Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 124: Futuristic Van Damme-age


Pop culture affidavit of one twenty four futuristic van damage Hello and welcome to episode one hundred and twenty four of pop culture affidavit. Hawkins takes a look at everything random in the world of popular culture which is brought to you by the to church freaks. Internet radio network. I'm your host. Tom tanneries so last time around. I hung out in the late eighties and early nineties looking at one of my passions at the time which was baseball trading cards. This time i'm sticking with that particular era by looking at another thing that i was really into the low budget action films genre. There were a ton of these movies. produced for. both feeder nvidia released. During the time. I was in late elementary in junior high school and i think that one point or another my friends and i bought tickets for or rented every single one of them and for this episode. I'm going to be looking at one of them. And that is one thousand. Nine hundred nine's cyborg. A- post-apocalyptic sci fi action flick directed by albert. Pune and starring. Sean claude van damme taking a look at the film's background. It's plot and then i'll give it my review and it'll be doing it after this break so stick around and come back for cyborg. Hey you yeah you listening to this. My name is mercy. Saint clair and. I'm a trucker not very glamorous job but not according to some group called. The academic gone theater works and me. I think your adventures can be very glamorous. Oh come off molly. What i do is dirty dangerous and frustrating. Maybe but i know like hearing about what you do and now other people can't as well. That's where you come in. yes you the one. I started talking to before being interrupted head on over two eight t w dot ninja and look for my adventures as dramatized by the academic gone gone theater works. And some guy. Named ron randell or else ron rentals trigger. A new audio drama by the academic ghana gone theater works presented through the to true freaks. Podcast network coming summer. Twenty twenty one to the not too distant future. God gang is reshaping the world teaching of hell and only one man can stop them john. Claude van is leading the battle between good and evil. Never been four. He's just britain bishop to rescue a cyborg who holds the secret for saving the world. Why didn't you help. you don't want to die. From the slow destruction rises warrior of a new age. Five friend down as the first hero of the twenty. Th century cyborg cyborg. I said before. The break was directed by albert. Pune and star. Jean claude van damme. Who at that point had begun to make a name for himself because of the success of the mixed martial arts movie blood sport the movie as a bit of an interesting history as it holds. The distinction of being the final film released the actress by ken films. The fabled independent studio run by an outcome glow golden and europe globus. There's a lot of the following detailed in the excellent documentary electric bogalusa the story of cannon films basically by the time this was released in nineteen thousand nine cannon had gone bankrupt and the film was actually put into production in the hopes of making back some of the money. They had lost their attempted. Big blockbuster movies that bombed in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven mainly masters of the universe and superman four the quest for peace in fact cyborg was made from the remains of two features that canon green lit before their money ran out a live action spiderman film and a sequel to masters of the universe and because of the latter film this film seibert would actually sometimes be listed as to you in tv guide as masters of the universe to the cyborg it is not a sequel. The dolphin grin cult classic. But some people did think that because of the way that was labeled anyway peon was set to direct both of these abandoned projects When kennedy declared bankruptcy they had to give up the licensing rights that they had paid to both marvel and mattel So that they could maybe recoup some of their loss and in fact according to the wikipedia page he was actually going to fill both masters universe to add spiderman simultaneously but he wound up writing this when. Ken was like yeah. We're not doing that. And originally he had chuck norris in mind to star as gibson rickenbacker. Who is the name of the main character. But it was menachem. Golan who cast van damme. The film was shot for the very low cost of five hundred thousand dollars. It was shot entirely in wilmington north carolina. Over the course of twenty three days with some sets made to look like a destroyed new york city as well as the destroyed atlanta. That five hundred thousand dollars by the way was on top of the two million that cannon had already lost because of the props sets and costumes that had been created for those abandoned masters of the universe to and spider man productions cyborg would grow onto gross ten point one million dollars. It was released in august of nineteen thousand nine. This made it the eighty eighth highest grossing film of nineteen eighty nine making about a million dollars bless than police academy six but out grossing Meryl streep roseanne barr comedy. She-devil the number one movie in one thousand nine of course as batman with two hundred fifty one million dollars in domestic gross. This movie it got destroyed by critics especially roger ebert who put it on. His worst of the year list gave it one star noted that it was kind of unintentionally. Funny saying few genres amused me. More than post-apocalyptic fantasies about superman fighting for survival. Cyborg is one of the funniest examples of this category. Which crosses escape from new york with the road warrior but cheats on the budget now to add to what ebert said vandamme actually has said that he didn't like the film so much He was given three different movies By canon because those were in the pipeline already done forced to american injured three and this knee chose this this this much. He actually ended up being sued by somebody over this jackson. Rock pinkney who is one of the Villain pirate goons in the film lost an eye during filming when van damme accidentally struck with prop knife. Pinkney won his lawsuit wanted judgment of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars and i should note that before start. The plot that van damme himself despite not liking the movie was actually ultimately responsible for its final presentation. There's a director's cut. That was longer than an hour the hour to have run time. That is on the copy. That i have but this director's cut tested horribly Van damme then went to golan globus and he convinced the studio to give him the film to re-cut and apparently he'd done this with blood sport as well and had been successful. so that's what he did He made sure that there was a lot more. Focus on the action. And this is the film that we have a director's cut did surface in two thousand eleven or so as and had discovered lost footage for the film it had reassembled his film under its original working title slinger. He apparently had been giving it out on. A print on demand basis through his website actually has been had been working on a prequel called cyborg rise of the slingers but that film never came to fruition pune was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in two thousand thirteen while he is done at least one project since. The diagnosis of dementia has interfered with his being able to work cyber does have choo sequels There is nineteen ninety-three cyborg. Two and nineteen ninety-five cyborg. Free the recycler The latter was directed video. Flick starring malcolm mcdowell and head of the classes christine hodge The former is notable for the fact that angelina jolie was the female lead alongside alaska. Catas- i think that was released theaters. But i'm not entirely sure. I haven't seen either of those nor have i seen pune zone spin off sequel from nineteen ninety-three called nights which also has a female lead so my my focus and my and my attention really is on. Just this one film sean. Claude van damme. So let's go ahead and get into the plot. The plot is as follows. It's the twenty first century and civilization lies in ruins it's a plague known as the living death has overrun humanity. There's a team of scientists in atlanta at the site of the former. Cdc and this is a place for some of the main remaining vestiges of civilization exist. That team has come close to developing a cure for the plague but needs data. That is only on computers at a lab in new york. Since communications between the cities has been completely shut down. Someone has to physically go to new york to retrieve the data they sent a cyborg named pearl profit who is played by dayle haddon. She is a model actress. Who appeared on the cover of the nineteen seventy-three sports illustrated swimsuit issue by the way and she is accompanied by marshall's strat. Who's played by alex. Daniels they make it to new york and pro gets the data. This is all of this by the way told. In flashback at some point in the film as the film actually opens with pearl. Marshall beginning the journey back to atlanta from new york marshall is killed by a gang of pirates are led by fender tremolo. Who is played by vincent. Klein pro gets away with the help of gibson rickenbacker. And that's our star john. Claude van damme. And if you're kind of giving side eye to some of these character names yes. They are all named after various musical instrument companies fender rickenbacker gibson. Marshall pearl so somebody was having fun with character names when they when they wrote. This gibson is what's called a slinger. These are people who live in the hollowed out. Cities of this world may hire themselves out to get people out of the cities into safety over. The course of the movie gibson has flashbacks and has recurring dreams. To what is the greatest pain of his life at one point as a slayer he'd rescued three people of and i believe it's a mother in two kids after the father had died and he brought them to safety out in the countryside after staying with them for wire while he and the mother mary they become lovers You know sh. He's very good with kids as she knows etc etc however fender and his pirate crew found the house. They tied mary gibson and the the the sun up with barbed wire on the hung hanging. You know well. They put the barbed wire in the hand of little girl. The families whose name is hayley now They're like basically saying okay. Hold onto this. And they'll be okay and being little she was probably like i wanna see. She was like seven or eight years old. She can't like you know you see an image of the barbed wire cutting through her hands and her screaming in the three of them falling into their presumed deaths in the well Mary and the and the boy die. Gibson does not need climbs out of the well and this is his motivation through the movie because he wants revenge on fender pearl is going to have gibson a company to her atlanta because she analyzes him and realizes that she can trust him before. That rescue in that journey can begin. Fenders gang gets the jump on them. Gibson's knocked out and fender kidnaps pearl after he discovers. Why she's in new york as well as the knowledge she's carrying. He understands how important that is and decides to take her to atlanta now because he wants to cure world be better but because he thinks that if he's got the cure he can control something he can gain power by having it because it's what people want he essentially basically says i can become a god in that classic villain way gibson by the way. is rescued or woken up. Girl named naty whose family has been killed by the plague knowing that he is after fender pro might have information that will help with a cure for the plague. Needy wants to go with him because she wants to make sure the place cure reaches atlanta the two of them decide to track down south while fender and his gang commandeer a ship they eventually catch up with one another near charleston. South carolina in hollowed out warehouse type of building gibson kills a number of fenders pirate crew. But he's eventually overtaken in discovering that discovers that not only is hailey the little girl from his past still alive but she's one offenders pirates impossibly his lover haley by the way at this point in the present day of the movie is easily. Let's say for the sake of things she's eighteen so there's a good decade. At least between the flashback and now butts it is probably a very Disgusting sort of death stroke. Tara markov situation but fender bender being good villain vendor is not a villain. You're rooting for offenders. The type ability wants to die even though he's a cool looking villain so this just makes him even worse so gibson gets away at that point um and he's about to say pearl with him but pearl says that she's not going to go with him. She says it actually is an advantage of going to atlanta with fender fenders stronger than gibson. She doesn't even gibson's gonna make it. And she knows that the people she's going to in atlanta have the capability to take out vendors gang that remains to be seen but she heads with vendors gang to atlanta while gibson picks up the unconscious navy. Who'd been knocked out in the in the fight and runs away from the gang with a couple of those guys in pursuit follows. That is a long chase scene in a fight in the sewers beneath the building and then on a big fight of beach and marsh land were gibson and needy kill a number of vendors other pirates but gibson is eventually taken down in crucified by fender on the mass of a dead ship. It's here were haley. Gets a good look at him for the first time in realizes who he is but she has to follow fender gibson experiences. The same exact flashback like they just copy and paste the scene into this flashbacks so we get stuff we've already seen while he's hanging there and And then also a little bit more the you know how he got out of the you know a little bit more of of the execution and how he got off the well this this gives him gets angry and he starts kicking it. The ships mask until the rotten wood breaks and he lands on the beach. However he's on his back and he can't get himself free of his restraints because they have shot arrows through his palms native who prior to gibson's crucifixion. Had been knocked unconscious way off in the marsh finally finds him and comes to his rescue. They clean up and they had to atlanta on the outskirts of the city gives it a needy confront vendors crew. All the pirates are killed and then gibson and fender face off. The fight is long while gives knockdown needy tries to kill fender but he kills her instead at one point gives it a hollowed out card. Fender slamming his head with the door. Haley yeltsin the stop which causes fender to put two in two together and realizes who gibson is he then attempts to kiss haley. The sort of like. Hey this is. The girl like rubbed infant in gibson's face but haley refuses him buying gibson enough time to get up. He eventually stabs fender chest killing him. He confirms that navy is dead and has a tearful reunion with haley but fender is not dead. Come on you seen these new. He wouldn't be and the fight begins a new. They eventually wind up in a shed and gibson eventually kills fender by impaling him on a meat hook successful gibson haley take parole to the scientists in atlanta pro suggests that gibson stay with them but he insists that the outside world needs him and he and hayley walk away. We close with pearl saying that. Maybe men like gibson. Are they real. Cure that humanity needs now. My personal story with this movie is that it's one of a good dozen. I watched in regular rotation when i was in junior high school. I did not see it in the theater. And i didn't discover it until my dad found that on the shelf of sables video empire and then rented it he'd later take me to seek kickboxer. That was my first in theory. Van damme film And my dad. My dad my friend. Tom and i really would go to a number of these movies with him when we were in junior high school Few the seagal movies a couple of movies. And tom and i would rent like all these things all the time. So we rented cyber at least a few times and it wasn't high my favorite van damme films that were at least that were made. During that like early nineties heyday. He had i would rent. It was hard to find for purchase until sometime a ninety six ninety seven. I was in college when mgm home video. Released it for purchases one of their like movie night collection Vhs tapes and that basically means that like you know they would do this. They would package movies. That were kind of like second rate like this into an put a little label on it they would be the discount flicks that you would find for. Maybe five ninety nine or nine ninety nine at suncoast or saturday matinee in the mall in the late nineties so i eventually did get my copy of this in the late nineties after already owning blood sport. Double impact and lionheart Never had kickboxer and never had time cop. I think i had hard target as well if if i'm remembering these things correctly Only a few of them have Survived either my parents house or my house etcetera etcetera but anyway into my thoughts on the movie. It's look. I'm not gonna pretend this is a good movie. Impugns clearly doing a of mad the terminator escape from new york at a number of other sifi action flicks of the day. In fact the plot is very paint-by-numbers. It's one that really only exists is something to slow the film down between fight scenes right so it's not upper tier by any stretch of the imagination again. Neither was van damme. At least at this point the nineteen eighties action genre is defined by the megastars that had established and who would have huge box office hits and bombs in the late eighties early nineties. Arnie and sly top tier bruce willis probably as well because a die hard because he was their partner in the planet. Hollywood franchise shit. That's an episode. I can do a theme restaurants anyway. I mean nine. Hundred eighty nine willis was on the rise. He was just getting huge. Because i believed i heard was eighty eight so die hard to be coming out soon. Hudson hawk and then you get the last boy scout You know and he was A-list celebrities because of his marriage didn't demi moore and stuff like that but when you go to the level of the action start from the eighties and nineties. You have chuck norris steven seagal john club. Damn by nineteen ninety nine chuck. Norris had peaked. He was really on. Its way down. Braddock missing in action three was a bit of a dud guys. It's really a good movie delta force to which came out. I think a little later than this didn't really do much and while. I'm sure that there were a number of my late feller gen xers in early in the early millennials. Who have a fun. Nece for sidekicks with jonathan brandis. I don't think that movie did particularly well either. I think it's safe to say that. Walker texas ranger which started in nineteen ninety-three really was kind of the reinvention of chuck. Norris an enslaved his career from you know b. movie obscurity or see movie obscurity. So then you're left with seagal and vandamme seagal well. He and van damme were neck and neck through most of the early ninety s. But as much as i like under siege seagal being a massive asshole shines through in every single piece of scenery. He chews up shits out in his films now. Van damme has his ego. He's had his personal professional issues. But out of those three b. level action stars. He really was the one that had the most appeal to american audiences. He's very good looking. He's got a sexy accent. He could do movie martial arts very well especially martial arts poses. Yeah i know he was a professional kickboxer at one point. But i can't tell you if he's any good. I mean i know he has a good record but you know i'm i'm not. I'm not an expert on martial arts. So i don't even know if his skills on screen were realistic. But i do know that it all looked cool. You know he could do that. Split to a really high kick. You do that super kick thing where twirled around and kicked. His opponent is a finishing move. In fact he uses that as a finishing move into in some of his movies that it makes some great shots. And yeah. I used to try to imitate the moves. No i never succeeded. Yes i probably look doubles doing it. Anyway van damme slides into that vacancy. That norris left which is appropriate considering pune wanted norse for this film. Any carries it really. Well now what helps is that. He has very little dialogue and cyborg. Yeah blood sport had preceded. This van. Damme did have lines in the movie. But this entire film probably has more grunts and screams than spoken lines. Funny enough that's why it works. A kind of imagine directing van damme at this point was directing arnold in conan the barbarian. Okay posers your shirt off. good look intense. Excellent do a few karate moves also pose some more. Okay okay okay. Now now and i hit someone outstanding. Cut despite my starkey tone there. That's what makes cyborg work and really entertaining puny exactly who he was working with. And what he was working with a belgian guy who could kinda sorta act as his hero a bunch of people from the american gladiators touring companies villains. You don't write snappy dialogue like the commando for the big fight for people like this. You just have them say now. It is kind of funny funny to watch it. But they're at it's like really. You couldn't write dialogue but at the same time. If i think about it there might be like an movie or in universities in for it. Oh yeah and okay dot kind of i thought this through right right so hear me out because actually makes sense so this is a future where the world has been completely decimated by plague. People are struggling to survive while there are people in this movie who do actually talk for more than a few syllables. The world is ruled by the brutal. Brutality speaks so loudly that words are unnecessary so in the final fight in atlanta all this raw animal brutal power to people going at each other. It's also to ultra masculine muscle. Bound dudes going at each other but really. I can't imagine that this is a world that verbalize is a lot. I mean the environment speaks for them. Children thought it through. I think Our director did as well because for movie which he was given only five hundred thousand dollars for he essentially looked around at what was left after cannon burn through that to mill developing spiderman and masters to and. He was like all right. I'm gonna make do with what i can say. Most of the fights take place on the beach were various hollowed out buildings or an unruffled strewn. straight-sets. I can't imagine it was hard to scout or expensive shoot in an abandoned warehouse plus the credit of pune. Whomever helped choreograph van. Damme's fights those action sequences are really. Well done yeah. It's a lot of punching kicking but there's a lot of really good knife fighting very little use of firearms in fact not many people. If any people are walking around with commando level armament gibson carries a gun. That looks kind of like the gun. That jesse tas it predator but if fires only one bullet at a time what i read it actually was a paintball come. They re dressed for the film. I can imagine that with five hundred thousand dollars to us. They didn't have to access to schwarzenegger stallone. Level guns and ammo but again in universe wouldn't work this post-apocalyptic world is lived in other words. It's been a while since society collapsed. And i can only imagine that. A companies aren't manufacturing automatic weapons in the ammunition for them anymore and be manufacturing the ammunition especially a lot of those whose eclipse. They've been used up right so knives. Nice can be homemade. Trust me my father-in-law watches a lot of knife making videos on youtube. And there's fights in the beginning of the movie but the really the second half of the movie which is really like one big long fight and chasing interrupted with a couple of like you know moments of pesos. It's all really well done of the the abandoned building fight in charleston. We got gibson in navy and and and you know they. She gets captured. He takes out a number of muscle bound higher. It's in various ways. He's got the rosa klebb knife shoe. Which looks really frigging awesome when he kicks it across the guy's throat but in this whole thing he then like gets completely overwhelmed. Because fenders gangs two dozen people. So you know there's in fact there's a scene where like he you know he gets knocked around and take it out and then you see like all the other people the gang you're like a. Wow there's a big gang of people so he can't take like everybody out. Not only that gives them just just get. The crap kicked out of him at various points. You see him get tired and it's not something that you're used to seeing from the larger than life action. Here's the day you know you know. Maybe john maclean and die hard. But you know arnie and all that you know it's like they're like machines they keep going through these things and when he's tired of beat up the villains keep coming at him you know. In fact pearl tells gibson that she'd rather stick with fender because yet gibson's a hero. She knows he's not gonna make it it. It makes total sense and You know that backstory put in which they flash back to a little too much in that like you know they have to fill out time in the movie or something for it but That backstory gives us that motivations to why he keeps going after fender like. Why doesn't he just give up. And i do have to point out like again. Just as i as i talk about this i i notice. I remember a couple of really really good fight scenes. Wanna martian the sewer one is pretty cool because there's a scene where one of those big hulking pirate guys is walking through the sewers looking for him and van damme is doing the split across the top of the sewer pipe and Has the knife. Like pointed down at him and the guy looks up. And you don't see him come down on the guy. You just hear the scream. It's a really really cool. See i really really liked that. And then again just the fights themselves they look they look hollywood at choreographed but at the same time you feel kind of a real impact them i just i just really enjoyed the fight scenes. Now talk about some of the other characters here Pearl hadn't she does a serviceable job. She she knows she's the plots macguffin. She's playing someone who is half robot at one point. They give her back story and that she was a actual human woman who volunteer to be turned into a cyborg. And there's some really bad like makeup and prop look of the cyborg there but You know a again. It's a low budget movie. You kind of excuse these things and she can act logical and not have to be the damsel in distress haley. Haley has two or three lines in the movie. There's simple sounding something that speaks to the lack of verbal communication. I was talking about earlier and also was a little kid when fender kidnapped her. I can't imagine she got much of an actual formal education among the pirates mary Who is played by terry. Batson has all three or four lines in the film and she's just there to be in gibson's memories is the woman he fell in love with and then watch die A little tree item by the way. Here's that batsman's dialogue is all dubbed over so. She's not speaking the lines in the final film. Somebody dubbed her voice voice over hers and she actually didn't know this until she took her family to see the film and the theater in fact a lot of the dialogue. and this is this is off putting it. i just kind of get used to it I it sounds like it was badly dubbed over. But again this for five hundred thousand dollars the standoff female character in the film is needy. Girl who becomes the robin to gibson's batman she's a scrappy fighter and holds her own a number of fight scenes. She's played by debra richter who's credits prior to cyborg are mostly television roles although she does play candy in the nineteen eighty david naughton michael j. fox cult classic midnight madness and i really liked her and i really liked her character. She starts off by just sticking with gibson because they both kind of have a similar mission but then they not only become loyal to one another but they avoid the lovers trope in fact. It's a really good scene. Were there camping for the night on the beach and she actually takes top office way to like offer herself up to have because i imagine that something she's used to doing and he refuses her. Yeah we got a boob shot. We actually also get a shot of her. she when they reach the beach and she runs into the water. Kinda clean herself off. And if you go to the imdb page for cyborg. It's one of the first images of the images of the movie thing. That's right on the page. So there you go you get to see directors ass but that whole scene with him refusing. Actually a nice touch. It gives a little bit of de gibson. He's someone who probably can't think of loving anyone else after what he's been through and it allows her realize that she doesn't have to do that much her death bummy out to She's not a woman in a refrigerator. You know this is the final fight. She's essentially collateral damage in the final fight. But it's another statement about the brutality of it. All and i do wish she would have been in the final scene like that that after getting rid of fender like him and haley had become like slinger team were something that would have set up a really cool. Like sequel idea were further adventures idea or something but anyway the final fight with. Let's let's look at that because it takes place after everyone's crossed into atlanta. It's in the rain because of course it's in the rain and vincent klein as fender and he was really how much acting experience he was a professional surfer out of hawaii. Like one of the one of the more premier for professional surfers at the time anyway. He's he's a really imposing big guy and he's perfectly cast because all he's there to do is to be the typical van damme villain van damme villains in a lot of his first few movies. Don't do much except stand. There look menacing and be enormous. Plus they have klein where these freaky blue contact lenses under the terminator style sunglasses and the church and that he's wearing he's also like chain mail over post-apocalyptic clothing which were bits and pieces of costume from masters of the universe Blade i think the character was or something the blade guy with the patch. So you've got this guy this imposing terminator esque villain and the fight. The fight just goes on and on and on you have gibson killing the henchman. You have eighty fighting a woman in an abandoned bar. That's just like they're throwing punches. They're throwing furniture at each other. They're throwing each other across the bar. It's really really good. And then you get the final showdown. Fender takes off his chainmail bare-chested and they just stare at each other and really it takes like they're starting to the for like what seems forever and it's like totally dumb action movie scene but at that point of the film like i'm almost an hour and a half into this and i'm like let's do this. I'm all in the fight scenes. You know. I put any pretense out the window that this was a good movie. I just wanna see these to the ever loving shit out of each other and really. I was getting hyped no it. It's not the realistic type of fight. It's not roddy piper keith. David from What's it called They live but damn. It's just exactly what i wanted. You've got at including that jump scare that. He's not dead moment before gibson and fender wind up in a shed and the whole time. Like you don't see the meat hook that he gets impaled on. But you see chains and mike and i keep thinking i'm like those chains like they keep hitting each other in the shed and you see the changes of the chain like those chains are gonna come into somebody's death at one point. Either fenders going to try to control gibson with them or gibson's good a choke vendor with them and then all of a sudden like you see him kick him into the thing and you're like oh. There was a meat hook. They're like the his back is impaled with the meat hook and he's just like hanging there and that last shot gibson leaves the shed and you see fender hanging on the wall off the ground with the meat hook and his back. It's a really good shot. It feels satisfied that like yeah man he. He went toe to toe. This guy for like for ever you know just like and finally beat the guy and the ending with him essentially realizing they need me out there as opposed to can be safe with all of you is a really good one it. It is the sort of completion of this reluctant heroes journey etc the sense of mission and he walks off with with haley. Like i said i wish it would have been him haley and needy. But you know i still thought it was a satisfying ending and you can tell because i just spent much of this episode gushing over the fill it. It's just what i wanted out of it. You know. And i think. I think i liked it so much back then and like it now because it's one of those few early vandamme movies. That has a little bit more a story than usual. Because let's face it. You've got blood sport kickboxer lionheart. And they're really entertaining. But they're basically the same movie and if you go into thinking that this movie cyborg is going to be a dumb low budget violence fast and you put away any expectations that has to have meaning or be innovative or said a message or whatever we put up with these days. You will have a lot of fun now. Cyborgs on amazon prime. Or it was when i when i When i went to watch this. Although i will tell you that i did not watch this on amazon prime so i don't know the quality of transfer because i watched my vhs copy. Because of course. I had to watch the subway. Vhs copy you know. i mean. I wouldn't have it any other way if i if i could It does retain through streaming services here and there before i finish up. I have one other thing. This is really interesting. This was this was a comic book at one point. Now this it's it's it's something. I found that i've had this for a long time. I think i got it out of. I don't think i bought it off of iraq. I think i got out of a dollar seller a fifty cent sale. Or maybe guy got it for free as a promo comic. But cannon home-video actually put outs a canon video comic collectors edition comic called cyborg the star of blood sport in cyborg and it says adapted from the hit film. Cyborg coming to video stores september twentieth. It was essentially a comic book adaptation. That told the story up to the point where gibson and fender face off in the film. So you kind of have to in. The last pages has to experience the spectacular climax of this epic odyssey into the future. Watch for the premiere of cyborgs starring. Jean claude van damme videocassette available video outlets nationwide beginning september twentieth. So it was a promo comic to hype people up for the video home video. Release of the film. It's it writing wise. It's essentially the the movie just kind of like your typical like one shot movie. Adaptation of like okay shot for shot for shot like little bits and pieces. Kind of telling us the movie would trying to show to the art. The artist really bad. It's it's like you know there's kind of a likeness of some of these things. I don't know who did it. There's no real credits. The cover has van cleave and involved shoal in the signature but i. I don't know who the names are. End the ads inside the comic or all for future cannon who video releases and stuff like that. I'll get to this in a second. So you know you've got this really kind of poorly drug humming but as you flip through a you also have some kind of publicity materials. You have a profile page of the stars. So it's called the good the bad and the lovely backstage with the cast a cyborg. So you see john. Claude van damme. You've got to run out of his career. Dale hadn't career vincent clients career. It's where by the way. Learn how to pronounces name because it says klein say klein is a surf boarding and skateboarding. Champion and then debra richter roth mueller and lease long. Who were some of the other cast members you flip through it. Some worry you have a little bit of how weapons in the film were made and actually talk about like the things. I was talking about like some of the captions here of society and posting technology but high in violence Weapons and not too distant password blend together out of necessity though carefully. Choreographed fights caused their sheriff scrapes and bruises. They show Some stills from the film and get a little bit into how these things were put together you flipping through some more. We have a little bit of production notes and in how things were put together a conversation interview with director albert. Pune you have a like almost like you could tear this out and put it on your wall. Tiger beat sort of picture van dam holding a gun on another one with a vincent klein Kind of a pinup page photograph. And then finally a people actually wrote letters to the movie and had their Had their opinions like a letter. It's really interesting and the ads are for other candidates releases. So there's one the first one says to tough now available. Videocassettes bronze bronson's kin getafe forbidden subjects. And then american ninja three blood hunt. I'm pretty sure i saw that. I know american ninja too. I love american. Ninja one but River of death death. Michael dudenkov robert von donald pleasants. Movie scene. that i had michael dudakovic's actors. I really liked the eighty s and my dad really liked. I remember that. I remember another ninja type of movie. That wasn't american ninja with him a track that one down there's a three Like a triptych of of movies on an ad for tommy lee jones. Virginia madsen movie called gotham track. Twenty nine featuring theresa russell gaffe gary oldman and christopher lloyd and five corners with jodie foster. Tim robbins todd. Graff and john turturro a ad for a bunch of horror films from cannon videos crucible a har- beast of the seller dracula's last rites new year's evil blood on satan's clyde schizoid started class kinski. There actually is funny enough. There's a comic book convention ad those greatest and comic book as that you would see. There's so that's a legit comic book ad here and The you have an ad for cannon movie tales fairy tale things beauty the beasts puts boots the printing on. This is a couple of words that obviously looks like something didn't line up. And then the powwow highway which was called which the seattle times called the native american rainman. And then on the back of a candid video ad for cyborg which notes that john. Claude van damme was in predator. And this was something that I was like when i was a kid. I was like he's in predator. And there's i'd seen predator wartimes than i probably count at that point It wasn't until years later is that i knew that learned that. He was cast as the predator but early into pre production. It just didn't work out. He was complaining about how the the suit made him sick. He could move in it. They decided to go with. Kevin kevin peter hall who was much more bigger at imposing. And and what you got. It made him The elliott war. Like you didn't really have any lines. And things like that. But i guess because they damp had been cast in the movie candidate thought we'll put predator in there so I don't think that any footage of vandamme and the predator costume exists by the way. Not in these sort of eric. Stoltz shot fifteen minutes or so back to the future before they decided to replace him with michael j. fox and you can still see the back of stoltze his head in one of the scenes in that film sort of way i think they just they realized pretty quickly in the van dam was going to work out but anyway i wanted to note that promo comic because like i said i've had it for a long time at this point and it'll it rotates through cheap bins every once in a while at it's just kind of audie curiosity like somebody would put a whole comic together justice a problem for this movie an r. Rated movie that and this is clearly aimed at kind of slightly older kids who were two youngest already movies technically but then again late late eighties. We're getting ready to movies at twelve so cannon that all right that does it for cyborg I do have some feedback. And what. I'm going to do now is take a break. Come back i'll get to stick around Talk a fan. Podcast devoted to the adventures of twenty third century. Bounty on our mercy. Saint clair from the pages of trekker comics by writer and artists. Ron randell sarah. And i'm ruth. Please join us as we discussed the stories characters and art in this excellent retro scifi adventure series special episodes feature interviews with ron randell himself discussing trekker and his other comics. We hope you'll join us as we travel from the dangerous back streets of new gallup to the depths of outerspace and everywhere in between. Listen pod being itunes stitcher. Google klay and youtube follow us on facebook twitter and instagram or visit. Trekker talk dot com. Check her talk as part of the rat. Adventures network at rw adventures network dot com. And i am back with some listener. Emails and comments. I have some blog posts comments. I want to get to some of a recent Of older every once in a while. I get blog posts. Comments were press emails. Me to tell me i keep beating to put them into a feedback section on the on the show which i did would pop. Culture david one. Oh one Now one of the buckets that had and this is really interesting to me. One of the that gets comment every once in a while is from twenty twelve nine years ago right and this is about the kevin bacon. Sean astin movie. Whitewater summer Since september twenty twenty. I've gotten three comments in that post. That i wanted to read them off as well as one of my replies the versus josh reagan. Who said i just want to say that it's ridiculous. How no one online actually lists some of the true filming locations of this movie including imdb. They see quincy california in the sierra nevada mountains which has some general truth regards the initial driving on a lot of hiking mountaineering etc. But man how about some specifics. I'll be damned if that's not highway. Seventy along the feather river quote near quincy california on the drive to their trail head for the trip. I've driven that stretch of highway. Many times. And i swear that's it. It would just be nice to get some confirmation online. I'd just like to have some more specific info on all filming locations and is not listed anywhere. You can't have such a great movie with such great shots of areas in and around the northern sierra nevada mountains and not refer to its exact spots. It's disrespectful. I replied back in september. This is a really good point. I'm from the east coast. But there are definitely times where i can tell where something was shop at the imdb detail details are either vaguer not existed especially when the film is a little more obscure. You know people know this film. But it's not footage. For example i will say. Imdb does allow you to edit and add to their information. The same way with pierre does it would be pretty cool to see that because sometimes knowing were a movie was filmed makes good road trip. Mario montalvo followed up for us. In march twenty fifth twenty twenty one saying i just drove the stretch of highway seventy last week. Who incidentally before watching the movie. I can say for sure that it is highway. Seventy in the intro. Even the campground they turn into silverlake campground in quincy is still there. I know the production was split between nor cal canada and new zealand. But i agree. It would be nice to know which scenes were shot. Where and of course. I will add here. That there's obviously closing seen a number of scenes that were filmed for the framing device in central park in new york and remember scenes filmed in new york. I just. I love getting these. I love getting the people and whitewater summers one of those movies. I really wanna come back to go find it on to find a dvd blu ray or streaming and. Just watch it again. Because it's a beautifully shot movie. And you know if i hadn't done the blog post nine years ago i would have probably thrown into the podcast episode rotation It is it because it's just it's it's a movie that i hold a lot of regard because of the number of times i watched it when i was a kid and i really love it for that and i always find it a fun kid forward drama in a way. That is I don't know i just i. It's got tensed tencent intensity to it but the same time It's not fantastic. Goal like some of the some of the more ninety kids stuff and things like that. I'm always really really enjoyed it And vicky pee on june twenty seven th of this year commented and said that she was looking some information about the movie whitewater summer and she came across my side. She had to ask her two cents. Now was a seventy five year old woman. This is still one of my favorite movies. Sean asked him was adorable and kevin bacon. Well what can i say. His career has been incredible. And sean has made a big as well. I fell in love with this film along with the music in it. I bet i've seen whitewater summer more than one hundred times. We'll continue watching wherever it's shown. Yeah the music in the movie by the way if you're unfamiliar with whitewater summer is from bruce hornsby and the ranges one thousand nine hundred six album the way it is They play on the western skyline and the wild frontier. I believe or two of the songs there might be a third one in there and You know that. Bruce hornsby and the range album. Thank you spotify. I listened to last week all the way through. Because i knew the. That's just the way it. Is you know mandolin rain. But honestly that whole album really really good and and you know so. I recommend the bruce hornsby album as well as whitewater summer. All right so even older post than that whitewater summer post this one about the worby. This was a late eighties ball. Throw toy that. I wrote about back and i think like twenty ten twenty eleven. That got a comment in november. Twenty twenty well somebody with the name. Just a girl born in the seventies you know when it came to commercials in the nineteen eighties. Very few toys advertise actually delivered on their promises. This theme song popped into my head. This morning is random. Memories tend to do. I'm so glad you talked about it and had a commercial for it and i remember the pogo ball and skip it. I mentioned those as well. Yeah or be. You could go back if i remember. All linked to in the show notes. The old posted or was this thing was like it was like a stig. Happy fun ball looking orange ball with a plastic with a hole in it. You put a plastic thing in the whole of the under the plastic kind of tether here. Were these ribbons. Like you know you put on a little kid's bicycle and what you would do you. Would you would toilet around and then throw it kind of like a hammer like the hammer throw in the seaward fly like through the air and eventually gets a tree but but but i just remembered this when i was. It was one of the first centuries river the block. Because i remember it really relieve league and i and i don't know what happened to ours. I think the the plastic the ribbons got broken. I think we they'd use the orpheus ball is just kind of a ball the toss around but But yeah it's just kind of cool again like these old post just every once in a while. Get a comment. For instance my post last summer about the nintendo game basis loaded it was called paste. Goes yard was the name of the post and k. jason link posted right now. We're in a massive societal lockdown. Which means that all of us are sitting at home and trying to find things to good article. I recently bought a any system and basis looted. My brother and i applied a couple of times. And it's still fun. My number one baseball team will always be baseball stars. While this bit cartoon show is always amazed at the ability to create teams custom. Mice and manage bases loaded was a distant second by the way. You're still in contact with your old pal. Tom yes i actually. He and i am message every once in a while on facebook and instagram and stuff like that i posted he shared with me A commercial just the other about the upcoming thirty for thirty about the eighty. Six matt's when i posted a picture of the gun from the tops baseball pack on. It's the last Last month he said. And i bet they were. You know so many of these there were like three of this player in there because you know again so yeah we keep in touch. She's down in atlanta and and Is really good guy Snp baseball stars. That was a game. I really liked but i i got that toward the end of mind nintendo time so i'd never actually owned it. I would just rent it every once in a while. But i thought the whole create. Your own team thing was really cool to. It was a really really good game. bases-loaded is still number one in my mind mainly because of connection i have to it in the number of times i plead it and how much i loved it and still love to play it so Another common i got was on an old blog post about. The sierra coco wheats cya grayson commented on cuckoo for coco. Wheats saying his grandfather who passed away started eating this when he was young boy on a farm in north dakota in the forties. He always had some when we came to visit in with us boxes as well. I don't know exact proportion but in essential things to addis condensed milk. I saw the water before. I put the coco wheats in. Shake them in while stirring after it's boiling continue stirring while it thickens and add the condensed milk. I don't know how much coco wheats to water. I can feel. Just the starring meets a certain resistance point. Yeah i've lately been making those for breakfast here. And there and i always best up in the microwave where they get clumpy so i had milk. I don't really. i'm not convinced fan. But i do. Add milk milk and that does seem to help but thank you and then there's what i missed a few years ago. Pretty sure i did. Not put it in my episode one one comment recap but i wanted to put it here Back in july fourth dug up by liberty we can post from two thousand eleven ten years ago and shared it out on the ttf cantina group in on the an reassured another pop page and there was a comment on there that i missed from twenty eighteen west. Te- bowker wrote. Hey there firstly. I realized this article is currently seven years old but i stumbled upon researching family history at one point. You mentioned the song lady of liberty as performance shelly towns. What brought me to this article. Is that my late uncle charles. Blaylock wrote the song if you're still alive today. I'm sure get a kick out of knowing one of his songs that was heard by someone decades later. Thanks for sharing means a lot to me. that's really cool i Every once in a while like back on the one zero one episode. I told you about how like the sister of the guy who's the dr pepper commercials commented on my blog. Post a couple of times. I always love that. It's just and and this is just random. It's nothing like you know noteworthy celebrity type of stuff. But i just. I thought that was really really cool and i wanted to share it out all right. So let's get onto comments and messages about podcast episodes recently for episode one twenty. I talked to my friend chris. Lynam about wasted time has pumped banned from back in the nineties. Here are some of the comments. I got on a episodes. These are all from former classmates of ours. pat mueller said. That was great really. Well done chris who knew my early eclectic. Music tastes would have an influence. By the way. I still of the story of you guys listened to the green day. Sound check as part of your big break time. I look forward to listening to your other. Podcast jessica assurance at thanks. Tom thanks for sharing. Tom brings back so many memories. One of my best friends melissa. Ressano rodriguez said loved listening to this. And then jillian. David commented on the cover of chris's album waste time album. When was fun because the photograph is of her younger brother sitting on a swing set. She said al. Ll my little brother Honestly it was off. That was one of the best episodes. I've done in recent years And it was really really fun to do. And i really appreciated that. So many people enjoyed hearing it on episode one. Twenty-one donovan morgan grant and i talking about the judas contract aaron head moss said love this run On episode one twenty two shag. And i talking about uncanny x men new teen titans bryan hughes comment on a facebook saying sharing the scene where starfighter kisses colossus says. I'm going to point out here for no other reason that it is fun to that. If the roles were reversed here and colossus with the kiss star fire we would be hearing it described as the infamous sexual assault seen. Today i k. I don't think colossus would've tried to kiss our fire. It doesn't seem to be his character finally on episode one twenty three which aired last month. I have messages on. Facebook been comments on facebook via michael. Bailey michael wagner and an email from professor alan. So here's the message from my belly. He says love. The trading card episode was lot of fun comic images. Now that by the way was the spider man. Set the spiderman. Pack that i grabbed an open air. Comic images was one of the lower rung trading companies that started out doing sets on cheaper paper. That were just images from the comics. They step things up in one thousand nine hundred and started doing glossier cards. But the coloring sucked. They made the marvel license for a bit and did sits for savage dragon and youngblood that spiderman set will make your eyes bleed because of the coloring. Yeah i Those cards were not particularly and they all look like it was like you know when you try to do a copy of a copy of a copy and photocopier and zoomed into the point. Where you really can't make things out. It's it was not the Best best spent money to be honest. Michael wagner says about baseball cards. I was into don rusher baseball and hoops for basketball. Actually never owned any basketball cards. I had a. I had a very small hockey car. Collection will tell you mostly nhl pro set and then had a few football cards. I also i. And i'll get back to your milliseconds. Your comment of michael also failed to mention the company score that was like a fourth company fifth company that that existed and i had a few cards by score at one point or another but again not enough to say that i am out that that anything about two two collection. I don't think score really exist. They might have gotten absorbed by another company or bought by marvel or something at one point in the nineties. Anyway back into michael's comment. He says that he was a big fan of the premier upper deck baseball series. Two he says think my card with most valuable was the michael jordan baseball card. I pulled from pack thinking back now. It was funny. Pull the card from the pack. The card shop employee was watching. When i was leaving. I was putting my cards in my pocket so i could ride my bike home. He freaked out and gave me a hard sleeve because the card had value. Oh wow that's a good odour. michael says. I didn't get the freakout nine. Let the kids do what they want. It only has value three value for too many investors to make a quick buck but have poisoned the fun entertainment of children's hobbies. That is true. You know it's funny I can think of one thing. I don't really have a lot. That's incredibly valuable. Like i said the most valuable quote valuable baseball card very few baseball cards. Like like a handful is a key third rookie card. isn't a hard plastic sleeve. Because i when i got it. I was like oh. I'm going to get hard. Plastic sleaford amount of come in the hard plastic sleeve. It was shipped in ebay so i kept it there. It was like okay. that's important. I've got a couple of valuable comics. Said never got them slab but a few years ago. I was buying scooby doo team up and For my son. And they have a issue. Where harley quinn and poison ivy are teaming up with the scooby gang and apparently that went big in terms of cost for harley quinn appearance or something like that and the guy at the comic store was saying like yeah that the things going crazy 'cause people want it for the harlequin thing as might have been around. The time of the suicide squad movie was coming out. And i said that's really funny because my kid has an. It's just sitting in a box in his room and it's probably all beat up. You know just kind of like you know you wanted to read the comics. So and i had no idea i was buying it was. It was on my pulis. Oh you're right there. There's this weird sort of and i don't wanna i don't wanna come down sounding like an asshole here regarding the way people do collected preserve. Because you do you The people who speculate and really try to make a living speculating and that they essentially scalp. Action figures scalp comics. The way you would scalped tickets I probably shouldn't use the word scout but try to resell it. I r- price a decks. And they're certainly certain curiosities. That i don't that i do not get i. Guess like i've seen people who have boxed in slab like nintendo games. And i guess i see the value having like metro in its original boxing. Great condition and preserving that. But i have a metro dade cartridge here. I don't have the box. But i have the book that i have the sleeve and everything and i just play it because i have the nintendo and stuff so i don't know it's weird. It's it's you can have a whole collection about that like started with collection all conversation about that in episode. Like how far do you go is a collector. And how far do you preserve it. How much do you preserve ends. What's the monetary value of doing so. I'm gonna put a pigeon that michael. Because i think that's a really good conversation to have a podcast and i think the guest to do it would be professor alan. Anyway thank you for email. They give you the idea that it came up as i was responding to spontaneously here so professor. Alan did send me an email and with the subject of baseball cards he says tom love the recent baseball card episode. Especially the dramatic life pack. Openings dramatic stuff. Collecting middleton thing. My father was a stamp collector until when his health was such that he no longer able to keep collecting. he has slowly begun investing process. But i imagine that it is something my sister and i will ended up having to finish hopefully many years from now my first collection passion was baseball cards just before comic books. Mostly a love them for the statistics on the back. That's that was the seventies version of baseball reference dot com kids. Yeah i love the stats of the backs of baseball cards. Or maybe thomas in the window of spent quality time with the baseball encyclopedia. What can i say. Baseball stats with my i could. I don't know if i if i saw the baseball encyclopedia. I probably flip through it. I remember not owning any stat books and stuff like that myself. But i do remember checking out stuff like that from the library or like baseball history books too. I i really do like reading baseball history From library so more than likely. I came across it sorta stuff in the library but he says can i say the baseball stats my first decode. Yeah anyway i never had more than a shoebox of cards and only one was at all collectible. I had one thousand nine hundred. Seventy four. nate colbert card. What made it unique was that there was a rumor in the off season that there was a rumor That the patriots moved to washington. This was posturing to get a better stadium. San diego but tops did not know that so there. Some colbert cards that show him in padres uniform but identified as playing for washington with the nicotine name national league. He attached image and i will put it on the website. Mine was never in decent condition today might possibly fell self or five bucks. maybe ten. I sold my entire collection. Shoebox included that neat Bear card included for twenty dollars at that. Memory serves that card in top condition which might never was sells for about one hundred bucks. It would never paid for emma's college at least there's that's no allen your turok dinosaur hunter number one comics paid for m's college Take care of the summer. Keep the good work professor allen of the relatively geeky podcast network and that will do. Its before i go a couple of things of note programming notes. I i am working on getting all the episodes back onto the feed Teacher freaks launched a new website this year. And that kind of mess up our feeds a little bit right now. You'll be able to listen to the back catalogue on the other website itself but our podcast feed through apple podcasts etc only has the episodes that i've put on there which i i made. Sure that all the twenty twenty one episodes were on there as well as all of fallen walls open curtains and my hopes that by the end of the summer. I'll have the time to kind of put everything back the way it should and everything we back to normal so if you end up with a bunch of unlisted two episodes in your feed because they're really old episodes feel free to delete them or re listen to them comment on them if you want to. But that's why they will be showing up speaking the fallen walls up and curtains. I'll be back in just a couple of weeks with that. I'll have episode eight of the miniseries. Looney spending that episode looking at the events of june of nineteen ninety one through august of nineteen ninety-one as well as more ease movies This in this case. Us soviet conflict movies soviet invasion movies like red dawn as well as rocky for the movie that won the cold war and finally this august and september. I'm going to be presenting another six part miniseries. This one is called nine eleven in popular culture over the course of those six episodes which will come out about twice a week in august. Early september i will be looking at the movies music comic books literature and other items of popular culture that are either about responding to or inspired by the events of september eleventh. Two thousand one. So i hope you're able to come back for all of that. The meantime please drop me a line to let me know what you think about this episode or any other episode of the show and as always. Thanks for listening and take care. Thanks for listening to pop. Culture affidavit which is produced by me. Tom panners all clips are copyright their respective copyright holders and no infringement is intended this podcast is part of the chew true freaks internet radio network which you can find to true freaks dot com. If you like the show. Please leave a review on apple podcasts and helps the show get noticed by other people feedback by email can be sent to pop. Culture affidavit at g mail dot com for show notes and essays and other things random in the world of popular culture visit. Pop culture affidavit dot com. You can also follow this show on facebook at facebook dot com slash. Pop culture affidavit and on twitter at pop ask that's pop a thanks for listening and come back next time for more. Pop culture randomness

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