Hard Factor 3/19: Congressman Nunes Sues Twitter For A Quarter Billion, Franky Boy Waxed By A Q Follower, Space Herpes


Wooded you Joe, man. Randy savage this factor in the risk. No one that does better. Now, does it better repeat myself? Go ahead told me something right now. Moderate. What other absorbed apart factor? It is Tuesday March nineteenth job sources day. I'm going to do what about representatives Devon Nunez suing for two hundred fifty million dollars forgetting trolled on Twitter that sounds reasonable was he murdered eighteen times. Right. I guess I think he was pats going to do about a the mob boss serial killer things are getting a little internet with this one. Stay tuned. Interesting west tell us about space herpes. Apparently spaces stressful guys. Got so An Marchal take our lightning round of other headlines. Well, sock about Devon Nunez being mad online. So the house intelligence committee member Devon Nunez, Republican from California is suing Twitter and some of its users for two hundred and fifty million dollars for allegedly shadow banning conservatives and also for allowing people to troll him even though he submitted lawful. Complaints to make the trolling stop. Oh, yes, nicely. What is shadow banding show says the shadow banning thing, that's the first part of it or the Taff of it. Jetta bangs been discussed at length on a lot of shows like Joe Rogan's covered. It a lot ever since the Alex Jones thing we got booted off of everything it's basically this like widely held belief on the right that conservatives are silenced by social media companies more than liberals, which I kind of think they probably have a point. But just because the people who review posts work for. Tech companies in big cities, and they probably just generally more liberal, usually. Well, let's talk about that. Because like I understand why the conservatives get banned for saying like the ultra right guys. Like, what would an ultra left person have to say on social media to get banned? I thought my cat. I think like the cat fucker guy. Okay. Kill Trump like I'm so liberal that I literally have sex with animals, I rescue animals, and then I have sex with them and cry and they like it right thinking about like their point is more like the Kathy Griffin type stuff. Just just pathetic, right Catholic. Okay. That makes more sense. She got some heat though, she didn't get banned. But right. Exactly. That's the point. They're saying that happened on the right Oban city. So anyways, that's not really the interesting part about this. Let's get to the meat of this story are the Twitter accounts. Who troll Devin Nunes, the ones named in? The lawsuit are GOP strategist, Liz mare, and her company, mayor strategies, and then to parody accounts the first one Devon Nunez, mom. At devon. In the second one Devin newness cow at Devon cow. Is that presumably a cow that he owns? Yes. That's the and that's presumably his mom. Clearly has money from farms, or I don't know bomb and his Cal those are the parody accounts the Nunez mama count. Apparently crushed him relentlessly saying that he turned out worse than Jacob wool, which is great joke and a bunch of other claims about him being racist. Which probably is over the line mayor apparently accused him of being involved in several various business ventures like all kinds of shit about like cocaine like shady wine vineyards, like underage prostitution all kinds of shit, and then the cow accounts on tell is just a classic troll account that celebrates all things Devon Nunez bashing. So that's great. I hope that of my mom ever joins Twitter that she cares enough about me to name her handle after me. Yeah. Sure. Pats. Mom's on Twitter, my mom never joins Twitter. Yeah. That's fine. The cow. Sorry. The mother account though. The Devin Nunes mom, that's the only one that's been shut down as of now at the time of this taping. And that's probably just because it's not really his mom. I think the other accounts in my opinion, they should all be okay. Thanks to the first amendment. Which is really the only thing that makes the USA better than dictatorships and everybody on both sides of the aisle that are trying to limit the first amendment these days, Republicans want, harsher liable laws and Democrats want harsher hate speech laws. You can all go fuck yourselves because the first amendment is important to this fucking country. They will. Chill out. We don't want to get banned. Yeah. Right. That's probably a ban fucking statement these days, I think that the cow isn't because they just don't have policies on banning animals yet. Yeah. Just impressed because it's really hard to tweet with hooves. Yeah. Exactly. They don't know what to do about it. They have to work that in. But the mom the mom thing. I think you're right will the avatars like a picture of his mom, which is a little bit over the line and just pretending to be false person. Right. But the Calcutta clear parody account. Like, did you can't complain that people are roasting? You too hard on Twitter, and it's fifty minutes. That's fucking. To drive you insane, though, if you like some guy as a picture of your mom, just truly. Walk. But that would be infuriating the money. Be wins. Nothing already very rich retire by some more. He's not gonna win kids for sex Ryan at a cow. Take it to the internet. I'm gonna go with to re tweets from at Devon cow that they unleashed on Monday night. I is an excerpt from the newness lawsuit itself, it's literally just a still an image of the lawsuit. And it's got the text before the image. It says and even falsely stated that Nunez has quote herp face. Many of the tweets were vile, and repulsive, including tweets that depicted Nunez engaged in sexual acts with the president, and then blow that is a screen shot of a tweet from at noon as mom that says, here's a helpful diagram to explain their relationship. And then it shows a human centipede with Putin in the front Trump in the middle middle Nunez in the back. Devin Nunes in his lawyer have never watched him instead of that's not a sex act. That's active torture. Like, you're not you. Don't volunteer to be the Senate pede, you get drugs, and you wake up and your mouth sewn to someone's ass. Never coming. It's like your kidneys gone, except your mouse on an Astle. How would you be if you were in a human centipede and you inadvertently like just got a wreck Xinyu like the gadget? Which rather wake up and human or without a kidney just really liked kid Morse because I'm helping someone easy choice anyway. And then next is a great Zinger from Twitter. Devin, Nunes coury tweeted from Sarah Cooper, Devin Nunes is suing Innotech for five hundred nineteen million because someone stole a stapler so earn on or office based turned twenty this year. Very cool. All right, guys. So some of you may remember if you watched our power on Friday Francesco, Frank Kelly, the boss of the infamous, Kim beano crime family was wacked last week in front of his home, set and island, Frankie boy. Yeah, Frankie boy, the hit was seemingly elaborate and had had a Scorsese vibe all over it. The hitman slammed his truck into a parked car outside of Kelly's house that. He rang the doorbell and Kelly answered and said what she's doing? Oh, he. Plenty follow too soon to be murder out into the street to check out the accident at which point the gunman often classic mob hit or ding-dong escalated quickly. Right. Just kill him on his doorstep. Don't don't play that way. Yeah. I mean, that's definitely sounds premeditated regardless. It's it's definitely premeditated. But it might not be mob related because when the alleged gunman Twenty-four-year-old Anthony camello was arrested for the slaying. Authorities started implying that this might have been more related to a star crossed lovers situation. Straight outta Shakespeare camello has no mob ties, apparently the mob bosses may have been standing in the way of the shooter having a relationship with his niece. Yeah. Which needless to say camello did not appreciate and show distaste. This guy's not talion enough to marry into the game, you know, not from Sicily from the talian, but the, but the way to get his niece's heart is openly murder and public has her. It's an Italian thing. You would. I mean if this was a job interview for the mob. He's in right, then right? Yes. Talion? Yeah. I would get it. I don't think that works. Well, that's hey, I don't know this New York City crazy things happen. There. Camilla's fingerprints were reportedly lifted from a license plate that he had handed to Kelly prior to the shooting. We'll say look at with fellow you cuz. Okay. Here's the story gets because on Monday camello appeared in court in New Jersey and held up his hand, which Don some interesting messaging on his palm was a Cunanan symbol with choice. Phrases like maga- forever. United we stand and patriots in charge USA checked. And that's not a town in America. When patriot what does patriots and charge? You know, what it means? Don't pretend this is not a messaging that you'd expect to see from a mob boss killer, though. Right. No. Yeah. It's weird. Right. Which leaves you'd expect no writing in smug face. No reading who gave him a pen. This leads me to my theory. Okay. And this is this is a bit of a take quake this has nothing to do with a jilted lover situation whatsoever. That's just a cover story. What's really going on here is the mob, Israel as that white supremacist? Fuck boys are the perfect ponds to carry out there, thirty work. Here's why they're easily manipulated. They're armed to the teeth. And no one will ever believe them. It's genius. All our blocks out. Yeah. All. Arrival all rival mob. Family had to do was tell this guy that Frankie boy was an undercover Muslim with an expired green card and a taste for white women. Bam that boss is debt that gets them round up. Big time. What are you doing letting him run your family? Yeah. Flash. That should at the trial. It could total planned. Yeah. Then they slipped him a copy of the queue and on book and invitation to the great awakening to ensure looked crazy and bam the perfect crime already. I like that they're number seven bestseller nabs on this week. Number seven. I'm gonna pick it up. Look, even if camello did start talking and people started believing he's not going to be talking for long because in court, he inch towards some sort of self defense claim, and he indicated that he may have smoked weed prior to the shooting if that would somehow relieve him of his crimes, so there's no way he wins with that defense. He's gonna get guaranteed jail time. And according to a high ranking NYPD official, quote, he's going to have some issues in jail. He's gonna have his dick shove down its throat. Yes. Absolutely very much. A lot of Gambino's in jail already waiting for him. But boys, I'm telling you. You're gonna see a lot more mob slayings, by seemingly white supremacists. I'm telling you keep an eye out. Let's take it to the internet. Mike manage says, none I'm sorry. He says. No one in these comments knows about q. Okay. Mic saying he knows more than what else are you saying? They're already know. He's saying that he knows more about you saying that these people are woefully uninformed. He's a cute guy. And that's that story. I spent eight hours on fortune every everyday he's an Chen guy, bro. Okay. So so herpes ever heard of it. You know, the worst the worst STD besides HIV and pregnancy the one that hides inside your body making you second guess pretty much everything especially the bad decision. Led. You to getting the virus? Will apparently space is the last place you want to go. If in fact, you do have the son of a bitch. Guess why? Why why? Well, because it's because just like on earth the virus is activated by high levels of stress, and I imagine being locked inside a capsule for months at a time unsure whether or not you will ever get to eat another meal, your family or just get incinerated upon reentry plays a little bit of a factory on your stress levels as you peer out the window at your very blue round planet. See that pretty much have no chance might as. Well, wear the helmet inside the show. I'm getting over. Frosted glass. Hi, I'm not going to be able to work. The commands today fake being sick. Got your buddy. I'm really not. What do you mean? It's your day to do the do the piloting hit space. You just gotta Tim Tibo that situation just work straight through the cold sore, just bracing anyone itchy when you look out the window. So it seems that both long term missions to the space station and short term missions caused over half of astronauts to have a reactivation or just the shedding of the herpes virus. According to a new study published by the journal frontiers in microbiology, so fifty three percent of astronauts on short term space missions and sixty three percent of astronauts on missions to the international space station had the virus in their saliva and urine study one of the fucking. I don't know study looks at each other to get through the take off. Who got to take? Right up in their crotches. So you're not looking too good. So it's very likely that Elon Musk's new Mars colony everyone will have herpes because research also shows the for sure, yeah. Longer spaceflights like three years spaceflights, the Mars. Long Herbie's out more stressful burn a bunch of cups, especially if you're not if you're not an astronaut. So locked in a in a can in the middle of. That's a little stressful magic being an intake line where everyone around herpes. Your stress that I've unconcered herpes Wildwood. While those outbreaks just don't go in the entire time space. No, no, not at all. So this is not mean that all these astronauts, look like me once every two years in February or constantly itching their junk because don't allow you everyone has the the first one we've mouth mouth give me a Brady with the stripper. When you get your. Back and you're like, oh, no, it's cool. It's just the ones for a second. So we're constantly their junk because only six had symptoms appear. It just means that when the viruses reactivated it can easily be passed along especially when like when space and when they get back home. So all you astronaut fuckers out there, be careful give it at least a month before you live out that fantasy of getting it on with just spacesuit. No, I'm good. By if there was ever one time to risk it, all it's when you have the chance to fuck while floating in space. God. Yeah. There's no one saying do you have a condom in space? Oh, no. You gotta jump on that opportunity so outside of that opportunity careful, but I mean, if you're in that situation, I would take genital herpes for one shot at fucking space. One hundred percent. Clipper, do it. I'm in contracted, even trade, even Steven. Yeah. So long story short apparently herpes is prevalent as an space cooks art, Elizabeth Warren rally. Tons of astronauts are experienced outbreaks of not only herpes, but all the viruses at hide in our bodies just waiting to ruin your day, like chicken, pox shingles. And again, it's all caused by stress like taking off in space shuttle, not knowing if you're gonna be explode hygiene forces all that shit that goes into being an astronaut we're gonna have to land this one in a fever. Making a moon landing really stressful. So that sucks so going to internet James, Roswell says space herpes or the worst. You set a James? Doesn't he know it? You don't have enough on your mind. You gotta worry about herpes. Right. And then Ian Paulson says does this is the space balls. The movie. Yeah. I liked it. I don't get it. Let's dig into the lightning round today's episode. A hard factor is brought to you by policy genius getting life insurance can feel like assembling, the world's lamest, jigsaw puzzle is confusing. It takes forever. And it's only something old people feel like is a good idea. 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Sick of being disrespected as the less flashy element. Compared to fire water is being a real dick this week. Ten million people are currently facing flood warnings in the midwest and Great Plains regions. There's been so much rain, and then the bomb cyclone which melted and the snow on top of the bomb cyclone which melted that the Missouri. Mississippi River basins have just burst at the seams causing some really really awful and scary flooding three people have already fallen victim to the flooding. So we're certainly hoping there's some relief in those areas soon. Oh, boy water, isn't stopping there. No. But not well, total blesses the rains down in Africa. Sure. Shit or not too thrilled about the cyclone situation. According to Mozambique, president Philippe bay new sue think that's close got a national radio address on Monday said that cyclone idea may have killed more than one thousand people one hundred thousand. Yeah, that's a lot that's high. That's a lot of figures. How many people was Katrina? Like, it was it wasn't a couple thousand in Katrina. I think it was more. Okay. I'm sorry. Jesus. Sorry. One hundred thousand more people might still be in danger, though. So might be a lot more than a thousand because the coastal city of beer has been completely just like completely dislocated shut off from the rest of the country with two cyclones to cyclones at the I've never I don't ever remember having cyclones you saw twister when the sister, hurricane right, but cyclone in Africa seems like we didn't know research about that Pacific idea in like, Japan and all those islands, but to know about Africa. So take it easy water, leave alone. You fucking asshole. A high ranking Democrats on Capitol Hill are calling for a counter intelligence investigation into the hand job lady that used to own the brothel. I mean massage parlor that Robert Kraft got busting. It's probably because Lee Cindy Yang has also been linked to President Trump and other high profile billionaires like Berkshire Hathaway, founder Warren Buffett. She basically just hosted all of these billionaires special events, pretty sure few. Yeah. She's the best hand job, lady, Florida. I mean, well, she the head of job lady provider, and it's hard to be the best hand laid in Florida's a lot of competition. Strew she she has a squat. So there she's bringing her hand job, ladies, and that's whether having her and everyone's having a great time and everyone's real impressed by Liang's hosting skills. That is probably except exce ex-italian, prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Who's like, where's the real the party? What is this is not the Bunga Bunga is just ahead job. Party one Bunga. He's so disappointed when on Bunga. And it's just had jobs pisses me off their their besmirching hand job. Ladies good name getting dragged into all these federal investigations. It's just a massage for your dick should be totally league letter just two hands up. And lastly, Taco Bell hot sauces, probably the front runner for time person of the year. Why you ask why why I'll tell you why? Because it saved another life for the second time is the same amount of months. Taco bells. Hot. Sauce has helped save a life as seventy seven year old man leaving Taco Bell in winter haven, Florida on Saturday afternoon accidentally smashed his car into the restaurant while trying to leave the parking lot. And it went straight through about ten feet into the restaurant and crashed through a table at high speed that had just been vacated by hungry taco lover who needed more hot sauce. Hot sauce at the right time. Otherwise would have been murdered by a car the driver Emanuele Ottawa and his wife or unharmed of the accident. Luckily friendly reminder. That it manual is a full counter year younger than presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. And that's going to do it for hard factor. Don't forget we are in the midst of a hundred new items reviews by Thursday at five PM central central time to get you a free Friday podcasts free, totally free. It's bonus. So go ahead and steal ugly person's phone under the rules that you're gonna program your number in and then just leave a heart factor. Five star review. It won't hurt them. Nothing can do what a mirror already has clean up. So make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at hard factor news and remember to have a great fucking day. The way is doing play the kids.

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