November 13 Hour 1 CSU Falls Hard to Boise State | Kevin Lytle Calls In


five minutes after the hour afternoon. Welcome to football friday here on the whole show powered by energy or live from the auto collision specialists studios. Thanks for being with us joining me to start this thing up. I believe kevin lytle from fort collins colorado and on the road leaving leaving the blue and maybe feeling a little blue. I think a lot of rams fans feel that way. Kevin friend good heavy on the show. Thanks for having me brady how you today. You know. I didn't think colorado state would win that game kevin. I really didn't but i gotta tell you man. One of my keys to the game was punting. Believe it or not was changing the field. And i think it's safe to say boise state kind of won that battle. Change the field a little bit you you could say that have just just baffling honestly it you know. Or what. Twelve plus hours later fifteen hours later and still kind of hard to wrap your head around. Exactly how bad that was three blocked. Well two blocked punts a blocked field goal all taken to the end zone. There's a lot to unpack here. But first and foremost i don't care if only get into the steve adagio as the special teams guy. Who's john goodman in this scenario but avery williams has a history of being a fantastic special teams player. Okay one time. He goes untouched. that's crazy. second time he goes untouched. What are we doing out there. Yeah it's pretty wild and years spot on avery. Williams williamstown broncos fans. If you remember david bruton guy who kind did everything special teams star every williams kind of that guy. I think he's not really a great defensive back. I think he'll probably make a long living in the nfl. Because this special teams but still. I know that you know that. I any random. Joe who's watched boise state more than twice knows that so. It's not like that's the secret so i would think they would be ready for him and stephen sayre kinda and he took the blame. He said it says fall. He's leads that unit but they also yeah basically said well guys miss them calls and and that's what happens. Well great but the happen. I mean Boise state obviously. Did some things that you just didn't handle and three blocked kicks in frasier and then have them all be touchdowns returned for touchdowns we have. Even touchstone boise say almost returned a punt for a touchdown with a trick play and they ended up fumbling at the end of so in in Pseudo positive play for as you buy special teams almost like even worse than it did. Yeah kevin the big story to start was obviously hang myer where we're announcing that he's gonna go but we didn't see him for very long time into the game and really throughout the game because of like you said. As soon as the return for touchdown we go back. And it's almost that we barely saw boise. State star quarterback fact is crazy gift. You had three three out before boise state's such the ball Because see a few and went three. And now had the puck block for touchdown three and out the punt. That like i said boise state almost reached for down but fumbled at of the business. Is he got the ball again. Went three and out again on their way. And then boise. State's i drive. They went for a touchdown. So that point it's all made quote unquote fourteen. Nothing but honestly that felt like game over already. I mean just being in the stadium You know with everything that happened. You know it was only five minutes into the game basically but with how it had happened. You're you're sitting there going i. I think this one's done and sure enough fourteen. Nothing was kind of the best part of the game. Got worse from there. I yeah no question about it kevin. What is the status then. So steve adagio he. He's the speed is he. Actually the special teams coach. Then yeah so i. A lot of people. I think went into the coaching roster game. And you see. No one has specialties. Next to their name which is obviously weird. 'cause i love talking brief as the game You would think that one of them would have a coach but no it stephen. He said he's done that for for a long time. He says i'm really good. Special teams have had lots of success with it. I run that that group And honestly we're now kind of having a conversation. We had with mike bobo You know how often did we talk about okay. Mic bomas is a great offense migrate playcaller. But can you do both Now it's kind of same thing. You know special teams a little different than play calling. It's maybe not as involved during the game. still you know. Ten coachella likes to be involved in everything in the dossier talked a lot about how he practiced he'll bounce around group to group to group. And you want to his md all of it so you do kinda wonder well how much time. But i think. I think we lost kevin. Lytle there yeah. He's right John goodman at least according to see us you. Rams dot com is listed as teams quality. Control i don't know what that is like. If you're not the head. I would imagine that some kind of a coaching position. Okay we got kevin back. Kevin lost a little bit there. I just think it's interesting. I'm asking you. John goodman is listed and not that john goodman John goodman is listed as a special teams quality control. And you got a few that with a lot of teams quality control. There's you know people just trying to get cute with it. But what exactly is john goodman's role with colorado state football. Yeah for news. Basically on your graduate assistant type. She's not one of the whole time. Assistant coaches obviously. He plays a role in that. And it's helping coach to have but Yeah they're they're g as they for every group right and obviously they help with a lot of things. They'll breakdown film helps to do some personnel stuff. But they're not. Think i leaving it. Basically if it's not one of your can You know a bowl full assistance. Each you know you can t eighteen camp. Ken full assistant tickets. Not one of those then basically. It's not their role. They play a part in it. But it's not. There's a completely handle so. Dan goodman's firemen but Dog free and clearly said you know this is all made. This is my job and obviously it went pretty sideways on one hand. You hear you hear a coach at the beginning season so hey i'm good at special teams. I value special teams. So i'm taking it personally. I'm going to be coaching it. So i mean some some people could say okay well. He's not just sloughing it off. He's really caring about it. But on the other side is you said it's a head coach. We're seeing that with the broncos with vic fangio. maybe there's too much guy can't call a timeout. Because he's too concerned about what defensive played a call in this case. You missed obvious. And again if they're missing reads or they're missing signals at the line. Okay but avery williams. I mean y- he blocks at once next time around if i don't have a body on that guy something bad's happening there so yeah i think maybe it's a case of just way too much going on for coach. I we've seen ally. It's really head coaching really difficult. There are so many things that go into it so it's a hard thing to do And yeah i think it's. It's kind of ironic. I guess we'll say what you were saying about Young people saying okay. Well maybe it's good. They so invested in the special teams. I think that makes sense. Because he was so bad at special teams under mike volvo. I think the general idea of coach really intent on how important they are. That's good like. I love that female put so much stake in them again it's just troublesome when you have issues like this it'd be one thing you missed field goal or a blocked by those happened ampara football but with as bad that was that was an eyebrow raiser yeah no question kevin lionel joining us for the fort collins colorado and again. You know you're getting you're getting some fans saying well you take away all those bad special teams plays and maybe this is a closer game. Who knows but. I mean to be real honest kevin. We didn't see you on that pie. If it wasn't blocked boise state's probably receiving it pretty good field position and then hanged bach. Maier goes down. So i have a hard time with that because again i think you noted it in the colorado and See issues defense a lot. Seven of nine third down conversions in the first in the first half so it wasn't exactly like everything else was os it well oiled machine for the rams. It is very weird to look at the stat sheet and see the you know had more plays had more total offense yards but it's hard to really put too much stake in because how different would have called the game if it going differently. I mean basically as soon as aren't they well before halftime. They basically knew it was in the bags and be somewhat conservative. And just make sure you don't make mistakes so so yeah. I think it's hard to say. Oh if you don't have those kicks plots here good chicks you didn't have the kick those ing and we did. Yeah no it's it's hard to come back on that and say anything like then again. We don't know what that offense really would've would've looked like rough one overall All right kevin. Let's get back to this because we're gonna have fun with this all year patrick. O'brien wasn't really the issue. It wasn't like he was having a monster game. But you put todd ceo in late. And he's running. He has some nice runs there. But is there any reason to believe. We're going to have another quarterback somewhat controversy here leading up to unlv. Yeah i mean you have to wonder just the way these decisions have gone. I i still think it should be patrick. O'brien just the way. The roster's built Find tale like you said it. Had a couple of bright moments. I drive was really good. Drag started third quarter quarterback after that didn't really work Yeah they had adagios said postgame that they had wanted to get into in for a drive and the first half but flow the game. it didn't work out and that's what makes sense to me. Okay man for a dry tutoring there but not do the switching a over a full half or quarter back and forth. So i think. Probably the o'brien but Clearly that sort of an uncertain situation right now. Another weird issue there and again. We're talking a week ago. And steve adagios the hero. This ram seems get back on track. They beat a rival. When you lose like this i mean. I don't know a lot of people. That pixie issue to beat boise state but when you lose like this special teams obviously then quarterback questions you get really really concerned for the rest of the season. Yeah exactly. I mean the way escalate. I don't think many of us have seen a game absolutely that quickly and then like you say just the bigger picture there some some decisions. I guess that that were kind of concerning for van damme using the special teams issues and they're even further in the second. Half see scores to six to three touchdown dances like they were about to come back and beat them or anything. All the sudden after you went really conservative penins from Yellow like four and one just inside their own. Twenty five a couple of times when You know. I certainly didn't seem benefit from funding. We're going to happen. Is you go for on fourth and fail. But also i down three or four touchdown. So yeah i think things like that were concerning fans has gone they Basically just you hang out coached in every phase yesterday power to play sports. Poll question is up. Kevin okay with four games remaining after seeing that from the boise state game. Unlv at home your air force which. I don't know what's going to happen there at san diego state at home against utah state. Do you see the rams realistically how many how many wins. Do you see this team pulling off in the next four. Yeah i mean it's a tough question. I unfortunately i think you're spot on. That four is probably very optimistic. Number of games even play. But let's just say they're all gonna happen and do that and you see if you should be. You know the you know the somewhat similar situation new coaching staff with the roster isn't very good to be frank At san diego i think is a very tough one. I would not expect when that utah state and frankly and told disasters as you should win that one kind of the air force game sort of swing game Because they're really hard to read right now. Honestly i would call that tossup right now with both the would be issues. Both those teams have had Like you say. I'm not even sure that game's gonna happen but let's hope it does but i think state. Unlv very winnable san diego state probably hard to see a win and so air force is one you win and go free and one over four. You'd be feeling fairly early. Good yeah no. I think you're exactly right. I mean that's optimistic for sure if they find a way to beat. Unlv and you make You make a weird season. New coach new situations losing more jackson. Obviously those kind of things. I would take that especially after the night. Rams fans had last night kevin appreciate. I know you're driving. Nabet when you get back we'll be looking out for you in the colorado and on twitter and see what you're putting together for us. Thanks so much for having me brady time and be careful. All right kevin lytle fort collins colorado and tough game who fifty two to twenty one boise state wins this game and i said twenty four thirteen but i gotta say this man and i know i got. I got textures. You said to take the point spin mice. I said if if the rams complete keys to victory they win this thing. Right number one ryan stonehouse has to punt control. The field control the field colfax and judging by the sound of these here. I don't think they control the field in their favor. The top punters in the country. They're hoping he doesn't get blocked. Touchdown avery williams. Avery williams is a monster onstage. He has seven career. Special teams touchdowns. I don't know if that was before after last night. But he blocked two punts. Here's another one other kick score. It's dj shrimp all the recovery. And that's not all there was also the two putts and of course. A kick robert lists their kicker to left cleese boots that is blocked. He's going to have to track somebody down. This is cutting who makes a fumble earlier another special teams play for the broncos. Cutty hope ninety plus yards to bring this back the eick's that's just awful. There's no other way to look at. It didn't really have a chance. There was a lot of issues in that game but really colorado say had no prayer and listen to some things you can take away and dante. Right stud trade mcbride stud. I mean you're still getting all those things like those guys are just good and we talked about that. Being a key to the game to that dante writes probably. They're probably going on him. He only had five receptions but hundred nine yards on this reception of forty yard reception. Trae mcbride four receptions for the touchdown late in the game. But yeah i mean scott patch. He's kind of. He's got a bright spot you know. They're sack for him. So he's he's been aggressive on the defensive side but overall if you're walking away pretty concerned about this team i can see why power play. Sports poll question of the day with four games remaining. How do you think the rams are gonna win zero one. Two three four definitely not going to be four. If that's where you're going on that side. I don't means zero. I think they could win. One game But the whole agains are forty two percent of the whole against say one. You got one more win so that would mean colorado state walks away with two wins on the season that would be Certainly that'd be a rough start to steve adagios career with colorado state. Twenty two minutes after the hour gonna take a short break a lot to get to today. We will not have. Cody rourke on. He's our broncos insider we feature friday but we have zak stevens on the program from. Dnv are broncos. We talked to him every monday. We're double dipping with mr stevens today. So we'll talk to him. it's football. Friday broncos raiders see you stanford in the buffs start the season two and a lot of big football coming up and again the other thing is we're watching which games get canceled. It's happening a lot throughout the throughout the day today. So whole show powered by energy. We'll be right back catch inside the bears and presented by chris. Musa agency allstate. Insurance tuesday nights northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Dan patrick the whole show in. Colin cowherd are on northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten. kfi a. Hey this is mark. Johnson voice to the colorado buffaloes and you're listening to the hall show with my body brady ho on thirteen ten kfi back welcome back the whole show powered by energy rough go. There's an eye. Special was tubing in fairness colfax. I have no control over that. I mean i would have never picked. The titans had not been because of the whole show curse. So i can't really blame me for that one. Yeah it's like what doesn't even count. I don't think it really. I don't think it really out now. So i mean had paid him because of the whole show curse and i mean can you beat occurs. Nobody can be curse now. No i've never seen it happen in history of my life so bear to scare blame you there. I don't i don't play at all. I picked ceus you to lose that game last night. I said it was gonna be defensive game. I mean you take away those twenty one points. At least it's not you know it's not like is absolutely crazy as we saw. You know you're still seeing thirty. One points scored by by boise. But oh boy. Yeah yikes scary times for colorado state elise today now again. Some bright spots for the rams and dante writing trae mcbride or are solid asia. Givens twelve carries for seventy six yards. But again by the time you get to the half you're kind of throwing out. You're throwing everything out you know you're not. It's a lot like the denver broncos but fortunately for denver. They haven't been down by that much with forty two seven at the half rough go. We're going to catch up. Was stevens here in just a moment. But derek carr had no. We're supposed to hate near a carbon. You can't help it. Like the dude he goes off just starts talking about how great denver's defense has been in the past and it was cool to hear quarterback have that much respect for defense but listen to these names. It'll just kind of make you a little bit depressed of of what we used to have. I got a lot of stories about the broncos especially when they have demarcus ware. Von miller me jackson you know. Tj award key to leave. Chris harris bradley roby. Like what player. We're supposed to run. Which one's gonna work you know brandon marshal all those guys. Darren stewart I i've got a lot of memories playing these guys I think i think one of Probably not my favorite memories but one of the memories. That pops into my mind is obviously of known. Vaughn play against von now for seven years. Although i won't plan this year. Never forget one of the first times. I played him. I literally caught the snap and as the ball was coming back to me. Vaughn was even with the football. And i remember catching the ball taking one step forward. I didn't even take a drop. I took a step forward. And he's sacked me. And i was just like what am i supposed to do. What am i supposed to do with that. You know and there was one of those moments where you leave to the base. You tell your kids about it as he's getting his goal jacket and all that kind of stuff also at home when he jumped on me like literally just took the ball from me and it happened so fast that i hit the ground and then was like where's the ball and he was already celebrating with it. How i don't know what you want me to do coach. i'm sorry But there's some memories of those kind of plays yeah depressing especially about von 'cause like we have still but we unfortunately with the injury Who knows might seem at the end of the season. Derek carr he might not be throwing the ball all over the yard. But he's one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the nfl so we'll talk about that. Will do broncos raiders preview. Coming up zak stevens going to join us coming up next but first facts. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Niko medved the men's basketball coach of the colorado state rams. You're listening to the hall show on thirteen ten. Kfi football friday continues. Here's stevens joining us. Normally zack jumps with us on a monday. We're getting set for the weekend here. It's a it's a pretty big game. Obviously rivalry time broncos raiders. But if the broncos wanna stay alive in the playoff hunt however unrealistic that may or may not be. This is a game. They need to find a way to win. Zak stevens joining us from dvr broncos zach. My friend always a pleasure. Thanks for for joining us again twice this week. Absolutely happy to jump on a friday man. Got some feel-good by today. As opposed to jumping on the monday blue. I do too. I'm optimistic about this. I know there's a lot of things that need to go right for this offense to get going but I guess we'll see how it plays out. Zack the the big story that continues to. I've been listening to some fangio's press conferences. I know you're in there. You're grilling coach doing a great job. But the tom mcmahon brandon. Mcmanus fig vic. Fangio that story's not going away if feels like this is another example of maybe vic is a head. Coach doesn't have control of all the angles. Yeah it seems like we're not getting the full story of what's going on You know after the game vick said what happened was tom. mcmahon told him pretty much to kick it or to not kick a field goal because brandon was ready for brandon. Heard that yesterday and said i was lights out before the game. I was hitting them before the game. I was good from fifty eight and then vic asked about it today You just kinda backs away from the question and so you know who wasn't comfortable with that. It seems like it was tom. Mcmahon who pass that message on vic fangio and and brandon. Mcmanus wasn't happy that that message was passed onto vic fangio. So i mean that wouldn't it have been first off. You go back to the decision. And i can see that you can see to your special teams coach as a head coach. You know what brandon mcmanus can do. You've seen him do it before that. So that decision kind of kind of bothers me. And then the fact that he mentioned what was mccain's decision and then then to hear mcmanus. Come back out and say no. I could have absolutely drilled. I was looking good in practice. So i don't know what he's basing that off of. It's just another one of these weird situations it just doesn't feel like there's control well and then another weird part of that situation when mcmanus spoke out about it on twitter yesterday. I think he put a hashtag on there. That was don't silence the players which which was asked about today and And didn't comment on at all. And that's just that's just bizarre. You know whatever that means. It's bizarre in this situation. And just as a whole nother layer of confusion to. What's going on such a weird. So i mean you just you just had the press. Are we good with those guys. I mean 'cause mcmanus's is a big part to this team. He's a rep for this team too. So it's not just a kicker in a great kicker do i suppose we should have reasonably. Things aren't good between the three of them. One of the things that vick set in and said while lapping was brandon typically never has a problem telling me what he's thinking of. What's going on but brandon hasn't talking about that this week so You would think that in mind that this is not a big deal. And it's completely over but brandon. Obviously you know what is it five days after. He was still talking about it on twitter. Clearly i of put it out of my brain. I was like well that sucked and talked about on monday and tuesday. And then you keep hearing about it. It's it's absolutely nuts but be bigger issues to outside of just the kicking broncos team starting to get healthy. That's the first thing right but shelby harris. Unfortunately not going to go weekend. Yeah shelby will not be ago. After alerting the broncos that he was a close contact with someone that tested positive for coke last week he the team did not decide or the decide to not have him travel to atlanta and that was turned out to be a really good decision. Because this week he comes out and does test positive for covid. So he's out. This week could be out the following week as well And it's a huge blow for the broncos because now the broncos for a second straight week will not have their entire starting defensive line and this week unfortunately it's even more impactful than it was last week because the raiders love to run the ball. They loved to turn around and handed off to josh jacobs every single game. The raiders have won. Josh jacobs has had twenty carries more. So that's going to happen again. This week i would imagine. They're going to feel very comfortable and on the opposite side of the ball. The broncos could be down to their fifth string right tackle which is just crazy to think about of course if you include john james and that conversation who opted out before the season going into the season yet to on james number one. He had wilkinson number two. He's still on the injured reserve Number three demar dotson right now. He's dealing with an injury baby able to play But it's not trending in the right direction for him. Jake rogers is your fourth string guy. He must practice yesterday And he may not play. So calvin anderson could be getting his first career. Nfl start this coming week. While they're pregnant. You play right tackle next week if it keeps going. I mean i. I'm paying attention when i'm out of practice. You do film study. I like it so obviously the right tackle situation my goodness. I don't know how you recover as you mentioned on the fifth guy now but at least some good news here. Name's aj boy bryce callahan huge losses last week. Getting those guys back and then if the tight end situation is terrifying noah fant keeps getting healthier and healthier. So you're getting more guys back not just back but also guys that have been banged up playing. They're feeling better. Yeah going to really have to rely on those three guys. That you mentioned noah fant bryce callahan and aj boy especially with you. Don't work with not having shelby harris on the defensive. Line my game. Plan against the raiders. This week by vic fangio defend is to sell out to stop the run. And then just rely on on your secondary justin verlander to cover darren waller and Bryce callahan jay boy to take care of nelson aguilar hunter renfrow and of course henry ruggs on the outside and if those guys beat you well they beat the highest paid secondary in the nfl. So good for them. But you can't have josh jacobs beyond the ground. And then they'll be two dimensional if that happened and that that is a formula for defeat if the oakland raiders are able to throw the ball and run the ball on you so to me on reliant on that secondary to hold the raiders in check. They they don't have to shut them down but they can't allow you know eight or three eighty yards touchdowns in this game. They allow one. Because the broncos defense sells out to stop the run you can live with that But you can't live with the raiders. Just being able to pound the ball on the ground all day stevens joining us from denver broncos and i love that match up to very intrigued by that. Darren waller verse. Justin simmons see how that one plays out on the offensive side of the ball looking at a running back situation. We feel like we keep saying each and every week zach. But it's the truth. We still have yet to really see the gordon lindsay thing take hold For the most part they just haven't been out on the field together at the same time on the roster but last week and the week before that we're just we're getting down early so you're avoiding the run. The broncos of talked a lot about committing to that run. What does that look like does. Is it as simple as saying well. We're going to add more runs or they are they scheming like crazy trying to figure out how to better run block throughout the throughout the game. Yeah i mean i. It's all of the above their brady and and especially early on the broncos cannot just take their foot off the gas when running the ball even if they're down ten points in the first quarter. They can't do that. And that's something that offensive coordinators do all the time when they get down they panic and that you can't do that for this running game. You can't do that to drew lock because that will end very poorly especially with the fourth or fifth string right tackle in there for the broncos. So what they have to do is they just have to pound the ball over and over and over again and brady. You've only really seen the broncos have phillip lindsay and melvin gordon both healthy and one game this year and regardless if they've been healthy or not we have not seen the phillip lindsay. Melvin gordon dynamic. The broncos won and this season phillip lindsay has the fifth highest yards per carry from running back in the nfl at five point eight yards per carry. He's ran the ball over ten times in a game once once he had more than ten carries in the game Yet being the fifth best running back in terms of yards per carry And on the On the other hand phillip lindsay has really struggled in the past game. he's really struggled In allowing pressures i believe his crusher rate is ten percent when he's back there to pass protect which is not good for a running back and then out of the backfield. He's caught two passes this entire season. And he's dropped two passes. He has many drops as he does catches this year so really struggling. So what i would do. If i'm If i'm pat shurmur is i hit my hand and i'd be okay. We're doing that. In saying with. Melvin gordon is out there. It's probably going to be a pass when phillip lindsay is out. There is probably going to be a run in an ideal. You don't wanna do that but you know what it's not working the way it is right now have phillip lindsay being there on running plays in just say phillip. Lindsay is better than your defense. You probably know run. It's coming but you know what he's going to get me six yards per carry. And then when. Melvin gordon in there. You're saying yes probably going to be pass. But you know but he's better he's going to be able to slow down your rushers and he's going to be able to catch balls out of the backfield so that's what i would do In play to your strengths. Because that seems to make sense lindsay overall and again everything that you just pointed out makes perfect sense as to why. They've shied away a little bit from giving him way more carries and having more involved but hit the last two years collectively. He's been the most consistent. So i know broncos fans wanting to see phillip lindsay with a big production type game coming even that game against the chargers had a few carries. He just busted along one there so the numbers are a bit deceiving. Are at the other storylines aca. We've got we got kickers. Who got fifth string right. Tackle running back. Oh by the way drew lock continues to be the theme of the broncos. What can we expect from him. He saying all the right things to you guys he saying. Hey i got to get it. Right i gotta take take a slower. I gotta look for my gotta go through my progressions. But at the end of the day broncos countries not going to be happy until they see it on the field. And what needs to happen from drew is consistency. Like we've talked about. He's been great these past two fourth quarter. He's put up twenty one points in each of those two fourth quarters however the other eighteen quarter. He's played this season. He's averaging three and a half points per quarter which is equivalent to about fourteen points per game which is second worst and the nfl. Only to the new york jets. We need to see somewhere in between he does not need to be mister fantastic in the first second third and fourth quarter he just needs to be good and average and that would be good. That would be a step in the right direction because you can't play great in the nfl. Ten percent of the time and then really below average six gently below average the other ninety percent. What what we need to see him do is play good. Eighty percent of the time. Great ten percent of the time and he can be bad ten percent of the time because quarterbacks going to make mistakes especially young one so this is going to start without running game going to start by taking some pressure off drew and then setting him up for easy passage and get him on the move. He's so clearly wants to be on the move and you see it so much in fact that he goes on the movie even when he's not supposed to in those situations he's throwing up back foot As pat shurmur said yesterday he he resorts back to basketball as where he shooting fade away. And you can't have that so what you need to do is just put him in good situation. So it's something that we've been preaching for a long time and still really haven't seen it but risking guerrillas often seemed to work with with drew lock last year when he was on the move. So that's what i would do at the start of the game Very interesting on that side of one more. His looking at a guy like derek carr. He's not like throw it at all over the place having monster numbers each and every week but he's very efficient and i think that to me is a key a key stat to look at because especially if you have a good rushing attack all you need to do is really not turn it over and just be effective. We need to be. That seems to be derek cards doing this season. Their car has been the perfect quarterback for the raiders this year when they need him to manage a game. That's exactly what he. He does not make mistakes when they need him to take over a game. That's what he does and he's capable of doing that. That's how the the raiders went into kansas city and beat the chiefs and put up forty points on the chiefs to hand them their only lot this year. Derek carr through seven percent completion. Three hundred fifty yards three touchdown had a passer rating of one hundred and twenty seven in that game. Just absolutely incredible. But then you look at a lot of the other games. He's had two touchdowns no picks one touchdown no pick He's throwing one hundred and eleven yards two weeks ago to beat the browns. Sixteen to six Week through one hundred and sixty five yards But the the raiders still put up thirty one points he is. He has mr efficient sixteen touchdowns to only two interceptions this year. So he is not going to lose the game for the raiders That's why you have to take away the part that will win. The game for the raiders. And that's the running rushing attack but you can't count on. Derek carr making silly mistakes because he's just simply not going to do that now. You're you're exactly right. Zac appreciate you man. I know you're putting together pre-game stuff for us throughout the weekend But again throw where folks can find you twitter and of course They can subscribe today to dvr. Absolutely i and i'm on twitter at zak stevens. Dan vr brady. I really appreciate the non and love being on twice a week with the event we love looking at it. Look forward to each and every week here and you lay it out so perfectly for us Do you have a prediction for us. i do. i'd man. I'll tell you what i love this game for the broncos at the beginning of the week not just to cover the four points spread that they're facing this. We put to win the game straight up but yesterday in the past few days when the news of shelby harris coming out and the news. Tomorrow dawson not looking. Good for this game man. I can't take the broncos to win. I i can't take him to cover the spread either. I'm going thirty one to twenty six. Raiders the raiders at that magic number of thirty one points. They've won every game when they've put up over thirty points this year and four of their five wins. They've dropped over thirty. So i think it happens again against a defense that they're going to be able to run again. I think the offense picks up a little earlier in this game but still they struggle When they went when they need to come up the most so they fall short again. Next man you can. You can say before e. affects the roster. Zac appreciate and enjoy the game. Have a great weekend. Our ad right on brady look forward to talking to you after the game. Harmon that zak stevens. Dvr broncos great guy great reporter fifty one minutes after the hour will take a short break. Wrap up our number. One i still gonna talk to you and stanford in the can the buffs go to know. Buffs are going in action again this weekend. Believe we're going to get carl durell on the program next week head coach for the buffalo. So this is the whole show powered by energy. We cover it all here man and we're just getting started. You're listening to the hall's show powered by energy and thirteen ten kfi. Ed brady will be back after the break up party. Northern colorado's force thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from florida ten pm page dan. Patrick you're listening to my pal brady hall. Check out the whole show on northern colorado's football station thirteen ten k. f. k. Tell the top of the hour. Broncos or raiders. We can the i. I think it's an important game. Our guy those acts stevens. I you know the injuries just just piling up for denver and it's hard to overcome. That shelby is going to be a huge miss in this game. Especially when you have a team that can run. So buster williams talking about pursell and shelby harris. And how you know the these guys. Some of the best defensive lineman a lot abou- guys like per cell and being without him without shelby harris. It's a it's a tough. Go and so windy you stop. Stop saying next man up because it doesn't it doesn't always work especially if you're on your fifth right. Tackle most teams. Don't even carry more than three right tackles. But you're in a case where you're on your fifth so i don't know man. It's going to be a difficult task for sure but losing guys like i said on the defensive side without shelby harris this game. And then you've been without. Mike pursell tough situations for this broncos team mars second. Our football friday continues. We we wrap it up a notch coming up in the second hour. See you take it on stanford this week as well more. Recap and afterthoughts of csu boise state. That was bad. And we'll broncos raiders. What are the broncos. Have to do to win this thing. We'll be right back.

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