Big Brother 21 Sunday Night Aug 25 Nominations Recap | Kirsten MacInnis


Germany's <music> from my apartment. It's rob has a podcast and now here's the guy who's making this promise to you that there there will be no christie chewing noises in this podcast. I promise i promise i'm rob. Cicirino liberty welcome back to our sunday night recap here last sunday sunday in august as we are here to talk about a competition less episode of big brother so a lot to get to here tonight. We've got a great guest here with us to talk about it. All fraum many are h._p. Productions including our recent love island wrap up and you know her from big brother canada six. Please welcome the great kirsten mcginnis kerzner. You know rob. I'm so happy happy to be here. I mean i know i volunteered to podcast. I just didn't think it would be the soon but i mean you said you wanted to come on. <hes> you know i thought you said meant you know. Couple of weeks left in the season just sucks. They sound you know well all right. Well you're here. You're here looked eerily the guy that you're not the target here tonight. The man who as with us i think every sunday so far in this season in addition to you every day. Here's the grade ten rio. I'm disgusted. No why why of i'm. I'm feel like i'm done with rather. They had an episode without a challenge in it without a competition. I just don't understand the direction of the show at this point i like. What do they think they're doing. Obviously we're all watching four the competitions. I don't know why why they think they can get away with this bird. They have no bush. They have no competitions tonight. I don't know what they're doing. Gross apparently this this checkers and not just all right so we're here. We'll have a fun a recap here tonight. Get your questions in hashtag our age a._p. <hes> pity as we are talking on a sunday night so let's get into everything from this episode where we got to see holly's one nomination <hes> we got to see nick as america's prankster and his nomination which was christie and a lot of other stuff along the way kirsten. This is talk about our headline of nick as america's prankster. How how how 'bout that. I ate happened. I'm choosing to believe that some of the maybe better players split the vote and allowed him to sneak in. I don't want except that he was anybody's first choice but i you said on thursday that he would not receive ten yeah and the prank was on any al franken was on me. I will say there are not ten knick fans as eric and i were trying to there are not ten knick fans but there is an army of people who hey kristie taryn is that is that fair to say. I think that's very fair to say and i think that we definitely are in a situation where the big brother audience they. They hate more than they love. Yeah yeah so yeah. This real quick turnaround time from thursday with the taco tuesday. Extravaganza ended up resulting in so many people watching the t._v. shows like hey. I really want kristie to go home and then putting all those votes oats on nick curse. It's amazing that so many people came to the same conclusion of. I hate christie so much. I have to vote for nick while i think that's actually what she was going for with. Taco tuesday was to say <hes>. The clear opposition to me is neck. She spelled it out for the viewers and so when it it came time to vote they thought okay we want kristie out well. Who is the opposition to christie. It's clearly nick. We just heard on tuesday yeah and he was able to you. Manifest fest the truth bro. It happened somehow. It's nick i. We're not the lifebeat. Suppose pretend how is nick nick reacted to. This is nick buying into like <hes>. Hey all the knick maniacs out there because is it going through his head well. He definitely was like yes america. You know they're helping me out here. They're saving me. <hes> it's definitely it definitely makes him feel like he is vindicated from taco tuesday that you know he he was he was in the correct. You're in the right of all of this. All all of this stuff okay all right so we'll circle back to nick being the prankster but this episode opened up on christie entire. You talk about this the other day about how that you you were liking the fact that the episodes that they were devoting to there being a lot of strategy from the evictions that we get to see on the from the thursday night shows that didn't make the episode but we see them on sundays. Yes on sundays are quickly. Becoming the best episodes of the season. I think is because there's always so much to cover on the thursday episode and they don't do it. <hes> so the <unk> lately they're leaving for the sunday episode and there's tons of great stuff and we open this you know the first fifteen minutes of the episode was pure strategy and it was fun and it was interesting. I really enjoyed it. Okay cursing so so we got to see christie's hardcore campaigning from this week's episode how impressed where have you been with christie <hes> big brother player like in general. I would say like early season. I was like i was very confused. As to why she was so well liked things were kind of going her way and and then she kind of got lost. I think a little bit in the middle and then i was really impressed with the campaign to stay but i think that it it didn't do the justice nacho nacho how bad on a lease was because i do think that was also a huge part of it yeah like i know that it can be kind of confusing to show someone who's already gone home on the <hes> sunday show by. I think that that would have also really helped paint the picture <hes> whereas what they showed today made it seem like okay. Christie is it's amazing. She is a brilliant strategist. She saved herself. She's a mastermind. She did this all by herself. Whereas that's not really the case. There was more to it than that okay. Let let me just say knowledge. What's going on here that this is rare in history of podcasts that we have a mid show wardrobe. Change taryn was wearing a very nice ice shirt but it had a very thin pinstripe which i think that was just not tv friendly and so- taryn very quickly ran off screen like superman and now has on a different shirt drive. Yes were you wearing this. You're under under your other shirt or do. You have your closet of shirts very close by like rob. Does i take after rob thank you. That's very nice to you say yeah. That's where i get it from that. I don't know if either of you are familiar with mr rogers but <hes> that he taught me me that you need to keep an army of like what you were what you wear on your show you just keep a closet full of that right where you do the show and then you come in and then <hes> <hes> have all of your different shirts for the show ready to yeah. Yes really what was happening is that i was pranking all of the viewers of the youtube version of his podcast and and <hes> the prank there was over so okay all right tearing the big brother overselling christie the strategist. I don't think so i mean they didn't play this like it was the knicks coming of the funeral. Which i think is the right way to go. Funeral awed <unk>. I mean look <hes> christie can dance but <hes> it's no dance funeral and <hes> and so i think she she definitely deserves credit right she she hustled in in that moment and there are a lot of other factors that helped her. Stay alive that week. They did not show <hes> sis campaign pain which was really really terrible and ultimately. I think a big part of what song her in the game <hes> in jackson even said today on the feeds <hes> he was like you know the real reason holly alley that i chose to keep christie was that i was worried you would choose this over me was like okay because holiday during after his campaign told jackson that <hes> that she had still in alliance with cysts and christy and tommy that excluded jackson and so and he his reaction was oh i knew about that but he clearly hadn't known about that and so that was probably a big part of it as well but but there is a lot to. I think there's a lot to credit for. What christie did this wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been pushing and pushing and had given up like many people do so. I think that she absolutely deserves the credit of <hes> <hes> being the primary driver here in the edit. Okay let me ask you a question and tell me if this is a completely different situation but way back when cliff cliff had the chance to do something against christie's wishes and may cut a deal with christie and he got dragged back to high heaven over at christie's word is no good why would you oh. He took a couple of weeks of safety from christie. Why would why would he do that. How come come jackson and holly have avoided the same kind of scrutiny for making a deal with christy that she's just going to go after khimik so i think it's just that like the potential cliff move where he makes. The deal goes back on it. Nominates christian eliminates the power completely lately. That's just such a lake. It's the sexy move and everybody wanted to see it whereas like yes should not be trusted christie in this scenario they are like the they just shut however i it's not as exciting and people really were not enjoying watching says. I don't think so there just to see her. Go oh so the results. I made people a little bit happier so i think that's why he's not. He's not getting the same level of vitriol as lifted so it's just that we were happy the cisco home i think i mean i'm happy to see her go. I shall be like blockbuster. Geico yeah that was when christie was telling sis how much she missed right and there's so many clips from this episode that it's hard for me to find this but every time they have done that that's like war wobbled like affect the season tired. It's been gold yes. It's it's it's great yeah. I think basically what happened. Here is that the more the fan base wants to see a move the more on board they will be with it and the more they don't wanna see it. What happened the less on board. They will be with it so <hes> because they because they hated what cliff was doing. They didn't want to see that happen is like oh. This is the worst movie ever but because this one there was more split. There were people that were like oh. This is terrible move to keep christie but there are also people that were like no. It's not that bad. I mean to happen. Of course it was a bad move but i was happy. Happy are bad move <hes> so here's something that i was kinda confused about so there was a lot of talk between between holly and jackson and cliff and nicole in this episode. It almost seemed like that. That's the four that's like the new power dynamic in the house kirsten. How how real is that the jackson and holly plus cliff in nicole as being like this like ah four with this very solid deal i. I don't think it's that solid like as has been discussed over the course of the week like they. They never named it. They never did like a funny handle. All just like shook hands very businesslike and i just don't really buy into it. I think there's just not the pre existing relationships ships there to make strong bond moving forward am i crazy didn't show present that as like that's like a really powerful full group in the house right now yes and it is something that has been forming over the last you know over jackson's h it was they talked about the they've been talking over and over. It's been slowly conforming in coming together and so i think they are setting it up because it does look like it might might be a group that not necessarily we'll stick together all the way through but it is going to be a a one of the major major groups in the house. I would say that one of the things that the episode did not do a great job of was telling us where's tommy during all of this because they <hes> really left him out of the story completely tonight yeah and it's so weird because he's been just so much part of everything so far but then they did not make a good job of of putting in his his k._c. Game that he's been playing <hes> yeah he is well insulated for the most part as well as previously but nobody nobody was talking about him in the episode that we saw that the four talk to christie christie is going to go after nick we saw that potentially and chilly okay just could go on but no talk about where tommy was in all these thinking yet. Tommy actually said that <hes> in the diary room he was talking about his decision and how the wall shouder actually had a lot to do with it so i think that he was talking a lot about that and that was informing a lot of his desertion shouted <hes> yeah and so obviously they're not going to put that into the show because they don't want to be part of the show so i think that has to do with it a really what tommy is is doing around. This time is realizing that okay christie is staying. I need to reorganize my game in this direction and he is <hes> he is targeting jackson holly right now <hes> and we haven't really really see much of that but he is also convincing them that he is not targeting them and that he is completely <hes> trustworthy <unk> they love him. <hes> yeah obsessed with who is it. Who is it okay so we're going to get to prank week and we'll get some pranks in the episode tonight. We have a lot of ella oh pies in the face. I and you like the pal the pies in the face during frank week on principle. I don't like it but the segment and the show was really fun and there have happened some fun moments on the feeds. This is very much my university that i went to does a pie wheat and the engineering faculty you pay someone to you pay for someone to get paid and if that person pays double than it gets turned around and that person gets pieds. I've spent a lot of lectures where you see someone just like they kneel on the ground to get like execution-style hide in the face so i'm very familiar with. I don't like it on principle but this was fun. Okay well. I bet that's intense carson. It's it's actually really scary when okay meal. I'm going to buy you in the face and it's like no. Why so it's happening. Don't do they have to kneel. I power dynamic thing. I don't understand engineers. I'll never seems like it would make it even harder. I think it's got a downward force and it's like uh-huh and then they just spend the rest of their lecture with whipped cream on their face <hes> yeah what a waste of the pie crust talk take more yeah. I was gonna ask. How much is this actually happen in real life. I don't think this has ever happened to me. In in real life. Salim haired insulated communities like big brother in school. Yeah i think happens. I find someone in highschool to fundraiser so yeah although my kids have the board game <hes> pie face which involves like a cardboard cutout and you gotta stick your face in there and then it is like a a little timer that you turn and you might get it and you might not and <hes> they were playing with the babysitter and my younger son was like i can't look he he was very very tense. Okay brother love's the pies in the face here during frank week. The pie voice voice was also intense smith jenn what's going on there. Kirsten and i knew i don't know <hes> to move some. I saw some people were saying was actually actually supposed to be some sort of a gallagher personal life. You lead here in the big brother house. Maybe it is gallagher with five technology to destroy voice. Just a little bit scared jackson. I wasn't sure what they're going for here. It's kinda like a like a bill cosby voice t._v. It is only eight. This is the same voice they used for like the camp comeback stuff though too right or am i crazy i think big brother as a show has continually degenerated like some some sort of like if you look at like the older days of big brother kind of announcer was like smooth voice like all right now it's time for whatever and then and then we would get to like we got to the day and then we've gotten worse and now it's just like i'm saying if it's sam sam has gotten <hes> more and more ridiculous karen's oppression. We're out of here yeah but during the <hes> pie montage. I think we saw that gesture was not liking what was going on. I feel sticky. This is nancy this if i mean i. I don't think she's wrong. It doesn't look good and then there's just whipped cream everywhere the aunts they've won now. I don't think there's any way no they've they've they've won the summer lake yes yes and they had to go wake people up and i think that was the one time we saw tommy me in this episode. Oh by just <hes>. I did think it was fun. When jazz that's like was holding the pie in front of chrissy space for so long just like i love you. I'm sorry and then just like. She could've just gently done it but she's a lot of force for someone when he was apologetic. Yeah kristie could have eaten the pile good yeah okay all right so pies in the face and then we're gonna find out about the one nomination for holly but not before she told chrissie that she wants to come up on on the block italian you touch on life you have to do this was not great timing for holly because if she had waited she would have have gotten away with this and never had to told christie that she would have put her on the block and also the way she approached it was it was it was very much not like all right time to cash in. You know you said that you go on the block so i'm thinking <hes> you know. I'm hoping that you're going to live up to that end of the deal. That would've left christie like oh. No no of course you know of course i'll live up that ended into the but instead it was like so i was thinking. Maybe you <hes> they. I think wait a minute is in christie christie cents weakness. She can smell it and so she pounds. She's a no no way what a why why. Why would we do that <hes> yeah. It's no good. It's just not how you show someone. You wanna work with long term yeah yeah. I really do think that christie is a strong player in this game that i know that she's like it really crazy and emotional and all all over the place at times in the diary room but i just think that the emotional manipulation levels are ah incredibly strong cursed in that i think that the thing about where like survivor blindside people better where we're going to challenge go to tribal council. You just have to get through the afternoon with big brother. You gotta get through a week with this person and christie eh if she knows it's coming you know she can play on all everybody's emotions for the whole week in guilt them into coming around and try to make like all these like emotionally manipulative decision so i. I really think that she has something we'll yes. She does a really good job with that as well. I think there was talk earlier in the season about her ramones. There's just something about christie like above and beyond everything that just works for people that i think is hard to come across to us watching it just it once he talks to people. They do tend to want to do what she says. The other thing too is that she does come across as very genuine in which i think <hes> when you think someone is genuine and making like even if you know like no she's not. I can't trust her like she's not really genuine when it feels like you're having a genuine conversation. You want ought to trust that. Even if you shut it. She genuinely had people like super super remorseful like oh my god i just did the worst thing in the world because has they've played baywatch like that's the level of emotional manipulation christie's working with here yeah so maybe something with its the thermals for whatever reason it's not working with america. America is not buying it. She is the most hated person in the house. Spy the least the t._v. Viewers yeah and i like twitter like some of the vitriol i._c._u. I'm like oh my goodness like. I don't like her but goodness n._s. Gracious. I don't have that level of energy to hate her either. Why what's the big point of contention on twitter. I honestly i don't know <hes> yeah. I mean it it reminds me of. I think it's i think part of it is that she is succeeding in in the game. I think that's definitely part. I think that at at first it was that she was sort of the representation of the big majority alliance that people didn't want to dominate and she was doing jews being that role in a very annoying way <hes> like crying and being super paranoid the whole time <hes> but now and so they were taking a shot her with the field trip and because she was the target of the field trip it was like we need to get her <music> out and now jackson the underdog. He's like anti christie's become like a good and bad sort of war <hes> and so it's it's still there's a lot of like anti i christie resentment but i think there's also a an element of it that it reminds me of how people hated vanessa and i'm not. I don't compare their games because i think they're games are very very very different and people compare there too much. I don't think that's correct but i think that in terms of how the audience is viewing them. I remember people being super super frustrated. Eh with vanessa <unk> hated vanessa she so annoying and <hes> she's not playing well at all she just emotional and all these things and i think there's an aspect of of that sort of that. It says she's a strong woman. She's being very aggressive in the game and that rubs some people people the wrong way. I think also bringing up the the tommy relationship. My people are really unhappy that she has an unfair advantage but i just get the a sensor even without that she still probably would have been doing while though maybe not this in my mind i think she's a no doubt all star who should come back and and playing in the season and i think that she somebody that i think that even if the fans don't like her now i feel like that she won't be a hated figure outside of the house. I think that when she's on twitter later in a couple of months people will be standing her karston. You never now people will stay depends as she takes it depends on if she comes out and has a good sense of humor about ah. I feel like that attaran win. Fifteen was was amanda with she somebody who was seen as a villain but i feel like that people love her now. Yes i almost almost used demand as an example as well. I think that she was somebody that was really really hated in the house and there's definitely been a contingent contingent of people that have come to appreciate amanda after the fact although she was a lot more involved i think in sort of the ugliness of that season yeah like christie was so i feel like christie probably has a better chance than a man even amanda in terms of being able to recover from this end. I do think that she will be remembered as like got. Hey guys remember. Christie's pretty cool right yeah big part too is if she makes up with me and they're good after the show that will do a lot for her not in august after the show. I think that that will not for her. She she needs a good publicist and that could go either way in the big brother world but just somebody who sort of like got like telling her like what she needs to do what she gets out of the house that i think that i definitely see a nice future for christie a year from now. I'm firmly on on the side of things chemi. Cami is the one that i will. I will follow me wherever to the gates of hell yeah fully biased in favor of coming out but i i could not a year from now and where we're talking kristie on a podcast and everybody is excited that she's going to be on and the chad is excited for her so i think that sometimes these things are fleeting. Yeah i agree. I think so as well. I think that <hes> i think i'm already starting to see this sort of come around and i'm seeing you know rented threads heads of like am i the only one that really actually likes christie and then like tons of up votes to prove that no i wouldn't say i'm not like a a fan of hers in that. She's like the amazing person but i feel like that in terms of do i want her on my t._v. Screen or do i not want her on my t._v. Screen on my computer rescreen. I want her there. I wanted that she's added a lot and that's why i wanted to see her in in the game as opposed to assess who was not and yeah forget. She is regularly with all due respect. Tommy who's probably better game player. Christy is done a lot more for the the drama of the season. Christie saved us from yes is this is this crazy tommy have of a lot or anything to do with her being saved on thursday night really not much at all apart from the fact that again. She knows she can rely on him. She can use who's him they can separate from each other and be able to reunite super easily any in any obvious advantage that him being in the game against her. You're just passively obviously there but in terms of actively doing anything no he he didn't have anything to do with the actual vote was perfectly fine with letting her go and keeping nick around and she had to go and actually. I think i have the votes. Wait really like okay. That's great uh uh yeah crib just to go back to christine her reaction to learning that america may not like her. I thought this was very funny. Pretty hope that america pick me as the prankster but i know i'm not america's sweetheart literally cried every time i think about that. I know this isn't a time to cry. Hold on there's this cognitive dissonance of like like i know i'm probably not america's favorite because i cry all all the time and it makes me so sad that it makes me cry a lot. I get it lake. The idea that your country doesn't like you is very difficult as you've had to experience and thankfully nobody cares in my my situations. I was able to to get through that like she's known for a little while well now that she's not a favorite <hes> she's still under the microscope and like dealing with that cannot be easy. I truly i truly do feel for that aspect back. You might say that every time. Christie looks at america. She does not see home every time okay so there's some talk between nick and holly about what's going to happen. Here and nick has a very very convoluted plan for. He knows that he's hollies target bud. He is pitching here to holly about how hey if i don't put me on the block and jackson ends up on the block i will use veto and take jackson down off the block. If you keep me off the block darren how about that for offer you know at least he's making some kind of offer because this this is before. He knows that he has the power and you know i. It's it's something he's used to be. I'm i'm an asset for you if i'm off the block but there's nothing after after he wins the power so at least you tried. Was this the best. Try though look i. I'm very much on record once. He wins that power he should be storming up to the h._o._a. Trim and being like hey holly. I guess what i just found out something about me being in the diary room and maybe there was a card in there. I'm not sure and so my maybe i have the power to put somebody on the block. I mean i don't wanna say for sure one way or another but maybe i have that power and you know there's jackson here. I really don't wanna see jackson. Touch the block. I don't know about you. You probably don't wanna see jackson. Touch the look. I don't wanna touch the block either. I mean it would be really great if we could. Maybe some work something out. You know kind of figure out a way to make sure that jackson doesn't touch that block. You know maybe maybe something along those lines <hes> uh-huh and <hes> you know that's probably nick would do it but he would obviously be better if he was a little more subtle about it but some just some kind of deal make some kind of deal. You have the power to put somebody on the block. Jackson is available to be nominated talk to them and tried to avoid being put on the block. He knew he was going on the block and he accepted. It did it and it was just like well. I guess i can only just put up christie then. Which was her original plan. Yeah yeah did did he think i think that he had a shot to be america's prankster. I don't know i was like this is when i was like not fully back into into it from being out of town but like i don't i don't know i don't think he really thought that it would be him. It's going to be fair enough. They do home but i also just feel like regardless of whether he thought that he would have the power or not like he needed to try and make something firm that he could actually we rely on because neck and christie just pitching against each other doesn't work anymore once they're up on the block together and if one of them goes home like you need to have something else for moving forward and he just never brought that up <hes> so nick after he went to the room he came out and then he had a very awkward conversation with circle saying that nick had an awkward conversation with somebody is a little bit redundant right erin very much so yeah i asked him and so he talked to nicole that he ends up talking about how he is convinced. He's going up the block and also that christie is going up on the block and that he is not the prankster but he just knows that that's that's how it's going to go and he swears to god you didn't get an m._b._a. Yeah my favorite part about this. Whole <music> situation was that right before the segment they had the christie chewing segment and in that segment it was the most alive i have ever seen seen nick in the room. He was like oh man the way she shoes just so ridiculous oh my god and then he went into the diary found out that he was america's prankster and he was like oh my god. You have no idea how much this means to me. I'm literally about to start trying right now. I'm just so so happy. At least he did a happy be two aunts yeah. He did do a happy dance but apart from that i can show he showed some emotion there yeah so that's america's erica's prankster prank. He's pranking the call spreading the coal yeah. It's it's not me but i know who it's gonna be. It's not me yeah. It was just a mistake. I mean that's an a little over the top cursing to go right into. I swear to god. I didn't get an envelope in there yeah. He's like. I have to hide it. I can't let anybody know that i have it which again questionable decision making but then i feel like the minute you walk out out of the d._r. And you're saying i don't have it. Oh my god that's the worst thing ever like. I feel like that's pretty obvious like i feel like what are the stocks you just. Let's keep going but he just can't harping on it. I mean it's one thing to light in a coal but to volunteer writing. I swear to god. I didn't get an envelope. Deflect deflect flecked deflects yeah nick nick. Is that guy that that will be just be like digest definitely not me just letting everyone know just letting everyone know. I didn't see an envelope in their men. Wouldn't it have been great if is on envelope in there but i definitely didn't and then he walks away and they totally by it yeah like i haven't been texting any other girls. I swear i haven't been texting anybody else. That was like oh my god bro my god why would you why would you think that i swear to god. I swear to god. I wasn't even talking to anybody else on the live. Feed your trust me bro yeah all right so we're going to get the nomination ceremony. We're gonna get holly's one nomination is going to be nick. I thought that this was kind of a weird speech from holly at the nomination seven which put mic on the block. I have nominated you nick because apparently all legitimate komo dominate you so apparently i'm not a great shot. I is she making a joke there. She like using like a <hes>. Air quotes that apparently i just nominate you so apparently let me say that. All you do is nominate nick. Apparently apparently i think thinks she she won. She won perfect. Shot is a good shot but she's not a good time. They'll make jokes holly shot. Don't make jokes wall. She's she's been mad recently that they've been telling her in the diary room that she's not funny does not. She's like stop. I want to be able to say what i wanted. I wanna say you can say not funny yes. She can say what she wants to say but we can't say that she's funny. She should be allowed to say whatever she wants to say but i i can't give her that kirsten. I mean it was funny when she said no. I don't mind we had dinner and a show talking to you. Okay all right christie's not bad apologizing for ruining. Everybody's dinner no way i don't care we got dinner and a show. The producers don't think she's funny because they didn't even use that the couch okay and <hes> then. We got another slot machine carson. This was like when the americas his field trip was a slot machines slot machine for the prankster nomination. Yeah just goes to show how much they favor jackson because he loves gambling. Is that what it is a big gambler. I can't think of any other possibility. I guess they think it might be as like maybe it's dramatic. I mean it's not the dramatic not brent. Yes get some slot-machine content yeah because everybody knows that pranks have to do with slot machines sure sure kamba. Yes kristie again. Ver very upset have breached the biggest fear is not making my family and my friends proud not making america proud. The biggest fear is not making america proud well. It probably wasn't her biggest fear until she found out they don't like her own. No i wanna make them proud. Yeah okay <hes> that's christie versus nick and we'll talk more about that <hes> a still in in this hour but let's we touched on christie's chewing long segment about christie in her urge or i'm not gonna play clips of christie chewing bugging. We've reason to believe that this might be something a topic that comes up later on the week taryn yeah this is. This is the teen something up. I think for a future episode group karstadt away classic foreshadowing. Everybody weighed in on christie's chewing including nicole. He's got some <hes> some action going with those jobs some real jaw action shingle with those jobs. I mean she really does. I was trying to like see if i could do an impression of the christie chewing a little while ago and my face doesn't move like not so i knew it turns out that she's like a snake that can dislocate her jaw to like a forty five degree angle much snakes makes enough to choose. Yes you can really impressive look. She's she's good at it. I feel like it's she's bad at it like a fish and i was like no that was wrong that she's definitely bad at the cell bad. I've never seen anybody else. It takes her forever. She choose yogurt tara tara and she's losing taryn on how aw inappropriate yogurt chew when you're eating yogurt. There's yes in there there is there is so much weird eating in this episode. <hes> the christie doing shows her. She always eats her cereal out of a cup which i will never understand <hes> earlier in the episode they had nick eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that had already been started. He started the eating it from the jess. Yes karen very weird. Is that a regular thing four for now. We know that nick is kind of freak freaky. If prices they'd had freaky freaky he would definitely be nick in the big brother house. But what do you think about eating the pizza jelly sandwich like go on one side and then go and then go like from front to back. Let me tell you something about nick. He really likes talking about his proclivities in the bedroom and i will tell you that this really matches with <hes> with what he likes to talk interesting interesting. I i don't know maybe he was hoping someone is you sticky. This is nancy jess. I was gonna say i think he was hoping other houseguests would come to the lady and the tramp with the sandwich. We've had the other side but you took all mother please. You know you're thinking carson. Peanut butter peanut butter's very sticky. I don't know yeah okay. You're on thin ice so speaking of eating in this episode. We had a long long jackson watermelon segment in this episode a licensed music. Yeah we had jackson. <hes> talking about watermelons kicked off with jackson. Never eat too much water on you've literally. You can't can't sick of watermelon. Has anybody ever like had an addiction to watermelon. Turn i mean we're seeing seeing we're seeing a full fledge watermelon zero patients here of the one mellon addiction that he said something cursing which was also very bizarre is are. We talked about a lot of pies to the face but i can't wait to take a whole watermelon to the faiths does that does he ever do that. Where you it like cuts the watermelon and half and then eats it. Hold it up to his mouth. You talked about how christie my unhinged her dr john what jackson sometimes likes to do is just shove the whole thing in similar to like a hey arnold style head his head. Just kind of balloons is out like a watermelon yeah and then you know eventually it goes down in order to fully make him seem more average and not like a douche so that's really the strategy that he goes for. Thank okay also just really wild because i feel like we see jackson eating a lot and we see him eating waterman a lot but i don't think i've ever seen him to the watermelon like it's like it dissolves in his mouth so juicy. He's perfect watermelon eating machine. I don't understand it like. Do you like watermelon either of you. I actually <hes> had to cut one for my kids today. Did you feel like you know what it was. I was prank frank week over here because michael barr watermelon and then i cut it up and i cut into it and it was bright yellow on the inside. I said what is this. What is the what is this you. You clearly needed jackson there to tell you whether it was right for not my kids like that what happened. I don't know it's prank week what this is. I didn't even know that that was the thing i this is the first time ever hearing of it but i also hate watermelon yeah right it's not i don't understand why my anyone would put in that level of work to prepare food. That tastes like nothing. I don't recommend it yeah. The yellow the yellow watermelon no was it was great. Look the same on the on the <music> outside but it was completely like like like like this color on the inside <hes> like bright yellow crazy learned to tell if it's if it's nice yeah <hes> yes like jackson is able to tell a solid but you can hear that it's tight on <music>. Honestly that was more than anything is on love. Island personally watch the entire season so fair. Yeah pretty sure people really fall in love. Hey what are you trying to say about jackson his watermelons well. You know it would be a lot more romantic gift if the watermelon out wasn't murdered every single time that's that's a crass way to put it kirsten this is this is a consensual act of eating yeah he. He consummates the relationship with the watermelon. Hopefully the marriage to mickey and holly that was just consummated in the big brother house figuratively yeah ya that's a lot <hes>. What did we just watch episode of big brother with no competition. Maybe maybe they're right about needing. Come out with one one other thing on jackson with the watermelon sharon. This was really really fun of beginning to see jackson's ordering of the watermelons in the diary room in this episode large watermelons as many as you can get if we're able to get more watermelon though it'd be great. Allen alien smashed one of the watermelons. It's nice to finally get jackson's the reaction to that and i just like i normally they houseguests what they order as much as as jackson order from ray apparently real that he knows a guy raves. The person ray is in charge of getting the produce. That's why stock former houseguests have been quite upset on twitter that the jackson gets to have all of the watermelon that he wants and you know when they tried to ask they never got any of their food <hes> so clearly either they need need to have the the persuasion skills of jackson or they just need to ask her watermelon. Yeah i love that. He was snitching on allen malian in the diary room. Allan allan alien smashed one of my watermelons. I think part of prank week they should bring in gallagher to typically just like maximum tax. I mean it's so perfect. You have this guy's phone number. Who's number one thing is he. Smashes watermelons like <hes> it would be so great like have the prank guy say everyone to the bathroom. Ha ha ha now go to the kitchen and gallagher and he's like <music> all right. If we needed a big big brother you lead here in the big brother house back back it would be particularly great because jackson would be genuinely upset to like he would be laughing along at first but then after it he'd be like we're replacing the watermelon he might kill gallagher co into the dining room when he'd be like gallagher smash a rape police get some more really bit large ones in security. Okay let me see if there's anything else that we have from this episode. There was a weird moment where there was jackson slid in on in his sock the city did you catch this moment in the episode. It wasn't sure if anybody under the age of forty was going to get <hes> they did like a risky business joke here in the episode okay. They went a long way to get. It wasn't a lot of pay off there but there was it's it's it's it's all part of the imagery habilitation for jackson zenden say he's tom cruise. He's he's got this funny watermelon thing. <hes> you know we're gonna. We're gonna see some <hes> some pi- action. It's it's. It's all it's it's it's they. They know the formula. They already perfected it on okay all right. This was also a tommy talk or is. This was also jackson talking about christie. Honestly this is beautiful. She has no burden she has no bush. She has nothing left. Have you talked about the where. Where does this expression come from like. I know a bird in the hand these worth two in the bush but she has no she has no bird. She has no bush's hands. Though this was the major exclusion from the initial jackson ism segment. It's my favorite of his zac because he says it all the time. I have no bird have no bush. I have no bird. I have no bush. Do we have thought to funnel floors of now. We have too many birds too many bushes <hes> it's it's really it's really all just <hes> if you either have no birds no bush many birds too many bushes <hes> but there's no in between there's birds one bush. There's no want to <unk> bushes one bird. It's it's all about the <hes> the no birds no bush. I thought it was it was one bird. One hand two birds one bush. I thought those were the only options that apparently there's so much more to it again so many questions for jackson for after the season to take us. Let's take some questions from the listeners. The people who are watching us live here who sent some questions in on twitter and now we'll talk about the live feeds and talk about what's going on with the veto and zing bought this weekend. Here is mister robot taryn what was knicks optimal move putting jackson accent on the block taryn. That's what knicks should have done correct. What nick should have done was talk to holly. Yeah make a deal. <hes> yeah yeah okay was allowed to. He just decided not to all right then. Let's go to the worst david. Can you capture the enthusiasm of prankster mr nick in the d._r. With an impression let's go yo. I'm the prankster. Thank you america for giving me that power. Does i'm so i'm so grateful america's done for me. I'm literally. This is the happiest i've ever been in my entire tire life right now. I am so pumped yeah happening so great yeah yeah. You know what got me really worked up. I was thinking about over the weekend. I'm like sam should have still been in the house like nick should've gone home that week sand. It sloughed at sam sam nick yeah imagine sam getting the americas prankster. Oh beloved people love it. At this point. I feel like if he was still here. He may be would have turned the corner and been seen as more annoying annoying than super annoying. I feel like it's the thing where he died a hero before he could become the villain. Was he a hero. I mean people liked him. Is what i'm yeah the longer he was there the the more likely it would have been nice people would have turned on him. I think that production liked him. I think that they would he would have gotten a good good at it. If you'd stayed an underdog yeah house really obvious okay all right. This is from the man who says is. Is it really pranking if they see it coming and complain their moves around it. What am i missing here. It doesn't matter because they didn't move around onto and yeah. I mean it's it's the classic prank of hey rob. I'm going to not beyond beyond the podcast. I'm gonna not show up for the podcast on wednesday prank. Do you want to bind. You're going to be only six days to plan around four days. Say everybody really throw me off because i don't even think you were on the schedule. This is <hes> a real frank and a half. Yeah okay so just to talk about this because i i've been really fascinated with this idea of could this week be no elimination that is there. Is there any chance that this is a possibility of the ultimate prank is on us this week that there ends up being some sort of like prank voice <hes> we got you know fiction thursday night eight makes makes sense with the football schedule this week and then the big brother will not be seen in a ton of markets on thursday night also yeah it makes sense for for that reason but i just feel like normally production would have let us know like it's weird that they would prank you'd be they'd be in a bind where they i don't want to tell you that there's no win. Veto competition happens. They don't want you to think like hey doesn't matter because nobody's going home but i i would not bet my life on it. I just feel like that. There's still. I thought there's a non zero chance turn i. There's two things that prevent me from thinking that's probably the case one is that julie did say that somebody would be eliminated and sent to jury on thursday night <hes> she usually doesn't lie <hes> <hes> and second is that in there's been speculation that oh well maybe maybe what it is is that <hes> they'll cancel this eviction and it'll turn into a double eviction in but with only at one actual eviction <hes> so the double eviction would be the real eviction but but i think they'd want to advertise that that if it was a double and so i don't really think that that has silicates either and <hes> i don't think they want to nullify america's influence. They're giving america chance to influence the game gene by <hes> the prankster power to somebody that say everything goes right a. and the person that they wanted to have that power makes their move that person then gets really lee screwed over if they cancelled the addiction and it doesn't go through that is a very good point. There would be a real thumb to the eyes of america afterlife. Christie is going to get voted out because she was america's erica's nominee but you look big brother has done wacky things before <hes> the chad is bringing up the time that they pranked the saul with anthony scaramucci. He wasn't a real houseguests kirsten. Yeah he was fake all along that also too though with america voted for someone to give the nomination not for who actually would be nominated which does make me think it's more possible that they cancel the addiction. I think that since they didn't really give america that much power it wouldn't make people that upset if it doesn't pan out whereas like if you guys are getting naming the second nominee <hes> and they took it away but i feel like that would be way worse job. Ah in my in my view it's like america's giving this power theoretically to their favorite player so if they gave this to you know let's say nicole or whatever ever and then nicole makes her move against tommy and she puts tommy on the block and tommy's about to go home and then they cancelled the eviction and then tommy wins h._o._a. Jr it's like well. She screwed screwed herself for no reason all because of this america's twist in you know now we're screwing over the fan favourite for that doesn't seem like the right move but they don't usually operate logically anyway anyway so yes logic to say we need a double eviction so they practice with the battle of the block funny one yeah. It's a fan favorite so i just wanted to say that. He don't drag me if it doesn't happen but give me credit. If it does happen okay effort we're doing that. I don't drag me if it doesn't happen but please give me credit if it does. I really hope the next stage bird calls good. That's good assery set. Give me all the credit when it's not okay. Don't use the bird call. This is my new favorite segment of <hes> <hes>. Don't don't drag me if it doesn't happen but give me all the credit f- okay all right hugh says can we chill will with waking houseguests up in the middle of the night. It's never been funny but even if it had they've completely beaten to death disrupted erupted sleep is bad for your mental physical health which seems especially sadistic in the big brother house okay. It's a hugh is really take jake. That's that's his issue so i'm going to say that mental and physical health is not the main concern of production and they will never ever ever stop doing that. Yeah with you. Yeah you say let them sleep pattern important this is this is cruelty yeah above and beyond. I wake them up in the middle of the night but i feel like making them get a pie in the face in their bed. I feel like is is very disruptive. I heard stories of of production really likes to mess with the houseguests by like making the house super cold in the day and super hot at night so they don't get good rest. Anyway weighs like they're never. They're never going to get the proper sleep in the big brother house yeah but also that this is a game show where people we're trying to win money and it's not a hotel that is worried about the customer service of the people that stay there so turndown turndown service your pillow. If if you don't like it don't adult beyond the show personally. I think instead of using music to wake them up every morning. It should always be applied to the face that way they get their sleep and we get our entertainment yeah. Although we don't see that yeah okay and they they're not singing every two seconds <hes>. That's a good point. This is from ri- what's worse topaz voting for jillian how we voting for magyar america voting for nick the prankster again. They didn't vote for nick as the prankster. They've already against christie well. I will say this has has the potential to backfire in pretty major way not necessarily like the biggest way but nick being the prankster could result in in either jackson or even cliff going home. <hes> which i don't think either of those are preferable to america i think they like cliff and i think they like jackson <unk> but also more importantly would be a huge huge boon to christie's game. If if either jackson it's in or cliff went home that would be amazing for her and so then thinking that they're giving this to screw christie over could really end up benefiting christina massive way and it played this correctly. We would probably already be looking at some kind of scenario that like that. <hes> luckily for america. He didn't and he played at the way that i think they wanted him to but he still has has the opportunity to do something smart with it in the future. Push the reset button. Yeah i still i feel like the the topaz vote is still the worst. I can think of one more that i i hate more than all right. Let's come back to the questions and let's get into talking about. The live feed spoilers from tom the weekend so we will talk about what's going on with the veto and where we're headed into this week's potential vote or real vote <hes> we'll. I'll say all right so let's go ahead and fire up the lifebeat spoilers will be back again on a wednesday night after the episode. If you were going going to be leaving us four the live feeds boilers but come on back and watch after wednesday all right before we get to the live feed update. Okay let me take a moment and thank our sponsor of the podcasts as our friends over at rockies. Have you heard about the company. That's making stylish shoes for women and girls that are recycled water water-bottles. They're insanely comfortable and machine washable stylish sustainable comfortable washable all in one pair of shoes. 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Sometimes sometimes you have a lot of the people you love in order to keep them on spoil. It's okay all right so jackson. <hes> uh has the veto will not use it correct correct okay well. Do you know what the competition was was heightened. Go veto no. It was some some sort of <hes> cliff was just describing during the episode but i wasn't able to catch all of it it was something to do with rolling balls and maybe stacking stacking them or something that was it was a ball roly kind of physical kind of competition okay all right so all right jackson's the h. l. Let's say with the zimba- zimbabwe is anybody's back a lot of a lot of complaints about the zang's <hes> this weekend. Yes well to be fair. We haven't heard the exact wording necessarily mhm the repeat wording of them guests. Guess nice like okay. We don't expect much but this today. I did see there was some controversy traversee over. I know you were reporting that the zinged holly by calling her an old buzzard which as well i don't really get that she's not that old and she's thirty one and that's all i guess old for the big brother house but beautiful older woman yes okay older woman okay okay but then i saw today on twitter. That holly is now rethinking the zing and <music> now is becoming furious. Yes she is a not happy hurt like her family has watching. She just has so so much integrity and all of those latch and sing. God can't take that away from her. Yeah well taryn. It's it's fitting that there was a controversy once again over a bird's fear of birds yeah that it's a the bird in question is seems to have really upset holly. Yes <hes> well. I do believe that it was it was sort of tied to <hes> potentially nicole nicole you know i thought you didn't like birds words. Why are you hanging out with. This old buzzard that kind of thing so yeah. They're they're really trying to get at least one nicole bird joke per episode so yeah but i think the thing is that people that i that i don't like about this is that in the last couple of years a lot of the things they've started taking them more so from mike what social media is saying and it's been a big thing people have been making fun of how holly looks older than her age refers aren't good or whatever and so then i think about kind of takes that does the joke on the show which isn't really something that show only viewers are going to understand and like. I don't think he looks at all so that from what i what i've seen on my big brother trash twitter that holly is is most upset about the the not the old part of the zing but the buzzer part of zing implying that she the <hes> as explained by tommy that she is somebody who goes through the scraps and that she went after jackson she he is picking through cats. Scraps and holly is furious that she is basically being accused of going after sloppy seconds yes she. I think has made it a much smarter joke than it was originally intended on earth. The subtlety of zing tissues a very mad about this so i mean if she's gonna be mad at being called out for it and she did it so it's like yes so she is not happy with production over over that i guess over a number of different issues not being funny yeah yeah her and jackson have been really really image conscious in the last month dash and so she's really been trying to portray trey the right kind of image for herself ever since they broke away from the six shooters. She's been like i mean i wasn't ever actually with them. I wasn't bullying anybody or are being mean and that was not me being myself. Now i'm being myself <hes> and so they're really trying to like portray themselves a certain way and she's concerned concerned about the cat thing. She's concerned about the fact that she voted cat out. She's also concerned that she is being portrayed as boring. She said i'm oh i'm she's. We didn't say hey it. She said what am i feel like. I feel like maybe i'm being portrayed. As the angela and what's wrong with angela come on and she did she do anything. I feel like nice where between a rock and a hard place where there's nothing that you can say right now. Yeah paulie needs to put respect on angela's name here. Yeah come on knock it off but it's just fine just just fine. I don't dislike holly this. There's nothing to dislike calling her boring. They're saying she's the she's the terrance plain yogurt of big brother casting hey now. The taryn loves plain yogurt. That's so weird heard yoga's disgusting wow wow i didn't realize i came on this podcast to be attacked. The less i eat the more yogurt there is for you. It's yeah is it watermelon yogurt taryn. I mean there should be no. They're absolutely that's discussing discussing. I almost puked everywhere but i'm disgusting. Puke everywhere didn't charing. Can we talk about the vote heading into thursday so with nick and christie remaining on the block heading towards thursday. Is the the house going to vote out nick as of right now yes. Tommy has already told nick that he does not have his vote and this is awkward but <hes> i already made a promise of before the veto man nick. I wish you had told me that you were the the prankster because i made this promise to keep myself safe. I didn't know who the prankster was all. <hes> what a what a miscommunication is should be as sitcom it come episode. Oh boy what can we do now. Already promised my vote so i i guess i can't vote to keep your neck of sorry yeah for rob to jump in there. What none drum in what a pickle okay so who who's voting wear taryn as of now voting to evict nick nick jackson is voting to evict nick nick has made a pitch to jackson holly. It's basically identical to the one that christie pitch them and they're. They're very much. It's like we just got this pitch. Why would we do it twice in a row and so they do not want nick jackson's vote against nick <hes> jess is obviously a vote against she said to nicole something along the lines of i mean they're basically the same nick and christie but <hes> next guy and he's neck next <hes> so that's three then you also have cliff who would like to see nikko because that gives him full full control <hes> or at least half a loyalty of nicole and <hes> and he wants all of them to go at some point <hes> so he and and he wants to go side with jackson holly in this in this sort of a vote so he is with them and then also nicole reluctantly. She wants nick like to stay but she has no support whatsoever. Burj is no bush no support no bird no bush no nick. It's not looking good for nicole trying to keep knicks so she will reluctantly vote him out. As of right now <hes> her and cliff have made a final four in official final four together. <hes> cliff shook shook on it. Nicole burst out crying when they offered it to her <hes> and kinda voided agreeing to it but in a way where she you kind of pretended that it was just because she got emotional and after it holly was like are you worried at all that nicole burst out into tears when we offered our final four jackson's like she's good <music> just so it's just a little angel yeah. She doesn't want to accept it. Okay so if this is for real you have a that that group of four in on the other side of the house would be christy and tommy ingests yes and obviously i think the idea would be get out you know tommy christie and then hopefully in the crossfire somebody like holly or jackson takes a hit and now all of a sudden you're in a final four probably with something like cliff nicole jess and holly or jackson or something along those lines that would probably be their ideal situation from this moment forward obviously nicole's ideal situation save neck. Yeah i can have nick in that fourth spot but cliff doesn't want that to happen. It's been a wild ride this season very very fluid. I mean from where we were the first month of the season where nothing's ever gonna change death taxes in the six to now where the game is so wide open <hes> it's been very very much like a big brother eighteen where the jets with the when natalie groti came for paula california and then the second half was crazy. If christie gone last week she would have gone in the same fought that polly dead so i guess now we'll we'll see maybe what it would have been like if he stayed. Okay all right. Scott saint-pierre has done some research. I don't know if this is a asleep fake or not but he has this watermelon blended greek yogurt. It's out there taryn there. You go yeah. Johnny's not my brandao. Oh okay all right and of course you can never be too much wrong. You've literally. You can't get sick of it carson. I yeah well. You can't get sick of it. If you never eat it so you karen will not tell people what what brandon leslie pay us for the podcast sponsored. Kirsten is my manager. That's mckay passed all right there. You go all right so then. Let's have a couple other questions jin's <hes> this is from your name carson glasses sim lou do in your opinion doesn't emotional players such as christie have a better chance of winning. Even though it's dangerous gain strategy. I'm thinking of josh. Throw a hissy fits. Yeah won his his season turned that with the anecdotal evidence that we have a jury penalize emotional player as they do to somebody who's more of a strategic player no actually actually thinking about it. I think they tend to reward emotional players over the more a cold strategically yeah yeah that's especially lately yeah it depends on how the people made you feel right so if the person is very emotional and maybe they emotionally manipulated you but you don't really feel that you were manipulated. You just feel like you had an emotional bond with that person. That's gonna make you more likely to want to vote for them. Versus someone who is cutthroat end strategic and you feel like they were not genuine with you at all they cut you. They betrayed you. I feel like that's a big part of it but josh did really good work with his goodbye messages. That were a big part of it. I feel like i have a better sense sense of this <hes> from like a survivor jerry where billions survivor jury is usually very against whoever was the most emotional all player but i do feel like that in big brother. I think that maybe because the game is longer you so much more downtime with one another. I do think that the emotional player might be able all to have more of these ties to the people that vote yeah. I think there's also again especially lately. There's a sense of <hes> <hes> like hey. I don't vote for the person that that tricked me and if you are in emotional player than usually your cards. Are you know your heart is is being born on your sleeve and so you know you were probably playing a more open game and as as in lieu pointed out that doesn't mean that you are playing a riskier game. It's going gonna be more difficult for you to <hes> to make it to the end if everybody knows what you're doing but if everybody knows what you're doing all the way through then they're not as mad at you when they find out that <hes> you've been tricking them because you said that you were intrigued or something along those lines so <hes>. I think that i think there's something to it there but i think it's also a trend of sort of recent years that we're getting more and more acclimated to. Let's vote for the more emotionally open person than the person that was sort of like controlling things behind the scenes. Okay stands stands funeral also. Are there any named alliances in the house right now. No okay right so we'll see if we get one for the jackson and holly cliff and nicole one that for jackson holly. I'd like to see an alliance name for them. What about jackson hollick that work for them. I mean it could work. I don't think it would <hes> yeah. I don't know i zeno points out in the chat that <hes> technically the fellowship of zing is still alive even without lovie lovie. This is something that i pointed on twitter a little while ago that i am very pleased about the fact that <hes> that tommy christie and jack were like <hes> making this aligns lots of love making making fun of the fellowship of the zing which included one evicted player and and now the fellowship of the zing is is having a better time of it than lots of love of ever did <hes> okay. Here's one from chestnut checkers rob. Who do you think of the best showman's edit of the season jackson in cat jackson holly or jackson and his watermelon jackson cat was there was not much there. I would say that jackson holly as a show show mance does not bother me at all that no. I have no issue with them as a showman's because it's not like shmukh time all the time with <hes> with with them so it's not bother me at all but jackson is watermelon are <hes> clearly tops. They get licensed music. Yes that's romance of the year best of the year low violent celebrity big brother all of the thing yeah i explained it on the morning update this morning with frail mary but could you talk through a chestnut checkers real quick yes chestnut jagger's apparently zimba at the end of jackson's zing which was by the way just calling calling him a douchebag pompous douchebag and yes well 'cause he's been working on rehabilitating his image image and so approachable. He's gaining weight too. Yes he has been intentionally reverse chris pratt yeah. We've talked about this that he's been. He's he's been snacking a bit and he's been not working out as hard and that he doesn't look exactly the same is the way that he was when he came into the house and so what he's saying is that i'm playing chess not checkers. It's all planned. It's all to make me look like a more normal average guy so i don't come off as a like ripped douche with with eight-pack cabs <hes> i'm just trying to be more relatable to the people yeah <hes> but but within the chestnut checkers yes so zing but at the end of his said chestnut checkers zing and holly thought the said chestnut checkers and she said so what was that chestnut checkers thing and jackson said well. I mean how it works. Is that <hes> this game is chess and not checkers and she <unk> wease. This game has chestnut checkers and she's like okay. I guess i guess yes. I just don't get it get it. I don't know why jackson was like yeah. I mean i hope that they're not making that into a thing on the show. Make me look like an asshole or anything like that but i mean come on it is it's chesa checkers and all he was like oh chess and not check. I thought you were saying not yeah checkers. Oh oh man i miss the in wyoming they make a checker said they take the chestnuts and paint them and then you play chestnut checkers at the holidays. It's really tough when you get the double stack there. The chestnut was very hard to stack. You need like a toothpick a <hes> get them. King may all right and we do know that it's just not checkers because their pawns all the time so i spent this whole time thinking it was checkers not trust so now yes google chestnut checkers and the first thing that came up was a song chestnut checkers and the second thing is chess. Not checkers elevate your leadership game. It's a book on amazon jackson reticent reticent okay. That's what he was doing in sequester yeah. I wanna hear the <hes> chestnut checkers song i do yeah. This is the ear buds. Okay okay all right the risk of copyright infringement. Let's listen to a little bit of a chestnut checkers by the ear buds swirls monday bor parkway it enjoy. It looks like it was going to be like a kid song <hes> based on the artwork right one hundred sixteen views for chestnut checkers. I give it zero ear buds. That was genuine leila better than i expected. Yeah you're rocking out for for anyone not watching the video terminals dancing aggressively to that than until this boiler song jared was into it okay all right. <hes> scott's appears just go into these yogurt sites wonderful watermelon. Sorbet leterrier doesn't like so ah right frozen yogurt. I can get behind frozen yogurt. Yeah i mean i'll take. I'll take like a sore bay. In a smoothie sorbet ended smoothie or sorbet yeah yeah okay yeah all right okay. Let's see what else do. We have besides that we got this question already. Okay okay. Let's let's possible that nick at the price because the majority vote was split between clinical taryn. Have you talked this through. Have you gone made silver yet. I feel like the the maybe t._v. Viewers that were voting for their favorites probably voting for cliff and then the heavier is that voting for like the anti vote they were going for nick and then i feel like the online community were pretty heavily in favor of nicole and so i do wonder if there was a little bit of a split vote situation and that's that's part. Y nick did get this one person forty five minutes ago andrew. Here's andrew wasn't okay to anyone explained to me. Why sys was shaving. Her pants has because her leggings leggings pill over time. She has no bird. Get rid of the pilling you shave them. You can shave sweater to if it starts pilling. That's that's a real thing cody riley every woman i've talked about. This has been like terrence stop. It's a normal thing it's normal okay. You can get like specific like device to shave your sweaters and stuff but like if you don't have that a razor will will do the same trick looks weird though if you've never seen that before i thought about it. It's like oh wow that is bizarre but no it's. It's totally normal. Okay all right. What about wins this war trash aspect and you explain that one i that's i think it's just there's a joke. There says i can't explain that one. I guess if she was dying her hair maybe but like most people just do that with their headlights turned over over the the sink or bathtub aftab so i i can't okay all right. Well mayor maryse in the chat saying apparently i'm not a normal girl. She hadn't heard of this <hes> all right. We knew that dontrelle mary all right there. You go all right. Let's talk about what's coming up here. On the rha the networks are you the one season eight episode ten. Go ahead and check out what's been going on with adam and amman over on the rap and then survivor south africa is <hes> still going episode number fifteen find out what mike and shannon talking the latest survivor south africa the amazing race canada season seven episode eight recap is up with jess and dan heaton check that out as well and then oh amy cusak on the latest talking with t. bird t-bird and i had a great chat with survivor ever legend amy cusak and that was from survivor vanuatu survivor fans versus airs. I thought that amy amy was really lovely and i've never really had a chance to talk to her before that she was great on <hes> talking with deeper that's up now on our podcast feet so check that number ten and and robin akiva needs podcast knepper forty six canadian shows are trash canadian viewers. It doesn't mean that canadian t._v. Shows are trash. That's something that's just a a bucket. In a canadian listener. I can vouch for this episode and a love letter to canada and checkout trader to the canadian nation shakeout out carson mcinnis who appeared on the mail bag we talked about the degrade the next generation and beyond we talked about corner gas and we're talking about trailer park boys also puja was our guest trailer park boys karen from candidates corner gas so it was a canadian filled episode of robert akiva new podcast that is up as well all right and then on monday morning check out the live feed update and <hes> tuesday and wednesday and thursday all week long the live and then the n._f._c. roundtable is back on monday night. Find out what the stock watch is going to be. How will the prankster change change. Things up and tarrin's got his poll out on for tomorrow on twitter right. It's a form rapport. <music> survey form lead different things that we can call it here. Be on the lookout for that to get your votes in for the stock watch and then on wednesday night. We're going to talk with kim. Martina overexcited for wednesday night. We'll see the zing bot. I believe brent will be with us on wednesday night so join us live at nine fifteen eastern and then on thursday caitlyn. We'll be back here in the studio for for thursday night as she is on the graphic there <hes> for our thursday night addiction shell so be on the lookout for that of course all this is made possible because of the patrons of rob has a podcast that i was put on this earth by by our creator to conceive dominic and anthony end to create a community of people who love reality t._v. T._v. shows and bring them all together and make podcast with them and that's what we're doing. Rob is a website dot com slash patron for patriot cast on tuesday day-night. Everybody don't don't make rob feel like he's being challenged by not being a patron. Please please be proud of him. He he puts on a strong face during the podcast but for every person that doesn't become a patron. He cries at least one tier a lock. Is you just don't know that is true. That is that is true but it's not it's not often about who's not a patron. It's more it's more about what i read in my mentioned on social media. Yes very said okay all right right so great job of course kirsten. Where can people find out more about what you're doing so you can follow me on twitter or instagram at kirsten said what you can catch me help turn out with the morning updates. Whenever i have time in my schedule when they're up speed and frail marian i are are still talking about riverdale over on hausky cast that is cow with a k. Yes very fun. Even if you don't listen to or watch riverdale people should still listen to the podcast jess right. Oh absolutely you do not have to watch it. You don't have to like it. <hes> the podcast is really fun without any actual riverdale content. It needed the okay not necessary. That's that's right all right and taryn. What do you have coming up. Well something that you should watch is that the american ninja warrior finals are coming up. Yeah they'll be in vegas. It's four episodes. You can start right here. You don't have to watch the rest of the season. This is the this is the prime material l. and <hes>. We're hearing that it's going to be a big one so you're gonna wanna tune in and listen to lita <unk> myself covering the show on the american jewry or half a podcast fast jets question that is about american ninja warrior despoilers get out on american ngo warrior like does it leak of like who the winners are. You're there. It's like many of these reality shows that are taped ahead of time. There are spoilers that can get out there but usually you don't find out about them until the show itself tells zia tom okay all right. There's no like like one guy like a reality steve of american injure warrior spoilers and now this time it's more like the host of the show and the advertisements yeah curse. Do you watch bachelor in paradise. I have been watching. I watched <unk> specifically so i can listen to abyan and haley but this year is very interesting so i'm glad i'm keeping up yes okay. I was on the bachelor in paradise. Wrap up this this past week tune in tomorrow night to see what's going on with john. Paul jones rule. Gotta see what's going on. Also if you're following the australian survivor was on with shannon gates last week. I got to catch up on three episodes this weekend taryn of australia and survivor only three three three week three weeks episodes are out at this point so i watched through episode. Fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen came out. I i feel like it started like two weeks ago and we're episode. Tweet really did yeah. I think this is the fifth or sixth week. Yeah okay all right so great job. Everybody thanks scott saint-pierre behind the scenes and <hes> we will be back on wednesday night. Don't miss the elsie roundtable on the monday night. Take everybody a good one bye.

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