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I am doing well yeah good good weekend yeah great weekend. <hes> I saw mid Somare yesterday. What is that about it is a Colt movie and it is one of the most fucked up movies I've ever seen in my life scary? It's horrifying refined to think about and watch so yes to check it out. I really liked those weird. I'm more or less like Horror Gore and more horror like psychological weirdness definitely oh it's weird yeah. I can't look at trees the same now oh yeah no or anything in nature really so nature. It's okay it's like some pagan like Colt thing so it takes place all during the daytime which is crazy for a horror movie right well. Yeah it's wild anyway. That's my story went up at the comedy store. Yesterday that was fun and that's all as a door guy. Dana Gould Yep did did ma five minutes and he mentioned he liked one of your jokes twice. Yes he was very nice man. He also <hes> Yeah Yeah. He's Hilarious so yeah. What about you Lisa? I went to COMECON that was cool. Oh yeah that's in town this weekend here. We go yeah big thing Yep. A lot of a lot of people dressed up. I remember one time I was working at the hard rock hotel which is right in the middle of it like an and there's just thousands thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands of people walking the streets in costumes and really really good 'cause play and there was a like a convention in from Kansas City like business guys like dentists or something. I don't know they sell dental equipment or whatever I can't even remember they're all standing out front in their suits suits and all these people and costumer welcome by what is happening and I'd like to Saturday man. This is just San Diego Yeah. It's just how we are welcome until your friends in Kansas and his great to imagine someone coming over here for the first time to San Diego just being completely chinaware what is happening Yeah Hammer tambor's joke about because he's an immigrant right he gets here as a boy from Egypt and the first night there here is Halloween so all these people are knocking on its door dressed as monsters and he's like. Why did we come here? He's so funny yeah. I dressed as the Miller report actually Oh night yeah just wore my black and white striped dress and just tape the Miller report on the front and someone's picture yes shit. That's funny redaction dress perfect dress for that you should have. I've had a cager Andrew. You're carrying call them the William Bars Oh that's elaborate. I like that. It's a lot to disbar yeah. That'd be funny license plate if you really cared that much the thought about where about it. We have a lot of news to cover this week so let's hit the high notes hot notes all right so a story dropped in the Washington Post about Jeffrey Epstein Lines Sweet Jail Deal Palm Beach County in Palm Beach Florida and how a supervisor at the jail who works for the Sheriff wrote a memo saying that Epstein was poorly versed in jail routine and his adjustment to incarceration would be atypical so oh he authorized this Guy Supervisor Authorized Epstein cell door be left unlocked so that he could watch T._v. in attorney room whenever he wanted they installed the T._v. for him by the way <hes> rough rough rough jail days and six days a week he was allowed out for twelve hours a day to work in his office but even beyond that he was allowed to hang out in his mansion on at least nine occasions without supervision and one time he was left unattended for four hours in his mansion so the Palm Beach County Sheriff now. I guess his name is Brick Bradshaw. He was a sheriff back then to him. Yeah he's been there for a while and I think it's the same deputy to. I'd have to look into it but he announced that he'll be investigating the actions of Deputies assigned to monitor Epstein so I guess he's investigating the actions of himself and his staff at the time because like if I read it correctly like Jeffrey Epstein they had to wear suits his yeah they weren't like atypical guards yeah they were in suits and one of his drivers was he was a Russian guy named Eagle or and he was like a mixed martial artist and so these were not typical dudes these were like hand picked for Epstein and he paid over one hundred twenty eight thousand dollars dollars just to have this privilege of having these guards follow him to where he went instead of being guarded at the prison like a regular fucking inmate. He's living in a mob 'cause play totally Maho. You've thought so true. Apparently a lot of female visitors came and according I think one of his former lawyers his name is Edward. He said that these women would come into Jeffrey's office thinking they were going to talk to him about something business like and then they would be manipulated into sexual encounters while he's serving his sentence so it was like he was he just kept during this this power move with people and I wonder who those women are and if they would ever come forward because this is his former lawyer saying this wow yeah I mean it makes while he's in jail for child rape. Basically they charged him with prostitution which I don't understand how somebody under eighteen can be considered prostitute but okay victim blaming much. He's jail quote unquote and while he's on this release. He's doing what he's in jail for his attorney. He said he was definitely having having sexual encounters with female visitors they didn't specify what age but it did seem like he was coercing these women one way or another and he was doing this at this like foundation. He built some nonprofit job foundation that he built. That's where he spent his office time so they come. It's every day I find a new reason to nachos. nonprofits seriously fucking sucks. What is his charity just charity for Epstein helped me <hes> give gene and yeah there's some good ones out there but it's just like so easy to exploit for sure of corruption and stuff I mean look at the trump foundation and yeah from what you were talking about? I think those guards were like more like security to protect him guard him from doing yeah and and their eagle rhyme the Russian name ego or like that was very interesting like Jordan. They were saying <hes> off the air that that it's very interesting that Epstein had a Russian guy guarding. In Him with a very Russian name wearing a suit and this is all unusual to the prison standards like normal inmates. Don't get this treatment let alone some Russian mixed martial arts no offense to Russian mixed martial arts people but just because Epstein scientists tied up and we're the Mueller investigation all his people know Russians. I'm just like hey why is he being protected by these guys instead of regular guards yeah and what was he doing it as mansion just hanging out yeah. It's all about him like he's a dog now when he was left unattended for four hundred right yeah in one of the guards asked him a corner. He wasn't the Ebor Guy. It's probably regular American do but he was like I was unclear about my job and when they clarify it they said you're there to protect him. These guards I mean I guess guards are supposed to protect inmates but they need to call him inmate. They always they were supposed to call him. Jeffrey all of the guards referred to him as Jeffrey Yeah and they're supposed to call an inmate Epstein Jeffrey first-name basis whole thing seems very arranged attached versed in jail routines true and you know you said isn't that the fucking point of jail like <hes>. have it suck yeah. It's a punishment I think <hes> but at the same time the rest of US yeah it's just I don't know I think it's crazy how they tried to use the argument that they have to jump through hoops because of his privilege and they were like people are saying that you know we got leniency but no we had to work harder because but that's what privileged thinks oppression is any kind of hoop. He's gotta fill out paperwork and they probably like this is crazy. You know yeah with my ipad and I didn't. I read something like they were like. Oh we'll actually he had a lot more problems because of his wealth yeah. That's awesome guy working for him was saying Yeah Oh yeah poor bore Epstein yeah but that's what it's like when you have heavy sociopaths with so much power as they really feel like victims through and through and you can't change their mind you can only lock them up forever which will do yeah and that's why I don't get some of these laws that require you to have willful and knowing knowingly like no. You're breaking the law. These guys don't fucking in any format so am I going to apply it or remember it or anything out of it. Their entire lives basically it applies to them so how could they possibly have knowledge that they're breaking the law when they don't think it applies to everything from like sorry no I was Gonna say he spent his whole life like you. Were saying doing this yeah and like people just starting out with just getting your D. You is sort of you know taking taking care of not needing to go through the justice as some stuff like that and you just yeah I imagine just doing stuff over <unk> over game because you keep known more people may get more money and Guinness kinds of Americans they talk about. It's got to be white collar and blue collar because that seems to be the dividing line not even necessarily racial. It's like if you're poor. You're not GonNa get away with any of this. If you're rich like this guy is the limit you know when you do go to jail you you get to go home twelve hours a day and keep cramming yes insanity. It's so <hes> what do you think he's going to do. What do you think he's in there for like these guys would drive him to his mansion or his office and they would park outside hi and they'd be like I didn't go inside but I saw who inside and it's like? Why did you just let this happen? You're supposed to be a guard what the fuck and why is the sheriff. Who did that investigating this yes? This is all weird Pollard yeah. Maybe you could be like a Deutsche Bank thing sort of where they're trying to clean their hands of having any sort of connections with Donald Trump. I don't know what those guys were doing but we wouldn't have given him alone all right but you're the head of the organization and he did so yeah yeah like Oh. This is <hes> <hes> you know. This is horrible that he was treated so well. I'm going to look into this that I was in charge of. What are you even very high? I don't know maybe that's not a high profile case at the time but I'm pretty sure that's that's awful to imagine that that would just be a drop in the bucket. Uh of a bunch of sex crimes that having but maybe it was like that so it truly does just under the rug which is grotesque yeah and the judge is not a fan either if you can if you can be unbiased in these situations but he basically <hes> <hes> he's like no you don't get out on bail right. It's probably more likely they're just facing so much public pressure exactly Miami Herald killing it and they're finally being treated the way they should have but this is an old man. This is why when I think of trump to it's like whatever kind of retribution or justice we gotta this. He still lived his whole life bigness person. He's towards the what sixty six or something yeah so. It's like so much damage already done so much so it's really about making a statement for the next fuckers you know but yeah I hope he goes down to obviously go down absolutely an and I think that's one of the main differences between like us. Trump supporters is Bill Clinton goes down. We aren't going to try to defend him but if trump is connected they'll try to defend core. Like how many times have we ever brought up Schneiderman after he got ousted this because you did some gross shit and now you're gone and that's it and we're not sitting here dwelling on how it was like some anti state writing we call for Al Franken's resignation and the Republicans nominated a child rapist to be a senator not somebody who listeners are actually critical that US which I understand their frustration they are saying that we were talking about Al <hes> for the photograph and they you know listener. I made a good case about how the worst thing that Al did might have been apologizing for something that made it seem like he did more because it seems like in the photograph that they're referring to like supposedly he's not touching her and like I think if he did something then yes it was a joke but yeah I was a bit right and and you know I e exactly but I think my point is is to say that we don't come down on people for either me too stuff for child pornography. Whatever it is is is just so backwards and so wrong exactly and the fact that ready to replace him like you said someone that was like worse? It's like it's a really delicate dance like in this case I think they should go down across the board but there are some cases whereas Liberal Party it doesn't flicked sometimes more damage because how hypocritical the other party is just undo all the justice. We're trying to do by replacing them with someone like that so I wasn't well. I wasn't insinuating. I'm sorry if I miscommunicated this that Roy Moore didn't replace Alfred. I'm just urged him to be. We got rid of Al Franken for a joke doc and they ran a pedophile and they're running again continues. Yes thank you for the clarification because you're still stands yeah yeah they replaced him with a female Roy will not replace. Can you imagine a bunch of his potential constituents just sitting there praying for him to win the election yeah well. I mean some of them believed the accusations cost him. Yeah believes that I've just saying right right. I mean that has to happen because his base supported him even after admitting that maybe there's some truth to the allegations but they said they would rather support him because to have another person in the office. That's going to be pro abortion pro choice. That's is to use what's worse for them. Yeah then their kids being and maybe they are ineffective but this is so much bigger. It's it's they're contributing to rape culture in a negative way by thinking that they're saving the moral value of something else. It's like it's just my daughter. Just don't kill the fetus but of course they wouldn't actually say you can read my daughter but I'm like how do you not see that this is encouraging of that behavior and your child could be affected by living in this fucked up world early sanctioning it right yeah yeah and in their minds to they just they. They've done their own religious. Just moral cost benefit analysis on this guy being a frigging teenage Kid yes sex R Kelly. His music is so good and he's a black powerful man so I was going to lean into that instead of the fact that he's damaging the lives of young women. Yeah that's just they really weighing out the you know bad with the worse and I say fuck it all right yeah no. That's what got them into this situation but yeah it's like. It's is not a joke like dude. You're single. You can have sex with whoever you want. He's like no no that would be yeah. It's it's a crazy world hashtag not all people but there's a lot of people out there. For Real I know I watch a lot of forensic files and how are their nineteen seasons with thirty four episodes of peace. There just fucked up. I hate that show watching a bit of it and you're like dude. I stayed awake in bed for like an hour and a half. I had to tell L. myself like okay Jordan. It's okay to process that people get murdered. Just sit there and just accept it to be one of the worst ones I've ever seen off L. Escape. That's fucking awful yeah. That was pretty bad. <hes> sorry okay. Arts community entity gives us good for me yeah yeah. There's you know we gotta get people. I do love our community. If you're a patriot and you're in the closed facebook group it is the coolest group of people and and if you're not just people are just like only facebook and I respect that but I'll see on twitter on the flip side but the cooling is if you ever need anything. There's somebody in that group. That's an expert at it like it's a great. It's not just like a cool like group like minded people that good networking working yeah. What was that slogan together? We know everything together. We know every ten and we'll get it right eventually. DIG It so Jerry Nadler. He's the what is he the House Judiciary Chair. He's asking for clarification on hope Hicks testimony because a bunch of Michael Cohen documents warrants were unredacted. They removed the black bars because the judges like well. If you're shutting down this investigation I'm releasing their to the public not cool and he didn't say this isn't cool but I felt like that was his feeling right. I'm <unk>. I'm assigning bias to a judge. That's bad but yeah so Nadler is like well and that if that's the case because hope Hicks in her testimony besides saying I have blanket immunity or absolute immunity one hundred fifty five times besides that she actually did say that she was was not present during conversations between Cohen and trump or or about any present present for any conversation about the hush money payments and the these records these search warrants tell a different story she was on the phone and part of these conversations nations in texts and emails and I think she's going to be able to get off on a technicality just like Jeff sessions. Did we're Jeff Sessions said I thought you were asking me not just if I had any contact with Russians I've out you're asking me if I was discussing sanctions and colluding being in talking about election interference with Russians. That's what I thought you meant and unfortunately when she asked the question she asked if she was present during any of those conversations and hope Hicks is probably going to be able to say I wasn't present. I was on the phone exactly yeah surprised if now they wanted me in a criminal referral yeah <hes> and because then you can ask her the follow up question alright. Were you on the phone for any of those conversations and would you mind telling us what you talked about right right now. We know you had him. It's a matter of public record and I feel select the judiciary knew this. They knew what was behind those reductions because when she asked Ripley asked she was like. Are you sure you're telling me that you weren't pregnant friend. WHO's cover? Are you sure think about your answer. You know she yes like she knew and so I I think they had access to this unless you're some like crazy mind game. They do ask that a lot. Totally the do ask like are your shirt. Do you assure you want to say that. I don't know lease background Bush Dino. She's a prosecutor cuter in her background. I don't know I don't think so. I'd have to look it up but I don't think so but I mean it was a great line of questioning definitely joe go easy on her because she's High Lake. Let her be hot Felon Bay. She can still be hot yeah. They exist modeling contract contractor. They get out like yeah. Put Her in there but I hope they don't like get blinded by like that at all. Your hotness hot fill in Bay is the Swimming Pool Epstein demanded he have access to that makes his writer this hard firm Bain Nice Underage Lady Lagoon. Oh so gross liberations are fun though I mean if you're GonNa if you <hes> so there's a a new asylum rule that's being piloted in two locations on along the Rio Grande Right <hes> and <hes> I guess they're what they're saying Jordan. What are they saying? What's this new rule? Yes so mark Morgan is one that was coming out and talking about it. He's acting customs and Border Protection Commissioner. He came in on Thursday and he said that this new rule is in the piloting phase. Although there's no reports from people that actually work in asylum saying that they've been seeing it being piloted loaded but what is supposed to do so. It's a rule that's coming out of the departments of Justice and Homeland Security and with limited exceptions is supposed to prohibit migrants who have resided or quote transited enroute unquote to <hes> any third country from seeking asylum in the U._S.. So basically it sounds like anyone that's coming from a country that does not directly border the United States essentially so we're going to accept desailly's from Canada and Mexico e yeah. That's that's what it sounds like. It doesn't doesn't go very much into the logistics of that or like if someone I don't know flies over here from another country or something or like I don't it doesn't go into all those details but <hes> essentially they're saying that they're trying to do this to dramatically dramatically like it sure amass typically new word pointing pointing at her mouth and surprised that came out of it doesn't just went so rogue difficult ethically it just blows off mouth is attached to the brain. We're very credible reporters here. <hes> trump wouldn't even stop to correct himself word now deal with it true and then fucking because everything's fucked it would be in Webster Lake like two years right next to Hella and selfish exactly dramatically. I don't even whatever so it's supposed to lower lower. The number of migrants that they're seeing at the border across the board is what they're saying is the goal of this <hes> but obviously it is targeting a very specific region of people that asylum-seeking rights essentially would just be taken away and and I assume that makes it then illegal by this declaration to come here and present yourself for asylum from Honduras for example. I don't know if it would be illegal legal there if they would just say no. I think it would just be no but Ozo- because I'm afraid that that would be their reason for detention. You know right. Yeah I mean. A._C._L._U.'s already just like waiting for this to start you know so they can sue in court yeah. I'm sure I lost it will drop tomorrow Yeah Yeah and a lot of experts are predicting that there's no way the courts are going to let this go through so <hes> it's just so anticipated coal to like everything that our entire immigration system the good parts of it are supposed to to represent and what's left of the Mark Morgan is not the guy who says he can tell by looking at a child's is that they're going to be an M._s. thirteen when they get older. I think that's that Guy Disgusting Winner Yeah <hes> let's see what else happened today or this weekend. The U._S. shot down on an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz and that's escalating tensions in the area obviously there that straight of Hormuz is pretty tense area region anyway so what the navy ship the U._S. boxer Iranian drone came within a thousand feet of it and I don't think they shot it down <hes> <hes> there's a couple of different weapons you can use on the deck of a ship to shoot steph down like a see whiz or whatever but I don't think they did that. I think from what I understood they use some sort of technological weapon to disable it which just caused it to crash into the ocean so there's that hat and that's all over the news <hes> and I think that's on the heels of of what a tanker U._k.. Tanker being taken over by Iranians or something like that they can just all sorts of stuff going on <hes> at escalating tensions <hes> and God. God I hope there's I hope there's not a war yeah in every day. I'm like are we there yet. Cool it'd be like Bolton wants to start one and he's always his mustache wants to start another. Yeah Man. He's half man half must have must yeah I I called my reps at this number right down everybody to o two two two four three one to one you call them giving your Zip Code. They connect you to your Rep's office and <hes> I told him to. Please not take us to war. You know what I did that same 'cause I. John Oliver was encouraging it and he's really good at like getting people to do shit and I just wanted it was about Iran to you. Oh cool yeah yeah because it's been like bubbling for a while but I did this a few weeks ago but hell yes do you call your Reps. Do you give that number. Two guys hit on you. That's mark. Oh my gosh killing shorten Cobra enjoyed in the country ginger with Jordan. Okay what's going on in Jordan. Oh my God earning. I hope and I mean everything's since ripped up the the nuclear deal which was working which he admitted was working when he basically said that today it was like a month ago but he said today eh they went over what was in their agreement and so then it's like oh so they've been following it right. <hes> you just didn't authorize it exactly what also really troubles me about the new cycle that happens like <hes> a few weeks ago when there there was a video of you know allegedly like Iran taking off one of their minds from the boat I remember that yeah so when all of that was going on and it was all these competing theories in news organizations coming out with one one story then changing it hours later there was really no resolution. I don't think I don't think if that for the American public which is I think most people were like <hes> yeah. I don't believe that right but it's like considering this could very well be his his next goal for the next four years. God forbid if he gets elected <hes> this is something that we need to be really diligent about understanding sort of what any sort conclusive evidence exists yes for. They're doing Florida. I would look for it before the election win elections yeah oh totally so yeah fear. Bring this country together. Not I don't agree with that so this is a fat. It's like yeah yeah because if the goal is to get reelected then yes also that it because it shields him from being charged with crime right. It's hard to get a new president in the middle of wartime because people you know they don't want that shakiness of the transition whole campaign slogan like keep me out of jail yeah electric that's great but he's like I mean he could very well be turning into sort of career oligarch right so a lot of people get out of the White House and then that's why Ted Cruz in A._S._C. had that rare moment of agreement upon having a law that says that people can't be after they get out because is trump will be the biggest lobbyists them to come out of that doing so much damage while he's here but imagine what he'll do once he's out of the public but still influential. It's going to be fucking crazy totally so even if you can't successfully take us to war before the election even if it happens after he gets still benefit greatly from all of the contracts and Yuck and just a Mile Lagos are like are friggin trump allies that we have now we have to remember when he goes away the people who chanted send her back or still here yeah and also our allies the country's allies we no longer really had them to the same standards and Obama was here so that might not just come back because he's gone. They might just be like we're not forever. I hope that it does I hope that the everyone sort of waiting for him to leave so they can. We just get back to normal right yeah. frigging people are like I forget which person it was <hes>. I think it was there. I'm not gonNA miss speak it was it was an official though of Iran that was like I'm not I'm not going to negotiate. I'm not even GonNa talk talked to this dude. He's like there's no point even talking to him yeah. They're they're literally overtly saying like I will not negotiate with this person and it's not I won't negotiate with the United States that dude. I'm not talking to that. Do that's fair. Yeah I mean I don't I wouldn't I wouldn't either yeah yeah totally but I hope it gets better. God Vote People Vote Yeah Yeah <hes> another pedophile closely associated with trump George Nader he was hit with superseding indictments three of them three charges for obscenity child transportation child pornography so he was already hit up with those I think twelve or so many counts of <hes> possessing child pornography for having those videos on his phone when when it was confiscated by Muller and <hes> the minute he set foot back in the country they've nabbed him but the now the they found they have evidence that he transported a child from Europe to the United States and took him to his hat and took this boy to his house to for sexual reasons so he louise yeah supported a point play right yeah dip fourteen F for ten sanity for context because this will be the first time people are tuning in. Can you give a quick rundown of Nader and his role in some of the key things his biggest thing was he participated in that August third <hes> Twenty Sixteen in trump tower meeting between Joel Zamel and some folks from the trump campaign and Zamel was the guy who worked for PSI group who wrote up <hes> these I guess they were proposals for how they could manipulate social media to win the election and the trump campaign says they never used his plans than with a paid for right after the election exactly nater transferred two million dollars to him and it wasn't Nader's two million dollars because nature is only worth three million. That's a lot to put up your own fine and two of its in cryptocurrencies Yeah Yeah Oh my goodness but he's got a long history of this George Nader of sexual abuse minors <hes> raping kids like the worst stuff you could possibly child pornography yeah yeah. It's really really bad I really I read those charging undocument- he's worse than Epstein and I can't believe I'm saying that he's actually worse than Epstein yeah well. He was what he did. I mean they're all God awful but like if there are levels to this evil shit yet mater is the worst for sure at least the worst I've seen yeah and this whole mall moderate Yeah Yeah Fair enough. I'm sure there's some sick fuck out. There is like a whole beer. I don't want to know about that. I didn't even want to read those charging documents yeah I can't I need brain bleach Jordan. What's up with <hes> your your liberal paper straws? Oh Yeah so <hes> the trump campaign has an adorable merchandise idea right now where they <hes> sent out an email blast to their email list folks and said <hes> basically the liberal snowflake papers trouser bullshit. You could buy this pack of ten Donald Trump plastic straws for fifteen dollars. I do think paper straws or bullshit. It's the first thing I've agreed with but know who's going to buy this shit yeah. <hes> <hes> probably Scott Pruitt. I just think yeah I think it's hilarious that they're going to spend fifteen dollars on ten plastic straws to own the libs yeah trump's themes dries. I can see how some trump would be like this to my collection collection of like my trumpy bearing leg. I'm sure they have other getting ripped off to own US and they've been doing this like lighting their nikes on fire yeah already paying for them or what are we breaking their curic machines or something. Oh Yeah <unk> damaging their own stuff in this case are gaining something. I'll give them that you know. They get something for your money that way. They'll concept is they're being fucked over by trump. WHO's overpricing straws his trumpet? I don't even understand how it's legal for him to brand presidential merchandise. That's already ready legal but he we're so far past that you know it's like yeah. It might be campaign funds then that's probably how he gets around it. You can sell whatever you want to campaign yeah and he started running the day after he was inaugurated as the first time I've ever happened to you. Insanity Brad Pascale said <hes> I'm so overpay straws and I'm sure you are too much like most liberal ideas paper straws don't work and they fall apart instantly. That's fine. That's why we just launched our latest product official trump straws now you can finally be free. Reform Liberal paper straws that fall apart within minutes in ruin your drink paper or whatever those are called right those things that the carcinogens and plastic bottles Oh yes. It's probably food yeah one hundred percent. I'm sure this was a direct deal with Walmart and it was like in a factory using diesel fuel my wish there fucking here on that stuff and they sit there and they're so brainwashed like fucking trouser target target their bullshit but like just sip from the glass. That's what I do like. Don't fucking by trump straw but I get how it's it's totally an easy target polluting. We're not perfect but we're we're doing it for the right reasons like I don't. I'm not against paper refused to use wind but I'm so glad they exist because if you wanNA draw their bullshits stainless steel that's what's up. It's better for the environment. Yes also other like biodegradable stuff that kind of resembled plastic more doesn't turn into like disgusting tree motion your drink yeah on second. I don't know I like it. It does it does seem like a <hes> insignificant story sort of just like a cute headline but there is some sort of good stuff like you said number one your how are you able to put your A._G.. said it how do you put his name on on sell it like presidential merchandise because he got all that pushback when he wanted to make the coin yet fucking yeah and then so he's doing that and then on top of that. It's just a ridiculous issue peddling of Anti Environment Airman yes. It's like so hardy over like yeah police making the environment. A partisan thing is horrifying. It's like no literally we're GONNA die like all the heat act people white people fuck it like ever ever going to politicize like okay they wanted to you know make sure the oil companies were making money and they didn't want to hurt the economy and then they started saying of course the temperatures increasing but it's not because of people that's a hoax yeah. They're just flat out. Fuck the environment. I'm GONNA record yet. They don't even give a fuck because they have so much like I guess momentum when it comes to these surface level issues of just hating the libs somehow still loving the planet go fuck. It is weird seriously. I know they were so satisfied with themselves. When I thought of that metaphor definitely like Oh man they were waiting for some product to come from the environment that would be like not perfect weird stance but you know uh-huh solving your dream? I'll give you that does if you nurture drink. It can be tough also paper. Mills are incredibly blue collared as well which is kind of a big slap in their face yeah of the papermill workers. We'll bring your plastic jobs. I just yeah it's a it's a very good example in a way of trump showing hypocrisy in short sightedness and it's just a weird stance. It's a metaphor the trump mhm strasser almost like a metaphor in themselves like yeah we will kill the earth just to own the lips yup yeah basically and we'll pay for it and we'll pay for made in China. Have we checked the sea turtles pay hey for it would kind of be a good thing for them to do is send everybody a check for like ninety six cents and say it's for Mexico for you. That would be like their pay or something like just really get into it. There you go yeah yeah just male supporters or just a brick. That's Mexico paid for this and started on me twenty dollars a ship right yeah Roger Stone's yeah. It's not logical. She still only motion. I didn't think this through stones are really heavy. Yes yes he's thinking oh stones are cheap all right my name on them and sell them. I'll make a crapload of money should be used to ship show on thirty rock like gold gold case where they had to guess which case was full of gold and the model couldn't hold it up right. Oh my gosh that's so funny. Shut it down. It was like dealer no dealer something gold or no gold. It is pretty great all right guys. We're GONNA be right back. Just after this word you just became president and it's hard you want to ignite the right but you don't have the stamina. You definitely have some explaining cleaning to do your brain's not attached your mouth who knew fascism took so much energy we did. That's why we created at forty five forty. Five is the anti filter your dumb mouth always needed so you can finally let your inner Hitler Sore Stupid. Morals Philsopher snowflakes now is the time for adderall forty five adderall forty five is not F._D._A.. Approved because fuck regulations that make sense also because the secretary of the F._D._a.. Is under investigation side effects of adderall forty five may include narcissism orange skin tiny hands windmill cancer late night twitter rats mushroom Pena's sort speech both sides syndrome contorted twitchy face coface borderline hair personality personality herring anxiety and Cova tax calling into new shows and pretending to be someone else even though everyone knows that you put into that inciting violence and pissing all over the constitution that happens to be sitting on top of a bed in a Russian hotel adderall forty five not strong enough trier Hannity slow release tablet for a steady stream of this information twenty four seven so talk to a physician today anywhere they prescribed bone Spurs Atarot forty five because every white power starts with a little blue powder <music>. Hey this is A._G.. From Lucia wrote and the daily beans and thank you so much for checking us out Miller she wrote is a weekly podcast about the Muller News but the daily beans is a new morning news update brought to you by the way winning host of murder she wrote and it provides the skinny on all the stories of imply that are important to progressive minded people <hes> in the lead up to the two thousand twenty election and beyond as we attempt to stay engaged in battle misinformation. That's one of our main goals so please consider becoming a patron at Patriot dot com slash. The daily beans best part is you'll be a patron of Bo shows for one subscription option and being a patron means you get presale tickets for our live shows invites to private meet and greets bonus content. Thank you gifts access to are closed facebook group and friends of justice our premium newsletter with our research notes and add free daily beans episodes as long as we stay independent so your contribution goes a lot toward keeping US independent and it goes toward giving a living wage and health care benefits to our staff so please subscribe to the daily beans wherever you get your podcasts for your morning updates of news with swears and thank you so much for listening the news all right guys welcome back. It is time for our call to Action Segment Hashtag. So if you're on social media you may have seen the Hash tag free reality winner and that spearheaded by reality winters mom billy J winner Davis or at B._J.. Winner Davis on twitter so reality. Lee Winner is a former air forced linguist and intelligence contractor that served honorably in the air force and she'd never been convicted of a crime before but while working for the N._S._A.. As a contractor in May of two thousand seventeen <hes> that's the day trump fired Komi. She printed out a report from her work computer `puter detailed hacking attacks against local election officials in voter databases in over twenty one states in the U._S.. So a few days later she smuggled it out of the office in her pantyhose and she sent it to the intercept. That's a media that and the F. B.. I. Arrested or two days before the report was published after being denied bail four times <hes> and held in a small county jail in rural Georgia for over a year reality changed her plea to guilty and agreed to a plea deal that landed her the longest sentence ever for a crime of this type in the United. States the prosecutors recommended sixty three months and the judge obliged and the problem there is that normally federal cases based their sentencing on damage to national security <hes> and she pleaded guilty in June of two thousand eighteen after being held for over a year in prison and as we said and she did apologize took responsibility for her actions <hes> and U._S. Attorney Bobby L. Christine a trump appointee said winners purposeful violation put our nation's security at risk and caused exceptionally grave damage to U._S. national security but did it because according to Robert Cat natch a former D._O._J.. Lawyer in the Civil Division he says that in this case no one's identity was revealed and no one was endangered and despite that and her honorable service they handed down the longest sentence ever imposed in a federal court for unauthorized release of government information to the media at like for example in twenty three twenty thirteen former F._b._i.. Agent got forty three months for a leak of a foiled bomb plot in Yemen to the Associated Press that same year a C._I._A.. Agent was given thirty months for revealing the identity of an undercover agent like blue cover in two thousand fifteen a former C._i._A.. Agent got forty two months for leaking secret opt to disrupt Iran's nuclear program to the New York Times so this is just a sentence or it doesn't seem like it seems retaliatory right. It seems like an attempt to silence information about the Russian hacking operation because that threatens the legitimacy of trump's election first of all and perhaps retaliation for her frustration with trump's firing of Komi which you know meets the federal manual criteria materia for obstruction of justice when he fired by the way so in his press release on the day of Winter Sentencing <hes> U._S.. Attorney Christine Bobby Christine indicated that the sentence was meant to be harsh enough to send a deterrent to any other whistle blowers out there and the judge in the case even verbally expressed that there was no doubt reality winner would never see the inside of a courtroom again these statements themselves indicate the her sentence was not just <hes> but the D._O._J.. And this administration appears very pleased with the manner in which reality winner has been treated and her harsh sentence for over over five over five years in prison so much so that earlier this year at an at an Annual D._O._J.. Awards banquet those involved in securing this record breaking sentence. We're given awards. I didn't know you had awards for this. <hes> realities mother Billie Winner Davis acknowledges fully that her daughter violated her oath and contract by releasing classified documents in the manner in which she did but her treatment and the sentence <hes> forgiving US proof of threats to our democracy appear to be disproportionate and clearly a result of of an overzealous prosecution meant to silence. It's anyone who brings out the truth about Russian election Gary <hes> because trump is so too thick skinned so a police had to stand with reality dot org to sign the petition and Checkout Hash Tag Free Reality Winner on Social Media and vote blue and twenty twenty so we we can partition a new reasonable administration that recognizes the importance of alerting the public to Russian election interference to maybe commute her sentence yeah she. She's incredibly brave for what she did because she had to know she was up against an unusual administration and I think that's even more brave and throws me off the giving thing award. It's like it's like a razzies like worse foreign actors something like what do they even kind of award you give a piece of shit like that a law enforcement award probably but it's just that's awful yeah congratulations on your awesome prosecution and long sentencing dancing yeah basically I'm like imagining a full-blown awards ceremony the lighting and everything yeah same same porn awards hosted by trees yeah exactly God. Here's our yes the sheriff of Little Rock what's so bad yeah. Tom Hanks this year. Yeah that's weird. I was reading that article. I came across that and I was like what award infinity that's terrifying. They reward that sort of X.. Fascism it and yet I wonder what's the buzz word for it but yeah I just thought that she's in there for five years for what she did. Is it it blows and her and her mom acknowledge you know hey broke the law but MHM sixty three months. She'd one guy got forty two months for outing in an agent exactly yeah you can see the double standard here. It's very clear that could get somebody killed. I don't I can't think of any thing that Sh- national security that will could've killed his career. Yeah Yeah I guess so. What state did this happen again? Georgia Georgia. Oh Georgia is not really winning. This is last year's they haven't been right. That seems like something that should in what what was the court like what circuit or or like what level did it like move up and he sort of level of appeals do you know. They said that she couldn't appeal it essentially right just because she pleaded guilty and agreed okay so that they can mean yeah because I think it's they get like you said. I think it's really plead guilty and then yeah it seems like something that should be handled in a higher court by something else like some other organizations U._S.. Attorney Federal Court yeah. I don't know I guess I just want something more than just like the court of Georgia no offense Georgia national security thing right so what's the U._S.. Attorney's office yeah so it's federal got it southern district of New York but in Georgia Guy Kinda okay cool seems wrong. I'm with Jordan of course it doesn't feel right and there is more they can do yeah. I just imagine that all of these cases would be handled in like D._c.. Or something in some super official representative of the entirety of the American freighter espionage case out pretty quickly quickly they seem they they somehow yes. She admitted it but like they fuck man but yeah I think I think what they do. Is they prosecute where the in the U._S. Attorney's office in the district where the crime was committed. Yeah they have an office there jurisdiction totally under jurisdictional rules or something like that yeah because yeah that's a big word five years and they started last year or June. Two thousand eighteen is when she pleaded guilty okay and she's already there. He's been there. I don't know she got time served for her year that she suspending. They don't give her that that's fucking insane. She got time served. Yes she's a longer sentence a manafort then yeah wow by the time she gets out and that's that's a very good point longer than Cohen Yeah. They'll they'll probably be new president but like fuck it someone part in her on there by chance. If we elect a new administration we can petition to have her sentence or needs to be someone campaign platform years her mom yeah put it on their fascism. This is so fucked yeah. It's messed up just two extra harsh sentence for really what I think is to protect the president's legitimacy yeah yeah he's just really sensitive about Russia's yeah and she had to know the irony of being the person with that name to do this. She was like Goddamn. It's crazy headline reality winter hashtag reality when yeah and the website again is <hes> stand with reality dot org. I like it worked out hell. Yes well not for the you know that little part was it didn't work gal that work today yeah yeah so all right guys. That's our show. If you have any segment ideas or stories you want covered. Please send them to tips at the daily beans pod Dot Com and let us know if you want to remain anonymous because like I said we'll probably out so guys you have any final thoughts. It's just as stoke to keep this going. This'll be really interesting hearing feedback from everyone like beyond the Patriots on a yearly basis. I'm really stoked to hear what you guys think about. It definitely yeah I was just going to say it's cool releases to the wider audience now. I'm excited that you guys are listening. You all yeah new John Those in Georgia I hope y'all much offense but much offense to the judicial system enjoyed it. Not The people yeah yeah. It's it's under bar but it wasn't at the time it was sessions uh-huh so black under the race track record there with these agee's no so far nugget not loving it God far pretty bad pretty bad scene. Yeah we gotTA change the game. That's a frigging Olympic. Pick Training Center for the worst politicians Yeah Yup and take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. I've been I've been to Lisa Johnson Jordan coburn them's the beans. The daily beans is produced by A._G.. Featuring Julius Johnson and Jordan.

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