Recut: Isle of Dogs and Christopher Robin Teaser


So here we are two of the most masculine men on the internet talk and teddy bears again. So let's do this thing. In where you only have trailers and posters to judge a movie, Jim and Ted strikeout to answer the age old question, will you see. Teddy bear hot. So how are you this week? Ted good. How're you doing? All right, do not right. So yeah. So what do we have tonight tonight we have another stuffed bear of little more famous than even Paddington, but we'll see how could we think teaser trailer is then a couple of movies. I love dogs. And then you wanted to cover with dinosaur protection league or something. The dinosaur protection program or protection program. There you go. Yeah, we gotta make sure our read Karnataka dinosaur from DNA. They don't go back extinct. We gotta make sure they stick around. Yes. The island island is gonna have explosion. What does it on a rupture, ovo, Canada, eruption? Yeah, let's write a volcanic eruption will before we get into dinosaurs. Let's talk teddy Burs. Yes, and get to Christopher, Robin, so looks. I don't know what's like a kid movie kind of kid movie, maybe a family movie. As recently as last year we had good goodbye. Castorama which was FOX Searchlight's fill the came out. Yeah, that was more about the authorship of the book. Right? Right. That was the journey of a my ad mill and his ATS d from being in the war on the writing these books, his nephew or something. Yeah, yeah, it's very close in timing. You know, there's a lot of posters having around and then early. This year as we know who were covering Paddington to which turned out to be one of the best tracks movies of the year. I think panther and Paddington to the highest run tomato ratings of any movies in twenty eight teen will. Yeah, Black Panther. Certainly. So these this movie, I think, has a lot to live up to when includes a loved character agreed cast, what? What are your thoughts? Well, I mean so with goodbye Christopher, Robin, and now Christopher, Robin, I mean, is this peak PU? We've had with peak doing Johnson and peak, can Michael. Michaels, and now it's peak, PU. So my thoughts? Yeah. I mean, it looks cute. You know? I mean, and I think Jim Cummings voice sounds so much like sterling Holloway's, iconic, Winnie the Pooh voice. I mean, I don't know how they kind of get it there. But I mean, it sounds great. Kind of gives me a few like the beginning reminds me a little bit of a Christmas Carol and his boss talking about, well, let me back up Christopher, Robin, who is played by you and McGregor. He says, these people need good jobs, and the boss is kind of like, yeah, you should do whatever you want for this company or whatever you need to do for this company. Kind of has it Evans or Scrooge flair to them character. I like the lighting like that that like silver effect, I'm not sure if there's, I'm sure there's a technical name for it, but that silver affect kinda muted color. It's not really black and white. Obviously, there's color in there, but it kinda plays into that tone a little bit. The MU. Sets the nice tone as he's coming. He's trying to like, oh my God, I'm losing my job and my family just left, and but the music has that a beat rhythm to it rate before he reunites with poo. So kinda has that tone of hope as these appro as he's walking into that garden before he meets Poos. So I thought that like the musical score for the trailer. So I think, yes, I mean, so far, it's it's pretty cool trailer. I like it. How about you? I like it. I'm excited to see them. I think Jim Cummings actually his doing who and 'tigers voice her long time. So I think we check the liners and is not doing tigger sports and this movie. So she see how they or grab that, right. But to me, I feel like as been a lot of these movies recently though, with this movie Paddington and he not so much peak when who insist peak, nostalgia, Mary Poppins return. Turns is coming soon that DNA trailer dropped as well. So even though I'm excited about the actors and the voice actors and everything about this, I feel like I can't get excited about seeing this movie, but I was the thing about this teaser trailer is clearly says, teaser trimmer, all over. It really felt like a proper teaser trailer. So I, you know, I was railing on moral engines. Teaser trailer came out awful, and even last last week when they were calling record route to Ralph bricks internet, when they're calling out at teaser trailer have something like a full blood trailer one, or I fish trailer completely filled full. Yeah, this this feels like a teaser trailer and by thought it'd be nice to kind of define what I thought makes Patou trailer. I think I've done it a little bit online, but it's light on exposition of the main overall arching cloud of the story on it, but it doesn't clued the inciting incident, which is him being. Told the can't go with his family. So we kind of congress up who's bear from his childhood. It gives you a taste of the CGI the graphics that we're gonna see throughout this thing. So I think that Mary Poppins turns teaser trailer at this teaser trailer are true teaser trailers that give you the sense, the taste, everything about the movie and try to excite you to want to see more trailers for this property of the three Disney movies talked about these two definitely teaser trailers. I don't know. I feel like this time in places in gone to a lot. You know, last week we there's a dual thing with ready player one where it has a future, but it's referencing the recent past eighty the nineties. So I like I like that timeframe rather than this type. This type frame just feels like we've gone too many times. I don't know whether I've said it to see. I mean to me saving Mr. banks was great, a love that money. It's that I don't. I don't know how you're gonna top. So if this is trying to save Mr. banks that will see all in the big joke that every saying is this is like Ted's equal or something. Grown man talk into a bear. Right, right. Yeah, I was thinking too about this. It's going to be. I think the audience is going to be grandparents and grandkids because the grandkids never did anything with Winnie the Pooh as far as you know, five, six, eight year olds and stuff because he's kind of new to them, and that's right in their wheelhouse. And then grandparents today were probably kids win. Winnie the Pooh. I out with the original Disney stuff where the people in the middle, you know, maybe like me and you and some people may be a little bit older little bit younger, Winnie the Pooh, not so much of our childhood. I don't know. Maybe it's a grandparent grandchild movie. The one thing I didn't really care for, maybe we just haven't seen enough of it and they haven't really refined it is I don't like the way pool looks really then I don't like the way his mouth moves. When he talks, it seems. To like stiffer something. There's not enough reaction. There's not enough expression in his in his face, like as I'm watching and I'm thinking he's very stiff in very like old school puppet. Not necessarily. Maybe that's what they're going for, but not necessarily CG like we, we come so used to seeing, you know. So yeah. I mean, we don't know if it's done or if it's, you know, still still resigning CGI now, so. Exactly. Yeah. A lot as a lot could go, we'll comes up what August third. Yeah, I think it is that lay. Yeah, I saw I was looking over the internet. It's kind of hiding, it seems you know. But on Wickham pedia I thought was August third because I am. I am db, didn't even have the day. And then one question I had, why do you think they quite Winnie the Pooh to beauty and the beast for the legacy car? Because they don't really talk about many. I mean with all the Disney move. They don't talk about any of the other ones they talk about beating the beast. I think they're just trying to capitalize on the recent live action. We live action remake handmade classic. Okay. So I think that's that's the beaten base they're talking about is not the Cinderella was bigger. They say Cinderella too, but I think didn't the beast hit so many in such a high note for who went to go see it since the perfect legacy sell for for anything in that in this space, Winnie the Pooh, he, no, he has the clever quips like feels like he's cracked welders. Have some wrinkles. Yeah, and all that, where this movie, I think you're going to leave feeling a little bit like the the more nostalgic, warm, fuzzies cetera. Whereas in Paddington he's got more of the hijinks than you know, the wackadoo it'll whatever is doing Acton goofy. So a little bit different bear movie, I guess, but different feel to the bears in a sense, unbearable unbearable. Yeah. Like I said, I think this is a good one grandparents in grandkids. I think kind of those middle ages, the people in their thirties and forties, whatever. I don't know if it's going to hit that Mark if he asked me definitely little kids and I think definitely the old folks, everybody in the middle. I think they're going to kind of lose. That's kind of my feeling. So the greatest generation and millennials in younger, we'll know the greatest generation is like in their nineties. Now I'm talking like maybe the baby boomers baby. Yeah, the baby boomers who are now grandparents like our parents and our kids, that's who's going to be going to this. I think maybe that's what we do. We go with the grandparents. They go take the kids into this one and then clear tonight go, heaven forbid mortal engines, but. Something more like action. Funny thriller comedic anniversaries, August ten. So hopefully it'll come up before that. So then I'll get somebody to take the kids in Sivas. Yeah, there you go. Yeah. I mean, I don't have a whole lot more to say, but as a teaser trailer, we're looking at what is it a minute or something just a minute. I mean, it looks cute. I think the trailer as some good cinematography. I think the the sound scores decent does what it needs to do. It kind of sets the stage for what's to come. And yeah, they did a job, you know? I mean, I don't think it's bad at all. Yeah, I thought the news. It was a little too sentimental. Well, I think that's what they're going for that's going for. I guess that's why you're saying it's missing our whole gen-x here. So exactly exactly but, but a cropper teaser trailer. So I'll give you my three word review. Let's hear it. Ted takes London head takes Lund soit a minute white. Ted teddy bear. No, like Ted, the movie ten with Ted. Ted too. So this is like ten takes London, but instead of Mark Wahlberg we have you McGregor. Ted, though a lot less vulgarity right. Yeah, not so much here, right. Exactly. All right. So let let's see, Jurassic world, fallen kingdom singer ethic, worlds, fallen kingdom. We've really seen trailing from that in a trailer in the Super Bowl, and they've had a couple other blew his back. We talk about that, but this has weaker couple of weeks ago. They came out with this website at this program and this whole thing that's called the DP of the dynasty dinosaur protection group as a website, Ganesha protection group dot com. There's hashtag all the social tags, everything that goes along with regular, real-life project like Greenpeace or something like that. Right is involved here all the way down to the idea that there's going to be a March. There is a March on Capitol Hill in September. The movie comes out in the summertime, so it'll be after the movie comes out, but I thought it was interesting. Have a hashtag worth says hashtag, we can save them. And I thought that was a little with the metoo movement and with black lives matter and with all of these other things swirling around, this is a marketing campaign that's trying to use the hashtag that sounds like a be something serious for something serious hashtag. We can save them yet is implied for something else. While I looked, I looked around and I couldn't really find much else on a, yeah, hopefully the they're, they're people also to make sure that it was. It was cleaning at tag to us, but it just seems like. Trading in a space where you don't wanna be insensitive to that. But you tell me as a layperson, sometimes marketers can be little true sensitive right to being politically correct or twos steer clear something that is at jeer or something that's like this. I really liked winning the website. There's a lot of white papers gonna call reports and the of the glossiest reports vow all the different kinds of dinosaurs looked really, really pretty Willie glossy look to the whole thing. So is a need campaign for some historical dinosaur information yet. I thought that was neat. It's great to kind of entrench your of built in audience for the movie that wants to do more with the movie. So there's a lot to read about some of the supporting characters within the movie. So it's the only unless you have is great stylist Howard that who runs the whole DP g. And she does the promo. She does the PSA like crow that they have been there, but then they also talk to those couple of people in the in her group. What he I mean, what did you think? Did you check out the website at all, or CNA of that stuff? What will one you sent the call it like the promo video of? Yeah, like a fake. PSA. Like save the dinosaurs. Yeah, as I'm watching it, I'm thinking, what on earth is this is, are they coming out with some other movie? Is Ted asking meter review a trailer for like, save the dinosaurs? And then I'm thinking like, is this real? I watch it. You're like it's really well done. First of all as a PSA, like you said, right as an NGO you know, like this is this NGO that we have set up nonprofit and we're going to have the school does elementary school campaign. We're gonna get all these elements school kids on board. It's going to become like, you know, they're going to fill the coffee can with, you know, whatever. We're going to send it off and we're going to put this money to go save the dinosaurs, and, and then as you're watching, realize like it's just satire in everything. Yeah. But I mean, overall, it's pretty comical. I think it will comical in a subtle way, and I think as you watch it and you get towards the end of it, you're like, okay, this is just way over the top, but it has to be because it has to be real as if the dinosaurs are here and you're trying to save them maybe like I could totally see something like this with like manatees or something. You know. And you know, I can see some PSA going through the Florida Keys in southern Florida, and you're trying to get school kids on board with all this stuff. Well, I think it's interesting. You know, like there's a, there's a website at the bottom of the website hit asks, stand the no for updates news DP g it has like sticker that has little triceratops. It says St. me at this like a cute little pink triceratops, but ask for the person's name in Email. Mike violent concern is that the movie is not as it's gonna be PG PG thirteen. And this website campaign this deep DIGI campaign seals like its first school age kids like exactly, yeah. The family lamentably school like a a young kid could supplement on this and then think, oh no, there's an island out there. The real world that has these data's audit, and I've. Was just as another cautionary tale to parents there to think like the fact that it has this asking for their name and the Email address at the bottom of this splash page. The first page you come to, it actually needs this website is not co compliance, so it's not safe for children because it's asking personally identifiable information on the on the splash page, just knowing that. And then like I like the fact that they have Universal Studios in Amblin entertainment in the bottom, the rights and stuff like that. But it's right next to the terms and conditions, things like that. So very rarely will people even get that far into it. That's my only my only negative is the fact that they do that. I'd love the idea of diving deep into the world of the film in a leading your real fans who fans just really get into it. This other content that will stay shot of the movie. It's gonna be very small part of the movie, but it feels like they shot. A lot of this stuff would Bryce douse Howard specifically for this. So it's a lot like that dead pool deadpool promo that we that that Trump talked about. We're shooting a lot of extra stuff with that pool, so there should not extra stuff within with her too. So it's very interesting. I guess my last comment would be like if I were marketing manager, who are somebody in the marketing department that's making something like this as an advertisement to get people to go see a movie. The biggest concern I would have is that you know somebody's watching it the see the save the dinosaurs protected dinosaur group in all this, and they're going to be completely lost that it's a part or it's intended to be marketing for addressing part movie coming out and they're just going to watch it. It's going to go right over their head, and then it's like back to dancing with the stars or wherever they're, they're airing this thing if even are airing it, but like people are just going to watch it in there. Gonna think it's like who knows what a new toy from teller something, and they're just gonna completely miss. The point that it's for it's for addressing part movie all the money and all the marketing and all the stuff that goes into making it is just for nothing because like people are just like kinda lost on them Bray. And I guess you're hitting a smaller leash grew here trying to fans of Jurassic world. Yeah, can't get enough of like trying to find out is little Easter eggs trying to find out. You know how many minutes Jeff Goldblum. Can memory other somebody things in in a franchise movie like Jurassic Park Jessica world where there's so much to mind there for people that are into the check on the, you know, their Twitter page every day to see if there's news about drastic world that this gives them something to really, really dive into. So it's marketing for those people to keep them on the hook which on you don't really need to. They're already about the ticket. Yeah, they're already. It's like, it's like we talked about with Star Wars. You know, like at some point I get tired of it, but yeah, regardless the trailer, I'm still going to go see solo, right? Yeah, yeah. This kind of campaign though is makes to me, it makes more sense if you are pushing your date or if you have like you talked about putting this movie at this year, but the CD's not working to put out next year then something like this can Safai fielder place up in a hold the hold the franchise up to bridge that year to get you to the next movie. Yeah, yeah, totally. But I, I like I like them doing campaigns like this. I like the idea of something aversive. He no, for the super fans, not not getting them, you know. 'cause it's like if you're just like you and I talking like this is gonna make new people. It's not gonna hit the people on the fringes. Sure. Hitting that core, the core demo that's already going to be giving them something fun to do while they wait to see the movie. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And you know, the last thing is we were talking about how in dead pool, they shot bunch of extra stuff. The one dead pool though that I saw recently that I was cracking up was when deadpool was Ross doing the painting bobber us. That's right. Bob, Ross. Yeah. Yeah. But anyway, I just wanted to mention that really quick. I was great. That is great. Provo was pretty funny. Do you have a three review for this? I didn't for this whole campaign. I was wondering. I mean, it's not really a movie. Yeah. I mean, I still love my review for the movie, the trailer where we did Louis back. Yeah, blue such a great character. The movie, the character trailer. Yeah. Yeah, but I but I will say that from from DP g we can go to DO g. in the next trailer, I'll dogs. All right before we do how about we take a break, let's do that. And we'll be back coming up on trailer junkies podcast. And my friend. Ends. They all went out there like, we'll take the muscles you guys. Sure do this me and my state comes out at its sparkler stuck in the bone marrow at it's like, go it off at everything. The whole restaurants, like lucky and I spend the rest of the night, just downing this steak. You're enjoying trailer reviews or even if you're hating them, let us know feedback. We're on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or Email info at trailer junkies podcast dot com. And you can also comment on the that trilogy monkeys, podcasts dot com. Now, let's get back to it. And we are back. So what did you say now the DP g to the DO g DT g DOJ you go from the dinosaurs to the isle of the dogs must funny too because the dinosaurs on island as well. These dogs that I'll dogs is Wes Anderson slate, assed animation, stop, motion, Knicks mix. All of that. I looked at it as yeah, the stop motion kinda not like Klay mation esque timber type movie. So what do you think? Do you did you? Did you see? Fantastic Mr Fox? No, I did not allow. Fantastic facia maybe I should check it out. Yeah, it was funny. We saw this trailer when we saw Ferdinand might both my kids eight twelve. They said, daddy, you go see that movie. We have no interest. With really? Yeah, I was like, it looks cool, cool, eight and a twelve year old. So they don't wanna see it. I, my twelve year old said she didn't want my eight year old was on the fence to Larry's. That's hilarious. Okay. Let me just start by saying my first complaint is when anything is in the future. It's never in the future enough, right? Because, okay, this is twenty years in the future in Japan. So if you go twenty years in the past, I mean smartphones or here smartphones weren't back then, but they are now other than that, the world is more or less kind of the same. Not much changed. Maybe gas prices are a little bit higher something, but I mean like there's not a whole lot difference twenty years in the future. Is it going to look that much difference where the dogs have just taken over and they're just kind of like the ready player one. That was what? Twenty six, seven years in the future, whatever. And it's. Pick thing where people are no Hieaux living in like junk house or whatever. It's like really in twenty seven years is going to change that much. It's not an future enough, whatever. So I mean, I'm just nitpicking there. It looks pretty funny. The one thing I like about it is is how the Doug speak English the people Japanese, but it implies the barking is when English sounds like the Japanese people. So I'm thinking to myself, wait a minute then what languages jape barking. Do I whenever I travel out of the country, I should bring my dog with because I might find somebody to communicate with him and he's like, it'll be like my interpreter. I like, I don't even know if that's what they're getting at, but that's what I got from it. You know is that when Japanese people hear us speaking that we must just selling, we're barking at him, you know? Yeah, that's. Yeah, like. That part I thought was really good and just the cleverness in the guys stealing the plane, and then he crashes. And you know, he's sitting there and they have him looking through like his little helmet and the dogs looking at him, and he's holding up the card whether he's looking for spot or whatever, you know, and he has a little flip flop, son, and. It's pretty funny. It looks pretty funny now I, it's, it's amazing. So the tumors in his first of all, Rushmore is one of my favorite of all times. Ho can be. But he did Moore kingdom. And when I watch moon is finger, I thought the set pieces that he established for that movie were so beautiful and so well thought out so designed that it was just everything was meticulously taking care of. So I appreciate that aesthetic. And when he did fantastic Mr Fox adaptation of child's book. So it is somebody else's story, but it has everything that was put into all of his characters, all of his films. He is another autour we talked about a lot or I like that. This blend of that kingdom meticulousness of the space with the filming style of phantasm Mr Fox. And you know, just the energy of all the scenes. You know when even like the quick cuts, the use of this when they're showing supposedly like whatever the bad guy is in the, you know, the lighting changes in his, he soup. Propel is like yelling at the camera who's at mayor, Kobe. She. You don't even know what's going on. Kind of you can lose yourself in this space where you don't have to know the words that are being said, because the way people acting the reactions of your heroes anti heroes villains, all of their actions in reactions are driving story floored with without the dialogue. So dialogue is something that he spends a lot of time crafting and you can tell he, no, he loves writing it. I don't know if he of this what what party played that, but it just feels like this could move you even if you weren't listening to every word, you know it's gonna move you in every way. Yes, that's it excites me about this and what's cool about what Sanderson in what I notice in this movie too is so we look at photography, you know, there's, there's all these like rules, right? Like the rule of thirds. West of what I find in a lot of his movies is that he's very symmetrical. If you drew a line down the center of your. Cream, like his movies tend to either fall to the left or the writer. I mean, they're like dead center and this is no, this is no difference. I mean, when you look at the at the splash screen of the official trailer, like all the dogs looking at the guy threw his helmet, the black dog is dead center. The feet kind of frame him symmetrical. I mean, it's like perfect. And oftentimes, you know, you always wanna have somebody off to the left or off to the writer in the top corner, the bottom corner, whatever it is you know, and he doesn't do that, you know. So I think it's like you'd be breaks the rules in that way, which is cool. And there's the saying that you know, learn the rules so you can then break the rules and he doesn't. He does exactly that by my favorite thing about that shot that you're talking about as easy as Szabo's in socks is defined saying his flipflops, it's flops. Yeah. Yeah. I, I think from my Star Trek knowledge that they're called Szabo's because. Sabotage is what the the workers would throw their sandals into the machines to break them. Gotcha. Are so control told us at one of the earliest Star Trek movies in the funny thing is when you first look at it, it takes you about like four times of looking at it and then you're like, wait his feeder in there because they kind of blend into the snow and you don't really see right off the rip you know. And then after after few minutes, like Homolka there's feet there, and then I thought it was clever too, and I have no idea if this is meant to be there or not, but so to Carrow Koby Ashi is the hot. The hotdog eating king, Coney Island every year when they have that competition of who can you know what does eat like fifty hot dogs in like ten minutes or something. I don't even know how many guy eats eats like, you know, just dozens of them and then there's mayor, Kobe. She whose banishing all the dogs to like the trash heap. So both Kobe, she's devour the dogs. Right? Yes. So maybe there's a connection to to Carol Kobe, Ashi eating hot dogs and mayor, Kobe. She banishing the dogs, you know. So mayor, Kobe Ashi Thursday to an island and Tocchet Kobe. She puts into the toilet. That's terrible. Yeah. And then well, and then like you said, I mean, knowing the the save the dinosaur program or whatever that was where you know the dining, the Dyno's are on an island in these dogs on an island. I had to look it up because you're you're a seal trying to figure out how many eight? What was your guess? Again, I sit like around fifty a hundred and ten bundling hot dogs in ten minutes. There's okay bundling. Sure. But Ali. Like to bundle hotdogs. Like, you know, I grew up in Chicago, so we get Chicago, and one thing that's awesome about Chicago dog is like Chicagoans are not afraid of putting a salad on their hotdog. But even with that, whatever, like Allie to in, like I feel bloated. A hundred ten and ten minutes. Yes, ten minutes. But I don't know is this more impressively sixty knows in two minutes. Thirty five seconds. We'd sixty how many sixty in two and a half minutes, but I think like he grabs it. He dips it in water down the Neka goes as gross the app. I mean it must be that he eats them so fast that the stomach can't trigger your full yet. I don't know how does it not? How do you not like puke at some point while I think what I what I saw some clips of like how he doesn't stuff and I think he drinks a lot of water yet. He dips many down before the before, like in preparation for it. Alone water to to descend his stomach to make stomach bigger civility can righted a began. The. I will say. So when we went to Prague film school and it was a restaurant in the old town Krog Avila Jewish quarter and his Belgian restaurant for muscles. But they had on that. They had on the wall like eat this, this steak and it's free. Like a five pound steak or something. It was like the two kilos or something. So yeah, as two kilo steak. Right. And I was like as well. That's right. Yeah, metric maybe I can do that. I I could do that. I can eat that steak. So I convinced a couple of friends to go. We we said, we'll all of the stakes and then we'll get him also free. So we get to the restaurant. I o on the first order size it. I'll take the the XL two kilo thing on the one on the mirror as I order them all he's going to do the challenge. My friends, they all went out there like, we'll take the muscles that you guys sure do this with me, and my state comes out at it's gonna sparkler stuck in the bone marrow and it's like, go it off at everything. The whole restaurants, like lucky. And I spend the rest of the night just downing this steak. So did you do it? I polish that off. I actually ordered a beer with it, and I was like that stupid. I'm not going to citizens beard switch the water because the finish this be bloated with combination. Yeah, that's why I said I could not make a hotdog eating contest like after two hot dogs, I'm done. I might be able to pound down three of them, but no way. Could I go for four or sixty? Six. All right. We're so far off the off the dog island we gotta get. Okay. Okay, I'll the. Yeah, we're so far off the aisle. We gotta get back to the. Amazing movie super excited about it. Did you catch is a scene revisit, big circle of lights over the over the guy in a command centre? Yeah, it's about minute in the half into and I was immediately thought of the war room in Dr Strangelove. You do that recently? Probably thirty years or something. I'm going to say I saw fired the guest, probably about ten years ago. This lesson my son. I know exactly. I've seen the movie a number of times, so I'm familiar with without his and yeah, yeah, yeah, I would agree with that. That's pretty cool. So this so many of these set pieces, beautiful shots lake. It's just I candy. As far as the I could see suspect the blonde woman with the with the big fro is like within the movie. Like character. Yeah, the one who has like the crush on him or whatever. Yeah, I don't. I mean, I mean, how do you think she plays in? I think she's. Just like helping him, you know, like you always need helpers, and yeah, foils. And so I think she probably helps from the outside. Yeah. Yeah, definitely feels like there's a voyeuristic movement that feels very Asian feels very, yeah. While Japanese where they start broadcasting this stuff to the mainland and the people get energized by saying this boy, you know, accomplishing seats the on his capabilities with dog. So I think that when when when they show that in film, I think it it allows the audience to kind of take part of being in that part of the audience. So it's like showing the audience themselves? Yeah, the excited about what the boys rape. So I like that ankle. The one thing that I didn't really care for too much. I mean, I kinda get the beginning as far as you know, all the brought the movies with Andersen did, and it has the Japanese writing on the left and the right, and they kind of splash the screen with all of the legacy stuff. Too busy, and I was trying the first go around your trying to read all this stuff and see what it is and it kind of gets by pretty quick. I would rather have seen it done differently overwhelming and it doesn't time to process it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. I, I would rather have seen it done differently, but really that's really complain about it. I mean, it looks looks pretty cool. And I mean, who do you think this movies for? Like who's who's the audience that are after. Just like the converse of of Krista rob. This is for the gen Xers is this for you know, you think it's inversely proportionate to to Christopher Robin. When we came out the same weekend while I, I think I think that maybe my kids a little jaded to this, I think I think I liked fantastic socks too much probably should it to them too much too early. So they are not into the style. And I think there are some teams that Wes Anderson probably takes on. There were definitely some parts of Santana socks that were above Mike kids at the time. I thought it would could just go over their head. It looks to real Mike kids. We talked to this little last time to where they really get invested the peril that Wes Anderson puts his characters through is little more heightened than a little more little to reopen buddy Volve. So you know the the tragedy in the end, the tension you feel which I thrive off of his far as a body. It's member may be too much for by a twelve year old. I mean, just from the the trailer alone is. Ramped up so fast that they're already overloaded via with the imagery and with everything that's going on. You know this explaining a lot if the exposition is is throughout the Easter, eggs are all over the place at your reading into things that are there, reading things aren't. The color palette is amazing. You know, it's it's huge. It's wide. It's everywhere so I can tell I can see why somebody would say it's not to me that ego at watch it well, and I think it's a nice break from the overly clean photo. Perfect or photo, real picture type movies. Yeah, we were watching cars three last weekend and they're showing the cars racing, and even though it's all animated in its Pixar and it's all the Jinnah what it is. I mean, there's some scenes in there word. It's too real almost in the in the angles that they're showing with the car on the track, and they're kind of like it's almost like there's a. Gopro right facing at the front wheel, and it's just then high def in everything and super clean. This is a little more gritty. Yeah, I love on the cars thing. I love the trailer when that first came out for cars, three. When you could see like that rubber and asphalt. That's what I'm talking about being kicked up. Yeah. When the rubber assaults kicked up in the that low angle, the cars I thought that's tweet that was amazing like that they roll that out. Totally. And that's exactly what I'm talking about. Yeah. And then my final come well, no, I have two comments. One, I love the Japanese drums. Yeah, no, it's how they billed through up to the climax, and then there's little mini nuclear explosion. Drums the way they build to the climax. It really just brings you into the moment. And once then of that little explosion goes off, it's almost like the tensions released and you take cya breath. Yeah. No, it's amazing. We, we're at Disneyland a couple of weeks ago and they had the Google drums and it is the same. Those jobs in it is that mazing think to just watch them town all the different styles of drums. Right, Parral. So, and then my last comment is I hope they don't have subtitles for the Japanese speakers. Really in the reason I say that is well, okay. People who speak Japanese and English, I guess, would have an advantage because they would know both sides are saying, but I kinda like I like how the dog speak English and how I mentioned. It's kind of like that's the implied barking to the Japanese so bad because we don't understand. Japanese, it's like it's kind of the dog saying, well, we can't understand them and they didn't understand us and and you're kind of the audience and you're live in the dog world. You live in the dog world and you're just kinda lost as losses. They are of what the people are trying to tell you and it's it's the body language, the facial expressions in all that, that non language language that you have to read into figure out what the Japanese characters are trying to accomplish with the dogs and everything and you are right there with the dogs. Just trying to figure along with them, like why on earth are we here? And now we are on this. This zip line wasn't even zip line. It's whatever that thing is like the Gondal. Disneyland Gondolo skyway. Exactly. And deer, just your sided with the dogs only because you understand what the heck are saying. No, that'd be amazing. Honestly, I'd like to know what the Japanese maybe there. There's subtitles when you get the DVD later Blu Ray later, whatever, but you can figure it out. But I mean, I think it would just be funny for the first go around to just be cited with the dog. So you can figure out what they're talking about. Sometimes under movie though, you know, they say t y the two year three. And now if you go into, I'll dogs to two screenings, vials, I love dogs. The win subtitle to hug and without sometime dogs. Yeah, you'd have to see it without. I just to see like to get the full impact of the dogs crisp active perspective in their emotion, and so you're totally wrapped up in their world rather than being. Able to understand both sides of it. You're really only into the one side like your you go in as the other? Yeah. And then it really then you really like you would have to put yourself in physician of the dogs for when people are talking to dogs. Dogs, don't understand that people start doing the pantomime. Right, right. Do you want to go outside. Yeah, I know I see people. I have a dog and they see people all the time. I just roll my eyes at it, but, but anyway, it looks pretty. It looks pretty cool. I, yeah, I don't think my kids even though it's animated stuff. It's total adult animation though. Yeah. Well, animation, but theme. Anyway, I think we'd beat this one enough to awesome. What are your final thoughts? Three were review my final thoughts. Thank goodness, west Amos in his back. Feel like this is totally will house. And my three were view is west is best friend with his best friend. Yeah. Yeah, no. I mean, it's it is Wes his best friend. I wonder like why he chose dogs. And I mean, well, I'll tell you this movie's not for cat lovers. Maybe it is maybe the maybe a cat lovers would love the idea that on the dogs could on this island Wayne for right, so everybody left's so the dogs get shunned and back in Japan. Well, and the mainland or wherever archipelago yes. Yeah, they're all that's left. Are cats cats cats. Cats run wild. Yeah. Oh, and the other. The other thing that I was thinking about this was FOX Searchlight's. So really seals like this is another awesome FOX searchlight movie that is made by the director and very hands off from Spock searchlight of obviously the shape of water one. Yeah, that's picture once Oscars for FOX searchlight and even three billboards. Another one another FOX searchlight film. So they're, they're really like a a huge juggernaut of indeed indie level film space. Uh-huh studio. And then people are dogging the idea that if Disney goose through with purchase of all the FOX properties, including Sox's light, I see what you did there. They're dogging. They're going to somehow the Disney is going to somehow ruin FOX searchlight by getting control of that space. But with the taking on marvel of taking on his film, I don't think marvel has really had any long-term sex. Some being owned by Disney and have yet to see whether Lucas from comes out completely unscathed. This a little bit different of lineage little tighter, smaller tighter, tribals of followers of the canon of that story, but a marvels all over the place that you have. You know, a lot of characters, a lot of leeway to do that. So I think if they do go through with all of it, I don't think FOX Searchlight's leaves its appeal to tours to come in to make the movie that they wanna make your. I mean, the give him the liberty or right were continued to give him the liberty than I think it's still going to track the people that are going gonna make the movies they wanna make in that. Maybe going to get more funding to do it. I think so. All right. What do you say? We get outta here? Cooman side of fun night tonight. These were little bit off the beaten path moving stuff that we talk about. But I mean, overall, I thought it was cool. I mean, you know, it's always fun. Yes, I'm gonna go watch Thor. Ragnarok a right now. You are right now and I'm gonna go watch my eyelids. I'm going to bed. Enjoy Thor tonight. Jim, thanks for listening. Next week join Jim and Ted as they did saw him another Hollywood bomb or marketing masterpiece. Remember the holy trinity of podcasting subscribe like shit. Special, thanks to Germany can Jackson for the voice and rallying for the music.

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