How to Use Clubhouse with Monique Howard, Tyler Crowley, and Adriana Freitas - Voicebot Podcast Ep 198


This is episode one ninety eight of voice by podcast my guest there three more clubhouse power users education voice tech- founder. Monique howard stockholm tech fest. Organizer tyler crowley and v. investor adrian afraid us l. again voiced by nation brechin sela hosted the voice by podcast. Today we have the third in a four part series on the social audio platform clubhouse. It's a place where you can be heard and only seen in static image no larger than a penny an episode one ninety five we had tech analyst jeremiah yang who broke down the business models. Features product categories the monetization angles and some predictions for the social audio market at large that was filed by episode. One ninety-six three power users clubhouse from the analyst author media perspective. Today we add more voices to our clubhouse series. It includes a text star. Founder event organizers and venture capital investor and. this isn't it. We did ten interviews. All this reflects interviews five six and seven c really going to enjoy the next three. We have coming up but you will also get a lot out of all we have on tap for you today for we get started. I should let you know that. The third and final voiced by live for q one. Two thousand twenty one will take place on wednesday march tenth. The topic is voice assistance in mobile apps. I guess are two people that know a lot about this. Barris go tell. Kim and kathy pearl product management director for google assistant kathy. Parole is the design manager for google system and the author of the popular book designing interfaces there over five hundred million monthly active users google assistant and most of those around smartphones so team. Google knows a whole lot about voice assistance and mobile and with app actions. Bring the technology directly into the apps. It's not often. You get a google product manager and a live interview so this should be a great opportunity for the community to learn more and registered voice. Buddy i ford slash live voiced by forward slash live. This is not another talking head online conference and it's not a webinar voiced. By live is more like tv. That moves along with fast pace. We also share some unique data that you won't find elsewhere so i hope you can join us. Live register. get the link at voiced by dot four slash live. Also i have a shout out for this week. Sponsor my friends at voice flow are dedicated. Listeners the voice about podcast we appreciate that and they just had a big product launch last month. If you're not familiar voice flow. It's a conversation designed platform. People use it for designing prototyping launching conversational experiences. The company got started as easy to use code voice app builder and they've added an enormous number features over the past three years particularly those for team. Collaboration voice will be to extend that includes new decay. That allows you to work with any tech stack conversational platform and integrate with any t t s s. Or that's texas beach. Automated speech recognition and natural language understanding for those catching up with the lingo all components of a voice experience. Voice flow is vendor agnostic and they're focused on enabling you to be able to choose your own text stack components and you can now even build a custom assistant with the new voice flow. They're over sixty thousand users of the platform. So you know it's popular but you also know it's mature so they've worked out the kinks you can sign up for free at voice flow dot com. That's voice flow dot com get started designing and building your conversational experience okay. Now this week's gas we start off with voice industry company founder. Monique howard who necas. Ceo smarter and has been hosting classroom since the fall of twenty twenty to help people learn how to build voice apps. Interestingly enough smarts builds voice applications that support the socio emotional and conversation skills of neuro diverse learners. Mrs such an important for right now particularly with so many students unable to attend school where they can work on these skills directly with educators so really exciting there and very happy to tell you also how monique is using clubhouse today after a talk with muni. We're joined by tyler. Crowley tyler runs the largest up in europe. The stockholm tech up. You also organizes the popular dot com tech fast and dot com tech week which engages the entire nordics. He's also very experienced has a lot of hours on clubhouse and you'll hear his perspective on it. Which is i think very insightful. We finish up today's interviews speaking with adriana rightous adriana as a partner at muster ventures and deep impact ventures invests at the precede in seed stage in its focus on impact investing she uses clubhouse and even a different way so all three guests are active on clubhouse and they each use the app in a different way. That's what we'll discuss today. Three more models and how to use clubhouse coming to you now i is. Monique howard followed by tyler. Crowley adriana francis. Let's get started coward. Welcome to the voice by podcast. Hi thank you brett fridge. Finding me here yeah. I'm excited have you. So i've noticed that you have been very active on clubhouse. I'm looking forward to getting your perspective on it but before we get into that. Why don't you tell the listeners. A little bit about you and your role in the voice industry great so i am the ceo and founder of smart goals. And what we do. Is we create voice apps in the tech space specifically geared toward helping the supporting kids with social emotional learning conversations skills. So we've been doing that. We actually got into it around right before the pandemic on a small team of women got together on very focused. And we're really intentional. When we create those apps because we think about things like fine motor skills. We think about things like reciprocal communication and we think about things like building vocabulary. So it really really intention. We create the apps. That's amazing it's like voice tech- for good yes. Yes yes yes. So we are really excited about it. we partner with schools as well as non profits to kind of get those Apps within the to to the kids who have been need them the most and the one thing that we find that they're fun right. They don't really know that they're learning. So i was really really fun and then it also gives something different from just looking at a screen all day of pink playing a computer game so the people that we partner with a really excited about goes apps created. Yeah what time to launch it is. Everyone is remote learning from home. Now they're looking for tools precisely like what you're offering exactly in the big thing about it. Is that his exposure for us. We understand that yes. Most people have a device on. But they're only using it the weather or directions or to order something and so this exposes the kids to something different especially for those in underserved community who may not have a device at home it gives them extra exposure to understand it. Hey this is something that i can do. Which has led us to start creating courses or classes for young kids so that not only they're exposed to it but also learn how to create apps of their own great all right so i'm really glad to have that background. I'm sure there's you've piqued the interest of a lot of listeners. Who are probably going to check out some articles which will get into it at the end. We'll give give everybody to see. Ta that they can go and check it out today. We're talking about clubhouse. I would say we're clubhouse friends. We've been at a lot of room together. We spoke together on which has been great because we didn't really have any interaction before that maybe a couple of times twitter or something like that but We hadn't had a chance to formally so this is extending it further. We're at the podcast together. I would say someone in the voice industry. Why don't you start out by telling us a little bit about when you joined and what your first experiences were on the on the network so i joined in november. Maybe kind of late november noel. Silver is actually invited me so she myself and another friend of ours. We actually met at the conference in new jersey. The first voice conference there. So that's where we met and we kept in touch on Motive exactly And so that's where we met. She invited myself. And another lady denise to the platform my initial experience was that it was a great place for really rich conversation. So i can just bounce from room to room here with people are saying and joining i likes. I really really enjoy the fact that i can either be just a listener and just soak all the information or i can actually be involved in the conversation and i think that's the point that we miss a lot in that when we're listening you we love podcast but we would love to acts that person who's leading the podcasts or the host to just ask one question so that was the big thing for me and besides not having to get on video all the time so it's always a great bonus but my first day was like a twenty four hour marathon twenty four hours twelve or twelve hour marathon just really feeling the full of a voice what clubhouse actually causes people to feel and But then i kind of sell the into. Where the niche did i wanted to actually start participating in which was tech. I'm still around businesses startups. And so those were the main room said i really gravitated to so it. Sounds like you started out mostly as a listener but you've become increasingly more active. And i think you're you're hosting rooms now. So what did you talk about what your evolution was like. Why you sort of moved to where you are today and how you're using it today. Yes so that was one of our goals would know out in these night got onto. The platform is to educate bis small businesses about voice So obviously we had to get acclimated to the environment. What was going on. But we quickly schedule rome every friday at two central to just have it introduction to 'em where we saw amazon alexa right just as most people know about that missile. We hosted those roads every friday little small sided with a small group than it grew a little bit larger. We don't have large I would say has gotten large over time. But it's not like hundreds and hundreds of people but we often get a lot of people who kinda combat time after time and that was great experience because most of the people we even though we're talking in the stages there was so much can come up. Ask questions. It was still shy of asking us questions. Yeah so it was really interesting. We had to tweet a couple of things. We have to change our language a little bit just so that they felt welcomed to the stage and we started getting people onto stage and kind of grew a little bit of a. Yeah that's great and so you tell me. In terms of those of those events that led to the ones that you're hosting the rooms that you're hosting is that led you to be. Do people make new business relationships. What has come out of it for you. So we because purpose was to educate. We did actually do a workshop. They kept asking who her the hours the asking or so we did a workshop. Maybe either january. I believe it was in january. We did a saturday. One saturday to workshop and the goal was for individuals who wanted the skill to actually the class with the skill. It was a wonderful workshop. I mean it was a lot of back and forth questions and really diving deep and so that for us was kind of the icing on the top or kind of solidify the fact that hey people really want to know about this how to use it in their business. So that's one thing that came out of it and we plan on doing more workshops. How often we don't know maybe once a month with on his trial right but but individuals have been asking about that because they want to know how to create it in how to use it in their business for me personally Because i ran those rooms and because of my bio it does talk about voice. Tech- been accident on more than a medical side of things asking about how voice can be used in those industries And then i'm talking right now with an individual who is in pakistan Who wants to who has a platform for learning there and is interested in seeing how voice can actually be used there in that particular industry platform so some conversations around that have come out also because of what. I do is smart goals. We do partner with authors children authors publishers. Who are interested in how voice can actually be used to extend along. Jeremy up in author's book so not just one read a couple of reasons put on the shelf but actually have something that is you know a companion to the book got it so it sounds like it has definitely expanded your circle a bit in terms of the number of people you're connected with like were connected right now and and so it may be. There's some business benefits out of it. Maybe we'll see but it seems like to me that you're doing this you you maybe do this. Even if there were no business upside potentially exactly exactly the one thing like i said before it's just exposure education and because my background is i've been in it for twenty plus years with fortune five hundred companies and those companies are always on the pulse. Right they have the money to actually invest in see what's going on but as always a smaller businesses who get left behind and so that's my main goal is that as long as they're exposed to. They can make the decision on what to do about it. But i don't want them to feel as though kate five ten years on the line everything blows up and you're looking around like okay. What do i do. What's going on kinda like right the internet and the the having a web page and doing all of these other things social media. They really don't sometimes. I'll have the time but i think because of those clubhouse are seeking those things and so you're right if there was a business benefit to clubhouse it wouldn't matter i would still be there to educate great now. Those workshops needed to follow up on that. Did you host those workshops on clubhouse or was that online in a different channel. Now we it was through sue. Obviously because they had to see our screen. That's what i was thinking. We yeah exactly so it was off a clubhouse. I do try. Sometimes during our friday meetings to kind of guide people with through aware to find skills how to actually you know Seek out your competition whether people are doing But obviously it's harder so no. It was definitely on soon. Yeah so it's like channel switching. And i think a lot of people haven't figured that out yet if it's business it's top of funnel but it doesn't it doesn't have to be business-oriented could just be another way to connected zoom as a better better option for helping people build a skill for sure so so that's That's really interesting. So you're out in in november and in november there. I believe fewer than a million people. So let's say somewhere between five hundred thousand and a million people in november and i believe on the thirteenth of this month surpassed ten million people how things changed. Yes i. I haven't felt a difference. I guess because of the way the algorithm works you the people you follow the most of the rooms that you see and then the room's that you frequent our topics that you frequent rooms that you see and so i still see those those same grooms i those same topics And because i was on a platform early i did explore ways of how to find other people other rooms so i know that but for me it really hasn't felt any different on which is great because that's the worry it gets bigger and bigger and we lose the feeling that we i had when we were there we don't want to go anymore But yeah for me. It has not changed. So you're in the voice community. The listeners are largely in the voice. Ai community what tip would you give them. If they're new to the platform and are trying to figure out like how to make their way clubhouse definitely it's usually first couple awakes to explore and just not outside of your nisha as well because we definitely gravitate towards what we like but definitely look for other areas that you might be interested in or may not be interested in in just helps you to see what's out there and get us outside of bubble so i think that's for me. The biggest thing is not to bring my bubble with me on clubhouse because so many rich conversations i've been conversations with music people the music industry which i even i listen to music here and there but i'm not being in the music industry So i've been in rooms where they've just been people who actually do readings and chop talk about chocolate energy and so i probably would not gravitate to those rooms. I would stay in tech or st and business But because i did that early on. I still have an interest in that and so my rome is not just about Or voice tech or business. I have a little bit of mixture of that would be the main thing that i would say. Explore outside of your bubble awesome. How can the listeners find out more about what you're doing with some articles. Great so if you go to my smart M wise markle's s. m. a. r. t. i c. e. s. dot com. You go there and you will see everything about what we're doing. Awesome money coward. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective today. Thank you so much breath for happening tyler. Crowley welcome to the voice by podcast. Having to be with ya okay great. I think you know the drill. We're talking to people who i think are using clubhouse in interesting ways making good contributions and i just wanted to reach out to you and have you share some of your thoughts and experiences on the platform. Maybe the first thing you can do is tell the audience a little bit more about you. And what you do for your day job when you're not clubhouse when i'm well no i'm i'm officially a fulltime clubhouse are now but The the one hour of the month the actually do any of real work is An event in stockholm called the stockholm tech meet up which is in fact the largest tech technip in europe. And then. we've been doing that every month for just over eight years. It's live in person it's It's five hundred people in a in a crowded auditorium every month but since covert we've been doing it virtually and For the past nine months or so and then hopefully in the next three months from now. We'll go back to doing it live i. I'm i'm very much missing. Doing the event in stockholm make sense now. How has your audience changed. Essentially gone virtual bigger smaller different composition. A little bit bigger a little more international. The guests are more international because When we do it live with the guests are live in. it's usually london. it's always investors. The the format of the show is like shark tank with investors but we do an interview before the pitches so it's like you know the big investment from all around europe fly in and i interviewed him on stage for twenty minutes in play psychotherapists with them and then i bring out three startups. Who pitched them live on stage and try and get their money. It's essentially that And now during the virtual versions it affords me an opportunity to invite american investors chinese investors. You know all over asia all over the us South america who who of course would never be you know or very rarely be able to fly in and do them live as we do so. I'm kind of keeping all my nordic investor friends. You know in the safety box for when we go back to doing them live right. So would you go back to doing it live. Are you thinking about having a a mix of virtual impersonator. You just gonna go back to in person like you. Best look at you. Look at you. Smarty pants Exactly right so. I've gotten bit by the benefits of the virtual ness and it's there's now a new audience that never could watch it before because of righteousness and i'll i'll share with you. My latest thoughts were. Here's what i'm thinking of doing. Tell me what you think this. Why not have the investors onstage and the pictures instead of having the microphone that they normally use on stage. Don't they use their phone connected to their club. House account log another clubhouse account they plug in their phone maybe via earbuds and leave the mic. Open you know and the phone will be there. Microphone and then. I'll have a phone back at the sound desk. You know and that will be hearing everything and non anybody can be in clubhouse watching a clubhouse interview with speakers on stage that is actually in fact real speakers on unreal stage and so you basically could do a simulcast and three medium. So you've got in person video which you're doing already and then basically just piping that into clubhouse simultaneously right make the clubhouse event for all the club houses and then your audience could choose whatever's more convenient for them and i can imagine i liked to go out and run maybe listened to clubhouse maybe listened to your event Through clubhouse is opposed to being tethered to some streaming videos service. yeah. I think that is the surprise. One of the many surprising Kind of lists capabilities that make clubhouse You know they really make it very easy to jump in and out and feel like very low commitment and allows you to keep this very exploring mindset so that you don't feel overly invested into any particular conversation in unless you choose to and where if you sit down and listen to a podcast you start to feel invested in it right. You almost feel. Like i gotta finish this damn by after there. That's right and all you listeners. Out there definitely fanned. Especially yes. So i mean but that's one of the weird differences that it's a psychological thing isn't it it's like abilene your club. I don't have to finish this. I have. I can jump out if it gets boring and i won't feel like at all like i miss. You know needed to feel bad about that. So it's there's a bunch of weird little human psychology tricks that are happening when you you know this idea of an essence in many ways it is tech conference clubhouse it's a lot of different stages in the idea very big conference every september with multiple stages and dozens of panels going on simultaneously. That's what clubhouses twenty four hours. A day seven days a week with some of the best speakers in the tech world. You know if you were to try and go to a conference with elon. Musk and marc andriessen and zach and drew from dropbox and on and on that would be one of the best tech conferences. Going on anywhere right so it would. It would not be cheap and you might not get a seat to sit in when they're on stage and you know and and and and but i'm getting an incredible amount of value out of clubhouse in that way and it functions like an never ending tech conference you know yeah that's created magical that way. I like that analogy to. It almost reminds me of like all things. D or The the recode conference when they would get all the top people but it was limited to just a couple of thousand attendees and it was like eight to ten thousand. Tickets was yes well. They got bigger used to go Because when i was going they were in san diego. As in fact jason and i is. That's where we launched the the malo brand at all things d six. Where when steve jobs and bill gates were on stage together live for the last time and That's magical that's a. You can watch that you video. My god. that's one of texts. Special moments costs. amazing We what a great conversation. I can tell you that the one of the things that you don't notice when you're watching that video The audiences in tears for the second half of it and i was sitting next to her. It's very vip event. Nearly everybody in the audience. Is you know notable right and and there's some incredible vip's in the audience right and for the second half of that for the last quarter of it. 'cause it was like an hour long so for like the last fifteen minutes. There was very few dry is in that room. I remember myself. I i was. It's it's it's an amazing interview. I think it's one of the great ones. But let's get back to clubhouse so i see you on a lot of stages so tell me how you use mostly going into rooms where you're you're in stages i've seen you in ones which are nordics focus. In fact i jumped into one. I think i was. The only non person in there was actually really fun for me to get that or you. Are there other other places where you're just like you're sitting in the audience and you're just absorbing what's going on i look at i mean for me. I look at the names of the rooms. I look for the one. That seems the most interesting Jump in there and or if there's a friend of mine in the room even if it's not interesting i give them the benefit of the doubt that you know. Well maybe it's interesting. They know something. I don't you know and that happens sometimes for sure. And then if i if i feel i've got something to contribute. I raised my hand. You know and and try and get up on stage and share i to me. I think that's a big part of it is having a unique point to raise on the topic And because i'm when you know going back to my events at my events i'm the moderator at my events right and have speakers so i understand the moderators role better than they do. Most of the time. Because i've been doing it for ten years right. You know so if if there's an audience member who's got a really good point you know that's great if they have if they some audience members have terrible points and that's bad but if i'm empathizing with the moderator in the speakers and if i have a question that i think will be added to the conversation. I know it's helping everyone in that whole room. So i don't hesitate to think while i'll sit and listen. Pay attention com. Also googling while they're talking about whatever they're talking about learning in real time and try and come up with the most value added question. I can come up with or point of you know. Maybe i know something. They don't and i can add a little more context to the conversation or i just bring a question and i think from my from my position. It's a little easier to do that. Because i have some such varied interests by being a conference organizer. I'd get exposed to a lot of different topics and the cutting edge of a lot of different topics. But i'm also an american who lives in asia and works in europe so i have a sort of pan global perspective that i can. I can bring you know the asian point to any non asian room and the nordic point to any non nordic room and etcetera. So i find it quite easy to bring up good points and then generally i find that that gets a lot of reaction from people in the room you know and i it's for me. It's fun because it's related to my normal work anyways hosting events and and in some ways if the future of events so I'm watching it very carefully and It's i find fascinating. Well this is a great lesson for people who are new to clubhouse or actually people who've been on for a while that if you think about serving the room and not serving yourself helping out the moderator helping out the experts. They're driving the conversation forward. You're going to get brought up on stage a lot. But i've moderated a number of rooms and you quickly realize the people who are just gonna come up in order to preen and to hopefully get some airtime is opposed is opposed to actually contribute to the conversation. And there's some people who are great right some rooms and they want to be in there. It's a different topic a different room and they wanna be on stage like they are in these other rooms and they shouldn't be they have to understand that in some places they're going to be a great contributor and other places they should listen and maybe a few weeks from now a contributor but today they might not be right okay so is calm and i was gonna say some questions are very selfish. You know it's just like i don't know anything. Can somebody help me like i. Don't come with those questions. You know what i mean. Come with like hey you said this and i just googled it in turns out This what about this element that you seem to have avoided. Is there a reason. You're avoiding that and or does this journalist. I'm reading online. Have it wrong you know. And and what it does is that in introduces drama into the conversation. Because now it's like. I'm putting that the speaker in the hot seat for a second in a way that i'm expecting them to get out of like i'm i'm expecting to be like show their real expertise like actually that journalists You know we spoke two weeks ago in you know. And here's why they have that perspective. And here's why i have this perspective and baba and it and it just makes the conversation stronger but the the real magic in that moment is when i put that person on for a second and the audience gasps silently. And they're like oh shit. Somebody's calling out this speaker you know. And it's like shits about to get real you know and I like that that slight friendly confrontation you know. Done with a handout. I'm not trying to hurt anybody. I like the some people try and do their rooms like oprah. Right matter of fact. I would say by default most Moderators i default. Just a take the oprah approach of just. We're going to be very kind to everybody. No one's going to interrupt anybody else and then there was this process. And you're not gonna you know who's next. Okay i'm bringing them up and thank you for that contribution and you know it's like it's worse than npr a lot of times. And then. i like bill maher. You know politically incorrect. Where some we don't wait for necessarily for one person to come to the complete end of their statement like i. I know when you're winding down your point. I know where to enter where it's not rude and it keeps the energy level up and like you and i are doing on this talk now right right there. You just did it right there. You're just you know we don't have to have this written like house of lords Okay five minutes to the speaker go. You know it's not like The us congress. You know like madam speaker I i i the rest of my time to the next speaker. We don't need that. So okay well let me let me ask you. One final question is gone. Final question so in terms of your business you talked about. You could actually run the conference through simultaneously clubhouse they would give you more reach. Maybe create more convenience and flexibility for your audience. All really great things. Is there anything else from your business standpoint that you found valuable clubhouse so far. Yeah oh my god as a conference organizer. I'm an and really any business. I think this applies to support anyone listening. Go into the rooms that are relevant to your business. in my case. It's experts on tech topics. I want experts on a i machine learning and self driving cars on green tech food tech etc. I go into those rooms. I listened to who the real experts are. I look at their bios. I get direct. Con- you know i now and even better as a conference organizer in twenty twenty twenty twenty one. You know. it's very easy. Normally my job is. I have to find the experts via twitter. Which is not easy. Because if you're being good at tweeting does not mean you're a good speaker and vice versa. Clubhouse i can hear them how they speak how they manage the conversation. And i'm it's it's it's the new challenges finding the women and black americans. Latino americans a all of the colors of the rainbow all you know. Every i need to get a very diverse set of perspectives on stage. Right so clubhouses amazing for that. Because i can go into the room. I can see. You know the demographics in the room. If i see you know some speakers Female i can click on her right away. Her bio gets and speak to her through twitter. I have found countless speakers. This way i find a dozen speakers every day doing that right intimating for me. It's invaluable that would normally take me so much work that i do it. The old way was just like you. Just beg your friends and your email list. Does anyone know a great speaker on these topics. And now my god i mean. Today i found the the gold mine of ethics The people who the ethics ai. People you know who calibrate the algorithm does folks. Yeah yeah it was his his room. In fact yeah he had been tastic. Panel going of a very diverse panel. Everyone on that was fantastic. And you know that. Just what a beautiful thing. So i think the valuable point for everyone listening if you were into in fact i mean i separately just because i can use my own example. Again resort in thailand. Where am here and it's a fully solar-powered resort. So there's there's lots of conversations that come there was a conversation. Today was fantastic bellagio Being a sovereign citizen and how sovereign citizens are gonna be all did you. Did you hear that one. That was fantastic. So i did. It was it was very interesting. I don't agree with have said. But i think it's fascinating. He broke the. They boosted the room. Up to seven thousand people by the end of that. It's a new Room room record so that broke off into splinter rooms at sometimes the good conversations do and you know there's tons of people who are it. Got their wheels spinning. I'm like i'm on my. I have a fully off grid my own water my own food. My own energy resort. And i'm guiquan of gigabit internet. Come on over you know. Let's turn this into a geek. Utopia and i am now building up a huge demand. People who want to come here. So if if if i can service both of my two very very different businesses you know my resort and my grandparents then imagine anyone could do the same because everyone falls somewhere in between those two whether you're selling cars or whatever you know you're gonna be able to find although i don't encourage people going in there utterly focused on trying to sell cars to people or selling anything really. I mean. Come out with the right context. Beat you take it. You'll probably do it wrong first. Time then learn how to figure out the subtleties of how to do it. And then i'll give you an example. What i do with the speakers if i find a really good speaker i'll say hey by the way you know i have this resort down here. You're welcome to come as my guest. You know which i do. I genuinely mean that. I would love to come. Stay here as my guest next thing. You know the whole rooms clicking on my bio to find out link you know so that's just the the nuances of how to promote your interests in clubhouse you know your bio is a very big part of it but how you reference your bio is another you have to do it subtly if you do it too abrasive guys just trying to sell stuff so well this is gold clubhouse gold for our listeners here how to get the most out of the platform tyler. How can the listeners. Learn more about what you're doing and maybe check out your next meet up. Yeah the meet up. And my events are always at stockholm. Tech and in stockholm. We we abbreviate it. S t h m as every stockholmer nose and stockholm tech dot com. I always have a new event coming. their monthly and now they're virtual you can join those and then they lie as you hinted yeah the idea is to keep them virtual even once we go back to doing them. Live and then Maybe we'll even have some of the guests be live and virtual simultaneously. You could the benefit of clubhouse could invite a speaker to appear in clubhouse and then Maybe someday we'll even have a hologram projection of having the perfect all right. I did that you did. Hey thanks so much for your time. Today cheers adrienne afraid to us. Welcome to the voice by podcast. Okay so we've been out a couple of clubhouse stages together we've interacted a little bit and then we. We had some opportunity to exchange messages on twitter as well. So this is one of the serendipitous moments of clubhouse that it brings people together particularly at a time when most of us aren't getting together places like bubble world congress which would be happening right about now. I think normally So as you don't we're just talking about clubhouse a little bit. I'm really interested. I i maybe to start out. When did you first join clubhouse. And what was your first experience like when you just got on your initial impressions. So i need to check that. That is a tricky question. So i joined house on twenty seven december. An was truly a friend of mine. He into like no blogger from new york. And and i never i was able to be with him in the same room that is he. He didn't he wasn't able to to create like this. Create my welcome room. But i did. A new hukou Is you know a ritual. Welcome ron said. I think it was like a ten second window or something like that is very fast. I was able to do some on from from people and that the way they're rival up was like in a in a very. I find a little weird this thing. putting your number in like you know getting the code and then download and so is interesting. The fact that there is like no may walk. Front in enough for me was like now. Now make this entire thing about like an old. Should i give my number not But other than that I answering rooms. And maybe i did what everybody did on those times in december like no follow. Start falling people so you could see rooms nine. I took that can all too extreme. I reached my limit Four weeks ago. So i can hardly anybody anymore so i had like two thousand five hundred like i spent night leading people so i can you know at least affect on finding new people today that i wanna follow. I could but it it it also like. Have this serendipity of like you know you are creating your content for me is important because i can. Sometimes you so much like a nice in depressed during the on any other things that affect that you can allow to create a trick rate very badly in the beginning so i'm starting together like no little better. Yeah that's great okay. So that's great. When i started following people that's makes a lot of sense. So what did you find. That was most interesting to you early on. Did you find rooms with people that you knew. They were talking or people. You didn't know that were covering topics that were of interest to you I i thought. I thought about like you know using as a radio insane different contents and go like you know in checking out loud. How people were using the toes in different ways so so i saw an audition for wisdom of us. I thought like just just chupin in n. Out of from rose. I saw people like you know Shark tank stitching or dad. People like doing different things. I have been organizing events for the past five years more. Centralizing is that science is called like beers. So this part of like you know cooperating events. In dynamics of events i have been saying quite a lot so and since i'm like no early into the impact investing arena. Everybody's learning to that. So my first idea was to create to learn from other acting jobs so i pretty much like search. Impacting vasic solid photo for the phone. Everybody dan i create my first room. I thank in in the second or toward weights. So i have like seven rooms seven weeks. I have been in rome in fact investing but again what i tried to do is connect with people that i already knew if they were not in the i try to bring them to the and and bring people that i knew that i was falling back. Investing petrole add on into that. So i think going to have like a little is year But the their idea so with those rooms from me was to learn about in fact investing in having you know startups also coming up corporations and in more like in in in a very open manner and after some of the people that So you know. Investors from oslo from berlin from a london the last one from the west so the variety of investors all talking into impact investing so. I tried to narrow down light. My my even like my bio very simple. It has like wet investing. No emojis. no three pages. And i just found out. There is like Aai that can like you know Do you bios front for club house. They venture those things are really yet in outer generated can make crave app. Things like crazy. You know just crazy bios and i tried to go very simple on that and i i also like it is also feel like out who you bring in who can tackle into that because it is a very open arena sao. If you don't try to narrow yourself is used as collateral protection also ended up to be narrow on that. I i do other things. But i i don't put running i don't vote is doesn't for me doesn't make sense. Yeah no. I understand so so this is interesting. So you're an impact investor. What she you tell the listeners. What an impact investor is in your mission around impact investing. So they'll have that context so they the idea we are doing impact investing and again we are doing A learning process here so our fund is a fund that is like towards investing in areas. That we think is is is is solving a biggest problems so we are approaching a attack Healthcare mar like into like additional health and Also sustainability sustainability to carry for air water. All the things we guiding like industrial processes sowing the industries and the new area. That i'm running roared these days. It's like social tack or humanity and the idea is to invest in it starts out from the precedes you know a stage Our focus focuses 'europe in even more focusing portugal and spain. Where i have a bigger network. And we we have a a network of the spurs that will will hold hands we very hands on startups to carry them through the seed series. So we will precede in week follow on some some of the siege and then we do like a and probably we can leave in. The series are in the series. We we are like that. I investors that will help creating the company helping on on like no tackle customers and are there so is your objective it using clubhouse to find new startups that you can invest in to encourage people to found businesses in these areas has to educate to to connect with venture capitalists who might be participate in the funding of of your portfolio as they hit that a and b round phase correct. So so the idea is to some up into you. Know anything that is related to the aca system. Solid ideas in some way Trying to do is is to help. Even founders investors or corporations to collaborate in and tried to support what is call like the impact that could system and the hope is like the share stories fraternities and in some way with could help or inspire. Anyone that is in the room on creating the next. You know you know start off of what we perceived as days as i can some way technology bring breida's into this crime. Climate crisis and technology will be the ones that will take us out so that there is like they got you know a agenda that exists around the impact investing and that. I'm more technology driven because of my background. So non They start up needs to be like you know one hundred percent commitment to gies or yesterday's or anything like that but while we can help this startup is to to see you know what. Kpi's they can they can go through what is called like the the changed path and like fine Water day impact. They're having in quantified that in fact because like s soon as they start like try tracing data impact the better will be on on the history in while are trying to do now for the next week is like to hold a more narrow down rooms. So we're going to narrow for ask the g so we can know poverty. So we have like investors corporations in startups. They are into nope opportunity. Because we sometimes in israel's it was great to get an introduction inside the clubhouse is a good like stand you know a to broader view and people were like you know questioning why did sustainability. What is an and. I think that there that there is other rooms. Don't act and reporting and and doing a more broader view but we are trying to achieve. This is maybe be more effective on the rooms. Got it so so daring the focus or the scope of the room so this does topical discussions are are more on point. I it has it been successful. You've been doing this for six weeks. Now i guess do you. Do you feel like it's been a good use of time. If made the connections that are useful if you found an investment any of those types of things or as a to still too early to tell now for me was amazing because i can cannot even getting you know ananta so the one of the biggest baggage fund in in in europe like you know in the room sharing their expertise. I think that that was unique. Things that you could have an income house. Just give you this very like friction last like you know a way of getting people on board in in and being open to share so their results for me personally is is having very positive We're gonna start next week with his more focus at we. Hope is gonna work. I'm not gonna say that that it will be like hundred work we we. We are having like an open question. Areas of people can apply We're going to have the help of like no shifted. That is like no the depressed from from financial times in startups in your south I'm casting hal. Because i always not easy to create events and diane even sometimes can feel like you know someone would feel that you know they. They need to talk. Because there's a start up is the best one that exists. I can while we're trying to do is much more share space. Diana come houses not an end. You go rhino club house Tweeter you go lincoln and there you go you may politics through that is like the the different steps to go through and as Before it actually got a you know ready to start apps that i received some tax and that we we are analyzing couple of them So so i'm seeing it as a positive to outstanding. Okay well this has been great. How can the listeners. Learn more about what you're doing. Keep track of your efforts either on clubhouse or your business in the real world. I'm very tweeter addicted so And i use my twitter as a note fed so yesterday i was listening ganja and you can see all these live from ghana events of traceability south tweeter used as display night. My deums are opened in is if for me like the best buy into people's might think chaos but you can also go in. My lincoln might same name and zadie unafraid. Lincolnian has wet. Everybody knows than run. I but i do have a problem. Trading that is. I can five hundred. You know people there waiting for me to get a I'm a little better link but big twitter. Yes yes because my notepad is you know how i track my day though. That's great if you had a phrase it's thank you so much for share your thoughts today. I appreciate you spending some time with us. Okay thank you. Okay voiced by nation. I hope you learned a lot today. I'm brechin sela hosted the voice about podcast you can follow me on the twitter and in clubhouse labral casella zella. We have a conversational innovative show at three. Pm eastern standard time and conversational a happy hour at the same time on friday three pm eastern standard time. Stop by and check it out. If you're lurking around the clubhouse i recommend you also check out voiced by podcast episode one ninety five one ninety-six for more information on social audio and in an upcoming episode will return to this topic with three more interviews of clubhouse users. You're going to like that. Clubhouse is our first model of social audio. There will be more to come. Hopefully these interviews service some cultural anthropology as we feel out this new mash up of conversational interaction. Thanks go out today to our sponsor voice flow. thank you so much for sponsoring independent. Media lake voiced by podcast. Voice blows the biggest no code conversational design and development platform enables us build entire voice experiences. Just do the design and build elsewhere or mix and match components with the fee to. Tk check it out at voice flow dot com. That's voice flow dot com until the next show which will be just a few days enjoy our conversations wherever they may occur bye bye.

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