Assessing Recent California Wildfire Damage


This message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity some things are slow like simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply there has been pretty light compared to recent years so just how bad are things here to help largest wildfire in the state right now and it's big that can cade fire northern California firefighters big in these conditions in this day right now when you factor in the changing climate the overgrown earlier this week ignited near the Getty Museum thousands of people evacuated a about Station how does this compare well they just don't so far you know as you say the Campfire it's built out into extremely dry forests and the year prior to that the at least so far right at least so far I think that's the key but I'd say it's a combination of things pretty hard on their emergency planning and their evacuation routes and drills and another thing really good at teaching these offshore wind events in these extreme fair risk event down as dry desert winds blow in almost the tea fire managers you know they know this could even land and also you know the the forecasts are aiding power companies knowing I mean like I said we could qualify here that all of this progress have been talking about into well that's shortening dramatically and it's getting a lot more fickle attempts have risen of year but also just extraordinarily dry fuels and if these winds continue and the rains.

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