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Homage To Horn


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And that's most important the first name today. Tom Brady Brady and the pats beat the Packers thirty one to seventeen last night bow. And after the game Roger seen quite frustrated. How do you think Aaron Rodgers honestly felt after watching the performance of Brady supporting cast, and those coaches what they here's the thing. Tom Brady didn't play especially. Well, the numbers certainly are bad. But that wasn't some great Tom Brady perform correct they won the game by two touchdowns. Right. Like Tom Brady does not have to show up and play the game of his life in order to give his team but chance now maybe it doesn't have to go that far for the Packers. They just have a chance. They don't need the best game of Aaron Rodgers life. But they do need him to play well and win he plays. Well, the expectation is you will now make all these other guys play wealth. That's just now with. The patriots asking Tom Brady and has got to be relieving for Brady when you think about it that way, it's funny in retrospect to see the lead up to this game was advertised NBC as Jordan versus LeBron. But this is not what we have. And I think it's instructive to understand why it's not that way. These guys are closer to contemporaries, Bo Tom Brady, sent his TB twelve method book to Rogers Rogers took aspects of the diet for himself and more to the point here with the play calling the NFL and the NBA are very different. The NFL demands not only the greater mathematical number of players involved to be involved. But there are these coaches who really do decided to leeann edleman threw a touchdown to James white or through a long passage aims white Mike McCarthy would never do a gadget creek play like that Roger says has to be jealous of that in a little bit. At least is more like Kobe, LeBron versus Jordan LeBron because the age gap is about the same between the two of seven years which way LeBron Kobe you got about six or seven. On the calendar between Brady and rod is like if it's more in that line. But where this has become interesting, at least terms like the historical magnitude of it is I think most of us would agree that Aaron Rodgers more physically talented than Tom right would agree on Tom Brady's got those rings is. But the thing for him on the rings was especially those first two he was the quarterback on those teams. But those teams weren't kids in that way. Since Aaron Rodgers has been distorted the expectation is you were going to take us wherever we go with Radi. What it is. We you to go out here and make the right decisions and throw which is not the same thing. When Rodgers is out. We see what the Packers were like we've seen the patriots taste success. When Brady is right next name saints. Drew Brees them handed. The Rams their first laws of the season yesterday by driving forty five and one of the most respected defenses did this game. Convince you that the saints are better than the Rams. I think it did. And the Rams have been the story that we've been sold about accepts. Totalism? They have this offense, which is prolific and all world and that is what we saw yesterday. But it was also this defense and the defense is getting gashed on the screen right now. And they got cashed all night fo I don't think that that defense despite the four number one picks on that defensive line now Fowler and Brocker and sue and Donald where were they because drew Brees basically got to be best version of drew Brees all night? And if that defense isn't there what's better about the Rams and the state. Here's the thing you say that is though the saints defense did not give up thirty five. Oh, they're also very. Right. They got the game at home. They gave up thirty five. Also, I still think that the Rams have better defense than the saints do now there's does not mean just because we got one game the outcome. Whether different way that everything winds up lip enough. So no, I am not convinced that the saints are necessarily better. I am convinced though, the Rams might want to get home field. Like this comes up to them playing against the saints. Again, you much rather play that game on your own terp. Then go away from it. Whatever happens though, these two teams are going to play. They're going to light up the scoreboard either way it goes like is very kind of the Rams in terms of their defense. Yes. So loud against other. Actual good teams. Not so yeah. They'd given up twenty seven plus two four of the NFC playoff possibilities. But you mentioned the scoreboard being lit up. Let's watch Michael Thomas lights all sorts of things up and keeping you w down. Does he has this long seventy yard touchdown catch those for the cell phone flipper in tribute to Joe horn were people had those days in. You realize by the way, it's not just Andrew luck. Yeah. He said he had to go to a to a hole in the wall Liga store. That's right. Order to get that in. My question is why were you at the legacy? You happen to see the phone was there or where you they're all what was the chicken or the and that scenario, but bow people are angry announcers are angry because of this is something that bothered you and and. And eleven all day. All your joy was made. And I respect you Michael Thomas and all of your Aikman angering whiz. The next name is Sam darnold. The jets rookie quarterback tossed four more interceptions yesterday in a loss to the dolphins bringing his total to elite leading eleven pick spo- is Todd Bowles putting his job and even more jeopardy by continuing to let Sam darnold struggle like this. I mean, his job is gone, right? But the idea of playing Sam darnold at this point is at the expense of the franchise like what you made the decision basically with team seemed to be doing with Brie quarterbacks is as long as he's not going to fall on his face ridge is going to throw him out there. They had one quarterback who probably was better suited to play this. Teddy Bridgewater, maybe even too when you get to Josh mccown, right? The jets have decided in this is best for Darnell. If playing right now through these struggles is best for him. Then they are going to do it. If it gets Todd Bowles fire they were gonna fire tied bowls quick if they are looking. For Sam darnold to get all of turnovers out of his system. They have another thing coming because in college and his last year USC he had twenty two turnovers that was more than thirty four F B S teams. This has always been the knock on a guy who was getting his face mesh buy that helmet behind us. But both Todd Bowles is gone because they're going to do the thing where they say, you know, paid in manning under Jim Mora also led the league in picks for a rookie. And then he got Tony Dungy. They're going to say Jared Goff had Jeff Fisher. And then you've got Sean McVeigh. They're hoping I think that someone replaces Todd Bowles and waves of magic wand and everything has been done would Todd Bowles. I don't even know how much that has to do with Sam darnold like he's had was is the fourth year that they've had him. Yes. Yeah. I mean, it's about time. Have you shown anything not really now his time is up? Now. I'm not nearly as charged up about this. Bart. Scott barscott was on the jets post game show. And I mean, I don't know if he's still plays on the team. But he's acted like check this out four six holding us while the fifth. Eighteen for twenty one thirty nine tell you talking about the type of statement that pisses me off in the locker room as a defensive player, and we got to have a conversation because you start pointing things wing do a good enough. You didn't do good enough to represent us. Good enough. You didn't prepare is good enough you to make adjustments. We had to give the answers about that one. What did you make? What the hell? Let's take drawn. Know of it though, part was done. He's like, I'm going to segue. No, not going to be a segue at all here. But is this one of those bigotry of low expectations things were darnold? Can it's kind of like Bart Scott doesn't expect darnold to know. But what is win win bowl says you need to force more turnovers. And they're like you'll score was thirteen to six. Yeah. They're put. Cowboys I live in on Texas ahead of titans Cowboys tonight, and they invited Michael Irvin on the show wanted to make his case trade for Mario Cooper will less. Numeral champ. You white. What would you go to history? And I think tonight tonight run young. We see the door over nuke. What a child why? Absolutely. Just letting you know Pablo you would I have no idea what he was saying. I just want more of this. I want Stephen to travel the country and sort of take on whoever the resident hot take veteran. Retired player is because that was the sweat bowl. That's you worked with Dan. He was sweatier raising. Let's say you want Steve day to take off wherever the local is is the local going to be Michael Irvin. Right unless the high bar unless the local is going to be Michael Irvin. We can't just replicate this wins. Go to show of charges thing. It'd be like yo Lance Allworthy gave us the same exact thing. No. This is Michael Irvin. He is while man, there's spot among caning. They are so thirsty to be better. Sam she went about Cowboys fan. You can't call the Fairweather. The web ain't been good in the very very long time. They still remain with a remarkable level of energy for this like, yeah. No pressure. Amari cooper. All you gotta do is make the Cowboys. Look like royalty. Yeah. Van look, I don't know how much it takes Michael urbanize. You believe that his law today? We had you. He was he has some point. He was like, why am I sweated like hell, no. How are you sweat? Yeah. So this really really warm in their next find out who was questioning the Peterman. Download this show is a podcast Bomani to checkout line to if you can figure out who I am. Football fans, Adam Schefter here. You know me for breaking news around the leak, and I just received a tip vivid seats is offering ESPN fans. Ten percent of football tickets, but you have to act fast hit to vivid seats dot com and enter promo code ESPN at checkout to receive ten percent off your first order, vivid seats, the official ticket partner of ESPN and with their one hundred percent fire guaranteed. There's no reason to MISA game this year. Don't wait. This offer ends soon. Guaranteed promotional terms available in vivid seats dot com coming to you from the seaport district appear seventeen brought to you by chase. Happy birthday Oto Beckham twenty six years. Oh, yes. Today is his birthday. And I know what he's doing somewhere right now is he? Dancing. What it is. It is danced. I hope he's surrounded by those fake Odell Beckham they can finally surround him and pay tribute appropriate. They danced to I quote. This guy has games with four plus interceptions. And I still don't have a job in the league on real. Said X bills quarterback EJ manual Instagram reacting to Nathan Peterman throwing three interceptions Sunday. Both do you feel EJ manual in this case? All right. You have to understand. I never not if Florida state at any other point thought EJ Manuel was in NFL quarterback. I literally laughed out loud. When he was the first quarterback taken in the twenty thirteen draft. He so has a point right? Like the idea that people keep trying to Peterman out here to start Emmanuel doesn't have a job. I think he's twenty eight years old. I'm not saying you should be starting somewhere. He can't even get them baseball cap on. Meanwhile, the Peterman. EJ manuel. I have sympathy for you. I have sympathy for Colin Kaepernick, I have sympathy for any quarterback, honestly who was still ambulatory and who watches this and is wildly frustrated with their conditions. But PLO if I may be the inspirational motivational speaker for the Peterman, the Peter beds QB rating went up after this game despite the three picks the Peterman was the bills leading rusher leading rusher with eight carries for forty six yards. Come on. He had a touch. He's responsible for the last two offenses touchdowns. The bills up scored and granted was the rushing touchdown and the other was like weeks and weeks ago, but come on Peterman Peterman. Some good news coming out of that game. You think that was this original? You think if you're him sitting there watching right there? He's like, you know, what you're right after hearing that at three interception game interceptions, by the way. They you guys. Tried to tell me worked his fault. Eight three interception game telling him that. Then took his quarterback rating up you think that's going to inspire on a graph. This thing. Would that would that his fire? You though, there's a Japanese proverb how about how about a yes or no answer fall down seven times get up eight, and he got up that eighth inspirational to me, even from Japan, man. Now. Quote, we need volunteers not hospice. Steelers. Coach Mike Tomlin blow James Caan is average one hundred seventy two yards from scrimmage over the past four games you convincing you the Steelers don't need levian Bill. So there is some irony and him talking about hostages because players like Levy on Belsey the franchise tag as the hostage tags. So on that level, that's a little funny. But the second level of irony Bo is that Levy bell made a case against the disposability of running backs that was his philosophy can protect themselves. But instead he became a case for the disposability of running backs. And it's because James CONNER has been this good. And it's just not a good look for levian bell. Who wants to be paid the most money ever to a running back whenever she gets to be a free agent. And so I wouldn't be worried if I was Levy on Bill worried about what like what are you worried is going to happen? I would be worried that people don't think I'm as good as they thought they that may be the case. But here's the thing. He's going to be a free agent. Right. Somebody's. Do you need a running back the forces of competition? He has nothing really to lose your in fact, I can make an argument that Bill has plenty to gay because Connor is playing so well that when Bill comes back he might not have to log those carries that are the reason why he's not showing up in the first place. If he does not want to take care. Yes. James Connor is good. But let's not act like James Connors. Some dude off the St James Connor was offense a player of the year in a power five conference as a soft Lor. Right. We know him so much because of the story with cancer and everything else, but he's really really good. And so you're right. If you've got another really good running back, you don't need to pay Levy of Bill. But there aren't that many teams that are running backs who were playing as well as James Connor. And if you think you can go in the third round to go find one not yourself out. That's when the Steelers found beyond Bill, but I don't see anything that Bill has to lose. Because this dude is playing well. Well, I hope that Levy on bell has one buyer in the market because to your point that's all takes he's twenty seven. And if you're going to make the case that you're an exceptional transcendent running back. It would help. If you were a little bit younger the show me how many other people who played as well. As James if he was a legal the people playing that. Well, then you're right. You can go get another one of the how many people got another one of these last quote. Yeah. We're not going to fire him. Said Magic Johnson about Lakers. Coach Luke Walton both. You were Luke. How would you feel hearing this vote of confidence kind of from your boss? Well, I mean, if I was I was there for the conversation that took place in the beginning like the one that got us here. So being in that conversation, I know a little bit more about what this is that it's going on. It is fair for us to raise the question. Whether or not we overreacted just a little bit through the idea of a boss telling the manager of an underperforming unit that they might want to perform bed. Yes. However, I do think that part of this is this turning up of the heat on the boiling pot of water. That is the Lakers. Lebron James wherever he goes. He likes that water to be at a simmer even in its resting state. So you're right. This is not some transformative. Oh man to Lakers imploding right now. I could argue that the rafters who they got blown out by last night there actually a really good team. But it's just that discomfort that LeBron likes as. Arresting. Here's the thing you keep put all these things on the broad like we're not talking about magic. Possible that LeBron likes it this way. Do you think that Magic Johnson you really think that he's going down to LeBron? It'd be like, hey, how you want me to handle this? No Magic Johnson. Wildly successful. Magic Johnson return who behaves like this into all the other businesses that he has it doesn't totally say the reason that he would do the same thing with Luke Walton, maybe this is a LeBron thing, but there's a leaf with. No actual connection. That's being made. Oh, we see that magic defers to LeBron as a matter power. But you're right. And by the way, there's another LeBron story after the break, he does the ditties birthday party. We will unpack that as well. Hey, college football fans. Kirk herbstreit here with your home gating or tailgating this season score big on game day eats with Eckrich smoked sausage. And now you can enter the twenty nineteen road to the national championship sweepstakes. You could join me at the college football playoff national championship in Santa Clara, California for a chance to throw to win one million dollars to enter and learn more, visit eckrichfootball dot com. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes ends twelve. Twenty eighteenth contest rules online from pro football reference bills quarterbacks at three passing touchdowns and throw three six six. Maybe the first days in nineteen seventy seven had as many big sixes passing touchdowns, and I blow it away but happened in nineteen seventy seven that is an impressive Staten Nathan. They hit the hands. I before the pick six happened you can rest your head on that not entirely your fault street. The call. The course number. Today's number is fifteen million nine hundred thirty seven thousand five hundred dollars time which money. Sam Bradford got paid for three starts with the cardinals motion. Other players be jealous of Sam or graduate. I salute chew Sam Braford. You may not be a legend on the field, baby. But you will legend that the Bank goofing you. Sam Bradford was the last of those bonus baby quarterbacks. Twenty two drives the last one before the rookie way scale. He got fifty million guaranteed. None of us thought. He was dead. Good by the end of it. But we knew it wasn't that easy to find another one like him MO money MO money MO money, and I actually got appeal Banff oil because he's been hurt for most of his career, right? Like injuries any story when he played in Minnesota. He was very good. You was not certain much any. Here's the thing though. Imagine being Cam Newton because Cam Newton came after him that year in twenty eleven and he'd even get the fifty million dollars guaranteed. He made plenty of money. But this guy was a tipping point not just for the rookie wage scale being thing. But also, thus how teams constructive teat constructed there the roster's cap sheets around the rookie quarterback. But what are the crazy numbers that you? Okay. The man has made one hundred twenty seven and a half million dollars in his career. This is from Dan reveal. Yeah. We shouting now reveal today. Baby touchdown sixty one interceptions of teams at thirty four forty eight and one, and you know, what he's probably underpaid given that he existed that has salary freesias portfolio is that you could argue that Sam Bradford should be on our roster right down. Remember this giants? Maybe he got to let me down a sign of bonus from two eagles in a year where he didn't even play full respect. You are the Bank. In closing light sale. Anybody would have problem? The Bronco did his birthday party last night. Get a grip check it out. TNZ has put into the bra poem savannah into roles at legs guy smashed by the rat that car three hundred forty thousand dollars because we pocket watching may county. Jay here. Yeah. The broad charter welcome in his fight. He got people asking about Luke Walton and everything else. Let me tell you true story man house out of Miami one night. I saw dude he recognized me. He worked at the music industry. And he was like man, we're going to kick it with puff tonight. And try to roll 'em. Like, I'm trying to kick it with Diddy. Like, I'll try to get myself as I should man. They left the house so late pedal sleep before they left I slept. And I hate to do it up at nine in the morning. It was like my bad dog I fell asleep. He's like, yeah. Man. We just come in here right now. That's how much funding to kick it with Diddy. I don't blame him for gold. I would love to go kick it with Diddy. I just wanna to see the venue he selected because it would be the finest venue. I've seen the hallways in ditties home. I wanna be anywhere close to that, man. But both spent some time in LA all star weekend, the Jordan party. You also fell asleep waiting for. That is this. Didn't even I didn't want to go to that one. They know that point he's like two o'clock in the driveway all the people night. Nice. Try buddy do gain close. Inclosing? Justin, bieber's Range Rover reportedly broke down in the watts neighborhood of south, Los Angeles. Let's watch what happened next. With the kid. Say speaker hook. Seeing. Stephen participating in some sort of decathlon. How about why is Justin Bieber, and watts and that that that that is the question that I've got you gotta you're asking about why he do a push ups because they said, so here's the thing. Bo we're now watching him do all of these athletic events. I am a truth or on this. Why is Justin Bieber in watts? Why would he ever be in watts seems like making it too convenient? You know, I'm actually with you on this one. And here's why. Yes, I know a lot about playing basketball in somewhat rough neighborhoods. You saw how you did. That thing. We threw the ball around dudes back. You don't do that on the road? That would be nice. They they do not tolerate such behavior on the road was singing also Justin Bieber wanted to get good with the people, and I feel like that was a little bit calculated. Yeah. Just gives him I'm not that dedicated to gigging good, I didn't ever made that stopped out of questionable is next. My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be. The smoking mom my first experience with jewel. I do remember being like distance good. It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking at all. I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Ashra lingering odor make the switch and J U L dot com slash sports. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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