Administrators Deny South African Airways Set To Start Flying


You're listening to the news this time. When Africa Business Radio Four States own South Africa Airways on Wednesday said the airline is not aiming to resume domestic flights from June. Rejected a statement from the airline a day earlier. South Africa line is under from bankruptcy protection and suspended all commercial passenger flights in late March and the governments imposed one of Africa's tricksters lockdowns essay as administrators. Much seen answer way. We don't Guan in a statement said the position around the nation of flights remains as is until South Africa in line has a better sense of. What's the level tree lockdown means in terms of domestic air travel muscle? Seen don't WANNA said they had not fed said Tuesday statements from the airline and in that South Africa Airlines future funding remained a key arable to any resumption of flights and that was the news the Simon Africa Business Radio. You can't continue to listen life online at stopping. Www AFRICA BUSINESS RADIO DOT com or via mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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