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254: Mouth Dinger


Tom. Tom They do not on site some nausea Gotcha Welcome to the stage. We welcome to the overnight. Dr Steve Andrew. Hi everybody blow episode two fifty. See what I've started. I've started to save the project with the proper episode. The number before you even get here so I know what it is. Gone up there where it's two five four modified to see forty eight M. P. Three. I I mean yeah. Hey go episode free really good. It's episode for Ye Kilohertz Ninety six kilobits per second three to four channel five. I don't even know what that I don't even know. What is that episode rinker? Oh five hundred. Twelve samples inducing. Roughly thirteen millisecond delay. Give or take take all you need to know why my voice sounds the way it does that deep and ready to go joo mobile's on the way here. I did warbles on the way here. And I had a Lozenge Andrew. Would you know thank you. I have ludens. Tha that says basically candy as as a Pectin Lozenge says Moore drops on it. It's just can't do more draw although when I would sing hardcore band the only lozenge that would help me the next day was Ludens. Rest my case so brought to you by Ludens. The are hardcore band drives no longer podcasts as a hardcore battle. That's really good excellent overnight. Drive is my favorite hardcore band. Definitely and since it says Moore drops should I play more drops for everybody. Yes should I get them out of the way do more. He was a thing called really ignorant. Bands had it the base drop more like Mons pubis. The guitarists would have a sample. That was just That would play under the fucking. Yeah Yeah I should race. You're going to do that base. How low can you go? I can't do that. I have some. They call drops. Sorry sorry you're so fucking corny man. Unbelievable who is anyone with a base drop. That's so corny ridiculous. I agree I completely agree. So I do want to do is when when you place a In the radio game they don't call them samples they call them drops the other was complaining. Like Man Fuck you you look at all that fucking calm. I can't believe I work here. I used to sing in a band and now I walk. How man and all that fucking gum everywhere damn? It says come every everywhere but he's walked into a room after men of them making love. Wow Man Steve really leftist place in bad shape he did. They were doing some work on the yard. The men Steve hired a bunch of guys. Yeah that's fun pay them you ask ask all. He paid them in something right. That's how much work they got done. Then the landscaping looks very good. Just took a long time. I saw that the leaves were raked. Cool but I I have mike all over the weekend miss. A moment of what's going on and well. I called this Saturday afternoon traffic going by by car. You're always it's hard. It's hard not to in. Its legs out of your pants like that. I bet you thought Sarkin at once or twice Congress got about something because beating off back to work well site in town find it deserted except for Mike Mike actually planned it that way so he could be alone there very good so this house. This movie is called Furry men. Do we're also supposed to believe those two men. Names are Mike and Eric. Are we sure Those are the words that they taught them via come prince which rip come. UNSEE are no longer a channel new socks taken down. I should do my own. Yeah yeah that's true. Steve Hurley Steve Hurriedly. Yeah but that was called called furry men. Do that was the one where it's like bitches can't suck cock acworth featuring young Steve Rambo and the reason why you listen to this podcast against gay porn drops lawn looks great though fuck it looks great. long-lived Awesome Steve using the Mama Keyboard. We bought him. Great insists on using a compaq. Yeah yeah from nine. Hundred Ninety seven works fine. Nobody has the is a compact that came in the boxes that were colored like knows a gateway gateway pills fucking cow shaped boxes in the other room. He's playing worth something he don't miss his plan. Missed shot AH SHADOW FORCE FOUR. You got here. I was moved with this bizarre urge to play elder scrolls oblivion God not really. Yeah but I couldn't think like center for a service or something that actually play it now so instead I just watched a documentary about the elder scrolls it up until a few minutes. You got here. Awesome okay. I came over in the eagles or Kwang. Yeah Yeah it stopped in the middle. Turn the eagles on slap myself in the face. A few times CNN like shattered myself in the mirror and go. I remember to great podcasts. Your fucking amazing. You're the best. Meanwhile I was at A speedway making time with the woman who works there isn't a real thing we really don't know I was just talking to her. I said Hey can you Because I came bearing gifts today because I'm asking. Suddenly this seems weird. No we can tell the tell. Everybody came bearing gifts. I brought a pie. Yup I also um they got a I got andrew a president as well. That's the weird thing. Well we don't have. We don't talk about it. That's fine we can certainly talk about the fact that you brought me extends male enhancement dietary supplement of five day supply decor- hard not a lot of information in the back. Let's see what's actually in this phone. Look acid and zinc a bunch of other shit too. Oh I'M GONNA lose my hair if I take this micronized black pepper. Can we get tribulation there. Aga Gotcha Him Bay this like all the bullshit from the it's basically the men's section GNC just smashed into a single pill. Yeah it's like the person like dude. The dude who misses the urinal at planet fitness. They caught his urine and made it into pilfering. Yeah one hundred hundred percent. What's your stack stack? And so that the question is where you can game to somebody. The speedway and you bought extends to you know to be memorable hugging beautiful story. Zora woman was working and she looked at what I bought and down a little smirk. Yeah but the reason why you're buying because you can't get it get your Dick real hard. Yes you can't get your Dick real hard no more you know what I found really fun is speaking incorrectly. It's fucking fun by behind closed doors with a a few friends. If you're just like yeah I bought. I bought them pills. Because I can't get my dick hard. It is funny. It's great all right like you. You don't see I don't see you buying them pills no more than pills fuck now okay. I'll try that. Just try it. It's fun to not be right all the time. I need to be right all the time. It's so frustrating. When I'm not yeah embarrassing when I'm not right? I can terrible well speaking of being right all the time palm sugar we got right into it. tis The season this is thanksgiving. zwilling around the corner There are some people Not Us there. are some people the underprivileged who have to work on Thanksgiving myself included you. Do we have to work on Thanksgiving now. I actually travel on Thanksgiving. But but I'm springing for first class and. I'm just going to drop the hallway. I guarantee that you you could be mine now. I guarantee that you. I'm making more in an hour than this person's making all day. Okay however I gotta give it to our man the undisputed King of Youtube Brian Van Wick working working all things giving both jobs making that jump money. Wow he's got cheddar cheese and green's you gotta work. One job on Thanksgiving May as well work both though right fucking yeah but well when it it come to you working because the two jobs. My one child closes at a woman so Thanksgiving Day. I'll be there from eight to eleven. I can three hour shows that that one job and then during my break 'em one job my other trump target Kohl's and they and they said they had a shift opened up proven shivering and he and the guy asked well can I commend under the fifth and I said boy acid dependent on what time of GonNa be. He should at six at night to one in the morning. Oh my God that was so deep ward award realizing her face at a company that was yeah and then my sister. My sister birthdays on Sunday. She's going to obey Him with my burglar gone by my sister. Even the judge wants to get all the house felt. Oh God dissatisfied sip of whatever in that Mug it then so I'm really not much really it. Yes ethics work ethic math. It works hard for the mice. Honey I think as I fly over his house I'm just GonNa fucking stripper style. It's fucking breakoff. Fifties Open Open. Get the I'm going to give up my first class seat. Yeah thrive in a way to get the emergency exit row seat where you're GonNa say yes five times I sit there. That's that's the best seat. I usually get them. And then I'm gonNA open it up as we're over Indiana and I'm just GonNa fucking Breguet Rain in the end of note in each one Orion van waking on his visit dress on draw him in place of George Washington on every bill and people you know and people are show. Mostly Ryan's Doses Ryan's two hundred dollars hundred hundred dollars hundred dollars. You know I was thinking reflecting falls. People will say one hundred dollars like all right then. I ain't even more one hundred dollars. It's one word love one hundred dollars. Yeah hundred dollars. Funny thing. I was I was flying into to survive the game this week and I sat next to a guy from my crew. Having to be seated next to each other on the plane just doesn't happen very often guy who I don't know very well he's from Syracuse Syracuse. And he started talking about something or other and he switched into his. Did like you know mock voice and it's the same voice is he just switched into upstate. Boys and I'm like Holy Shit. Look there you go to say in the ASS. No he didn't get that deep into it. I was just. I was very happy that it happened at all. Oh It's great now let's Upstate New York New York big news from Glens falls if you're ain't If you haven't been indoctrinated yet detour down. Oh TB sucks and also daily dogs dude. The too far places that we'd sit across when they had the we had a main moon to China the Chinese. I can't even tell the story humane. We would as mental as we would sit across on the curb who sit across us from Maine Moon to virtuous the not the second iteration of the Chinese restaurants than no longer exists and we'd make fun of people stumbling drunk out of Oteibi going into the daily double so cool the daily double was known as an Ot bar where censor off track betting for people who aren't from the greater capital region people whose lives of not tweeted by severe depression. Exactly people haven't slept on the the gross red rug inside the OT towel theater but it was the daily double existed for people to drown their sorrows and then get their beer muscles up and go back and spend more money at the OT potentially go to work at the paper mill. There was there was open all hours as shift bar and out of US Open our sue. Wow I can I thought about that and I was like that was responsible for the detriment of a lot of family. Yeah I mean I. I don't think it's possible. Spend that much not be too you can sink your family family that bad. Yeah you're like late. Eighties Glenn's falls your paycheck for the week is like three hundred twenty bucks. Yeah the doom should the money's he's GonNa Rhody who good well sleep here. And it was weirdly till the whole South Seattle's Wehrley strategic with had check cashing place right across the street. A An older regina than they have. The I remember Gina's they still have Regina in Albany. I used to cooking. Get my paychecks from yes. I like the movie theater. Some bullshitter teaches cafe and go down and Regina every week and cash. My paycheck had no concept of how a bank worked I would. That's the reason why I did. I couldn't not get a bank account. Just didn't have that. Nobody explained it to me ever in my life. How banks work? I didn't pay attention during home in careers at that. We did. We have Mrs Mad and all I wanted to do was do baking. Who was fun? You know people listening. Who have kids teach your kids to like bank bank? Yeah you know what I mean like Deaton nobody. Nobody cares who won the civil war for example. No one cares clearly we we did look around. We're done we're good edging by the talk about my My trip to my my my route so we ask each your teach your kids well applicable life. Things it's so fucking weird that my my parents generation I think probably taught all that in school and then they stayed sent us a school and they're like. Oh yeah they'll handle like the they'll handle the budgeting and civics and like all these things didn't didn't even a little bit. I got taught the same fucking five things for fifteen years of my life and and sent me onto the world. I'm sorry I understand instead. You're trying to go for something there. But I had to find the other. There's a remix or whatever you WANNA call it of that song a lot. You liked the Vanessa Carlton Alton Thousand. Just wait for it. Hold on one second. I gotta find you gotta you gotTa take the fuck in the wheelhouse. Take the wheel. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have to explain the whole. There's I found. I figured out a friend of mine and I figured out another genre. Oh is that right. That's great lady. I like a lot. Okay I figured out a whole a secret woman. You're dating what's going on not secret woman. I just don't like all my shit in the street and I feel you but just saying that's fine. We always ask just check. We're over because you were definitely secret. Dating a woman for a minute wasn't totally aware. Nobody knows that's the thing but there is a point what he knows implying. That more than one person is around yes me and mark talked about this. Definitely secret dated a woman at some point timeframe I'd like somewhat recently in the past like nine months probably Now it was the was it the one who gave me weird product management. Yes yes no that was that was not not a secret to locals not okay all right fair enough and we weren't dating because she was a relationship anarchist. Dear God. How did you ever if somebody could says there are relationship anarchist? I'm GonNa give you some practical advice. Everyone listening dopey alone room with this woman. I don't do do that and then when I said Oh we're not we haven't been dating and she's like we've been dating for months and I'm like no we haven't seen ship what happened. Anarchy man. What happened in the black flag back? Unbelievable no that was not a secret. I descend like to talk about it because it depressed me. I felt mark fucking UH. Why can't I hear this man watching all these news feels the? Oh Yeah Luneau who this is to shut him out. Look into video and find out major sipping take real again the footage of him sitting in the driver's seat pretending to be shot by somebody. uh-huh uh-huh you get the idea. Holy Hell really good very very good use of the Of the two. I liked the making the little kid playing. Blend guns and always the In that's the silencer is the the grenade launcher really good. Yeah so that was worth me an getting away from the podcast for a second and it's like fucking soft off accusing you of Of secret dating. There's only a secret because I who secretly wondering what I was doing. Yeah that seems right relationship anarchists. That doesn't even make do know what a relationship is. Or what anarchy is I'll it's the whole city it's as it's as big a cop out as as big of a cop out as when people do pollyanna incorrectly con myself a hydrogen philanthropist. It's not giving anyone water sense. It's insane now. I thought I had seen it all and then I didn't yeah interesting so so. That was something secret not really secret I just I was just a little whatever it was it. Was It unfamiliar territory. But then it became very familiar territory when I was like. Oh this person tricked me into liking them. Now I feel weird Excellent wonderful But yeah so to step back. I went to my ancestoral home this weekend sued. I stayed in a really really bad hotel. I walked in Followers of my instagram. Know that my my hotel room smelled overwhelmingly of pests EP. When I walked in is really bad I was GonNa ask if you want me to pass the hat maybe get you get your yard or something? This is the thing it's a Marriott and I'm like a like a super ultra voltron Marriott member like Fairfield yes so yeah I'm like I expect a certain level of Fanfare when I walk into the Marriott third they they come around and they hug you because you're a super platinum member on the lift you over shoulders. Yeah yeah I actually. My last name is bond voice. You'd look at my Andrew von Voi- so wasn't that great and I opened the window. I'm like all right. I'M GONNA go out. I'm going to get myself some food. And if it still smells like Piss on my back here it's going to. It's going to be a thing came. Came back didn't smell like anymore. I'm like I just had to be aired out is probably cleaning chemicals. Fine whatever and what my night I go to sleep fine. Whatever next morning I wake up and getting ready and then I noticed that the toilet doesn't flush? Oh I'm like oh well that's interesting. Okay whatever I call down McKay heads up toilet. It doesn't flush all right cool Also I can't get on the Wi fi it keeps like keeps bouncing me off. I finally connect to the Holiday Inn across the street's Wifi which is more strong across the street. And and what's the word. I'm looking for more reliable. Yes more reliable. So that's fine go to work. Everything's cool come back. Toilet works great. Cool go to sleep. I can't sleep in. The heat is on all the time but keeps is making new noises like it doesn't do not constant noise right Next morning the fucking toilet doesn't work again. Great it's and then I come back in the room. Smells like piss against it was just is a real fucking bad hotel. I can't wait for the to get my bond boy. How's your stay I can go full Karen but so the the point of all this is that I woke up at six thirty on my last day and I said well I could drive an hour each way a to my ancestral home and then back and then drive immediately to the airport another hour further or I could just not do that or I could just take my time packing and relax and then when I sat up and I smell fucking. I'm out of here. That's it so I got up. Super early. Went to my ancestral home which is not off the highway way back there needed to get a pickup truck. I needed to get a pickup truck. Luckily I didn't see a single human being when I was there was like children of the corn. It's like getting getting lost in the town of day but it's art. So apparently I come from a mining town. They mined salt. That was the site of like really bad. Racial massacre during the civil war. I didn't find it because I didn't have that much time. But apparently my great great great great great grandfather has a headstone with a real prominent confederate flag on it so he was like he was really feeling whoa got got to find out more about him. So but this town legitimately has like two thousand people that live there. Nothing is open at all except for like the right. Eight eight nine lead the head of flights on me the lights on all the time but they're even is like this isn't episode of justified because even if you go up the mountain there's actually still like an evil mining inc that everyone works for but doesn't like let's say roadhouse it's fucking insane bars. Go No I think might be a dry county. I didn't see any plays as you can drink. It was very strange also nine. AM on a Sunday. So Jesus that's great so you were there yesterday so I was there yesterday. Sir How holy Shit Long. Today's did that drove back up. The mountain stopped the graveyard to try. And I'm fine. My great great great great great great. Great old man couldn't do that but then stopped at a mobile station on the way back to throw gas and he was working there. He wasn't working there but there was a woman working there who wasn't all there and this is awesome awesome. She was listening to wasp and I walked in. I put my shit in the counter again. My water I'm like lost cool. And then she started just talk about metal really. Wow this is like a lot God. I wish I was there. This this was a thirteen year old. You would have paid your allowance for this situation because I shit you not S- as I'm just trying to get out of there. She's like well. What are you doing I live if pretty close by Holy Moly and I'm like just keep going? I'm like I really go to the airport like I really got to go to the air to keep keep going with the story and that's it I said I'm sorry I could go to the airport. You know we'll be back window. How good those boots would have been that in? How how did this woman is able like? There's something very wrong person. She would have showed shooter. Showed your belly button. Oh Oh yeah yeah I I would watch that situation. What thirty five? Four thirty five. Whatever but like as a twelve year olds that is how you assumed life was that you'd go to a Mobil station talk about Wasp and the woman working there would offer to fuck queue because you were talking about metal? You think when you want your. I think that's what that's how it is. Yeah you wind heavy metal parking lot like all right cool. I'm now all right pen house Fareham. I got taught how to balance a checkbook and in middle school. I took a civics class. I have a penthouse forum hidden under the towels and I watched every mental parking lot. I'm I'm good. Yeah go here. I didn't think it would happen to me. y'All EXAC- I was so good so I got to live out. What should have been a childhood fantasy? But in adult waking life was a surreal. David Lynch nightmare. No your surely upsetting upsetting. Its you've clearly been propositioned by a handicapped person before it's really not good. It doesn't make you feel good. You don't feel it's like I didn't walk out of their strutton you know it wasn't fucking. It wasn't Saturday night. Fever probably the first person in months. Now they're still tire tracks. You forgot peel and out of there and that gas station wow no country for old men Delta like ask the issues is I would prefer to be in that gas H. I prefer to imagine that scene in from no country for old men but me behind him trying to pay for it like hot Somalis or something. Do you want the students take forever. You kidding me WanNa reenact the no insure your I don. I talked about how much I love. no country for old men. That's a great movie. It's knocks the door of something that I haven't seen media knock on the door of maybe since like apocalypse. Now it's really good. I really like it a lot but yeah so and then I I drove around here. Are You F. You look pretty good. I was looking pretty good that day. ooh I live right down the road and maybe not reliving this Cleveland Avenue. You ever have a blow job. Did you ever have someone put in a blow job will had blowjob dipping on you. Oh God I don't honestly know if she would know the job. You know what I mean what would you call it. Wow I don't know a mouth Dinger. ooh Did you ever have someone have a mouth thing dripping on you yacht Dale Earnhardt. Dale Jr. my God they live so many mouth. Dayers here for me. No my uncle met Michael Waltrip once once once we got to stop. This is gross. Yeah jump is bones. Got Your license since plate number because it was a rental. You're saved I heard this guy's messing with my at the airport. Like mayor disguise mess with my sister. Yeah where is he on the tarmac listener. said he's slicker. Think twice before you talk to my my daughter sister wonder she anyway. Daughter daughter I couldn't even properly discern her H. You know what I mean. He walked in. She had a nice eames chair and she has like a really good. She took she took offer her the gas station suit and underneath line like a woman that looks like the baroness hot and curves perfect. That's fine yeah situationally. I had no problem with it it. It was only the specifics of the situation. That really upset me. It was the wasp. Wasp be honest if it was rat. It'd be a totally different story. Oh my God they really they have to play rat. Yes Oh that was. I knew you'd like that I personally kept. That went under my hat so I didn't even get back to the airport and be like oh the guest Greta ready for me. I just totally just like put it on my. I will pull this out at the proper time and that is Monday night. We'll speaking of luck. I have a walk story for you. All right it's going to blow blow your mind. It's the story that I think that I have some luck trip anomaly which is really not very good club that feeling okay. So I played a show on Friday. it was great because there was it was a show called funds. Giving okay and I was asked to do it. I was approached by my friend Dan and he's like I want because I usually do my music by myself. Nobody place it. He's like I want to play with you so you should play with the band and I said it sure. Is this like an as as an intervention goes on and so he did Wa- and I opened alienated. Everybody because everybody else was playing like tweet folk over good then it was me with my sounds like the guys in the late a lot. Is that true samples and shit like playing like porn. Sorry the John Doe samples like over and over again. It was great terror. This fucking place apart. I played a little guitar. That was great my fucking car key the only car. Okay I have. I have to go to the game and five hours McCarthy. I have fell off my key ring because the top broke the plastic. Oh Yeah didn't realize it for five our retrace my steps go up on stage it is right there nobody touched it kicked it held up on it right or picked it up unbelievable luck. That's really good yesterday. Go Out of my car. I ran over now. Flat Tire. The guy that shows up is is like a really cool guy from another country and he's like four four t for four hundred dollar. Fix It for you okay fixes. This is my tire. That's great and I give him fifty aside game totally cool AAA I do a call triple eight. This was the AAA Guy Eh for free though I don't have a no. It was just to replace the spare. Oh I got and then I had to drive to the Twi tire place. I'm fucking stupid Got It but he's like I fix and he fixed it. I had loved Button Eastern European mechanics or the best it was really eastern European Catholic mechanics. Did you see picture of Gronk today. God I fucking great. He looks like a guy he looks like one of the show to move you that time. Oh Yeah Oh I love Oh my God this this is fucking great. I gotta show you this picture. This really looks like a dude. Who's negotiating like Holy Shit? Put Him on. TV like that He. It looks like he's in A. He's giving interviewed because a Russian gymnastics as steroids scandal. He looks like if Somebody Jersey shore had a special needs brother that he brought along along to fucking one night. It's not a Halloween costume. Sammy after you left Ronnie special needs brother put his face between a cocktail. Waitresses breasts asked half last night at bad gronk put his head between two tenths bid. Really really good. Yeah so I started my game which was great but I was sitting right next to the guy who was doing the Harvard Yale big doing and Dan Harvard Yale was interrupted because of a sit in making their parents proud. I'm so glad we're spending all this money. Because they're following in our footsteps and sitting sitting in and wasting everybody's time but they save zoomed in on law and order. Sam Waterston. Is that right. It was just chilling. He was he was. Yeah he is part of the protests. Really mad at the game wasn't going now is as he walked on the field part of the protests. Sam Waterston little little lawn order action and it was pretty. We Still Watch that on. TV that you don't see because it was just like the dude zooming in on people. Oh yeah that Shit. Really Cool Well let's fun all right. I'll reserve my my normal thing where I fucking shit over protesters they're protesting. Did you see the Tesla truck. Doc I did. I saw the Tesla truck. And then my fuck in my stock portfolio. So the Tesla truck about twenty minutes. Afterwards I lost thousands of dollars I I can call the to call it a I like to call it. How do I say that? I like to call that truck. The there's more hair down their truck. Yeah it's the Robo. Although it also occurred to me it's also Benny total recalls fucking truck to really is his own my kids to feed. It's true and it goes out with the drill bits and everything hydraulic lines. That's what got the B seventeen in the Dan this faulty hydraulic line. So I think we none of us need to beat around the bush. It's ugly right like we don't need to like pretend it's not. We don't pretend it's like inspiring. This dude is doing is giving us the futurist truck that we were GonNa have in two thousand twenty all that bullshit like that's all you just read too many blogs that that's somebody said that and you're just like the way it sounded sears. Repeating it so ugly truck. It's probably going to be awesome to drive. Sure but people are hating on it so much that almost coming around on it just because it's lake it just seems like a like some kind of a weird hyper masculine fever dream. You know like it's showing. It just seems like something that like. It's it's a triangle so it looks like a car you dry. You'd draw as a child. Yeah it looks like the the amid two thousand pickup artists. Forum held a seance in summoned. It like it doesn't seem real so I'm into I like their you like having that does into another into another the truck into existence. It's amazing God. It's it's Sir it's weird. I'll I'll give them that. I would love it. If Tesla stock would recover please but other than that you know. PUT IT in real real estate Equity Trust. Trust Dude I. The funny thing is the day before. I don't even know the truck is being announced. I didn't know anything about it. I Oh and and fucking threaten. Here's the deal. It's do it if you say that your truck is impervious to light arms fire. Don't Pro Baseball Paul bad at it you gotta shoot it on stage. Yes you do you have to do the Jones fucking non statically. Why wouldn't he do that? Yeah big because it didn't work that's plus if he if he showed up with an can you imagine if he walked out with a twenty two rifle and shot shot that the means would it would be. It would carry us through the summer along with the gunman it would be. It would be nonstop. Some of the names for the truckers grid. Some People Tesla Tesla trump is going to be awesome when I update my graphics card. Does it looks like the elder scrolls games. I was watching earlier earlier. It looks like virtual fighter a lot. It's Eddy Gordo's Tesla shrugged off stainless steel shed screen. Yeah they'd probably make more than thirty of them They'll make they will make a faulk. They'll make thirty of them every hour. Wow so because that's what could save them. I mean he's made get out of the same shit. That's that racer X is made out of her SPACEX. I don't think that it's I don't think wrestles GONNA fail. I think they're just going to circle the drain. Lean and lose brainpower become like gm just like the giants. Yeah isn't guaranteed to your giants. Bill is is that right. Yeah Buddy well I stop paying attention like after week six and we got good. Thanks like much like life much less Garrett really much like Hey Jason Gary much like life much like people who continually have the worst taste and people perennial losers are drawn ranya losers I hate Jason Garrett but he he made a fucking gal amount of mud the cowboys need. I'll give him the head. He had a bad boss so bad while he's got mad Bosley. It's not like he's looking to helping on the boss end but that will enraged so many cowboys fans actually. I'm actually with it that's fine. Yeah let's do it all right here. We got to be better here we go. Why don't we? Why don't we do Jason Garrett and then we'll get Andy Dalton and the people I hate to look at the most in the entire world red red riflemen off the red rifle takes Manhattan by storm? And then he'll get mono please. Yeah are you a huge news. I can't believe I didn't hear that you were in the middle of the ozarks trying trying to lay pipe. Did y'all hear Jason Gary. I'll hear about Jason Garrett. He's GonNa go ahead and I gotta go. Is that the Yankees dripping album. Now I'll tell you what if he goes up there. I is as we say. Thank God we still got next saving. That's all I'm saying. Roll tide on that. Oh Man Roll tide on that you see a girl wearing chokers. She's brought to roll tide on that and that's for sure nobody the auden this to another trip. Yeah looked no did your hotel. Was There Hotel L. attached toolbar. No this also might have been a dry county. There was no place to go out and do anything. It was really bad. Sounds the way back. We were on one of those little commuter jets and there was the strangest couple of people I've ever seen. It was like mill Lil fizz not right but the kind of a mill fee older woman who is like it was definitely like a trophy wife at one point. Dr Melfi has laying. No no worse I but with her adult son who is covered head to toe in Virginia Tech Gear. They clearly come down for the game. Like adults center where he had a full beard but they were interacting in this weirdly incestuous where he was hung over and like just wanted to like be left alone and she kept tapping and it was like trying to be like. You have to help me with the help of the trees when we get home. Let's talk about that. We had to help like tap. It got so weird market to walk away. I'm going to go to the bathroom and in Texas. I can't watch this anymore more. And I'm like you I I. I can't get enough of this transfixed. My only hope is they sit across from us on the plane which they almost did a really really really strange trip but I more than ever more than any time on the road. I wished you were there for that exchange. Really wish I was there. There's nothing like the love between mother in science. Speaking of guess who I saw on Thursday. It's been an extra week for both of us. I saw saw fucking Alice Cooper. Oh yeah that's right fucking get into this. I'm GonNa fucking embarrass myself by playing the footage of me singing along. Drunkenly Tu Mam beyond a mask. He's played man behind the mask. Like are you dense insane like the never played that song ever heard. You're going to be there. What city heard you were going to be there? Yeah he thought you were talking about. Yeah yes hello phone. I couldn't believe he played that Song I was like it was like so you get footage of it. That's great. Why bootlegged the second thing I want live? I got to find the footage that you sent him standing there like. He's just too old to do anything. You just stands there like waves fucking writing crop around. I just can't believe that man behind the mask happened like it's so not to me that that happened out of which I can't find. I'm sorry no because I was I got. Yeah it's really cool. There's this really fun. And in England falls good. God I saw this Dude Dylan McDonald. All who is in a picture I showed you knew. What is it about me? I don't remember you see people at concerts until I Mike there see so donald. He's in a wheelchair now idea India. I saw a couple of days where I'm Michael. Oh boy I don't WanNa talk to. What am I go? Oh my God i the the footage is I sent you footage of the me walking through and the dude putting Nacho cheese on US hot dog and then you sent me this I did. Oh five cent the footage to you and putting nacho cheese on his hot dog was when the Hotel Wifi was down oh how do they then a completely empty arena really good. My mother insisted on getting there because he was so excited. How'd how'd you like it? Well liked it enough to pose with a fan dressed again sing. My mother was in her shows. A little skinny jeans on my mother was totally really into it. Man You fucking love my mother seventy-one totally into it at bullpens on Shitsu like really trying to be a rocker damn All Your fucking Dad's Dick must have been out of his pants before you pulled out of the driveway. Finally get the beat my dog. I don't WanNa know. I've probably fucking the sex Rubik's cube like Oh finally I get to solve this puzzle. been perplexing all it just learned. What a PAI PIG is? Now he's like mad is what's great. My father told me this story on the Civic Center. My father told me the story it out. I don't know if it's but I we. We were sitting. He's easily get really seats and he was sitting sitting really close to me. Gene was doing his interviews. Whatever and he saw me gene with a circle of piss on his rape and gene? Yeah I'll have to call them and Haven't told that story sometime. Fuck remember wholesome things I go wrestling. And he's like Oh really good. Damn all right mean Jean. Yeah uh I've had five about blue tall boys good homes all bucking Bronco. My Mom holy this year and I'm like this song really fucking really slapped Najah the TSA got up. Oh you gotTa Tag Alice Cooper with that all the way from the get at you. Yeah down and we're not done that after control. It's true in a way control. I washed Dan. I was like wow how fucking drunk my mom at the Civic Center. Now who drove my mom did it. In the back it was great and then I saw it up and drove drove back and all that. I probably shouldn't have done that night. God Damn Dude fine after. Wow there was a during I was like really. The North Way is made for drunk driving and a call. It was a straight line for funding leg eighty miles. I was not drunk all you mothers against drunk driving out there. I was drunk. They were protesting Harvard Yale. What was you driving home plaster? Totally Shit faced can't even see the road driving eighty miles an hour down the yeah. It's a miracle here here. It's America lime. made it miracle on Ice Really. It was based on what you want to do man. We're going about forty eight meals here questions. And then we'll do do some misconceptions and then we'll get the fuck outta here. We have a we could. I think we might do that. I feel wideawake. I might make you drive though. Oh I don't move my car. My car was taken over back. We have to talk about the updated genre. I will give it a teaser for next next episode. It's called a Jen's couch Gen's couch as opposed to Adams Deck Vuk Aright golding songs like girls. Don't and those kind of songs that one well. The one includes now another concept behind. John's couch is that while Adam. Adam is Adam. Savage friends wounds on atoms deck. Jen is us with her friend on Jen's couch and it's sort of the same concept like an went wrong wrong man but instead it's like not knowing Ron what went wrong with protection of five hours ago. He hasn't gotten back to the It's a scarf over the lamp. Music really is endeavor not laughing. I hear that song. That's it now. I used to have that look in his eye and now he doesn't beyond this. Lisa Loeb started this Lisa. Lord it is definitely did you say I only hear what I want want right exactly. Well I question touches on that a little bit. What's the closest musically? You've gotten a cream at creating Adams deck music. Oh Wow I don't know I don't i. We maintain an archive of Shit. That I've done. That will never see the light of day. Yeah Some songs some like what. I think it'd be fun. I think I've talked about this. I think it'd be funnest. FUNNEST fucking die and have some open a drawer and be like Holy Shit this dude wrote nine symphonies four books and I'll just never did anything. Strange Beethoven and talking about the dog. Yeah there's a there's a point where I've got some demos of Shit. I wrote that I was going through a real. I Love Paul Westerberg era right and I don't think it's close to Adams deck but it's the closest I've come and the best part is you'll never ever hear. It may the people who are closest. Oh system in my entire life will never ever hear it in. This is how it goes okay When's the last time you ate a fudgesicle? What's your go-to sweet treat? I have no idea the last. I Made Fudgesicle It's been a long time mercifully boy long. Not my favorite goto sweet treat. I like a Haagen Dazs ice cream bar right. I don't think you can fuck with the snickers ice cream I lately if you throw throw some gummy bears or some shit at me I'll be. I'll be about gummy bear. Scummy one from instagram. What are we eating at the the acres Thanksgiving party? I'm Vegan so we need Vegan food. You'll be eating nothing. Nothing nothing you'll be eating whatever you bring with you. Yep I'm sorry Steve Does Not Cook Vegan. Stephen Honors thing air where we're elsewhere eating. Oh you can't even eat egg noodles. I was GONNA say it'll beating ignores with nothing on them but no yeah. Steve Likes to work out and longest eats. Whatever is really good for his vision? Weird is raw carrots carrots I don't actually know what the they're being very kind to us. And they're getting a Thanksgiving meal when we touched down in Phoenix surviving. The game in Phoenix. I guess really tempe this week but then I am staying an extra day. I have extended extended by trip to stay an extra day so I could go to the Grand Canyon and the meteoroid crater nausea all these other big holes in the earth so if you are in Arizona and you I would like to feel my warm embrace g get at me. What if somebody gets at me and I woke up and I just hugged them and I walk away wordlessly? That'd that'd be great. I think it would work out really well. You Know Steve rambled talked about going to the Grand Canyon. Is that right. Yeah Steve Christie. Actually Move Steve. Rambos Grand Canyon Adventure. You can walk on the same a hallowed ground could could reenact the fuck any Steve. Rambo seen him walking around. It's kind of a weird into lewd act there. I was does the Grand Canyon. It'd be funny if it was a pensive like him talking like narration as he walked around at exactly but all around him as he walks are men like fucking in bushes then whatnot Not Too far from the truth actually with great Hans do you ever Miss World World of tanks yes sometimes actually Although it got really weird because there's such a notion of what's called Wales in a a world of tanks where people who either get their parents credit card. Just spend a lot of money one hundred dollars to get the big tanks tanks thick armor and they don't work their way up. Don't call grinding modern video games. It's fuck it's totally not fun right and so I'm and there's a little tank which I'm really good at but it will not penetrate the arm. It might not tread off so that I'm forced to I'm relegated to taking out artillery pieces or or or lesser or camping camping on the side of Rosen winning for tanks to go by and hit them on their sides. It's not a lot of fun. Yeah no this fucking modern video games where you can like like by Shit with Stu I hate it. Do you like eighty S. Kiss have not listened to the podcast eighties. This this is this a new concept you loved it is Love Eighties Kiss Kiss. What does the longest rice bell with the ladies? What's the longest break you've taken in from jerking off? Wow ever in life. I mean I didn't have sex for like thirteen. I was GONNA say I don't think that counts now. That one doesn't get my. My long stressful has like two and a half years. Yeah around the same. Yeah then of no sex no nothing no play from Mr Gray. Nothing but can lame wasn't it was. I would love certainly same time. I bet if I I don't even think it's not even her fault it's environmental it really was and it was like I don't think for me I didn't I didn't really. I had a lot of interesting looks back then. I didn't really have have like a steady consistent. Look for a while I I was kind of into. I didn't really ever go out. I wasn't a social person so I didn't you know but then I was the person who would sit at home be like. Why couldn't we meet girls but I would say that shit like way way older than you should and it was decided by the bulletin? You know on a if you're sitting at home saying why can't you meet girls leave your home step on. Leave your home like you will never meet girls have you. Don't talk to them so maybe give that a try so I learned also learned from downtime. Look look at a lot of Garfield than normal porn. I don't tell that story. Yeah there's no story to you. Sent it to me but the name was in the ZIP file so I said Oh. I'm not going to open that on those work wi fi and I just never opened that you love Garfield and normal porn by our I cartoon porn the best cool never opened it. I could show you know okay. What's the longest you've taken from jerking off? So second question doesn't have the same couple of weeks. Yeah it doesn't have the same yeah. I don't Know County Canyon. We can't go to explore the site. Well the walking the Grand Catalina Video. That's what that's going to be me this week. Actually you just kind of just like you. Just it's really nice. You think it'd be dressed in a blue tank. Top yes just post the title screens the rambles Wild West adventure cool very cool stance on swimming Ocean Lake Pool Pool River. This is all you have weird hotspot for swimming. I don't I don't like swimming. I think it's homestead are nonsense and I don't really like an away like if you WanNa swim to cool off. That's fine but people swim to prove something. And I don't understand when he zillion years. My this is not the eighteen hundreds. We don't have to go to the creek to get cool. We can go into a nice air conditioned into place or sleigh down with a fan on. We don't have to go swimming with people and take pictures and drink beers and WHOA. I look like I'm unhappy days and I've got a bunch of fucking refrigerator. Magnet fucking tattoos all random tattoos and ran. The Place of Boeing. Any sense look like refrigerator. Magnets stupid refrigerator. Magnet Tattoos Awesome looks. They resume refrigerator all random places the magnet. That's what it looks like. Uh Yeah I like to swim in the ocean. A lot of these things and I don't know about leaks swing. I feel like that Amoeba from fucking Lookin' creepshow. Two's going to get me so I don't like that very much but the rest. I'll do I love if you bring me to the beach and I I'm like able to dictate the terms of the house being the fucking ocean all day. I love it. I liked the ocean. That kind of calls for a journey. You know you take your time go to the ocean. I love the ocean and the oceans always nice. Yeah the wind. I don't WANNA go to some swallow. I know I know a place swimming hall. We have to hike there. But it's fine. I'm bringing new. I'm bringing the grill like so no. It's not fun but people say that that is like punk Buick. Skylark way down at the bottom from the seventies all. That's wrong to do do that. It's punk to go swimming holes like eating pizzas punk. What was how does paddle people can? Flavors like that's punk is not cool and when they say no these people at all family is like this coup when they say punk more like there were reassuring themselves that it's cool to do that and it's not cool. You know speaking of Albany today. It was the first day driving around. I went and I got a coffee when I stopped and I went to You know get get some Indian food and I got back in the car and I said anti-mexican anti-mexican okay. Okay I've seen the sights I've got it. All at exit plan. fucking exit plan clan. Rolling exit plan is Going Getting Sara Lee Gin Crows and dinner and going and that is why the exit plan needs to happen Charleston. Charge Powell Era Powell. Children era or pembroke children area. Like which was the ones with the name Hell's Alternate Melissa Gilbert. It was not Melissa. Gilbert Arlen charge the only real way to do it is to watch the credits the second family. I think it's the Powell's right with the the old man it's like I'm the curl with Willie Aames Williams Williams drains in charge. Charles how can I help Charles Charles and Chow Scott. Scott Baio Danny Oleg Swim with family. That was that's the one with Danny ainge from the Sons and patriots and Celtics. Is that right. Yeah are you ready. Yeah he's got bail. Oh but this is the Shitty fucking shitty one all right so this is the pembroke right. Yeah the fuck fuck you. Julie Cobb hot this. This is a really late this way early. This is the first season when when it was the but then buddy and Charles go camping and they come back and it's a whole new family really achieved as the right. That was a pretty bad theme song. I don't know how that got passed everybody. Jennifer Runyon was on Charles and opening the same video right now. This is incredible. Well we just did not. No one saw him was on Charleston. Sharp ship Jennifer Runyon one of those men from the eighties. That always like always did it for me right. I liked Kimmy. Gabler Kimmy Gabler. She had that. Oh she was full House show though I kind of kind of faceless to me I kinda like scrawny thing. I'm into I like that. You know. teeny. That the hell else and we're doing the thing we're talking but I'm trying to figure what. Oh you know what Jennifer Runyon was was the woman from the beginning of ghostbusters with the card. Game Out your right like come on. uh-huh Sung by Alan. I mean hey fucking bent tastic read to you get great really good and you just rock in here. Chrissy gold note we got each other Sharon the laughter and love. Wow sharing a kiss but Alan. I'm going to hang out here with the camera crew for like he's like Alan Thicke in the opening of Sky Skydome now. Oh yes you did. Show me that I show. Every the that European work thing did a couple years ago had it lasted another week. There would be no one on the overnight. Drive Youtube of Eighties sitcoms set to three really upsetting Things it's still sitting around my hard drive somewhere. I should probably put the rest of it together. Best is Oh my God. The best is the second one outside. Ruby Ridge headed had very inspired moment in and it was really good. It's still is still up overnight. Drive Youtube does look for when I drive a new tube. And you'll be all set. Andrew Jackson Miss Connection. Yeah doing my God here we are would love to see them live in living color on the how we just play the growing pains it. Well how do we get there because this is what we do. Oh One last question wins. The last episode were injured does not mention firearms. I don't listen to another podcast. Dickhead what do you want to reform the del you. Yeah exactly all your Heinebaeck. Jesus so what. I don't want to tell you sorry. Let's fucking live my best life over here Sharon the laughter and love. I'm just trying to be out here sharing laughter and love. Your problem is that was really well. Timed fucking drop. I didn't expect that one this one not only here. So my fucking Dick goes down. How many episodes until that's actually throwback thank you? Thank y'all meal drunk harassing overnight. Harassing Michael Stipe. Really good and then that's the best part right is that we could have done. We could have really announced that we have a groundbreaking new announcement but we just said let it sit for here. Just let it sit for a year and then we're like Oh wait I ran into Michael Stipe at a bar. Oh Yeah served twelve thirty afternoon. You're really in like good on this. I'M GONNA make it bigger because my eyes film can do so bad. I just WanNa get you a pair granny glasses asses my vision kicks in you ready Andrew. Are you ready all right. This is from Manhattan. I am met. That's actually Manhattan. All right buddy. Andrew Dom was looking for a sub. We'll good now. This is a long shot. I saw ads like as an Apostrophe S.. You posted a while ago. You're looking for a younger sub boy. Suburbs sub boy boy boy boy. I'm hungry really wanted to Italian. Mix just who's goth slashing massage and was Nerdy anime Anima. No such thing video games. Let's take everything you like everything right like you know. There's no subculture anymore the description and could the description. I was GONNA say that sentence ten fifteen years ago. Each of those different things would be subcultures. That would get into a fistfight. Yeah you goth. emo All I'll all hail each other was nerdy. Every hit of the marriage and Mike anime which was like anime and video games are their own separate things this is not everybody's just realms together now now fit that description. I was afraid earlier but not anymore. I'm not afraid anymore. In case you were waiting for me to grope her balls here I am talk to you and get to know more about you and your tastes and see if maybe we are compatible smiley face. And if you don't see this I hope another dominant woman does and contacts me. No offense Ma'am Will God another smiley face. About must've I do not understand the style relationship in any capacity dom down sub. I don't it doesn't it doesn't compute to me at all I just want I just want like I just wanted to be nice to smooch and stuff. Yeah this missed a grade school does it really and I I don't really I might sound old but it's not having fun doesn't sound fun. Yeah the strange thing is you could explain to me that out. In the cloud out where the sun barely reaches the sun don't shine. Hydrogen Hydrogen Trajan will coalesce around a larger body due to weak gravitational. You can explain that to me and I'll be like I don't really get it but I get the concepts behind it so I get it. You know what I mean like. I'm not I'm not about the fucking take another prize on the or cloud but I get what you're saying. I don't understand this at that same level remotely like this feels feels. It feels like I'm reading. What is it the data's the old like San scraping totally outside of my realm of the understand? That feels like I'm at a Beta. Feels like I'm at the ARLO. Andrew a quick question for you anyone rockaway looking for face to cover and come white blue. I Guy One guy fine. Let's go to the other. I got knocked out from come. I have one. I particularly strong shot took that I've all right out never learned my lesson learned my lesson. I'm right back uh-huh right back on the streets looking for come white blue I guy clean looking to meet up and have a guy cover my face with their worm. Milk like worm milk if that's a Typo it's awful and if it's on purpose fucking awful I knew flipper cover. Warm Milk Worm. Milk sounds like a band. Sounds like a ban from North Hampton. More milk noisy the thrashing. I feel like it's in my mouth south off terrible. GotTa be they've gotTa Jetta Wagon Thrashing Thrash Thrash Punk Warm Milk. uh-huh terrible also but this person's clean must age also age also clean them on stage also are not important. You must be clean a must you must be it must be age also looking for so. Hey this is my fuck neighborhood right here boy. Andrew someone dot dot dot. This is what I'm looking for. Someone interested in going to church with me. This isn't bogus. Many people here are looking to get hooked up so why not try to find someone seeking more universe hitting me up no BS please. Yeah think we know this hearse buddy that is interesting thing. Okay Well Hannah you fucking those where I'm going and finding people we probably possibly maybe no finger on the pulse. Wow you're on the Paul. All right socks. I know this person to related this person. Staten Island. You're a Spanish girl in your early twenties. And you used to meet me and treat me dirty socks. We used to meet on Highland Boulevard. Ted Highlands Ted Highlands where I was recording my rap demo. I I love local flavor so much Google Ted Highland commercial so good please do. Please do yourself a solid. Hi this is Ted Highland home. Your dirty socks. I'll I'll trade your dirty socks for two hours of studio time to record wrapped up. You think it's weird that there's thousands awesome people around the country who kind of know who had highlanders just tell zingers wasn't said highland. They would buy fucking recording time. I know it's been a while but if you're interested in happened to see this let me now no period. Hey lost in New York God. Young Kevin Kevin mcallister type who was twelve at the time. Fuck breeds I was watching the nineteen eighty four American music awards the other day and Michael Jackson brought want child with him to the awards Emmanuel Lewis. I love how that's was chosen. That was fine all that Michael. He's just trying to kind of expose a child who a new universe. Here's the deal. I am absolutely guilty of being one of those people. That's like you know back when I was younger. We didn't we just fucking played in the backyard and we got hurt sometimes. It was fine and helicopter parents and all that bullshit I am one hundred percent guilty of being that person. I'll own it's fine. I'm getting old. What do you want me to do? No not everything in the past was chill zone all right but he kept on cutting to him Sitting next to a manual Lewis and then somebody must've said something having very limited experience in a live television. Somebody must've said something at some point because they stopped showing a two shot of him and Emmanuel Lois and buy some reason Brooke Shields also sitting next to him so then they did the two shot of him and Brooke Shields for the rest of this show like the young Kevin mcallister types thinks hung male. Hung Mail robber spelled M. A. Alley in case as you're thinking of somebody going around stealing now all right. He hung male robbers for home alone role play. I'm singing a short loud thick Joe Pesci type and alongs Stern Daniel to become my very own wet bandits. He will chase me around the city. This is exhausting. You'll chase me around the city attempt to break into my house. Where barricade myself in if you can navigate my gauntlet of booby traps and dangerous? Security Systems will be rewarded with an ass up type. Eighteen twenty for you to bug. low-rise must be cool with getting hit in the face with paint cans touching scalding hot doorknobs. And some light tarantula play. We'll also accent messages from dirty pigeon woman who was willing to meet under a bridge in central park said facebook's picks please be real. We know this person to you might Bercy we see you. Yeah Hey Mike no Actually Mike and Diego would be fucking awesome bandits. Holy Shit Yo please. Yes I'm sitting at the second. We're done wow yes. He's so happy. Beautiful Andrew I have a question for sure can be your pussy eating slave. Yes you can in east flatbush. I'm looking eat out a lady post merger. I'm going to eat out a lady. This is not like a cat or something all right. Yeah this is my normal. This is my biggest fetish. I hope it is the same for you not asking for anything in return. I only just want to help you get that Nasha. Gosh that's very nice. Pussy eating slave now heading out to the desert mentioned. She knows where. I'm going incredible. Let's play some tennis. It's Thursday I loved ones that level with look is it's Thursday. Look here's the deal and working on A. I'm working on a fuck intended end date back ten day plugging backlog attempts to grid. Plays them indoor tennis. Of course because it's need some practice. Experience New curios about holding Iraq at the proper way Curios Curio cabinet precious moments. Oh Yeah Yeah. I'm sorry I lost the plot for a second. Now I got it is impractical. Experience New curios about holding a rack of my mother for a minute was was ruined precious moments I ask her about red cells are point in time the probably somewhere that's like Norman Rockwell. Yeah like the kids and the the soda stand or whatever or the dog pulling the girls bathing suit off oops oops about the man at the town meeting who clearly pensive and doesn't speak much but has something on his mind that he has to get out he just watching townhall Norman Rockwell Dir putting putting on a roll. Aw they're building a road and it's two inches on my land. I'd been waiting for. That's what that man says. I don't Blake the police. I was not granted an easement for my land. My LANTA wasn't indoor tennis. Need some practice. Experience New curios about holding a racket. The proper way must be serious. Good tennis player emphasizes in giving some nice strokes hitting these balls. Also doc loses like a big Johnson shirt. I'll handle the nice strokes I'll hit the balls. I'll also clean Polish store. The equipment must be serious and stats day invaluable to play and practice most splendid. Some tennis if you're in Nevada. This is the person for you. Sorry sorry I'm trying to. I'm trying to put this up from at them right now in real time and it's working anyway. Sorry boy sometimes you uh-huh the cute redhead. Safeway Safeway are you fucking with me. Do brome people really like people were saying. They watch a ton of that on the road and what really good ball ball ball ball. We talked about ice cream vegetables and blood donation. I WANNA show some ice cream. There has to be dirty in the summer. Helena Montana out much ado. In Helena Helena Halina Laima laima Hi Helena. Missoula to the perfect girl missoula Pale skin dark hair. Huge eyes plump busty Goth which should both loving. She's that is that is a genre of person plump Gusty Goff would. That's true because we like an ice cream golf which plump busty Goth which book loving kitten a Raven Claw thrilling through to hear my house. At night I sing to the moon goddess of your beauty. There's a lot doesn't fucking not allowed to do in. The central northern part of the country is what is going on on to the perfect girl Pale skin dark hair. Huge is so fake so I saw a face filter girl. So what is it people use. It's make is huge and then girls are like I don't use face. Filter is a really that big. No I'm just GONNA make character. Yeah no is a fucking not that big badland Friday night badland or sounds like a great bar. The badly I should call the bad lander in Kazue after this Friday night. You said I was dancing as if I was praying for something to drink you had long hair lip. Piercings were a top hat on now. All this speaking fucking two thousand six pickup artists fucking forums here we are just reached Missoula. You had long haired Libya's things or the top hat and a long coat great smile I was wearing my blue button down. Work Shirt and jeans left before catching your name. That's it for kitchen man. I like the zoom here. Great bad lender. Yeah Yeah that would what do you call yourself a call Nicole myself off of badland. I call myself fucking fresh Raven Bernie Sanders Global. Komo's Seoul was pink north face. Beanie lost my favorite pink north. Raise being somewhere MISSOULA Montana. Well when I was on campaign the weekend of October twelve twenty nine hundred nine I spend time a marvins bar and the Alcan bar and Frenchtown Frenchtown in Missoula Montana now a euphemism. Oh we we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn near Highway. Nice fucking hat for a thirty dollar or whatever. Don't get expensive shitless. Just wait to have a back. I am allergic to most hats. And that's not true at all. Okay Dr Bronner. WHO's your? I'm allergic to have really. Who is your doctor? Dr Bronner said so and then if you read the back underneath a UPC label on on the bottle. It says you're allergic to have says then another thing most most house that's 'cause flaky skin. Also I can't oh one all one or none Bernie Sanders twenty twenty one and on o- on on thank you now for an uninterrupted hour of Bernie Sanders. We've finished that close enough to the to the jerk broke into my car last night. Oh Wow I love it. The only thing you took doc was my hat my mom for me. Eighteen years ago. You were kind enough to leave a shitty Calvin Klein hat and plays the mind but I really liked that hat back. I'll wait is this lunacy. Holy Shit fucking hot at town of Missoula town. H H H H C. o Oh play bass or drums. Are the best ozzy. Sabbath should be in the. US exclamation point is listening by new on Ohio. New Gun law off to passionate wild energetic showman frontman on guitar thinks same seek same in a re write them. mm-hmm set rightathome section for the most bad ass odds tribute ever doubted. Takes call me. Oh my God should I call him might have to give them a shout. Shout at the devil. I'm GONNA give him a shot. I haven't done a Miss Connection Call in a while and I think I should give them a little Holler Because because you know what I've got the guts I've got the brawn and the brains Goddamn and I think I can really can pull this off so as I can do this again. This is when I should have been sending that shit them. This ultimate it fucking overnight dry two hundred fifty four the ultimate in dead air four one against it can't say don't don't don't say it God forbid people call this this guy so how's everyone doing This is my phone following up over here with the from the active active fucking social circle of a little time you bring and the ad backup shit okay. I'm sorry the person you were trying to reach has a voicemail now back up yet what the fuck you kidding me fucking lame I guess. I guess you don't want the best drummer. I guess you found your fucking rhythm section down Dan you guys okay with playing some. Some suicide solution can pull that off. Share guys are okay with playing some maybe steal. You'll weigh the night it'd be funny if you if you had specific deep cuts says that you won't play plan was the just keep listings ozzy songs. Okay point secret loser you guys are wishing well look at secret losers fucking good one rates on that one looking man you fuck. That's won't play that one. You guys are okay. We'll play in uh-huh Siegel loser. You could be like. I won't play that one because it's about Sharon and we know that that really didn't that didn't work out well and then later we find find out that the shower and and Whatever the fuck is named on the plane crash? We're knocking boots. I won't stand for that Randy Rhoads. I won't stand for that Randy. rhoads whatever's fucking Namus. We should just call. I feel like I should just call it the La Guitar Center or something. Just be like you guys. You guys like guys like Ozzie. Real busy here man. Everyone in retail is so beaten down. It's been fun to make prank phone calls anymore. Everyone's just like Zombie Zombie. And you get the guy who's trying to be overly professional but he's never had an actual professional interaction in this life so just similar gifts or right away sir over Asari else Reddaway's when he got We got the Los Angeles Kovar Center right. Click on those numbers man. It's all good. Wouldn't click for sales sales and product information press to Customer Service Defined Guitar Center near you press one for sales and product information pressed to name name Ryan damage. It's fucking lame. How right whatever the second wrap this puts this finished strong hair? Hold hold on just a minute here. Fading what's up Port Clinton. Anybody have any worn women's panties. Let Me Sniff Leno signed Andrew. Oh God I know him to be surviving the game in what Clinton Ohio this week before the Puerto if anyone has any worn women's panties snow warm or warn warm worn. They've come directly off the body. And then you just sit there. We've meet meet in like the spot you know when when you go to Taco Bell with you. decided you don't WanNa go to the drive-thrus you do the around the meat facing each other like police officers meet meet and around. Oh Yeah and then you have to pass them through. Sit there while our engine vital and I sniff them aren't warm enough. It's a very weird king again again. It's now it's no Kevin Moustache mcallister kinks so I totally forgot to do at Dag. Oh my God this is our last one and then we'll dig all right all right. This sounds called your hotline clam. Chowder clam chowder. Cut Ya Anna goes. We can't another leveling with our goes can't play these games anymore. Friendly's closed up shop many moons ago and I'm done searching for my bowl of soul so garnished with all those sweep Gigli bids of clam. What the hell are you talking can help me? I know you have the formula for that. Warm plop of clump. That I see the fuck. Are you talking about. Stop hiding the holy grail of clamming cream. Please I'm begging. You're my only hope. Throw up and tear. Why we we've you know we could have just easily not read that and been done with the last one? Well that's missed connections to go and fuck and feed that one the people here clam chowder. Oughta you look so excited and then so distressed at one at one moment there. That's it that's the end of it forever. Love is on do a little housekeeping. Before we go local newscaster had died known for chronic pain known for chronic pain. I'm GonNa play his greatest moment and then probably one of his most embarrassing moments. We play the clip of him being in pain that they would show the fucking show that in pain wouldn't be able to eat with the thing is you have like this. Like the Vertebra in his neck refused he just has had like really good posture really like yeah but it was like aren't but he couldn't couldn't really handle it at all. He was the most trusted name in news in the local focal area. Cheryl Ed dig. Liz Bishop for sought BJ's wholesale club once no one WHO also Benita Zahn? Ken scriven Ken scriven. Well I what I you know. I like them on her Izzo cap bet on cap thing on on his On the local buses that bet on cap all right. One thing is I have to Just look this up really briefly here so there's one thing where he is one thing that's really good and then I'm GonNa play one thing that is very disturbing He was on a newscast. where an hour before airtime? His weatherman broke separated. His shoulder have risen It was actually Bob. Holy Shit I forgot about Bob Vase. But he's not very handy around the house and well maybe he proved it today. He fell off a ladder while flooding. Chris Kasit is Chris Johnson. His shoulder Right before six weeks right arm. We'd also be back tomorrow. Arnie Rosen will be here at eleven in the meantime brave. Mr Is taking over the weather center us. Are you ready for some uh-huh apples in his own orchard. Thanks David for this time of year. Take a hint from Bob and don't use a ladder to attempt to pick defended Lord because the cold front has just passed through normal high sixty four normal always forty one record high for the state is eighty nine degrees that set back in one thousand nine hundred twenty good behind. It's Paul County Assistant News Director. You'll see him in a minute win reading for the top of the hour but the wind swath around the front is pushing through. We're coming out of the West at twenty miles an hour mostly cloudy tonight. Chance of rain forecast. I'm not supposed to do that yet. I'm supposed to go over here please Bob get-well-soon this is uh. This is not a thing here. It's all superimposed electronically so I have to find Albany. Currently it's sixty seven. It should be Laura is lower out here to the West. What's happening? You're you're going to see I hope is a front now but I can't find this. The front that moved through earlier way over here way over here Around the Great Lakes. There's another massive clouds headed our way that is GonNa Bring Brings Rain probably later tonight tomorrow. Me Oh my God damn it alright. So wow that was an unbelievable video. Yeah it's great. That's incredible they're like fucking I'll do it. He's a dead man fucking. Wow but with every right comes to fall and I found. It wasn't his lowest point dozing on his sisters. You to no no no no no no Salaam facing to tell you why the thaw is torture device younger and definitely not a heavy. He won't let me demonstrate. They have the WHO I wanted to look sexy. Wanted Parker Christ dressed and this bomb. Aw problem was this these tiny little pieces of material though go further down. Thank you have your work so since there was a tag one only only assumed that this was the front I shimmied intuit pool deduct and guess what anybody who didn't know this is the bellybutton cover. Why are we sure that yeah her name name is Cathy Day? Look that up a lot of this episode. I felt as though I've had like painting on Tin Foil Terrible. Yeah yeah well I mean they add a takeaway from Ed dig taking over for the weather. Wow Big rip. You'll be missed you when you're good haircut. Yeah let's do sponsors. Never do this show again that. Aw that's it that that that cashed me that was fucking Kathy Daig fucking showing off her size fucking six Thong cash done that the things. I've said it's weird. What happens but that's the one that was it all right well? Hey everybody It's a of ingrates and we'd like to thank everybody for listening for all these years. Unfortunately that's it. That's this is the end. This is the end my only friend the end I didn't think and like this but you know just like the man driving home from work dies in a car accident. You just you'd never you never know in trying to break for a cat next thing. You know you flip over into the river. Oh fuck that shit crush a bunch of punk kids who are swimming in it. So that's how we're going to go over maybe just to annoy you. Somebody somebody as as long as I know. Someone's mad that we're still doing it. It's happening because the try and we're GonNa try this try something else now. Now and it's it's great instead of by gone. Hey sponsors wow trying to blank right now. I'm watching. You're trying to figure out who are sponsors sponsor. Well I love people. We do have our sponsors older ghosts dot COM old ago. See Your one stop stopshop for vintage clothing at affordable prices older ghosts DOT COM You're used to going and seeing them on. Instagram now does time to old-growth dot com and make your purchase. Yeah also rhetoric coffee DOT COM. Today I was GonNa say I saw rhetoric coffee got at us. That was very kinda they did they. They realized that they fall to the second position. Not GonNa take that. They fell out of the position after a year. Literally years so RHETORIC COFFEE DOT COM. The Pride of Oakland California Compete for our yes compete for our love just like women. Do you know yes it sounds like the fucking Daytona on a five hundred out there. That's like a Hornet's nest of people competing and turning it not being able to make the third turn just like Dale Din rhetoric coffee also the embassy on so sad to missed his big debut of of no invite volume. Six is Maybe were there. Maybe you signed when he had his big release party and there were celebs there. There were for some people. There's an pretty ladies there and He's jamming getting old too. Big Busy may not need us no more but for now DMC DOT COM check out Dan. SEANEY DOT COM for all of your photography needs. Thank you all right to fifty four not a bad one burn all right not bad you know some some highs some lows get listen growing pains song. It was pretty good. Should do at the end of every episode is play keyboard music. What what are we learned this week? Growing pains was good. We can do that if you'd like. What if we? What did we learn this week? No I I this is a weird thing. I don't remember a fucking thing we talk about. We talk about something and it. Leaves gives my head. And I don't remember until I go. And edit the next day or and what I edit I'll skip a handle bounce around just like listening to the whole thing all the way through their shit shit that I will never remember it'll begun. It'll be on tape but I'll just never remember saying it all right. Good night everyone. You're playing with samples right now You've we've lost you completely. You have not checked down. You've checked out on talking to my secret relationship talking you secret. Girlfriend anarchist darkest really not. I learned that egg day was a great man is wise His wife Sisters Little Weird. That was the only youtube video ever posted. SOCI- must've been feeling a certain way about the Thong. Le Let us not tarnish the legacy of had Dag gone too soon at seventy seven. I wouldn't say that stacy and I'd say just about right and that's on average you know when you put things up on Youtube you can also take them down. Yeah it's you can just yeah. It's not not a black hole where things go you can just like driving for everybody All right we'll be good. You'll art so next week We may maybe escape gate episode. Because I'm going to be in the desert in may be live. We're not sure but here's the thing that I pledge. We will have an episode on Tuesday. Absolutely I don't give a fuck. It's two in the morning and I had a snowstorm and touchdown and I'm not scared because I almost died. It's going to happen or if I wake up at five in the morning during the four-year shift at work and like we got podcast. Man Get ready so either way we can do you. Just do it. Live at your job really Be Good everyone.

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