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We'll. That is number one, seed. Whoop. Whoop L Z the Lakers for the. Number one seed in the western conference, which is awesome. Which means you played great all season long, which means that you're rolling into the playoffs in this year, you don't get anything because there is. Because there is no horror fans to play in Toronto, it is in Orlando, which by the way is working fantastic. We take a moment to talk about that. But the number one seed usually comes along with a lot of cool stuff in this particular case could just doesn't. Man We got no home court advantage. T shirts. We ain't got no town house free guide. No. Trivial Guy Russians. What about the guy? That pipes in the sound doesn't need do it in your favor? Okay. So you get the, you get the. Is. US economist and putting up your. Good, luck. Turn Roger Mike. I'm not doing this with you. Taking ridiculous. Also. Play whoop there it is supposed interpret s for lakes. And, hate the I. I don't Know How many basketball games you guys have been too. But I've been to a ton. I want to say maybe close to a thousand basketball games in my life, NBA gains and nothing drives me crazier than when it keeps us. No Damn. Jennifer Jackson drums like Gimme a beat give me. Oh God. It's just like seriously. We're still doing that drop. Him beat dropped. Are we still doing that all these years later? It would be different if they actually played the beat, they just played an opening apart and then just stops it and you. Think. That's regular. That's a regular one two. So we're not GONNA get any of those. So he tried to tell me that they are pipe Indosat drops for us in the bundle. So you're more authentic. There is no homecourt advantage to be there just as nobody's in any better position or any worse I, we'll say this before we get to the Lakers for a second. The Games in the bubble, they've done a really good job with them as far as visually on TV. That virtual fantasy they have back there is is weird, but it's better than an empty building. The fact that they have the players spread out over the first couple of rows of seats is weird, but it works the broadcasts really clean. They're doing the best job that anybody could ask. Ask for the the the bubble that the NBA. Pretend. Really, the full that the s is thrown together as well. It works man I, it's not perfect. It's not the same thing as having guys in their regular buildings. But I'm under no worries that this thing is going to come to a screeching halt because they can't get their act together the way with baseball in the NFL. than. I I don't know what they're doing in those other leaves. Travis are really don't. I don't I don't understand. How you can look at what the NBA is doing and how put it off, and the seriousness is taken everything, and then you come out and you got the Saint Louis Cardinals in the Florida marlins. Was added in there and I don't have a lot of faith that football is going to be even better. I just don't. Like. It because they're like going to screw you out you like is that kid in class that at the end when the bell rings and the teacher goes anymore questions, he's the one that raises his hand his. Homework. Exactly. Like what he's doing because he mine's them and their own ineptitude. They should. If it does, they need to get over themselves and start copying what he his league been doing because it works last night Lakers get a nice win against Utah does not and. You, know they end up winning the game by eight points. It really wasn't that close. The Lakers had that game comfortably enhanced through throughout most of the fourth quarter Anthony. Davis was absolutely fantastic again and heading into the playoffs Elsie having a d. playing at this level. We know what Lebron's going to give us. But having ad at this level having a B to Lebron's a, that's nearly a itself. I can't wait for this thing. Get started. There's some questions to be sure but if eighty Lebron, play like this, bring on anybody in the Lakers have as good a shot as in had a really long time. Listen. We know eighty can do. To a team in a in a series because he destroyed destroy the calling trailblazers either. We know when Lebron's anes can do to a franchise. He's ended franchises teams. He's broken the mob. He's done everything. He can possibly do it other franchises. What we don't know what they're going to do together, and this is exciting man. This is exciting because as talented, his ad has been. He's been a disappointment. He's been a disappointment because his he hasn't been able to translate is individuals success and to team success. And when you dress one overall, you're expecting them to do just that. When your drafty in the second. And a guy has averaged fifteen point game for his career or nine different teams then yeah. You Focus in on his one success because he's he beat the arbs. Number one seed. You're not beat the odds just by simply having a twenty ten season. Know your you need to do more, and this is opportunity to team with the guy who's done the most of anyone else in his era, and we're going to get to see what they get to do together and. I'm yeah. Yeah. What they're doing together and last night was a great example of it. You could from the opening tip throughout the entire game watching these guys. But the Lakers are trying to get Anthony Davis going there there from the opening tip throughout the entire game. It was. Let's look for a d. and see what he can because we know like you said a minute ago, lebrons going to do with the broncos. There's no worry about Lebron. Just go into the tank and being anthony. Anthony Kennedy. He's still the best player in the League. If you. You don't believe me, you're not watching. You know what I mean. If you WANNA talk about other, there are other great players and Lebron James Player League. He just is and has been for a long time. He just says everything, but you can tell the Lakers, their number one priority in that game last night was let's getting. So I think he had seven shots like the first five minutes of the game. Yeah, I, mean. It was not ensure the team that has Lebron. Well, as because he's on a team that has the brand that he got those shots because the bronze placing in his career where he's okay with that. He's okay. With that. There are certain dues and you know this travis as well as anyone. There are some dudes who talk a whole lot about success and team success when things get real tight, it's about them. It's about their success. There are guys and also sports team sports. That are all about team. As low as did a feature guy on that team, and as soon as someone else emerges challenges or become coca point, there's jealousy the obviously the best example of this is what happened in New York with the with men's sanity and Jeremy Lay, and what happened when you know the other players, the other bona fide stars got healthy, and we're able to play again all of a sudden now jealousies toward that whole thing apart. They were Roland. FREAKING rolling and jealousy toward apart. So when you're looking at a Lebron James you looking at someone who's mature enough to say, I'm a made man and a going forty and ten is not gonNA. Make me less of a made man. In fact, I'd meet a D.. To go off forty ten in this game, and I'm going to do everything in power to make sure he goes off of forty this game and I'm going to be less for him to be more because their lives everyone. Remarkable amount of maturation and confidence in oneself. No question. No question about it, and he he is all that. What you just described is just another brick in the wall as to why he is the best player in the game, there's also a piece of this to that. You're talking about the guys are all about team until it's about somebody else on the team and then they get uncomfortable. There's another. There's another category of guys that Lebron does not fall into it, and that is on the man. I'm the man this needs to run through me. This needs to run through me right up until it gets down to the very last moment that it's I don't need this. You take it. You you take. Know. I I'm making this Manina Look Lebron is not on the comfortable sharing and having another great player like Anthony Davis on his team and not being threatened by Anthony. Davis is greatness. He understands that there's there's room for more than one great player on a we. I've no matter how great is it doesn't make me less great. But what he's also comfortable with this, I. Understand this thing goes to hell. It will be my fault whether it is or not that. I'm the one that's. That's GonNa get responsibility I'm comfortable wearing it. I'm comfortable taking it comfortable taking that last shot comfortable answering the questions after the game. I'm comfortable wearing the mantle of why didn't you get it done? Not all great players are comparable with that. I mean there, there are a lot of examples of guys and I'm not trying to throw shade Anthony Davis here. But this is the part we don't know about him like you just laid out. They had that great success against. PORTLAND. One year. Other than that. You're looking at him saying, okay. You undoubtedly, you're one of the five or six or eight best players leave. Nobody's saying Anthony Davis isn't that, but finding your team's never win, Bro. and. We just don't know how comfortable he is that quite frankly, he doesn't have to be that guy here. All he has to be is a great player. He doesn't have to carry the water of all of those other things because lebrons in the room and the bronze war that comfortable carrying the water that comes with being that guy and still letting Anthony Davis. Be The guy goes for forty, two and twelve. The way did last night because Lebron knows I'm still. and. They're gonNA say there are definitely guys situation. Washington were very talented backorder, John? Wall. And grabby bill both guys. Multi time. All Stars. Incredibly. Athletic, really, really good players. Can't get each other's way because of jealousies. You know, and it's like, I, know that sounds is you know we're such homers for Lebron that every single thing he does is great and that's not true. It's not true. I've criticized abroad many times over the course of his career for different things that I thought were legitimate reasons to criticize them for legitimate reasons. But when he does something right I'm GonNa, come with that same energy, the way that he has handled. AD and welcome into the fold and doing something that. Did Not happen with Kobe Dwight Howard, which is making your successor feel as if he truly is an equal partner in this. That's not easy to do. That's not easy to do when you're just a regular time all-star. Let alone own an all time. Great, but Kareem did it. Cream did with magic and we're watching now we're watching the brand do with Ad. Hey, young fella, go out there. Go Give Fair because last time you didn't get bad and we lost and we can't have that it's more important to me that the team wins. Then it looks like I'm the superstar on the team. You know. I'm. Glad. You said it like that because I think Lebron. I, don't. He's the only guy like this because he's not, but he I think he's false falls into a pretty small category of you guys say this all the time. I think very few people need it. I just want to win I. Don't care if the reason we win I'm I hope I am I, hope that I want to win everything that comes after that is secondary I. think There's a Lotta guys that would rather be the man than win. They'd rather go through them. Means that I have a bad night and I lose. I'm okay with that because at least. Least I. got a chance to have this thing on my shoulders. Lebron wants to win. Look Lebron wants to win whether it's because of him whether it's because, of Anthony, Davis because of Alex Caruso or quit cooker, whoever it might be on any given night lebrons walking off the court comfortable. If they won because that's what he's therefore because he knows he's GonNa get sadly. All. Right. The PAC twelve players want an answer. They still haven't got one plus another college football coach saying stuff that will really no one should say that's coming up next on the morning show on set at ten ESPN, it's official traff. Yeah. It is of fish oil. The polls are in my friend. You have defeated L Z. he goes down for a second time in. The fears are happy. The people have spoken. You have one V. Best Animated Films List with Toy Story, the incredible 's team America world police and cocoa. Those, he tried to get cute with his last picking, it did not work. Out Your time this. Yeah. This is not your time. Go ahead. Travis. What do you say to the people that? I I'll I'll. I'll say the truth and I think L Z, you know like you mentioned earlier. Excuse me go on in the afternoons with with George here, coming up in a couple of weeks, and it feels like he's getting out at the right time. He's GonNa. He's dropped a couple in a row. Andy, got him last week towards the end of the week and I come out of the week strong with my first win in a while so I. I feel like the getting good right now, we may have to retire it of before. We do another one so I can leave. In rap battles and leave on a leave on Haida mistake draft and that dynasty. I know what Tom Brady feels like. Now, you know you had your years of dominance. All and second guess people were happy to see you. Lose and they talk about Oh. Well, you know you've lost in a super bowl. Yeah. But I keep. I keep, getting. So. I understand travis that you know as a Tennessee titans, you're a break cited that you have to. Pay Characterization. Sites like that. You know it's like. Clearly I'm the Patriots in this situation and people are trying to come kind of gates. To Rogers, creating gates to trying to derail me. and. I'm just I'm happy for you. If that's the way you want to win, not actually the animated films now. I don't complain about it. I'm just GONNA. I'm GONNA roll with it. I'M GONNA. Animation means bringing life to inanimate objects and that's what the puppets in team America where so I feel entirely comfortable with that Kyle, Kuzma, should feel less comfortable for the tweet that he sent out yesterday about this. Real. Laker fans remember the losing seasons. Here you go. Number, one coups I. Love You. I think your important part about what they're about to do. I think you're citing a like your swag you need to stop. Because you have been on losing laker teams doesn't mean that Real Laker fans only know losing real laker fans. No. For decades. This has been about nothing other than hanging in the in the banners and going to that seventeenth eighteenth title. This number one seed in the western. Conference, is nice. But that's not what we're here for. We're here for the Confetti at the end of in the middle of October. That's why we're here. That that is exactly why we're here and I'm pretty sure you know when he sent a tweet, he was caught up in the hype and the emotion of having his first winning season as a pro. have be out of that grade class of draft picks being the one that stuck around. You, know Brennan has gone. Ball. Gone God Clarkston God Ninety Russell. You're gone Russell God like so many players that he either were drafted before him or after him he's playing with, they're all gone. And he's here. And he the Tina drafty him. So I know he feels certain amount of tried and that's fantastic. You that pride. But I, mean real fans. They, remember losing seasons. Far Far less than you remember the win seasons because the winning and happens way off he. Is Not the the franchise what he experienced with Inaba digits franchise in Los Angeles Yeah his his run in La is the only bad run. This team have for the better part of forty years. So the thirty years is the the part that most remember liquors last night is sponsored by wingstop freshly made just for you wings sauce and toss and eleven mouth-watering flavors. Flavors get yours delivered to your door at wingstop dot com wingstop were flavor gets its wings z. you asked me something during the break here Why people think it's okay to use the N. word and I, would say many of us do not many of us know that that's not a word that we want to use that we do use. Gary Patterson. The head coach at Tcu apparently is not one of those guys. He used the word at practice recently on Sunday. When he was repeating the word that one of his players are using, wanted his players to stop using the word, but he repeated it and used it in front of his players. Numbers. Players understandably were turned off by that and prompted a number of to boycott yesterday's practice I. Just don't understand why this is something that keeps coming up to your point. Why do certain people think that this is okay to say because it's not repeating a song lyric repeating quoting someone else another coach using it in this context of that context. Enough man. Listen man, it's. First of all. A. Lot of people use that word a lot of different contexts. Latinos use it, blacks, use it obviously whites. Blah Blah Blah. Context is everything. Right? Context is everything. So, as not, just the use of the word is the context in which to where it is being used as well, and that's the reason why it's so problematic to me that you have these football coaches. These football coaches whether assistant coach and listen when the head coach here to e, you would see stands for Christian. When you have that much power and control over the future of a young black and brown body. And they hear you using that word. Do you have any idea what emotional state you are putting these young people in. You have any idea what ripple through your body when you see the head coach who recruited you? The coach, who's GonNa decide if you play. The coaches very much can show them your scholarship and academics and making sure that you graduate. If that's your plan or help prepare you for NFL the person that you selected at a high school to be your misdemeanor. To be your sense, ADP your guiding force drops the word in practice. And he's sitting there and all his glory, all the power that you surrender to him. In this moment, he's comfortable enough to jump the N. Word in that environment. Sure. Any idea what that does young man. Simply put Z. No, I don't I, I try to intellectualize it, but I don't think I could ever feel it the way the player would feel at that moment and what that player would you know all the emotions that come along with it? Here's what here's what I do now. I, don't like reading the word. It makes me tighten up when I read it. It makes me tighten up when I when I see it in a story about something like this, and this is the disconnected I have because. If I feel like that when I read it or when I feel like that when I hear it be said. In the world. I don't know how a coach, Gary. Patterson, in this case or one of the assistants at. Clemson that we talked about earlier or anywhere else. How it just comes out of your mouth in the moment, how you just say it because. It carries with it. So we all know what a carries with it. To, just say what you said. The N. Word in a meeting room and just say it like that just tells me something about your own assume, Travis. Your for my best. But I think Travis drop and what? What are you saying is simply This. Comfort of saying that word in any context when you're not a person of color raises an eyebrow. Yes. Trevor Back. Yeah. Yeah. No, that's exactly right that to to just say to Clare in what what it was. He redneck syndicate. Something to practice the player said for what I didn't do anything which Patterson said, you've been saying the word in the meeting rope. Okay. But he used the act to. Say Like that tells me. You're comfortable with that word. You're comfortable saying that word to just about anybody in any context. If it's coming out like that, because there are other ways to say that without saying the word. That's the part that makes me go are accurate. Gary Patterson. What are you really about? Yeah And not to to nitpick on on, but you're absolutely correct that. Means, it's like. If are certain things that aren't in my vocabulary. Slurs will. Be. Number One Year only at my mother that just as an that's just not what I am about right, and so if that were to her, there will be a visceral response internally that probably would be ever saying anything close to that. The fact that you didn't have a pause. The fact that you just went right along and just said, it just makes me wonder. Is it. Soon, the first time you've said that word. Hard to believe because our I'm thinking. I'm thinking. Yeah. I mean that's a really. That's a tough sell to because that's not the had been no I. Don't believe I. Don't believe that's even possible, but it's the first time. If you're going to drop it for your team in a context that seems almost impossible to believe dodgers dropped one in San Diego. Last night, they have the second most win baseball. But is there a reason to be concerned? That's next on the morning show on seven, ten ESPN drivers. Yes. Travis. My boy. On this day back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four. Purple Rame began his twenty two consecutive week run on twenty four consecutive week run on top of the charts. Twenty four straight weeks of Purple Rain. On this date Canadian four, but here's the quiz for you. Are you ready? The. Chances. Okay. No, no, no, no is saying and nineteen, eighty four. There was a record low five number, one albums for the entire year who a record low five number. One albums in nineteen eighty, four, I. Just told you that Purple Rain was number one from August until December ninth. Can't you tell us or can you miss? Any of the other four albums that were number, one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four. Okay. I wanted I am terrible at the time. Is Thriller One of them. Thriller is one throw. It was number one from January seventh until April fourteenth. Okay. So. Thriller was the first album by the way, just a little side note through it was the first album to sell the most copies and two years. So this is actually it actually was released in eighty three and it had the most weeks and sold the most copies made three came back in eighty four, and so the most copies. Team. He turns out. He kind of had a feel for that kind of stuff. He's pretty good at it he. Knew. He had a talent as they say. I think this might be a little bit later, but I'm GONNA, throw it out. There was born in the USA. Born in the USA from July seventh until July. Twenty eight. ooh Good. Come on to our two more. So this I don't think I've literally going back in nineteen, eighty four, I was in the seventh grade and I'm trying to think of the records that I had in my house at that point, and that's why I know thriller and that's why I know Brisk Breezy 'cause. I. Add those records at about that time. This is gonNA. You'RE GONNA. Laugh. Is it billy idol? Is that one of them? That is not one of them. that. You know you're close with Madonna Madonna good. No. Madonna nobody. Donna. I'm. Madonna. News the soundtrack to. was number. Twenty until June twenty third. Here's his my favorite little little little nugget here. So Purple Rain Born, USA footloose and thriller, which you've got spent multiple weeks at number one. But the fifth pick spent one week at number one, who in nineteen, eighty, four. And I'll give you hit. Of. Not. Cool. He's About? No, he's not cool. There was nothing really cool about him. He didn't dance the videos work that remarkable or memorable, but they were just good eighty songs and he he doesn't even have that great of a voice. It's a good voice, but it's not a great voice. He's not like freaking. David Lee Roth somebody like that. Is it rock as it pop give me A. Is Pop rock. Okay. So someone even dare say yacht rock. Oh Michael Bolton. One less. I'll give you one last hit. Okay. The name of the album. Is. The topic that we talk about. Most. On your off. On the air. Name the. Yeah if it was off the out if his up the air force it is. News. The Apple Sports one week at number. One. Dumb That is. I'm with you. Yeah. Sports. I deserve I at least. Taza. Great for getting two of the four that were still available to me. That's usually fifty percent is S. but for the starting point for me music I, want a passing grade. No? No, no. No. I'm giving you A. Matter is well. Nobody. Remembers Sports. Anyway. It was a weird thing to happen. They did was a member. It wasn't. Purple Rain Thriller Wasn't blowing USA does iconic albums, sports snow camp for one week and through off everybody. But it's okay. Is that like one rug and the song from back in time for back to the future? It's. Business. Is the heart of rock and roll. I wanted to work hard, and so if this is it which I actually did light and. Thin Line. It's not bad. They had to run. It was worth it. You. He had a run. You WanNa hear something real real. Stupid. That's also simultaneously true. Tonight's tonight's dodger game marks, St Twenty percent point of the season, and therefore it a huge game because they're in a tie for second place with the Eagle padres. Tonight's game is the twenty percent mark there nearly a quarter done with the season and it's the twelfth game of the year. That's dumb. True. That is raise. It was really crazy. Is that you said we're in a tie for second place. In the first place, the Colorado rockies also had seven wins, three losses, and we thought that some weird stuff could happen and so far. So good. You know we lose two in a row to the giants were caught second place with a with the padres of all teams. You know we don't do well of Dustin may doesn't hold it together. We could end up at third place at twenty at the twenty percent mark and now. The rest of the eighty percent of the games and try and get back white. So it's weird man. This is good. As we thought, it would be. This is exactly the situation that people that. Understand. Just the compression of this whole thing we're worried about. The dodgers are GonNa, make the playoffs just because they're a really good team and their plant. Well, they're seven and four in any normal circumstances. That's a really good start to a season. But because the rockies are seven into because the padres are also seven and four, and because you look at the cubs who ate into, you look at the braves who were seventeen for. These games take on such incredible added significance because there is no time to catch up the padres don't need to sustain their six, thirty, six winning percentage over six months. They just need to sustain it over eight weeks and they can. They're good enough to be that team for eight weeks, which means the dodgers needed to be a little bit better, which means the rockies need to come back to the pack a little bit. I believe both of those things will happen, but when you have such a small sample these. These games take on added significance that the twelfth game of the season, which is tonight, which is the twenty percent mark going into this thing with with Dustin man amount. This is a big game if they lose their seven and five normally like whatever we've got five and a half months to go, you lose your seven and five tonight and all of a sudden. It's hey, we have to win one of these games against the padres or who the hell knows. What's going to happen. It's just a weird bizarre season. Oh. So Weird. So. Weird is so bizarre, but you know it's I want to say is baseball, but it's not because they not this year. Is just interest is deal about that. That's new model. It just is deal. It's it's a weird deal, twenty percent. As of tonight, we'll talk about all of this was ESPN, ob insider, Doug Glanville. He's going to join us next on the morning show on seven ten ESPN. Alright. So tonight marks the twenty percent of the shortened mlb season for the dodgers. Tonight, they'll be playing their twelve game of the year tonight against the padres. Join US right out talk about all things in LB is UCS insider Doug Glanville joining us on the morning, show the morning, hey, Ben. I'm doing great. Good morning on. Morning Good, morning good morning, so we're near the twenty percent mark in terms of games played in this short season. Once their biggest surprise you know outside of the Marlins like give a damn about the coronavirus and what is your biggest disappointment despite the? Giving disciplined. Yeah outside the virus or inside the well, there's I think it's expected or was expected that this is going to be disrupted season and you know I'm hopeful that they can continue to figure out a way to play as long as they ratchet up to safety and continue to be. Vigilant, and you know anytime you have these outbreaks. He saw Derek jeter talk about the Marlins and sort of in defense of what they were doing. But also recognizing that following these protocols is not been to a tea. It's been difficult or players are just very relaxed about it. And you know whether watching a game and you see someone high five is I categorize what he's talking about whether it's there other things about going out to dinner and so on. So they're all in it together and I think the. The surprise is still these question marks about the importance of this to the letter is as tightly as you can. It's difficult and I think the fact that you're moving forward where you have, for example, the National League of the Marlins we've spoken a lot about. Their to in one in first place they. Play. So, you think about say there's different stretches of interruption and team finished the season and play sixty games and another team plays. You know forty three or something like that. How are we going to take that? You're still going to go into the strange postseason so. But that's the part that starts to make it question the bigger picture even though I understand safety is is the center of this. It's just you have to have a competitive landscape. That kind of imbalances tough to bounce off. deglanville joining us here on the morning. Show Doug. Does it feel like a major league baseball season. As you watch this watch games all it's exciting. Dodger fans. I'm enjoying the start of the season and seeing the way that they're play. But you kind of look at some of these games, some of them feel like the important major league games and some of them feel like some weird spring train version. What does it feel like to you? That that. Sums it up. Really. Well, I mean, I was watching the Phillies Yankees and I see Di Gregorio hitting with a mask. There's no fans and you're like, where are we like what? You. Are Trying to adopt to this, and it's also changing in your face and and so it has such a different feel to it. Then even though I'm watching baseball, you have this tenth inning. Extra inning runner is the base angel after. That guy disappears. So you have the scenes will appear in and it strains and I. I'm my tradition just goes off in my head and says, how did he even get there? Right? How do they even get there? You know you can't see your scoring a strange error. So I understand that baseball has to innovate and I appreciate that they're trying to figure out how to make sense of this seven inning doubleheaders and because they're trying to play and they're trying to do it safely. And we have to I think L Z was saying you know it. It just is you know like you have to deal with it and you're trying to figure out this is baseball and in a new format. And enroll with it, and the players are trying and I know that we got Andrew mccutchen, our podcast yesterday, and he's saying Yeah I'm facing Garrett Cole today and I've sat out for basically eight I've missed eight games How do you do? Like you said deal and it's really tough. It's so weird to try to find any sort of ground to stand on in terms of. The season and what does that mean in a players legacy, but for this franchise dodgers? was so much talent even in a sixty games season. The expectations are great. So I need you to talk me off the cliff because we lost sooner road giants. Clearly If. Clearly. Losing to bat teams like sad. Still a coincidence or just it's baseball if it happens this season or is it inexcusable because it a few games that we have? Yeah, well. I think earlier, we were talking a few weeks ago about matchups, right? The idea that. Anything can happen outside of okay. Pandemic baseball, but it's also the match. You can distill the game strategically to like me against you in this situation in this inning, and if you don't match up well against the team could be the giants. You know that that can be very difficult to overcome because they're going to get a strategy for that team. You don't have this huge season and this large sample size. Anymore, you have a small sample size in that window. You might find it advantage and it takes time to adjust to them and you look up and you lost eight out of ten. You know, and that's all you have against these teams in your division and and it also may come at a time where you're the Yankees or the phillies or whatever, and you ran into an outbreak or something, and you sat for three games. That's a whole different album about how you're actually going to be bringing your best game. So what I like about the dodgers will all is believe they're going to be a serious contender, is that they have a lot of depth. And if if that depth doesn't jeopardised by an outbreak, then it's just an injury question. They still are going to be a formidable force and so yeah. Baseball is a game where you do lose the teams, they're supposed to beat fill out and. I, it's more about how you punch back from that and the adjustments. I've no question. Dave Roberts, and company are highly motivated. Kershaw was highly encouraging right for dodgers sand. So. There's a lot to be happy about it with that team. Doug. Let me let me stick with the dodgers here. Kind of sort of for a second Jose altuve as fat in one, Fifty, eight, George. Springer. In one, eighty, two, Alex Bregman Bat to eleven. Is it justice? The beginning of the season in numbers are weird for can as a dodger fan? My looking at this, going to go on oral hershiser, said. Guessing is different than knowing these guys struggling because they don't know what's going on. Yeah that was hard core to oral called me like a couple weeks. We've been playing phone tag to catch up on this Pitching coach and taxes. Yeah. So luck the there are questions about the Astros and you saw I mean look. Kelly. Came after him and I get it. There's a lot of frustration and you certainly can't fight in a pandemic. That's a disaster. But at the same time, you know that didn't just go away and there's a couple of things that I think about what the Astros for one players know and they spoke out in an unprecedented way about this. They know that the players had immunity and that's why I? Didn't have any punishment now, the public opinion punishment was there. But that's gone away in a different way. Because if you know, make these choices, have this ruling come down. And then you have to go through the twenty twenty normal season. You're going to deal with this sort of walk of shame for the entire season, and in some ways, players see that you know you're come up. Okay. You know what you did this you got off, but you know you gotta go through a whole season where people are doing you and you going to deal with that, and that's going to challenge you to find a way to still perform. I, think to some degree because you don't have fans. Fans fans are part of the baseball justice system are and they they may. They May. But they're going to be part of that, and that's not there. It's just and and the dodgers. I'm sure feel like wait a minute. They're they're going to go to the radar here after all this stuff and we're not talking about it because obviously, we have more serious things to talk about that that wasn't gonna fly and and that did not surprise me at all I. I know you can't charge the mound you. Obviously in this scenario. But so you know whether they are clearly, they had to make some adjustments about what they're using technologically. But these are these are talented players I. mean they're all talented, very talented players I think much more. It's a slow start and because as you mentioned twenty percent, that's a big deal. You know you have to slow start for forty percent of the season. You may be going home and it doesn't matter how talented you are. Rob Manfred. I don't admire his job at all right now, he's trying to manage a lot. But at the same time, I can't help but feel he mishandled the punishment Houston Astros and he tried to protect the Houston. As show by over punishing Kelly who actually never hit anyone either with this or the baseball. Am I being a homer here was? Rob Manfred doing very poor job. Should be his last commissioner. Well. The thing about Kelly. This is kind of how always seen pitcher's throwing it. And I kind of have to put it in two buckets because on one bucket, it's just sort of the general idea retaliating against the Astros. Right? This sort of that's one. But the other bucket, there is a safety component and and like I played with these guys and I know pitchers have a lot of confidence. And they're like, Oh, I didn't WANNA I didn't really WANNA. Hit Him I. WanNa hit him in the leg but in the end especially Kelly's command You throw somewhere near someone. You don't know where they're going to go to get out of the way and you may just hit them. You made out of meant to, but when you throw a ninety seven in vicinity. That's still problematic. And, I, think that it's important to be to be severe on outside of whole retaliation Astros. Thing I don't think. Manfred to protect the astros from the standpoint of. The justifiable and safe response to what people are going to feel about this for quite some time, right? That's and players are known to do this retype retaliation, but he also has to respond to what we're facing you. You just can't have situations escalate to a point where people are charging the mound and getting on the field because it's a pandemic. It's we've already seen these two outbreaks. You know that this is a problem. So there's a lot of layers. Layers to it, and I think he was in a very difficult position, and maybe you can make more of a statement about the Astros and why players are still going to be upset and maybe try to continue to engage and rethink. I, know they had to get immunity to get information and and I know they had a very tough time and the court of public opinion. But players are still not satisfied and they're the probably up to continue that conversation. Doug, landfills, and ESPN. Insider course of Major League, veteran himself. Doug, always a pleasure to talk with you. Thanks so much. Absolutely. Thank. You. Got It. I want to come back I, want to talk about the Lakers getting that number, see for the first time in ten years and want to continue that conversation about the Astros and some of the numbers that these guys are putting up. That's all coming up next on the morning show on seven ten years.

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