Order of the Nine Angles Pt. 1


Due to the graphic nature of this secret societies rituals listener discretion is advised. This episode contains descriptions of Murder Abuse Racist Ideology and sexual acts that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen something else to note all of the groups covered on this show operate in secret the details included in this episode are based on extensive research, but ultimately can never be one hundred percent verified except by society members themselves. In. Two thousand one journalist Nick Lulls walked into a pub in Shropshire. England, he was there to meet David Miot one of the country's most notorious neo Nazis. Looking around the pub lows spotted miot in a corner booth. It look more like a college professor than an armed right wing extremist he had a thick. Beard and wore John Lennon. Beneath a tweed newsboy cap. Without hesitation laws walked to my it's booth and sat down across from him. He had only one thing on his agenda for the meeting to get my it to admit that he was Anton. Long the mysterious leader of the satanist group, the order of nine angles however, despite lulls best efforts might adamantly denied it claiming he had no direct association with the Satanic Group. Finally, the journalists gathered his things to leave. But just as he stood up. It slid an envelope across the table. It had lows name typed across the front curious lows back down and opened it. Inside was a sheet of cream-colored stationery bearing a neatly typed note, the letter accused Lulls of spreading lies and at the very end miot challenged him to a duel. lulls looked up in shock to see that my it had opened his jacket inside was a silver dagger embossed with the insignia of the Nazi ss then. Leaned in and said in a quiet voice, I've been involved in two previous duels and one them both. Hi I'm Vanessa Richardson. I'm Greg Poulsen, and this is secret societies of spotify original from podcast. Every Thursday. We examine history's most exclusive organizations from around the world and try to shine a light on these mysterious groups from the aluminum to the order of nine angles will explore how much impact each secret society actually had on the world around them. This is our first episode on the order of Nine Angles a prominent occult group based in the United Kingdom Mixing Traditional Satanism with Neo, nazism and witchcraft. The group is rumored to have outposts in Europe North America and other continents. This week will look at the origins of the order of nine angles and explore their bizarre beliefs and practices will also investigate their leader a mysterious Anton Long. Next. Week will delve into the organizations legacy around the world will discuss some of the group's members who have been accused of planning terrorist activities and committing murders. Finally, we'll look at how the group has reinvented itself in the age of social media. We have all that and more coming up stay with us. The order of nine angles also called the Owen. A was founded in the nineteen sixties when three neo pagan covens combined in England. Little is known about these groups except that their members worshipped a malevolent goddess and answered to an enigmatic grand mistress. Then at some point in the early seventies, this mysterious woman left the area and moved to Australia paving the way for a new leader to emerge. However many the story surrounding these early days of the Owen a have the ring of mythology. In truth, it's possible. Maybe even likely that the grand mistress and her covens never existed as many sources don't even mention her. Instead researchers suggest that a man known as Anton Long may have actually started the order of nine angles. Some sources state that long fathered a child with the grand mistress of the order before she decamped to. Australia. Whether long founded the O A or was simply an early member by the nineteen seventies heat emerged as the group's leader. Unfortunately, that's where specific details about long Peter out is exact identity remains unknown. Some people believe that long was simply a pseudonym that was used by various Owen a leaders over the years. Others assert that he was the alter ego of well-known British Neo Nazi and occultist David Miot. Miot has steadfastly denied being Anton long even to the point of threatening violence but an analysis of his philosophy and an understanding of his history has led many academics to conclude that long and my it are one in the same for the purposes of this episode will assume that they're right. David Maya was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred fifty and grew up in the Modern Day African nation of Tanzania where his father was a civil servant. Miami also spent part of his Childhood in Singapore there he studied mysticism and martial arts in addition to these varied subjects might loved history especially stories about ancient Sparta. He liked learning about the civilizations, warriors and their regimented disciplined lives coming of age during the early years of manned spaceflight might also developed an interest in physics and astronomy. He came to believe that humanity's destiny lay in colonizing the stars. By his teenage years, Miot had begun to mix all of his various interests together. If there was any hope for humanity to establish the Galactic Empire he dreamed of, he believed that people had to return to the noble austere lifestyle of warriors like the ancient spartans he admired in other words, Miot thought that human beings needed to evolve beyond their present status as pampered weaklings. My, it wasn't done adding to his diverse brew of influences either in nineteen sixty seven, he travelled to England to finish his schooling. Their Maya developed an interest in Alchemy the occult finding them compatible with his ideas about strengthening human consciousness. In pursuit of this Maya join several secret groups that practiced ritual magic hoping this would teach him how to summon demons and other dark forces. It was during this time that might discover the writings of the nineteenth century German philosopher Friedrich. Nietzsche. Nietzsche was well known for his theory of the Uber Mench a superhuman state that he believed all people should aspire to among other things Nietzsche talk that an Uber Manche would move beyond the need for religion by finding meaning in the everyday world. In the nineteen thirties, his ideas were co opted by the Nazi party in Germany as a model for the ideal. Arianne. This racist interpretation of Nietzsche's Uber Mench drew my its interest the most. In nineteen, sixty nine, he witnessed a street fight between skinheads and left-wing protesters watching the violence play out my it immediately felt an affinity with the skinheads viewing them as Noble Nici and warriors fighting against powerful establishment enemies. Inspired Maya joined to Neo Nazi crew called the British Movement of this club. He would later state to me Adolf Hitler and his movement seemed to embody some of the ideals I believed. Magic should achieve. They seem to represent a satanic spirit in urge to conquer. Perhaps, in pursuit of this urge to conquer, it became more politically involved in the early seventies. He wrote treatises attended protests and gave political speeches on behalf of the British movement, and then for his own far right hate group the National Democratic Freedom Movement in addition he continued his exploration of Magic and the occult according to some scholars. This is how miot I stumbled across the order of nine angles. According to its own legends the Owen emerged in an area of western England, known as the Welsh marches in the prehistoric past it was populated by native Britons whose ancestors came to England during the Ice Age. In the intervening Millennia, however, several tribes carved out their own territories and set up altars to worship there many disparate God's. One of these deities was a violent and sinister goddess after Christianity began to replace the ancient pagan religions of the native Britons. A members believed that worship of this unnamed deity continued in secret with devotees passing her rituals down through the generations at some point in these years, the order of nine angles allegedly sprang out of this tradition. In nineteen seventy-three Miot met the woman who is leading Owen A and was initiated into the group soon, after might was writing for the order under the pseudonym Anton. Long. He might have chosen this monitor because of its similarity to the name of the most infamous satanist in the World Anton Louet. Anton Levay was an American who headed the Church of Satan his organization regarded the devil as a metaphor for anti-establishment behaviour as an atheist he dismissed theism all forms as well as any sort of afterlife instead levay promoted. Satanism. As a form of rational thought that focused on improving the self. However love as brand of satanism would soon take on more sinister associations in the wake of the nineteen sixty-nine Manson family murders many associated the violence with the Church of Satan Jay sebring who was killed alongside Sharon tate was said to have been a member of the group and one of the Manson family killers Susan Atkins had participated in a theatrical ritual with Llovei though Levine himself never claimed to be connected to the grisly murders. Outsiders found it easy to believe that his black magic infused religion inspired them. It's no surprise. Then that everyday people found Levin distressing my on the other hand seemed to find him both mainstream and shallow. He didn't accept the Bays metaphorical conception of Satanism, and he was dissatisfied with the other occult groups he had found. According to historian, Nicholas Good Rick Clark Miot was looking for something more exciting, dangerous, and truly evil. My also likely rejected LE`veon's brand of satanism because Levine was ethnically Jewish. Since my it was a neo Nazi, he would have naturally dismissed the group Levin founded as a Jewish absurdity. Then in his alter ego as Anton long might set about creating an alternative in his group Satan be some sort of metaphorical simple they would. Worship the dark lord as a Deity Miot believe that this would allow them to tap into the evil forces that promoted individual growth and strength. As the leader of the order of nine angles might also established a set of doctrines and training regiments for new recruits. He developed rituals, unpublished news books and pamphlets to draw in converts. It's unclear if he had success expanding the group's membership, some sources suggests that the order consisted mainly of Maya ten a few dedicated disciples until the nineteen nineties. Owen as magazines in the eighties and nineties had several hundred readers. Others argue that my it oversaw the establishment of several Owen, a temples throughout England during this period. What is certain however is that during these years, the Owen a functioned as the esoteric wing at the broader Neo Nazi movement in England. Miot knew that some people who were tracked into Magic and the occult were also sympathetic to radical political philosophies. So he likely used the Owen A to indoctrinate followers with his neo Nazi worldview. To that end much of the Owen as early literature and rituals centered around not system and the sanctification of out of Hitler. Wants a church service might devised called. The massive heresy even included an alter that contained swastikas a photograph of Hitler and a copy of his book Mein Calm. During the ceremony adherence chanted, we believe Adolf Hitler was sent by our Gods to guide us to greatness we believe in the inequality of the races and in the rights of the Arians to live according to the laws of the folk. This was only the beginning in combining Neo Nazi precepts with Satanism Maya created a religion of such evil that it went beyond the bizarre into the outright criminal. Coming up will witness the ONA's terrifying ceremony of recalling. Listeners I have a surprising new trick for you. You know you can find love and a bar or on an APP why not a podcast in blind dating the new spotify original from podcast we're expanding the places you can meet your match with a twist he'll never see coming. Every Wednesday youtuber and host Terry Michelle introduces one hopeful single to two strangers in a voice only call. Through a series of illuminating games in questions the trio finds all the sweet this and awkwardness of for state minus the distraction of appearances. But once are hopeful single chooses their match. The cameras are turned on and it's either butterflies or goodbye. 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Head to SIMPLISAFE DOT COM slash secret to get a free HD camera that simply safe dot com slash secret to make sure they know that our show sent you. Now. Back to the story. In the late nineteen, sixty s or early nineteen seventies neo Nazi organizer David Miot founded the order of nine angles under the pseudonym Anton Long. Under my it stewardship, the group Combined Satanism with Neo Nazi ideologies, which might called National Socialism. Then they publish documents to attract more followers. These new members were taught. The ONA's core ideology that the world was divided between two distinct realms. The I was the causal realm or the natural world. We all inhabit where the laws of physics prevailed and reality could be observed and tested. The. Second World that might taught about was the causal realm as the name implied it was the dark opposite of the real world, a supernatural place where the laws of science were meaningless and sinister chaotic forces ruled. An. Practitioners goal was to become president in this a causal realm in order to harness its energy according to my it the a causal plane could then be used to effect change in the real world. This is where magic and sorcery came into play. A literature stated that there were three kinds of magic. The first external magic is what most people think of when they envisioned sorcery. It requires ceremonial rituals done by groups of magicians and include spells for specific purposes. The second form of magic was an internal version of the first, which could be performed alone or with one other practitioner as religious studies. Professor Connell Monette stated this form focused on the transformation of the sorcerer from something human to something alien. In other words, it allowed the practitioner to attain the Nichii an Uber, Manche ideal of self mastery and godlike wisdom and to become possessed by non-human for says. The final form of Owen, a magic called jahic magic attempted to use sorcery to create social change. This was a demonic version of societal disruption and transformation much like what the Nazis attempted, but with the addition of magic rituals, supposedly only the highest ranking members of the order were powerful enough practice this. Might combining magic with real world actions such as terrorism, assault, and political provocation. The ONA sought to disrupt society from within lay believe that this guerilla form of warfare would be much more difficult to stamp out. To that end beginner adherents were encouraged to commit crimes and wreak havoc as for Owen as advanced practitioners. They were busy trying to use dark magic to unleash the a causal realms sinister forces. It was this task that largely occupied David Miot he worked hard to develop a specific system to teach adherents how to harness the console realms power to bring about change in the natural world. My it called this method, the sevenfold sinister way. Owen a members at the first level were called neophytes. This stage was mostly about reading group materials and learning about the basics of Owen beliefs and practice. The second Owen a level was the stage of the initiate in addition to studying magic initiates were also required to complete a demanding physical task. One option involved walking thirty two miles in hilly terrain in less than seven hours. Lastly, in this year, it's required, find a partner, introduce them to the dark arts and then complete sexual rituals with them according to own a literature. The purpose of this stage was to awaken the darker sinister aspects of the psyche to increase a person's capacity for evil. The next level on the win a hierarchy involved becoming an external adept. At this point, the practitioner had to create a local chapter which the Owen a called a next John to recruit new members. In order to be considered legitimate, the external adept news after had to remain active for at least six months. In this time, they were required to perform regular rituals one of which was called the ceremony of recalling details about the specific gathering were written down in an Owen, a text known as the grim war of bath met. In the Early Fourteenth Century, the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping Batum at a dark. God. who was frequently depicted as a goat headed creature and thought to symbolize Satan. The Owen a however taught bathroom. It was a goddess both the mother and bride of Satan they described her as a violent entity to whom human sacrifices should be made. However in order to make a bloody offering, Tabatha Matt Owen a members I needed to summon the goddess into the every day causal realm. The best way they could do this was by performing the ceremony of the recalling. If, you were an a practitioner attending this ritual. It would be an experience you would never forget. You're standing at a small group of your brothers and sisters and a large wooded area. There are torches all around their light making up for the fating. Day. Ahead you can see a series of carefully placed stones. Wonder. At the significance of their strategic placement, you see people walking through the woods towards you and your brethren. Immediately that the first person is the Guardian. He wears the characteristic black robe of the role with a white mask covering his face in his ceremonial white robe the priest follows obediently behind him. The priestess rounds out the procession. She has on a red robe with a white sash across the middle. Suddenly she speeds up and you notice she has a blindfold in her hand as you watch the priestess carefully play-set around the priests is. With his vision restricted the priestess leads him to each congregation member for the ceremonial kiss. When it's your turn, you lean forward and peck the priest on each cheek noting how cold his skin is despite the warm evening error. Then you watch as the priestess leads the Priest into the circle of stones where the master and mistress of the temple are waiting. On being beckoned you and the rest of the Tannock congregation follow. You all slow down at the site of a large wooden altar. It sits at the head of the circle line by rows of red candles you watch as the black robed master moves to stand in front of the priest you're moved as you listened him chant several magical words repeating each invocation three times. At the conclusion of these incantations you in the congregation step forward to surround the blindfolded priest. Then you all walk slowly counterclockwise intoning the Latin words of the Diablo loose a black mass ritual chant. As your chanting escalates in volume the Guardian as the priests on the altar between the flickering red candles you watch the mistress carefully removes the priests garment then taking a flask filled with oil she pours it over his naked body anointing him when she's finished, she removes his blindfold. Now you and your fellow initiate step forward and chant the Diab loose again moving counterclockwise around the circle of stones you watch as the priests is shot and his breaths become slow and deep. As you continue walking around the circle, the mistress and the priestess, each removed their robes. Then the priestess begins performing oral sex on the priest when she finishes the Guardian List the priest and places him on his knees in front of the priestess. At the same time, the master kneels before the mistress. Then, the master and priests speak in tandem saying I, put my kisses at your feet and kneel before you who crushes your enemies. The mistress and the Priestess respond kiss me and I shall make you as an eagle to its prey touch me and I shall make you as a strong sword that severs stains my earth with blood. Moved by the power of the moment you and the rest of the congregation continued to circulate and chant all the While you watch as the priest, the priestess, the master, and the mistress begin having sex in front of the altar. With the ritual act is over the guarding approaches the priest and carefully places a hood over his head. Then he binds priests, ankles and wrists and lays on the altar once again. Though you're chanting and walking caught up in the moment you watch as the master takes the sacred knife then he waits for a signal from the mistress. When she gives it, you stare unflinching as the master presses the blade into the priests neck and slice it open with a swift practiced movement killing him. As the blood runs over the altar, her the master catches some of it. In the Empty Chalice, you know that he will save the priest blood for use in the sacred wheat cakes that the congregation will eat at the next new moon. For now you and the rest of the members gather in front of the altar watching as the Guardian drags the priest's body away. In his absence, the mistress picks up the sacred knife and pointed at the master saying so you have sown and from your seating gifts may come over. He the words I speak. Then she dips the end of the knife in the chalice and taps it against each congregants forehead. When the Blade touches your head, you feel the smear of the prese warm blood against your skin. After the anointing the mistress speaks again. I know you and all the thoughts within your hearts yet not one of you is as hateful or as loving as I with a glance, I can strike you dead. Then again, she goes to each member of the congregation and his them on the lips but this time she also removes their robes stripping them naked after she takes off your clothes she offers you the second chalice full of red wine. You feel a surge go through your body during the ritual slaying she channeled her deeply honed skill of sinister empathy. This allowed her to summon the dark goddess, and now by giving you the wine she is signifying that she is chosen you to be the vessel that will carry bathroom at spirit. You are honored to be the Chosen One. You take a sip of the wine and then hand it back to the mistress. She passes it around to each of the other members after one final invocation you and the mistress consummate the ceremony by having sex. When you finish the Guardian passes more wind around, and then finally the ceremony ends with an alcohol and marijuana. Ritual Orgy. Smaller chapters of the order of nine angles are said to have performed truncated version of this ceremony. Those abridged rituals didn't include a human sacrifice however according to Owen a documents the larger chapters ritualistically kill one of their willing members. Fortunately, this gruesome ceremony was only performed. Once every seventeen years, its purpose was to summon the power bath met with her might the believed could create chaos in the real world and even spark wars. The ceremony of recalling had one more disturbing feature. If an NA chapter after failed to find a member who was willing to be ritualistically sacrificed, they were encouraged to find an unwilling person from the general public to kill this sinister practice was called calling. Coming up, we'll explore this dark and disturbing tradition. This episode is brought to you by go daddy. As we reopen. 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The order of nine angles followed a theology that broke the world into two distinct planes, the causal realm of ordinary experience and the a causal realm of dark supernatural for says. The goal of the Owen, a was to harness the power of the a causal realm so that they could affect change in the real world. The Way to achieve that objective was to follow the sevenfold sinister way which included practicing acts of violence, endurance and ritual sacrifice. Beginning at the stage of external adept practitioners of Owen, a had to learn the art of sacrificial murder to that end they were tasked with choosing victims called offers from among the general population. In a treatise titled Concerning calling as an Art David Miot in his guys Anton Long wrote some humans by nature by character are rotten worthless and when this rotten character is revealed by their deeds, it is beneficial to remove them to call them. For, my a rotten person was a weakling who lacked honor, this was an overly broad definition meaning that lists politicians or even a member of another satanist organization could qualify as targets. However Owen a practitioners didn't call people at random instead the group's literature dictated to ways to choose victim. The first way involved masters and mistresses. Eating entire groups of people as being acceptable for calling their choice was usually discriminatory based on ethnic cultural racial or religious grounds. Once a group was given opera status. Any member of it could be murdered without further question of this Miot wrote it is legitimate and indeed a satanic duty to call an individual or many individuals from such a group. In. The case of choosing individual obverse weren't part of a condemned group. Owen a members had developed tests to determine if target was sufficiently rotten. Such trial involved sending a female member to flirt with a male target. If he succumbed to her advances and ask for a date, then she would suggest time and place to meet preferably in a relatively deserted area. At the appointed time, she would approach the man ensuring that he saw her coming. Then right before she got to him to male ONA members would jump out of a car and attack her pretending to be muggers rapists. The targets reaction would determine whether or not. He passed the test if he ran to her rescue physically intervening and showing his bravery than he was safe however, if he fled or didn't help her, he proved himself a coward. However, the Owen often gave the potential opt for a second test to verify if his weakness warranted calling. It was only if he failed the second trial that he was deemed suitable for human sacrifice. And that point own a members could make one of three choices. They could simply kill the opt for disguising his death as a run of the mill accident or they could perform a ceremony called the death ritual. In this right Oh na, members use magic to place a fatal curse on the offer thus eventually ending his life despite the unlikeliness of this scenario Owen, a writings claimed that a journalist who was cursed in the nineteen seventies developed a terminal illness and died. The last way uppers were called based on what we can assume from documents was my forcing them to participate in the ceremony of recalling in these situations that chosen victim would be kidnapped made to stand in for the priest and then be ritualistically sacrificed. Culling served at least two main purposes for the O. N. A. I. It was a vital part of the sevenfold sinister way helping members connect with and learn to harness the causal realms evil? Energy. Second served as an essential function in the real world my eliminating weaklings. The ultimate question though is whether the O. N. A. Actually followed through with any of these teachings. The groups, many writings if the ceremony of recalling took place, there's no evidence that any real sacrifice ever occurred. Of course that didn't mean it didn't happen people disappear all the time. It's entirely possible that a long forgotten missing person case could be explained by an Owen a calling. Still went scholar Connell Monette interviewed several members for his. Book Mysticism in the twenty first century all of them insisted that they never carried out a human sacrifice ritual. However in personal correspondence with Monette Miot writing his Anton long contradicted that stating some traditional next John's known to me do practice ritualized culling some only every seventeen years or so and others called victims in their own individual non ritualized manner. What my it called a non ritualized manner might have been a different and more terrifying form of sacrifice. According, to Monette some Owen members joined the police or the military to carry out legalized killings as a form of calling the unworthy. Whatever the real truth is mastering. The Art of culling was a requirement for third stage of the sevenfold sinister way once that was achieved, the external adept was ready to graduate to the next stage and become an. Adept This fourth level typically lasted anywhere from five to eleven years it involves more intensive study into sorcery and self mastery. In addition at this stage, more extreme physical demands were required pushing the Owen a practitioner towards maximum levels of fitness. The. Internal adept was also required to spend at least one season in total isolation honing their connection to the interior world and showing their independence from society. After completing all the tasks of the fourth stage the internal adept became a master or mistress moving onto the fifth stage. At this level a master or mistress had to lead a chapter of the Owen. A guiding members along the sevenfold, way. They also allegedly used sorcery especially eon magic to summon dark forces from the Causal Realm to bring about societal change. Few people ever reached the fifth stage and even fewer moved beyond it. For that reason n a literature claimed that only one or two people per century reached the sixth stage that of the grand master or grand mistress. Own Publications don't give information about expectations at this level. However, from what we understand about the Croup, we can surmise that grant masters or mistresses were likely in charge of the entire organization. David Miot in says Anton long was probably considered a grandmaster however, not even he reached the final level of the sevenfold way. The last stage was called the path of the immortal since it's unlikely. Anyone ever reached it information about this level is scarce. However, the name seems to suggest that ONA practitioners who achieved this stage would become gods. This was the end game the longed for motive behind all the as mystical feats practitioners hope that their rituals, ceremonies and adherence to the Sevenfold Bay would help them pursue their goal of Aryan supremacy. According to David Miot every human age destiny driven by a unique kind of a causal energy. He believed a nazi-inspired society was the future of Western civilization. However, my it taught that forces which he called Nazarene or Meiji and energies sought to halt the rise of this. Satanic. Rain. In short miot preached that Judeo Christian beliefs, democracy humanism man capitalism threatened the ultimate satanic destiny of Western civilization. For that reason, he argued that the rise of Fascism in the nineteen thirties was a good thing stating Nazi Germany was an expression of satanic spirit. It was a burst of Loucif fury in light of Zest and power. Though Fascism was ultimately defeated might believed it opened a gateway to the a causal world allowing for the emergence of Satanic Power. He taught his followers that practitioners of the sevenfold sinister way could harness that power and by performing their rituals and sorcery miot preach that ONA members could magically usher in a new version of Hitler's Third Reich. According to Owen Literature, it was at this point that a messiah like figure called vendex would appear on earth. After, his arrival ve index would usher in a series long period of Aryan rule power and prestige that he called the imperium at the end of this era of prosperity and progress he would lead humanity of planet earth and help them to colonize the solar system. For the members of the order of nine angles, intergalactic domination represented the final and dramatic triumph of Evil Satanic. Virtue. However, as they waited for indexes arrival miot encouraged. Initiates to prepare for this final era by committing grievous crimes judging by the violence instigated by Owen extremis over the last decade members are taking miot suggestion very seriously indeed. Thanks again for tuning into secret societies, we'll be back on Thursday with part two where we'll continue our investigation of the order of nine angles examined the way some of the group's members have attempted to put their violent philosophy into practice. You can find all episodes of secret societies and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not, only to spotify all ready have all of your favorite music. But now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like secret societies for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker. To Stream secret societies on spotify, just open the APP and type secret societies in the. Search. Bar. We'll see you next time. 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