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Br Yeah Eric and I just got into a fight before. We don't know if we got into tiff. So we're we're we're going into this this this fun light food podcast interesting energy. We were on something else I was because we were on another thing. That was like podcast. It was like an after show panel. Oh Okay and you brought this up there too. Oh Really Yeah Okay God. Yes who was inappropriate. Then that's why I felt like there had to be something behind here. We talk about this new video. We're not gonNA talk about it Today we're GONNA talk about food is food podcast. Low Food we start. You do love food. You start every episode with a picture of the inside of your fridge which would not allow me to believe that you love food very very sad. Because I've been out of town and I haven't I usually stock up our order like Amazon. I ordered like box and just fill it up with fruits and vegetables and things like that. Yeah and like you know like Deli meat and things and I was getting this company freshly. Yeah I was thinking that one of the meal plan top row. Yes I was getting freshly What I had to cancel them because the delivery company that they use is so stupid. Okay okay in like shots fired freshly you know I I I I tweet it. Call tweet shave a lot. I dude all time not all the time but this time I did I was upset because okay so like I live in a gated building and delivery people not bragging but the delivery is in a gated community. It's not a gated community. It's like I'm just saying like townhouses. Thank you have to get buzzed in all right? So these people they would just leave the box anywhere. Okay no good so they leave any so I they would just leave it about a mailboxes. All right outside outside but it's nicely packet but it's like certain point you go. Hey what's going on? Yeah so then. They started to like then they started to like try to deliver it to the to my place. They wouldn't even delivered to the leasing office then then the last time they disliked it literally outside the gate right on the street on the street. So I'll say homeless people everywhere looking for food. I'm just saying like I didn't I was like I was like I'm out I had. I gave them two chances. 'cause I call them. I was like Yo what's going on with your delivery company like you know you're trying to be cheap. You getting what you pay for. What it is these people that are delivering things now. They have no pride in your job. Now these are just people that made bad life choices. Yeah so gotTA GOTTA drive. Uber's do grab hub to make ends meet and I don't mind that like do your hustle. Right I have some pride in your damn job right you know and these people are just like Oh. I don't want to deliver blocks and I was like I'm out. I'm out cycle. Let them know like cancel my order. It's even worse than that because it's Uber drivers who car whose cars aren't nice enough for humans yes. We can put other people's food that's on Youtube if you only get into X. or uber you know. I'm an Uber. Comfort guy might not be caught uber. Cheap this just call it that you want Uber Cheaper. You want to Uber where these people have have some pride in your car. Yeah a stranger is getting in your car. What's going on. Is that a McDonald's bag bro. You know what I mean. Get your baby seat out of the car trunk. This is so much I can't do anymore. Uber Comfort. I sit in the front seat. You sit in the front. I always sit in the front seat. What's that about your in Jeddah? This isn't a limo okay. You know what I mean. You look so dumb. Sit in the back seat. Corolla like your like your important. I supported Dasan Corolla in the front seat. My knees are up against the vaccine. Yeah it's so nice because you know what I didn't realize I had to start like not acting up in these lubers. 'cause I didn't realize that we're being rated also low. Yeah Oh yeah. That's how they get you already four seven or something. That's not a good rating. I think it's a bad rating mine is worse than that. I have you ever eaten the UBERS or no no. I just can't I've had so many bad experiences like had this lift lady. Tell me that I looked like Mr Potato head but like was being serious. It wasn't even funny joke though she was like you. Mr Potato head and then like headstone face just looked she just stared at me and I was like okay so I tweeted at lift. Oh my God tweet. People have to tweak Chaim stories. That's terrible the same podcast but I tweeted had left. You know what they did they hit me up into. Dm's they made sure that. I never matched and gave me like a twenty five dollar credit and it sounds like the beginning of Rom Com. I know you're not supposed to match ever again. We're married now. Another guy I got in the car and he was playing Gospel Music Loud religious music. Yeah and I don't want loud any music right but in particular religious music and it wasn't even like it was like you know you know this little item. My you know it was like some kind of live performance. Right like at a mega mega church. Yes it was a live performance at a mega church and it was like and then they kept saying the same thing over and over again. It'd be like Jesus you know it was like I just kept going and you hear a guy background who and I was like. Is He really playing this at full volume? You can't save every but anyways I don't eat in the cars whole lot lens us to back to back to food. I'm duty with Dan Dune Foodie Duty Danta man of the year and a half ago. Man Foodie duty identity. He should've put out a put out of a thing. I need names for my podcast. I'm with me okay. So you so you're done with the meal delivery I'M GONNA get a new one and we get a different one. I remember remember when Blue Apron came out the meal delivery and they were like. Hey We send you the ingredients. You have to cook it yourself. And all these other companies were like no we'll just fucking cooking and it just went out of business right. I don't know if anybody really wanted to do that. No one wanted I mean I think. Part of the cooking is the shopping experience like going and getting the ingredients and other this kind of stuff the fact that they make it so easy. It's kind of condescending. Yeah it's like. Here's the right amount of salt. Here's we've already cut this for you. Know Man Yeah nothing either. I'm I'm getting food delivered to me or I'm going to market and get but what I liked about the food. Delivery is the portion control. Okay got it. That's the best part about it because the money you save. I I will say a company like freshly so you know it's ten dollars a meal talking about you. Basically you get six meals. I was getting six meals. Yeah so that means. One of my meals was going to be under. Six hundred calories. Goes only going to be ten dollars and I was full. Yeah you know. As opposed to like. Get some GRUB UP. I would get from my tie restaurant. I would get like the barbecue chicken with the trump fried rice Thai tea and I'm eating the whole damn thing even though like three meals is one buck by the Styrofoam right. I just got you know. I've just had thirty five hundred calories and I'm wondering why feel Shitty all day because no but demille the portions? I I lost weight without even working out. You know pushing control man. That's that's the key everyone's always I think looking for the big secret of like what's the Diet where I can eat everything something. It's like no man just less food but my thing is like my problem is if it's in front of me. I'll eat it. Yeah you know what I'm talking about for those of you at home now. I had an ex who was a chef and her whole thing was because she had a client who was overweight. Trying to lose weight she was like you gotta serve everything on a side plate. Yeah that's it. That's all you know. I agree with that. It's a good Vegan for a year like few years back. I wouldn't Vegan for a year but it was a full because I still would have fish so I was like almost Vegan. Whatever whatever that's called but I consider myself a Vegan and I remember when I I remember when I got off of it you know. I went to a steakhouse and I thought. Oh this is going to be the best thing I've ever eaten in my life right and it wasn't you felt disgusting and this wasn't that I felt disgusting. I realized that the state itself was also a side dish. The steak itself was explained. Well what I'm saying is like so when you have a plate you have the meat. Yeah then we think everything else has aside the potatoes. The Broccoli corn whatever the cauliflower spinach I realize is they're all the same you know so. I can have Broccoli with aside a steak got it and whatever you WanNa do is just so. It's like all these portions could be the same so I think what you're saying is being Vegan gave you a new appreciation for things that we normally think of as. Yeah Yeah like like. This isn't a complete meal right but it is a complete meal. Well if you had broccoli you know Broccoli potatoes and some brown rice. Yeah that's a whole. That's a meal. That's what ninety eight percent of the world is eating dinner. Yeah yeah wait. So what made you come out of Guinness? I don't know if my blood type for it just did you lose the shift underway. I did lose a lot of weight but I also I did I did the masterplans. Yeah towards the end and the master cleanse that I don't curse on what difficulties? Yeah okay so I got to seven days and I was out it messes with your when you break up with somebody and you feel like every time we turn on the radio you hear a love song. Yes when you're on a master cleanse you feel like everything is a commercial radio come to Burger King? We got like ADS. Switched to channels. Like Carl's junior. The next one just like a little radio. Why am I yeah? Npr's even have come back. It was like it was a weird. It was a weird thing and it really messes with your brain. You know that was irritable. I was like you know but I lost. It was a skinny as I've ever been in my adult life. You know but you gain the weight right back though after them but I yeah so that it was on the magic. Any fatburger. Yeah you know yeah I was little I was like. I need fat burger now so I got like a Turkey Burger and I was like now. That was the best hamburger I've ever eaten in my life. Because you were in fucking starvation. Yeah I mean that are out. Never forget it it was. I let Greece come down my arms swaggie. Lick it off my elbow and my forearm. It was like oh i was having sex with that burger. You worry that if you you know. There's some comedians. Here's the thing I don't think of you as I know I think you think of yourself as bigger than you actually are. Well you're the type of you're you're one of those gets up and you're like I'm fat and I'm like I'm like I don't think people in the crowd are like your fat. You'd be surprised you think that people are like Like I know what I'm doing. My podcast remember live. Chat people were like. Hey Fatty it's I guess it's a nightmare I don't think it. Would you think you'd lose out on some funny if you lost all of them? No no no. Because I did lose a lot of weight I thought the funny here the funds in this just weird face I. I don't think if a weird face either I brought you here to tell you that you're good enough special this guy and can I borrow one hundred bucks or you're the one on the on the big show on Netflix. Your Jealousy and my voice so nice addition. I auditioned for your role in I'm dying here. I didn't get that well. I mean all the Brown people. We auditioned for the same show. You addition because he literally will looking for somebody ironically fat now I I did addition for the show. I probably wasn't for. No I think I'd for Santino role which everybody in their mom says they are part. I think that they brought everyone in for that and it was close. We'll tell them close to get net. Knew you were trouble. They weren't. Let's go back into your fridge. 'cause there was something else that got me was the two. Why do they have two yellow? Mustards over here. Because I get In a pack. Okay Costco that Shit. Yeah this thing called box. It's actually like an online costco. Type thing you're all about the meal deliver food law this but that place is great. 'cause they have so many great deals? I get my toilet paper my Amazon. Yeah Amazon and then I order from Amazon prime on other stuff. Okay got it and your freezer is a is a mess. It's a sad freeze here in my freezer. Those are Vegan popsicles. You got five ice trays. Yeah Vegan popsicles. Yeah and chicken tenders next right next to the Abbey. None of that stuff in their mind. I love the Vegan Vegan popsicles. Because that's my girlfriend. My girlfriend she. She has a dairy allergy okay. She thinks she has a dairy allergy. A my girlfriend thinks she's gluten free. We'll be right back. Spilled milk is a comedy show about food hosted by award winning Writers Molly Wisenberg and Matthew Hamster burden every week. They start with a food related topic from shrimp cocktail barbecue sauce to ice cream sandwiches. But we'll probably end up talking about their love. Cool ranch doritos or debating. Who has the most valuable character? On Friday Night Lights The New York Times recently named spilled milk one of six podcast to feed your inner Gorman and described the show as quote less deliberately educational than other food podcasts. Right up my alley. New episodes of spilled milk air every Thursday. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Back to Erikgriffin now. One of those is trees actually full of coffee okay. Do the ICED coffee coffee freeze the coffee. Then I put it in my coffee interesting. So you're not iced coffee guy. No no no I'll have is coffee but what I'm saying is when you put regular ice cubes in the coffee when it melts. It waters down the coffee. Yes so if you free some coffee brilliant but you put it. You don't put it in hot coffee. Yeah why do you to turn into ice coffee? Yeah one eight is. Take the coffee and put it in the fridge. No no and what their fresh brewed. Okay got it got it and I mean that makes sense yeah. What's your coffee at home? I have a curic curate. You're not an espresso guy. Now I need to get one of those like a Ness. Bresso machine what we call it like a regular. Yes I have milk and almond milk in there. That's one thing I didn't go back to. I didn't go back to regular milk. Really yeah girl. Got Me Oat milk. She's an OATMEAL. Oh Yeah is she what? She's she's dietary restriction girl. Yeah Yeah Yeah So. It's like when we go to go to restaurants. I got to be like okay. She's got a dairy allergy so everything has to change. Yeah and she wants to share off my plate so that's annoying because I'm not dairy free and then she's like so then you feel like you need to make you order something I want. I want my steak slathered in butter right. You don't take my steak dip. It in a bat of butter bugging gross cashew butter. That could be. That could be a little challenging. But you know it's tough. I'm trying I'm trying to get better at it. I'm actually. I talked about it in therapy last week. Because Boehner contextual th. This is the thing my girl like really. I think because you finicky big. You're very particular enjoy restaurants more than anything in life. We'll just enjoy them. Yeah why did she have to? Why does she have to enjoy them? The way you enjoy them can. She enjoyed them on her in her own way. Shouldn't you get the enjoyment of her enjoying it her way? Oh my God Mega Hooper. Not Listening to this. She's GonNa leave me go to you. Listen here's the thing though. Sometimes I go I want to restaurants. We can't go to like Asian restaurants where they don't speak fucking English because I can't be like. Oh she's got a soy allergy. Do you have something you can substitute? They're like we don't speaking. Do you want to eat the food or not? Where are you going that people don't speak English in California 'cause whatever that restaurant is yeah? I need to see grade on that rest like I. I think this is a problem. Okay this sounds like a you problem. You need to step back from that because like because I'm saying like you go to a restaurant go for the you know this is why as a comic you end up eating alone a lot and I'm totally fine with that. I love going to a steakhouse. I bring my headphones and my IPAD. I'm talking about. I'm on the road. I go to fancy ass steak house by myself. Why do you put the I hate? People go to restaurants and put the headphones. Why can just enjoy the restaurant experience? What restaurant experience. I'm sitting by myself. People are talking with what you want me just to sit there. I'm just sitting here and maybe make a friend wave at another table. They are you. I was thinking of ordering that. She's makes them conversation. She should leave you. This sounds like a nightmare. It sounds like a nightmare. Just all you gotTa do first of all even when you like. That's why I use open table. Wait hold on. I just want to tell you you know what the thing that you were talking about. How when you start doing the cleanse. All you started doing was focusing on the foods. Yeah I think that I'm this way with with my girlfriend. Which is once I started dating her. All focusing on was places that we can't go together. So you're saying your girl is like the master cleanse as she's driving you crazy but she looks great. I look great next there. No no you can't listen. You can't you're focusing on the wrong thing. I know you go out and eat with just one trying to try this US Open table because when you use one of those apps to make your reservations on the reservation you can put dairy allergy soy allergy. Know this and that and when you get to the restaurant because if you go to Nice places. They're going to be like okay. Hi and I hear. There's a dairy allergy and Baba you like yes and then they'll just ready to go. Yeah you just order. I mean I think it's actually nice. It's kind of like you know you're I like being able to be like. Hey No dairy for her like a really easy way to be chivalry. Excuse me Sir Lady will not be having any gluten tonight you hear me. Yeah so it's like what is it. How's it ruining your food experience? This she doesn't WanNA put poison in her body. There's an embarrassment that I get around the constant questioning about it because I like to be the guy who goes into the restaurant on like. I'm here to experience what the chef wants to give me. But then there's a control thing that we're putting on them better. Xyz Y and Z or were Leo. Do not going to leave. It doesn't get to that point. You're not like that right now. But she can't have she gets really fucked up if she's gluten. I This I have enough I this is. This is a you know. Okay you hear it yourself okay. Let's go back to. Let's go back Maggie. Maggie reach out to me girl. I'M GONNA TALK. Anytime you start acting you. Call me and I will talk to him about it. Stop it man. I just show up to the restaurant. She's not having gluten as a little bit. Bring this little. I guess we'll get back to. What is he? What what is your. Do you have any goatee restaurants that you go to? Yeah we do. We also like to try new things. Okay it's very easy to like when you go to a restaurant that you really like. It's so easy to just like. Let's keep going there. Yeah let's use our natural inclination. That's my restaurant. Let me go let me get the same pot roast with the whatever. Whatever you like that but I'm finding that is there's so many restaurants in La. It's really fun to just pick something that goes to play studio micros great about that. Wow I'm the opposite way. I think the older I've gotten the more I'm like. I just want my. I have my three places that I go. You gotTa try new things. The other night Korean barbecue places. Yes well so there's a few but my well let's try new ones. She liked looked online. You know she. She loves to YELP. Yeah so big out her. She's a biggie upper. So it sounds like all right go and we found this great place of Lincoln. But it's one of those ones where it's not all you can eat so it was usually the quality's better way better. Yeah so it was like Kobe beef and I was like you know it was expensive but it was great and I was like. Oh this is great but then immediately. I'm Mike we gotta come back. That's just what I'm saying is like go now. Go try something else. Yes go try something else. I love a good steak house. He's good steak. Yes or go to plays Chart House in Marina del Rey. Even know what the Chart House is? I don't think yeah. Chart House is Great. What do you Chart House in? Mastro's are the same company. Okay Got Landry. Rewards also in every rewards program. Are you if there's a rewards program? I'm a part of it. I'm I'm getting my percentage. Thank you have a problem? When you're on steakhouse rewards. Things like get nine rebounds tenth one now because you spent now because earnings like shaking his He's he's in the right. Yeah thank you tell this little the itch no because like you spend so much. It's all about money spent so every time you spend two hundred fifty dollars to give you a twenty five dollar right towards your next one. Oh yeah so. It's easy to spend two hundred fifty dollars at a steakhouse It is yeah so anyway so going to Chart. I Love Ocean. Prime in Beverly Hills is a Master's went to I've been there. I liked that power cuts in Beverly Hills. That's what's his name. His place Now the guys got spago Fillet Wolfgang Care. Actually I just got named on the La La Times hundred one best restaurants in L. A. Yeah that's great. That's great I love. I love a good steak house because you know why because the sides are great. I Love Steak House. So that's what makes it breaks a steakhouse for me. What side they got ahead. Cream corn who? I love me some cream corn. I'm cream spinach guy. I don't like cream spinach. I like I like Sauteed fucking cream. Corn Gross Goose Crews Minhaj is way grosser pulled up on your twitter grocer. Yes finish or corn cream corn way gross. No one is not. I completely disagree with you really. Yeah cream corn is like I feel like it's like a fucking cafeteria food all right and you haven't been to you haven't had you haven't had another stakeout. I think you're right. I don't think I ever have ordered spinach our cafeteria. That's good. What is your stake of choice when you go to stay you know? I don't really. It just depends on the mood. I'm in a you know. A good fillet is always good. Yeah you know. Like a small six two eight ounce filet that if you're in like a big mood that he fillet if you will petite fillet or filet on the bone the windows or you're going to get like you're going to get a ribbon. Yeah you know you get a nice fat rib eye. But then I don't get a lot of sides when I get a robot. Say This I'm going to go on record saying New York Strip can suck my Dick. Why why is that a? I just think that it's weird. It's kind of a hybrid between a fillet Annemarie by but it doesn't quite give you any of the pleasure of either either one. It's not as tenders girl likes to order what you're saying yeah wait. Why'd you break up with her dude New York? Strip steak all she was ordering and Queen Corners. No she's GonNa end up with someone way hotter and nicer all she really wants. Yeah yeah now. Obviously another thing. She is a personality person through and through they all. Are you think my girl likes looks so God oh my God I just remembered I we can. We can leave this entertainment out matched with a girl on one of the APPS. Super Hot is when I was single and just laughing and wasn't anytime recent she was like. Hey just so you know. I don't know he feel about this but I was Eric. Griffin's girlfriend so I don't know if you WANNA go out or not I was and I was like we had broken up. Yes you've broken up but I was like you know what I don't know that I do because it seemed like she was friends with a lot of comics and I don't like to mix business and pleasure that would have been awkward. Yes I didn't go there. See that see the respect I have for. You wouldn't have mattered now. We got back together the same person. Yeah Oh really going to be great. That's hilarious actually. GonNa take a picture. I'm going to take a picture of you and I remember when you match with this guy on on wh whatever APP that is so funny sorry I forget her name but Rachel Rachel. I'm sorry I didn't mean to create new drama Whole trauma has been created now but I was being respectful as being respectful. She was being respectful. 'cause she said she's very very nice. So Anyway Rachel Break Up. You can hang out with me and my girlfriend. She sounds like you guys. Also you guys all sound like a man. No that's not true. Look if that's the only thing that's not good in our relationship. We're doing okay. God this is getting Getting deep getting what is coffee that you have in the top you're Fr- Oh and there's a flask. We didn't get the flu at the ready to drink. Even mind that drink. I don't drink coffee you those batteries in there that. You're you have like a grandma's batteries in it you know. I got coffee at like a film in here like the old film. Kodak a good coffee I love a good like you know organic coffee or something you know. Those are always good. Do you go to a hipster. Coffeeshops anything like that. I like going to different types of coffee. Shop bluebottle ministers I get your more adventurous adventurous eater. I thought you were. People are like very overweight. They just have like their routine in the beginning of the conversation. I wasn't fat so now I'm very overweight and I go to. Okay here we go. That's that's that's how it goes full circle here. We were here. Is Jokes stupid jokes. No but I'm your what what is next on your list of your adventurous is a cuisine that you're looking for that you want to seek out. No I mean I just. I don't know I just I just I like eating. Fancy Fancy Bitch are you. Yeah you got a lot of options. Yeah Yeah Yeah all of your fancy I mean I well. I've seen that. There's actually a really fancy newfangled check. I'm not a big Chinese food guy. I think it's just so simple. Tiny's food is yeah. I'm saying like the some of the places you go. It seems like it's all the bee's rob fast type things too so I that kind of makes me sick. Yeah but if you go to like a a nice sit down. Yeah you know. Get yourself a peaking. Yeah so there's a there's one of those in coke. Downtown Cobra City has trouble keeping certain restaurants. Open man just that there's an area that like there's a different Restaurant like every year. Say like you know a new one is tried and you know what I mean so I don't know there was. There was a Santa Maria Barbecue. Place de that went out of business the name I don I didn't understand what is it. Is IT Mexicans Barbecue? Yeah I don't know what it is. It's like so many played by now. Dan Tucker cities really. They're building a bunch of stuff right now. So it's like really jumping off like main street in downtown Culver City. Yeah they have so many great restaurants there. Rocco's is over there. They had a Korean barbecue place. But it closed down Oh yeah there was a. It was a big one. Yeah yeah the grammar closed down. There's a lot of great little places right. They're the best meal I've ever had in Los Angeles best high end meal was in Culver City where there's a place called vesper teen known about this. This is a four hour. You're going to be there though way too much money. God if you if you need the specialist occasion if you and Rachel are going to are going to say no to the APPS forever. I think we think we are. I don't know after this but I think that you should absolutely texting right now. Arizona's phone. I'm texting right now. This is. She's like who's that you know. Just a guy you matched with on and you were trying to go out on a date with a green eggs. And Dan exclusive of on air on your break- we've never done this. But what's the name of the place? Where's IT AT VESPER teen? It's in that like you know there's like that strip that's like there's no restaurants that's just like fucking office. Buildings like that office building area of Culver City. It's in there and it's a standalone building and you go in and each course's on a different floor of the building and it's fucking. Oh God you feel the best private is you feel like you're on your at like first class of a rocket ship going into space. Oh I might try. It is wild and going to remind you got money league. Sushi saved up some of your fucking showtime money. Some of it. He says terrible with money. I'm fat go on with your girl. Astute Ado okay so when you give me started. She went on a date with someone when we have broken up. I'm going to say who it is comedy. I was outraged. Oh my God a comic not even going to say I'M NOT GONNA put business on the street. What effect would it have had met? If she'd gotten a date with me would you have thought? Wow she's got amazing taste. Would you have thought what she's so much taller than you? A window worked. I'm it would've looked ridiculous. It'll look like cruise Nicole. Kidman would look dumb. I would've loved to laugh. 'cause I would've loved to have seen that. He must be rid letter. Must have a beaker yoga offshoot or something but it is what it is. It's that kind of thing when you break up and you know you have to break and you still in each other's lives. It's hard to like know about these kinds of things so I told her I said to a very clearly. Please don't date anybody I know. Yeah you know 'cause into comedy. It's going to open mics trying to do comedy. I some nightmare. The whole thing is a nightmare right very very attractive with behavior. I'm still GONNA do comedy like and I'm going to be a fashion model. That's fun stuff when you're on the road. What is your food? We all like garbage on the road. Well I like to find a excuse me to find a good steak US okay. I'd like to find whatever the when iron here when I go when I go on a road chew. I want to go to the MOM pop place. That's been there for one hundred seventy five years. Yes like don't take me to cracker barrel or you know. Danny's whatever it is I don't WanNa go to Chili's and Applebee's really bitch. I can go to applebees anywhere. Tell me where's the restaurant? That is grimy along where it's an appears. Yeah Yeah you gotta ask for you know. Hey baby so I like that. And I'm also big Sushi Guy. Yeah love that. What SUSHI PLACES TO GO IN LA? There's a few boos a good one. Oh Shit y'all go to Nobu. That's Shell Tom Money. Great I like you know what I go to the one in Malibu yes one time dutiful girl. We're ATMANE AT NOBU fighting. It was terrible. That's the worst thing in the world when you get into a fight and you're fucking at an expansion. I'm still trying to enjoy it too. Was like you know and you always. Ooh yellowtail wishes. She'll pepper fix it while you're arguing with chopsticks in your hands. So that was a nightmare. I like three hundred dollar bill at at insult to injury. Koi Your career across the street from seems like you like the fusion of fun sushi places. I guess I do because sometimes I want a hot dish. I love cats. Sui in Brentwood Catan next to the comedy store. Okay like those types sometimes. Yeah and then also just like regular traditional you know. Just Gimme some fish. Ever go to Catania after doing us at the comedy store. No I've never done that. I don't like Catanha okay. The one next is so Hollywood. Yeah it's it's to fancying is always like somewhere else. There's always some beat in the background on own. And you're you're trying to eat and you can't talk. I hate that place. It's very like Russian oligarch Russians with shitty clothes on. Yeah I feel like you're hitman there for the we'll be back with more of the episode right after this steakhouses are great but dumb expensive. You can make just as delicious estate at home. Using my favorite technique the reverse sear method. Heat the oven to two hundred degrees seen a thick piece of dry age steak with way more salt-and-pepper than you think you need. Cook to an internal temperature of one hundred thirteen degrees. Then throw it on a scalding hot skillet to get both sides charred and Voila. You just saved hundreds of dollars and you don't have to deal with those. Non Woke steakhouse waiters. Hey you two. What would it be for the lady about some VODKA NEAT? She's already got huge rocks. You know what I'm talking about. Okay back there so we're GONNA do some questions. I sent you the that those questions These are these. Are these accidents questions? Giving people homework on yeah podcast. Nbc or Yeah we take. The video are five people who are listening to this now. We're the number one food podcast in the country now. Oh Wow no fucking number. One Food podcast. But I mean within. Podcasts are there is the number one food podcast by an Iranian Jewish host in the country. It's a big market in another guy. What is your earliest memory? My earliest food memory. Oh Man I think going to this restaurant called carnation with my mom okay. Yeah it was used to be on. I think it was on Wilshire. You grew up in L. A. I grew up in La. It's called coronation. It was and it was like next to the carnation is cream and they had a cafe attached to it was called carnations. Always remember that place. Yeah because I always had great shakes and yeah desserts and stuff like that so I remember going to go in there with my mom. Okay what is your death row meal? You've committed a murder. You're in jail you about to die you get one meal. I'll get one meal. I was going to be a steak with greenhorns. It'd be a fat steak with cream. Corn from where promotion prime or masters from ocean prime. And then I would want a Sushi. Appetizer okay and that's why I wanNA ocean prime right because it's like you're gonNA get your steak but we're going to open up with a little yellow tells. Yoshimi I gotTa Say Sushi steak the Best Surf and turf. Yes steak lobster. I don't quite get it guy. Yeah some reason I just don't like lobster allows texture to me. I just don't want it's fine. If lobster was a quarter of the price I'd be like this is great but I don't understand why you're paying that much money for that flavor okay. What is the best high end meal that you've ever had the best high in meal I've ever had? I've had so many of them yet. It's hard to really Buji Yeah I'm Kinda Buju many. I've had so many because I just I love to eat. Well yes I want I want to. I'm a creature of comfort so I don't I you know I want to go to the place that's going to be more expensive. I don't care I I like the service I like all that I mean the whole the whole thing but I I would. I want to say him and actually I'm going to mend this and it can't be a steakhouse or a sushi place. I want like a different. It was probably probably in Saudi Arabia. Alcohol Saudi Arabia and it was like this like seven course meal that I couldn't even eat some of the stuff because it was like you know illegal meets. You know what I mean all the Eagle Snow Leopard. I've thought like that. Scene in raiders of the lost Ark chilled monkey brains. I felt like that but it was just so elegant. How cool was it like an Arab restaurant or was it was at? It was catered thing at a hotel. No way just really fancy hotel with like a A cigar bar in the PENTHOUSE UNO. So this is like it was just fantastic but it was like deer how cool I was just like. Whoa this is so you know what I mean. That's fun what was the. What was the service at that? Was it like? Did you feel like a King? Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. I was ready to like topple a government. I was going to go to village. Not Give me a virgin. It's crazy what is the best low end meal that you've ever had the best low end. Meal Yeah Tommy's what's Thomas Tommy? The Chilli Cheese this guy you know what I mean like. We're both looking at him. Like I want to punch him in the face if it is it is it. Local and sustainable. That's talking. I love you. Maggie Chili cheeseburger place. Oh Yeah I've never been there for so long great and I remember you know what is funny that we're talking about this. I had a big brother from big of America. Okay you know so seven years old and he took me to this place and he was like he made a big deal out of it. He was like all right. Miss you know your order when you go up you gotTA order. You got to move on because they are you know and it was like it was like I was so excited. I was like Chili cheeseburger. Bill but that place is great when you want to just you know. That's a good low end and pinks is another one thinks hotdogs overrated Been a long. I do think it's overrated by used to go once a year to clean out my system because I we get like things by the way is not everyone's from la. It's the number one podcast in the country. is a hotdog place where there's always a huge huge high but it's like it's more than just a hot dog I would get. I would go there and get a chilly. Cheeseburger with Bacon and a fried egg. Ooh Yeah Holy Shit. That's my shit crumble. Lipitor on top of that is awesome. What is so? You don't drink so I guess we won't ask you. What your favorite drunk. Yeah I don't I don't drink so we don't ask you. What your favorite hangover food is. what is but let's say not hangover but let's say you're having a lazy Sunday. There's something you're GonNa Order in your comfort food like. What's Your Comfort Food Man? I don't really necessarily have a bad comfort food. Actually I always consider Sushi my comfort food really because there was a Sushi. Place down the street from where I live and I and I got it was. This guy introduced me to Sushi. Yeah you like you know. Tricked me into eating Sushi? And then so that became my spot. It was like my cheers. Go it was like my I would come in there. Sit at the bar like we were just getting yelled out a lot a lot we would just be APP and so that became like a comfort place for me so I would get like you know so so. Sushi is always think of it like that interesting. I I think for comfort food for me it needs to be warm and maybe a little crest or Chris Blake and pizza right right right So I wouldn't normally think Sushi but I get. The vibe is a specific thing. Yeah Yeah but like yeah but you know I love pizza. Yeah you know what I mean. I love a good pizza I love inside pieces overrated people from New York. Go Fuck Yourself. Okay your pizza's fine. I'm from New York actually do think I'm from New York and actually think Elliot's Pizza is better than new. York's right now but I don't think it does. I don't think it needs a rank doesn't it doesn't break it really doesn't matter no one cares. Chicago Pizza New York Pizza. They're all the fracas same is pizza. Man Wow did a blind taste test. You wouldn't be like this. Smells like you know. What would you say the same thing about Tacos? It depends what what is there. I mean is there another food? 'cause I love tacos okay? There's a good comfort food. Yeah like a like a good burrito from a from A. There's a truck and drive off law. Cnn gotTa from the comedy store is a truck at a car wash and it's there every day. Oh Yeah I know what I'm talking about. I stopped here. Sometimes they got A. They got great burrito He. I know that place the huge alpes store thing out so I love a good. That stuff's good for a good a good some straight talk just three street tacos is a great like that was great. Yeah lease on your fingers. I kinda shit absolutely. How's everything going with your girlfriend? And she texting you back break. We're not. We're not favorite break-up food. You're broken up you man. I'm still gonNA. I'm GONNA go stakeout. Yeah that's a good break up another check with Maggie. What is what is your. Don't worry baby I'm already go. Tell them no gluten Dairy Vegas love you. I'm getting scared listening. And she's totally going to. She got better things to do. What is your okay desert island food? So you're on a desert island. You have one thing you're gonNA have to eat for the rest of your life. Oh No I'M GONNA get tired of it. Oh my God well. Why do they have that? Why do they have that desert island? Yeah well you know you. Don't take it so literally. You're not literally trapped on. It is no no no but I'm saying when people take this question literally like bananas and Coconut Water to survive. I'm saying I would say I would want Mexican food. Okay because then because then I can. Even though it's the same I could get it in different shapes you right so I wanna Taco Bell there because it'd be like okay. GimMe a today. I want a burrito. So you want meat in a Tortilla right. It's me thirteen. And then the next day I'd be like GimMe Taco. Also meet but the tortillas shaped like this right you know guacamole. Yeah Yeah yes I would want. I want a some variety very cheap. I like that. That's a very good way around around the question. That's what I'm saying. You said like you're on a desert. It'd be like okay. Do I get a steak right? But then you can like you know. It's like so and this desert island. They have a lot of things because they have the meat for the CHARCOS Tortilla Lady. The the rest of her life. You pitching me. The Desert Island. Let's shark tank. Dan Hear me out. I was going to be great. What food can't you stand eating? You can't stand these the opinion I'm with you. It's like it's like people that like Ethiopian. Food go fuck yourself okay. These are the most pretentious pieces of Shit. It's always why people who have served in their lives and it's like you know why these people eat this food because there's nothing to eat of. That place is so nasty. That stupid Brown bread read to eat with your hands put things. I'm out. Smells LIKE AMMONIA? I can't it's like a fucking shitty sponge that was left in the back of your sink and now I have to scoop up shitty food. Yeah Yeah it's the worst. Oh Sorry Ethiopia. But Crash Tag. Sorry about that Ethiopia. Great people we love beat the Obama People Marathon. I'm with you bring them. And that's not even that Mr Kenyans but I'm sure they're good to fed general region. I don't like is disgusting to me. Yeah I'm with. I don't like clams thing that I'm not a fan of his to there to Lougee Ish. Yeah Rob Planner fucking. Yeah the only time I can do. A clamp is a small clam if it's like in a pasta or a pizza. I haven't tried that cooked but a big fucking rock lamb is too much. Wow see we have so much incumbent Eric. Oh God more in common than what? We matched with Rachel our last question. This is my favorite question. I've a feeling it's going to be very fun to riff on with. Ah What is your restaurant. Pet peeve. Don't get me started. Yes he should use it. Why would you do this? Think we have enough time to the people of Right? Before we my biggest pet peeve. Yeah right down my fucking order. Yes okay right to shit down this little magic trick you doing right now. This little memory game hated I. You're not impressing me. No you don't impress me you'll you'll give me Zaidi now. I'm like just bitching remember to order. House go remember because I'm finicky. Imagine Maggie right and you have to be like okay. No Soy Gluten free and then you've got to remember on that right right it down and it's someone who doesn't look like they have a great memory. I got this I was like no no. You don't because here's my problem with it 'cause now. I'm just waiting for the fuck up right. You know what I'm saying. Yeah because now. I'm just anticipating tomatoes on my. My right eye noticeably tomatoes. Because she didn't look like or he you know. I don't care who it is girl. Yeah hearing this right now and what I don't appreciate about. It is even when they get it right now. I'm still stressed out. Oh wow you got it right. Yeah and then. It's not like you feel like Oh a bonus. Uh Fuck Man. I just went through Atlanta stressed after this twenty minutes waiting for the foods. Shit wrong right to sit down. Fuck you kyle. No one gives a shit. Yeah that you have a fun little brain technique that you're gonNA. I'm working my memorization for my acting. Classes Yeah Bitch. You're a waiter okay. Okay we're a waiter when you check in here. Yeah check in at the Carl's junior. Yeah Yeah Yeah when you at Sizzler. You're not a says. Be a waiter so that's one can't stand the other one. I can't stand is don't ask me if I have a reservation if there's nobody in this motherfucker if I get hurt. No one's ever said that and I've never thought it but I hate it. Don't ask me this reservation. Just four tables available okay. Who's coming in right now. Sit Me at this table over here. I hate that so much. Oh my gosh. Yeah that's what do you say? Like what if I didn't what if I dare what difference I was a lunch rush coming in like there's like eight tables open but it's three PM. Yeah what are you waiting for? King stand there the other one of my other restaurant? I have so many. My pet peeve is like I don't WanNa be on. I Hate Training Day to waiters. Come over hi. Hi this is Suzie in its first day. I'm like Oh fuck okay it memorized. I Hate Training Day Training Day. I don't Wanna be your Guinea pig. This isn't grey's anatomy. Where like doctors? What do we do now? I think we should. I cut the these people. I don't want the MED student. Fuck I don't want the residents. I want the order. Where's the head of the hospital that won't take in this order? So those are I can't stand that those are very very good. Yeah very good Eric. Thank you so much. It's been very fun I hope you and Rachel sort things out on this. This'll be fun for me to tease her about if you don't pay steakhouse dinner. We'll go together all right. Sounds going to double. That'd be fun now. Gluten dairy. No you just whatever's nasty in the kitchen. Can You bring that out on a plate? Everything that makes food delicious. Our girls don't like it. You just have to separate reservations at the stake as me and you said one day and then we're just looking at this all right. Thanks this episode of green eggs and Ban was produced by Andrew Stephen Executive produced by Jeff Umbro and the glamorous. You can find more of their podcasts. At Todd Glamour at Dot Com. The theme music is beautiful. Food by Don an interstitial music is by brake master cylinder especial. Thanks to Ernie who Tato to see pictures of Eric. Griffin's information about the restaurants mentioned in the episode and more follow me on instagram twitter at standup Dan. If you like this show please tell a friend. Sharon episode leave leave a rating and review on Apple? Podcasts stitcher spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Lawmen Sonic Universe.

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