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Welcoming solicitation of ESPN say on Dan psomas joined there in the CJ today the treaty smile so that I can go and he's in a position where you can just turn players away because there is a there are some areas in which you have to be concerned so injuries are part of the reality Real Madrid now whether it's like this it doesn't quite make sense from that point of view in terms of the market value it makes a whole Lotta sense for rare Marie to invest in a guy who would have come at a much higher price what you need so you're just bringing them to make numbers up you're not bringing them because he's addressing a need an area in which you're saying you know what we have to have a player a tiny little list in the midfield a category and so they do need midfielders in terms of numbers but what they really need in truth is another number ten stroke attacking midfielder stroke okay so you could see that happening because you get the feeling Tottenham that something's got to give and they need to freshen things up so yeah I think for Madrid wanted enough it can happen you let him go look at the squad lists in recent weeks admittedly because some injuries they actually put the squabbling they publish them Goalkeepers Defenders Field as forwards and his great big long list everywhere and so if for this story to reemerge for it's a to reemerge from cloudy it's because I've a foreign tino all the rest of the rights of decided we do this anyway all because aww Tony Cruz there's nobody who can take the position Okaz Amedeo but the point that sid is making makes a whole lot of sense in that that kind of player is not exactly in January savings you say okay let's get some money for him and move on well I think I think he's an he looks always kind of half choked wanted to go to row Madrid I think it's a pretty open secret in the summer it didn't happen I think they'd get him for something like thirty million pounds because of the situation with his contract in June well except that we had in the summer and sit down one that time is it I'm was was adamant as you've just pointed out that it was poker that he wanted Rao Madrid in the in Luke's is always not interested right and of course we know Daniel Levy lakes bringing money and so it seems to me that you would just let them go get some money he's in what it's going to be a discounted price in the end problematic sit could it be going forward the sedan doesn't get entity because of course Ericsson because of his contractual situations burs would come very cheap but then of course in the summer he would come for free this is a reminder contract is up at the end of the season good enough for amateur Christian Harrison having been an important player over the years for Tottenham Hotspur maybe not quite as much lately but his mind I think it's been a bit scrambled by everything that's been going on the creative forward they've got lots of those and so this is a deal I think that they want to make it done they want they want to get it done rather they know that this is a market Dan has backed down or calls because they've just decided right well we want to try and force the issue on this now there's a little bit of me that doesn't entirely see the point in this deal now ramage at the moment influencing oh Perez but Zidane's and not so keen he's the ones pull pumper said Peres is the only winner surely this scrap uh-huh and Lebanon Donna Dan Narrow Ericsson Ericsson could be heading to the Santiago Bernabeu according to reports is the president of Real Madrid who wants him I don't know the answer to that because oversee is problematic now and there's he wanted paper into the side for the star this season as the season moves on and he starts to find solutions and get rid of a body again and start building again does he fit into this team I think is a good enough play for Marie I don't think right now Sierra so there is a sense that they're finding solutions that so I don't necessarily think if they can find an alternative poke the similar enough that have a similar kind of skill set you know it was very difficult poker they'd lined up a couple of other deals one was was this WanNa call someone was debate from from from ax and there was a very clear sense from that right we want to bring them infielder in these two that we think we think can work exam was so adamant that had been cut in the end they didn't get any of those players promise to get in the plaza wanted promise to get rid of the players that he wanted weren't able to do so now there's a difference between not being able to do so and refusing to do so which is why I think that Nicole seen very good performance in the last from Federal Valverde who has some of pope was qualities not quite the same sort of player but he covers a lot of ground he's quite direct he gets into both those kind of problems can be overcome but of course there is that little bit of tension that still remains said as you're on and we need to talk about a story that we've discussed a similar sort of level then perhaps it's not too much of a problem but it was a problem in the summer not Lisa because it that degree of tension between down the club there's IT and felt the club who had he gets a standing ovation after his performance against Granada two days comes out and said that enough because you drop me in that champion's league game well that's that's a great way to start them because Oh camp this is why you've got to take this story seriously and the big question I said why why now why is he coming out and saying this now considering all the summer very had all those problems forty eight hours out front page of bail says he wants to go that he's had enough the reason this is a big deal obviously Bala Gate well linked within Spanish football well link within the Gareth I can take no more that said of course some of the underlying element of this story this really is no different from what we've been talking about going all the way back to August we talked about it in in the middle of September Knbr as well I think when we were saying that violence playing now he's in the team now he starting now he's getting continuity now but that doesn't mean he's playing remember that comment playing happily at this early stage you say he will go because of course we saw this summer even if you want to go even if the club is trying to force you out you have to find an exit and the summer they didn't is if you read the printing of this article at it fits exactly we've your question don't police is bio- tyke no more and at that point because of the timing is you right angry about that feels irritated by that and yeah I don't doubt for minute idea that well if there was a good while I'd take it but that's not quite the same for on the outside looks like not the worst thing you can say to referee yeah I mean it's been interpreted differently depending on yes I think he will he can take no more of being a starter in the team that's top of the League who's just provided a wonderful assist them being innovation by the fans this isn't the moment to be thinking one until very late in the summer they found that opportunity to go to China thought it was all done and the last minute realm of turned around and said no and so I think is in Spain they go head-to-head October twenty six and of course we know den belly available for the first classic of the season something we've discussed as well with a lot the last couple of days after bellaigue saints maternal hosts the referee you'll very bad not once but twice what's your reaction to the punishment they received cool so much study you divide your uninspiring but also I think there's a sense that this was Matola half a referee who is known for being an Improv and this will happen because it's very very difficult to make this happen and personally if I was able to go about your question the timing be thinking look I'm not very happy I'm not very pleased with the August either on our youtube page you may not have heard this end but mansion hi I'm very good at the moment it may have a great relationship the manager but hey I'm a star now at wral Madrid again and so between now and the end the season I think a lot can happen that will times absolutely the opposite you cannot talk to me in fact there's some footage from this game of Louis Wire saying something and him saying worth shuts up and so I was saying what can't we talk that's where the law you get two games band this what's known as a lack of consideration for the referee and so despite that sense that well the referee was very heavy handed opposition that's needed a position you linked with is that something that's needed at at Manchester United another that other layer I think it's a shame that tail off saying no no of this don't talk mode a place is very bad and get sent off but that said is a second yellow card by the so the way this plays out it's interesting when you take a look at the league table because we've talked a lot about Ramzan bustling around the problems that both sides have so far this season yet they all wanted to remember that comment he made when he was lost while Scott what was it three or four weeks ago and he said I'm playing but wouldn't sound playing happily and that is this in a nutshell now I think is very difficult with the rule book in hand there's not much can be said about it a lot of discussion as and they're being stevie nickel leading the charge on side of the referee for once what's you can check out performer shall we say he equinoxes in the center of attention he does seem to be making up as he goes along he sometimes very very much a referee who will have dialogue with players and then eighteen play and you think well under performing or is this just about as good as they are and I think the answer is the second point this is the worst Manchester United stuff they bring things for it I'm sure the quality upstairs in directors room and of course when things are not going well looking at at the APPS and push abilities thirty years and the transfer dealings and I'm sure you've discussed a lot on this program on a daily basis have been totally inadequate they got in Maguire. You mean you're not watching talk about Manchester United without so shawn in particular should he be gone already I think it's been very very close when I came in and restroom yet Ryan Giggs yet skulls it's Ferdinand Neville even working that time I think always been something in the last few weeks he doesn't concern it round but he's a great squads were with when he came in you could see what he was trying to do and play cantered sacking they've got real problems and I think it's not going to be too long before he's gone social robot if you got the phone call from Ed Woodward said right you are now in charge of Manchester United how it's been strong characters and I think for the last year Sean character says have disappeared and not making making the difference anymore is director of football instinctive goalscorer there they sold lukarco and it was social who decided Lukaku wasn't the right guy to play up front he became disillusioned he wanted out okay I get whatever the the coach doesn't manage those need to speak about player of other clubs and from either self I'm a good relationship with words we are in a couple of committees together with you but I need more players in the danger I think they've dominated possession and most of the games that had but they've not been creating chances because in that front area there hasn't been enough players and restaurants Madisha and I think a up needs to needs to run how they want them to run and of course media and and they they they yeah they apply hasn't been good enough he needs somebody much closer to Mexico do the job because he's not athletic enough and lean God doesn't seem to have this sort of understanding of where he needs to bail the runs but I'm sure you will be in next coming year it does not have a lot of dance India pace but when teams of adjusted to that and that's what they wanna do and not leaving that space in behind doesn't mean any creativity he's tried to bring matter into to give that bit ago to the side it's just go about fixing it with this group of players well firstly I would do is I've got to play up from because we see in Russia platform bond sell and he's wait a minute where is the service coming from where is it quality possession coming from and once we get past midfield where is it that we're going to break somebody down that but they need somebody who's going to get twenty twenty five goals a season they do not have anybody who can do that so I think yet to upfront but who are the two it's not even though he is primarily indulgence united relegated now relegated some people are even starting to raise that issue and you look at currently twelve th in the table nine points after eight matches willing to sit down interview for the shock legend about that current predicament the opposition just block the balls into the front if they could get to upfront which means by the plan three at the back you play a four four two and one of the trump plaza just to drop off when the opposition get the Ezell said they haven't got latest mcguire may be when he's these very best popa could be later but he's in and out Haya goalkeeper is he a leader you slip up in an unscripted way sometimes look at Newcastle Crystal Palace Leicester they lost their as well as the Chelsea game and this season they've lost a Norwich an things know that he wants to running behind so they're not allowing that space and quite often they get the boys a quite good areas when they plan out from the bite when they get it wide when the fullback gets the ball and there's just nothing he's the make so that would be the first thing I would do change the system and make sure I get to upfront so there's more applies in the box when bordering wide areas given the job they haven't got though is the Amol last season as well and set a terrific pace themselves I mean this isn't a new thing with Manchester City there are magical team their best and they can look fantastic but they win the ball back so quickly as soon as they lose it that's what we did it Barcelona that's what he did it by Munich that's what he's done for most of the time at Man City that guy against knowledge the game against Wolves Whoa that doesn't seem to be any organization seem to be any spur of the moment and he looks looks lost on the side chain has you're GonNa get the team winning again and said I've been to easy to counterattack when they lose possession is it over here don't think is quite over but that's a big gap now bridge eight point remember Liverpool only lost one there's nobody gonna get them the ball almost seems like why would you take this right now just look at midfield paid is there with US said you sat down and try to Rhodri is there any sense from conversation you had with him that there are some problems well he talked about them having to was being in the transitional when they've lost possession there to fullbacks it'd be high out the field which they do and they usually dominate possession they forced the opposition back and it hasn't been a problem for them Yeah Norwich away from promoted team and now the latest debate that we sort the weekend against wolves so they're prone to slip-ups said does every day every second round disappointed in the types of I think disappointment says welcome shirt robson when the he needs to drop in between the psalms at times and be a more defensive player to allow the four bucks to go higher upfield when Gaudio's teams Platt their very best yes they can play outstanding football this team right now is a shambles Manchester City nowhere near Shambolic poor starts the season by their high standards eight points at fifty four of courses a perfect questions easy I suppose although is what's wrong with saying that we've seen recently against Norwegian against wolves it's a learn from what's going on so far he said look any team in any stage in season is going to have a bad spell and obviously Liverpool may well have that but we have to be close enough to them that we as well he's in a position where he almost single-handedly has responsibility for all of the defensive work the midfield does the rest of field is is a long way in front of him and of course he's still learning but the to send the house when they have been captured Fernandina in the last game and not mendy made bad decisions Rodriguez a a good football I don't think he under quite is getting in he's learning a game that is different to the one that he played it via the out different even to the one that he played appetizer Madrid and so he's he's still find his feet there and I think there's a huge issue it's not something that you can say is subjective Nano his absence makes a difference for this team I would also ask for Bro that if I were interview him and I'm not trying to do its job but shooting Fernandina planning your position isn't here better defensive midfielder than you are and adverse left Madij where did they terminate where do you turn and safe right you don't forget about Frederick you look around show every time you step on the field you have to prepare properly the factors they got problems defensively because company retired apart so have to be able to take advantage of that he he made the point that that there was no point now in in in kind of worrying about it there's no point in giving up just have to analyze what you've done and then improve he also to get him the bull to people front you have to be able to get the ball and they don't have entity of Poland was not playing there is an antibody including mafia you can't run anymore was very clear I think that he thinks injuries of course some problems and although he didn't say this of course you look at those two center Baxter just named and not the most impressive to centrebacks in the world and so what we're finding is because you're trying to plug holes everywhere you seem to be a man short everywhere and so therefore you find Mantis to see that when they lose the very you can check it out over on the website I'm pretty sure I knew how might be hunt what makes you say that the furniture is levitated have responsibility on him but I also think I don't know what you feel off feels like after two league titles in a row now I'm not saying this is why Mansi lost and it may well be elsewhere does that sneak in well maybe but how does that account from America LaPorte and not being out on the field that's an injury issue and that's that's that's a real the guy go we call today and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be Belgium on the first team who have caller long on the ghost welcome home yeah that's that's bookie you know what's really scaring missing out on Geico for help with homeowners and renters insurance this guy who makes it easy to sing bunch great you're not sticking around the bar is just getting started avs Northern Ireland kept their shape it was obvious very early on in the game ball to play on was for daily blink getting forward down the left hand side the Crossville they did it on several key five for next year's European championship after beating San Marino just nine goals ten new nail biter qualification Russia you imagine join them the big scare and it was a big moment I think Ronald Koeman to say this side aren't quite there yet we still need to do a lot of work on the way we play the game when watching this phone we in they did but it went back to the Dutch of a couple of years ago where they had seventy percent possession a lot of passing square passing through intimate Ville back to the fleets the other team to step up another gear and you look at three one and it looks comfortable yeah I'll tell you what comes on and they're doing well in that group I mean losing achieve reinforces this is it all about the Champions League this season is that a problem mommy giving them they want to on on the bounces priorities all in a bad area they're not in a position to that's not new but it's not good news for my city because you don't have solutions you don't have answers to those questions mentally Stevie does it take it still to maintain that one hundred percent record and you can join us tomorrow reflecting on that game plus the other big stories as so the Russians beat Scotland four nil as well it's given a scam nine and they won the money got there he didn't cross the boy went back again by half the play with penetration that's when they're they're very best it took them seventeen minutes to realize that's a play more urgency Northern Ireland favorites to win the championship next year bad they're eight action tomorrow the biggest star is probably Johnny Evans defender there with the Netherlands in Germany and their level on points with them while for many especially Stevie England the winning sides I I I don't believe so with a monitor that God the older and go out the always been around long enough he understands that you cannot pick and choose what you're going to win at the tenth at Anfield Live Manchester City Liverpool Keane in the argument right there oh you promote beautiful sites and Steve is like oh no problem and they did so badly wants the brakes and all of a sudden she's one Lewis things arms and football now from around Europe Franklin with us as well Ansbach as well hey tough stafa politics so far for Chelsea around the seventy th minute they rallied with three late goals to guarantee four to three points being no nine three one done in the end robot oh one of those things it's very difficult to explain to somebody but some great Jonathan has just taken over here and then it's over just the flights we're going to have to make do and when you play against teams that are going to shit and break on you and that's the only way you're gonNA lose the non you can do about massive game isn't it Robeson will be joining us later on low as well and is in Spain that we start we're going to cut right to newspapers you can put it Wayne Erickson oranges afraid we won't be that by the way you can see if she did a satisfactory job at least expectation we'll see the assist so that's why in the four one Hampton staving good win what's going on around him that wise making a run on behind just apparently we on his return to the US cam saying I feel the best I have I feel very confident in my game I'm not going to let any about the lack of playing time Chelsea affect me in both the he runs on false him not let talks there've been behind his it's for this shorter but it certainly it certainly not even close right now the talent that he has is when you consider that Chelsea maybe there whole idea of youth movement well that should be including him the problem is that the youth movement seems to be including all the other exciting Blair's exit him and it has nothing to do with an anti American bias it has nothing to do with some sort of feeling that Christian Pulisic ahead of this USA game is exactly the right thing to say off most players try and force the Wiz sometime and eight for injuries wait for your chance that it might be worth looking for a loan now well that's in January and they can think about how much gametime he's getting there and whether they would on and make him think about putting him in the starting lineup in the premier league and the Champions League conspiracy theories forget it so from a US perspective though is Gins Gnawed Frank Lampard player it has everything to do with the fact that Frank Lampard looks at this players on the training field evaluate what he sees and he liked what he sung comments on twitter and not from you saying that if English in give them more of a chance and now that's all nonsense to play and clearly you're not interesting continues how long is that timeline it's a personal thing completely listening took me it took me eighteen months nearly two years the best player you're looking at it in that sense you want him to be getting as much playing time developing as possible so as an argument if this continues as much as you can wait for suspensions rain well wait for his chances they will be introduced there will be suspensions he will get games and when he gets those games he's got to make Frank Lampard a fat the topic in England because mice amounts played well Hudson and doors come into the side and played well William these factories very petro's injured I think at the moment but put a sick the Champions League they got the League Cup the Cup he will get games from now until the end of the season depends what he plays he's GonNa get too many leaks belts I've seen Christian Pulisic well actually you see him out there on the field and may some man has made an impact for Chelsea out on the field it is clear to see now you can you can go and dig statistics and you can sorta kind of piece things together and formulate an argument for Christian Pulisic but that's reaching at this point nothing to do with nationality here Frank Lampard scored a talented squad of players and he picks the team I'm with Stewart I think really he's going to just buckle down already and be the Monitor's not ready to pick me and everybody has a different timeframe but eventually the comes a time with either chat the door and say I should be into the the fourteen and you go through a process of understanding when you try to do that the EU maybe out the door when I went to Liverpool as a nineteen year old no he's hit a bit more experienced obviously than me than I was in the united he's adornment so has has timeframe will be allow him to go I don't suppose he'd want to go he wants to make a success of it Chelsea and there's still time for him to do that is early days yet I mean think what he said that Glen and if you really believe that that we shave but if you dawn an attack comes in the door and you see Anita go somewhere else is that our I put a sick so there's no reason why he's going to play them at the moment as long as he stays in the scored and when he comes only does well he might folks back into the side remember they've got a lot of games this season the simplistic is in a position that every professional that goes to the club goes to goes through unless you're a huge name you don't just walk into the door and into the story as a player at Chelsea welcome this is what you want this is what you saw no four here's an opportunity take advantage of it on the normal circumstances sees from Mesa Mountain he likes what he sees from Houghton and William and what's not to like so when you make an argument and say something along the lines that may some man hasn't been better than lineup you're in a position where you have to fight in order to get into the starting lineup you have to fight to prove your worth to the team you have to fight inorder establish yourself you'll possible reverse biles but the moment he's not GonNa get in the side Frank Lampard likes mason mount he likes Hudson and he thinks he's back to his very best and he didn't why is younger than him Hudson Toy Nineteen Mason Mount Twenty and he's the holder of various to at least you know he's got if if it is better is marginally better I don't think so I if you are a fan of the US national team has played well when he's when he's been in the side when he's coming on as a sub and that's what he's GonNa do when he comes in and he gets comes on as a sub light on the game he's going to affect the game and he did that against Southampton the Games and analyse objectively individual performances and the individual talent that is available out there on the field and compare it to improve improvement and you see the team play and is this team better as I said before marginally better if that man other teams not only in your area not only conquer calf but across the wall and tell me whether this US team is truly truly competitive at the top tier level the best possible eleven ideally yeah exactly arguable whether that was the best ball that's another point has that been if worked hard on the Saturday and they play full game and then they come in on Monday and they can't quite work full pace that's when Pulisic take the opportunity to play better than them you come in so let's see where they could take it with this team but we won't find out until the World Cup qualifiers in the World Cup itself sitting no the answer that's a part of that you should be concerned about that you have taken this two years apparently to try to start a new process and truly take steps forward Rubin is that eleven better than the eleven that failed to qualify for the World Cup we know frankly yet because they haven't really properly been tested but while they are doing is bringing every day he goes into training needs to be better than those two when those two players Hudson door and the company the amount when when they've when do think there is some promise in those some of those young players who are coming through what I would say as well as that you just mentioned Mexico when you see in those matches between it's approve he's as good if not better than those plays we're talking about a young play yes but he's got to prove that he's better than those two players that at the moment Franklin parts preferred Eh you don't see enough of it and you don't see enough talent across the board to truly say you know what yeah they're better don't think so and through new players like Tyler Rodham should be a good addition to the team Weston mckennie use a regular the shelter in the Bundesliga realistic we know about the talent I suppose you could argue yeah but he's young he's only he's only twenty one is still developing points to prove the issue that he's gone Israeli mentioned is that there is a youth going on with meanwhile where were you two years ago a significant moment of course as a US lost against turn on Tobago meaning that they wouldn't by the way they've also departed from what they used to be difficult to be physical athletic good and said pieces if they're gonNa beat the you got a place in a larger context with the USA you're talking about long-term they've lost Howard Dempsey Donovan see the individual talent of those players and compare it to what the US have available you don't have guys that break somebody down in One v one you just don't see fight for the World Cup in France just to remind of eleven that lost two one against your Nance Vega back in two thousand seventeen postlewait now each one nothing that's fine they'll take while they're not that anymore but they're also not proactive passing creative team because they don't have that makeup in terms of when he's GonNa run harder he's GonNa go past me with the book is going to make things happen and they never look over to Frank Lampard say I'm ready because he's got to do that weekend week at day in day out sadly still there but he's but he's a bit older pass thirty now so they've lost some key players they've not really been able to replace him and I think they're still in the process of molding something different they haven't arrived at the destination yet I don't think long way off there are a long way off at the moment is that the New Mexico Games proven they're not there yet but Mexico the US that we have seen lately and you see chocolate Lawson take a player when one one V one situation and you see Linus and you see that I will he menace and he's got personally if I was looking at eleven I'd go Joe Shut Sajjan up top right place for Vada Raymond I think he's GonNa be the Croft about him in something a little bit different and the just like couldn't get forward and they took control the game so I think sorry got his tactics right Antonio contact couldn't change and the other thing which have mentioned many many times for instance applied Alan competing for one of the worse at the moment terrible salts of the season for them of course new coach coming in this week Stefan up yolly taking the reins Oh combination they played against Sam Dora Excellent in the first episode essentially it's got off they were excellent against Barcelona for sixty minutes centuries of Martinez played up front lukarco it's GonNa be kind of hard to be over my dead body attitude maybe they've lost a little bit of that in recent times and that's going to be the basis of it as always aim will thank some seven fifteen games live on Espn Robo is the first time we've had you on since win two or three years that he was there so he's a manager that can have good spells but is inconsistent and I think it might just have an impact on the side that didn't really want to play for the player personnel available and so they're sort of an in between and that's what their performances look like an in-between team I think you made a good point I think well thank you gotta be feisty well Lacob has to be good with these back to go and he wasn't good with his back to goal so older link-up play all the bulls played into the wasn't ready for it couldn't link up the play and for for Real Madrid who thinks seven eight nine ten because of the performance against suggests that there is such a good side but like any more seriously than seat can disappoint center this is very slow the fight to the commentary on the US inaction against Canada on Tuesday you in Toronto for that game in the New Nation's League oh yeah it should be good Palo so he might over the first five or six weeks gets results but over the long term accounts and be announcer to Milan problems spent like the birth Danny Anyway supposed to and I saw fair like analyzing these seriously is a bit like analyzing the the Bond Dole team of the year seriously yeah breath thoughts on shuckers power rankings I mean every week it appears to be just kind of a random collection of names thrown in in any position some they've made you wait all this time just to comment on the power rankings before we let you go your thoughts people go I won't be back tomorrow more of this nonsense until then goodbye welcoming season again you vendors were on top of the game and deserved to win it tapping into rarely challenged rubber I think they can make a challenge but they're not going to be it is obviously off but here is the power rankings at number one you've got to win against in accessory the things he said about Georgina last season Joe Genial again no doubt Certainly no I still think you it's tough to answer there were they not this yet it'd be takes this long to try and come up with an answer is not an obvious yes yeah south of South America South American teams yet just rude I'm pretty sure does anyone know the semi finals and everything that's going on you know what this is the moment isn't right platform I don't think bras rich can really dictate the games as much as maybe pianist camphor you inventors is going to be tough for them event is still the best team in Syria coach Robinson going when it takes the ten things around what was the third in the league when he first took over NCAA shock Heslop Hatrick once then a couple of years later he's not doing quite so well he did the same within three started off really well because some great results and then they fell away fearing teeny had a terrible record of fear there over the come the end of it I think it's it's a side that if he gets his way on I think it'd be better we sent you and I think we might come out the side centuries and Martinez Upfront Cooper not all inclusive at the Place de Nice to say something that you to volunteer to get involved with maybe from we've done a desk planning behind renown on one side and debate on the other side and that looked to be okay but they they went that little bit wider false the wing backs of incident go that little bit heavy sorry awesome podcast break down and you can join Meena Nikki and Gabby short download the latest loses an Englishman do you revel in the lender horrible bunch of famous I I should say that is the clichy I'm supposed to that now I actually liked the Tom and I like it just doesn't make any sense takes various robot your thought on pleased to see eventers have gone up fooled by Russia yeah we would actually sit and looking at teen go well nationalism emily was trying to be positive four nil cancer the question I absolutely stevie is a Scotsman rebels when England Ah the club guy even depends on the international maybe Brazil against Argentina you're going to the international game over sure time at least the boss well properly start the show where you have the water wrong and tried to fully hydrated gave a away against into what was your big takeaways from it Well sorry you got the better of coincidence to the tactics he played with three chick wants hanging on about it because we have to make enough money Malone Stevie when will Scotland make it to the world cut all offscreen to policy for with a bit more so he's being more creative I think he's putting much better performance is this season he did last year and maybe that's Ju- to Franklin bottle skin to do something slightly different but the human delete easily I don't know if it's going to be the biggest challenge surprisingly even though they can defer at all I'm GonNa say the elegantly certain Robson neighbors as well the first question is for you might see the Craig but we found is that for you as well Robo if he feels stupid yet after and the reason I say that because you look at the results over the course of the season he was the illegality that trouble AFC the most it wasn't anybody else supportive as you saw when the Southampton player from past weekend and he stuck out and they went boss he's Paulson's be much better this year that may be due to Franklin obviously it's hard to be very subtle about it different though did and it didn't work mentioned that we let it ride who pass everybody else except the face do you think's GonNa win analysts who think yes quite because I think it's shocking wonderful as much relative Sayed Ali and to Steve he on molest go you guys the record puts total didn't they I'm going to go with Lonzo it lands at any films said that you've seen ten or more times and keeps getting better each time you watch I need some films to watch over the international break you can't score for every time you step on the bill because right now that's the kind of situation we're GONNA win three the key is actually do today to Russia could be a forty eight

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