping cough outbreaks. And all of this shit that we had erotica -ted because antibac- sers were like well. I don't have you can't make me vaccinate my child. Jimmy maccarthy told me that. Vaccinations cause autism. Jenny mccarthy was a co host of singled out on mtv. She's married to donnie. Wahlberg is she's not an expert on any and then I was going to say something. Oh and like i. I keep saying it. And nobody's listening to me. The next wave of lawsuits. Everybody's talking about lawsuits is going to happen from this vaccine. They going to be like the mess with e leona Yeah yeah but you understand how long it took those missiles. Only commercials come out. The next wave of lawsuits will be from people who contacted covert from an establishment. And if you don't think that this was gonna happen. Look at my track record. All the shit that i've said. Yeah i mean if especially if some place isn't following government mandated protocols. You roll into someplace. That is letting people be too close together. Not making them wear their masks when they're wandering around the restaurant or whatever it might be there is a lawyer. I don't even know this person yet but there is a lawyer right now. That is looking into how he can create a class action lawsuit or that he can get people that will file lawsuits against establishments because they did not follow the covert protocols. I'm telling you that it is happening. And that is going to be the first or the next wave of lawsuits that come out. Those are going to be the commercials that you're going to see an you're going to see them within the next year. I am telling you mark it on your calendar within the next year is going to be happening. You know what's going to happen. It's going to be coming from someone who is an anti vaccine and is going to be come and it's gonna as going to be from somebody like that. It's going to be coming from some asshole. I know for some asshole. That didn't believe it was real right. Oh speaking of which sarah palin welcome to the a sarah palin got covert and then she came out and said. Hey i got cova d- you should wear a mask. This is this is bad stuff. Well where have you been honey. It's been a year and you were one of those people saying. I'm not gonna wear math. Well now you got cove it. But i'll give her credit at least wins. She got covid. She stepped up and said. Hey everybody this is real. You should wear a mask unlike literally everyone at the white house last fall or they got an no but you remember when you were in high school and your teacher would give you some assignment at the last minute and everybody in your classroom you like. That's bullshit i'm not doing this shit. That's fucking bullshit. I'm not doing this shit and then you get back to school the next day and you didn't do it but all the muffler because it said i'm not doing this shit. Did it that you know that didn't that. That was not me. I i would. I would never left that. I don't trust anybody. But that's that's those are those people that's exactly they'll be those people that got. It is like the most workers in florida. They didn't believe it that are now paying santa's do they can get the fucking back say. Yeah it's it's a show. Let's shut down florida. We need to still keep making money but we need to be first people to get the vaccine right Sticking with baseball major league baseball announced on friday that it is relocating. Twenty twenty one all star game and mlb draft which were originally scheduled to take place in atlanta. They have now determined. They will be at chorus field in denver. The decision comes a little more than a week after the passage of sp two oh two. Which is georgia law. That president joe biden criticized saying that it will restrict voting access for residents of the state. Commissioner rob manfred said in a statement that the decision to move the all star game was quote the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport any see. He's not sitting there. But i'm gonna adam to the stream while he walks around As a sport and was made after consultation with teams former and current players the mlb players association the players alliance amongst others major league. Baseball fundamentally supports the voting rights for all americans and opposes restrictions at the ballot box in twenty twenty and it'll be became the first professional sports league to join the nonpartisan civic alliance. Help build a future in which everyone participates in shaping. In the united states we proudly used our platform to encourage baseball fans and communities throughout the country to perform their civic duty and actively participate in the voting process. Their access voting continues to have our games unwavering support. So i'm like all right. That's pretty cool. But now there's fallout ever. There were a lot of people like yeah. Mlb good job but there is fallout in. That fallout comes from the governor of texas. Greg abbott. He is now officially declined. An invitation to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the home opener of the rangers. They'll worried the home over the ranger might be the last game. They have for like ten days because they're going back with full capacity at their state opening day in day. Which is stupid. Major greg abbott. The governor of texas put up put out a same said major league. Baseball has adopted what has turned out to be a false narrative about the election law reforms in georgia and based on that false narrative the mlb all star game from atlanta. It's shameful that. America's pastime is only being influenced by partisan political politics but also perpetuating faults political narratives. This decision does not diminish the deep respect. I have for the texas rangers baseball organization which is outstanding from top to bottom by the way if i hear another republican use words like outstanding for shit. That ain't outstanding. I'm i'm gonna. I'm gonna put him down in the karma column for weapon i am. I am proud of major league baseball because of all of these these sports into these except for hockey. I don't really consider them sports. How dare you they. They have been the the least vocal on civic engagement And i'm not saying that they haven't been doing anything. I'm just saying that they've been the least vocal chur. The percentage of the percentage of african americans a major league baseball is one of the lowest of any of the professional sports. Outside of hockey is But this was a ballsy move in i. I applaud them for for an remember. What i told you guys last year about the brought it up a couple of weeks ago. Citibank did that That study eight point. Six trillion dollars is lost in revenue due to races of these people. All these corporations understands all of these corporations have this study and they understand. How much money did their lose it in this and they are going to bring us together recently so that they can make money if they don't do anything being You can get on board if you're a republican or you can keep fighting what they're going to do but that's what their goal is to get that money and if you know if if this is what it takes i i'll i'll take it whatever way i can get equal out. Yeah it's it's. It's a big decision jason. What what did you think when you heard about Mlb pulling the all star game out of atlanta. Good for them you know. I mean they were. They were quick to do it. Right in the think For anybody including governor dumb fuck it and cremated the mlb make some type of decision off of like information that's not factual or like anything that's really based in that they just decided to make. Just just you know here here say about policy like i'm sorry but they have warriors they have somebody that works the in legal in atlanta for the mlb for the braves knows this information. You get the facts of the situation. They're not making uneducated determination. So i mean yeah good for them and continuing the process of you know. And here's the deal. Georgia didn't have to do shit right. They went through. They made a point of the three recounts. They went through everything. multiple times. There was no voter fraud. None the republicans. Who run georgia from the governor. To the secretary of state stood up go voter fraud. They did the right thing. They did their job. As elected officials and then after a lot of people turned out and sent to democrats to the senate which partially that blame falls on trump via. Suddenly the georgia legislature decides. Well hale we need to do trump than about this. We're going to keep people from bringing food and water and land cute in that like using anything. Yeah well here's the problem in. Here's why they felt like they had to do something because the republican party is a dying party all across the country and the results in georgia are a canary in a coal mine of that well and part of this law they put into place is of the state. Legislature doesn't trust as doesn't trust the votes that came in from certain districts. They can pretty much cancel those votes out there. There's a there's a bunch of bullshit defied texas is another state that's putting to. They're putting the get the laws too. So that's why governor abbott says stepping out because he knows that he's next right But like you but the crazy thing is that the republican party in the nineties were situated to be the progressive party as far as having the first black presidential or vice presidential candidate the first female. Or the i wouldn't have been the first for our candidate for but the first black woman to be on a ticket as far as vice president like they were they were perfectly seated to be be that party and instead they double down on the racist. Yeah the big thing about the republican party is there are way fewer republicans in their art democrats republicans and independents are. Put them together. They are roughly about what. Democrats are in terms of in terms of popularity. But here's the deal. Black people are socially conservative. Yeah so if you and they believe in hard work like well that's not what the is tell me there's that would blue black people are a little black people forgiving. Anybody even more free shipping than any ink. It's not what the race tell me kareem in. They could've carved out bet slice right there in the middle. Sure where they could have been the party. Sure i mean they already have that with a good portion of hispanic voters. They coulda had this same that same but they love being not all of them but they love being racist so bad. Don't you understand. I get it but yeah it was it was it was set up for them to be. Oh my good they just. They just can stop referring to their black friends like. Yeah you know i know. He's a good one even an even president dumb ass the was set up for him to be the best he could have been the greatest president in the history of presidents if he had just win in work with the democrats do infrastructure. Bill got that out i i. We're gonna talk infrastructure. Who look and just moved. All he had to do was rolled down the aisle and he was gold. Big he was set a goal. Is this toilet setup to be as goal is a toilet shit and he fucked it all up. Catch that joke. Jason jason ready for august. Oh yeah bring it on. Baby is big things coming in august. Steve is what i have been doing since january night. All the evidence. I have everything is going to go before. The supreme court and election of twenty twenty is going by by. It was an attack by other country on news coming in. I don't know what they're going to do it after they pull it out. But it's how hey hang on. Hang on john trump office in august. Okay when see bannon tries to say hey. Hey you're talking crazy. This is on steve. Steve bannon steve bannon show. Like don't say colored that's a former crackhead and my pillow executive. Mike lindell with with his new theory. That trump will be back in the white house in august after they take down the twenty twenty election. I can't wait for his case. The court i cannot wait for depositions and discovery in discovery. I cannot wait for this. I don't know what they're going to discover 'cause he crazy. I cannot wait for this shit. He absolutely crazy are so. Let's move on from the my pillow guy. Because you know we don't have a lot of time and he's not worth anymore kid literally. Everyone hates ted cruz yes. I'm guessing his daughters due to after he blamed them for the whole thing. John bainer former speaker of the house. I really hated ted cruz too so much. So that when he went to record his audiobook he couldn't help himself. Freedom means you can be a genius and then new product the make millions of dollars in helps millions of people. It means. you're afraid to work your way to becoming the first year of family to go to college. It means you're free to reach as high as you want no matter where you came from. Even if you're a little kid sweep at a bar out and southwest ohio taken from me. You'll never know where you'll end up. That's freedom raise a glass to that any day. Ps ted cruz. Go fuck yourself. That's to be the new. Go fuck yourself a five again. Well the allies on us podcast have been fuck you ted cruz for for bit. That's theirs said that to jay. Read so he can So we can go out with that if he wants to. Wow yeah by the way the The narration on that audio book fucking terrible a sounds like he was. He had a he had had a couple. You know is he. The one that is Is working for the marijuana industry now. While he clearly was not then because he was up. Tight this uptight this. This is an audio book. Actually going to get. Because i can't wait to read or listen to this guessing that's an out But he he's 'cause he said everybody else was saying about the republican party Like that people just want to be in like they're fucking talk show host but where was all of this is it was developing. This could have and should have been cut off at the knees by the people in the republican party who actually were smart and gave a shit about this country and they let it happen. The figures ran for the hills. Ain't let it happen. Some of them retired. Someone do whatever there was. The tea party started this nonsense. Newt gingrich really started this nonsense. If you want to go back lee atwater who later died of brain cancer because karma catches up with a lot of people yes started this nonsense and it was ladies and then the nineties and then in the two thousands. We got the tea party. And now we've got these fucking morons. I mean i look at members of congress. And i'm just i'm just completely befuddled is to how these people got any backing to run for anything breath so i'm listening. I'm watching the documentary on hbo Yeah also So the three people that are pretty much is is a four people but the three people that are in the one guy who probably is q. Is a fucking asian dude who's playing fucking Like he's a running the art of war on people. Sure this best karate stances out in the woods. This is all mind. Fuck this is all mine. This is the dude this doing this. Well sure and it's and the other is a guy in a wheelchair who's who has like a a birth defect right who the only thing he could do was on his computer all the time. Great so this is the other portion of that he could have done something good with it but this but this is these are the people. And i'm like if marjorie taylor green or lauren bogert. If they actually were asked to spend any time with these people they'd be like fuck no. They would have nothing to do. They would have nothing to do with these people. And these are the people that got you doing all of his crazy shit. Yeah a marta taylor. Green posted a video furthering cross fit and added that that was how she was protecting herself from covid. The that's that's not how viruses work that the way she was doing those those pull ups dope. That was you cannot box. Jump your way away from kovic. Oh we were. Everybody was watching waiting for her to slip off the bar. I didn't even watch. I didn't even watch any. I watch like three seconds of it. And i went. Well this is stupid. I mean she's not even that great at it. I mean good for her and all but whatever what you watch at least ten minutes of the dot just still do. I'll do my best. Thinks thinks that we should do my best. I watched a couple minutes of of matt gaetz who his his under investigation of sex trafficking and when the new york times story came out. Last week tucker. Carlson invited matt gaetz to come on his show and explain what was going on. Tell us what the truth is from your perspective. It is a horrible allegation and it is a lie. Hold on hold the fuck on right. Now tell us what. The truth is from your perspective no motherfucker. The truth is not dependent upon perspective in. Don't bring up. this is my truth. Bullshit that i keep hearing from everybody from oprah to to everybody else now fuck you. There is truth and truth. There's not your truth and my truth. there's the truth. What happened as tar. Had to go off on a little tangent. New york times is running a story that i have traveled with a seventeen year old woman and that is verifiably. False people can look at my travel records and seventeen year old girl girl. Don't get the woman monica until you hit eighteen. See that is not the case. What is happening is an extortion of me and my family involving a former department of justice official on march sixteenth. My father got a text message demanding a meeting wherein a person demanded twenty five million dollars in exchange for making horrible sex trafficking allegations against me. Go away our family was so troubled by that we went to the local fbi and the fbi and the department of justice were so concerned about this attempted extortion of a member of congress. They asked my dad to wear a wire which he did with the former department of justice official tonight so he. My dad wore a wire. Hey if you're if you're thinking of whacking my dad. He wore a wire. I am demanding that the department of justice and the fbi release the audio recordings that were made under their supervision and at their direction which will prove my innocence and that will show that. These allegations are true. They're merely intended to try to lead my family out of money and this former department of justice official tomorrow was supposed to be contacted by my father so that specific instructions could be given regarding the wiring. Four point five million dollars as a down payment on this bribe. I don't think it's a coincidence that tonight. Somehow the new york times is leaking this information smearing me and ruining the investigation. That would likely result in one of the former colleagues of the current doj being brought to justice for trying to extort me and my family. What is the basis of that investigation. What does the allegation that really not. Very clear from these news stories. yeah again. i only know what. I've read in the new york times just went on a fucking rant about how this is related to that and that was related to that. And now you come back with. I only know what i read in the new york times. I can say that. Actually you and i went to dinner about two years ago. Your wife was there. And i brought a friend of mine. You'll remember her and she was actually threatened by the fbi told that if she wouldn't cop to the fact that somehow i was involved in some pay for play scheme that face trouble and so i do believe that there are people at the department of justice core trying to smear me providing for flights and hotel rooms for dating. Who are of legal age is not a crime. And i'm just troubled that the lack of any sort of legitimate investigation into me would then per mute would then convert into this extortion attempt by the way this all started. When bill barr was in charge of justice department. Yes so that was a whole lot of nothing. Then they wound to break and tucker. Carlson came back and had this to say saw matt gaetz interview. That was one of the weirdest interviews. I've ever conducted at story appeared in the news a couple of hours ago and on the certainty that there's always more than read in the newspaper. We immediately called matt gaetz asked him come on and tell us more. Which is you saw. He did think that clarified bunched. But it certainly showed. This is a deeply interesting story. we were following it. Don't quite understand it. We'll bring you find out. No they won't because fox news has not been mentioning. The matt gaetz story at all there are. They're still on hunter. Biden's laptop which by the way i'm told has evidence of matt gaetz impropriety with underage girls alleged that laptop and money do. The story broke after the story broke. The rumor was put out that he was going to retire from congress early right and go to work for newsmax which they've denied. Yeah so that story came out earlier in the day before this historic came up. Yeah fills me. Yeah no definitely bread like a couple days before this all broke that he was thinking about quitting early to be. Because that's what you really wanted to do. Fuck outta here. Do like that okay. Nine away wanted to quit. Now we know just ran for re you literally just ran for reelection. And you're like you know what i wanna to go on tax either. What have you watched. Amanda open. I did not get a chance to. You have to watch that opening this. It is crazier what i need you to do. Is send me a youtube link of the actual thing because it's so all over the place of the resigned watch. It was at the time. I'm on youtube looking for it. I'm like i'm not seeing what. I'm what i'm look what i'm looking to see because it's not quite right. It's like a little clip here. A little there and i don't record maddow so i missed so we're gonna find it as in the thank you because this it all started with a guy who he knew who ran for tax collector county. That story is fucking crazier is. Florida is florida corner on steroids. Yes and eat it. Is that fucking story itself. The way she it's The rock in Mark wahlberg did a movie called painting game. Yes it was terrible that this story is pain. Gain terrible crazy. That's how bad that's how crazy this fucking stories all right well. You mentioned crazy Biden has put forth infrastructure plan. And what's clear to me is one of two things either. Republicans have no idea what infrastructure is or they only understand infrastructure in terms of what would be infrastructure in seventeen seventy six one when the founders put it in the constitution. Because you know they did it was the anyway. Here's a rising star in the party and governor of south dakota with the white house today with all the governors talking about the specifics of this package and i was shocked. By how much doesn't go into infrastructure it goes into research and development it goes into housing and pipes and different initiatives green energy and it really is not an honest conversation. We're having done. Those things are all infrastructure this and if you don't research and plan and put in pipes then you ain't gonna have anything jason's head hurts jason's hitting brain literally exploded the back head there. That is the governor of south dakota. She lives in. South dakota in does not understand how pipes in housing are part of infrastructure. Corral would be very fucking afraid to live in south dakota with this person. Well i mean they. They handled cove it. so well. this meantime in missouri. There were a pair of anti massacres harassing worker. And saying fucking nonsense report. that's fine. jury is wrong. Myers i dude fuck off. That's that's what that's all you do. You take a step back so as not to be threatening with your mask on and just do this fuck off. This continued for quite some time of and then you. You salted me touch me. You'd assaulted me. He wants contemplate. Yeah i'm trying. The law passed this private poverty. We have already asked you to leave multiple time. Darren goes to me care and you can have rested involving me. I some police college poll. Why don't wait cry. A a i love how mad. They got what he called her. Do not call her. Karen youtuber standing outside a business. Hassling an employee about masks. You were asked to leave. And you didn't you kept rambling on with your fucking nonsense about masks causing cancer in viruses or smaller than than fabric. And someone called you karen. And you got upset. You fucking snowflake you fucking snowflake unbelievable thin skin. Fuck nugget late crime. A new man. She puts the q. And karen allen. There's there's a little more. How do you own on film. Get off the property okay. Require you to wear a mask is not violating human rights in any way shape or form. These are two of the dumbest people the dumbest people i've seen on the internet all week. I had a guy at a guy today. And take tock that was talking about. How stupid liberal. How dumb do liberals think they are. Guy was definitely wearing a shirt backwards. Sure maybe you just had. The camera flipped around his. No no no no. It was like the sure you could see right here where it says the my information about the shirt late now. He ended on backwards. Okay leary's bad news. The ban yoga alabama public schools is going to stay around a little bit longer because conservative groups are afraid that it's going to lead to a rise in hinduism without a will that buddhism yep definitely without a doubt that buddhism downward dog leads the hinduism. And then you know transplant like this. Get into the The transcendental meditation like all of a sudden. they'll be doing like the astro. Like the the the what you call when you place yourself elsewhere like when you're sleeping astral projection there'll be an astral projection. It's just slippery slope bro. Lake you into it gets you on all those other things and then then then then economy shows up. It's all over from there. There was a there is a positive group that was done in a prison in one of those states and the prisoners came out better after they did. It's a ten day silent meditation to the point where the other prisoners. We wanna do what they did. So they start believing started leaving the church groups and going to join those people you can do. Both you can do both. Yeah both but you can just do yoga to stretch and exercise. Gonna open your mind up road to those demons. Do the christians came out. Had the governor set down the program because of this shit so we'll also and also because they're thinking about things like they're like wait. We're just being sleeves slave labor in a prison. That's for profit. Rose too much got to keep them. Keep them down with christianity side. You know what i'm saying is and in and if you're doing yoga depending on what you're doing especially doing room yoga. You don't have time thinking about hinduism normally anytime i've done. Any yoga worried about getting into the pos and holding it. Exactly the party quickly. That's that's the biggest. That's the biggest one is like when you're doing yoga and a group. You're you're gonna rip. You're doing it wrong. Yeah you don't wanna be downward dog. And in front of a hot chick and ribbon afar is or or do i mean depends depends on anger. You are women Meanwhile he's some chicks dig a dude Some chicks dig. Dig your brand. You know what. I'm saying you just so now you just have to go to different ones. You're out christmas. Would you tell them she gets so angry. The morning i was. I stink the bedroom up for sure and angry. I'm sleeping how do i know him farting. I don't know i'm leaving. They see pat machine actually far more. It does push air india. I'm held gase in the morning. I've had like six hours of shit. An art storm in. Chris like literally yelled at me. Woke me up. it was like roads. Thanks so listen. my life. Pro screaming yelled at my wife. Bike farting in my sleep. I'm farting. So larry shamed was she should have done is gone and gotten a jar in captured. One and then put your cpap does into it. Let let you wake. I told her that she's lucky. That i love otherwise i would have already by this point. That of an honor like you know they did did just do the whole room. Wow all right well. let's Let's wrap this shit up. Let's leave the hustle. Limbaugh full small town knew we had other things. But we're running late and you still get our show so deal with it. We go down to the northeast kingdom of vermont where spring has sprung and the ice is out on lake. Member may gog with the winning guests only seven minutes off. that's right. Spring finally made its appearance in newport at four zero nine. Am when lake men for maigov ice out contest now in its seventh year was over it brought in a record. Eighteen hundred seventy six guesses and the largest ever cash prize just booth director of parks and rec said. Last week's warm was possibly one of the most climactic endings to the ice out contest. Wild everywhere i went i would hear people talking about the weather and how it's gotta go any day now because there's nothing else happening. She said the number of guesses contests almost doubled during the last week alone with the pot shooting up. Why do you keep guessing. Should have to put those fuckers in anyway. Take your money it. It shot up over a thousand dollars just from the predictions submitted on thursday and friday. Last week they came in from across the country this year with entries from all of new england state. And i'm from georgia and texas the hitter. Podcasts i think they might have. We mentioned a few optimistic. Grandma owners had hoped the ice would go out as early as february. twenty six. The latest guests came in for june sixteenth. Two thirty pm. Wow that's that was unrealistic. Saturday march twenty seventh was a celebratory day for twenty twenty one that when it went Went down with some crazy wind on the lake. So there you go. that's that's it. It's over four zero nine am. The winning guess was four zero two a. m. is the closest in the seven year history of it the winner. Jason pat node took him two thousand dollars and fifty cents to two cents. Then which is half of the fifty fifty cash prize. It's an annual fundraiser hosted by the newport recreational committee this year the event brought in four thousand one dollars in case you couldn't multiply with after donations benefiting the improvements at gardner memorial park by the way. If you're curious you can check out. The official contest details and rules at newport recreation dot org slash ice out ice out to dub jason jason pat note in his two thousand dollars and fifty cents. Vinnie sans all right That's gonna do it for us for this episode of the w. t. h. Podcast jason any final words. Just be an asshole. He always say cream. Colored is the Pg of sand inward do not say it. What's the pg thirteen way of saying the n. Word i think about that. And what's the g. rated. I need every movie rating because it around me you might get that upside the oh that would automatically up into pg thirteen. That's definitely pg thirteen violence A final word is. Thank you everybody for for downloading and listening to the w. t. h. Podcast wherever you might be if you could give a rating or review that would be awesome wherever you download the podcast around the world It would help us out recommend us to a friend that's another great way to do it. and Shout out. let me see. We've got some comments here. Really quick and I want to quickly before we go just say Oh bruce. Bruce ash is Is here hi. Bruce and sushi. Brian says what's up fellows up shoes. Sushi bryant was Take care Again as always. Don't be a ho and we'll see you next time on the w. t. h. Podcast toodle loo. Assis darlie new media here to help you tell your story.

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