Hour 2: AB To Oakland


Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes? Set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash get up. That's indeed dot com slash get up. Going to be really good. We are delighted to have you waking up starting week with us here with greeny and Mike Woodson. Bart Scott here, Dan Grazziano with the very latest NFL news as we come to you as always live from the seaport district at pier. Seventeen brought to you by chase. And here's the menu for our second hour today. We're getting up with the warriors they stunk yesterday. But that may be the least of their problems. Did you see what Steve Kerr said about drain on this could get very interesting. It's all a minute away. Plus, of course, Antonio Brown. How did he do it? What does it mean? Huge winners and barscott has a loser in this scenario that is in Pittsburgh, wait till you hear who it is plus really wounding. It's now or never preside on our coach tells you what it means for him and for do as we get up with you starting right now and it starts in Oakland yesterday. Kevin Durant in the warriors taking on the lowly. Sons warriors took care of business Friday night against Denver. You figure are they going to walk through this one. Maybe they'd sleep walk through it early. First quarter warriors up seven all right now Klay Thompson is playing hard. Look at him here on the defensive and we'll keep the shadow on him because he's going to run the floor and then watch off the feed Klay. Thompson rewarded for making the Ron and that is his first ever career reverse dunk. They keep track of that for clay reverse. But the words we lead by just one at halftime fourth quarter. Now sons down five not giving up to markets cousin's coming over playing good help defense, but the ball's gonna wind up in the hands of Mikhail bridges, and he's gonna find the bottom of the net. Phoenix deuce later. Sons down one Booker inside for Dion dre, Eytan sons up one now scary moment for the warriors. Because more significant than anything else that they are healthy. And in this moment, they weren't. Kevin durant? Gonna come down on the foot of the Andre Eytan watch it again here you'll see them just come down appear. Roll the ankle a little bit. I'll tell you right now. The news is generally good. It's an ankle contusion didn't even need an MRI. He was done for the game. But should not it didn't appear. He's going to miss any other time now under five minutes ago. Sons up one Booker there have four he. Score thirty seven later. Same scored eight and again Booker again Booker throwing it down the sons are eight points two minutes ago. Warriors, still down eight China come back. It's curry. It's thomson. Thomson was really good warriors cut it to six but with under thirty seconds ago were within three and this is a shot Steph. Curry makes sleepy is going to give it up get it back, and he's going to miss the three he was four fifteen from three. And the sun's unimaginably win at oracle one. Fifteen one eleven Steve curr what? Let me very quickly bring this after the table here. Mike Woodson analyzing basketball. We can pull back really quickly directly show while I'm doing it. But you were shaking your head most seriously while he played times it was berating the crowd. What was that about meta eighteen thousand hotdog you? Crazy. I could live without blaming the crowd if the planes are having a tough time getting energized on Sunday against Phoenix in March. It's easy to understand. It's not about the fans, but I wanna ask you the most important question of all because we've seen the ups and downs. But we all understand at the end of the day. It's all about them trying to win their third straight championship. If I gave you right now the warriors or the field to win it this year. Who would you take Golden State Warriors? You would take the will. They be significantly challenged in the playoffs. I think so I think Denver used. Are the two big teams? I think that challenge him out of the east. You know, you got Toronto Milwaukee in Boston those three team saw. Hey. I just I picked them because they are they're grown. They want to roll. They know what it's like to win it. The other teams are chased in it. That's my team in the play. All does feel as though there's an element of last dance to this for them as well, which I've seen firsthand galvanize team as the bulls did it once upon a time. All right. Let's get now to get up and go because this is something million things. I want to catch you up on quickly. And it starts in this game. Something that gained a lot of steam on Twitter last night, just watch Steve Kerr's face and read his lips if you are able to do. So it's not that hard to just watch the right here. A seems to be saying I'm so bleep in tired of Draymond bleep. Should know. That was asked about it. After the game. He didn't have any comment address that media again this afternoon. Maybe he'll address it there. We'll show it to you. One more time quickly. That certainly seems to be what he's saying there. We'll see if there are any repercussions. Meanwhile, is we get up and go Chris Paul a block at the buzzer ceiling. Houston's win over the Mavericks rockets of one eight straight longest active streak in the NBA are the biggest threat in the west Mike Woodson Golden State Warriors. I think so I mean, I think having Chris back. They gotta stay healthy any team in the west of these trying to win title. You gotta stay healthy. But Chris Paul and hearten our prime speaking of being healthy, our return to the lineup for Joel Embiid yesterday for the Sixers that's just what they needed thirty three points twelve twenty eight minutes, whereas Philly in the east if he's healthy where are they in your mind in Eastern Conference? They're right there too. You know, you can exclude them getting a be back is a big piece of the puzzle. I think that's right. Over with Tobias Harris has really helped him two minutes minutely. So that'd be in the mix. No question. Now back to the NFL where the Rams announced they've agreed to terms on a new one year. Deal with linebacker. Dante Fowler schefty said about eleven million dollars live with us this morning. Bart scott. Why are you shaking your head again? Because with the market all the guys being he would have been a number one guy on the market this opportunity for him to get a long term deal. Now, he gets hurt or something happened here never be able to recoup that money. Obviously the biggest football story of the weekend was the raiders making verbal agreement to a trade for wide receiver Antonio Brown. A third and fifth going back to Pittsburgh. We had lots of perspective this morning ready live, including Rosenhaus whose aid these agent and Adam Schefter who said this. There's no debating that. This look at the numbers and two lower ones on your screen into came into the league. First in catches. I and yards. I and for downs. Only gronk is caught more touchdowns during that period of time. So there's no questioning the productivity there are some who are questioning the method that he used to get there. Again, we are drew rose announced earlier this morning. I wanna bring in Louis Riddick because Lewis you speak not only as a former player, but also a former front office executive. So from that perspective. I want your perspective on how Antonio Brown one about essentially, forcing his way out of Pittsburgh getting the new team and getting the new deal O'Grady what he bet on was the fact that his resume in the past speak for itself as far as teams were projecting him in the future. And he it was betting on the fact that there would be at least one team there'd be at least one that could use his services and found that one team that not only could use services. But I think the most important part for him, even though he said to the country that the most important part. Was going to a place with great culture that didn't have a lot of drama didn't have any haters at the locker room without that thirty point one million dollars was very important to him. And the fact that he found a team that would be willing to do that given that you know, quote, unquote, he's on the wrong side of thirty years old. Although he's one of the best condition. Hardest working players in the National Football League. Look, that's that is a win for him. It's an absolute win for him would many what I 'cause many players trying to go this route as far as trying to get moved and get to a place that you wanna get to. Yeah. I would caution them. This guy has a very unique resume. Here's a very unique skill set. There aren't many players if any who can do what he does. I call them uncomfortable. Because he is he beats double teams he'd beat single covers like there's nobody out there. And he's one of those guys right now, even though he is on the wrong side of thirty so to speak if you look at his work ethic, and you look at how this guy has made himself into the player. He is you can see why the raiders are betting on the fact that all the things that he's done in the past doesn't necessarily doesn't mean that he can't do it in the future. They're betting on it. And I wouldn't bet against the guy. So without a doubt a win for him. Although with Pittsburgh, despite the fact that they only get it three and five I think they definitely believe that it's dishing by subtraction for them. Okay. Fair enough. I wanna ask you quickly. However from the Oakland side of this about Derek cars have clearly been the ups and downs in a lot of questions as to whether Jon Gruden really fully believes in him. Now, he gets the star wide receiver. But the raiders are up there at the top of the draft. They have a lot of different ways of going going about things here. How do you expect this to play out with Derek Carr? I think to play out very well. Because look you need a number one. Like this again, this guy is uncomfortable. So it will be one of these. I would expect it Antonio to have as many targets as he has ever had in his career. You do not make this kind of move without betting on the fact that you're going to get him the football. And the guy was going to get him the football der car is this town to any quarterback in the NFL. There are many people who radio on their cars, especially about his ability to perform under pressure. There are a lot of subjective arguments to be made about why. Y you know, he is not played as well in recent years, but they need to fix their off line. They needed to get number one. They need to fix the running game. But for him in particular as far as having that number one right now that he knows in any situation he can go to look the sky's the limit for him. And he should be ecstatic as far as what his two thousand nineteen potentially looks like so quickly because there's all of this speculation. And that's all it is speculation people look at John some of the things he said about collar Murray, he is up there at the top of the draft and has other munition you believe Derek are will beat their quarterback this year. That's screening do. I believe you'll be their quarterback. I think he should be their quarterback. Let's put it that way. I think he should. I think there are many other areas that they can improve this football team given the draft capital that they have that would vote very well for them in two thousand nine hundred and beyond. I think their cars one of those people who they need to get behind and help support and see if they can get him back to his previous form Antonio Brown's tremendous step to getting that way this distract his loaded with defensive players if you've seen Oakland Raiders defense play they can use all of them they use every single one of them. So they need to go out and get them. Very well said Louis, thank you so much. We'll be leaning on you all week long. Obviously this free agency stuff gets going in earnest now, let's stay with the trade as part of what we're gonna call required. Reading for today. Bill Barnwell wrote a piece it's up on ESPN dot com right now. It's called grading the Antonio Brown trade from Steelers to raiders part of it. He writes in making this trade now the Steelers passing up the opportunity to keep one of the five best wideouts and football on their roster for essentially twenty two million dollars cap space. Instead, they eat twenty million in dead money on their cap and let that guide play for somebody else, I will insert here. They only got back three and five which is not seem like much, especially when Amari Cooper yields a one. So I'm looking over to my football crew here. And I'm seeing a lot of not at Notting. Heads shaking heads here. Dan. What was your take on that bills? A great writer. Great analysts. I think you hit the nail on the head. I mean, this is a shocking decision by Pittsburgh to me to do it this quickly when you still had a week to go before you had that roster bonus which two and a half million dollars. By the way, NFL team can afford and shouldn't have been an impediment, and you still could've taken all the way to the draft thing about the control. The Steelers might have had over the draft. You get teams through free agency. They didn't find the receiver of their dreams and free agency. Now of a sudden, maybe they're willing to give you more than a third and fifth. I don't understand what the rush was. They're not in many camper training camp. He's not in their mixing it up in the locker room. It was it was I think foolish of them to hurry. So something Steelers Blewett bar. I know you think other teams in the NFL that blew it here as well. But I think my New York Jets blue, but mainly I think the Indianapolis Colts blue because they have the draft capital, and they have the salary cap space to be to Jordan that type of contract they have a hundred million dollars to spend this off season. But also they have the number two. They got from the jets last year. And last year was all about acquire more draft picks. They moved back got three number twos. And look what they were able to get. They were able to get your Leonard linebacker ever getting Quinton Nelson. So they were able to get all pro players with those picks. Now, I was about. Putting quality players rounding Andrew luck. And whether you're saying about your locker room, if you're saying you can't absorb a personality like that. What are you saying about Andrew luck as leader? It's not like he some rookie quarterback that doesn't have a resume. He's arguably one of the top five quarterbacks in this game. When he's right. So why not bringing that type of talent to put with TY hill to put with Eric Abram and still should be spending. As will. And I think sometimes we started like I said before we pull the curtain back, and we see that it wasn't all about Antonio Brown. That ban has to take some ownership of the relationship in the fact that two guys decided to walk away from that type of quarterback because they can tolerate his inanimate what I would wonder on this, and I tried to get at it withdrew Rosenhaus. And no one's ever gonna come out and say it, but yes, maybe living on bell doesn't like then. And yes, maybe Antonio Brown doesn't like then. But at the end of the day, they this was about the money wasn't it. This was Tony Brown's only way of getting more guaranteed money and for Le vian Bella. Was clearly about the money where are you making that because I don't I don't think so because he had already. Got more guaranteed money before because he went in he acts get more money, and they gave it to him. And it was a sign of was a loan guarantees. But I don't think that's what it's about. Listen. I've never heard a hall of fame quarterback. Call out one his players, especially one is made as many plays for him. As that that runs thing. If you can't respect me, then do it without me. Yeah. I think this is two different situations. Levy on bell would still be Steeler if they had given him the contract he want, and I don't think that's an issue with him in the quarterback at all the Antonio Brown thing was triggered by an issue that he apparently had with the quarterback in practice late in the year, and that sort of brought to light a whole bunch of other stuff including and my being respected fairly by the organization does that mean contract. So I think those are two different situations. It became an untenable situation for Tony Brown, Pittsburgh, which is why he got traded Levy on Bella different situation. Had they paid him the contract he was seeking. I think he's still be very quickly put up. Meanwhile, the raiders and what they have done. Here. I have a screen full screen for you hear what the raiders have done. Okay. There was so much criticism of Oakland last year. And as Jalen would say, maybe rightly so, but in the end look back on it. They've added three first round picks and exchange for Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack who the bears then gave the largest guarantee never for non quarterback. So a fortune of money they give much less money than that to Tonio Brown, and they get him for three and five. So as you look at what the raiders done here. What do you think I love what they're doing? Because really when you talk about a caps for. It's all about accounting. Ryan, it's all about the redistribution of funds. So you look at what they did yesterday. Got rid of simply that's ten million dollars. They probably do into Antonio Brown contract. Yeah. Three number ones. They can replace those players with cheaper. It's not a heck Khalil Mack. And yeah, he's a transcendent talent generational, whatever. You wanna say they still was a horrible defense with them. So they can get young. They can get young talent. And now not in about this year. I think the new model in the NFL is to win with a young quarterback. So I think their cars contract is up after this. As far as his guaranteed money. So they can go out there and get it too because they have to number twos next year. So they can get the cheap quarterback that they need take that you know, to Las Vegas in be able to win the way that the new NFL wins Gaza rookie Dell. So they can go out and spend I thought. Yeah. Amari Cooper deal and the Tony Brown clear wins for the raiders, no question about knack. They only had thirteen sacks team last year losing him cost them dearly in terms of on field performance. We'll see what they do with the picks. They got back for they have to rebuild that defense. Lewis said they can use every single they have on the sizable. Nobody would give them a hard today. Stout. Luma. Yeah. Whoever you with those picks is going to have to work pretty hard to be as good as Khalil Mack Allred. No question, but they weren't winning the SuperBowl with MAC this year. No matter what. All right, guys, stay with me minute here. We'll get much more football as we go. But I haven't gotten Duke all morning long. And we know they've not been the same since they laws I on Williams, and they they've trailed for fifty seven percent of gametime since he went down. They only trailed nine percent of the time when he was healthy their laws against Carolina came as an interesting game. It gives Carolina a share of the title is the thirty second time in school history. They've wanted including three of the last four the good news for Duke and bad news for the rest of the ACC is coach K says he expects I under return to the lineup Thursday when they begin in the ACC tournament. Our Joel Nardi right now has Duke on the to line. He has Virginia Gonzaga, Kentucky and Carolina on his one line entering the conference tournament. Of course Carolina swept the season series from do Pajan. Basically didn't play an either one of those games. Let's. In college game days, Seth Greenberg and Seth you were there Saturday night. And it was a very interesting game in a lot of different ways. What do you expect as far as I'm concerned the rest of the way? Well, I think it's going to be going to be a process when he comes back. He's going to be on a pitch count. You don't go from zero to one hundred overnight looking spins three weeks. And I think I game probably will begin circus a team places slower pace. But when you look at Williamson, immediately, what is gonna change greenie. He's going to change their energy. He's gonna change their enthusiasm. He's an energy giver. They're going to play harder. They're gonna prove their defensively because look they're plus twelve points on the floor points off turnovers with Zion on the floor. So he's going to change those things, but there's going to be adjustment period. That's just the way it is. It's just been third for John and the team for real simple practice is one thing and he's been practicing. But my college coach used to tell us his story. There's this guy. He. One line one line only the plates. Hark is that a candidate here? And you know, what he practices part of the mirrow Harka Zada cabinet here. He practices in the dress rehearsal Harka Zeti candidate here, you know, what then comes time for the show the cannon goes off. And you know, what happens? He goes. Because when the lights go on greeting when the lights go on all of a sudden things change practices. One thing the intensity of the ACC tournaments different thing. And you know, what Zion? You can't go from zero to one hundred on a pitch count. And I think they will eat them into the rotation with a healthy I on very quickly with the healthiest signer, they one-seat. No not at once. Because unless unless then when the ACC turn them with a healthy sign if they win the ACC environment. They moved to on line if they don't win the ACC tournament. They gotta stay on the to line the interesting to see because I think everyone looks at it and says had he been healthy all the way through things might have been different. We'll see how the committee decides to do that Seth well done, and I've heard that joke. But usually it has one line say on TV. All right that moment here with much more Antonio Brown. We have a hall of fame wide receiver into comment on Michael Irvin will be live with us on how he thinks. It'd be handled the whole situation and things have gone from bad to worse for the Lakers. Should they just now shut down the Braun for good Stephen joins us with his perspective in this hour data on ESPN? Back on get up with a little I candy for you here. Jalen rose on Twitter yesterday called this the dunk of the year, you guys tell me ban out of I throw it up. Derek Jones junior. Go get through it down reminds me into white Howard in the Don contest when he threw it into ram named touch the room teaching Blake Griffin, and it is spectacular. And you know, what I can't tell you. How good it feels to do that all its years since I was able to as we continue here. Huge f ever coming fall of Famer Michael Irvin and five minutes thoughts on the Antonio Brown trade. And then don't miss Stephen back remotely his thoughts on the Lakers. Is it time to shut LeBron down? All that more in the next half hour of get up on ESPN. Indeed knows finding the right hire takes time away from your business. Hiring qualified data engineer felt like a second job more jobs Eker's use indeed than any other sites. So there's no better place to find someone with the skills. You're looking for I needed someone with a masters in computer science and database experience. Plus indeed screener questions help you find your shortlist fest. Now, I'm back to having just one job could a fifty dollars credit to give your first job. Posting premium placement at indeed dot com slash credit. Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply. Additional terms online. The Oakland Raiders Jon Gruden is getting a honky and determined. Why receiver the NFL not get more bizarre real one? This was at Simpson's driveway. He did it through social media. This wanted to kill his side of the story. Two thousand nineteen version of I want out. This is the NBA powerful. Everyone thought the raise with crazy the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. And it's finally done French Tonio Brown who has been one of the most productive and consistent. Receivers of all time. He's at six straight one hundred catch years that the longest streak in NFL history. The question is gonna keep up that production without Big Ben Rothlisberger. He's gonna pass from six different quarterback in his career. But only a co touchdowns from Rothlisberger. And where he might really help as new quarterback, Derek Carr. That's an interesting question. Because cars struggled with tight window throws. According to NFL next stance. Brown has ten touchdowns tight windows over the last three years that's two more than the raiders had as a team where everyone is sort of forgetting the Steelers side of this is obviously terrific receiver still in Pittsburgh. And that receivers doodoo Smith Schuster who posted this yesterday. Just the simple words, I'm ready, and you look at the background. There's Antonio Brown behind him. I can't say for sure he did that purposely. And it's against the raiders. I can't say for sure he did that this -ly either. But if so I give a lot of credit. For an outstanding picture. Let us bring a hall of fame wide receiver into the. The second time this morning. We had Randy moss. And now the great Michael Irvin is with us. And we saw Michael was finishing up his breakfast. Joining us, would you think of that? I'll tell you what this looks like it comes to company with avocado toast. Michael this morning on the menu. No, no, I'm all in the pro team and go, you know, about that is you gotta make sure you're doing the right things as you get older. It's a little harder to keep it off of you. So so I'm all about protein in the morning. Crank up speeding system of metabolism. I could listen to this day genuinely, but let's get to Tony fours as his way out. He did something guys your generation matter. How good you were. And you were as good as anybody could into wouldn't do what did you think of the way he forces his way out ultimately gets what he wants? First of all we couldn't do because we didn't have the social media pats wanna get your word out. And honestly, you know, I think in Tonio Brown got what he wanted out of the situation. I mean he wanted out. Everybody's been talking the last few weeks about Tonio Brown. Like, he's the worst villain in the world. And this man has been on the football field has been a problem making a lot of plays. But I think what he's been going through this last week's as much like a horrible divorce. And we hear about the greatest marriages when they come to a divorce. There's some of the ugliest thing said to the public just to get the settlement that they want. And he got the settlement there he wanted. He wasn't going to buffalo because I thought this was doing that out of spite. And now he gets to go to Oakland. And so he'll being legs. I was just there this weekend. Well, he'll have the whole town to himself, and hopefully he can get the raiders back to getting some of those things to see over my shoulder. Right that call Super Bowl trophies. When might you know, I never been there. But what's the impact poor guy? Like, maybe Jordy Nelson. Derek carr. What's instant impact to that often? Well, who often I mean, whoever, you know? Zone that office that office just may better. This dude is pure doll. But you know, he's appear dog and people have been talking about him like a dog. But if you got the right people around him, then that dog will bark in by four you and Jon Gruden as the right person to have around him. Jon Gruden will get him the ball. He'll get him the ball early in the first quarter. So he'll have that Barkan biding for him as opposed to make him wait late in a game to get his passes. And he'll be barking and biting at you this, man. I think he's a great chance. Great opportunity. I was watching social media when they were going back and forth that appro awhile ago. And I was like, I think wow in incredible to have that on social media now to have that all year long. I'm looking forward to the to the two players working together. Michael your era in Dallas. He had Troy you at Emmett you guys won three Superbowls together and this era this team had been Roth. This lady on bell Antonio Brown. That group will not have won eight championship. How do you think we will look back on this era of the Steelers and people like to try to make those comparisons? I mean, they had the talent. But not the connective. You've never heard any time in our time playing together. And even even after our time not playing together because we're still the best of friends. We had any issue Troy with not have taken route have been rothlisburger stake and calling out his players into that. I can t I read of people talking about been rothlisburger as leader say those teams that won for both know Jerome Bettis in highs ward and guys let those team he was on those teams, and he was not calling those guys out at the time. So, you know, we had a relationship this team will be remembered they will great talents, but in order to become a real triplets. Remember, this triplet we had three Super Bowls or go into triplets on the field. Three rings. Go with it fell waste shorter that might talking about trailblazer. We saw lady on bail do something that we have never seen before set out a whole season and Tonio Brown got his money. Do you see lay beyond bail getting his money recouping the money to fourteen main that he lost? And then so it'd be hard to recruit because you can't recoup time, but you can get a great signing bonus. And let's let's talk reality here. We'll both of these guys are talking about assistive appreciation. Let's be real here. I people talking about Antonio Brown wishes to be the quarterback. No, he just wishes to be appreciated like man, we're in a different time. But back in the day you had you had dominion over players because we're playing them assert much certain amount. And you you had their rights forever. If they wanted to play only play you are not play at all. Now, these guys are getting big sign of signing. Bonuses of big guaranteed money. You have to pay them. No matter what the days of dominion over players are gone. You gotta. Partnership with player in a few. Don't do it. Well, you'll have the situation like you have into its birth. So the players do have our like they did not have before Michael app. Standing enjoy the rest of your breakfast. Thank you very much for doing this. And I hope we see again soon. Thanks, Mike Grimm. You want me to green? And no you. Your bed. Good talking to your buddy. Good holiday. It will say. It will say Michael the great, Michael. The thirty four th year championship. We continues tonight with the west coast conference semifinal got number one team in the country Gonzaga taken on pepper. We've got San Diego and Saint Mary's in the second game. And don't forget you can watch it all live on the ESPN app from absolutely anywhere as we continue. Stephen Smith is on the way, he'll talk about that, man. Lebron James is time to shut him down. We'll also get his take on an Tonio Brown and more Stephen next get up on ESPN. We are back on fan. I'm planet earth. I just want everyone to take a look at this. This is the parking lot behind the luxury box sports bar and grill in Washington, Pennsylvania, as you can see Tony Brown had been fairly popular figure there at least. All of these like cardboard cutouts and things like that not so much anymore. They're literally in the dumpster, and they are literally creating dumpster fire, and as the one and only Stephen a Smith has made his way back from a busy week in. Los I've got my brother's up. Heave. And coach. Notice. I don't have anyone who could go up against. So I got to. Oh, I got Bart Scott. And I got my well, let me tell you something we play football. I can mess with this man, if I was trying to coach I couldn't mess with this man there in my dome. We're gonna do topics. We're going to start with Antonio Brown. You are for those who don't know Stephen a Steeler fan through and through haven't seen you since the deal got done. What's your reaction disgusted? Very very disgusted. I'm not happy about it at all. If you lake I'm sorry unit. Raiders you did a good job. And I'll be talking about that on I take. But if you Pittsburgh Steelers, let's be very very clear. There's a distinct difference between what Kevin Colbert based on his reputation his experience his resume, and what he's going to do with this third round, then he acquired from paying Tonio Brown that different story compared to what level of compensation. Did you get all you'll be the greatest receive inflict ball? And when we look at it. We can't just look at it in terms of Antonio brab. We have to look at it from the perspective levian bell. Arguably the best running back in football. You'll essentially get a third round compensatory pick for him Antonio Brown. You'll get a third and a fifth round pick. If I sat here, and I said to greenie if I said. Coach Woodson a basketball coach. And of course, this football analysts wants if I sat up there. And I said to you for arguably the best running back in football and the best wide receiver in football. All you're getting is a fifth round pick a third round pick in a compensatory third round pick for two of the elite players in the game of football. How in the hell is that a good job? That is not a good job. The fact of the matter is that this entire situation has been mishandled. Antonio Brown comes out, a huge huge winner. Because as a player you don't pull off what he was able to pull off in compare. And also, let's give Giro's in house mad love and credit because clearly he was behind all of this. And I'll take this a step further. We actually have to take a moment to contemplate wasn't Tonio Brown really telling the truth about Big Ben Rothlisberger. And Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers organization was he really sincere when he was offended by Kevin Colbert. Or did he go out of his way to make it look that way? For the purposes of getting pushed out a Pittsburgh. And oh, by the way, was Big Ben Rothlisberger in on it. Because as a player, you might be like this get your money dog. We sit there talk about me any way you want to. We'll settle all of this wants to dust settles. But for right now, I'm gonna go with that. 'cause I know you trying to get your money, which is what this was all about. I think Ben probably gave the organization automated you see the hammer me because all of a sudden been rebuilt A-Rated. Right. All of a sudden he's like I won't extension. This the same man that's been saying I want to retire not hitting at retirement for the last two years. So did the relationship become so talked that it was like, you know, what let's just get him out of the building. Because you know, if you gotta side with the with the receiver or the quarterback quarterback wanna win every time. Stephen our that not only did they wound up getting two thirds and fifth for those two stars. They also wound up with twenty one million dollars in dead money. So it could not have one point one billion dollars. But then when you take into account juju Smith Schuster. And who else they have on their squad at the wide receiver position you're talking about an excess of twenty four million dollars. So if you look at those two or three players did equates, the twenty four million dollars doesn't quite they have them cheaper to at the end of the what are the Steelers going into next season until we see what winds up happening with the draft and everything else are they still the team to beat in the division. They had. First of all the Baltimore Ravens would be there. The Cleveland Browns on the come up, and we can't ignore. The fact there right now. Listen, I love Mike Tomlin. And actually it wasn't his greatest ship. But his resume speaks for itself. I don't think it's fair at all the level of criticism that he's got an overall. But I do think he goes into this next season because of the dysfunction that rate through that franchise last season somewhat on a hot smart who's the team to beat in that division right now it has to be the Cleveland Browns. Got you talk about a team with a tremendous amount of salary cap space that can attract for agent, I think everybody understands that Baker Mayfield is the true there creates more salary cap space. I think that'd be the number two hottest destination free agency gonna tag in my basketball cohort here. Now, we'll talk about the Lakers because the Lakers are basically out of playoff contention, right? And the team is scaling back. Lebron James minutes we've seen it already. He's average under thirty minutes per game in his last two including Saturday night and a loss against the Celtics, and they're all kinds. Of other issues right now with the Lakers. This one is frightening. They announced that Brandon Ingram is the rest of the year. He's been diagnosed with a deep venous thrombosis in his right arm. It's a condition caused by blood clot that can be very serious. We don't know exactly how significant it is. But certainly has closed down for the year Lakers. Also shutting down point guard, Lonzo ball wall. The stained agreed three ankle sprain in January than at a bone bruise that slowed is recovery. So it's been very difficult time for the Lakers. And so Mike, what's if you were coaching the Lakers. What are you doing with Brian James right now like shutting him down gotta shut him down get ready from Nick, some what do you think? Stephen. I don't disagree with that. But my the narrative that that I brought up last week. When this news came down was that. I wanna see what LeBron James wants to do. I'm not saying that I disagree with coach because I get with coach coaches coming from. But the question hasn't been about the organization in terms of the interest level of commitment to LeBron James they gave him four years one hundred and fifty three million dollars. They're all in on him. We recognize is one of the greatest of not the greatest player in the game basket. At least until he went down and got injured. Here's the reality. Because you have so many people in being in LA all of last week being in LA periodically throughout the year producing directive to who's who Hollywood courts. I I mean, I'm not talking about questions cope what I'm talking about accusations from folks in LA in it'd be no Laker. He came here for Holly. Yeah. He gonna get his twenty seven points. He's going to do what he takes to forty eight minutes. But as he really all is Stephen a the way that he was when he went to Miami, the weight, and he was when he went to Cleveland, I personally think those questions are ridiculous because LeBron James has proven to us throughout his lustrous career saying I can be critical of him from time to time. There is no question has professionalism. There's no questioning his commitment to win. There's no question any of that stuff, but lake a nation is a different breed. And when you are the marquee got keep this in mind from nineteen forty eight to this day. There has never been a marquee name outside of Elgin Baylor. Where in the purple and gold that didn't deliver a chip Elgin Baylor retired seventy to a few games into that season. Jerry, western boys wanted he retired that season, but he is the only star synonymous. And again, he was on a downside is career. Here's the only elite star to ever wear purple and goal that didn't the liver a championship. Everybody else. Did that's the mandate till abroad. James? And they don't think that they're getting that priority from him. They think he wants to be how I hear. I heard you were talking about it last week there chanting go back to Cleveland in LA, which is dateable. We'll get it done. Will he find a way? We'll he and magic and everybody find a way whether it's free agency, whatever it might be to win one in LA. Well, again, this summer is going to be very pivotal for that franchise in terms of moving forward. So they gotta start by getting a free agent. A big free agent to come in. We'll. I think they'll get one. Yeah. They'll no they'll know Kawai Kevin Durant that I mean is David at your show. I know you don't really like Nancy this. I mean now let me tell what's going on. The supposedly don't wanna go. It's either the clippers Toronto. This is what they're saying K, D one minute. You hear go to state another minute. You hear the Knicks? You certainly don't want here L LA because he ain't trying to help the Bronwyn more than their LeBron already one kyri urban you hear Boston one minute New York. The next Elliot's an outside of his can't picks up the phone and remind you he ain't trying to reunite with LeBron he left Cleveland for a reason we know what Paul George did in terms of electing to stay in. Okay. See because the Lakers did pursue him strongly enough, and what have you? So you talk about Jimmy Bulloch a damn good player, but not the marquee that you were looking for Kemba Walker us a lesser version of Cari, but special, but then again, he's a native New Yorker in New York where overpay to keep him, particularly if you can't get kyri. So when you look at all of these different scenarios now, we get back to the Lakers and LeBron he is what it comes down to you. Lebron James nobody wants to complete. What you you can't get? One gotta come that. You got to rely on Rich, Paul and club sports with your client. Because we all know that LeBron James and honest will collect sports you gotta rely on Anthony Davis getting traded. The pelicans reportedly are not going to cooperate with the Lakers. They'll trade him anywhere. But to the Lakers, which means he would have to wait until the twenty twenty twenty. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Los Angeles Clippers have a billionaire owner worth twenty two billion dollars. They've got a guy Lawrence Frank. No. For work in heart dot rivers has done an exceptional job coaching this year. And oh, by the way, they're going to have enough cap space for two max players, not just one. And in the meantime there by eight games over five hundred battling for seventy could potentially clown to sixty in the Western Conference pitcher. This is not a good situation for the Los Angeles. When we talk about the Yankees and the Mets in New York. I can't believe I'm about to say this if. Lakers. Don't get somebody the clippers will be the Yankees. LA? Lakers would be the at I wanna do less than break this up with their screaming at me 'cause your show starts and eight minutes. Go Stephen a Smith on I take back from Los Angeles, upstanding, my man. Thank you very much. We will take a break Marcus spears going to jump in next. Antonio Brown is a raider how significant Steelers lose raiders win his thoughts next get up ESPN. Get up is brought to you by the United States Marine corps. The few the proud the marine have just a few minutes left here. And I'm going to give them to my buddy, Marcus spears, the big swag who joins us live this morning. All right. The deal is done. Antonio Brown is a raider. He leaves Pittsburgh third and fifth. Go back that way, and they got a bunch of dead money markets. Did the Steelers get this thing all wrong? The Steelers loss g also whether you determine if you get it roll or whatever they lost in the situation. But it's a win for the players to win for the future of the league. And I've heard a lot of people come on now with that being said you have to be this type of player in order to win by Antonio Brown. One in the situation he wanted to get out. He wanted money, and he ended up going to Viva Las Vegas. The biggest show in football is about the end up in the biggest city at barrack where you talk about entertain that said just quickly one more Pittsburgh. And then we'll move forward. But you were here all last week. And you're particularly Friday when all this thing was sort of breaking all around or so us apprised the Steelers wound up getting as little as they did. I surprised I didn't think they would get. I we talked about that. But I didn't a fifth of the sick. A third of the five would be the be the numbers that they got will you look at Tonio Brown for Duchesne when you look at what he's done for their franchise in their organization. Not only us, but the rest of the league is saw it as well. This was something look the Oakland Raiders were like the the person that came in and say, oh, you your girl having problems all let me go. Let everybody over there. See what really is going on at figure out how to work my way in there. So you can become my best friend. I got you. I love every analogy you make let me go to Oakland here. Derek carr. You feel good about it. He he's got to be the guy who makes it work with Antonio Brown. And there have been some ups and downs. How do you feel about this marriage with Derek Carr g? Hell, no. I don't feel good about it. I told you I thought Antonio Brown would need to go somewhere where a guy was established. We don't even know if their car is going to continue to be the quarterback, the judge. I know everybody's in this honeymoon phase and excited about getting be. And you saw the post that made with him talking to their car we've seen John grueling be irrational when it comes to those type of players on his about the he let Khalil Mack go away a Cooper goal. And we've already heard talks about is their car the guy for John group. Now, I'm sure this'll help their car in this case, we're having AB who's the prolific wide receiver would give him opportunity to be very productive. But right now as it stands, this is just the honeymoon phase. We'll see if Oakland loses two or three games and Tonio Brown and the amount of production any wards if this is the right synergy or not. And if there's one thing we've seen historically from John his favorite quarterback is. The next one Marcus app. Standing thank you, my friend. Have a great day. We'll try and get you back tomorrow. The next day as all this continues to break finish it up at the table. Here this morning with what's been really interesting. You agree with that aired Marcus to say that's a an iffy mix with car and aby together. Do you worry about that? Of course. We'll just told you about the new form of move before you get a young quarterback. And I think next year their car won't be on the team and they get their salary cat relief. And that's when they go to Las Vegas as well. All right. Dan is working the phones. He's getting me with us all week long. We'll continue to bring you the very latest and all the free agency, which the legal tampering officially begins this afternoon. And then these deals can become official on Wednesday. Mike. What's so good to say, you might? He'll be back with us later this week as well. Busy day. Thank you for spending your morning with us. We'll see you tomorrow. I take starts now.

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