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Give it up for day four of streak week where we have one episode a day from last Sunday to this upcoming Sunday and today's episode episode, one fifty nine is with David Jeb Lonski who's the beat writer for Dayton? Flyers photographer, for the Dayton Daily News also covering the Wittenberg Tigers. Cincinnati reds and Osu Football, definitely a fun interview. All eight of these interviews were great, and I enjoyed each and every one of them. That's why we're releasing them one a day on streak. Streak Week and without further ado episode one fifty nine on this Wednesday June seventeenth twenty twenty. It's episode one fifty, nine of the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast. Our special guests is David Job Lonski. The Dayton flyers beat writer and photographer for the Dayton Daily News David also covers the Wittenberg tigers and Cincinnati. Reds for the Springfield News, Sun and Hamilton Journal News where Talking Local Sports David's journalism career, how special the flyers were this past season and more on episode one fifty? Welcome to the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast with Lee. W Maolin. This is a weekly podcast covering all sports in Cincinnati Dayton Ohio from Lima to the Ohio River and Northern Kentucky from Eastern. Indiana to Madison County and all points in between. This is your source of local Cincinnati and Dayton. Ohio sports this the Lee wwl dot, com slash podcast. Find your favorite podcasting platform music created with the SPLASH APP time for another episode with your host Lee. W Mount One. And on the phone right now. Is David Job Lonski the Dayton flyers beat writer and photographer, and also writer for Wittenberg Tigers and sits Ni- reds. David, how you doing today? Good. Bucket I'm glad. That you're able to and thank you for your time today, so let's get started. Where are you from? Group Canal leader. Griffin will. How does? By by minute, drive from downtown, Cincinnati. Way Aren't you side on the country Mattie. High school the high, which is Very small high school we had about a hundred kids in school back into. Our twenty fifth reunion. Now, I am. Worried. So you know once downpayment was but I I loved it there now. Great Place to grow up and you know of course manager to experience the IRS from Cincinnati. Teams A. Long Time Ago How did you find yourself in Dayton? From the Cincinnati area? Cotton Company roar nineteen years. One My first job out of after graduating from my birthday was in a marriage Florida. With a doctor's training at the time, famous dodger tower that there the by. They moved to the years after that I left, but I was never about two years experience to spring training. Come back to Ohio. As I mentioned you know grew up their families all from the most famous from the date area, but my parents went to hold her high school. So you know I was looking for a job back in Ohio wanted to because the family, and I found a job at the Springfield new son in two thousand one. covered Wittenberg football. You know one of my first job for stories I think was. Probably on the recruiting class in two other one of the coach pitch. And I've been doing that story and I just. Almost, finish it today. For About Nineteen twenty years. Whatever anything that we're at now? kind of crazy I've been covered with verbal that long. So that's that's how I got into the company. Of course you know Springfield of Cox back then and still is. We were pretty much separate papers back. Then we share stories of the same company, but you know we both support staff of. Three or four sports writers, and now to use for staff back then but you know in two thousand twelve. They really revamp the staff, and that's how I kind of came up came to be doing more Dayton Daily News. Stuff started covered, right? Flyers. Was it like covering Whittenberg sports. I'm always love cover now. The division three level The only thing is there are a few people who care a very smaller fan base, so while you're writing for the players and their parents but you know the people who care are passionate, and it's got a great tradition. Great history has won National Championships. In the constantly vies great rivalries. On the football and basketball side football Wa boss. Basketball with Worcester, great storylines and great athletes. Really I mean sometimes they're. Not as Big But no a lot of guys that could appointed the Division One level I've seen it verbal two years, and you know and the coach fun to talk to you. Both sides of Joe Finchem right now. Matt Kersee the basketball coach Noel Brown before him, so you really get to know the people. From doing it for so long, so that's that's another plus of water. Over the years. When did you decide that you wanted to become a journalist? Privately not until late in my junior year of high school, or might have been even at the beginning of my senior year kind of. Or to look at to get into sports. Some way. That was either GonNa be maybe sports medicine, the doctor so grip around. the medical field to a certain extent. Journalism, but I had no connection, so the journalism world didn't know anything about it. Really other than you know grew up. Reading sports illustrated grew up reading newspapers. So. I was kind of training for journalism. Season tickets you ask. During the glory years of the Huggins Era and my dad and I and my brothers would go to. All Home Games for you know throughout my high school career and a lot of games. Do you wanted to every Great Midwest Conference Burma Dad and I went to the Y.. Cover her. SEE THEY School and I know. I was Kinda training for a career I've been able to do that for a long time now. Especially on the wires having been you know the. Last year and many eight ten. You. Wanted to get into sports in some way, but journalism is really Lico base about never written. Anything didn't know anyone in the field and. Had NO IDEA WH-. I knew it was going to be especially it maker I. Don't know what. You mentioned Whittenberg. But when was your first season covering the Dayton flyers? I mentioned they revamped our sports staff. They moved a bunch of writers to do. This in. Two thousand twelve so. Waiver in high school sports in Springfield at the time. Which I still do is look rely on. today newbies including the Natan Dragons and another drug. Twelve season and also started covered right state, basketball and other sports that here. About a year on the right Ab. Harassed the longtime. Do Devi, writer. For the Daily News. Retired. Right before the twenty thirteen fourteen seasons. Weeks before. Fact Billion dollar the right stay coach. Known about it for for me because I remember talking. To cover the fires. The reader, my I didn't think about that. Not Too long later. They told me that they were supposed to meet the date. Got On there just in time to. Cover the. Well here whether it was the. Knows it was worth. You know at a new writer for. Permanent I'm sure we do they're. GonNa deleted probably would have been there on a bike to get to last year. We did. That was the first season covered seventeen now. How special was both the Dayton that run at the Wittenberg run this year and men's basketball. They both had great pieces I mean I. Don't get any whitmer games like two games. you know whatever their couple more times. Hockey guys not your practice. I can't say I was all over that. Covering the wires. One for oriented I would. Gets more I buy. There's the or get more than any other jewelry. From My. That is my number one priority even. it was it wasn't. That obviously putting on it to. The, one who might thanks because? Sure dating pants. Or something like that or something similar. Again and soon, the certainly Perga- people will do that, but you throw it over top player of the year thing and this rebounded from tues par season. Number three in the ranking heard about. Season White like that. Coming together again I think they could be really gotta get, but no. This was the probably Pique Dame. was really a right from start to finish. Usually have something to gripe about. Even even when even do agree and they always come to be questions or complaints? Anthony Greg calling the. or Throw this guy is the herds things like that, but there was. Only a couple downs and the whole season, the loss of Kansas, but that wasn't a big deal. Because you know you wanna Mason top team overtime. Loss to Colorado on the buzzer beater with a dagger. A lot of mayors. Chase Johnson leaving the team's probably the other small basement. Crash taste of all. Bad is But other than that I mean not much to complain about until. Works twelve when it all came crashing down. And that leads to my next question. How heartbreaking wasn't the Dayton? Allen didn't get a chance to win the eight ten tournament. Get to participate in March madness. It was crazy, even looking back on it. It's hard to believe it happened because March one of the. Probably the one of the great days in basketball history at ESPN Game Day on campus. Everybody going crazy for that you have to. Be On the women's team playing in the tournament in the afternoon at Ud arena and winning. With? They would went on to win the term the next day, and then you had senior. Against GW that night Saturday, night March seven. and. They just walked over the second half. We topping. Three crazy dunks and Couldn't written a better script especially or a Ryan Mike Zealotry ladders. Seniors, Great celebration on the floor after the game, there were speeches by Mike. Landers and Anthony Koreans and nobody saw what was coming just five days later. I mean we knew about the corona virus. we news you know out there and getting worse, but it's just amazing. HOW FAST! Things moved in the next couple of days. I Think Ivy League canceling. Its tournament started the ball rolling. To a big thing. WAS THE NBA cancer-related? Spending on season at that point on. That Wednesday night late at night, the flavor already in Brooklyn I was I had my bags Mac believe the next morning, and at that point, I kind of figured. They're not going to be an aid ten tournament. The NBA's canceled their seasons. But I got on the plane the next morning when Brooklyn and on the Nuba ride to the airport when another tournament officially got cancelled. Arena should say. Walk into the Barclay Center probably ten minutes before the press conference. Announcing the cancellation was. Lee, you know able to make the most of my trip. I guess but I was a pretty day. Really waited about night, but you know just wanted. Done all my stories just inspired I talked obese. Ryan the. Puck to Neil. eighty outside the arena. Just unbelievable. It's hard across US HOW FAST! They fell apart and just not my state of and. All Its fan of lost with the cancellation of the season. It's hard to believe that Flyer. Like where on cloud nine you know cutting down the nets winning, you know the regular season title, and then looking forward to the tournament that Bam? It's canceled just like that. It's something that's. Never really happened before and now. We're still in the middle of the quarantine. Yeah. It'll be something we write about or I write about for the rest of my career as loves cover. The flyers I'm like I. mentioned grew up a UC fan so I remember that. Two thousand team well when Kenya. Martin broke his leg and everybody was talking about. bearcats winning a national title and I still see stories coming out breath every year or two about the great. What if that program has and now? Dayton is in the same category You know one of the biggest eight and fans genre. Pony told me after that on March twelve after the cancellation, the three worst moments in his Dayton a fan career. Were you know the death of Chris Right Nineteen ninety-six Death Chris Steve mcilvaine? In, two thousand sixteen and and this story, which you don't compare those two stories, but it's. Still heartbreaking in its own way. Absolutely. Now! You mentioned that you've done a lot of writing, but you also Take pictures your photographer for. The DVD add What's that like being able to take pictures of sporting events? Kind of unexpected bonus I didn't expect. To ever be a photographer. never took a class. was never thought about when I was in school. For sure, we didn't have the Internet. Much of the Internet back then in the late nineties, we had a website at student paper at are you but You were still writing for the newspaper? You weren't writing for the website and that was the case for many years earlier in my career, we added website, but it was more of an afterthought, and then you know probably five six seven years ago. I don't know how. Win But the website became much bigger. Emphasis a now. I I feel like I'm writing more for the website than the newspaper so The photography came about because we started shooting video I in two thousand seven. At the Nissan, we got the ability to put videos on our website and I. Just you know always Enjoyed it. I remember the first video I shot were a win. The Kenton Ridge High School Baseball team mates. State Championship game in two thousand seven. Atta meeting was a senior on that team. He's now. A veteran outfielder played for the. National Place for the National System in the baseball season I A world series last year, and had a great world series, and he was a senior on that team. Two Thousand, seven I remember just. Shooting Video. The entire game and putting highlights together after the game. And you know you attach it to the top of your story and I started doing that for every game. I went to all the highschool games all the Winter Games and eventually you know, start shooting photos to with the same camera. You could do video photos the same time, but it wasn't until twenty thirteen year a covered right state that. got a real deal our camera, you know professional camera, my wife Barbara Tag referred to the new Sun at the same time. That's where we met. so she helped me you know learn the basics, but I was able to learn a lot by trial and error. You have to worry about films. He could shoot as much as you want. A digital camera lot of Bachata with some good ones. And eventually there were more more good shots and bad ones. So you know. I learned on the fly star covering the reds in the twenty thirteen season, really at the end of the two thousand twelve season, but Inaba camera the and the next season You know has used the cat. The camera was my way out of the press box down to the field. You know shoot photos on each side of the reds Dugout, so it was almost I've compared it over the years to like learning a foreign language of near immerse yourself in a different country. You have to learn fast, and that's kind of what I did when I was shooting, the reds probably shot sixty games at your now in various levels of lights with different clouds. Different, you know sometimes the cloud goes in front of the Sun. You gotTA figure out your settings, and so I learned real fast and been doing it ever since some really liked doing. It gets me closer to the action. I don't have to worry about asking a photographer to do things for me, do it myself, and now you know for many years of also shot videos and photos at the same time, the special contraption that created A. Basically attached my cell phone to the end of the camera land, so if you ever watch the flyers games and see my courage, photos and videos. Of all the big plays, and that's because I'm doing both at the same time while riding to and I. Just Love I'd love doing author of it like in a one man band so to speak. It's very impressive being able to write and take videos and photos at the same time. It's fun and gives you an extra river. A reporting I can look at the video right away and said Oh. Did he step out of bounds there or was, that shot. Did he make that shot in time for the Buzzer, or was that a foul charge or block? I do a lot of those videos and you see If you see on twitter and especially during the flyers game closely videos fasts I can't after a play swimming. The WIFI is good. because. It's real easy to transfer To do a video sometimes I'll be photos to but it's just faster because I can just take a cellphone off the camera lens and the twitter and I guess the real fast. He got a very large following on twitter, and you also have a couple of. Contests throughout the flyer season tell me. Tell me some of your favorite parts about interacting with the flyers, fans and just overall being on twitter during basketball season. Yeah just trying to be original. The contest I've not seen anybody else doing that so I. Thought was one different thing I could do had all the photos. Most writers don't have the photos to offer to their fan, so you know. I started doing the guest list. They got maybe started with the bracket contests on the a ten tournament for my first or second year, and that's that's Kinda got the ball rolling, but I had. The prizes were real simple because it's. It's really cheap to buy four by six prints and to people I. Don't ask the company to pay for that. I. Just pay it out of my pocket book I probably spent. Just a couple of hundred dollars in seven years, not not not very much money to to spend to. You know to enter to give you an extra way of interacting with fans and reward the fans. Follow you reach you and. you know, make it so much fun, so it was just. That's kind of how developed and Last couple of years I started doing it almost every game at least tern conference. He's a guest. The score contests and you know I might get. One hundred people playing along about a lot of people have won over the years and I'll send them a selection of photos from really a less seven years, or if they've already one, maybe it'll be just the the most current photos, but I got a big stack of four by six Prince at home at all times. always find ways to. To get rid of them her. Send them the fans. It's just. It's just kind of fun thing to do. Gifts makes it's a positive thing to do on twitter, which which as we all know is often a negative place where people are using our just complaining about things. Yes, social media does tend to vote negative. often does, but that is really cool. Do you have any favorite moments while doing these contests something that always stick with you and always make you smile or laugh? I don't know just different people win. Guess, not doing it so long now that so a couple of people have won several times the bracket. Contests are fun because I'd always get people to help me out Kinda volunteered to run the contest because it's, it's hard to add up all the scores while you're still covered while you're also covering the tournament, and usually I'll give out a bigger prize for that like Bata. Last Coochie Smith T shirt the sheer to give the an excuse me, Smith hat of your your ago. I guess the other thing I did the probably the most fun thing I did interact with fans create A. A pickup basketball game which we call the twitter pickup basketball showcase, just a fancy name. I, put on it and invite whoever whoever wants to play. Just put it out on twitter we played. We played for years. Now I think Kathy. The Bales Center just off a thirty five there in Beaver Creek. Usually get like fifteen to twenty guys. It's just for fun And we play like right before the season opener. Of course, we do our best to documented on social media and take a lot. Take a lot of photos. Give, the winning team some prizes, so that's another kind of fun thing. I've done for or with the thirty fans. Have very busy year and you cover a lot of sports. What does a typical sports year look like starting with summer? You said You Shoot the reds and You know it. It never stops for you. What's that you're like? The summers definitely slower because. You know the red season is so long and haven't been good in so long. I've really come back on how many games I've covered I think the first year covered covered. Probably seventy or something of the eighty two home games and slowly slowly started cutting back, and most of that is still a long drive. I have to take I lived in Springfield at the time when I started going there as we move Chiba Columbus. My wife got a job at the Columbus dispatch so really less. Six years. I've covered the reds. We've lived in Columbus. That's you know. Nearly. Three of driving total everytime occur again, so it's not the best use of time so I've cut back on the redskin cover, maybe twenty to thirty games a year, and sometimes I won't even cover them at all after August first because football season starter in their heads are out of contention, which doesn't make sense for me to go down there very often. so summers are pretty slow. That's when it usually take a lot of vacation. This year, obviously much different. been any sports since March so I've taken a took a week of vacation. April we can can take a week in June probably gets alive lot. For many years in the company, which is one reason I stayed in the company. But you're yeah, you're you're really revolves around the sports schedule, which I kind of like the variety you know basketball season is when I do most of my traveling. Lots lots of traveling during the flyers mostly on the East Coast the Rhode Island I don't know how many times five or six times New York City a bunch of times. Saint Louis every year, Richmond once or twice every year you really you know you're talking eleven to thirteen plane trips year. Only a couple that I can drive through like Kane in Pittsburgh and Saint Bonaventure spot a five hour drive from Columbus so That's that's a that's a busy time of year, and also in the most important thing. For me, because just as I mentioned, the flares are so popular in Dayton and you know high school sports are also still a big part of what I do, so you know and and the May or early June. Usually covering a lot, icicle sports baseball softball state track meet love covered. In the fall usually covering high school football game, every Friday cut cut back a little bit once the basketball season gets going and covered a lot of state over the last. Five or six seasons to me and there was a four year. Run Right to get all the bowl games. I was there when they won. The sugar roles on the island for that I was. Standing behind the end zone when they won the national championship against Oregon shoot photos for all those game. That I got to go to fiesta bowl twice so that was that was a blast of kind of cut back on that now now that we've got a tyler home because I can't do all the traveling for the bowl games and then travel for the flyers so fortunately. My bosses are pretty understanding. That does equal lot of mileage. my next question is. Would you say that winter is your busiest season or would you pick fall? Just because how much football's available? Well, the busiest season I guess would be when the the two seasons collide. In October and November because. You know you got football season at its most important time and yet a lot of season preview stuff for basketball, and you know throughout new member. Both are going on so that that is probably the hardest time. I guess the. March you know they never make another run. which might have happened this March That's also a very challenging time to good schools. Just because you don't know how long you're going to be away from home or when you're going to go, you're gonNA. Go so that's hard on the family life dealing with that. We had all the babysitting setup for. Eight ten tournament and the first round of the instable, a tournament and March whenever the Gut cancelled so I, guess the bonus was I got to be with a family but certainly would have rather been covering historic season as it reached its. Climax. Yeah I think it was at a Dayton flyers baseball game. They finally Said No Atlantic ten tournaments, and of course the Big East. They were they at halftime. The first game is like nope. No more so. Yeah. It was crazy. Yeah, you got baseball players. I've talked to a bunch of those guys flyers spring. And, yeah, heartbreaking for a lot of different people yeah I think that flyers squad. They finished. Runners up in the eight ten turney last year I. Think they would have had a much stronger squad and a great season this year, but It didn't happen so. Yeah I just talked to Riley Toronto plant. The other day because they got back on the field last week at that US or college baseball all summer invitational. They had to do all the cotton, cotton, swabs and ERTA. Coronavirus testing with the swab and their news, the edited antibody testing, but they were willing to do anything to get back on the field. So that's kind of I think everybody is right now. Everybody wants to see some sports, so you know getting closer to to see in some. And also too great. Flyers have very solid shot of being drafted in the Amalgam thrived. Could be today rallied I mean. He kind of expect to be like a six to ten round guy, but he said he'd been. I'm in some draft boards spring, so be pretty cool. He went. sometime today, especially when considering daynard out of football player after this year and Trautman they're gonNA have a basketball player drafted October. thobe topping so pretty sweet if For the, flyers. Players in three different sports for this year. Absolutely would that be a UD. I, would you now now now? We have to look at that. I got to be I I. Don't know you never know. They had some guys in Seventies. In football, they just haven't enough good football. Guys drafted so it would have to be a I or both those guys. You know they are happy to come back today. If. It doesn't work out year if they don't get trapped because I. Don't think either of them will want you know one of the twenty thousand dollar deals everybody after the first five rounds can sign as a free agent, but there's a limit on how much bonus they can get so. Probably make more sense for them to come back to you D. I'm not the biggest fan how they did the draft this year. I Know Corona, virus and everything but. Just so few rounds it just. Yeah. I don't mean they're printing. There's not GonNa be Minor League Baseball this year anyway so. Just seems like it would make more sense to come back to school and do it again. It'd be nice to see tyrod at third base and black on the mound. PLAKA pitched quite well think. Kentucky this. By this season so. But sticking with the draft ob topping definitely definitely pick Where do you see him going? I don't know I've seen him size, you know. Three. I think in a lot of the mock drafts. Update soon on what everybody's saying about him Just. An odd situation with the draft getting move back from June, two to October the combine I. Don't think they've even announced the date for that yet. So I'm sure that'll help determine where he goes You know. He's I'm sure you know what he did in the. I don't think Nishantha term cost him too much meaning. He won all the awards. I think that that didn't if it probably helped him win. The awards that the term was canceled this at that point, he was far and away the number, one guy and everybody to everything else to go on to You know evil. Much swept all the national words. Definitely, it'd be a lottery pick, which is a big deal Dayton my. Guess, he'll be in the top ten. I don't know if it matters a whole lot. You know if he's five six, seven, nine, two zero probably probably. For Him. You know go the best team team that. Can Use him the most stir the best. We'll be more important than making a few extra dollars. Selfishly, I hope he falls to either. The Pacers are cavaliers discus like yeah, that'd be cool to have him on. Whoever drafts him is going to gain a lot of fans and Milad UB top and jerseys. At the arena next year assuming their fans at the Games. I feel like it's been a long time since I've seen these articles by saw a lot. OB TOPIC TO GOLDEN STATE? Yeah I think there was some talk about that because. His parents did a podcast with the. Steph, currys parents Dell Curry in his His wife and they talked about of course they were. His mom was on there, saying. Yeah, we want him. Flavored Golden State of course. Does seem like that would be a team that. Could capitalize and his talents. Absolutely I mean they'll have Klay Thompson back I think draymond green will be back. Steph curry course that that's going to be a pretty lethal team with everyone and obi gets to the warriors. I think they might be just as strong as they were when they had Kevin Durant. Yeah that'd be nice for him. To get with a good team for sure. Now back to you. What are some of your favorite stories and pictures and videos that you have? Taken and created over your time in with Cox Media. Well the big moments the big games always stand out. you know with the reds covering? Jake Arrieta is no hitter was a big one knows down in the. dugout shooting photos that whilst. Clicking on my game storage as soon as Officially a no hitter near can send your store by your phone these days so that that's a big help. And I remember being in the press conference on there was nobody else there the real. DEAL SR camera shot a portrait of. David Ross was the catcher in Senate to the cubs and let them use it on twitter. homer Bailey's hitter I was there for that second one lots of lots of big moments and moments that. Reds Games over the years, although a lot of them of irrelevant to the national league central race, 'cause the resum get in contention very often in my in the all those years. With, the flyers obviously there lead eight run being. Under the basket. The v Sanford made a shot against a higher state. Shooting a celebration, just a few feet, and then cooked quickly. Check to make mixture up got at least one. Frame and focus of Sanford shot and I got a pretty good one You know, don't a Memphis in buffalo that you're always going to be a highlight. lots of big buzzer-beaters over the years and. Making sure again that got the shot in focus and usually usually let do might be only one or two rings, but you know like the Jalen crutcher shot against Saint. Louis last year was the big highlight Kind of are always to get a good. Angle on a three pointer like that but I. You know I got one at least one shot that was good enough and. The celebrations at the far end of the court, which wasn't the best voters that you kind of run down there. Real fast and see what she can get. You, know same with the highest. The Big Games are always. The ones that stand out. The sugarbowl was a crazy experience because it was so close, and it was. It was back when we were still getting your late games in the next day's paper. Deadlines have since changed, so anything really starts after. Five PM. There's no way we're getting a game during the next day's paper when they apprentice in Indianapolis, but back then You know we still had A. Chance to get the game story in the paper with the final score of my. Goal or my job was to have a game store. Immediately ready soon as that final buzzer sounded, but it was challenging in that game, because I was back and forth, and he didn't know who's GonNa win. You know the national champion game has the same thing as kind of had that one up you know by late in the third quarter saw kind of wrote that story time and my boss Boskin. Just clicked. Send at the end. You want something on the website right away, but with with the Alabama game I was running back and forth to in the field in my laptop, a photo room, just off the field, and trying to do my best to get you know photos of all the big plays, but I miss the big Ezekiel Elliott a famous run. You know shoot shooting that from behind the other side of the field. Because I just updated my game story so you know typically WanNa be in front. Of the offense, especially you know offense that can score on any play you. Know Ziegler Alec. Take off at any moment score. I knew that but I just didn't have time to get in front of. It so yeah, that was. Shot. Him from behind but a lot of good shots from the celebration of course same on the National Championship Game Against Oregon, a lot of big heist games over the Braxton Miller spin move. Had A perfect perfect shots of that at the Virginia Tech Game. You know that big comeback against Penn State. A few years ago. think when J. T. Barrett through the big past to. Was Marcus Ball can't remember. Lots of big moments you know. Those are the ones that standout Similar with Wittenberg, and then all the high school sports, and this can be just exciting to you if there's not as many fans stance. I think one of my favorites. pictures was The flyers went over Ohio state in their elite eight run It was just right over the hoop and everything it was. It was great. It's even hanging up in the doctor's office and Farmers Ville with that. It's the one up there and craft laying on the ground, yes. Right and I don't know I. Forget who shot that one, but. I'm not confident enough as for to put a camera on the siege. To have some real technical expertise to do that. I I try to keep it simple on the stick to my style though I move around the arenas a lot to get angles, so you'll see some stuff from above and. Just to shine to vary a little bit. How much as a photographer do you move during a gain whether it be football basketball baseball? How much do you have to get up move and you know re- reset everything. Football. You knew the most because like I said. You want to be in front of the offense usually. cut it out here. I mean least recovering is that you want to be from their offense defense cutting no either way there. so you're constantly charging up and down the sidelines with heavy cameras. What's pretty good workout? Baseball! You at the Reds Games. You could be one of four places. Basically I've shot. From the stands a few times, just for variable. Usually you're on the field late side of the dugout. So I might switch wanted ending and read Games depending on the game I might shoot four innings because I've still got my stories. To You know if it's close game, I might go back down for the ninth inning or something like that. But you know basketball? Typically I'm only in one spot by the basket. usually at Ud Games at ud arena will move up. into the stands between the levels like less four minutes of. The first half or something like that? Just to get some different shots different angles, but I'd like to be back close to the basket, because as I mentioned a sheet, the video and it only really works. If you're close up every time, the flyers are coming at me on offense. All hit record on my cell phone and just let it roll as she photos. So that's my goal so depends on the game, too. If it's a blowout on my move around more often, I've shot from the flight deck. Way Up above You know when they go to the. Conference tournaments at the Barclay. Center or wherever you know oftentimes move around a lot there because there's a lot of open seats at those events. I see. Now. We talked a lot of football basketball baseball, but is there any other sport that you want to either write about or take pictures at? Soccer is always my favorites or Growing up because the best sport, I was as far as plane. So, you know I really liked covering high school soccer and don't do it much anymore. by discovering the World Cup would would be dream. Maybe twenty twenty six. We'll see what's going on then. My Kid will be eight years old. I plan to take a big road trip with him if I can at that point. and. Watch some games that I don't know if I'll be covering him. We'll see it's a long way away. But You know it doesn't really. The sport doesn't matter really as much as the event like you know. The state track and field meet is one of the most exciting things that you'd ever. You're just this especially on that Saturday. You've got hours and hours of great moments one after the other right at the finish line and big moments for these kids, and that's always very exciting. The state wrestling me which I've heard a couple of times. For the same reason is very excited. Exciting as are all the state shave games covered. I covered one football state championship game when Shawnee High School for Springfield played. In Canton, covered the basketball championship. A couple of times so those are always very exciting. Now what is track and field like like in terms of taking pictures and writing stories? Well th the state mean. For instance two days. Got A lot of the preliminaries on Friday. And the finals on Saturday in usually. Have you know a lot of athletes? Usually, we split it up. office on the Springfield area guys Mark Pendleton just retired. What if the dating guys? How we would've covered this year, and he's no longer there would probably had some freelancers, but it's. It's like covering like ten car crashes all at once. Got All these different athletes at different parts of the stadium, some outside the stadium with the throne events, and you're trying to figure out where to be. WHO's the most important you know? Who has the chance to win? And then at the end you know figure out how to put it all into one story while you know a large photo gallery, too, so it is one of the hardest days, and it's always really hot too so. It would have been held last week and if it would happen this year, obviously didn't because of the pandemic, but Even though it's hard, it's a lot of fun. Dave, what are some of your favorite things about sports locally in the area? Think just getting no the different. Athletes and coaches over the years. You. Know you'd like the flyers you know can take three to. Three to four years to really get to know a guy where you're on a first name basis with them. You know skewed Smith Cow Davis. Can Nepal feel like. You know. Got To know those guys real well because they were. Such central figures for the team for years in a row. Obi you know he was only there for. Three seasons only two seasons on the corner, but he was a guy that was just so. Going when he saw me would always ask about. My kid hung's doing went to the game in Philadelphia with my wife and kid. Beholden I was just kind of walking around. The RENA showed him the basketball only. About eighteen months old at that point, and always like Oh, he was real excited to see him. You know that's pretty rare for you. When athlete, a year later in their own own little bubble of. Especially reporters or you know? They know them, but they you know. They're not gonNA often. Ask the hold your kid like. Oh, be did so. I was like yeah, and then we got a picture, pretty cute one of the Dayton radio geise. Got On me for that, but you know. I'm not going to be asking autographs. Guy From guys but I'm not I'm not going to be their best friend, but if a player wants to hold my Child is especially excited to see him. Not GonNa. Turn that down either. You know you've got to get to know what your moment you're in, so it's just getting another the coaches and the players. I mentioned the Wittenberg coach known for almost two decades now. The former flyers. Know like the guys who are playing with their. Basketball Tournament last year Delaware frequency people like that again for so many years of school. So. I guess that would be the highlight. Now what would you like to see in the future for Dayton sports or media? Just hope to keep doing my job. You know newspapers are. Kind of a dying industry at least the print side, so never know what the future will hold. more people than ever I think because of the website. But trying to make money off that website and trying to under the print subscribers to. You know especially this year. especially, everybody's suffering all sorts of businesses and. Even though everybody reading the Daily News, we certainly lost some advertising winning. which hurts so I just hope to keep doing. My job. It's kind of. A dream job gives a you know I've got a lot of connections to the day. Mary GRANDPA was a huge flyers fan took me to a couple of games when I was little. My Great Grandpa was a dean at the university. So even though I didn't grow up rooting for the flyers because the mid nineties. We're not a great time for the flyers, so if they had really good. I don't know if I would have been a fan because the bearcats were so good at that time, but Yeah, we'll see just up to. Keep doing job hope it doesn't change too much if it does change for the better because the Internet has certainly changed things, but for me it's been for the better because you can do so many different things. And Connect with fans and way. You couldn't have done fifteen years ago. And also the interaction that you get as well that people that follow you and see your content. Yeah it's good and bad. A shared a piece of hate mail. I got today from a very loyal troll likes to send. Nasty emails for no good reason even though blocked his email address and never responded this time I was like. Oh, I'm just gonNA screen shot his email and shared on twitter last. Give people a laugh but mostly it's it's real positive that that kind of thing is. Is Rare for me at least part of it, because I don't go back and forth fans too much. You see a lot of sportwriters. Get into back and forth and back. You know they don't like what fan says and I will most likely tend to ignore. Ignore you or just meet you mutual twitter if you were knowing me so. I don't come out looking like a jerk he. Can Be Jerks like that it's. The social media, one of the bad things to it gives people you know voice, and they use it the wrong way. Yeah and it's just like everything. Don't read the comments you know. Charging, nor sometimes you gotTA. Let it roll off. Now for those that want to join the journalism field or become a photographer Can you give. Will Um consider what you're getting into being? It is a challenging industry right now. I can probably say that about a lot of different professions, but. this. No, I mean there's there are some more opportunities because the social media, but certainly in A. Print newspaper Journalism many many fewer jobs than there used to be when I got into business, and nineteen. My first stores were ninety six for the student paper, but my first full time job was ninety nine after graduated. And you and then it wasn't easy to get to three internships for got A. fulltime job, so you can get some experiences import thing. right for your. High School newspaper Right for your, College newspaper. Go after internships. Hopefully, they're paid internships, not a Lamar You know seek out. sportswriters sports editor see if they need any freelance. We always need help with the. Especially High School Sports. We're always looking for good people to help their pay a whole lot, but it does pay something, and then you know if you need to get your foot in the door and get some clips That's that's huge thing. I didn't have that in high school so if you could do that early on, you're going to be way ahead of the field. and you know they could be journalism school how university great job. Helping me, land internships and the student paper. We had a ton of freedom to do. To do things, we wanted to do an experiment with rioting and laying out pages and doing all that so You know that people. So easy to reach out to journalists days through direct messages and things like that and I've always tried to to give back by getting back to whoever contacts me usually have. One or two students every year shadow me at. Deep Ud games or wherever and hopefully they benefited from that. How can people follow you your work and maybe getting some the phone on social media. both my twitter and instagram handles are the same David. P Patrick. GIBB LONSKI ALL LA. Together lower case so pretty easy to find. There are couple of other David's There's a lot of damage is out there. It's not that. Uncommon. Name as you think including the Saint Scientists. WHO's the first guy who comes up? If you Google me the daily, you should be able. Find me pretty easy. David. Thanks for your time today. It's been a lot of fun. It's been lot fun learning about you all right well. Good luck with the PODCAST, so look forward to. The Sharon the Lincoln out and look to to what you're producing the feature. Thank you David and here's Here's the basketball. College Basketball Twenty twenty. Hopefully, we hope let's hope so. And that will close up so one fifty nine of the Cincinnati Dayton sports podcasts dog you again for episode one sixty. Thank you for listening to another episode of the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast with Lee w Allen. To subscribe to the PODCAST, please visit the lead w Mao dot com slash podcast from there. You can choose your favorite platform such as apple podcast Google podcast tune in spotify, the iheartradio APP and many more interact with the podcast and hosts on twitter at the lead, W Malan, and at Syndey pod like the facebook page, the Cincinnati and Dayton sports. And download the free flicked jet APP then search for the local Sunday sports group to submit your future Mallon's mail back questions. The closing theme is lights. Go down by Dan hennig provided by the Youtube Music Library Collection. This is Lee w Malan and I hope you enjoyed this week's podcast. Please join me again next week on the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast.

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