Falcons vs Redskins - 2019 Preseason Week 3


The post game podcast in two thousand nine hundred nine preseason week three atlanta hosting the washington redskins. I'm w and i am joined today by one of our writers. There's and our photoshop aficionado our very own evan burchfield evan how're you doing. I'm doing great in as we started off the last few shows <hes>. I'd like to remind everyone that we glossed weld straight preseason games consecutively next week will be lucky number thirteen and so it's quite the record. Actually it's remarkable. We have to go by two thousand sixteen right to to get the last preseason win yeah. It's it's weird. I mean. I don't even think it gets a bad thing. It's just weird and it's i think a lot of fans will get hung up on it but preseason regular season starts. Nobody's care here next preseason. When we go for fourteen straight yeah. We have to lose the next one so we'll see backups do in week four but at this rate yeah thirteen straight losses seems seems like a distinct possibility so we're we're gonna talk about this third preseason game the quote unquote dress rehearsal game that many fans point to and say hey. This is the game where you know. The offense actually starts putting in some plays and they actually gain planned a little bit. I think some of that's overstated overstated. <hes> that used to be the case but i'm not sure it is as much the case in the n._f._l. These days <hes> the falcons went to this game. They did play a lot of starters but some key guys were out such as julio jones devante didn't play nearly as many snaps as the rest of the starters <hes> we had <hes> either smith taking the majority of snaps running back. Dion jones was still out <hes> so i think across the board you know there were some key guys that were missing but before we get into all well that i wanna talk about. I think what is arguably the hottest topic coming out of the game on thursday night and that is the performance of <unk> giorgio vecchio <hes> he had a correct me. If i'm wrong evan a thirty nine yard field goal attempt that he missed yet <hes> and and his extra point attempt was even though he made it looked like it barely made it through he is now a believe four of eight great in the preseason on field goals <hes> which is incredibly concerning and we sort of saw the chorus of fans last night <hes> ah basically universally saying it's it's time to move on it is time to find another kicker and of course the one name that many any fans immediately went to was bright and of course for those who don't know evan is one of the if not the biggest bryant fans in the world whose last name is not bryant bryant. We do not catch you. You're married to the man yeah does not count <hes> but at this point you know we are a few weeks away from the regular season evan. What do you you think i know. You've got some strong opinions but it is is to vecchio done is he. Is he cooked yes. He is well for now at least <unk> one of our other writers <hes> adnan. He brought up a good point. Actually i believe it was him. <hes> you know the buccaneers when they drafted data guadagno. Who in college was i mean you can make an argument. He was like the greatest kicker in college football history definitely modern college football history history in you see how he turned out. He lost his confidence and i don't even think he's league anymore. <hes> it can it happened that quick into right. That's such you know like we talked about on the last couple of shows. It's a mental game at that position in the second. You think you're done you. You really are done <hes>. That's not to say to vacuous won't come back it. You know someday and be good or anything like that but if i'm falcons management i would have swallowed my pride at this point in you know even if it's not for matt bryant you know it's gonna look bad bad if they bring in somebody else at least to the fans you know i don't i just you know we need him reliable kicker in palm. I'm not saying everybody who's a free agent is one <hes> but to vecchio just right now. I don't know how you can <hes> barring some sort of like he makes goes five for five in the last preseason game name game winning kick. I don't know how you can feel that confident. Because as you mentioned earlier in the show <hes> yeah he missed a thirty nine which twin wide left which <unk> at lately has seemed like his biggest problem akhenaton left <hes> and then also the few or not not the field goal the p. a. t. you mentioned <hes> if he was just a couple of yards backyards amidst like that wasn't even a gimme or anything. I like that <hes> so now we not on top of that. It's like we almost have to worry about you. Know are not going in. It's just it's a problem we you didn't like have a now. We have it in. It's like we got over. You know we'll dive into defensive tackles but that was the biggest he gets question mark. You could say <hes> heading into the twenty nine hundred off season now. That seems like that ain't a problem. You know like that's yeah. That's like the one of the best groups on on our team right now <hes> and then all of a sudden ounce like oh yeah we gotta kicking problem which we have in had in over a decade really yeah i mean but to your question. I think he's done <hes>. I don't see you know and i feel bad form. It's like i hate him or anything. <hes> yeah i think it was kind of unfair the position he was thrown into because he had no real competition. He made five kids last year. Inundate basically said there you go. Here's the keys to the car good luck. You know it's such an offense like this to where we constantly get down field. You know we've seen it over the years where we get down field and then we stall. It's going to be expected to make a bunch of kids like if if you tally up a bunch of the winds probably during twenty sixteen than you look. I'm sure there there's a lot of matt bryant field goals. <hes> that drives ended on in you know if you cut that number in half or even less than there was a lot. The games were losing <hes> and you know you look at the big games. That's what you want is a big game kicker a map brian spinach sure he's got all you know. All all the people saying like oh. He's old. He's injured. He wants too much money and stuff but he still worth it. I think in i i would go if he said evan. There's two routes will stick it out with two vecchio. Who <hes> you know maybe he'll bounce back or evan. Map brian still available available. He may not be after week. One when guaranteed contracts aren't guaranteed anymore <hes> you know with. Do you want to take that risk and go with matt bryant ryan who could possibly get injured in. You'd have to like bring somebody in or sticking out <unk>. I'd go that route. I don't think <hes> tobacco's shown own anything you know. He's he hasn't shown that kind of young prodigy. Kicker like the chiefs have like arison bucker or something like like that to where it's like. You really need <hes>. He looked good last year. Yeah i mean five kicks. Is you know if different if he might win like twelve or twelve or some five kicks. This is good but it's not like the end of the world like e you know is the second coming of something. At least i didn't think so i mean i was saying this before. <hes> <hes> i mean obviously as you said basically leading the charge for the matt bryant army of but like with the evacuate thing it's like i wasn't all in on the whole like five for five i mean the raiders got rid of him for a reason than even. If you wanna look at somebody like matt bryant he <hes> he bounced around on different inst- before he ended up like he wasn't he didn't like leave baylor join the buffs in any came to bana <hes> he you've spent some time with the giants. He spent some time with the dolphins. He spent some time with the colts <hes> in the florida tuskers. How can we forget them. <hes> he's been around. You know what i mean before he got to this point so maybe to vecchio needs to do that to where he can learn. You know elsewhere wear and stuff like that <hes> but yeah i just. I don't see how this team that's built the way they are could go into to the regular season in not have that kind of cloud over their head. The jaguars games going to be obviously a big test assuming they don't bring in. Somebody is competition or you know by think. It tells a lot that they're still going forward with him that they don't want to admit <hes> <hes> any sort of mistake. <hes> you know in that in the past we've seen that sort of mentality to where you know. The fans would be clamoring for vic vic beasley to not be on the roster in they stuck with him anyway even even when he was like looking horrible <hes> same with duke riley or something like that like they sometimes show an unwillingness to give up on somebody which i mean that's a nice trait all but <hes> you know when it comes to losing games you know because that's such a it's an underrated position people laugh at kickers but they win so many games in they lose so many games this sure do and and <hes> you know i i think to your point i do think we'll see some competition brought in the first thing that jumps to mind is nick rose who's been with the falcons in the past last past few seasons of believe in campaign. He's been through before tobacco came in. I do think this next game is going to be the proven proving point for tobacco. If he's going to stick he has got to nail every single kick and i mean literally every single kick perfectly in preseason week four and even then that's still might not be enough <hes> i would say that if he misses another kick in preseason that he is absolutely done the team will make a move. I think they're there. They want him to succeed but <hes> it is. It is a mental game for kickers and as you mentioned the wto was proof positive. I think he got his head. He was a second round pick <hes> in that he had to live up to expectations and he never could <hes> really get past that mental hurdle that was ashamed for someone who is so talented. It's at nearly salta vecchio coming last year in relief through the into a good job and i think gets <hes> we've got a week. We've got a week to figure this out. See what happens <hes> <hes> and it would not surprise me if we hear something this weekend or on monday that the falcons who brought in another kicker in pushing accomplish ashland more thing if i can mention real quick <hes> that i forgot to mention is <hes>. I was curious because he only had one attempt during the game if you ignore the p._a._t. <hes> late late in the game. He had an opportunity where they could have tried for. I believe it was like fifty five or fifty four yard field goal in instead. They decided the punt the ball. I think that's telling that they didn't want. They knew his confidence was done. <hes> whether it was because they didn't want to force forced him out there again but they didn't even give him an opportunity in a meaningless game co ed kinda tells you they basically shut him down for that for that night side from the kickoffs often whenever bite yes so we'll it it is something we'll have to pay attention to the next couple of weeks through preseason week four <hes> <hes> and into the cuts which will happen next weekend on august thirty first so <hes> we'll get a good feel for the falcons stand with kicker <hes>. I think it's fair to say hi there. This is a tenuous position right now for can span so with that. Let's move on <hes>. I'm sure that our fans are upset enough as it is bell the the kicker situation so let's talk about the offense <hes> i think there were some good things there are some frustrating things <hes> and <hes> who stood out to you evan who who do you think stood out the good way on offense against washington. <hes> let's see here. I mean ryan played. I believe forty eight percent under snaps in he looked. He looked good of dolphins of line. Was you know is okay but <hes>. I like each seeing freeman he. He looked you know he didn't get a ton of action. Obviously by <hes> only have like two carries. I believe he still you know you could tell just the eye. Hi test was buying <hes>. Ito smith looked good. <hes> late in the game link came in and he is well. You can see why the patriots like he's basically athlete he. He isn't great athlete. No question question about it terrible quarterback like i don't even know i. I don't know it's just kind of like i see me. Let me look up his stats real quick they went to he had <hes> six attempts. Two of them were complete for nineteen yards but he did run the ball seven times for forty eight yards. It was our second leading roger so i don't think he even came until like late. In the third quarter. <hes> sanu looked really good. He you make some good sideline catches. <hes> hooper made one where he basically like pretty much any other guy probably would have dropped it but he made a catch even didn't go for a first down. It was like on a third now. He still made me catch. What's was like well. <hes> ridley obviously didn't get a whole lot but he had a nine yard catch which looked really good <hes>. It wasn't like he just caught on the culture yeah. He didn't call down at nine yards like he bombed in weaved in made a play justin. Hardy only had one catch but it was like a big twenty four yard one where he basically went up over dude <hes> but i mean there really wasn't like one person sooner stood out to me to answer. Your question is just like a mixture of the offense looked good. <hes> one thing that was interesting was how <hes> <hes> ortiz left the game. <hes> not sure what exactly his injury was. I think it was like your ankle michael. Were me or something like that but anyway. He left the game in the guy. We were talking about last week. <hes> jade ingraham came in played fullback in i i mean it wasn't like eats you know natural at the position but he didn't look terrible which you know i think is a good sign like you didn't notice him looking bad <hes> <hes> by you mentioned it on twitter that it's a sign that the team wants him on the roster in some capacity. Even if he's you know like a third or fourth tight end he can play the full back position. Possibly for the team bios interesting in you noted on twitter that you know they they really wanted him on on the field and he made he made some decent wage and stuff like that so yeah. Did you see anybody <unk> that. I didn't mention the oregon. Yeah you know i thought thought graham <hes> even though he didn't have any big splash plays he actually did fairly well as an inline tied him <hes> blocking impasse sets and you know you mentioned the the few chances he got full back. I do think so long as his knee injuries not serious we haven't heard any updates yet as of the time on that we're recording this <hes> he did go out with a knee injury and undisclosed knee injury so we're we're still waiting to hear what happened with jaden graham <hes> i think he makes the roster at this point because because the falcons were they were they were the first team they were running him with the first team <hes> he was getting in a significant snaps. He made a nice catch on third down conversion and i think he's someone that i think he is directly. Responsible for eric albert being traded. A key showed enough development from your one year two. They felt like he has already leftover salver as receiver and we wanna put more time into this guy than in <hes> with sauber so <hes>. I think he'll make the fifty three songs. He's healthy in the injuries serious. The other player thought stood out <hes> was matt. Gono who played you know started at right tackle. Obviously released released an article at the foul colic saying that this guy should start the regular season as our starter at right tackle. <hes> mainly because mcgarry is not gonna be ready for the regular season <hes> our first graphic kill mcgarry be ready and tyson braille with his injury history and now that his shoulder was injured. I just don't trust him at right. Tackle gano had an up and down night but he had more good than bad ones and i think that's pretty significant for someone. One who encamped has been playing primarily at left tackle. He stepped in the media <hes> at at right tackle the past couple of weeks and he he look serviceable. You know he's not an all pro. He's not a pro bowler. You know he's gonna struggle but at the same time <hes> he looked better than some brian did last week and and <hes> you know for someone who's just his second year in the league. I would rather see go no out there struggling this imbroglio out there struggling at least you feel like with go there some upside. He can learn from it. I think we know who scenario is at this point <hes> so those are really the only two guys i think the you know the two names that sort of stood out maybe for <hes> on the bad side were marcus green than a allama days akitas. You know these guys had an opportunity to sort of prove that they belonged on this roster. They both got opportunities to feel punts and they both full and <hes> i i someone on twitter can't remember who it was said that kenya i'm barner. <hes> locked his place on the roster just by existing getting i thought it was dead on <hes> yeah and it really is true. The other guys that were trying to unseat barnard they completely legally <hes> missed on their opportunity with with just horrible place so <hes> that's that's what i saw on offense wasn't really a big night for that so we're going to jump into into defense but before we we're gonna. We're gonna and that's that's gonna be a fun conversation but before we jump into the talk on defense. We're gonna take a quick break nick. We'll be right back. This episode is brought to you by c._b._s. Sports h._q. So much sports t._v. Nowadays is full of made up trauma. It's a bunch japan tapes from people who don't even believe what they're saying just beating the same topics into the ground but c._b._s. 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P. s. dot com slash sb nation and we're back on the foul ex post game podcast reviewing atlanta hosting washington preseason week three this is d._w._i. I'm here with evan burchfield field and we're going to talk about the defense because i feel like of the two units. This is the unit debt. I think fans were maybe more interested to then either. I think everyone talks about the offense. They say oh yeah. We're not too worried about it was out there. You know what's julio's back once dante's playing all the snaps in this offense is gonna be awesome. We're not concerned about it in the defense is always you know sort of talked about with that big question. Mark is dan quayle in attorneys unit around <hes>. What's it gonna look like with him as coordinator. You know you mentioned earlier. What's what's the depth at defensive tackle. It'd be like a pass rush to come from and i think last night night we saw a defense that looked like they had a fire living under lethem in particular of all of the units. The defensive line was in my opinion the most impressive unit out there of any unit. <hes> you know offense defense on either team. The falcons defensive line played aide really well <hes> evan. Tell me what you saw <hes> from this defense what stood out to you any names that you think jumped out that maybe you know really made as a positive impression on thursday night well <unk>. If people were listening to the last couple of episodes we did <hes> we kept mentioning ally likes. The non. Just wasn't really getting a lot of playtime. He played fifty four percent defensive snaps last night in you know everybody solve the tax blake right where he intercepted the ball in you know shown some athleticism where he was able to take it pretty much down feel <hes> where any any the other defensive lineman minor just got tackled right there <hes> by synon- actually made the play he basically broken in the backfield in <hes> i forgot in which quarterback was was keenum was okay. He hit keenum intact. Good awareness like sitting. There just dropped in his lap and he took off running sonata. He looked damn good <hes> in he actually i believe had the <hes> he was a highest rated falcons defender by yeah p._s. With eighty four point nine which is really good actually he ended up coming in second they of course yeah cloud klay already being number one with i mean we're still looking at defensive lineman joe exactly so on top of that <hes> the guy who look who is my <hes> when you asked me last week who stood out the most davidson didn't even play jack crawford freaking went swimming in the backfield completely really pushed <hes> who was it was eric flowers or something or it was it was embarrassing. Just completely lately swam past him gotten the backfield the defensive line so good. It's so good it's weird. I hope it stays like this but <hes> yeah they will. Terrific was your question just defensive liner defense in general jump into some of the ocassions seraphic yeah you mentioned p._f. I've got it pulled up in the one to go through this real quick because of the falcons defensive grades number one chris claiborne number two not number six was jack crawford. <hes> number eight was tacked. Mckinley number ten was justin zimmer so these these guys all like brought it home last night and the irony of ironies gregg jarrett <hes> was like middle of the pack in the the p._f. Grades and i'm not gonna make anything of that because we know he's great. It's preseason doesn't really count but i think it does point out that these guys the other guys all stepped up in a huge night. I think played himself back onto the fifty three man roster he think he was maybe teetering hiring on the edge a little bit <hes> it was going to be between him and justin zimmer. I think he played well enough to say okay. We gotta stick with that. There is what that was what we thought lot we were getting when we drafted him last year in the third round <hes> and he really just he had actually really good night all around it both as a run-defender and pass rushing so really impressed with the defensive line but it didn't end there like it. The defense is a whole played really really really well in particular the linebacking group and keep in mind dion jones was not out there devinder campbell went out early early so con- <hes> did not play because of an injury the two guys that really sort of jumped out again a._m. On thursday night number one germain grace that in my mind this guy has played his way onto the roster. He has been fantastic. This preseason drain grace has been amazing the second guy who really had such a strong night duke riley who i think many fans have sort of given up on. What did you think of these two guys. Did you see the same thing i did. Yeah i mean they were all over. The place basically both played half the defensive snaps. <hes> duke looked really good in you know he's had some rough patches in the past grace. Look like if we can start <hes> which is funny considering where he came from but then you look at like somebody like ricardo allen who <hes> was like on the falcons practice squad at one point right so i mean it's possible a <unk>. He just looked so good good and he's had you know you can make an argument. He's had wanted a better preseason anybody on the team because <hes> starting off the preseason questions he didn't make the roster sir now. It's pretty much like is he gonna start so yeah. He had the highest coverage grade of any falcons defender the last night he had an amazing pass break-up obviously last week or week before he had the interception guy you know he he probably probably still has a little bit of work to do as a run defender as he has to work a little bit on clean up his tackles but in pass coverage he may already be one of our our best pass defending linebackers and i said this earlier today on twitter and i'm going to stick to it if you look at our linebacking core from the top to bottom <hes> dion jones the vondra campbell duke riley <hes> germain grace foia lucon. This may be the most host athletic in speedy group of linebackers. I have ever seen top to bottom in any on any n._f._l. Team <hes> and i'm i'm assuming at this point that bruce carter is on the outside looking in. I think that they're gonna go with duke and with germaine grace over bruce carter who is not very good preseason in that is those five have guys can fly. They can fly so you know. I think back four or five years ago when falcons fans were clamoring for a athletic linebackers chris pleased to have the slower guys who are good at tackling but they couldn't cover a linebacker to save their lives and now we've got five guys who literally have the wheels to keep up with you arguably wide receivers coverage. We've seen dan jones do it. <hes> we've seen devinder campbell do it and now we've seen guys like dramatic. Grace and duke raleigh have a really good preseason. Let's hope they keep that up. <hes> any other names <hes> on defense evan that stood out to you that you think really made the case the last night as far as making the roster or arguably. Maybe played themselves off of the roster. Yeah i mean i think you touched on some some of them but like <unk>. Some people even questioned if you've made they're all striving after what we saw last night. You probably assume he's going. He's safe. <hes> <hes> abdomens probably not gonna make the roster just the depth of defensive tackles two good plus. He's got like a two game suspension or something like that. Correct <hes> <hes> let's see here. Kaminski's kinda disappeared lately. I don't know why but and he saved but i'm just saying like i was like oh yeah forgot a lot of hype for him early on and i think it's come down some yeah it definitely has i mean but that it may not be his fault. It may just be the defensive lines so good. I don't know <hes> larkin still like pretty good. He's kind of like a dark horse. I don't know if he'll actually make the roster but <hes> he's going to need a big week four <hes> but i mean it's pretty all like you know the people who are really separating themselves like grayson stuff. <hes> you know they're opening is and stuff but i don't see anybody. That's really jumped golf. Golf is like totally making the roster. <hes> some of the other guys are on the outside looking in but i think there's a lot more than we think that kind of of our on that outside looking into have chance of actually making the roster i don't i mean on calhoun. He got injured last night. Didn't he injury. He was at one or not. He took a knee to the head. Remember that yes that's right. That's right and and <hes> yeah yep. I thought chris cooper corner. He played a lot in this slot to kim about thirty thirty snaps in that range. He played fairly well. I thought you know i'm not sure that he played well enough to edge his way into the fifty fifty three man roster but i definitely think he is someone. The team may look to stash on the practice squad. <hes> you already mentioned. Jane graham felt like he was already cemented. His place on the fifty three man roster as long as he's healthy justin zimmer. I felt like has played well the entire preseason he is. He is borderline. I don't know where it's gonna fall for him. Because as you mentioned there is a ton of depth now at defensive tackle the i don't think we anticipated and zimmer's played well enough enough that i think in another season he would made it but ironically this year when we weren't sure about the depth. It looks like the depth may keep him from making the roster so so it's i i'd say overall. The defense had a really really good night. <hes> you know we're we're at the point where i think the evaluation is done for the guys who are more than likely gonna make the fifty three man roster at this point. The last preseason game is going to be these guys guys fighting to audition for other teams and you know fighting to make the <hes> the practice squad and or there may be one or two positions lines left <hes> some of these guys combat before but i think i think this roster is probably set at this point. <hes> so any any last thoughts about the game from thursday night anything that you saw that you wanted to touch on before we close this out <hes>. I think we've pretty much touched on everything you know. Grace really stood out synon- <unk> the ol- kicking thing i i mean it's gonna make for you know usually that week four games of sleeper but like it's going to be pretty interesting because there's a lot of those bubble guys who have a great chance to to make the roster in you know <hes> what's going to happen with the kicking game he could come out in look great or maybe not even be on the roster auster. I mean at the time of this recording this on the roster so in no no other competition so you know it's going to be interesting game next week justa esta and then we're so close to regular season. It's exciting so yeah. I think it's the fourth preseason game is usually pretty <unk> tough to watch a and you will be watching it first hand in jacksonville and i guess what most fans will be looking forward to is i. I believe the saturday after. I think that i want to don't quote me on this. A believe saturday at four pm is when teams have to have their fifty three man roster set that said a lot of times teams will get the fifty three man roster set in still make changes in the coming weeks based staw what players get cut by other teams <hes> so even though you know next saturday the falcons may announce their fifty three man roster and say here's our team for the season and there is a better than likely chance that <hes> there may be additional shakeups and definitely on the practice squad. I think we we see <hes>. The dan quinn constantly is rotating is on the practice squad finding guys that are free agents that he likes <hes> so so i think this is this is a situation where especially with these guys who have stood out in camp for the falcons there. There are some legit competition for the roster. There's some legit competition for that practice squad and some of these guys make it picked up elsewhere and that's just the way it goes. You can't sign everybody so it's it's been fun. I'm ready for the regular season and the most you guys listening are too and you know we're. We're sort of done arguing coming over the little things. Let's get to the games at count. Let's go see minnesota. Let's give the in the season started on a on a positive note so evan. Won't you tell our listeners where they can find you got going on. Yeah you can find me on twitter. Ativan burchfield angry member to say that this time <hes> eh and <hes> yeah so during the season. I'll have a fantasy article. <hes> every friday believe just kinda previewing more league-wide what <hes> what could happen that weekend so also all have on tuesdays. I believe a brother of the week which is basically gonna detail will a player for the past week's game who isn't gonna be like matt ryan or julio jones but did like a lot for the team like a quiet quiet quiet leader whatever <hes> so like for this game <hes> it probably would have been like germain grace it would be such an easy decision probably do riley because he he really did have a good game. I don't know one of them but it's like that sort of thing so <hes> yeah but in next week's the final preseason game then we can kick off the regular season and it's <hes> exciting times falls on this year whatever so appreciate you have him yup yeah absolutely and hope to have you back consistently during the regular season. Thank you for helping me fill this gap. As for me you can find the guys on twitter at falcon w and of course weekly here on the alcohol podcast and the articles the falcons alec dot com so forever burchfield. This is dave walker. Thanking gosh listening in we are almost done guys almost done with the preseason hang hang in there <hes> very very close. <hes> thanks for tuning in. We'll talk with you next sunday high automatically editor in chief of eater. I am daniel janine up producer here at eater and we are here to tell you about our brand new podcast digest every week on the show we dive into the weirdest funniest any est and most important stories in the world of food with the inside scoop from the biggest names in the industry and expert insights from the newsroom. It's really fun time so i would say subscribe to eaters digests for free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app.

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