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the Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. A skinny today show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for the people in the planet. Hello everyone one. Welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective. I'm Krista Eskimo at such a pleasure to spend this time with you as always and I am sitting here in Midland Texas with Chelsea Ray crossland. Who is the account manager for Pro Flow Measurement Chelsea right? Thanks so much for being yes. I'm excited I'm so excited to jump into your story for us to just chat like two girlfriends having coffee. It's GonNa be fun but I wanNA thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends family and colleagues we have listeners all over the world and of course right here in the Permian Basin and I really appreciate each and every one of you feel free to leave a review when you stop by or you can also send me an email. We appreciate you. Thanks again Chelsea for being here today. So let's start at the beginning. How did you get in the oil and gas industry? Oa I never wanted to or I would never do it so owning a furniture store I was like I'm never going to be in the oil. I'm not GONNA do that. My Dad has done it his whole life. My brother was in it. You know and I was just like I'm not GonNa do that. I'm not going to be oil so I sold Chelsea race and went on to own rental company and I just didn't love it. I wasn't in love with it and you shouldn't do anything you're not in love with right and and so. I had an opportunity to sell and I did and I was like what is next. What am I gonNa do like twenty seven? I need to get it together. You know so. My Dad's like we'll have a sales position open like cool. Let's do this L. Yeah and then I got there and I was like what am I doing? I don't know anything that's going on. I don't we're talking about so I just kind of said in meetings and Kinda saw how my superiors were talking to people and what they were asking what people are asking them. And it's all about how you treat your customer and customer service in the end. I mean you can call and ask questions anytime you want. But that's what I needed to learn. That just took all that fear away. So I ended up working for crossfire for about two years and then came onto pro flow. And we're rocking and rolling. Just doing the same thing. So I'm just Kinda taken over what my dad did and it's nice it's cool that's awesome and I and I know those of you are not hearing the base in. Her furniture store was incredible and she's very talented designer. You you really are. But you're a people person like oh I just I love your energy you give off such great energy and that really translates into anything you do and then you say that you didn't want to go into oil and gas but you also grew up in it really. Yeah Your Dad. I did so explain what that was like and how that experience is now helping you and in your role today. Yeah I just think that my dad you know. He's never burned bridges. He's always do not burn a bridge and you work hard for your customers and I took that into furniture so everything. He's taught me with by in showing me what he did with his company. I've taken it with all my companies you know and I just took it with me in the oil and I just knew that you have to make customer happy no matter what. And they're always right. Committee is always always right. No matter if you don't want them to be you know so I just took that with me and it's a long way and a lot of my customers are more friends. Now you know and so. I've just taken his life lessons and moved onto my career and I do miss my furniture store but I feel like this is God's plan and this was to be because I'm probably the happiest I've ever been career wise. You know and so that's just when you know where you're supposed to be and I end. It opens a lot of doors up for me and gives me some time to do my charities and nonprofit stuff and that's what I really enjoy and so I have both of them. I can do both of them. And that's what I want. 'cause you know you want both of them but sometimes you can't do both right to constructing timing wise right in doesn't allow you to do your philanthropy and then sometimes we'll the flannery doesn't pay you so you also have to have jobs so you have to find that balance and that's what it sounds like this has been able to do for. Yeah and I think that's why I'm so fulfilled right now because I mean I've I've always said if I moved out of town I would love to get an events. Corporate events not so much weddings or parties but corporate events like nonprofits and conventions and trade shows stuff like that and my job now gives me that opportunity to be involved in events bigger events in so I just get a little. It's like a happy medium. You know that that's so important. You have to have balanced told us what pro flow does okay. So we sell pop galveston fittings. So we sell the facility's production. We do midstream all that. Good stuff and then we do actuators automative vows so we manufacture those in house but division on is pipe bells and fittings bent hell. Yeah we're like the grocery store to do. You need a pipe valve. You just walk in. You'd go down the I say that's the one and we deliver lung twenty four hours and so we kinda will work. I mean my boys have been working till nine o'clock at night and every day. This week has were slammed and we just do our customers need to do. I mean that's how you keep your business out here in a boom and bust and so when you treat your customers with respect when I think what you just said is probably Magic to a lot of people's ears right now to say that you are slammed because I think there has been a feeling of uncertainty right watching if you watch the oil and gas prices that you know. They're fluctuating but it is still busy. I think that oil is always going to go up and down. It's election year corona virus. Every we have all this stuff but I think the media makes it a little bit worse than it needs to be. I'm not so sure about drilling side and all of that but on the production side. We're pretty busy so I mean I know that. A lot of people are laying down some rigs this year because of the oil prices but as of now we're busy and I'm very grateful and appreciative of that. But absolutely we are I mean it is what it is kind of thing but I mean that's how I pushed really hard for him at probably the best group out here to work with and they just know that it's important to keep your customers happy and treat them with respect and you know always have them. I. I hope that helps us when. Or if this goes into a bust so well and I love that you are a team leader and your company and as a woman. You'd I love seeing women. Just take on those roles and I know that you know. Say Maybe Twenty. Thirty years ago when you're dead. You know turned. His company's there wasn't as many women in the roles. So how do you lead the teams? What is your key to success in that leadership role? I honestly think it's good chemistry with your people because you could have the best leadership skills and someone just doesn't want to learn you know and I just was so blessed my guys came from Chelsea raise and then they continued with my dad at crossfire us and then they came over to pro flow. So we've all been together for so long that we kind of know how to job together. You know how we work in certain situations so Brad has been with my dad for twenty five years. He's like an uncle to me and so he's the president of the company. And you know we all fall under him but it's his leadership and then you know. I help with the boys in the shop. And it's just set in that presidents that you need to work hard and keep the customer happy and they all understand that and they. You know bus there but for us and I mean I couldn't ask for anyone else and when you have that kind of longevity with your team you know each other strengths and weaknesses. You can help what we call around here that we learned from an amazing business coach. Debbie FRAPP he. Sometimes you have to hold the ladder. Yes I'm one and you know when you've worked with someone that long you know who needs her ladder hill. Yeah and then you know they'll know when you need your help. Yeah it and I take the new one new people coming in. They see that can watery and they want to join that. WanNa be a part of that and you. Kinda just don't allow anything else. You keep what's going on. You know you keep that attitude and don't let anyone else change it you know right in. So that's import whenever you just Kinda set that tone and this is what it's going to be. I mean they have no choice. Probably not going to be working there. I mean you have to set the tone of how he wanted to be in. Don't ever you know exterior from that. You know. Just stay on that exactly. So let's talk a little bit about your Philanthropy Day without is so important to you and you have a big event coming up and we're GONNA talk about that a little bit more but I wanNa talk about how you got into philanthropy and white so important to you. It's important because I've been so blessed in my life and I feel like it is very important to give back to community. I think that you should give back nationally too but I think that it should mostly be in your community. What can you do in your community? And that's always I mean through church and my parents and stuff like that of always just wanted to give back in. I've fallen I think else has their own opinion. On what organizations they love and whatnot but mine have fallen in Lake. The children with the Youth and American Cancer Society and I got brought into American society with decorating and because Chelsea raise than than I had a rental company and so they asked me if I would donate my time will then I just fell in love and now it's my fifth year and I'm charing this year and so I'm co chairing with Adrian Noble. But I mean I was driving down the road one day and I was like. How can we feed these kids? You know 'cause we'll right now probably about five hundred kids. Go home on the weekends with only food. And that's the garden through senior it's heartbreaking. Yeah it's so sad. I mean I couldn't imagine going home and not having anything to eat and so there's a ton of other organizations doing it but I got locked in to rope youth in on their board now and we started a program where we pack bags on Wednesdays and we feed them every Friday so we give them a bag to take home every Friday and you know we met a little boy and he said he has to make that work for the whole week and it's just so sad and you know junior highs are getting beat up for having the bag so we're trying to really hone in on how we can get these back to these kids without being embarrassed bullied. Beat up whatever you know. And that's our main goal and also paying off the school debt because if those kids have school debt the lunch debt then they get arts cut field trips cut and they'll just just things that you need you know in your school other than just math reading. You know you need other things you need. Art and kids need to be kids. It'd be worried about whether lunch account is caught up and we've had a teacher reach out and say you know that helps us a lot. Because that's less supplies. I have to buy. And so that cuts into their own money their personal money and so we're just trying to do better for our youth in where we now started a youth coalition to kind of figure out like kids getting in trouble how we can help them. Kids not eating. I mean it's just like all aspects of youth coming together and figuring out how we can really fix it because it's important and they're our future and I just don't think that any kids should go without eating and you know rope youth we do a young gentlemen's club and they get a suit and tie and they learn how to iron. And how did you resumes and how to just do things to become a gentleman a tie tie and so you and we just mentor them. And it's just sad that things that you see mean. Some kids won't even go into cafeteria because the lunch ladies like you. Oh this you know and I think yeah and you shouldn't be shamed it's not your fault not I mean whether it's if parents fault or not. It's still not their fault. Absolutely then they go on to have being bullied or just have that fear that anxiety and that's not fair no you know and so that means a lot to me because I mean I have four nephews and I love him to death in there my world and I couldn't imagine if they were in that situation you know well thank you for doing what you do in our community. I knew you personally so I know you're not just one of those that talks about you. Walk Yeah I know you were you. Were working hard. And usually I announced in our podcast at the very end after our interviews always announce a community MVP. But I'm going to announce today's because you're part of it and so I thought you. I thought you could talk about it better than anybody but we decided that this week's community. Mvp would be the American Cancer Society and the volunteers who are working on roundup. Twenty twenty under the big top so we are. You could go ahead and explain what the big event will entail so we just had our children's party which is awesome becky young chaired dot and so we had at the planetarium and we had family show up. The kid either has cancer or survived from it and we invite their whole family Kane sponsored it so we got some good canes and then we had musicians. We had a Selfie play as we had tied. I we had painting and they just enjoyed a full day. And then they're making a bowl or a base out of their hands so we auctioned off at our live auction in those usually. Go for a high number. 'cause they're just awesome in that goes to children research but are roundup is on April eighteenth. And it's under the big top. So it's circuses and we usually do a western theme in this year. We were like. Let's get some exciting. You know. Change it up. So we're excited in Matt News performing which we're so happy about because we're keeping it in the community and we think that's really important as well as in so Odessa Midland. Come together to put this whole thing on. We have a huge committee this year. I'm very grateful and appreciative them. They're awesome so we're going to have pig racing. It's so fun and just a lot of carnival games to like wine toss. We're GONNA have a liquor. Toss for the guys shotguns and shells and then we have a chanel to be raffled off as well and then we do yellow roses. So if you want to buy a yellow rose for someone that has cancer survived cancer or in memory of so we are very excited and Kathy. Broten and Jason. He's a little eighteen month old. Little boy they're going to be in honor of and they've survived cancer and then. David farmer is going to be our in memory of so. We're excited. That is so excited. I'm excited for the Chug. Wagging is going to be our hater. So their foods amazing and this will take place April. Eighteenth at the Melon County Horseshoe. Yes and how can people get tickets or tables or be a sponsor go online to American Cancer Society? Or we have round up the cattle baron's ball on facebook contact me. I mean there's endless opportunities there but yeah you can contact me on facebook or give me a call for three to six six four two zero two four and I get your sponsorship form and we're still looking for underwriter so I mean there's plenty opportunity get involved until we'll sharing that. I know that that's important to him so I thought what better community for this week. Show the nine. You know a lot of our stuff stays local and it goes to research and so we really like to push out and let everybody know that. Your money's not going national you know I mean there are research opportunities that we will put some of the money into but a lot of it's as local in the hope lodge in Lubbock and you know car rides to appointments and stuff like that and that's needed here and the whigs and all of that good stuff so we are local as well fantastic. Chelsea. I know you've lived here your whole life. What do you think makes the Permian Basin so great? I think it's gotten huge. You know better than when you were young. The small town feel like the football. You know everybody knowing each other. Everybody being involved in events in nonprofit stuff I think that in I mean with the shooting instead of every how everybody came together. That right there just shows you how good of a community we live in. I think that sometimes we forget it because all the traffic and all the craziness that the oilfield has brought but when it really comes down to serious events we come together and we say strong you know so. I think that's what's great about Melinda absolutely. What about favorite Booker podcast? You have a book that I love. Melissa Radke okay. She's just like my type of person like the sarcasm in the way you know how love her so probably her okay. I'm have to listen to her. Yes I listen. Every morning her and her husband on facebook they do alive. And they're just hilarious. Okay fantastic. What about a quote favorite quote that you live by? I don't know I kinda like innocence. Fake it till you make it but not so much fake it you know you just have to push through hard times and no matter. What just see your goal sier dream and push through and dilemma. Nobody bring you down. You know that's one of my favorites I say don't let anyone steal your joy. Yeah anyone I don't get mad because it's so easy to do and you could. I mean going on facebook and just looking at people's pictures can bring you down and it's just like that's not real rhino. You know what you're doing. You know what dream you hob. And what goals and just keep moving forward. It's right and if it's God's plan it'll happen and everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that you were talking. My where does how I believe? One Hundred L. I you know I hated things that didn't happen for me and I'm just like this God's plan and this is what's supposed to be in. I live by that so of great opportunities. Don't open them like there's a great one coming that's right. What about the most important lesson you've learned in life? Kinda just to be true to yourself. Don't let other people make decisions for you in a sense. Don't let them innocence. Bull you or make you change your decision because you don't think it's right you know. Stay true to yourself. What about your parents? I know there are strong influence on. Yeah you learned anything from them that you think. That was the best advice they ever gave me. Yeah it's like I said earlier. Like don't burn bridges and just really like stay true to yourself in be who you are because you know. I've never seen my dad. He's not like he has great friends but he's never an like click and he's never done things that you know people want him to do. He does what he thinks is right and for my mom as well and so. I think that's what they've religious truly taught me if whatever you feel you need to do pray about it. Whatever comes to you. That's what you need to stick with Indu. Don't let anybody influence you right so I think that is probably one of the greatest lessons and be close to your family. I think family is number one and he no one loves you more than your family and I mean I'm very close to mine and so I think that it's very important to be close to your family though true so for those of you who are not here from the base and may be explained who your parents are just. So they'll know who your your dad's company was okay so my dad's running crossland and my mom's norm across Lynn and he owned production specialty for about twenty twenty five years and grew up in Andrews. Oh well they grew McCain their high school sweetheart. Oh Yeah we just celebrated thirty six January. Yeah so and then I was born in Andrews and that's where my dad started his first store. He grew to twenty two stores after that and sold once bought it back sold again. And Yeah. It's been a ride. But and then I have a brother and he has four boys which is crazy town over there and then my sister-in-law Marcy she owns AMC aesthetics. So yeah we're all Kinda here actually. My parents just moved to Bernie but they're back and forth there. They're still here. Your Whole Family. The rocks that is us. Thanks for sure that we are those who maybe don't know that because we have listeners now all over the world which is just fantastic and that love to hear what's happening here in the Permian Basin. Sometimes us that live here. We forget that we are such a big energy provider for the world and so it's exciting to hear the stories of the people that really built businesses. Yeah it's crazy. I mean I mean like I said my dad sold out and then they started edge manufacturing and then crossfire and then we sold out there too. So it's just we've kind of tried to build up companies and then you know sell them. Yeah what have you learned the most from the ups and downs of the oil and gas industry. I think in that comes back to how you treat your customers. It's treat them like you're gonNA treat them in a bust because they realize that and they see that and if you don't treat them good in a boom because other people are more important r giving you more money than they're going to remember that in a bust and I mean you won't get their business and that goes for contractors or you know anybody you always should treat your customers with respect and I think that that will get you business in the long run. Buster boom 'cause I mean you really remember how you were treated and who had a little power trip you know? 'cause that's big out here get some power you think you can talk to people a certain way and so. I think that people remember that right absolutely good advice. If you had a piece of advice to give to someone who is maybe you know on a similar journey as you are and is maybe trying to get into the oil and gas industry. What advice would you give to them? I think you should study the company that you're going in with really. Just sit on on meetings. You don't need to be in you know stuff. That doesn't really pertain to you. But you can find out the INS and out of your company you need to know every little aspect you know because like mine. There's so many parts so I'm literally telling Barks Hearts. Yes there's so many parts to it and I'm constantly learning and I I mean even Brad. He's constantly learning and he's been in it for twenty five years you know and so just learn and study study study and then get to know your customers and if there's daughters has a birthday wish them a happy birthday or birthday or you know they're having family stuff. Hey just thinking about unions like you have a personal relationship with them to an extent you know but take some bundt cakes or something sweet. Nothing Bundt cakes about them on the holidays. You know and just really get to know them and make them feel like they're important to you and that's what's important right good advice. Yeah what are you looking forward to the most right now? I'm looking forward to acs for that round up. But I'm looking forward for. We're growing right now with pro flow and I'm so excited and I'm trying to slowly do it but I'm really excited to see where we're going to go and what we can do out here and also what we can do with the fruit program with rope youth. I think that youth coalitions GONNA do wonders and I'm excited to be involved in that in see where we can go with the youth so fantastic. How can people get a hold of you or your company on Social Media Online okay? So pro flow is on facebook and Lincoln. And then y'all like I said you can call me four three two six six four two zero two four and just I mean I'll pick it up anytime of the day. My email address is C. Crossland so C. C. R. O. S. S. LAND AT PRO flow P. R. O. F. L. MEASUREMENT DOT COM and tastic. And One more question when you're coming into today. Was there anything that maybe we haven't talked about yet? That you're like Oh. I hope that heard listeners. Get to know about me or my companies now. I think that it was really. I wanted to talk about pro flow and and then like American Cancer Society and stuff so now we got it all. We got an awesome fudge. I'm excited we. We were just visiting if you're just joining us and hopefully you've been listening the whole time but if you are just joining us just wanted to remind you. We were visiting the Chelsea Ray crossland account manager for pro flow measurement but she is also so philanthropic in our community and born as West Texas. It's just been such a joy and pleasure to hear your story so thank you. Thanks for having really appreciate you. Yeah well that's GonNa do it for today's episode. That's right. We already announced our community. Mvp So once again the American Cancer Society was today's community MVP. And of course a very special. Thank you to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian perspective. We really appreciate Baker Hughes in their support and of course we thank all of you for listening and sharing this time with us. So that concludes this episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin. Remember my modest dream. Big believe in yourself and never give up. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here. With the events on deck for the next month we have some exciting things coming up to happy hours one in Pittsburgh and one in Denver so the first one will be happening on March twenty second at Bubbas Gourmet burgers and beer. This event won't be from four to seven and will feature live recording of oil and gas this week with Jake Corley and Markel Corp so be sure to check that out. You can sign up the our social media's we have an event bright sign up and should be good to go from there. The next event will be a happy hour in Denver at Liberty Oilfield Services on April second once again. Check our social media's for the event bright sign up and sign up there as some of our social media followers may know we are headed to Aberdeen Scotland the first week of March in a couple of days actually for Doku con creating high impact sales and Energy Dokru is excited to launch. Its very first sales development conference and Obgyn's mark and Patrick will be hosting a panel and recording live podcast. So we're really excited to be joining map. The leaders in industry luncheon is on March eleventh at the Petroleum Club of Houston. Port of the future is happening on March tenth and Eleventh in Houston your registration to the port of the future conference also allows you access to exclusive events including TSA security and terrorism research showcase and many more so be sure to view the agenda and see what they are offering the Houston energy. Breakfast will be on March twentieth at the Norris Conference Center in Houston the API Energy Houston Gun. Chapter will be on March Twentieth. This event is filling up very quickly so make sure to get a team in as soon as possible. The BP Energy Outlook Twenty twenty edition will be on April twenty. First it's happening online. And this event is about transitions that will take place to a low. Carbon energy system offer this month. Everybody hope you guys have a good and check back in next month to see what we're having thank tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot obgyn dot com.

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